’300′ Co-Writer Reworking ‘Man of Steel’ Script

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kurt johnstad man of steel script 300 Co Writer Reworking Man of Steel Script

With the start date for production on Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel fast approaching, it’s no surprise to hear that revisions on David S. Goyer’s script for the Superman reboot are currently underway.

However, with Goyer having recently landed the job of writing the Godzilla reboot for Legendary Pictures, it seems he’s unavailable to put the finishing touches on his own Man of Steel script. Hence why another writer (who’s worked with Snyder before) has been charged with the task.

Moviehole has learned that Snyder’s 300 co-writer Kurt Johnstad has been recruited to handle rewrites on Man of Steel in Goyer’s absence. The site has also learned that Jonah Nolan (Christopher Nolan’s brother and co-scriber for The Dark Knight) previously “took a pass” at Goyer’s script as well.

Goyer’s involvement with Man of Steel has long been viewed as a mixed blessing by fans, considering that his script work is rather hit-or-miss; for every Blade II or Dark City he’s worked on, there also seems to be a Blade: Trinity or The Crow: City of Angels on Goyer’s resume. Those concerns were only heightened earlier this year when the writer penned a non-cannon Superman short story titled “The Incident”, where Superman “renounced” his American citizenship – to much controversy, of course.

superman action comics 900 300 Co Writer Reworking Man of Steel Script

Between the recent shakeups in the DC comics universe and Snyder announcing his intention to fix the “broken” Superman movie franchise, longtime fans of the classic superhero have been concerned about what changes are being made, in order to “modernize” the character for the 21st century. While Snyder will lend his technical prowess and sense of visual flair to Man of Steel, the task of developing a new take on Superman has primarily been in Goyer’s hands. Hence worries from fans, since Goyer has (as mentioned before) a relatively inconsistent track record.

Johnstad re-teamed recently with Snyder on the script for the spin-off, 300: Battle of Artemisia, but it’s difficult to say what exactly he brings to the table, as far as the Man of Steel script is concerned. Most likely, he’s just polishing off the screenplay and smoothing out any potential problems (re: flat dialogue, muddled action) that Goyer doesn’t have the time to handle on his own.

On the other hand: confirmation that Jonah Nolan also did actual work on the Man of Steel script should go over well with fans, since the three previous Chris Nolan-directed films he co-wrote (Memento, The Prestige, and The Dark Knight) were arguably the best screenplays on his brother’s resume. So, all in all, this update on Man of Steel reads as definitely being a good thing.

Man of Steel is expected to reach theaters by December 2012. We’ll let you know when the film has secured an official release date.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. So J. Nolan tweaked it and now Snyder’s go to writer is giving it a look over too? Fine by me.

  2. This has got FAIL written all over it.

    Goyer and Snyder, two men famed for their “gritty” work and styles making a film about the ULTIMATE Light, and moralled character that brings hope to millions is just wrong.

    I mean even Chris Nolan jumped overboard earlier in the year which really should have been the first sign.

  3. This movie is going to bomb. Snyder sucks… the only movie he made that was remotely good was Watchmen. I usually don’t judge films until they come out, but with some (MOS included) I make an exception.

    This is my opinion people, there is no way it’s gonna change (I’m very stubborn ;))

    • For the most part I agree. 300 was a visual spectacle with an interesting story, but the dialogue was almost vomit inducing. I turned it off halfway through and to this day I have never watched the rest of it.

      If someone could tell me some Led Zeppelin songs it syncs up to then I might go back and watch it.

      • I don’t have much faith in the man, he values visuals and action over story IMO. He is like a Quentin Tarantino wannabe with Michael Bay tenancies.
        I hope he does justice to this franchise, but I am not hopeful. Anyone that feels they can make the ending better to Watchmen shouldn’t direct comic book movies.

        • Personally, I much preferred the film’s climactic super-evil to the comic’s squid. That was the ONE thing that I always considered to be horribly stupid in an otherwise absolutely brilliant story.

          I have great faith that Snyder is taking this seriously, hence the work done by the OTHER writers, not just Goyer. Plus, I’ve loved the casting and the (admittedly brief and vague) descriptions of story-points.

          I maintain my hope that this will be a great Superman film.

          • Me and you both. Imagine if ppl had seen a giant alien squid at the end, they would’ve walked out.

            I too am glad that Snyder seems genuinely dedicated to this. From the polishing the script to him dropping his overly stylized way of directing and the cast. Bring on MOS!

    • “I usually don’t judge films until they come out, but with some (MOS included) I make an exception”

      I understand that that’s your opinion, but it’s still disliking something for no reason whatsoever, and that makes no sense

  4. Renounced his citizenship?? Are you kidding me?? Goyer turning an iconic AMERICAN hero into an American apologist. Maybe he should pen him with an ‘O’ on his chest instead of an ‘S’. I hope Johnstad has the cahones to wipe out any garbage penned by Goyer and perhaps make this a truly epic reboot. However, I have a nagging feeling I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

    • That Iconic AMERICAN hero was created by a canadian :)

      • Canada is North America =p

      • Co-created by an American writer and a Canadian artist, actually.

