No Kryptonite in ‘Man of Steel'; Superman ‘Lost & Angry'; Powers Not Kryptonian? [Updated]

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Superman Man of Steel No Kryptonite and Plot Details No Kryptonite in Man of Steel; Superman Lost & Angry; Powers Not Kryptonian? [Updated]

[WARNING: Possible Spoilers Ahead!]

[UPDATE: The reason behind Superman’s “specialness” – even on Krypton – has leaked. Scroll for details.]

Though Man of Steel will be the first standalone Superman film since 1978 – Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns was more or less a sequel to Superman 2 – the anticipation for the film isn’t exactly through the roof at this point. According to Fandango’s Most Anticipated 2013 Summer Movies poll, MOS didn’t event break into the top five. Of course, that’s partly because the film’s marketing campaign has yet to be fully unleashed.

Speaking of marketing, the cast and crew – including director Zack Snyder, producer Charles Roven, star Henry Cavill (Superman/Clark Kent), and co-star Amy Adams (Lois Lane) – recently talked in some depth about what we can expect from this new take on the Man of Tomorrow.

The interview – courtesy of Entertainment Weekly – covered everything from plot details to action scenes to character development to superpowers to whether or not Superman’s greatest weakness, Kryptonite (that green rock that renders him weak and sometimes deathly ill), will make an appearance in the film.

But first, check out the June cover of EW, featuring Cavill as Superman in a fairly iconic-looking pose:



Man of Steel Entertainment Weekly Cover 280x170 No Kryptonite in Man of Steel; Superman Lost & Angry; Powers Not Kryptonian? [Updated]


According to EW, the focus of this new Superman film is, in many ways, to humanize the character. A common argument as to why Superman’s star hasn’t shone as brightly as it once did – both in the comic book world and in the movie world – is that he’s become too perfect, too much like a boyscout, too ridiculous, too much like a god, and therefore totally unrelatable. (It’s debatable how true this is – Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman (2008) created a Man of Steel that was all of the above and yet simultaneously relatable, successful, and hailed as a masterpiece far and wide.)

So the question is, how does Man of Steel intend to depict a flawed and “human” Superman? Well, not with Kryptonite, that’s for sure. Says Zack Snyder:

“I’ll be honest with you, there’s no Kryptonite in the movie.”

While Kryptonite has been successfully utilized in many Superman stories, it’s also true that it has often functioned as a crutch for creating convenient conflict. Apparently, Zack Snyder and company wanted to avoid using that crutch at all costs. (Which isn’t to say it couldn’t pop up in a sequel.) Instead, this Superman will be vulnerable emotionally. From EW:

Once on Earth, his adoptive parents, Ma and Pa Kent (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane), urge him not to use his immense strength – even in dire emergencies — warning that not every human would be as accepting of him as they are. So Clark Kent grows up feeling isolated, longing for a connection to others, and constantly hiding who he is. As a result, Man of Steel presents the frustrated Superman, the angry Superman, the lost Superman. “Although he is not susceptible to the frailties of mankind, he is definitely susceptible to the emotional frailties,” Cavill says.

The “frustrated, angry, lost” Superman certainly brings to mind the one recently introduced by Grant Morrison in The New 52 Action Comics. That Superman – who more closely resembled the rough and tumble version that first appeared in 1938 – was angrier, more violent, and more likely to use outright intimidation tactics to stop criminals from committing dastardly deeds. In the comic, a portion of that anger came from the deaths of his parents. Will something similar happen in Man of Steel?

man of steel vfx joe letteri No Kryptonite in Man of Steel; Superman Lost & Angry; Powers Not Kryptonian? [Updated]

The EW article also reveals that, even on Krypton, Superman – or Kal-El – is considered to be “special.” So special that his birth “caused alarm” the world over. Uhh, say what?

So what does this mean exactly? Could Superman’s powers in Man of Steel be unrelated to his Kryptonian heritage? Might he have been endowed with said powers from birth by his scientist father, Jor-El (Russell Crowe)?

