David S. Goyer Says ‘Man of Steel’ Will Be ‘Realistic’ Like Nolan’s ‘Batman’

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Superman Man of Steel Goyer Realistic Nolan Batman David S. Goyer Says Man of Steel Will Be Realistic Like Nolans Batman

DC Comics fans have at least one film to look forward to in the immediate future, as Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel looks to reinvigorate the Superman property on the big screen. Snyder and Warner Bros. have turned to scriptwriter David S. Goyer and executive producer Christopher Nolan – two men responsible for The Dark Knight trilogy – to help make that a reality.

Of course, Man of Steel‘s Superman can’t possibly be as grim or grounded as Nolan’s Batman, or the studio risks alienating fans of the comic book’s (perceived) whimsical and more optimistic tone. It’s a fine line to walk, but Goyer is emphasizing that being realistic doesn’t have to mean being dark, and some aspects of Superman’s life simply aren’t carefree. Whether bleak or hopeful, fans can look forward to a Superman film that speaks to today’s world.

Comparisons between Superman and Batman are nothing new, as the pair have largely defined the world of DC superheroes for decades. Not only are they the only two DC heroes to star in undeniably successful film franchises, but they might also the be best hope for DC to gain ground on their competition at Marvel. Fears that DC and Warner Bros. would seek to replicate their success by casting Superman as a dark, troubled, and potentially angst-ridden antihero arose quickly, with early rumors hinting that much of Superman’s origin story could even be re-written for Man of Steel.

Since then neither Snyder nor the cast has dispelled the impression that Man of Steel would be noticeably different from previous live-action versions. Michael Shannon, the newest incarnation of General Zod, claimed that the new take was the same type of “edgy” as Nolan’s Batman, before another actor claimed Snyder was using the comparison as part of his pitch. Before fans get the idea that Superman is going to be turned into a raspy-voiced, pessimistic shadow-lurker, David S. Goyer wants to outline some key differences.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel David S. Goyer Says Man of Steel Will Be Realistic Like Nolans Batman

While promoting Da Vinci’s Demons at Rome Fiction Fest, Goyer was asked about his feelings on ‘reinvention’ in regards to Man of Steel, and how the story will compare to Nolan’s past projects. Here’s how the writer sees the difference:

“Christopher Nolan and I have been trying to bring the naturalism of the Batman trilogy. Our approach has always been naturalist, realistic; we always try to imagine these stories as if they could happen in the same world in which we live. It is not an easy thing with Superman, and this does not necessarily mean that it will be a dark film, but in working on this reboot we are thinking about what would happen if a story like this really happened. How would people react to this? What impact would the presence of Superman in the real world have? What I like to do are stories set in ‘genres’ which, however, are not cartoons, or comics. I did the same thing with Da Vinci’s Demons, and I will do the same with ‘The Man of Steel.’”

It’s hard to think of a less innately relatable character than Superman – a being who is not only from an alien world but superior to the average person in nearly every way. Yet putting the audience into that cape and bodysuit and asking what any one of us would do with that kind of power is exactly what Snyder is hoping to accomplish. The first theatrical trailer showed that Clark Kent would be taking some time to find himself, but it’s unlikely, given Goyer’s description, that his travels end with some all-encompassing epiphany, with doubts or struggles becoming a thing of the past.

Goyer went on to explain that current events and political movements are likely to be explored, at least on a broad level. Many references to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement that were sprinkled throughout The Dark Knight Rises may have gone unnoticed, but the scriptwriter’s interest in what makes people these days tick will inevitably crop up in Man of Steel‘s plot and dialogue. As Superman is a foreigner who lives among humanity in secret, it doesn’t take much imagination to see where Goyer and Nolan could take the discussion.

Christian Bale Michael Caine Dark Knight Rises David S. Goyer Says Man of Steel Will Be Realistic Like Nolans Batman

But given the pair’s track record, it’s more likely that Man of Steel will get down to the universal nature of acceptance and purpose, not the politics or ideology. Superman has emotions, despite how Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006) characterized the Kryptonian. And if the film focuses in on the suspicion, the doubt, fear and hatred with which today’s world would inevitably view a super-powered outsider, and force Henry Cavill’s Superman to face that, then Snyder will certainly have blazed a trail.