        It doesn’t matter anyway, the character they created was vastly different personality-wise from the character Superman would become down the road and be better known as… mostly due to a later editorial decree that Superman would never intentionally endanger people’s lives.

      • Sooooooooo..what’s your point.
        Siegal and Shuster both lived in Cleveland by the way. Efforts are underway to preserve the house Siegal grew up in as a historic site.

  5. I would love to be in the Zack Snyder editing room. “slower, slower, slower. alittle bit slower. now faster. now slow it down again.”

    • lmao!!!!

    • Then I guess that really isn’t Guy Ritchie directing the Sherlock Holmes films then ;)

  6. Just hope they don’t mess this up. Doesn’t sound good when they have to call in a writer from a movie that was long on action and short on story to do the re-write. I am losing confidence by the minute in the next Superman movie. I am sure I am not the only fan feeling this way.

    • You do know that dialogue was outta the graphic novel Frank Miller did right? If anything that movie was paced nicely, prolly why this guy was brought in.

  7. Do we really need another Superman movie? Seriously.

    • Yes.

    • Heck yes! We’ve had one in the last 20 years, why wouldn’t we need one?

    • OMG YES WE EFFIN DO! The crime of the other recent one must be erased!!!

  8. Three different people working on a script. Yeah there won’t be any conflicts with story points there.

    • We don’t even know what exactly about the scripting he is changing also ONE writer just worked on the story the other 2 are just polishing it.

      • It’s all just speculation but, this site(and others) have mentioned some problems with the script before. If the script was deemed to be uneven or have holes in it then bringing someone else in is logical but, it also means they might add some of their own ideas and personality and cause some uneven spots if things don’t mesh well.

        • True @ having their own ideas but what if they were brought in with strict goals for the script being set by the producers etc.

    • Actually in one of the most quoted movies ever “The Godfather” there were script rewrites through out the movie etc. And it did amazingly.

  9. As much as i hate to say it I will probably be skipping this one.

  10. Well..well…well…
    I just saw the Avengers teaser that will be show at the end of Captain America,the first Avenger. Now I’m reading this article and it brings to mind the comments that ‘Zack mentioned about a certain Thor film being made. The way Thor has been handled and the reception ‘Chris Hemsworth has gotten in the USA and promoting the film…
    I would say after that looking at ,that all to fast teaser..Thor is looking pretty,pretty,pretty…pretty good to me.
    The Film did better overseas than it did in America so the foreign market is a given…

    It really wasn’t a gamble to know Thor would be accepted by the majority in Europe and down under. They raise their kids on that mythology…
    Zack, you spoke out of turn when the comment was made.
    Thor(B-rate Hero) now has earned more that the last *boring ‘Superman Returns…and it didn’t even have enough action…

    Oh.boy Zack ..this isn’t good news..first ‘Green Lantern a complete embarassment…now your having *changes…

    Karma is a fickle thing…you just should have said nothing at all to now have the added pressure of out-doing a Character you put down that was sucessful.


    • Not this again, he did not outright say Thor is “crap” or anything like that. Just that he is a B-class (possibly C) hero whereas as Superman was there at the beginning and one of the most well known superheroes ever, yet Thor has a movie and Superman is MIA.


  11. I love Superman. I want him to have a successful movie so badly. There are no words for how badly I want that. But every bit of news about this movie breaks my heart. Ever since the news of re-origin and Zod broke, my heart sank into my shoes. It all sounds so wrong headed, from cast to screenwriter to whatever. IMO, the masses won’t get excited for another superhero origin movie, not even a Superman origin movie (maybe least of all another Superman origin movie).

  12. Thats how i feel Superman but they should just eject this and do The Flash movie!

  13. Let us pray.

    Lord, please do not let Zack Snyder decide that Superman is his Mona Lisa, his time to be creative and show the world why he’s best at doing starting transitions like 300. Please show him the error of his way before his way errors us all and screws superman for another 2-3 decades which is how long it will take to get studios to take another chance on supes should this one bomb. We all know that all the hype and positive blitz can not save a movie from its own self destruction. Wasn’t GL payment enough for cinematic sins? .


    • AHAHAH, agreed!

    • Haha. I have been a Snyder supporter for this movie, but that was really funny.

  14. I don’t think this is as bad as people may think. It’s something that happens all the time. I also think that with shooting soon starting he won’t be changing much. Sets are being built if they aren’t done already, locations are locked and so on. So I would be surprised if it was more than polishing like it’s mentioned in the article.

  15. I have faith in this movie but I’m slowly starting to fear that it will fail like Green Lantern did. I mean they got an A-list director to helm a popular superhero but failed. I really hope Zack Snyder does his best with this film cuz if he fails then his career is over.
    He needs a comeback after the horrible excruciating sucker punch.

    • The Director’s Cut of Suckerpunch was way better. So Im not worried. BUT like the last 2 WB films that were chopped to hell and paid the price for it I hope this does not come to pass for MOS. Hoping that seeing as Nolan was the one to get this off the ground he would have told them to keep their hands off it.

