‘Man of Steel’ To Cover Superman’s Origins

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Superman man of steel origin Man of Steel To Cover Supermans Origins

The last few weeks have proven that Superman fans are – to put it mildly – still twitchy about what Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder have in store for Man of Steel, the Superman reboot due in theaters next year.

Recent announcements like Michael Shannon being cast as General Zod have only boosted fan worry that this new Superman film will be covering ground already explored in previous Superman films, and that worry is likely to increase today with the latest Superman reboot news.

As you may or may not know, Oscar-nominated actress Diane Lane was recently cast as Martha Kent in Man of Steel. The actress’ age (mid forties) immediately had fans wondering how the character of Martha Kent would fit into Man of Steel‘s storyline, since she is supposed to be on the elderly side by the time Superman has reached the age of the man who will play him in the film, actor Henry Cavill.

Well, we now have an answer to this Martha Kent casting mystery.

During an interview with E! Online, Lane dropped the following quote about Man of Steel‘s storyline:

“I read the script under lock and key. I was locked in a room with the script and was only allowed three hours with it. I nailed it into my memory. I’m really excited. I’m really not allowed to talk much about it, I think, but it does cover the entire range of years, from infancy on.”

Diane Lane

It’s that “from infancy on” part that is likely to send some Superman fans into a tizzy, likely objecting that a ‘Superman origin story’ is something we’ve seen so many times before, and that this particular narrative approach totally contradicts the studio and Snyder’s stated goal with this film, which is to offer a fresh and modernized take on Superman.

I recently wrote a piece stating why General Zod is a good villain for Man of Steel (amidst fan complaints that the villain was already featured in the movie Superman II). In that same article, I offered the idea that one reason Zod works in a modern Superman story is that he is in a unique position – as a fellow survivor of Superman’s destroyed home planet – to force Superman to question both his identity (is he “Clark Kent” or “Kal-El”?) and his loyalties (is his duty to mankind, or his own race?).

If Man of Steel does indeed go down that sort of path, it’s not unthinkable that the film would feature some quieter introspective moments of Superman reflecting on his own life – which in movie terms translates to flashbacks.

Let’s remember that the writing team behind Batman Begins (Chris Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, David S. Goyer) helped shape the story for Man of Steel. Batman Begins was also an origin/identity crisis story, which Nolan told effectively through clever edits that jumped between past and present, backstory and action, etc…

henry cavill as superman Man of Steel To Cover Supermans Origins

Cavill as Superman Artwork

I say all that to say: Man of Steel doesn’t have to be an origin story in the traditional (read: now boring and cliched) sense. As far as I’m concerned, the inclusion of the fundamental experiences and family foundation that helped shape Clark Kent is a good way to keep all that super-powered action grounded in something familiar people can latch onto and relate to. It also serves the purpose of reminding us, the audience, that even a godlike figure like Superman isn’t too far away from us in terms of that which makes him, well, human.

…And I’m sure DC/WB wants you walking out of the theater with the thought “Superman is just like me!” or “I‘m just like Superman!” firmly implanted in your mind (cue Inception horns). It’s the best branding you could ask for.  ;-)

We’ll keep you posted on all things Man of Steel as more Superman news inevitably hits the web.

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Sources:E! Online via TMT

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  1. I just asked a co-worker of mine, who doesn’t go to the movies, who is no where near a nerd, is an ex-marine (yeah, I know marines :-) ), who doesn’t read comics, and he knew Superman’s origin. My, DrSam’s, Anthony’s, etc…. point exactly.

    • Sweet, real world proof from one person. Lots of people out there don’t know the origin of Superman. Even if every person in the world knew Supermans origins that in no way means that an origin aspect in MOS would be wrong. We will just have to wait for the movie to come out, or even some footage, even some concept drawings to start making the kind of accusations and statements that you, DrSam and Anthony are making.

      • You dont know Superman I & II come on TV all the time dont you?

        • oops meant meant you do know

      • I agree that people know the origin of Superman. That’s why I say bring on a JL movie and forget all the individual movies (for all the DC characters).

        However, I do think the solo Superman movie needs to retell IT’S origin story.

        The argument against Zod and an origin story is purely mechanical, and completely artless. Yes they were done, but maybe they want to have a story with a different Superman in a different world. If they just let the Donner version stand, that will probably interfere with the story they have in mind. Maybe they want a young Clark who has “growing pains.” Maybe they want him to be a non-empathetic @$$**** as a young person, and there will be guilt and regret as he matures.