Those issues were at the heart of Mark Waid’s Irredeemable comic book series (if you haven’t read it, do so now) and cast DC’s ‘big blue Boy Scout’ in an incredibly human light, so if any of that manages to work its way into Man of Steel, moviegoers will benefit greatly.

Think Goyer’s desire to ground superhero stories in familiar issues is a wise way to build an interconnected movie universe? Or should Superman by definition rise above common, personal narratives?

Man of Steel will be arriving in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


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  1. Hope it’ll be something like Superman: Birthright :D

    • I never ever want to see superman fighting a giant mechanical spider… NEVER!

      • Hahaha yeah, tough call.

  2. Well I think next summer here is going to be interesting… :)

  3. Constantly comparing this to The Dark Knight is getting tedious.

    The trailer and the comic con footage looked ok, but I’ve never sat down and thought, damn I wish Superman was more realistic.

    I cannot get excited about it, every time I do, someone involved wheels out another Dark Knight comparison.

    • +1

  4. Why don’t they just make a solid Superman movie and not chase Nolan’s project?

    • Agreed. I am not a fan of Batman surgically transplanted into the real world AKA Nolan-World. I am saddened that they thought the only way to make Superman valid was to drag him there too. Especially after Avengers showed that characters and a world from a comic book could still be highly entertaining (and profitable). If you freeze frame any action scene in Avengers it looks like a panel from a comic. That is how comic book films should be imo.

      • @ Akai Koru

        I agree with you.

      • I don’t.

      • I don’t agree either…at least, not entirely. Ang Lee’s “Hulk” actually had comic panels in it and came across as annoyingly stupid. On the other hand, “Watchmen” was taken almost exactly from the comic pages and looked stunning…but still did not make a mint after its release. “The Avengers” would NOT show as comic panels if freeze-framed, not even close. The settings were real-world, which is precisely why the characters and action (the fantastical elements) worked so well. If the real NYC backdrop had been missing, the film would have flopped.

        THAT, I believe based upon EVERYTHING I’ve seen and heard about MOS, is what they’re going for…not the dark, grim, gritty tones or characterizations of the Dark Knight trilogy. The real world setting of those films helped them as well, but Superman (as with the Avengers team) has a different tonal quality. The real world background worked for one, and it should…will work for the other.

        • You know, if real-world is a prerequisite for success, this could be a limitation of the source material for DC. Marvel has almost always used “real-world” locations in their comics, while DC has always used reasonable facsimiles named something different (Gotham, Metropolis, Central City, etc.). Just a thought…

          • If there are reasonable facsimiles of the real world in the DCU, why wouldn’t they translate to a film? If Superman is flying through a “real” Metropolis’s concrete canyons and various physical reactions occur, would this not show the power of his flight? If Kal-el lands on a city street to confront the villain (Zod, bank robber, whatever), and the pavement cracks, nearby cars brake suddenly (or even take a slight “bounce”), people’s knees buckle, etc., I fail to see how this would ruin (and, in fact, not ENHANCE) the experience of his arrival. THESE are elements of the real world.

            Now, in terms of less physical aspects of the real world, the people nearby look shocked, awestruck, perhaps even a bit fearful. Some jaws drop. Joggers trip. No one knows how to react, how to move, where to be, when some akin to a god lands dramatically before them. Many people pull out their camera phones; cars idle (perhaps, one even backs up…or rolls dangerously forward, its driver distracted). Camera crews begin to arrive…

            THESE, too, are aspects of the real world.

            I think they would be fascinating to see and would reflect the majestic power Superman’s arrival and presence heralds and portrays.

            I believe that this, coupled with whatever growth/catharsis Clark has had (is experiencing still?) discovering his nature, developing his powers, solidifying his views of the world and of right and wrong will make for an infinitely more well-rounded character onscreen…instead of a merely two- (or worse: ONE-dimensional) comic book hero.

            More to the point, to those saying they wish to keep the real out of a Superman film because it removes some of the wonder and a great deal of the fantasy, I say a resounding NO. It is PRECISELY by showing this inspirational (though initially worrisome) alien fighting darkness and outright evil surrounded by and within this very real world that we get someone to truly cheer on, some that does makes us feel that we are gazing on a fantastic figure, a dream made flesh, a superhero.

      • @Akai Koru, I agree on all points.