It would explain why Superman could plausibly defend the Earth from not only General Zod (Michael Shannon), but numerous Kryptonian enemies (possibly even an army). Perhaps Zod has no “superpowers” at all. Perhaps his strength comes from his Kryptonian armor and advanced alien technology. Of course, this is all speculation at this point, but it’s interesting to consider. If true, it would likely be a really controversial change for comic book fans.

What about Lois Lane? What can we expect from her relationship with Superman? According to Amy Adams:

“I think she’s very transient. She’s ready to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. I think that definitely could be part of what she sees in Superman — not really laying down roots, not developing trust.”

Lois Lane will end up being one of the main reasons Superman steps forward to defend Earth from Zod. While he’s grown into adulthood feeling alienated (see what I did there?) from the Earthlings around him, Lane will turn out to be someone he genuinely cares for and wants to protect.

Amy Adams Lois Lane Man of Steel1 No Kryptonite in Man of Steel; Superman Lost & Angry; Powers Not Kryptonian? [Updated]

Lastly, producer Charles Roven talked about the “building-smashing, train-slinging, heat-vision-blasting” action scenes we’ll see in the film – something Superman fans have been waiting for since the dawn of modern special effects technology:

“You want to give the audience great spectacle. You want them to go to the movie, be eating their popcorn and be like, ‘Wow!’ But it’s just not good enough to give them the ‘Wow.’ You want them to be emotionally engaged. Because if you just have the ‘wow,’ ultimately you get bludgeoned by that and you stop caring.”

Sounds good to me. Even if Man of Steel doesn’t end up “wowing” both in terms of action spectacle and emotional engagement, it’s encouraging to know that the filmmakers are determined to do just that. Only time will tell if they can pull it off.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you okay with Kryptonite not being in the film? Are you interested in seeing an action spectacle that also happens to be emotionally engaging? Let us know in the comments.

If you want more details on why Kal-El might be extra-special (beyond just being the last of his alien species), you’ll have to read the June issue of Entertainment Weekly.

UPDATE: Thanks to ‘Brian MakeDaMovie’ in the comments, we now know that the reason Superman/Kal-El is special even on Krypton is because he was naturally conceived. Why does this make him special?  Because by the time Man of Steel begins, Kryptonians have turned to “scientific engineering” for reproduction. Natural reproduction is, apparently, illegal.

This vaguely recalls John Byrne’s post-Crisis origin reboot (incidentally titled The Man of Steel) from the 1980s, wherein Krypton was depicted as an emotionally cold and sterile planet and babies were regularly created in test tubes. Superman’s father and mother, Jor-El and Lara, were unique in that they actually loved one another.

Ultimately, Kal-El was sent on a ship to Earth not as an infant, but rather as a fetus inside of a “birthing matrix.”

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. As Long as kryptonite eventually makes in appearance say when Lex is fully introduced that’s fine. It just has to be a part of this going forward doesn’t it? Assuming it goes forward

  2. This movie is giving me blue balls. I haven’t been this excited to see a movie in forever.

    • Lol 100% agree…its gettin close..and they r starting to release a lot of stuff…sh*t is startin to get REAL

    • Remind me NOT to sit in front of @SyntheticReality at the theater.

  3. sooo its smallville made into a movie? im more than good with that

  4. So We’re getting an Emo-Superman? I Stopped reading comics because of the New 52 Garbage, That said, I AM still willing to give this movie a chance to impress me, so we’ll see, though I have to also say that I am NOT liking the the NON Kryptonian Powers bit.

    • Hey, nothing rude or anything but was the ‘Emo’ necessary?

    • His powers are kryptonian…he was just speculating…everyone else is actually genetically engineered…and he’s not..was born a natural birth…that’s y there was “alarm” all over the world..its in a new article

      • John Byrne’s version (“Man of Steel” conincidenly) used that angle. In that version Kypton was a world without actual love, but his parents revealed that they were in love and therefore Kal-El was a product of love, as opposed to an arranged, approved combination of genes. But in order for that to make waves on Krypton in the movie it must have been an all-around “natural” affair.