        Something like that is something I’d rather see than Superman showing up in costume and punching Darksied. People shouldn’t be required to have a Phd in Supermanology in order to enjoy a movie.

        The movie needs to “seduce” the audience into going along with it, not start shoving hardcore Superman violence-porn into their eyeballs.

        This reminds me of all the fanboys complaining about all the slow motion scenes in Fellowship of the Rings, and how they could have packed more detail from the books (like Tom Bombadill) into the movie. But those movies made a lot of people fans of LOTR then there ever were before, changes or no.

        • Sounds like Smallville

          • Yes. This is Smallville: The movie. It has probably been their plan all along. They are crunched for time. Can’t remake Donner, so they’ll remake Smallville instead. It does explain a lot of the casting choices to me, and give me a good idea of how the powers will be displayed and the character design of Metallo. Still, millions of people will be very, very bored with this story. The counter argument being of course, well millions of other people won’t be bored with it. Glass half-empty, half-full sort of thing.

          • I’m getting really tired of being told that the SECOND movie will be the real new and exciting story and villains, and I just have to sit through the boring slog of the first movie to get to it. That’s what Singer promised. That’s what the Snyder appologists promise. Well screw that! Why should I believe there will ever be a second movie, and we won’t get another reboot instead? Why the hell can’t we get the new and exciting story and villains in the FIRST movie? Why don’t we save the boring slog for the second movie? How about that?

  2. I would rather not go through another origins story but if this Superman is to be different but recognizable you might have to show some parts of his origin and backstory. I still think this movie has promise and I will at least wait to I get some type of clip to make some type of judgement.

  3. I think having an superman origins is good. More interesting to see where the man of steel comes from. More time to see where it all began from krypton to earth, they did batman origins, why not have supermans but in Zack snyder style!!!!

    • Thats because before BB they didnt delve into what Bruce Wayne did til he became Batman in movies before then.

      • Yes. That is the obvious point that gets ignored. 90% or all Superman movies and TV seem to be a rehash of his origin. He is THE most origined character in the world, barring Jesus.

  4. I expect that the Justice League movie will have very little origins, even as it might be different from the movies. Audiences will just have to dive in.

  5. I always wanted a fresh origin story. Thus far only one Superman movie has done the origin story, and that’s the initial 1978 film. It’s more than 30 yrs since then. Believe me; in the real world most guys under 25 haven’t even watched the Christopher Reeve movies. I was a huge Superman fan since late 80′s but I never saw them till 2004. They are classic but products of their own time.. not good for today’s young audience. Superman’s origin story is intrinsic to his characterization. I am very EXCITED.

    • well said

    • Even Superman Returns had a flashback to his youth. Sorry, but this is BORING.

  6. Personally, If i was given a chance to film it I would start the movie at the end of HS or first year of college. A tearful moment of Clark telling Pa Kent all he ever wanted to be was normal and when he finally got his chance (football scholarship) his slowly emergin powers went full blown. Clark decides to dig up the spaceship and is given the tools to create the fortress of solitude. He spends 10 years (to him a really long hour) learning of his heritage and universal philosophy through kryptonian holograms. He returns home to find Pa Kent dead (natural causes), farm in debt and normal troubles being human. He makes his first apperance as Superman saving people of natural disasters across the country and/or globe. Some fear, Some love Him, the gov’t (or General Lane/ Amanda Waller) takes pre cautions in the form of ‘Parasite’ designed to replicate or absorb strength making him on par with superman. Supe saves the day and though he only holds a freshman course english credit clark kents writing skills are phenomenal (10 years of the universe’s greatest knowledge) thus getting the job at daily planet.

    I think its important to make Superman a choice that he has chosen to become. As Clark Kent he faces the troubles of bills and taking care of his earth mother he once abandonded. As Superman he must face the distrust of people he wants to protect, even at the very end of the film some people (rallied together by a Lex Luthor poasibly) still feel no one man should have all that power. As Kal-El still faces the shoes left to fill by the great philosopher/scientist jor-el who secretly intimidates him. Through all that he edures he never takes the easy route and lets his power define him but instead defines him self thru the proper use of power. I would also touch on the issue of why superman does not stop every war or conflict goin on. He sees himself as an ambassador of peace for earth thus stays out of the conflict between man and only seeks to mediate these issues.


  7. I hope they can use the same soundtrack as the original, also keep Superman fighting for truth, justice and the AMERICAN way. Glad to see
    that General ZOD is the villian. This should be interesting.