      • I think you’re missing the point. The “realism” that they’re after is not about destroying fantasy elements of the film, rather improving the motivations of characters. I think the film will still have sci-fi fantastic elements yet human beings in the film react the way human beings react in real life. Superman may very well be the only fantastic element in the film until the villain comes in.

  5. @john I don’t see why the film having a “realistic tone” is troublesome to you. The story of Superman has always been akin to Guliver’s Travels. He is a giant among men. As Guliver was amongst the Luliputians.

    Kal-El in many ways has always been an interpretation of Immanuel. Which means “God with us.” or A god among us: if you will. There is ‘The World Without Superman’ (which we live in) and there is, The World With Superman: which we imagine what it might be like. Its a ‘Thought Experiment’ that Comic Book Writers have been fascinated by and writing about for decades.And that’s what David S. Goyer is trying to do. And I wish him success :)

    As much as real people might freak out, if one person had the kind of power that Kal-El does. For some time now, I have felt that Clark Kent would perhaps be more freaked out at all he can do.As his powers develop and grow, wondering “When is it going to end? How much stronger, faster and more indestructible am I going to become?”

    If Man of Steel is like M.Knight Shamaylan’s Unbreakable. I will welcome it.That’s one of my favorite Superhero movies of all time.

  6. Pathetic on WB/DC’s part. I expected better from them all but copy & paste from Nolan’s Batman films as the way to go. I guess to expect a Nolanized Wonderwoman franchise,Nolanized Flash franchise, etc etc. Every DC character will be as dark as Nolan’s Batman films from now on right? Hope Man Of Steel fails since WB/DC already ruined the character enough.

    • Yep and the worst part is that the Nolan Universe doesn’t lend itself to a Justice League world…

      • MOS won’t take place in the so-called “Nolan universe”…just in ours. Did you READ the article, particularly Goyer’s statement?

        • Most people just read headlines. smh lol

        • Ummm. If MOS proves to be a success, it will pave the way to DC’s cinematic universe. Originally Snyder’s MOS film was gonna be the first of a trilogy on it’s own like Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Apparently thats not that anymore. Theres the WW cameo rumor plus we already know WB/DC seem to be rushing Justice League off as fast as they can. People still question if Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern will be part of the cinematic universe or not.

          • WallyWest…

            So, you’re going to give full credence to rumormongering? We know nothing about Wonder Woman appearing in the film, even as a mere cameo. We know not for certain (at all?) if the trilogy structure has been abandoned. We do NOT know, actually, if WB/DC is indeed rushing a JLA project, whether because of Marvel’s success or not. What we DO know is that A LOT of people, especially on sites (and, more specifically, threads) such as this have been endlessly speculating, throwing rumors and false starts and purposeful misdirections and questions (whether for actual answers or not) and angry invectives and assumptions and presuppositions up in the air to see what splatters.

            Will some of it prove true? Very likely. Will ALL of it? Nope. Whereas you and Dr. Sam and john and crichton and… choose to see only the negative and give legs to the mere (though potentially damaging) speculation, I and SFlare and Scott chase and…choose to consider the more optimistic possibility that we may be in for an excellent film.

            Which sounds more like the idea behind Superman to you?

            • @ Archaeon

              Some rumors turn out to be true. Especially if MOS turns to be a success it will be WB/DC’s starting point for their shared cinematic universe. The year for they’re aiming for Justice League seems to be rushing it. They’re working on it as we speak. Personally i prefer solo films first but thats just me.

              You, SFlare, & Scott seem to think MOS will be a sure success in the bag most likely. I think im being negative. I can’t speak for others but from what i read about MOS more & more doesn’t thrill me because it’s nothin really new that i haven’t seen before thats been done in one way or another. Take one of the teaser trailers for MOS, it’s almost identical to the beginning to how Batman Begins started. C’mon. I think you already know the Superman i expect.

              • WallyWest…

                I agree with you: I think you’re being negative too. You’re also right that some rumors DO turn out to be true…as I pointed out above. Some rumors, however, turn out to be false. MOS may, indeed, be (or become) the starting point for a shared universe; that does not preclude it still leading off a Superman trilogy.

