David S. Goyer: ‘Man of Steel’ Being Approached ‘As If It Were Real’

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Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel David S. Goyer: Man of Steel Being Approached As If It Were Real

Ever since Man of Steel was announced as being written by David S. Goyer and executive produced by Christopher Nolan, the claims of the film being a case of Superman getting ‘the Dark Knight influence’ have persisted. Even though the two men come from, literally, entirely different worlds.

But according to Goyer, this incarnation of Superman (Henry Cavill) isn’t going to be trading realism for fantasy, or hard questions for special effects. In fact, Man of Steel isn’t being approached as a comic book movie at all.

While Marvel may have found success developing comic books into movies without removing much of the humor and wonder seen in the source material, Goyer and Nolan did something different with their take on Batman. Removing or re-imagining elements in order to update an aging story or to help the material speak to modern audiences may be seen as blasphemy by some, but to Goyer, it’s all in the service of a stronger story.

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine (via CBM) Goyer outlines his approach to a story familiar to nearly everyone. While staying respectful of the films that preceded Man of Steel, fans should expect something very different this summer:

“We’re approaching ‘Superman’ as if it weren’t a comic book movie, as if it were real… I adore the Donner films. Absolutely adore them. It just struck me that there was an idealist quality to them that may or may not work with today’s audience. It just struck me that if Superman really existed in the world, first of all, this story would be a story about first contact.

“He’s an alien. You can easily imagine a scenario in which we’d be doing a film like ‘E.T.,’ as opposed to him running around in tights. If the world found out he existed, it would be the biggest thing that ever happened in human history… It falls into that idea of trying to humanise the inhuman. He’s made out of steel, he’s not made out of flesh, metaphorically speaking. We are portraying him as a man, yet he’s not a man.”

The scriptwriter pulls no punches in his characterization of Superman as an alien (his suit already makes that clear), and not the simple embodiment of “truth, justice and the American way” to which he is so often reduced. However, in the process, Man of Steel seems to be as much a story about societies and how they view outsiders. Specifically, how the entire human race would view something as ‘outside’ our own experiences as a full-blown alien entity.

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie David S. Goyer: Man of Steel Being Approached As If It Were Real

It’s not hard to see the themes of immigration, belonging, and communal identity that Goyer is driving at (claiming that this is a movie he feels “the world needs right now“), but conceiving of a Superman who is so markedly removed from mankind takes this reboot into entirely different realms. As Goyer alludes to, Richard Donner’s Superman (1978) never concerned itself with showing how the government or people on the street would react to an alien revealed to have been hiding among them.

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006) jumped even further into acceptance of Superman as a celebrity, not just a superhero. But Cavill’s closing lines of dialogue seen in the full Man of Steel trailer posed the question to all viewers quite plainly: “My father believed that if the world found out what I really was, they would reject me… what do you think?

That willingness to face prejudice, fear, paranoia, and even hatred without sugarcoating humanity’s, shall we say, less flattering tendencies, promises a film that is at least new, if not universally-pleasing. The themes at work have impressed executive producer Christopher Nolan, as has director Zack Snyder’s vision for the big screen. But how do you tell such a serious, grounded story about a superhero from another world?

Russell Crowe Talks Man of Steel David S. Goyer: Man of Steel Being Approached As If It Were Real

That’s a question that has yet to be asked by DC superhero movies, since Nolan and Goyer’s previous work on Batman was an extremely personal story of suffering and trauma. The task is a more difficult one, but at the end of the day, the story of Superman can be reduced to one core question of identity. A question hinted at in the pair of teaser trailers, but hinging on the ability to make it feel real:

“It is obviously a much longer process with a character like Superman. It is much easier to do a realistic take on Batman. You know nothing can hurt Superman, presumably other than Kryptonite. The challenge was simply: Can we figure out a way to make those elements work, quote unquote, in the real world? It’s very much a story of a man with two fathers.”

Nobody ever accused David S. Goyer or Zack Snyder of making things easy on themselves. And as if pairing such a personal struggle alongside massive” action and backdrops, the word out of Warner Bros. is that much of the direction and feasibility of any Justice League movie will rest on how Man of Steel is received by the public.

The report comes from Variety, with Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov explaining that the studio is “awaiting the results” of Snyder’s Man of Steel before moving forward. That fact has been assumed to this point, but this certainly puts a damper on anyone expecting massive secret announcements at Comic-Con 2013.

