New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

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Man of Steel Poster New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Fresh Man of Steel story details have been in short supply lately – as attention has turned to a major marketing push for the film with the release of The Hobbit. As we’ve previously reported, Zack Snyder’s Superman film will debut a new trailer alongside The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – as both films fall under the Warner Bros. banner.

Recently, the director described the forthcoming trailer as “crazy,” a major departure from the somber (but beautiful) Man of Steel teasers, a point that is further supported by a new official poster for the film – one that features a handcuffed Superman surrounded by a heavily armed military escort.

The new poster is the “reward” that Warner Bros. promised Batman fans on the official Dark Knight Rises Facebook page two weeks ago. For every “Like” that the Dark Knight Rises countdown page received, followers would get one step closer to a sneak peek piece of Man of Steel content. Conveniently, the timing of the “unlock” coincides with the near-end of the countdown, The Dark Knight Rises releases tomorrow (at the time of this writing) on DVD/Blu-ray, but nevertheless the poster is certainly bound to generate a positive response – not to mention plenty of speculation.

Check out the new Man of Steel image below (click to enlarge):

Full Superman Man of Steel Poster 570x844 New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Aside from continuing to ground Man of Steel with a Christopher Nolan-like “serious” tone, the poster features an image that is somewhat foreign to typical Superman iconography. Instead of “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” free-flying or “Stronger than a locomotive” super-strength imagery, the Man of Steel is bound with (possibly Kryptonite) handcuffs and guarded by a group of no-nonsense soldiers.

Some fans might initially dismiss the image as little more than a provocative piece of marketing material. However, a similar in-action shot from the film (depicting Superman climbing to his feet) was later revealed to be an actual sequence from the movie – where the Man of Steel is on the receiving end of a hit that sends him careening into a vault door. As a result, expect this shot of a detained Superman to actually factor into the Man of Steel plotline.

How exactly a Superman arrest will be included is, of course, only speculation at this point – especially since the film is not going to include the hero’s usual Kryptonite-loving antagonist, Lex Luthor. Not to mention that this installment’s leading bad guy, Zod (Michael Shannon), would be equally adverse to that substance.

henry cavill1 New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Still, it’s hard to imagine a human military force successfully conquering Superman – to the point that the Kryptonian is voluntarily walking down a hallway to uncertain doom. Maybe the scene occurs early in the film (when the Man of Steel first reveals himself) or Zod could harness some form of leverage (the destruction of Metropolis, harm to a non-super powered person) in order to force a Superman surrender? We’ve seen this angle played out recently in Transformers: Dark of the Moon – where the malevolent Decepticons used hollow promises as a means to remove threats to their occupation of Earth. Maybe, much like the Autobots in Transformers 3 (who pretended to leave the planet), Superman turns himself in to temporarily appease his enemies (or critics) – buying everyone time before he regains the upper hand?

Previously, we reported on potential Man of Steel spoilers that point to a large-scale final battle sequence – and it’s certainly possible that this new image of Superman in handcuffs is merely the calm before that storm. That said, it could be Snyder’s teased Justice League connection – maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the new Batman, helps arrests the Man of Steel? Right, probably not.

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Man of Steel is currently in post-production and will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Is this a joke? A blurry, fuzzy photo with bad gradients with a vignette, lens flares and some cheap looking text that some intern must have added during his lunch break?

    This either is fake or one of the worst official poster hackjobs I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, the motive and the whole layout alright, but the execution is totally amateur level.

    • You my friend needs glasses. This image is beyond greatness. Forget the effects you see in the image and think about the story behind it.

      • I wear glasses, and I have to agree with TheLostWinchester.
        The poster looks pretty lame IMO… but Supes/Cavill looks awesome.

        • agreed supes is lookin sick

        • Yeah I thought it was fan made at first,but still excited to see the trailer

      • Didn’t I just say that I like the motive and the composition? It’s the TECHNICAL excecution that sucks. If you don’t see that you are in need of glasses.

        • p.s.: either that or you should look at the image on a proper monitor and not just your tiny little smartphone. Every crappy picture looks good on a little screen like that.

          • Hahaha so true it looks great on my phone bad on my laptop :/

          • Sorry, but this image is very poor and is being viewed on a high end editing monitor!

      • No…TheLostWinchester is write. I don’t care what the story is…the poster reeks ! Astrocious !

    • It is fake look at the officers hands holding Superman.

      • Except for the fact that this scene was in the trailer shown at comic con. Plus it was released by the studio. ZING!

      • yeah right!

        YOU THINK OFFICERS WILL GET INVOLVED LIKE THAT!…Sorry, that is Enlisted Grunt Work!

