David S. Goyer Says ‘Man of Steel’ Will Be ‘Realistic’ Like Nolan’s ‘Batman’

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Superman Man of Steel Goyer Realistic Nolan Batman David S. Goyer Says Man of Steel Will Be Realistic Like Nolans Batman

DC Comics fans have at least one film to look forward to in the immediate future, as Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel looks to reinvigorate the Superman property on the big screen. Snyder and Warner Bros. have turned to scriptwriter David S. Goyer and executive producer Christopher Nolan – two men responsible for The Dark Knight trilogy – to help make that a reality.

Of course, Man of Steel‘s Superman can’t possibly be as grim or grounded as Nolan’s Batman, or the studio risks alienating fans of the comic book’s (perceived) whimsical and more optimistic tone. It’s a fine line to walk, but Goyer is emphasizing that being realistic doesn’t have to mean being dark, and some aspects of Superman’s life simply aren’t carefree. Whether bleak or hopeful, fans can look forward to a Superman film that speaks to today’s world.

Comparisons between Superman and Batman are nothing new, as the pair have largely defined the world of DC superheroes for decades. Not only are they the only two DC heroes to star in undeniably successful film franchises, but they might also the be best hope for DC to gain ground on their competition at Marvel. Fears that DC and Warner Bros. would seek to replicate their success by casting Superman as a dark, troubled, and potentially angst-ridden antihero arose quickly, with early rumors hinting that much of Superman’s origin story could even be re-written for Man of Steel.

Since then neither Snyder nor the cast has dispelled the impression that Man of Steel would be noticeably different from previous live-action versions. Michael Shannon, the newest incarnation of General Zod, claimed that the new take was the same type of “edgy” as Nolan’s Batman, before another actor claimed Snyder was using the comparison as part of his pitch. Before fans get the idea that Superman is going to be turned into a raspy-voiced, pessimistic shadow-lurker, David S. Goyer wants to outline some key differences.

First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel David S. Goyer Says Man of Steel Will Be Realistic Like Nolans Batman

While promoting Da Vinci’s Demons at Rome Fiction Fest, Goyer was asked about his feelings on ‘reinvention’ in regards to Man of Steel, and how the story will compare to Nolan’s past projects. Here’s how the writer sees the difference:

“Christopher Nolan and I have been trying to bring the naturalism of the Batman trilogy. Our approach has always been naturalist, realistic; we always try to imagine these stories as if they could happen in the same world in which we live. It is not an easy thing with Superman, and this does not necessarily mean that it will be a dark film, but in working on this reboot we are thinking about what would happen if a story like this really happened. How would people react to this? What impact would the presence of Superman in the real world have? What I like to do are stories set in ‘genres’ which, however, are not cartoons, or comics. I did the same thing with Da Vinci’s Demons, and I will do the same with ‘The Man of Steel.’”

It’s hard to think of a less innately relatable character than Superman – a being who is not only from an alien world but superior to the average person in nearly every way. Yet putting the audience into that cape and bodysuit and asking what any one of us would do with that kind of power is exactly what Snyder is hoping to accomplish. The first theatrical trailer showed that Clark Kent would be taking some time to find himself, but it’s unlikely, given Goyer’s description, that his travels end with some all-encompassing epiphany, with doubts or struggles becoming a thing of the past.

Goyer went on to explain that current events and political movements are likely to be explored, at least on a broad level. Many references to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement that were sprinkled throughout The Dark Knight Rises may have gone unnoticed, but the scriptwriter’s interest in what makes people these days tick will inevitably crop up in Man of Steel‘s plot and dialogue. As Superman is a foreigner who lives among humanity in secret, it doesn’t take much imagination to see where Goyer and Nolan could take the discussion.

Christian Bale Michael Caine Dark Knight Rises David S. Goyer Says Man of Steel Will Be Realistic Like Nolans Batman

But given the pair’s track record, it’s more likely that Man of Steel will get down to the universal nature of acceptance and purpose, not the politics or ideology. Superman has emotions, despite how Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006) characterized the Kryptonian. And if the film focuses in on the suspicion, the doubt, fear and hatred with which today’s world would inevitably view a super-powered outsider, and force Henry Cavill’s Superman to face that, then Snyder will certainly have blazed a trail.

Those issues were at the heart of Mark Waid’s Irredeemable comic book series (if you haven’t read it, do so now) and cast DC’s ‘big blue Boy Scout’ in an incredibly human light, so if any of that manages to work its way into Man of Steel, moviegoers will benefit greatly.