    • Mike, I seriously doubt they’ll use the original music – but what do I know? :-P


      • I just hope it’s a classically scored movie. I’d hate to see Superman trashed with rap and/or hiphop in the soundtrack.

        • @ Andy S

          Because rap/hip-hop automatically equals trashed movie, right? How about Heavy Metal, emo alt rock or jazz piano on the Superman Soundtrack? No? Yes?

          Just for that I hope they play Eminem “Superman” in the film. :-P

          • For Superman I think it would trash the film, for another hero it wouldnt.

  8. YOUNG people around the globe like Superman but they see the Donner movies as very dated. The worlwide audience also don’t follow comics or that mediocre tv series “Smallville”. This youn generation wants to experience the journey of Clark before becoming Superman. Before watching “Batman Begins”, I didn’t like Batman. But Nolan’s movie changed it all. The movie incorporated all the best aspects & told the origin in a smart way. I knew the basics about Batman’s origin before but BB origin made me like him.

    • Young people find Superman boring because they have been force-fed nothing but the origin. Who wouldn’t find that boring? Poor Superman. I think every fan will celebrate once the heirs wrestle him away and take him to another studio.

      • They need to do a modern Origin for the global audience. Superman have a bigger fan following outside America today, even more than Batman. The global general audience don’t follow Smallville or read comics, and last time origin was done in 1978 film. 30 yrs back !! What r you guys talking? Origin is essential and intrinsic for this new movie. Why r u being so stupid? even batman’s origin was done again in BB. I am from Asia and the people here like Superman very much but they want a fresh origin.

        • You are illogical. The global audience doesn’t read comic books, or follow Smallville, and isn’t exposed to Superman, but his popularity has grown in this void? How has this magic happened? Lois and Clark reruns? His Donner ORIGIN movies? The cartoons with his ORIGINS? You aren’t the only world travel my boy, and yes the world finds Superman quite boring, mostly because he only has two villains and one damn story to tell.

  9. Kofi I couldn’t agree with you you more, the negativity that comes with the Superman fandom is amazing. These “fans” go on Smallville websites and complain how Smallville has gone too far away from it’s comic book orgins, those same fans hate Superman Returns and complain about the animated films, mention how the comics are not as good as they used to be, and then have nothing good to say about this reboot. These “fans” do not have an open mind, they do not have the ability to know that not everyone is a comic book fanatic, or try and think the way a studio has too in order to get the general public interested in a Superman film. These “fans” go into everything with a negative mindset looking to find what they don’t like.
    I’m not saying you have to like everything, but to hate this film before you’ve even seen a trailer is stupid. It’s always nice to have people throw around different theories about what the new film is going to be like and how it might effect are views on what came before. Is this new film going to be worse/better or equal to what we’ve seen in the past. My point is to go into this film with an open mind and find something positive to talk about. It gets really old to hear the same old complaints without any evidence backing it up. Yeah an orgins story has been done but who cares, this will be the new generations orgins story.
    One last thing I want to mention. When the creators of Smallville (Al and Miles) brought Smallville to our tv screens they said no tights no flights and everyone hated the idea. I think it was a great idea, I doubt Smallville would still be on if they included the suit. This brought up the idea that Clark/Superman is the hero whether he has on the costume on or not. Yeah the Suit has to be included but not for the whole film, why not give Clark Kent something to do. Sorry for the long rant but its annoying to find this much negativity without a finished product to judge.

  10. This will be the end of all superman movies ,another origion story? General zod again?In the 50s the strange visitor from another planet peamble told you everthing you needed to know. Why not do somehing simaler and get right to the story?,and instead of continuing to go over old territory why not use Monguland braniac?

    • I wonder if an “under-performing” movie would lower the “worth” of Superman, and lessen the amount of money Warner/DC would have to pay to the heirs in the lawsuit? The past president of WB told the court that Superman was a tired character and was no more valuable than the Lone Ranger. He said they had no plans to make anymore movies with him. Then the court ORDERED him to make a movie, or lose the character.

      I’m not saying WB wants to lose money, but if they keep the budget down, losing money would be impossible. Any Superman movie is an automatic $400 million. Sure, a good one could make more, but any movie won’t do less. They need the movie to be non-embarrassing, but not super successful.

  11. I’m going to keep an open mind, but I want to see Superman not normal just like me man. Why call him Superman if he’s not going to be super?