What do you think of Goyer’s approach to grounding Superman, and facing the world’s reaction to his presence head on? Is this the story you’ve been waiting to see told (on film) or the wrong direction altogether?

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. Pick up Empire‘s March issue on newsstands this Thursday.


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Source: Empire [via CBM] & Variety

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  1. Very surprised there isn’t any Marvel vs DC bs in this thread and that no one is arguing!

    • Having said that, Marvel can kiss my ass. Us DC fans are getting ART.

      • Art?!

        • Yeah its like those people that drink expensive bottled water and do not want to believe it comes from the same source as a cheap bottle of water.

          Maybe he was just being funny….

          • So Coke or Pepsi? How about ummm Chris Nolan or John Favreau?

            • No there is a difference. They are both sodas and cost the same.

              Art is VERY subjective and in most cases expensive.

              However expensive bottled water is most times no better then tap yet people believe it is just cause it cost more.

              So your idea that Superman will be ‘Art’ is very subjective and like bottled water. With a twist of lemon.

        • Re-watch the trailer. Re-watch The Dark Knight Rises :)

          • Edit: THE DARK KNIGHT. Not The Dark Knight Rises. I can admit that movie was a bit of a let down. Still infinitely better than Marvel’s family films though.

            • Spence! Not Daryl lol

              • are Daryl and spence the same guy?

            • @ Daryl

              Are you asking to watch TDK. Or watch Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker?

      • LMAO. People would call anything ART,lol.

      • HOW MANY GOOD MOVIES DOES DC/WB HAVE???? thats whatI thought, Look at the B/O returns! THATS what/who REALLY decides ALL…$$$$$$ if there is none of that THEN there is NO MORE OF THEM FILMS. PERIOD

        Until DC finally maesa good movie MARVEL takes the TOP spot!
        I hope this movie does GREAT so we can watch Marvel Vs. DC in 2015 FOR REAL

  2. I think this is the perfect way to approach this movie! Think about it. If suddenly there was an indestructible alien flying around in a blue suit and red cape, the world would flip! The other Superman movies (excluding Returns) were the right movies for their times. I’m so excited! This is tied with Star Trek 2 for my most anticipated movie. See you there opening night!!!

    • @Huntress: Agreed! As a hardcore Batman fan I will be there on opening night for Supes! And don’t let there be a Batman/Bruce Wayne cameo in this film or I will overdose on the awesomeness right there in my seat.

  3. Marvel can think on their own? Aren’t they just the top grossing arm of Disney? The Nolanverse delivered. This will be a continuation of that success. Change has been good… Imagine if Burton had given us Superman? Imagine if Superman Returns was a success, we wouldn’t be waiting to see this film come out. Superman Returns should have never happened. This is what we deserve.

    • ‘We’? ‘deserve’?

      Please I would like an explanation as to why ‘we’ ‘deserve’ this?

      • the true fans of superman deserves the best superman movie to date. . they have been waiting for him to truly be super in every way. .i believe this movie will give us greatness. .story, acting , visuals, and superman giving us everything he has to save the world. . i really hope this movie is great. .but great or not, us true fans will always believe in him and continue to hope for someone to bring us a great superman movie

        • ahhhh OK so true fans of Superman deserve this…… Not just the fans of Superman but the TRUE fans….

          (slowly tip toes away)

        • Was all that missing from Superman Returns? Really?

    • Superman Returns was well done fyi…And why do we really “deserve” this?

      • Another thing- Wasn’t Superman Returns kinda realistic compared to Reeve’s movies, take out the hero celebrity part?

        • Dont take it as celebrity more as their hero and they were happy to have him back. A few small changes and Superman Returns would of been awesome! The original Richard Donner Superman will always be my favorite Superman movie. Truth, Justice and the American Way!

  4. Now all we need is a found footage shaky cam thrown in there-sarcasm.

  5. Lets face it. If there were ever a real alien, or alien invasion. 1/4 will panic, 1/4 will respond,1/4 will go to top of roof buildings and greet them the final 1/4 will call off work, and go back to sleep.

    • the gov will try to keep it a secret as much as possible. you won’t have 1/4 doing this and 1/4 doing that. most will choose not to believe until they see it themselves and when they do well history shows the one who is different is single out. we seen it with a black person, hence separate bathrooms, seperate baseball leagues, schools etc. and that was just like 40 years ago. x-men did an interesting take on this, with some humans not accepting the mutants. people nowadays fear a non existent nwo, illuminati. even in modern times humans show examples of fearing the unexpected

      • You say non existent, I say Obama. LOL

      • @Meh.