Think Goyer’s desire to ground superhero stories in familiar issues is a wise way to build an interconnected movie universe? Or should Superman by definition rise above common, personal narratives?

Man of Steel will be arriving in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


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  1. Welp, now I know I’m not interested in this film.

    • Don’t see it then

  2. You can tell they dont get Superman.

    • i can tell that you don’t get Superman either.

      • Ya cause he wrote 2 sentences about a story. You should be able to ghost write his autobiography now Manny.

  3. Can’t wait to see this

  4. This is the man responsible for both Ghost Rider films.

    Go away Goyer.

    • Didn’t he write that one movie, I forget, the Dim Light? No…the Stark Right…no…oh wait, yeah he wrote The Dark Knight. And The Dark Knight Rises too!

      • From IMDB:

        The Dark Knight – Writing credits

        Jonathan Nolan (screenplay)
        Christopher Nolan (screenplay)

        Christopher Nolan (story)
        David S. Goyer (story)

        • Point being?

          • Goyer was not solely responsible for writing The Dark Knight. He got a co-credit.

            Here is a list of movies where Goyer got sole credit for doing something, writing/screenplay…… etc.

            His record:

            Death Warrant (writer)
            The Crow: City of Angels (screenplay)
            Blade (writer)
            ZigZag (producer and screenplay)
            Ghost Rider (co-Producer……. I was wrong on this)
            The Unborn (directed and writer)
            Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (writer)

            David S. Goyer is getting total credit for the screenplay of Man of Steel.

            • Heustis speaks the truth Nolan probably did the final script and story goyer wasn’t alone

              • AND more importantly DKR was terrible and slow.

                • It REALLY wasn’t.

  5. Can’t wait.

  6. A realistic reaction of the people to a completely unreal situation like a superpowered alien.

    I am cautiously optimistic. Superman: Earth One was in a similar vein and that was a really great book, one of my favourites.

    As long as Superman is still Superman.

  7. I can’t believe people can get all torn up about a Supes set in a more personal and real world setting… I mean, the man is a super powered alien for cryin out loud, you can only “ground” it so far lol. I for one am glad they are tryin somethin new, I’m always interested in new interpretations of Super Man. There is so much more to Superman’s image than “Big Super Powered Boy Scout”.

  8. Haters gonna hate. I can’t wait for this. It is well over due. Change makes the stubborn look dated.

    • You do realise that it’s pretty much only the immature and fatally blinkered who justify their comments with such childish circular arguement.

      I could just as easily say ‘the unjustifiably and unreasonably optimistic will always be unjustifiably and unreasonable optimistic’.

      • But if you said that you wouldn’t make any sense. Go hate somewhere else john boy,

        • Explain exactly why my comment makes less sense than yours.

          What you and people like you write, is the written equivalent of putting your fingers in you ears and shouting ‘la la la, I can’t hear you, la la la’.

          • Everything. And what do you mean by “people like you”? If your such a think tank, judging by your over blown sense of intelect, how would you bring supes to the screen?
            You just sound like a baby who was told NO! You can’t have that. Grow up.

          • Same thing that happens when people talk about evolution or global warming with Conservatives ;)

            • Please don’t bring “politics” into a movie thread. There are many other places for that conversation.

              Personally I’ve been enjoying the new 52 from DC and am extremely excited for the Man of Steel.

          • -john-,he said nothing wrong,you sound more like the one who puts his fingers in his ears.

          • lol!

      • I didn’t understand what john said.

        • me neither….it sounded fancy and confusing tho, so it had to be good.

          • I might repeat it down the pub, see if it impresses anyone. If the conversation doesn’t go my way from then on I’ll give ‘em the old ‘fingers in the ears and La La La trick’.

    • agreed ! -cyborg6971-

  9. Comic Book World “WE ARE SAVED! SUPERMAN IS HERE.

    Real World “Did he just pick up a taxi and throw it in the river?” “Yep”….”Well I am getting my ass out of here!”

    • More like,

      REAL WORLD: “Did he just pick up a taxi and throw it in the river!?” “Yep”…. “Call my lawyer.”

      • “You might have trouble calling him… he was in the taxi.” :)

  10. I see some ppl didn’t read properly. What would the reaction be if Superman turned up in today’s world. That’s what they mean by reality here, geez.