    • what makes him super is not heat vision, flying, strength etc, (unless the viewer has the mind of a 7 yr old and it’s 1945), it’s the fact that he makes decisions that we can’t or wouldn’t, that he chooses right over wrong regardless of the costs to his life or happiness (see superman returns) etc. he could easily rule the world with no one to oppose him, but he doesn’t, he protects the world and fights for it.

      i expect comic fans to be happy with dipsh*t snyder’s superman, a 3 hour slo-motion cartoon fight on the intellectual level of an 5th grade student. isn’t that why warner bros./dc has released all of those cartoon films recently, to keep the 2 dimensional comic fans happy!?!? rejoice film idiots on snyder”s garbage soon-to-be remake of donner’s 1978 masterpiece Superman.

      • The movies don’t define the character, it’s the comics. with the recent movies they pretty much covered Superman’s ideals, and moral values and struggles.

        When you say “(see superman returns)” well that’s the basis for all the “2 dimensional comic fans” argument, that we have already seen it. We all know who Superman is and was raised into, a moral pillar so they don’t want to see it again.

        Singers movie was crap because it wasn’t a Superman movie, it was a Donner movie. A tribute to Singers childhood hero.

        I don’t like Synder either but he in conjunction with Nolan will probably make a good Superman movie, everyones gripes aside.

        I have to agree with them though, because if this movie sucks, and they decide to reboot it again we will be seeing another superman that has a chunk of it devoted to a origin story because hollywood thinks people are too dumb to figure out it’s not a sequel.

        • that is the point, returns was a sequel, set several years after superman II. the sequel is supposed to play off, relate, and mirror the structure and story of the donner films. that the point of sequels, to carry on from the first ones. otherwise it’s a reboot.

          c. nolan isn’t working on this, won’t be returning to this, merely gave snyder what he thought the film and character should be. many months ago, snyder said that the j. nolan and goyer script needed major work and changes, and i assure you he’s made them. so sorry man, i don’t see this movie being good at all.

          • @prickly pete

            If that’s the case I would have to agree with you, I hate when Snyder changes things. I am still pissed about Watchmen.

      • Comic fans SHOULD be the ones to be made happy, it is us, after all, that have kept these characters alive for so long with our hard earned cash. Now if Superman had been a film first, and then a comic, I could see your point. Donner’s film was no masterpiece, but was good and reasonably close to the comics.

        I have no problems with slow-mo fighting in this one, after all, a guy moving faster than the speed of sound would be very difficult to watch otherwise…I also have an IQ of over 150, and not in the 5th grade, to be clear….

        • sure, a masterpiece is a matter of taste. but donner’s was more than a little close to superman comics. after all, it was made based on pre-crisis on infinite earths origins, not after the changes made in dc’s character relaunch and modernization in 1986, what most modern comic fans have been exposed to and are more familiar with.

          yes, comic fans made the character not not film fans, agreed. but it has to be realised that dc comics isn’t making this film, warner bros is. these films aren’t for just comic fans, they have to make everyone happy. it’s a business and the heavy revenue doesn’t come from comic fans, but from the mass audiences who go. the dark knight did’t make a billion bucks because of comic fans, it did because everyone everywhere saw it, repeatedly. it was even talked about on sportcenter and pti for god’s sake.

          studios don’t care about comic fans’ money, they care about all fans’ money, and getting those who aren’t fans to go. that’s where the real money is, which in their minds defines success. people who don’t read comics think they’re written for kids, which is not true, but that’s the perception. if it is full of silly comic villains (and the majority of supes’ villains suck), it will be laughed at by joe moviegoer, where the real box office returns come from. if i wasn’t a fan of the comics, i would definately laugh at metallo, darkseid, and most definately doomsday on the big screen.

          there are huge, diehard superman fans who have never read a comic book. supes isn’t a just comic icon , he’s a cultural icon, known in countries around the world. alot to live up to. i hope it’s good, i want the character to live on in film. if this movie sucks, like i think it will, as a film, superman could be dead.

        • @ Frank Castle

          I think that’s the major misconception that’s causing issues: comic book fans are owed nothing. YOU owe DC and other comic companies for giving your worlds to engage your imagination and/or escape into.

          Comic Books has always been the weakest revenue stream of these respective companies – i.e., appealing to the “core fans” has almost always been bad business. It’s the MERCHANDISING of these characters, and broadening their appeal BEYOND the core fan base that has brought the profitable revenue to these companies.

          This carries over to movies as well: comic book films that appeal to the core base have never made as much money as those that have broadened their appeal.

          Comic book fans overestimate their value, IMHO.