  16. I wish i could be happy about another Superman film, but im not. I rather had Superman Returns be ignored & keeping Brandon Routh or have Tom Welling w/ Erica Durance along with new cast members in a new film that follows Superman 2 one more time. Imo Henry Cavill doesn’t look like Superman and i don’t wanna see General Zod & Fiaora who would resemble Ursula from Superman 2. Times like this, i wished Bruce Timm & Co would make the jump to directing live-action comic book films.

    • Bruce Timm. yes.


      • @ Ignur Rant

        Continue what?

    • Ummmm Tom Welling and Erica Durrance are part of the SMALLVILLE continuity. People would just think the movie was part of an attempt to bring Smallville back or make a new series.

      • @ Scott

        Just because Welling & Durance were part of Smallville series, doesn’t mean they could start off a new film series themselves with new supporting cast. Just like Brandon Routh wouldn’t be a bad ideal choice to play Superman again despite being in Superman Returns. I bet people would accept it just as they understood The Incredible Hulk isn’t a sequel to the 2003 film. Hopfully WB will be smart & consider Tom Welling or Brandon Routh for the role in the next reboot franchise following Justice League.

  17. Im not gonna complain until we get a trailer, even still it’s unlikely that I would, been supporting this from the start and always will.

  18. I’ll reserve my judgment till I start to see how it’s coming together. My only concern is Goyer. He’s an idea person but can’t write worth a crap without co-writers. Thank god someone came in to do some polishing on his script. I know Sucker Punch was awful but Superman has the advantage of not being written by Snyder, so that puts me at ease. Every director has that one great one. For Snyder this could be the ultimate fail or the ultimate win. I just pray he delivers the Superman movie we deserve or it may be over for the ol boy scout. I’ll have my fingers crossed.

  19. You sniveling twits knocking this movie before it’s off the ground. I swear shame on you. SHAME ON YOU! I know you’re afraid of being let down, I am too. But I’m willing to give these people a shot and so should you. As much as I’d like to see the magic from Superman I&II recaptured with the Chris Reeve like charisma and spunk it won’t happen. That’s what you all want I know it because I want the same thing. But so long as this Superman isn’t a twilight wanna be, sporting an all dark colored costume or black latex suit, or anything other than Superman. It will win. I love Superman. I believe with the cast of actors that have been tapped for this it has a good shot also. So long as Superman still lives for, “Truth Justice and the American way” I’ll support the character and this movie. But ultimately I will wait for the movie before casting my vote against or for it.

  20. On Facebook I enjoy watching these filming shots where Zac Snyder and the crew are making professional decisions to film “The Man of Steel” down in Chicago, IL and North Carolina for the Location set of Clark Kent’s childhood years.

  21. I’m not really worried. I have a strong feeling that since Christopher Nolan is still producing and this Superman story was mostly his idea, he will be going over things to make sure it all works. He’ll probably have his brother go over it after this other guy, just to make sure it’s solid.

    He’s just finishing up the Batman trilogy right now, so his energy and focus is on that, where it should be… and when it’s finished, he’ll be more involved with the Man of Steel to make sure that it’s something people will relate to and enjoy. I think it’s going to be a lot like Batman Begins, only the ‘dark’ theme will be with the villains only, rather than with the main character, the hero… Superman will add the contrast to the dark theme of the film. That’s my guess. I think it’s going to be an interesting film. And I have the PERFECT idea/story plot for the second film… so if by some chance Christopher Nolan sees this… he needs to contact me. Seriously, it’s like nothing that’s ever been done with Superman, I promise. I’m working on the story right now actually…

    • Also this is prolly the most dedication I’ve seen Snyder putting into one of his films. When he said it’s all about making Superman relevant in his world that did it for me (aside from being a Snyder fan). He is going to show ppl why the world needs Superman and it will be awesome.

  22. I hope this reboot does Superman justice. I mean seriously we finaly need an awesome Superman movie. We need to see the first ever true superhero brought back and made awesome for a new generation.

  23. ‘IF’ this Superman movie sucks like the last one did, then Marvel will be the perverbial “Triple Crown WINNER” in the comics to movies department. While the Superman francise will get a R.I.P logo instead of a big red dollar sign “S”.

  24. - Warner Bros . have announced that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel will no longer come out in December of 2012. The new release date is June 14th, 2013. At this time, no other films are scheduled for that date. The film stars Henry Cavill , Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner , Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Russell Crowe , Julia Ormond , Christopher Meloni and Harry Lennix.

    Hmmm, guess they’ll have more time to “finish” that script….

  25. All Good things come in time
    we just have to wait hope i
    can though i’m pushing 50 when
    the Dark Knight comes out and
    Avengers and we have to wait for Star
    Trek 2 damn the movies in 2012 better
    be worth it. :)

  26. i want to see Robocop reboot
    would be interesting to say the
    least.I wished someone in hollywood
    would have the balls,excuse my language
    and reboot Space:1999 that would be
    so cool seeing the Moon breakaway from
    Earth’s orbit with today’s special effects.
    Either Peter Jackson could do it or perhaps
    an unknown director someone trying to become
    one.Space : 1999 would be a terrific movie
    like Forbidden Planet was or 2001:A Space
    you know what :)As Dwayne Johnson the Rock says,
    Bring It.