    • Reality is…if superman showed up in the real world..I am crapping my pants….thats the truth…



      I don’t want to go to the movies to watch characters I’ve grown up with and read for years shoehorned into a panorama of the world we live in complete with all the BS we get up to as a species… I don’t want to see a movie where these characters are completely out of place. I want to see them in a world that has been molded by their presence and actions, not sticking out like a sore thumb in the warfilled, corrupt, politically motivated, humdrum world that we’ve built up around ourselves. If I want realism I’ll watch a drama.

      If WB/DC are going to consistently and persistently avoid portraying a recognisable version of their comic universe then they should just stop trying to bring their comic characters to the big screen.

      • It’s a good point, John. Yet I am interested in what they’ll show us.

      • I fully agree with you.
        This making more realistic crap is really getting on my nerves.These are comic books for god sakes.Why not remake realistic novels then if realism is what they want.

        One of the reason people love Superman so much is because he is doing things no human can do.The whole concept of Superman is unrealistic.Can’t we just have good old escapism.For a few hours I want to get a way from the real world.Is that too much too ask?

      • The point of this movie is that it starts in a world without Superman. It has not been “molded” by this superman’s actions yet… It will be.

        Just a thought.

        • ^^^

      • @john, well the new 52 was initially dealing with what Goyer seems to be talking about. A world suddenly enshrined with super heroes. You should check it out, both the Justice League series and Action Comics.

    • Exactly

      • By realistic they mean they wanted to tap into how people would react. that is it

  11. Independence Day…Perfect example of what not to do. You know they are not friendly, they want friendly…One Ship would have been enough..No These bastards show up in a ship the quarter of the moons mass and launched 36 city size ships…YOU KNOW THEY WERE NOT HERE FOR PEACE…They here to MESS US UP! Thats realistic..defeating and advanced race of beings capable of travling 100s of Billions of miles and defeat them with a Mac Virus…Unlikely.

  12. Me neither.

    A ‘grounded, realistic’ Superman is the last thing on Earth I want.

    They may as well just do away with the Superman part and give us 2 hours of Clark Kent on a farm.

    When will WB grow some kind of awareness about what makes the characters popular.. what worked for Batman WILL NOT work for Superman, The majority of the people going to see this movie WANT the fantastic, over the top, cataclysmic storyline and characterisation. There won’t be one arse on a seat saying to their self that they’ll hate the movie unless they can relate to Superman.

    WB’s movie universe is abortively doomed if this is how they want to present their stable of characters.. I am SO cold to WB’s approach to this that I have absolutely no intension of going to see this.

    They have learned absolutely nothing from Marvel’s success.

    ‘Realistic Superheroes’…. the very phrase drips boredom and disinterest.

    • Speak for yourself. I’ve always hated Superman because he wasn’t relatable in any way, shape, or form. He’s this superpowered guy who just so happened to lose his family and lives on another planet. He has no real personality, and I can’t care about him like I can another superhero. Hopefully this movie changes that.

      And just to be clear, no, I’m not just hating on Superman. Most superheroes aren’t really relatable either. Nolan’s Batman was, however, due to the fact that he turned Batman into an actual character with emotions rather than just some guy who does stuff.

      • Why would your overriding priority be a necessity to relate to the subject matter before you could like it?

        Why are you unable to accept something for what it may be simply because you don’t see yourself, or something as equally familiar, being portrayed?

        In all honesty I don’t understand your point of view.

        • For your first question:
          It’s human nature, man. Human’s naturally want to relate to subject matter, into the situation itself. It’s a great feeling to feel like you could actually be there (which is what you’re thinking this means), but that’s not necessarily what “relating” to a character is. Relating to a character happens to every movie goer in every movie. Do you know that feeling when you understand what a character is feeling in the movie? Their motivations, their fears, etc. Of course you do. You wouldn’t care about the movie if you didn’t. It happens in Lord of the Rings. It happens in Star Wars. It happens in Star Trek. It happens in Iron Man. Why does Tony Stark do what he does? He was a genius thrown into an incredible situation and forced to face the realization that his own company was corruptly selling arms to the middle east. You understand his fear when he is held captive. You understand his motivation to make his company better and move Stark Industries into the energy business. How about Thor? You understand Thor and Loki’s relationship as brothers (as it is built up), so then you feel Thor’s pain when he see’s his brother has turned on him…

          That wasn’t his point. His point is that he hasn’t been given a reason to really CARE about Superman. Why should we care about this guy? Oh, he’s a superhero, so we must automatically care about him? Get real, man. I see what Annoyed Film Student is saying, and I somewhat agree with him. I love it when I understand a character’s emotions and motivations. That’s what good story telling is. That’s what makes a compelling story. If you just want a one-dimensional story about Superman, this isn’t what you’re going to get.