        • forgive the misspellings.

    • I’m not exactly sure what makes the New 52 “garbage”.

      Then again, I’ve only been reading 3 titles: Batman, Nightwing, and Justice League

    • I think people use words like “Emo” a little too liberally these days. I just think it is ridiculous that people would not expect someone with so much power to not have apprehensions and anxiety issues.

      Ma and Pa Kent did their best to teach Clark with restraint without making him feel like a monster, but I’m sure he felt that way as a child. That alone would change the way Clark perceives himself and the world.

      The hurdles that all heroes must overcome are psychological in nature. Exploring this side of the superhuman persona provides more character depth. If you don’t like it, fine, but let’s not resort to calling something Emo that isn’t even Emo.

      • Agreed. Many times (in the comics) heroes are portrayed as being burdened with limitations due to their own perceptions of themselves.
        In Marvel’s “Secret Wars II” The Molecule Man was said to be the equal to The Beyonder, but in his mind he could not fathom the power within himself to have the ability to overcome his human frailty.
        Superman is no different. In the last introduction of Supergirl (in the comics), many heroes stated that she was more powerful than Superman and in Smallville the same was said by Martha Kent when she warned Johnathen Kent that she was stronger than Clark. This perception is false. Superman (Clark Kent) was raised to restrict his abilities. To act less than what he was and to restrain his powers to a fraction of their ability. Supergirl was not. Kal-El is endowed with superhuman abilities that are, in all intents and purposes, godlike to humans, but he was raised by humans to be a human and therefore does not unleash his full potential.
        I hope his “emotionally troubled” feelings, portrayed in this movie, of isolation and repression from limiting his powers, shatter when the obvious plot tool of his love for Lois Lane is triggered by the threat of Zod killing her, unleashing the pent up frustrations and anger dwelling within him his whole life, showing us what all of the past movies never have: What an angry kryptonian is capable of!

    • Superman has become godlike and he does have human emotions because they were taught to him from birth. I think that would be realistic enough to be something Superman would endure in his choice to ultimately become Superman.

  5. No Kryptonite is a dynamite idea. I never liked the damn stuff.
    It was too easy for anyone possessing it to neutralize Superman
    and was always lurking in background to disrupt creating upheaval.
    Whenever it was introduced it just came off as cheating somehow.

    Superman being emotionally vulnerable has enormous potential.
    It is what he acquires from being raised on an alien planet and
    his need to be accepted that makes him weak — his humanity.

    • Yes, I agree. I feel that kryptonite, although it strips him of his god-like powers, also reinforces them. It becomes a thing that defines him, and his role as a “god,” by reminding others that they have to resort to this one, interstellar rock that otherwise would have never been on Earth had Krypton not been destroyed.

      • Superman’s Powers are not God Like, his powers have limits, he does not nor has ever had unlimitless powers.

        He is vulnerable to both Kryptonite and Magic.

      • Had Krypton not been destroyed, we would not have Superman.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Kryptonite and Luthor are really tired ideas. In my book Snyder is taking Superman in a much needed direction.

      • If they did Kryptonite as it was in the very introduction.

        It Robs Superman of his powers, but does not kill him.

        And grants Humans his powers.

        Now there is a twist for Kryptonite.

    • I dont see it as cheating…Superman is over powered anyway. It feels like cryptonite belongs in the DC universe and in this film to ground him more and make him vurnable. As long as it show up in a sequel with Lex Luther i am fine with it not being in this movie.

      • Superman is OP! Alarm writers and devs, we need get nerf patched in asap! :b

  6. I so love reading about this movie.

  7. Cavill (On his portrayal of Superman): “isolated, longing for a connection to others, and constantly hiding who he is.” – That’s pretty reminiscent of Tom Welling’s character on Smallville. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing very similar emotions, just better acting…hopefully.

    • What? You didn’t like Tom Welling’s acting?

      I still liked him as Supes… wish they would have had him do the movie.