                Oh, and I ask this next question in ignorance: Do we KNOW JLA is the next film out of the gate for DC (does IMDB, for example, have a firm date listed on their site…not that THEY are always accurate or up-to-date anyway)? Has ANYONE at WB or DC, itself, said that is the plan? I thought that, so far, all anybody had heard were the old “friend of a friend” or “buddy who works at the studio told me” or “on such-and-such site, a rep is quoted as hinting at”. THESE are your resources?

                As for the MOS teaser, it really is NOT like the travel/learning scenes of “Batman Begins”. Other than the fact that both men have facial hair and both seem to be away from their more familiar environments, the tones are drastically different, both in terms of actual location (fishing vessel and farm are NOT anything like prison and desolate mountainscape) and lighting (bright and “springy” vs. dark and dreary/wintry). Plus…and here is the main thing…the teaser ends with the dramatic display of Superman’s MACH-flight. If THAT doesn’t fill you with (at least, a BIT of) hope in the possibilities of this film, I don’t know what will.

                I DO know the Superman you expect. I simply do not agree with your assessment. I remain quite positive and hopeful in my outlook and expectations for the film.

              • “doesn’t thrill me because it’s nothin really new that i haven’t seen before thats been done in one way or another.”

                Curious as to what your opinion of TDKR, Spider-Man, and the Avengers were. There was nothing “new” in the Avengers besides the combination of heroes from individual films. It was an alien invasion movie with a generic enemy army from space who got their butt whipped by hand to hand combat.

                I guess I should just ask directly, what do you want from a Superman movie?

    • From WHERE are you getting ANY sort of copying-and-pasting Nolan idea? Goyer (and pretty much everyone else we’ve heard from) says nothing about making MOS a Dark Knight clone. What they DO keep saying is that MOS will take a more “realistic” view of Superman’s existence in the world…AND bring him into the modern world (which a ridiculous number of people, INCLUDING FANS/FANBOYS have said needs to happen to make Superman relevant to today’s world). This does not mean he will be dark and brooding; he can simply be more self-aware and still accomplish this modernization, all defining character traits still firmly in place.

      Everything I’ve seen or heard so far has both encouraged and confirmed for me that this film has the potential (and, for me, likelihood) to be an excellent interpretation of the Superman mythos.

      The ultimate irony for me on these MOS threads is how many fans of a hero who stands, above all else, for hope seemingly feel (or, at least, sound) hopeless…

      • @ Archaeon

        With all due respect, it’s obviously clear MOS will be made in the kind of tone of Nolan’s Batman films. Superman was realistic enough in Superman Returns, it was the script itself among other things that the film suffered from. CBM don’t need to be “Realistic” to be entertaining, The Avengers aswell Marvel’s cinematic universe as proved that already. It’s just Nolan Fans 7 few others who think otherwise now that Nolan’s Batman trilogy is has been conluded & they-like WB/DC think it will do wonders for every other DC hero. C,mon if Snyder, Nolan, WB/DC doin what they’re doin with MOS with some other DC character say, Flash? I doubt they’d get their money’s worth. So of-course they’d revive Superman right? Earlier articles suggest the film will be darker, wouldn’t surprise me if that makes Superman himself darker aswell to fit the story. He’s had dark times in the comics, but a dark character i wouldn’t consider him.

        What amazes me is we go through another origin story. Same villain, General Zod as seen in the first two Christopher Reeve films. Story around characters is just different of-course as it’s a reboot. Sorry, but so far not really surprising about the film i haven’t seen in the earlier films & television that hasn’t been done already. And i already stated my distaste for the Superman costume.

        • WallyWest…

          Ummm, “it’s obviously clear”…How? Where? Why?

          Obviously, it’s not THAT clear.

          • I have to Say Arch…I agree with your “obviously, it’s not that clear.” So many people I talk to in person argue about “ooh they say its gonna be realistic. Hmm sounds like The latest Batman :( ” Why the hell does realism have to always say ” BATMAN” and not be realistic in its own way.

            • Avatar…

              Despite our particular history of back-and-forths, I must simply (and gladly) say: Thank you.

              I don’t see why those two concepts are automatically connected (inseparable even) in so many people’s minds. Something can have a realistic approach or tone that is NOTHING like a Batman (or, more specifically, a NOLAN Batman) film.

      • @ Archaeon

        What exactly have you seen or heard has encouraged & confirmed MOS film will be a excellent interepreation of the Superman mythos? What are the details?