          • Bravo!

          • Superman is all about hiding who you really are from everyone. Something that most of humanity can relate to. He was created by 2 Jewish immigrants who I am sure felt pressures of this kind growing up in the US in the first part of the 20th century.

            • Superman INCORPORATES that concept; it is not ABOUT it.

        • why are you so annoyed at how other people perceive stories? if you like something, great, if somebody else doesn’t like it, well, so what? why are you telling him how to qualify the reasons why/how he should like superman?

      • Go read some Marvel comics and then claim what you just said.One of the reasons Spiderman is so popular is because he is like a regular person who by accident becomes a super hero.Unlike Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent he really has to struggle balancing his studies,work and personal life.But this is just one example.A lot of Marvel characters have their specific issues that you can relate to.So no,sorry to say but you don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Actually if you read what I said I haven’t made any arguement against ‘relatable’ characters, all I did say was that I don’t understand the need or willingness to preclude something just because it isn’t familiar and comforting.

        • I hate spider man, sorry no offense meant. I dislike almost all marvel characters for that very reason. I want a hero who I know is goon to be the hero. I couldn’t depend on spider man

    • I for one can’t wait to see this movie. I want to see a realistic take on Superman. I believe that is the way these characters are supposed to be. The Dark Knight trilogy is the best trilogy ever made, and The Dark Knight will forever be my favorite movie. Batman has always been my favorite superhero, and The Joker my favorite villain. I grew up with BTAS and I’ve seen every live action Batman movie. The new trilogy was much better than any other superhero movie ever made. It was the way Batman is supposed to be. Dark, gritty, realistic, and yes I do know what I’m talking about as I have read the comics as well. In fact, I could argue the Dark Knight trilogy certainly was based off more comic book storylines than any of the previous Batman movies. Open your mind up a bit. These new type of superhero movies are much better than anything before it and do stick to the comics.

      Marvel’s success? I for one believe that the new Marvel movies suck and want DC to stick with what they’re doing now. I don’t want a Justice League movie, and if there must be one I want it to be realistic like these movies as well. I do not like the Marvel movies. They have nothing of essence, whereas the Dark Knight trilogy was dark, real, deep, and Man of Steel will be as well.

    • Ummm, you DO know that Marvel became popular when they began producing comics about relatable heroes with REAL-WORLD problems, right? Spider-Man and the X-Men specifically deal with reality shaped by superhuman powers.

      Methinks someone hasn’t been paying attention…and it’s NOT DC. ;)

  13. Realistic? Now Superman will fly with jetpack.

  14. I just look at the pics and wonder why Superman is wearing black? (Sorry but that is not the sky blue of superman we know from the comics.) Right there sums up my disappointment with what is being done with what could arguably be called the most optimistic of superheroes. While Superman, the first one, with Christopher Reeves was not perfect (I cringe over that Lex Luther and the going back in time), it was still a wonderful, hopeful movie. I left the theater as a teen feeling uplifted an joyous. With the world as it is, what happened to movies being escapist into a better world?

    • Where do you see him wearing black? What pic are you seeing? Cause every pic I’ve seen he has a blue suit on.

    • I saw him in blue in all unofficial and official photos so far.

    • That’s Zod… /facepalm

  15. Damn it! I actually READ the article, now I can’t get angry about my misinterpretation.

  16. I can’t wait and yes haters will hate what they fear or don’t understand.

    • A Realistic Superman..No, I rather have him in Fantasy. We do not need, nor can we relate to an Alien Super Powered being who shoots beams from his eyes and can play wiffle ball with a boulder and a giant sequioa…Not something we can relate too.

      I understand the need to keep Superman grounded, but come on, we aint that stupid.

      • Does Superman have emotions? Oh, he does? THEN WE CAN RELATE TO HIM.
        Does Superman have motivations? Oh, he does? THEN WE CAN RELATE TO HIM.

        • Exactly.

      • You speak of human beings???

        Yeah…we are.

        Sad, but true.

  17. You guys are acting like Goyer said he’s taking away Superman’s powers and isn’t an alien anymore. He’s talking about putting the character in a real world setting. It’s pretty much expected.

    • I know EXACTLY what he’s saying.

      It’s the fact that it IS a ‘real world setting’ that’s p***ing me off.

      If they are going to bother making a movie like this then why can’t we get the DC universe? Why bother making a movie about a fantastical character if you’re not going to put him in his own fantastical environment?

      • You’re getting really worked up. Settle down, Johnathon, settle down.