        You watch too many sci movies.

        On the outside remote and I do mean remote chance a scenario like ID4 actually happens?
        Government will be hard pressed to keep it a secret.

  6. Alien Invasion in Movies.

    Aliens arrive and attack. Humanity joins forces, and attacks. We win or we get wiped out…ala ID4 and that god awful Skyline.

    Alien Invasion Reality.
    We will see how many ships..1 Ship, no problem. 30+ City Size Ships..Houston we have a problem. We will go to DEFCON 1- Think we can win and someone will say “Hmm, they traveled hundreds of billions of miles to come attack us, we cannot even make it to the closest planet and keep sending up robots. They will come attack us, we will fight back..then they will get a cold virus and die, or they will destroy our planet as we flee…depending on how far into the future we have progressed ala War of the Worlds or Titan A.E.

    Outcome for Survival and Winning….11%

    Total destruction and or enslavement 89%

    Odds a Computer virus can bring down their technology… -100%

  7. most times when some writer starts talking they kind of talk in a circle and don’t really sell it. most times it’s a foregone conclusion whether or not i will see the movie anyway. so i tend not to read what they say. cause i don’t want to hear them embarrass themselves. i want it to feel real. i really hate it when filmmakers wink at the audience. cause it tells me they are incapable of putting that extra inch in to sell their vision.

    this time however… i really like what i’m hearing. Goyers come a long way from deathwarrant let me tell you. the man isn’t just writing super hero fluff. he’s talking epic masterpiece territory. Casablanca type stuff.

    i really like what i’m hearing.

    • Well said. Let’s hope you’re right.

  8. soooooo ready for this movie!

    • me X 100

  9. So they are going for a big budget Oscar film?

    • both i hope

      • sorry. misread. thought you were asking if they were going for big budget OR oscar film

  10. I’m excited for this take on the character. In the comics and movies Superman was easily accepted as the all american hero without a second throught or question. The guy was able to hide behind a pair of glasses for goodness sakes. I like the fact that it will make take a global catastrophic event to allow a jaded society to accept this alien as it’s guardian and protector.

  11. Approaching it as if it weren’t a comic book movie huh?
    I don’t know how I feel about that. It’s somewhere between intrigued and disappointed…

    I hope they don’t try and make this super realistic though. I just can’t see that working well. It’s easy enough (relatively speaking) to ground the movie and introduce a sense of realism – like ‘Iron Man’ or ‘The Incredible Hulk’ – but going the real-world route (ala TDK trilogy) just isn’t a viable option for Superman IMO.

    Still super excited for this though. Come on June!!

    • I think the ‘Realism’ term is having to much attention here.

      The film wont be realistic, it has flying aliens in it and spaceships! Probably will also reference other Justice League members.

      Its just for once, they are using common sense and making the human reactions how they should be. Thats pretty much it. Its a film with realistic reactions, its not a realistic film.

      It will still be a comic book film despite what they said about not approaching it that way, They are basing it on the more human perspective because Clark has grew up that way, so it would be easier to get across his struggles as well as showing it in a way we would understand. Im not worried really, This is how I wanted them to make the film anyway….hope they continue to do it for the rest of DC films.

      • sounds to me as if they might not mention ANY other characters! it ALL depends on how this movie goes over with the public, if they are going the “real” route and this will be a movie about us (humans) accepting an alien as our protector HOW THE HECK are they gonna mention OTHER HEROS?? to me that just sounds stupid! if we are just trying to accept him how are we (all of a sudden) in one movie gonna hear about a WW or a Flash, we know that GL did not go that route and BOMBED! how will they explain that? NOPE NEVER HAPPENED? this is DC/WB’s Iron Man, if it bombs we will never hear of any of the other JL members

        • Because they are not making a realistic film, Its still about Superman. I think everyone has got it into their heads this is going to be like a documentary and were going to sit through 2 and a half hours of Superman explaining his ‘journey’ and how humans excepted him.

          Its Zack Snyder directing, It has alien Kryptonian space ships in it…the fortress is in it…and he even flies into space in the trailer. Its still a DC universe film, so its perfectly easy to reference other heroes because thats what it is about.