          • @ Kofi,

            Yes, but pleasing core fans seems to be key to pleasing everyone else, if you can please people dedicated to a character, then surely it is easier to please someone who knows only a bit…Let us take The Dark Knight for example, as Prickly brought up.. I am one of the biggest Batman fans alive, and the movie isn’t strict to any comics source material, but you seldom hear any fanboys saying ‘they changed this, they changed that’. Apparently the majority view seems to be, it is the greatest comic book movie of all time… It is easy to see the difference between Batman in this medium and that of the comic book world of Gotham. The point is, it is a damn good movie, and that it is why it made a billion dollars.

          • “YOU owe DC and other comic companies for giving your worlds to engage your imagination and/or escape into.”

            Hey Kofi, you cannot be serious. The guys working at Marvel and DC may have came up with these characters and worlds, but if no one ever cared to read their books, how then can their material and company be successful? It’s the same big business weak argument that has no sense to it…”the customer owes us because we made this or service them in this way.” Fact of the matter is no one held a gun to any of their heads and demanded they make comic books, so we the real fans owe them ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Since we are the ones putting our money into their pockets for their products, they then owe us for a good read and a good movie. That’s how real business works. Fact of the matter is people really don’t need comic books. Supes came out in 1938, submariner in 1939, which means before that poeple were living just fine (other than the depression and WW2) without comic books. If Stan Lee whose real name is Stan Lieber didn’t come up with the most famous characters of all time, someone else would have. The characters we know as comic book characters were created by people who were first fans of whatever it is they came up with in their imagination. The creators were the first fans. Which means fandom came first, then the business side of selling them to everyone else came second.

            You and every other person that is void of understanding the comics and their characters are NOT the mainstream when it comes to comic book movies, no matter how much you think or wish you are/were. You comic book illiterates would not even dare to walk into a movie theater to see the same WELL WRITTEN, SOURCE FOLLOWING, comic book movie more than once, twice, or even three times. We the fanboys/girls would, which means that the majority of the revenue that these superhero movies make comes the fanboys/girls, NOT YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR GROUP THAT KNOW NOTHING OR VERY LITTLE ABOUT THE BOOKS. If no one was a fan of the books yet someone decided to make a movie and called it superman or submariner, of course the filmmaker would make money, but don’t count on people checking it out several times after that because to them (non fans) it’s just another action/adventure movie. This is because of the lack of source material, which would have a back story to the character and would make the movie more appealing.

            If I am a filmmaker, does it make sense to earn 300 mil for a movie if it would only catered to non fans, when I could very well make at least twice that if I catered it to the fans by following the source? Remember a good portion in the 300 mil revenue is from the fans, while the rest is from people who see the film as just another action/adventure movie and won’t spend any more money to see it again. Therefore, I could very well be losing out on another 200 – 300 mil because I ignored my core audience…the fans.

            “It’s the MERCHANDISING of these characters, and broadening their appeal BEYOND the core fan base that has brought the profitable revenue to these companies.”

            Kofi, you are wrong again. The toys made as a result of the comics and their characters were obviously for the kid market. Kids are not very particular when it comes to cartoons or toys so long as they know they have a toy to play with and/or watching a show that is animation. Obviously marketing these characters in other mediums made Marvel and DC more money, DUH. It’s called expansion. Nevertheless, ask your self, Mr. Outlaw, just who do you think are the adults today that are comic book collectors, and the people that will see and have seen the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 1 in the theaters 2 – 5 times? Answer: the same ones whose parents bought them their very first comic book-related toy when they were 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 years old. You don’t like it? Too bad for you. All you have to do is deal with it.

            If you say they owe the fans, nothing, you then realize that what you are indirectly saying is that they owe you and the non fans something, by not owing the fans a thing, right? This is hypocritical, Mr. outlaw, very hypocritical.

            • Next week’s battle: The Chicken and the Egg

              Both sides argue to the death over which came first and what does it mean for Kentucky

  12. I’m beyond “twitchy” on this one. Probably a pass for me now, from all I’ve read about it.

    Too bad though, I did think Cavill was an interesting choice.

  13. the struggle of superman relating to his adopted planet is EXACTLY what synger’s tried to deal with, and everyone has decided (for some reason) that it was balls. suddenly ZACK SNYDER decides to perhaps tackle it (according to this piece) and it’s a novel initiative???!! I’m sorry, subtly is not snyders suit and i doubt very much if this will be anything more than a colourful, vapid, slomo punchathon. apart from the inspired casting it’s really not generating any interest from me at all.