      No Kryptonite is fine with me… what about Krypto the Superdog? Just kidding.

      • I agree. I really wish they had made a movie version of Smallville AFTER he had put on the tights!

  8. Why is Superman fighting General Zod again? We’ve already seen Superman fight Lex Luthor in Superman, Superman II and Superman Returns. We’ve ALREADY seen him fight Zod in Superman II. If you want to make a hit Superman movie give us a NEW VILLAIN. Give us Doomsday, Brainiac, Darkseid, Metallo or someone DIFFERENT FOR GOD’s SAKE !!! There are so many Superman villains to choose from and I’m sure everyone is FED-UP with Lex Luthor and Zod already!!!

    • Much as i want to see supe kick a new villain’s @ss, its quite difficult to incorporate them at the beginning of the story. This is a reboot and i think its just right not to utilize luthor at such early phase.. much more the villains you (and I) wish to see. Zod is the closest since he’s a fellow survivor from krypton.

    • I totally agree with you, I’m a huge Superman fan since Christopher Reeve had brought the Superman on the Big Screen. For me Reeve will always been the True Superman. Sorry Henry Cavill does not look like Superman at all! He seems more like young John Travolta with grease hair and cape.Why in the hell? Did they got rid of the “S” curl from his forehead? In which to me is one of the iconic trademark of Superman. I do understand getting rid of the Red trunks. But The S Curl on Superman. I do think Brandon Roth did great as Superman just got stuck with a bad Movie Plot. As far of the villains are concern. Yeah Getting tired of Lex Luthor and now General Zod and going back to the origin of Clark Kent on how he becomes Superman for the Zillion times. Hollywood cannot seen to get their creative stupidity out of their butts and bring new Characters that never been on the Big Screen. I was hoping they would out the Doomsday trilogy storyline on film, and bring Doomsday, Brainiac, Darkseid, Cyborg Superman, or Metallo on screen, New Story plots. The Animated Cartoons seems to be better than the Big Screen,or DC Comics on DVD, when it comes to storylines. I’m not that excited to see this new movie, But I will see it, just see if it becomes more stupid with idiotic creative ideas that broke tradition traits that made Superman as an American Icon not British hero.Modern day or not. Somethings aren’t mean to be fixed, if the character is not broken in the first place. JUST NEED FRESH NEW Story lines And quit changing the tradition of a Iconic character that we grew up with since before we were born or most of us, when Superman came out in 1938. Just like these Movie remakes from some of these original films. No originally ideas and so forth. NO brains to make a movie great. I’m sorry I do believe this new film will bring Kryptonite to the real fans and death to Superman on the big Screen. But I will wait and see after I see the film, to see if my opinion will change for the better or stay the same.

    • You cannot have Doomsday against a Superman who may or may not be depowered.

      You cannot have Metallo as he only capable of defeating Superman based on his Power Source is Kryptonite.

      Braniac, would instantly be a threat to all of humanity.

      Darkseid, to me has always been overrated.

    • How is it possible to do a complete reboot..talking about his origins..and not include Zod…he was more than likely part of the reason for Kryptons destruction or civil war back on krypton..not to mention he is from krypton also…u can’t…those command can come in sequel..but u can’t do s reboot mentioning origins without Zod …people that r true fans and know superman..know that…besides…y wouldn’t u want to see a new interpretation..not to mention sumone that can take superman in a fight encourages s lot of action…don’t think ur gettin the big picture here lol

    • @Arun:

      Blasphemy… how dare you hate on one of Superman’s greatest villains.



    • Someone reads the comics dont they! People who arent completely into the ‘franchise’ need a familiar villian to buy into a new chapter in the superman saga! Without bums on seats there wont be another one! They arent just making the film for Diehards they want it to be a commercial success, something which a few people forget on this site!

    • BIZARRO!

  9. Superman’s powers come from the sun. Like In Smallville at a certian age he ran fast or in Donnor’s film was able to lift the back of a truck. But as he got older he would develope his other abilities & like him they will grow stronger. It was in his DNA all along as Jor-El knew it before sending him to Earth. Him & Lara’s only concern was him being found by people who would love him & people accepting him.