        • The likelihood of a journey of discovery for Clark to discover his destiny seems fraught with possibilities (realizing his innate nobility and hopefulness, for example, as he begins to save others, whether secretly or publicly). This approach is also different from the Smallville concept of Clark discovering virtually everything relatively close to home. It DOES hearken back to the Reeve film, in terms of finding out about himself, but expands greatly upon the basic concept of simply holing up in the Fortress of Solitude for years by having him go out into the world (not hunting for means and methods like Bruce in BB but, instead) searching for his place and purpose in the world.

          I love the actors that were chosen and think they will play their respective parts wonderfully and quite effectively, firmly based on their already proven talents.

          I think the costume looks fantastically cool and lends an air of nobility/regality to a being who embodies all of the best qualities in humanity. I am intrigued by the teasers and display pieces we’ve seen of some of the other outfits in the film.

          I loved the teaser trailer…BOTH narrative versions.

          I appreciate the need to restart the franchise for a new generation (and after the last series seemed to play itself out…and I loved the first two Reeve films AND “Returns”) and look forward to seeing HOW they differentiate this film from other Superman origin stories…even if primarily, or only, stylistically.

          I have enjoyed a number of Snyder films…which tend to be fine, even great, when adapted from someone else’s work (though I WAS, in fact, entertained by “Sucker Punch” as well, not-so-hot movie though it was). Also, he DID get an initial push from Nolan, which encourages me (yes, I KNOW Nolan has not directly or even continuously involved himself in the production). Goyer (misfires and all) and Snyder have expressed their great love for the character and appreciation for his place in the superhero pantheon, so I feel confident they will give their best effort to honor the legend and the history.

          Hopefully, you can see that I have thought about this film and formed my opinion AT LEAST as carefully as you have yours…the above points, of course, don’t even mention the fact that, as a lifelong fan of Superman, I am excited to be getting a new film relatively soon…

  7. I know this is screen rant… but Jeez. wait ’til the movie comes out before ranting about how you don’t like this or you don’t like that…

  8. Look at some people chucking a hissy fit over a film they haven’t seen yet! One teaser and it’s a right off ay? Pathetic, I’m a massive Superman fan, IMO he’s the greatest of all superheros, the one that started it all, can’t people just be happy we are getting a proper Superman finally, this film will kick ass don’t worry about that, infact I’ll go as far to say it could be the best hero film ever, and so it should be, Superman needs justice on film, if I could pick a story it would be All Star Superman!! If they did it properly it would be beautiful, Superman is almost a God like figure, that’s how he should be..

    • “this film will kick ass don’t worry about that”

      From a Goyer script and directed by Zack Snyder?

  9. I find the strange thing, is that you’re not allowed to say anything negative about this film or people seem to fly off the handle and call you an obsessed fanboy.
    It is possible to look at who is involved, writer, director and cast and simply decide that you don’t like it. I certainly don’t, I thought the Comic Con footage was pretty good but haven’t heard much else that I like. I am capable of making an informed decision based on the facts and information present.

    It might end up being good. It could equally be terrible and I am leaning towards the latter currently, which I am entitled to do.

    • +1 Dr SB

    • You absolutely have the right to your negative opinion. But they also have the right to express their opinion of you being an obsessed fanboy, based on your opinion. And I’m glad you admit that the most comprehensive footage you’ve seen so far was actually quiet good.

      • +1 SFlare

        Yay, math!

    • +2 Dr.SamBeckett

    • I also find it funny that one cannot be optimistic or overzealous about a movie because “people seem to fly off the handle and call you an obsessed fanboy” or “Nolanite” or whatever.

      • Precisely.

        • I don’t think you can get mad at someone for being fussy on a movie they havnt seen. when claiming it Will kick ass before seeing the same film. its the exact same things. I’m looking forward to this film I have no clue how it Will be.

          • My point exactly.

          • Exactly why I agreed with Thimmy…

  10. It is Goyer and Co. that keep mentioning they want this this film to have the realism of the Batman Trilogy.
    If you dont want to be compared to Btman,
    Stop mentioning him.

  11. i have high hopes in it. snyder and goyer, what can go wrong ? superman must be on top of all solo-superhero movies, if the next one will be good. not like the forgettable -superman returns-,which is for me the biggest dissapointment from that genre.