        • I second that.

      • It’s called making a good movie, and take another look at the modern DC universe. It isn’t all bright and cheery and fantastical. A lot of it is dark. There’s nothing wrong with taking superheroes and putting them in a realistic setting. It’s already been done in the comics. Frank Miller?

        • It’s ALSO being done in that amazingly, incredibly, almost-Second-Coming-like film called “The Avengers”…fantastical elements in a realistic setting.

          Hmmm, so it IS possible…

  18. Finally someone looks like they get superman in the world. Thank god I bought I was alone for a second there.

  19. I am really looking forward to this, and their aproach to superman. I have always hated poor superman but tht is only because I didn’t get him. Then a few months ago someone explained him to me, and now I can’t get enough of him. Here is hoping we get an awesome superman movie cause I really hate the original superman with Chris reeve

    • You don’t ‘get’ Superman?

      Éxactly what is there not ‘to get’?

      Are you so imaginatively challenged that you are unable to comprehend something unless you can directly base it on your own experiences?

      People, I go to the movies to see something like thing and be confronted with ideas and concepts and images that I have to bases for in my own life, I certainly don’t go to live my life vicariously through the screen… I’m certainly not looking for myself or anything familiar on screen.

      Superman done ‘realistically’ is pointless and boring.

      • ‘like THIS’.. not ‘like thing’

        (I wish you could edit these posts)

      • “I go to the movies to see something like this and be confronted with ideas and concepts and images that I have to bases for in my own life…”

        *facepalm* Dude that’s exactly what they’re doing… That’s what a relatable character is. That’s what a relatable “world” is. They are simply going to explore a little bit in the movie how the world reacts to Superman’s entrance into the world. You can’t just plop Superman into the world and logically expect everyone to know who he is, understand who he is, understand that he wants to help, and trust him can you? No, you can’t. THAT is what they will most likely explore. Calm down man… All Goyer said is what we should expect. It’s Superman’s origin, why wouldn’t the world somehow to react to this fantastical superhero?

        “I’m certainly not looking for myself or anything familiar on screen.”

        So this shouldn’t take place on Earth any more? Last I heard Superman was part of the Justice League of AMERICA. Superman IS in our modern world in the comics. And it will be the same here. There’s nothing new here…

      • I didn’t say that you troll. My main experience with superman before the comics was the atrocious animated serious where any super thug could put superman through a wall. Where he had to have space suits and underwater suits an all that. Oh and contrary to your opinion there is a lot to get about superman now bug off

  20. David Goyer is overrrated, he wrote the two ghost riders.Nuff said

  21. This movie will revolutionize superhero movies!!! IMO. I can’t wait for this!!!!!!

    • LOL.

      Not even close.

      This is going to be another failure, and the cause of a further delay of a JL movie.

      • And the next lottery numbers are?

        • 17 23 04 11 25 08

        • 48 15 16 23 42

      • john…

        WHY are you here on this thread? You clearly think the film will fail and have NO interest in seeing it. WHY are wasting your time (and ours) being OVERLY critical, pessimistic, and hopeless. You made your point and even TRIED to defend it. Aren’t you done yet?


  22. I don’t want a character that I can relate to? My Life sucks! I’d rather watch or read about a character the exact opposite of me. Don’t get me wrong I am 100% behind this film but for the love of God Keep Clark Kent, Clark Kent and Superman, Superman, don’t make him a whiny brat of a person like almost everyone else of my generation. Because believe me we are all tired of seeing that!

  23. I think some of you are taking the term ‘realistic’ too literal. Obviously a super-powered alien living among us doesn’t fly (no pun intended) as ‘realistic’ in absolute terms. It’s all subjective. When superman was first imagined the world was a different place. If we continue to cast him in the same light we’ll never get a successful franchise. Remember the old adam west batman and robin – how incredibly campy that was? if our image of batman didn’t evolve with the times we’d still have that version of batman. but despite some bad movies batman evolved…he “grew up”. It’s time to allow superman to do the same. Lets do something different. If it fails, we can go back to tights, red underwear and an arch nemesis who is obsessed with getting land.

    • I think pretty much EVERYONE ON EARTH can separate campy from fantastic.

      • No, they really cannot.

        • Lol.

  24. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Of course you can’t make Superman as dark or realistic as Batman, but I think they are definitely going to do this right. Superman is supposed to be an alien in a world of humans, raised by humans and almost wanting to be one, only to know he’s different. It’s not supposed to be happy go lucky or grim, but it is supposed to be realistic. I think this will be a GREAT movie.