    General Zod should be the same as Kal-El when arriving on Earth. Not have have some suit givng him his powers. Unless the suit is designed to boost them. Doesn’t make sense to have one Kryptonian to have natural gifts if his enemy does not the same.

    On another note. My opinion is not to see Lex Luthor or Kryptonite till the 3rd film atleast. I mean Superman 3 had Kryptonite but no Luthor, but Superman 4 had Luthor but no Kryptonite. And Superman Returns had both. So id prefer not to see both till the 3rd film. That’s just me. Bring in one or two physical threats & make it different from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy path.

    • Yes, that’s the canon from the comic books, but you’re ignoring the revelation here with regard to MOS. According to the EW article, Kal-El is special even on Krypton, so special that it causes worldwide alarm. Why is he so special? That’s the question. Maybe it’s not that he had powers from the get-go, but even just being “alarmingly special” on Krypton is a change to the canon.

    • @ Welly west
      I agree with u. I want a real take on Superman but not a mutant Superman, who have power but other from same planet not.
      Even they don’t say this but indicate this.
      May be there meaning Superman have higher power level then other newly born child. Same like Broly in dragonball Z.

      • Haha like the dragonball comparison. Makes sense. Also if all kyptons were like superman woulnt thry be a plague on the whole universe? I mean they could spread and be gods on ever habitable planet with a yellow sun.

        • That is the crux of why Zod was a villian on Krypton. The Kryptonians (who were a peaceful race with advanced science and technology) KNEW the effects that Yellow Sun radiation had on their physiology and Zod’s faction wanted to spread to worlds that allowed their abilities to manifest, but the Krytonian people, With Jor-El as one of the pre-eminent scientific leaders, believed that it would corrupt and taint their peaceful existence, so forbade it. Zod hated Jor-El with a passion and Zod’s faction rebelled against Krpyton’s rule and hence the war that destroyed Krypton. The closest system to Krypton was the Sol System (Earth) and when Zod shows up and finds the son of Jor-El alive, he seeks revenge upon the son of he who dared stand in his way to power!

    • it could also be that his abilities had to develope over time, and he grew up here, while zod is just arriving. he might have some increased strenth and such i think he may be a bit limited due to not being in the yellow sun long enough

  10. My opinion is that to much depth doesn’t mean a good story, for example TDKR it was good but not that good, to “realistic” is not that good

    • Well, depth and realism are too different things. TDKR certainly could have been both deeper and more realistic – and it was much less “realistic/deep” than TDK. (Though I should say that I did like it.)

  11. He doesn’t say that Kryptonite doesn’t exist, he just says its not in his movie. Which IMO is a good thing. Find a more clever way to take down the Man of Steel.

  12. Before he takes off, how does he make rocks and dirt levitate??

    I hope he doesn’t have telekinesis. Would be too much like looper or chronicle. imo

    • They had the same effect in Smallville so I’m not worried about that. I think its just a more modern take on “flying”.

      • No.It is not just a modern take on “flying”. It is self telekniesis it is the reason which make superman able to fly and lift heavy things.

        • Oh yeah? Cite your source.

            • “The ability to naturally defy and operate independently of gravity and propel himself through the air at will. Originally, he only had the power to jump great distances, as stated by the 1940s Superman cartoons (“Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”). Has ranged from simply being able to jump great distances using his vast strength, to beginning in late 1941 being able to accelerate, float in midair, and change direction while traveling. Later he became able to traverse interstellar distances without stopping. Lex Luthor once theorized that Superman had to stem from a gigantic planet with enormous gravity, where his species had developed natural anti-gravity organs to be able to function; on Earth, this would allow him to control his own gravimetric field in order to fly.”

              Where is your telekinesis?

              • @ Leathercheerio

                I think u don’t know, time to time superman’s abilities change and with increasing awareness of people about science come new reasons about superman’s abilities.
                The theory about u talk is so much old.
                Now read full article, try modern abilities of superman.