          We are all assuming that because Superman was the first comic book hero, that he will be the first hero to ‘appear’ on Earth in this DC film universe….whats to say there isnt a reference to Batman on a TV in the film…mentioning ‘A violent vigilante’….or possible UFO reference…which could be Green Lantern floating about? It could be anything thats mentioned or done, a small but vague reference that comic fans would notice. He could very well be the 3rd or 4th ‘Hero’ to emerge, however hes so powerful he would obviously get the biggest reaction.

          Obviously I dont think this will be the case, Im just saying that there are plenty of ways to do it without being to obvious. Hints if you like that can be slotted in. Its not going to be as much of a grounded movie as you think, its just not going to have more human drama.

          • *Going to have more human drama ^

            sorry about that.

  12. Everything in the DC world is riding on this movie. If it bombs or underperforms, JL may never happen. That is a lot to put on any o e movie. Can any movie live up to that kind of hype or pressure?

  13. I don’t trust Goyer.

    Why? His track record.

    1. The made for TV, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield…. starring David Hasselhoff
    2. Both Ghost Rider movies with Nicolas Cage
    3. Blade III
    4. Jumper (Worst dialog in any movie, and this is recent Goyer!)

    Anytime Goyer has the sole writer credit, NOT collaborating…… it sucks. Sure he has comic book street cred but have you ever read his comic books? The Justice Society? Ick….

    Nolan’s Batman Trilogy is due to Nolan.

    • Nolan co wrote Man of Steel…

      • johnathon nolan not chris though ..

        • Actually, Jonathan has nothing to do with Man of Steel. Goyer wrote the script, and I think Chris Nolan is possibly credited as a co-writer. (On wikipedia, it says screenplay by Goyer, but story by Goyer and C. Nolan)

    • I’m wary as well…but ya gotta admit that in the movies/TV you’ve mentioned, the quality of acting wasn’t exactly…good. David Hasselhoff? Nicolas Cage? and (worst of all) Hayden Christiansen?!? That movie (Jumper) had potential IMHO, but was rendered unwatchable by Christiansen. Sometimes, a writer’s only as good as the actors delivering the lines.
      …and I rather enjoyed Blade III but yes, even Wesley sucks.

    • Ugh, you had to bring up Blade 3 & Ghost Rider. First GR was ok but the 2ns was god awful.

    • true on Goyers list, lets give him a break he`s collaborating with Nolan meaning he did well with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight…working with Nolan though

  14. Don’t forget the SUPERGIRL spin off ? That should be rebooted. We need to get Superman’s cousin fit into “The Man of Steel” sequels just like the original Superman films did. Cause, I like to see Jor-El’s brother Zor-El and his family of Argo City who survive from Krypton’s Disaster.

    The Incarnation of SUPERGIRL is twisted backwards and she is born on Krypton before her cousin. I think the Superman Mythology has got everything confuzed since the original SUPERGIRL died around 1985 from CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. That made Superman “The Only Survivor” to his home planet.

  15. I’m for the realism to a certain degree. Superman has these amazing powers and he really was the all American hero, but if you make him this unaccepted alien isn’t that going away from who he was in the comics? Doesn’t that make him like Spiderman? Even that doesn’t bother me much, but what does bother me is the realistic approach of Nolan’s universe took away powers, like scarecrow, Ra’s, and Bane to a certain degree. You can’t do certain characters like killer croc and clayface that way. And if we’re going to think in a realistic tone and take away powers couldn’t we make the case of someone just sniping Bane or the Joker and we wouldn’t have 3 hours worth of terror I mean Bane did get shot at the end.

  16. Guess everyone of us knows that Goyer has not done consistent gd work on his scripts, therefore i do not trust Goyer (Ghostrider, Jumper etc.)
    He is talented, usally he has got the touch for his scripts, as long as he has some backup and as already mentioned, i do not see any Goyer in Christopher Nolans Masterpieces of (BB and TDK … uhh i’ve forgotton something intentionally)
    I was dissapointed by TDKR, and Snyder has made some slight mistakes, but i am optimistically because the combination of thoese three highly talented ppl’s makes me hope, it is like they’ve stolen my idea of a superman movie with deepness, realism and the different view on superman’s person in generell (The more i loved Smallville, the more i hated it), the actors are great now just get the arc of suspense right and gd damn make flying exciting again

    • “Snyder has made some slight mistakes”? Such as?

  17. I think in Man of Steel (Part 2) The Supporting Characters like Jimmy Olsen, General Sam Lane, Lex Luther shall be reunited.