    • “snyder and goyer, what can go wrong”

      Do you want me to make a list of the utter garbage they have both been involved in over the years?

      • garbage for you,maybe. but i like goyers script and snyders directing style,otherwise his movies weren´t on my top 20 list. even -sucker punch- was not bad,maybe it was too much female power for the -fanboys-.

        • I was with you until the sucker punch comment.
          Dude, the first fight scene was good, OscaR Isaac was good, but everything else sucked!!!

          • that´s your opinion ! and i don´t care if you were with me till that comment. i have my own opinions,and i like to talk with people which are not standing on one point and don´t except other things. everybody have different tastes,here you must always complain why you like this or that,or get in disscussions about a comic-figure or a movie,which are totally unnecessary. some take it all so serious,it´s just not normal. that is my point. last point: i love movies and comic characters,but that´s all fantasy,i call it a hobby that i have for me. i would never wear a shirt with a comic-hero logo or go to a comic store. i´m a sporty and call it playa,but i like this fantasy stuff,but some of you have read books or a book for one movie or from star trek/wars,l.o.t.r. and so on. i enjoy the movies when they get released and that was it. what have i from if brad pitt is getting another 5th million dollar for a movie with his buddies from oceans 11 damon and co.. and i even don´t watch those kind of movies anymore. one last thing: if the people don´t like reboots,then they shouldn´t watch those movies,i.m.o..

  12. Superman III is theworst of the series .
    Even though it was decades ago,
    It’s awfulness transcends the test of time .

  13. Fanboys always overreacting. Lol.

    The best comicbooks are the ones that take consequences into account. Every action should have a reaction. Would a nigh-invincible being flying above us as our protector invoke hope or fear? The story sounds/feels much like The Incredible Hulk (Marvel Studios most complete and balanced movie), with fantastical elements in a real world setting.

  14. I guess it’s easy to just hate I suppose, but anyway Ive read tonnes of comics and I still do, but I love how DC/WB try to bring the character into the real world, now that’s the challenge, and with Superman it’s the toughest of all, now I can read a comic no problem but watching the Avengers bored the stuffing out of me, I dont know why it just did, maybe im just not into the characters that much, ive always loved Superman, Batman, Superboy, Aquaman!.. best comic film ever made is “Watchmen” a masterpiece of comic book adaptation, and guess what the same guy is making Man of Steel! people are not understanding the point of Man of Steel, its how the world would react with the presence of Superman flying around, doesnt that intrigue anyone? It does for me, this is the only film I’m hanging out for, Superman will be epic after this and return him to rightfull perch, Off topic but DC/WB have to make an Aquaman film, hes an awesome charactor, massively underrated, im shocked there hasnt been a film yet, you could do so much with this character it’s not funny, you could create a stunning under the sea film, if DC want justice league then we need an Aquaman Straight after Superman!

  15. i think some here in that discussion here must always have the last word ! i find it funny.

  16. when they say its more dark,its the way to explore the character in the real world its obvious those characters would not be so easly acepted as in the comics in the comics its all beautifull etc but its not dificult if you imagine living with someone like superman,thor or hulk yes they are good guys and you know cuz they help us but you do know too how powerfull their are so what will happen if one day they go mad?how can humans protect themselfs with beings with power to destroy worlds?superman is so powerfull and alien he says is the last one but who says we is telling the true?why would us belive in that?what if more come to earth and like in all races there are good and bad so dont expect everyone being so compreensive and power change personality to bad sides,thor is a alien god from other dimension and if he come here who says other beings dont find a way too?hulk is a engine of pure hate when stay mad but the true is that he is like a kid with pure heart he only want to stay quiet with is only company but his power canot be ignored how much good he his even not be his intention one day when its to much mad he will kill people as colateral damage or break the world,the character stays true but they only put their history in the real world is simple as that,its like watchmen or the x-men movies that show the mutants impact in the world very well and its way more interesting that way

  17. Reading over the comments on the Man of Steel teaser trailer, it got a very positive response from Screenranters. So I’m not sure why Goyer saying they’re going for a more naturalist and grounded approach would surprise anyone, or a cause them to change their minds of this film. That entire teaser was screaming NATURALISTIC AND GROUNDED.