    I would really love to see Nolan and co do the Justice League movie and do it in the same realistic way. If there is to be a Justice League movie at all, Nolan should do it. I certainly hope that after Man of Steel they don’t decide to go in the same direction that Marvel is going in. I honestly do not like the new Marvel movies. The Avengers could never compare to the deep and complex Dark Knight trilogy.

    • Superman has NEVER been realistic’, it simply doesn’t work that way.

      Even the later portrayals in GN’s where the origin has been redone have only gained notoriety BRIEFLY because it was new, and even then only by SOME of the comic buying audience… if comics were to be rewritten in a real world it would spell the absolute end of the comic market. This isn’t why readers buy comics, so why do they think that this is what they want to see from a comic based movie franchise?

      • You obviously have never heard of The Dark Knight Returns or Frank Miller’s work if you think comics in a real world would spell the absolute end of the comic market as you put it. The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen were two incredibly dark comics that brought comic books into the modern age of comics.

        • Oh snap!

        • Your need to ‘shut me up’ which is evident from your need to comment with the same thing on more than one of my posts speaks more about you that it does me, also please read the actual definition of ‘troll’. It is NOT just someone you disagree with and do not want to read, it is defined by an apparent forethought to cause controversy by making comments that the poster does not necessarily subscribe to… in other word, just saying something to wind you up, and I can assure you that what I write is my actual point of view, agreeable to you or not.

          … addressing your comment however I will say that if you think that Superman can be handled the same way and in the same manner as Batman or Watchmen, then it is you who don’t understand the characters or what make them individually appealing.

          I’ll gladly discuss the issues at hand with you, however if you entire input in going to be profanity and disagreement simply because you feel that an opposing POV is threatening to you own personal comfort zone and must be eradicated then in all honesty…… DON’T BOTHER.

          • Okay, I understand Superman just fine, and I know that he’s different from Batman, but your entire argument has been that Superman should not be shown in a realistic world. However, if you look at the modern age of comics, a lot of it has been darker, more realistic than comics from say, the silver age. If you want fantastical characters and storylines then go back in time to the 50′s and 60′s. Times have changed. Comics have changed over the years. The films naturally change as well. I, for one, love the darker, more realistic films. I believe that Christian Bale and Heath Ledger’s performances as Batman and The Joker were truer to the characters than any before them, and the same can be done with Superman in Man of Steel. We don’t need silver age sci-fi stories to stick to the character of Superman.

            Why don’t you open your mind up a bit to these things instead of complaining online? The reason I called you a troll is because you clearly just want to be contrary to others, evident by your numerous comments on here in response to those who actually have an open mind and who look forward to the Man of Steel film.

        • Dark isn’t the same as realistic.
          How is Dr.Manhattan realistic? This is the point john is making.Most comics and comic book characters aren’t realistic.Maybe some are more leaning towards real worlds still they are capable of doing things that can’t happen in the real world.Superman needs to remain super.If you take that away he is not super any more.

          • Straight and to the point.

            Thank you.

          • They’re not taking away the fact that he is super. That is remaining, which is why people need to stop complaining.

            • Brian…

              Did you not notice that john and chrichton just proved our point for us? They just showed why their constant aggravation is misplaced and pointless…and why our constant (and consistent) response is not.

              Read chrichton’s comment again to see how they shot their own blathering in the proverbial foot and backed up what we’ve be trying to tell them.

              :D ;)

          • And who’s saying he won’t be super? Hahahaha. It’s the same exact concept as Dr. Manhatten. Was he realistic? Hell no. Was he set in a realistic world? Yup. That’s all this is.

            Look at the setting of Batman in TDKR. The world in which he lived was a city, it was Gotham. It had every day problems just like our world… That’s what’s in almost every interpretation of any comic book character. Iron Man? Stark Tower is in New York. People react to the superhero’s saving them. In Iron Man 2 the government reacts to Iron Man’s presence and tries to get their hands on his tech. Shield is a somewhat “realistic” secretive government agency. The Avengers is in a realistic world, yet it is fantastical. TDKR is set in a realistic world. Yes it is grounded, but it is still somewhat fantastical. I lost myself in the story of Batman. What will Man of Steal be? A superhero set in a realistic world… That’s absolutely nothing new.

          • Dr. Manhattan is realistic, because if you ignore his fantastical powers and just take it as red that it is the result of accidental science, it is the way his power affect his psyche, personality and those around him.

            How would it feel to become a god in all but name among mortals?