  18. Ok… so Im getting a little caught up in how well Marvel tied their films together and dont quite understand this.

    First Contact would have been Abin Sur and or Parallax. This of course if we are going on the pretense of a shared universe which will maybe someday spit out the JL.

    If not and Superman is the first foray into what is being called a DC fantasy universe ( I will call it DCFU for short…)wont we have a need to reboot GL? Which may or may not lend problems.

    I find….issue with this line of thinking “We are portraying him as a man, yet he’s not a man.” as he was raised a man. Maybe its the wording but I know some humans that would not articulate into a man. Superman was raised (well what I know of his upbringing) to be a complete human being and fellow man regardless of his heritage. We can thank Ma and Pa for that. Unless of course the spewing of Mr. Costner about letting those kids die was in correct context. Which has now skewed the up bringing of one of the most powerful(?) entities in the DCFU.

    As much as I dislike Superman the character I could always respect him as I knew where he got his Boy Scout demeanor from. I look at that and say wow the time and effort that was put into raising a Superman and being able to instill those values is (in this day and age) nothing short of amazing.

    The character of Superman is not alien. Never has been and depending how they address this ‘first contact’ never should be. It is about having the power to make change but not allowing that power to coerce the wielder into making change based on his (or her) ideas or visions and being intelligent enough to know if you are being manipulated for use of those powers. It was having that power and know you are not above everyone else. It was having that power and understanding you cant fix everything.

    All I see this film attempting to show is Lex Luthor on a grand scheme. I mean things aside one of the reasons Lex has this great disdain for Superman is because he was BMOC until Superman showed up. Once he found out he was an alien that made things worse.

    So this alien shows up (after being on earth and being taught sub par morals(?) from the Kents for about 20 years?) and people distrust the power this alien wields because we fear what we do not understand.

    So Supes just forgets the morals and lessons he was taught in his 20 some years with the Kents? So people just now constantly rely on Supes for everything and question why he cant help each and every time? Or for cliche sakes another alien in secret does stuff that only Supes can do and he gets blamed for it?

    I see the shackles. I understand the angle. However what is wrong with approaching the UN? The US Govt? Look ya cant stop him and he doesn’t appear to be a threat. What are you going to do?

    BooHoo I was raised a man but I am not a man. I dont see the angle and how any Superman fan thinks this movie is a good idea.

    “Can we figure out a way to make those elements work, quote unquote, in the real world? It’s very much a story of a man with two fathers.”
    Yes you can but will it be a Superman Comic book movie or just another movie. I dont see the two fathers angle unless of course the Kents and El families have totally different views on life. Which I never had that indication from anything Ive read or seen before. While Superman would not have been Super on Krypton the assumption would be he would grow into a fine Krypton based on what little we know about his heritage.

    “We’re approaching ‘Superman’ as if it weren’t a comic book movie, as if it were real….”

    I dont understand this statement. What was not real about The Avengers? I mean they had aliens (not as powerful or were they) as Kryptonians but aliens none the less. There were alien ships etc.

    Whats real about a ship the size of what was carrying little supes in the 1990s wouldn’t have been tracked across the night sky with a ton of people finding its location? The Govt all over that site?

    Just because you film in a certain style does not mean it cant be perceived as real. I mean could The Hangover really happen? E.T? Blade? Interview with a Vampire? so on and so forth.

    Or I guess the question should be asked what in Superman’s origin (from the comics) could be perceived as not real? An alien ship crash landing, a couple discovering a tiny human like alien raising it as their own without any questions?

    Heck my question would be how did he grow up so ‘real’ and not paste (and I mean turn to paste) somebodies face? Oh unless we are to believe bullying and certain things ALL kids go through or see other kids go through does not happen in Kansas…

    Overall it is a bad idea. Overall it will suck. As much as you so called Superman fans want this I think it will come to bite you and the DCFU in the hiney.

    Will it come out of the gates strong? I don’t see why not. However word of mouth will sink this debacle of a movie and condemn the JL. I dont want to see a superhero movie I can relate to or think OMG that could happen, because the chances of something like that happening is slim to none. I believe that most of the viewers after seeing it will agree.

    Batman is different. Batman is a man. His story can be twisted and appreciated as ‘real’. However again the chance of that happening is slim to none.

    What is so real about that?

    Please keep this linked in your favorites so we can come back two weeks after its release and either point and laugh at me or I will point and laugh at you. ;)

    • It seems you have zero faith in this movie working.