    • kudos dude. well put. subtle snyder, ridiculous.

    • And that’s really been my point about this film: Snyder. In Kofi’s other thread where he discusses why Zod could be a good villain, I agree with him. It’s Snyder that’s the weak link for me. I hope he can pull it off but I just have my doubts.

  14. I’m glad we’re getting an origin story. Everyone acts like we’ve got a ton of Superman origins but this will be the first origin story in a movie for Superman since the very movie first.

    • Superman Returns flashbacked to his youth during the LAST MOVIE. This is such a terrible, terrible idea. It is obvious they just want to kill this franchise.

  15. mmmmmmmmmm Diane Lane

  16. Brandon Routh – Superman
    Stephen Lang – Zod
    Lou Ferrigno – Doomsday

    :( i know it wont happen

  17. Bad news, bad news. We definitely dont need an origin story.

    • It is so heartbreaking to have a movie that is so uninteresting for even the most die hard fans. I remember people being super excited, before Superman Returns came out. Of course, that didn’t exactly turn out well. But people were happy for a time. This just feels like crap right from the start.

      • Well I am hoping people will be pleasantly surprised, I get their gripes and understand there points. I would remain dubious too after Returns.
        I hope that Snyder and Nolan do it justice.

  18. I’m glad that they’re going to tell his origin because I have a little brother that’s too young to remember Donner’s original film so this will give him a chance to see the superman story come to life on the big screen

  19. Opening shot.
    A brilliant white-blue planet glistening in the unending darkness of deep space, something launches from the surface, we don’t see it clearly and it zooms upwards towards the camera. The view shifts to the POV of this mysterious object, we are seeing what it sees. There are alien symbols scrawling across the screen.
    The planet is hit by a massive shockwave of angry red energy, it begins to crack and crumble, exploding into flaming chunks of debris. The mysterious object then watches as a tiny spaceship hurtles away from explosion, barely escaping. The mysterious object is then caught in the supernova wave, its systems flash critical and the screen goes black
    The opening titles start. The mysterious object suddenly comes back online, damaged and afloat in the middle of an extensive asteroid field. The titles continue as it flies off and we see its course through the galaxy. The titles finish as we reach planet Earth.
    The object hurtles through the atmosphere and hits the ocean with tremendous force, disappearing beneath the surface. This happens at night.
    Cut to Metropolis. Daily Planet building. We are outside the window to Perry White’s office, we see inside, he is arguing quite heatedly with a woman, Lois Lane. We can almost hear what is being said. We cut to the main area outside the office, a man is watching the argument intently, he is wearing glasses and a suit. His name is Clark Kent. But he can hear exactly what is going on inside the Editor’s office. We now hear the argument as well.
    Lois is insisting on a conspiracy involving a government cover up concerning an asteroid that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean a few days ago. She know the military where involved and they are trying to recover the asteroid, Lois wants to know why it is so important and thinks there is a story there.
    Perry very much disagrees, he wants both her and Clark at the courthouse immediately with no further discussions. Lois insists it isn’t over. Perry tells her that it is. Lois storms out, Clark sits up and pretends he wasn’t listening.
    Lois: I presume you were listening to that?
    Clark: Listening to what Lois?
    Lois: Don’t you dare play dumb with me Clark Kent, those super powered ears of yours can hear a dog barking in Beijing for Christ’s sake!
    Clark: No need to swear Lois.
    Lois: So are you telling me you didn’t hear anything?
    Clark: No. I heard. And I agree with the Chief.
    Lois: What?!
    Clark: It was just an asteroid, the Navy are recovering it for Nasa. You spoke to your dad about it and what did he say? There was nothing out of the ordinary.
    Lois: Well that’s all he ever says.
    Clark: As much as I would love to argue with you about this all due, we have to be in court in 30 minutes, and the traffic is piling up already.
    Lois: We could always fly…
    Clark: No, we couldn’t.
    He grabs his coat and half drags Lois out of the door.
    Lois: Do you really want to be there for this?
    Clark: I have to be. Besides, its…
    Lois:… The trial of the century, yeah, I know.
    Next scene. Metropolis Courthouse. There is a media frenzy outside, Clark and Lois are escorted inside. Next we see the trial. The prosecutor looks nervous as he steps up to speak to the accused.
    Prosecutor: Would you please state your name for the court.
    Lex: Alexander Luthor.
    We see the man in the dock, he is wearing a prison jumpsuit, he is bald and has an immediate air of intelligence, and menace. He is still and calm.
    Prosecutor: You are charged with the attempted murder of nearly four million people by distributing a lethal pathogen into the air over the city of Metropolis.
    Lex: No.
    Prosecutor: Excuse me?
    Lex: I was only attempting to murder one…person.
    Prosecutor: Superman.
    Lex: Yes.
    We see Lois squeeze Clarks hand, he is staring intently at Lex.
    We cut to the ocean. Four massive aircraft carriers and warships. They are lifting something out of the water, it is resembles an asteroid, no larger than small car but appears to be manufactured and made from metal, the exterior is also covered in coils. They place it on the deck with a thud. A group of scientists rush out, one of them has a saw type device and tries to take a sample. The saw just breaks.
    One of the coils falls on the deck and everyone jumps. After a brief moment, everyone is calm again, but then the coil grabs a scientist, the other coils come alive and start grabbing everyone on the deck. Everyone is screaming. The main object starts to change shape.
    We then see from one of the other ships as the aircrafts carrier explodes, breaking in two and sinking. Something lands on the deck of this ship now. Soldier rush out onto the deck and start firing, at what we can’t quite see, but it appears to be humanoid. It is the Brain Interactive Construct. Brainiac. The bullets do no damage.
    Deck Sergeant: Get Corbin down here now!
    Then Brainiac smashes onto the bridge and kills everyone there. A new soldier appears, his name is John Corbin, he has a much bigger gun and fires at Brainiac, it stops the alien in his tracks momentarily but doesn’t hurt him. He grabs Corbin by the throat.
    Brainiac: Are you the best this planet has to offer? Pathetic. Where is the last son of Krypton?
    Cut back to the Courtroom. The trial has been continuing.
    Prosecutor: You have shown no remorse for your crimes.
    Clark suddenly turns his head.
    Lois: What?
    Clark: Something’s happening. You might have been right about that asteroid.
    Lois: Go.
    He stands up to leave and bolts from the room, much to the dismay of those still inside. Clark turns a corner where there are no people, rips open his shirt and we see the familiar S symbol. He hears a loud click, we then see a sniper on the roof opposite the courthouse.
    Superman realises what is about to happen and flies out to stop the assassin, but the shot is fired, he tries to catch the bullet but can’t as it is made of a glowing green metal. Kryptonite. The bullet pops through the courtroom window and strike Lex right in the heart. Superman uses his heat vision to destroy the gun and flies into the courtroom, amongst a now panicked scene. Lex is on the floor, blood all over his suit. He is dying. Superman stands over him in shock. Lex is smiling.
    Lex: Faster than a speeding bullet? What a joke!
    He offers Superman one final smile and dies.