              • John Byrne was the one who changed how his “flying” ability works:

                “Superman’s ability to fly under his own power is explained with the concept of “self telekinesis”, an invisible telekinetic field that allows him to lift himself off the ground. Any objects that Superman touches are also enveloped by the field and this allows him to move them with the force of his will.”

                I remember this because either in or after Byrne’s 6-issue mini-series (also named “Man of Steel”), he was restrained inside a ship but was able to steer/fly it using his self-telekinesis.

                • This also explains why things don’t just shatter apart when catching them ie: a plane or chopper. It’s an aura.

                  • Maybe Superman Return is not good movie but I notice in SR that He don’t just use his strength to lift heavy object, He also use some type of mind power. When I use Google then I found It.

                    • some type of mind power? what are you talking about exactly?

                    • @ ken

                      mind power mean telekniesis.

                    • Yeah I know. I’m asking what mind power did you see in Superman Returns?

    • Which does in fact make it more realistic…which I’m ok with

    • And here was me thinking it was just because Superman was clenching his fist so hard that the tremble in his arm was sending supersonic vibrations down to the rock. This causing the snow, small rocks and dirt to swirl and pool.

      • That’s how I took it. Why does everyone wanna make him a telekinetic? Isn’t he overpowered enough?

        • It’s from him gathering the force he uses for his flight. You could call it telekinetic for lack of a better name.

          The reason “everyone” wants to “make him telekinetic” is because that’s part of the comics. The reason he can lift a building without it falling apart is because he has a field (call it telekinetic I guess) on his skin that surrounds anything he touches, holding it together. This theory was introduced in the comics years ago after readers became more aware of things like gravitic physics & leverage. At that point Superman’s powers needed better details to continue making sense.

  13. Everything I hear about this movie makes me anticipate it more. Thinking about it though, not using kryptonite isn’t surprising here – given that Zod and his gang would be equally susceptible to as Superman is, so what would be the point? Plus, given that this is Supes’ first appearance, it’s logical that the public wouldn’t have discovered his weakness yet. So, good move.

    I could see it being used down the road though, depending how the story turns out. Kryptonite could work in a humans vs Superman story (say if the government still disapproves of him, or whatever). It’s only when it’s used as a too-convenient plot device to turn the tables on Supes that it becomes ridiculous.

    As for Kal-El being special even on Krypton… we’ll have to reserve judgement on that. I hope it isn’t superpowers-related. But everything else here has me convinced it can be a great film. They’re aiming for spectacle, which already puts it ahead of Singer’s film a few years back. They’re aiming to tell a proper grounded story, relying on the other aspects that make the character great – very encouraging.

  14. This is great news, following the New 52 makes perfect sense….which is a good thing because I think the New 52 has done a great job with Superman. The last time I saw Superman vulnerable was the ‘Our Worlds At War’ storyline, where he actually was beaten emotionally, it works….you do end up caring more.

    The ‘Special even on Krypton’ idea is very interesting, could be something really radical..although the ‘Worldwide alarm’ part is confusing…..Im fine with all the changes they have made so far, but I do want his powers to come from the sun…Which I think they will, so it will be interesting to see what that means.

    Kryptonite is a tired, boring way of beating Superman….so glad thats being left out, in the second trailer there was a brief second where you see Superman falling to his knees and I did think “Not again!!”…those fears have been sorted, thankfully.

    This film should be everything Ive hoped for from a Superman film. Now give me a friggin trailer, with the new score, so I can explode with excitement. Please…

  15. The only issue I have with him not being kryptonian is that his powers have to come from that heritage, or else we won’t have a Supergirl or Powergirl, both of whom are kryptonian and both are/will be as powerful as Superman. And these characters do play some role in the evolving Superman story arch.

  16. We need to an updated trailer!

  17. Not another similar posing like Ironman, Spiderman and heck even in Sucker Punch which coincidently directed by Zack Synder. Kneel before Zod!!!! No wonder they don’t need that script anymore.