      He has two fathers, now that isn’t him being taught two different things by two different men, it’s more to do with loyalty. Is he going to remain loyal to the human race he was brought up to be a part of or will he shun them as they shunned him by treating him as a threat and thus turning him towards his real father’s line of thinking?

      A realistic approach can and will work and besides, he never mentioned The Avengers because guess what? That’s a movie by the other side and Goyer is talking about realistic according to the previous DC and even previous Superman movies.

      • What was his fathers (biological) line of thinking? I believe as I stated the El family was a respected family and his father was a lead scientist that no one believed. You could say he was shunned but still did right by his family.

        So I dont see the disconnect between how and who he was raised by compared to his biological family.

        What do you think his biological fathers line of thinking is? (or has it been hinted to?)

        What the heck do movies from other places have to do with this? You know why he didnt mention The Avengers? I dont but I know why I mentioned The Avengers.

        Realistic according to the previous DC movies not including Nolans Batman? Not including GL? What about Arrow?

        I have hope it fails as a DCFU tent pole movie as it is my belief it will cripple the DCFU. And lets say it does succeed. What then? What happens in ‘x’ years when someone else is trying or needs to try (to incorporate another line of heroes) and they dont have the same vision?

        As much as people scold The Avengers for being a comic book movie (and those movies before it and coming after) it never strayed from what it truly is and is based on. That is why it was so successful. It was a comic book movie come to life.

        Not a comic book movie with someone elses vision as to what it should be just because it worked ok with another property.

        You don’t know if that approach can work. Only time will tell.

        • A realistic Superman has already been done. Way back when Secret Identity was written, and again with Red Son, and again with New Frontier. It’s not exactly a new concept, and the idea of Superman being feared as an alien being, as in Secret Origin, New Krypton, or Morrison’s current Action Comics run, isn’t exactly new, either.

          • Im unfamiliar with Secret Identity. Was that a storyline or a one shot/mini series type thing? Or are you referring to Identity Crisis?

            Red Son and New Frontier are not part of the main stream Superman history.

            How do those stories though relate to a realistic Superman story?

            More asking then questioning you as an FYI.

    • WOW….20min to read and all i can say is WOW!! Bro just dont pay to see the movie, its really OK and JUST A MOVIE! I can send you a valium if you need it! just let me know buddy before your heart explodes!!!

      • Thanks I dont know what I would have done without your expert medical advice. If I may impart some unwanted advice such as yours? You may want to take a reading class to brush up on your skills if it took you 20 mins to read it. Furthermore you may want to avoid sites such as this where people are expected to voice their opinions on various subjects. That may help you from giving out free medical advice you have no business doing.

        • OK i see u dont need a valium it is a BUBBA or maybe a Pacifier you need…. I keep forgetting that you DC whiners Cry a bit too much for the Marvel fans!!! SORRY next time i will bring you a blankie and your wubbie……

          • DC whiners does that mean Im a DC fan or I whine about DC movies? Your sentence structure has me confused, much like cave paintings.

            Would you like to bring anything articulate to the conversation or will you continue to troll to get a heated response?

    • @Aknot,

      Your are missing the point about this film and what its doing.

      Getting caught up in things that are said in interviews is a bad idea for a start, it never really matters because everyone interprets everything differently anyway when they see a film.

      How he was raised isnt the issue, its being raised knowing you are different and not knowing why, how or where you are actually meant to be from. Superman will always have his ‘boy scout’ qualities…he is human, in a personality sense….but he would also know that being able to lift a bus full of children out of a river is not human, so he is going to question that. Once he starts to get older and clearly wants answers, he will have to accept that physically, he is an alien….you would want to know why, this means that at some point….like it says in the trailer “He will have to make a choice” and decide how to use the powers…which will obviously be for good because of the way he was raised by the Kents….I dont get why you think this will disappear….The Jonathan Kent “Maybe” quote, was not literal….it just isnt…its an attempt for Jonathan to protect Clark and he wouldnt really mean it. Clark was a kid at the time, even though he is indestructible, Jonathan knows he has to protect him from Humans….as he knows we will fear him…and why not? You would s*** yourself if you saw that in real life, the whole world would….how you have made the connection from a natural human response to the unknown, to Superman ignoring Jonathan Kents morals baffles me. It just wont happen, all they are doing is pointing out the ‘realisim’ in our response to first contact with aliens…Superman is an alien, like it or not…The human side of him is what will obviously make him ‘accepted and loved’…but only when they compare him to Zod….who no one is mentioning…he will show off the human qualities and the morals of the Kents in Superman…they wont just vanish.