            How will you cope knowing that those you love will age and die around you?

            Would you cling to certain people in an attempt to help yourself cling to humanity.

            Should you stay with humanity or leave it to it’s folly?

            Seeing as you can see the past, present and future at the same moment, should you interfere in the deeds of humans? Or even care for that matter?

            The questions and themes could just keep going. Dr. Manhattan is written in a very realistic way. I have yet to come across a god-like superhero who has tackled these issues quite so well, and in such a short run of comics. Most characters take years before themes of this nature are tackled half as well.

        • You really missed the point of Watchmen. Watchmen was why we don’t want our super heroes to be realistic, why they work best as abstract ideals of morality like most of the mythological heroes from the past were. It was incredibly well written because it was Alan Moore penning the script. Watchmen was never meant to usher comics into its Dark Age.

          As for Dark Knight Returns, I always thought it was overrated just like most of Frank Miller’s work.

          By the way, what happened after Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns hit? Everyone went with gritty and edgy. But something followed after that night. It happened sometime in the mid-nineties. What was it? Let me think.

          Oh yeah, the Great Comic Book Crash of 1996 where the comic book industry nearly destroyed itself in part because of Dark Knight Returns influence. So yeah, it did nearly end the comic book market. How about that?

          • Nearly isn’t the same as doing it lol. And I for one love The Dark Knight Returns. It has greatly influenced and changed comic books.

          • Actually, that had to do with multiple covers and style over substance and ridiculous over-investment and speculation in the comics medium.

            Nice try though.

      • Wow. Really jon chillaxe. Supes is a robot and if they make him, not realistic, but more human I’m down for that. I don’t care if I can relate to him or not. I just want some different enemies. Like Metallo or braniac. Anything but lex or zod. I want a huge battle with supes against someone who can hold their own.

        • I’m not worked up about anything.. I am however insistent in that if so many can say this is the best thing since sliced bread then I can, in whatever manner I choose as long as it is neither abusive nor an attempt to stop anyone else from posting, disagree with that opinion.

          Especially when there is such a compelling arguement for me to do so in that almost everything, from costume to setting is such a, for me, unwanted departure from the character I have been helping funding (lol) all of these years, and I don’t think that it’s to much to hope for an accurate portrayal of said character now that we have the technology to so so properly and faithfully.

          • You clearly know nothing about Superman if you don’t believe that this is an accurate portrayal of him. The film hasn’t even been released yet. How do you know that it is a departure from typical Superman stories? He has the cape, the suit, the powers, the same origin, name. Nothing is really being changed, just put in a modern, more real world setting, just like with The Dark Knight trilogy.

            • I wouldn’t mention the Dark Knight, that works him up more. Try comparing it to the Avengers. Incredibly fantastical story, but it was set in the real world. People were freaking out because they had no idea what was happening. Stark Tower is in the middle of freaking New York! The Avengers’ world looked very “modern and realistic” to me. It just had superheroes, fantastical superheroes, that changed the world. It’s still a realistic world one way or another.

              All of this over the word “realistic…” The author doesn’t do the idea justice in the title. The point of Goyer’s statement was not: Oh we want Superman to be like Batman! NO THAT’S NOT WHAT HE SAID. He says, and I quote: “…we always try to imagine these stories as if they could happen in the same world in which we live.” Like I said before, I think Joss Whedon did the same exact thing in the Avengers.

              There can be fantastical elements to a realistic world!!!

        • And I fully agree about Lex and Zod.

  25. Hey as long as we see the Superman with heat vision, super speed, flight, tornado breath, and super strength,

    Going up against another Kryptonian, Zod, for one big ass showdown. Like Vegeta and Goku.

    That would be freaking sweet!!!!

    • Yes, exactly. Honestly, it amazes me that people could say they’re going to hate this movie or not want to watch it. Superman, a kryptonian born as Kal El, sent to Earth before his planet was destroyed. Raised by humans as Clark Kent, develops super powers as he grows older. Finds out he’s actually an alien. Decides how he wants to use his superpowers. Sees reactions of humans, normal realistic humans, how they would react to a superpowered alien. Lex Luthor conflicts of course. Then another Kryptonian, Zod, appearing and attempting to destroy or take over Earth. Superman has to stop him. What more could you want from a Superman movie?

      And nice comparison of Goku and Vegeta. I’ve always noticed how similar Goku and Superman are. Both aliens from destroyed planets. One of the last of their races. Raised by humans and believed they were humans for a long time. Being superhuman. ETC.