    • Wow. Now that is a movie I’d gladly pay to see every weekend for a month and drag hapless friends and relatives to. Where’s the popcorn? I’m going to have spring for popcorn for this.

      • Thanks. That’s would onlybe the first 30 minutes of the film though. I just wanted to show that it is possible to not have the origin story, use A different villain, but also shake things up a bit. I’m sure it’s not to everyone’s tastes.

        • DSB

          I saw that Superman cartoon several times.

          Your little preview highlights my point exactly: you think like a Superman fanboy. You start a movie and just JUMP RIGHT IN, you don’t introduce much, offer any thematic foreshadowing, don’t take any real time to build interest in the characters – just BOOM! Off we go into super-powered hijinks. No thanks.

          How would your movie explore the idea of why Superman is important our relevant to our culture and our shared mythology? What themes would your movie explore that the average person could relate to? Or is all just “This would look badass onscreen” type thinking?

          Your idea doesn’t exactly ‘shake things up’ – like I said, it’s basically the opening of any Superman cartoon or cartoon feature, it’s been done a hundred times before.

          • Yeah DSB, you think just like the creators of Indiana Jones, jumping in there like that! You can’t be thinking like Spielberg! You gotta think like fanboy website writers, and rely on poor script ideas like boring your audience to death.

          • Well, I thought the death of Lex Luthor was shaking it up a bit.

            And that was just the opening half hour. And I worked on that for twenty minutes, the themes havent been fleshed put yet. And if you think all I want is stuff to look bad ass on screen you obviously haven’t been reading many of my posts about Superman. I think Snyder will bring style of substance, big booms and effects. But I have been saying all along, if the heart of the character is missing then it doesn’t work. I want a Superman film full of drama and action. One of the themes I would explore is Superman being beaten and stretched to his limits.