      The spaceship thing “Why wasnt it tracked in the sky and the military all over it”…I think thats nit-picking and we could assume an advanced Kryptonian race would have been smart enough to make sure that didnt happen. No one knew he landed, no one has anything to suspect. Simple. He also wouldnt ‘paste’ somebodys face, because he isnt raised as a violent man…so you argued that the morals would disappear…even though they are there from the very off…bullying etc…If you were bullied, which he may be in the film? and you know if you punched him you would be murdering people…you would be more vulnerable because you would have to be so restrained. Its an interesting view, he can hear thousands of people at a time, has to watch his strength constantly, growing up with all the annoying problems of adolescence AND knowing you are super powered is a good angle IF done properly…forget Smallville is was crap. Id like to know about this because then you get to know Clark better, which makes you care more, which makes Superman less difficult to relate to, its opens the character up to audiences….thats what is needed…he always seemed so distant in other films and now it seems we can know what he might actually be going through….how in any way is this a bad idea???

      • MA,

        Thanks I do agree with your second sentence. However with the way it is being stated and what I have seen with Batman, I just get the feeling its going to turn out poorly.

        Before anyone says Batman was a success yada yada yada. Batman worked that well because quite frankly he is just a man. Superman I don’t believe will transfer as well. I could be wrong. Part of me wants to be wrong so we can see the JL. However the other part of me doesn’t. This is based on quite a few number of things. The future being one of them.

        I replied about his upbringing in direct response to Dazz “He has two fathers, now that isn’t him being taught two different things by two different men, it’s more to do with loyalty.” I didn’t (and still do not) understand that statement.

        Addressing why he is different comes with anything. That would be like explaining to a child why they have two fathers or are a different race then the parents. Granted it is on a grander scale but being different happens all the time.

        The missing morals bit was just being thrown out there as ‘plot’ twists in the movie (along with the other 2). Its hard to convey tone in text. Supes crashes he gets raised (properly) he is now an adult, So now whats the big twist? What is the realism angle?

        You bring up first contact with aliens. I brought up I thought it happened in GL? Regardless. How do they know he is an alien? Why did they learn to fear him? He has been here for 20 years (hopefully legally adopted) he is now a citizen. (little joke there) Its not like (well I hope not) he is running rampant smashing buildings, robbing banks, planting the seed of distrust.

        While I agree the US and world will want a piece of him I just dont see how you make that so compelling and real to make it (supposedly) the roots of the movie.

        The Kents were good people from all indications the Els were good people. Is most of the movie going to be about Supes being emo about getting shunned by his parents until he finds out they actually saved him?

        What is he going through? To have all this power and not be able to save everyone? As stated he was raised by people that along the way told him this. They explained all of this.

        You are explaining a teen angst emo what ever thing we have seen thousands of times before. Heck we have seen it in the FF movie. The Thing was concerned with his strength. Did we need to see him become a fisherman just to find himself?

        Superman is difficult to relate to period. While it is part him it is mostly the Kents. A great deal of us could not relate to the upbringing the Kents gave. We know why he is the way he is. Because he was raised properly in a nurturing, loving home.

        Everything you have said we already know. So now we get to see/hear it again. Only this time its real.

        Maybe you are right. It will be a coming of age story just using a Superhero. I guess im just dismayed that people (Directors) have to put their twist on stuff they touch. Im set in my ways. I know what I like and to have someone come in and appear to tinker with something that has over 70 years of a proven track record just baffles me. Especially when those 70 years contain enough drama, action, comedy, horror, etc you could choke a cow with.

        I still stand by with my “it sucks” “hope it fails”. However i will come back and let you know if I was wrong.

        • @Aknot

          “He has two fathers, now that isn’t him being taught two different things by two different men, it’s more to do with loyalty.” – I agree that makes no sense because Jor El is dead anyway.

          I dont think there are any twists in the film, not to do with his morals, how he was raised and all that stuff. The film wont be focusing on that as the main story, simply because Zod invading is the main story. Thats obvious. Its just a way of getting people to actually care about the guy…as in other films you didnt, its an interesting thing to do…actually caring about the character that is so far removed normally, as opposed to just wanting him to smash the crap out of things. It would bring a whole new ‘human’ element to him….its basically so non-comic book fans have something to latch on to…however I think its a good idea and I will enjoy it being more personal.