  26. i’d watch any version of superman as long as they not adapting the current retarded brooding emo new52 superman

    • Well they’ve certainly adapted the costume so I don’t see a change of emotive character being so out of the question, and if the scruffy tramp like scenes or the brooding fisherman stuff is anything to go by, that’s exactly what they have done.

  27. After seeing the interviews, comments, teaser trailer(s), and the comic-con footage, I can definitely see what Goyer is saying here.

    Many people read the word ‘realistic’ as if Superman would no longer have his strength, speed, flight, etc. It is just merely grounding out the story to focus on the very essence of character and plot. It allows for the suspension of disbelief to be much more easily accepted. Goyer even made an explicit comment as their approach is not to replicate the tone that is dark, gritty, or overly realistic but to place the character in a very tangible experience.This is what is going to make people root for them in the end.

    When Superman and Batman first appeared in comics they were not overly fantastical in the sense we know today. Their world was very similar to our own world and dealt with topics that were in the headlines: urban crime, poverty, corruption, social injustice, etc. And parallel to these social issues in which inspired these heroes, Superman and Batman then dealt with their own personal issues (Superman more so as Clark Kent). It is the fact that people had heroes like these albeit fictional ones that they can look up to, be inspired by, that deal with the same issues they deal with is what makes these characters everlasting.

    This goes for not only Superman but other comic book characters a like. Marvel Heroes became very popular due to tackeling real-world issues. Dc then followed suit not afraid taking risks with darker and more mature storylines. The most popular and successful comic book films or even those that deal with fantasy are so greatly admired due to the absense of any tangible reality but the magic of making it seem relatable and tangible. Superman definitely needs this. He is not just some guy with powers that saves the day. There is something more, that he means to the world. This seems like a good route. Good enough.

    • I’m not quite sure you are correct in your understand of most of the posters interpretation of ‘realistic’, it’s certainly not correct for mine.

      I know this Superman will still have his powers, HOWEVER, it is the realistic, ‘real world’ setting that is ringing alarm bells.

      Superman would look stupid in a realistic setting surrounded by realistic reaction… he needs the larger than life environment to put him in context.

      Superman looking for himself while working as a fisherman? REALLY? That just strikes me as dumb.

      • troll alert !

      • You are making it more and more obvious that you are just trolling. A real world setting rings alarm bells for you? I have to wonder what comics you have read that you believe Superman has to be in a larger than life setting. Like Nightwing said, the original comics were not over the top. They were dark. Many stories from the golden age of comic books reflected the conflicts of the real world with World War II. Things have changed over the years, with comics becoming over the top with fantasy and sci-fi in the 50′s and 60′s.

        • and then changing back to the darker storylines and becoming even grittier with the modern age of comic books.

    • a very accurate statement

  28. Regardless of opinions, the film is going to have to walk a very fine line to please everyone. I don’t mind a bit of realism along with a good healthy dose of fantasy…;)

  29. This is the problem with putting Superman in “Real” World situations. This is the MAIN Problem with all Superheros. They save lives, they save countless lives, they save millions of lives. In the Real world these people are suppose to die, not live. Heros have always upset the balance. Lets say Superheros existed, and they saved everyone who was suppose to be killed,there would be no order in life, just Chaos. In a Real World, Superman would be perceived as an outsider, trying to fit in among a soceity that secertly fears him, he knows he cant save them all, and he knows he cant win them all. They want Superman to have his human traits, and fit among the people. Hence the reason in the teaser we see him working on a fishing boat, we see him hitchiking, we see him as a kid growing up, Wanting to be a Hero, he has the towel around his neck, he has the Superman Pose, Not knowing yet what he is suppose to do in life. We get that, but you cant have someone we all know is suppose to stand out not because he is different, but because he is not one of us, he is suppose to be our savior, yet when we see truly what him and his kind are capable of, we are left to wonder, do we worship him, or do we enrage him?

    That is the Superman Mythos IMHO

    • and you are very correct sir. I think it will be very interesting to see a Superman movie like this in Man of Steel. It will definitely be much better than any Superman movie before it.

      • Well, what would it be, 33 years since Superman II? Which I considere the best Superman Movie to date. They had an almost 20 year hiatus between Quest for Peace and Superman Returns. One movie was beyond bad and the other on just did not have the feel of being Superman. We shall see.

    • Then If That’s the Case, Gwen Stcy Should Still Be Alive.

    • Then If That’s the Case, Gwen Stacy Should Still Be Alive.

      • What I said, Superheros in the real world, cant say everyone, even the ones close to them.