            I’m sorry you didn’t like my idea, bt it is what I would like to see. And I don’t take you calling me a superman fanboy as an insult, quite the opposite in fact.

            • I don’t think he was insulting you. At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed what you wrote. It was clever and interesting to say the least. I’d enjoy seeing that on the big screen. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that connection to the broader audience is needed. It would make Superman JUST an action figure if there was no connection. I’m not saying this to say an origin story is NEEDED, because I don’t believe it is. I also don’t believe Snyder’s film will be an origin story in the sense that the original movie was. What I’m hoping for is a movie with 10x more action than any Superman movie before it, without losing the mythology and core values that attracts him to everyone across the globe. Being that this will jump start a new series of movies, I believe you have to start somewhere. Since the beginning has been done before, why not try showing those times in his life when being Superman wasn’t the obvious choice. They shouldn’t make the entire movie about that, or even most of the movie about that. What I think is they want that as the foundation or the string that runs through all the other plot points.

              We’ve all been talking this thing to death, but I just wanted you to know that I do respect your opinion and your vision. I love Superman myself and want the movie to do him justice. Like Superman, I have hope lol.

              • I appreciate the comment, and I do understand what you are saying. All I have ever wanted was to put my view across, and to discuss with like minded people such as yourself. I agree wholeheartedly about there needing to be a connection with the audience, there needs to be heart, drama and amazing action.
                That’s all any Superman fan wants.

                • @DSB, we have disagreed on most of the MOS issues as of late but I really liked your write up on the opening scenes. I would love to see those sequences on film, I still think that an origin story for MOS could be great but this made me just think about things a little more, thanks for sharing.

                  • Fair enough. Thank you for the nice comment. I’m aware my version of Superman isn’t what everyone wants to see, but it’s what I would like to see. If Zack Snyder can deliver something like that I’ll be happy.

          • Jeesh, Kofi…

            Bitter much?

            He presented a pretty good alternative and seemingly original.

            Better than I can say for most writers in Hollywood.

            Kofi, I have noticed your writing style and posts seem to me more antagonistic and hostile toward others with a opposing view?

            Why such thin skin?

            • Sounds like something has to be done a hundred times before, not just several for it to get old for Kofi

  20. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Burton’s Batman skipped the origin.


    Adjusted for inflation it made $500 MILLION IN THE U.S. ALONE!

    Now wouldn’t we be happy with Superman pulling that off? He could. If we weren’t redoing the damn origin again.

    Batman’s origin did half those numbers. It was the non-origin sequel TDK that pulled in over $500 million domestic. Could the audience be trying to tell the WB boneheads something?!

  21. Final thought: I can’t WAIT to see you hardcore naysayers to the 180° turn if you see a cool trailer for this, and then claim “Well we WANTED it to be good all along!”

    Then we’ll start this all over again with the next comic book film…

    I’m done :-D

    • My thoughts exactly lol

    • Kofi, if this film is good I will happily admit I was wrong. I don’t want it to be bad!

      • “Kofi, if this film is good I will happily admit I was wrong.”

        Hallmark of a passionate fan who does not descend into troll territory despite intense debate (IMHO).


        • And what is troll territory? Every fan from the extremists to the sensible are passionate fans. By the way, just because I am asking this, don’t think I am troll. I am really asking and really want to know.

          • Mr Day,

            A troll is someone who is being obstinate just for its own sake. Someone who does not respond in kind to logical, well thought out counter-arguments and engage in a back and forth dialog, but ignores what the other is saying and continues to beat the same drum repeatedly, often insulting or belittling others in the process.

            None of which you did in your comment – so you’re golden. :)


            • Whew, thanks, Vic. I really didn’t know so thanks for the update and the check.

      • You were right DrSamBeckett

  22. No one is saying the film WILL be bad. We Superman fans are just worried because of the director and plot. If the movie turns out to be good, great, I’ll have item number 3, crow with fries. Until then, woe is me.

  23. NO MORE ORIGINS!!!!! Remember that show Smallville. Based on the collection of graphic novels I own, I kinda have an idea about Superman’s background….

  24. Contrary to what directors or producers think they want. Fans want to see Superman get his butt kicked by Doomsday and the story pogress from there. Stop taking us back, back, way back. We don’t care. We want to see him Bleed and Die and then come back.

  25. spend money then they did in the past their is more to superman, like something in books and cartoons or just like batman beings and darkkinght did. then their can be more than 3-to 4 movies and make bad guys more bad then before just has james bond movies did

    • All you Naysayers were right!