          It wont be an emo fest either, Its just going to be a serious film…which requires drama…but you have to do work with what the character gives you…It just so happens its an obvious ‘finding yourself’ story. Its going to be an action movie…but the action has no meaning unless you have a reason to do it, otherwise you get a s*** film that makes no sense.

          Its also true that we would already know this….because we read the comics, however to make people forget about the last Superman film…to get those people who were put off by it back, as well as making him into the inspiration to kids that he once was, you have to change with the times….Thats what they are doing, kids are not stupid or naive anymore…so adding drama they can relate to and stuff they fear into the film…it makes Superman relevant and that is what has been missing for a long time.

          I know you wont change your mind and I hope your wrong in every way (respectfully)…I do get what you are saying though, however this could be the start of something brilliant for DC….so a bit of enthusiasm wouldnt hurt!

  19. What I would like to see is Superman obey the laws of physics, aside from ftl travel.

    What I mean is that when Superman picks up a bus, or a plane, or a ship, he shouldn’t be picking it up, but penetrating through it, because although he is strong enough to lift objects of immense size, those objects would have all that force focused only on his hands, not distributed across the whole surface. This would make him somewhat tragic because he can’t save everyone because he’s “too strong.”

    • He is an alien his body projects a field of sorts to stabilize that from happening…..

      • If that’s the case why does it stop there? Why not have telekinesis or a frickin kamehameha?

        My version’s better.

  20. I honestly this this is a GREAT approach to this movie!! REALITY, I love it! we all love the CB’s but just as stated they are a little outdated and need some freshness! In reality if there was a Supes, we would freak as a species, the way we act who the heck knows what would really happen, OUR govt. would probably try to capture him and test him you know all the stuff we do to strange creatures of our deep oceans or deep in our own rain forests! we kill it and bring it back to study it, THAT IS WHAT WE DO! I really hope this movie does good so we finally get a JL movie, It is all hinging on 1 film

  21. Completely off my task of bashing this attmept at realism….

    Ive just realized what the picture up there reminds me of….

    The Absorbing Man. Just imagine jusst below the shot is his hand holding a ball and chain……


  22. I don’t understand why none comic book approach would not work. My interpretation is that superman will be superman. None comic book part will come from way everything around reacts.
    People will have different type of reaction. Government is not gonna be so useless like other superman movie(this, I am guessing). I don’t know.. I dont understand why it cannot work? Imagine the real world .. and just drop a real superman .. why wouldn’t that work? Back in early 1900.. if people told them everyone would be carrying around a computer that fits in your hand, it would seem impossible.. So why not superman someday among us? Why not?

  23. Don’t overthink Superman–a genetic superbeing from another planet may be a yawn in 200 years, if fiction becomes reality.

    On a side note: I would like to see Superman vs the Hulk or Doomsday!!
    I would like to see Paul Satterfield or Brandon Routh as the Eradicator.

    And…Will Reeve in a camoe part


  25. this will be great. i love an action movie to be a drama. the disturst the shadow government will have sets up great to have cadimus.. and can you say….DOOMSDAY in the second superman?!

  26. It’s being approached as “real” so… this means… Superman gets sued for saving someone’s life and destruction of public property?



    • Lol. you’d think Wally since supes isn’t around here, or our galaxy. Batman’s a vigilante but supes always has Lois to write good stuff about him despite what gets damaged in the real world,lol. Unless we see supes rebuild stuff like Reeve’s Superman with the great wall of China in Superman 4.

  27. Realistic Superman movie = “Why do you look exactly like Clark Kent?”

    • lol.

      Or, everytime Clark runs off or dissappears, Superman appears right on on time. Even Lex Or Lois should put 2&2 together & figure out it’s the same guy,hmmmmm.

  28. This is a very workable approach. Superman: Earth One( volumes 1&2), Superman: Birthright, and the new 52 are using this approach and they are very well received. Personally Earth One is one of my favorite storylines, Birthright is really good as well.

  29. Not gonna read through this whole comment thread (at least not yet), but from previous MOS threads, I can guess that there are lots of people here upset that this movie is going to be too dark and realistic and will butcher the superman we know and love.

    To those people I would just like to quote a certain Mr. Henry Cavill: “It’s not a dark movie by any means. Past representations of the character have been quite light. This is a more realistic view of the character, while still maintaining the very unrealistic, or potentially unrealistic features of an alien with superpowers.”