  18. Kryptonite is too often an easy plot device.

    If they bring it in for a future film I would hope they really nut out a more creative use for it. Perhaps it could also be dangerous to humans as well. Not as dangerous but enough to make it not easy to use.

  19. I’m surprised that the new photos haven’t been posted. Zod looks scary as HELL. I also like the fact that they won’t be using Kryptonite, although I did hear a while back in one reaction post from a screening that Kryptonite would be mentioned or something, but not shown. Sounds like they plan on using it in the future, but I’ll bet more than anything that they put their own spin on how it affects Clark.

  20. We’ll see. I won’t believe it till I’ve seen the film and can verify that Kryptonite isn’t in it. Wouldn’t be the first time a director has fudged on the truth.
    And this special on Krypton business..well see about that too. Sounds canon changing to me. Any superman fans confirm that? Is that weird for Superman canon? (Bats fan.. didn’t know where to start with Supernan comics)

    • It is canon changing…but think the direction their taking it in with him being of natural birth and not genetically engineered like the rest of kryptonians and having the ability to take whichever course he would like instead of what hes designed to be is s much better take..and will work

  21. The more I read about it, the more I am incline to wait for it. Man of Steel is fast becoming New 52 Superman, which I do not read. I am old school Superman, and I am not into seeing a Twilight version of Superman.

    Of course his powers are not kryptonian, on Krypton they have no powers.
    So, are they saying he is a freak while he was born on Kypton?
    Kryptonite is what it is. It is needed and something that has been played to death.
    So, we get an Superman with angst and a bit of an edge? So basically, he is unstable and can snap at anytime because he does not have the mental capacity to control himself?

    Superman has always gotten his power from the OUR yellow sun. Hence the reason he cannot survive in space out side of space suit or space ship outside the reaches of our solar system. He is nothing more than a solar conductor that gives him his ability, and with that he can be defeated, provided he can be drawn into a long out fight.

    • Oh Jeff, you are letting your age get to you lol. And I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to end up with a Team Clark or Team Zod lol. Maybe he is like Harry Potter and is the only known survivor of Zod’s wrath and has a wicked cool lightning bolt as a wound?

      • How about his power doesn’t come from the sun but from micro-bacteria called midichlorines?

        • Midichlorine?

          Aint that the stuff I put in our pool?

      • @LeatherCheerio.


    • This is clearly not an “old school” superman…its a new modernised and grounded take on him…for those not ready to move on with the times should just stick to the Reeve movies…this isn’t for the old skool people…its for the new generation and the ones ready for a change…and bet this will work out better than any other version previous

      • The problem is, the one who are ready for a change, are not the same ones who are willing to put out the money for a sequel if this does not do well.

        Marketing for Green Lantern was more than the Marketing for Man of Steel is.

        Based on the New 52, well the fan base that was prior to the New 52 are the ones who grew up with Superman, and might be turned off by the New 52.

      • @shuperman I’m all for moving on with the times and putting Superman in the modern era. But changing his background drastically is a huge mistake. It sounds as if they made him genetically altered on Krypton or something (I won’t know until I actually see the movie). But if they use a genetically altered Kryptonian to create his powers, that is not Superman’s origin.
        @Jeff W is right. Superman’s powers come from our yellow sun. Leaving Krypton and coming to Earth is what makes him a Superman…if he was on Krypton, he’d just be called man. Earth makes him super and the Kents give him humanity.

        Changing Superman’s origin is like having the story of four Earth turtles that were mutated and trained the art of ninjutsu during their teen years and love pizza becoming the story of alien turtles who know some sort of space martial arts. Should I remind you of JGL with a monocle and Bane’s breathing apparatus as Cobra Commander? Or Godzilla 1998? It’s silly to change well-known characters so drastically.