  18. cant wait till this comes out

  19. To the Dr. Zack Snyder directed “Watchmen” and IMO the best comic film made, Nolan knew this that’s why he approached Snyder to do Superman, so I have every faith that Nolan and Snyder will make an epic film and do some justice for Superman, it’s funny though for so many people knocking it, it’s the most popular topic on screen rant! The truth is you will be all lining up for your tickets next summer and buying the blu-ray, but ofcoarse you will still hate it, you know I have a feeling MOS will bigger than TDK in terms of ticket sales, bring it on I say, Superman is no science project, he’s no flippin mutant, he doesn’t need gadgets, he’s just everything a Superhero supposed to be..

    • Snyder may make a great film. NOLAN just pitched the idea. I love the man as much as another but he doesn’t deserve any credit.

      • Then you’ll be disappointed to know Nolan’s already been given co-story writer and producer credit, much as you may hate him. And they put his name nice and big in the trailer, so they’re inviting to credit he’ll recieve, much to your chagrin I imagine.

        • Hate? No sir I.am a huge Nolan fan he is my favorite director. I didn’t know he had any writing credits, my apologies.

  20. Holy Crap 160 comments before my comment can you say lightning Rod…

  21. @Son of Prometheus – well said, indeed

  22. They can get away with fantastical elements because Superman is an alien but not have the world around him like Metropolis be all cartoonish or slightly outlandish like in the Burton/Schumacher Batman films.

  23. Perhaps this will be the first decent Superman movie?? None of the others have impressed me much at all, but I am willing to give this one a try.

  24. Haters gonna hate… Just wait and watch the movie. It will be epic! No cheese in this Superman movie…

  25. i cant wait for this one , im so looking forward to glimpsing more trailers, i think its going to be one very interesting superman film. Its great to have something like this to look forward too, we have all been waiting, for a return of superman to the big screens again. I loved the trailer from comic con it was just beautiful, hearing both Russel and Keven, it was trilling,,

    Im also very interested in how the music for it will shape up, what a task Hans has God he could do with all our prayers for him. I think if we are expecting the John Williams signature in the opening sequence of MOS, I think that wont really happen as much as all of us might want. Zack stated something like that MOS is in a place where you have to imagine that the Superman films we know of never happened,, its as if MOS has gone right back to the drawing board and begun again as if this is the very first superman film, I think if we have that kind of mind set it will help,, as much as we like the other films.

    I am a fan of the old films and the music, but i am looking forward to this new version of superman and the music, We just need to be open for something new with this film, and say a small prayer for Hans it must be a very difficult score for him to work on but what ever it is he composes i know im going to love it anyway,, i love all his pieces.. He is a superb composer! his music in the prince of Eygpt was fantastic, i Loved the music he done for the scene where God Talks to Moses,, incredible stuff,, all the best to everyone,, everywhere

  26. I just want to see the f***** movie.

  27. If WB/DC had any sense at all, the title of this movie would be: Justice League1 The Man Of Steel

  28. I hope Man of Steel will be a good picture but I have doubts, like many. A darker Batman-take on Superman? Well the problem with that is that Superman is not Batman and vice versa. I think the problem with some of the previous Superman films is that they might look good on paper but translated to film make for a messy, and sometimes boring experience. Look at Superman Returns. It was more concerned with following up some of the more silly elements from Superman II than forging its own path. The washed out colors certainly did not help, nor did the cast who were given little to do but try and emote with very cardboard type characters. So once again Superman is rebooting on the big screen. Will Man of Steel fly at the movies? Hard to say but the new costume does not look good from the photographs and the new actor? Well, it remains to be seen whether he can fill the tights and boots.

  29. What people need to understand before Goyer and Nolan become some kind of villains and people start crying for their heads on a platter, I think fans need to understand what Goyer means by “realistic” environment. “Realistic’ doesn’t mean that Goyer is going to have Superman not fly or something stupid like that, but rather it deals with a world where its not normal for a man to fly, lift 100 ton object in the air, or run super fast. Goyer is trying to build a world in Superman where he isn’t so easily accepted into society cause society really wouldn’t accept a being like Superman. I have supreme confidence in Nolan & Goyer and I believe that a character with such power like Superman, has been quite difficult to bring to the big screen. Nevertheless, I know Goyer & Nolan know what their doing

    • +1

      Well Said.