        • That’s the thing…they didn’t genetically alter him at all..that’s what the big deal on Krypton is…everyone there is genetically altered to fit a certain hobby or job…and he was a natural birth…for him to pick his own path…and its considered illegal

  22. Glad that they’re finallyy doing something something other than Kryptonite. That’s is one of the biggest reasons I don’t read and am not too crazy about Superman. They should definitely introduce it somewhere along the lines as with maybe the red sun but not in the first film. I like the ’emotionally disturbed’ idea if Superman because it gives him depth along with the story, it shows that not everything is all fine n’ dandy with the Big Blue. As for the ‘being special even on Krypton’ thing…ehhh. Time will tell, so long as they stay mostly canonical and he still draws his powers from the yellow sun I’m happy

    • + 1 for your posting name. First appearance of Spiderman… I see ya

      • Think about the article we’re posting in…

        Now think about what you wrote…

        Who is this Spiderman you speak of? :)

        I still can’t get over the history of the hyphen xD

        • Amazing Fantasy #15 (cover-dated August 1962), is the title that introduced the popular superhero character Spider-Man.

          Yay Google!

          • Love how this is all about my posting name and not my comment…lol 😉

            • Your post is pretty awesome as well lol

        • There is nothing wrong with being a comic fan posting about a comic movie. These aren’t sports teams, you don’t have to pick a side.

          • @leathercheerio I didn’t need Google. 😛

          • (facepalm)

            I was talking about the history of the hyphen in Spider-Man. They didn’t use Spiderman, which is what the guy said, because they were afraid it would confuse people with Superman (which just happens to be what this article is about).

  23. I wonder if the “special on Krypton” has anything to do with the article on screen rant last year? Anyone remember that? It was a rumor that had something to do with Kal-el being a prince and it was prophecied that he would save Earth.

  24. I’m also an old school Superman. The last thing we need is an EMO Superman for the Twilight generation. Kryptonite and powers aside, Superman embodied VALUES. He was grounded, not by his powers, but by his morality. These kids need a role model, not another emotional cripple just like them. This is exactly what I was afraid of when they started talking about “realism”.

    • Alright, I’m not trying to be a sourpuss or anything and I’m sorry if I am but can you not use the word ’emo’? I find that highly insensitive and cannot stand when I hear that word

        • As much as I didnt want to, even I couldn’t help but smile a bit. But being serious, I would prefer people try and refrain from using the word ’emo’ It’s not necessary (especially since this is Supes we’re talking about)

          • +1

          • May I use it when referring to one of the funniest comedians ever (IMO), Emo Philips?

            In all other cases, I’m in agreement with you.

    • Exactly! Superman’s SUPPOSED to be perfect! That’s who he is! He embodies values. He’s not dark like Batman. Well said, sir, well said.

  25. Where is the Marketing for Superman.

    I saw Previews and Ads for Inton Darkness, Ironman 3, Months before they even due in the movies.

    Now almost two months away, and there are only a teaser and one trailer?

    I mean for a movie that could be the start of a justice league movie, there is something to be said about being slow, I mean compare this to The Avengers or Dark Knight Rises campaigns, Man of Steel is slowly lacking.

    • Stop being such a Debbie Downer. Just enjoy the film when it comes out.

      • @LeatherCheerio

        Im cranky…Im entitled to have a middle age tantrum!


        once again!

        Pffft :)

        • “GET OFF MY LAWN!!” **Shakes broom violently at children**

          • Damn these kids nowadays! In my day we didn’t have “time-outs” we had “time’s up” and got our ass beat!

  26. Superman is very clear cut no need to make a batman out of him

  27. No kryptonite = no holding back on showing just how powerful Superman is

  28. I am ok with not having kryptonite in this movie…..but it has to be introduced at some point. That is why I would not be in favor of a Superman that didnt get his powers from Earth’s yellow sun. That same Superman who is weakened by fragments of his home planet. You can take some power away from Supes without taking away these fundamental elements of the character.

  29. I’m guessing the other Kryptonians don’t have as much power because they havn’t had as much exposure to the Earth’s sun. That’s something that could change during the course of the movie, and even in sequels.

    • That is why Superman can take on a group of Kryptonians all by himself. He’s fully charged with Yellow Sun radiation while they are not!