    • WOW COOL you must be a photographer with all those big words….and just keeping it a secret

    • Looks like a screen shot from a pirated cam version of the movie.

    • As if taken with a Cell Phone. Superman, judging by Comic Con footage, surrendered to the Military after some type of damage. There actually were no real photographers in the area, and if there were they were not ready for the magnitude of what they just witnessed.

      Now, as for the Handcuffs, it is what it is. A Powerful Human being with no weakness as far as the Military knows. Was proably an issue of “Give us something to trust you?” Which is the only thing Superman can do, surrender. Superman is not just an alien in our world, his existence is another world, his upbrining is of our world. So he has always been at conflict.

      Who is Superman, Who is Kal-El, Who is Clark Kent? He is our Hero, the legacy of what was once a great planet and the True Hero, who has to live among us to save us.

      There is more to the Photo, it is for the moment, not the stage, it is for the protection, not the substance.

      His Mantra has always been.

      Fighting For Truth, Justice and the American Way. How can he believe in those, if he is willing to ignore those values?

      • @ Jeff

        Those values are No-More, DC changed that alittle bit.

        • @ Wally

          Partial Truth…Judge Judy…And the Internation House of Pancakes?

  2. On Superman’s costume. The colors are toned way down. Instead of the bright primary red and blue colors, they’ve added a lot of grey tones. Darker suit/darker movie? Also, from previous photos, WB has ditched the “red underwear on the outside of his pants” part of the outfit and given him extra tight trousers, which show off his super bulge, to almost comic effect. Notice in this shot the “super bulge” is carefully shadowed so we can’t see it.

    Is this a Zack Snyder thing? Remember the blue wiener from Watchmen?

    On a positive note, both Snyder and Nolan are amazing with world building in their movies. Great gritty look feel for this one too.

    Negative? I fear for the script. David S. Goyer!! Yow!! We haven’t heard any dialog in the trailers. Hmmmm……


      Calling Therapist again!

    • as if the red underwear wasnt comical… but I will say they couldve made the crotch area like bats suit in d.knight.

      • Might aswell give Superman a armored suit like Bats

        • Please no… anything but another stupid fake kevlar rubber costume :(

    • Actually Superman’s outfit is based off the new 52 costume.

      • Didn’t the comics drop the briefs-over-tights thing a while back and just leave a red belt-looking thing? They should’ve done that with this Superman. This is looking a little too unitard-like to me.

  3. Whilst Warner’s releases this official poster for the film,
    like most “official” posters released by other studios,
    it is a poster I’ll never see in the traditional sense.

    Meaning at the movie theater before or during the film’s release.
    I don’t expect to see this poster “posted” anywhere but the Internet.

    Not that there is anything untoward about that but there should
    be a distinction between these and the more traditional posters
    one actually sees in a theater and made to a higher standard.

    • That’s true, I’m sure we won’t be seeing this image hung up inside movie theaters. At the very lest it offers discussion and speculation!

  4. As some of the other comments pointed out, the image is great as a teaser and unorthodox (kind of like the official teaser trailer) but the quality seems way too fuzzy and not quite finished.

    The scene literally is from the comic-con footage (haha same quality too, which was not that great obviously if it was captured on someone’s camera). With the music(not official) and the overall tone of the footage, it seemed epic. Seems like Superman would give himself in to show that role, that he means us no harm and to speak peacefully to world leaders (or some sort of authority). Perhaps he also uses this moment to speak on behalf Zod and truly hope that Zod is not a threat, but Zod views this is as a weakness on Kal-El’s part and aggression/evil of humans.

    Zack Snyder seems to be taking very carefully steps with this. I liked the grounded, ‘relatable’ feeling of what will occur if someone as powerful as Superman did exist a la The Dark Knight Trilogy. Nolan explained it very well in an interview that the Batman films were not trying to be realistic but treated as if that fantastical world was tangible and easier to believe in. The series slowly started becoming more fantastical with each installments and beyond ordinary- Man of Steel is continuing that elevation and escalation.

    I am not so worried with David S. Goyer since his work has been solid when working with Christopher Nolan. Here is hoping :)

  5. Ain’t the first time Superman went willing in cuffs. On Lois & Clark he did & it was funny actually seeing them trying to take prints from,etc. I loved how he was prisoner in Superman:TAS & escaped. Superman: Luthor, now that im like one of you i only ask of one request. Lex: And that is? Superman punches Lex… Superman: Thank You! Lol.

  6. I dig the tone of the poster. Yeah, it’s simple, but I don’t see how that makes this a BAD poster. It’s just Superman arrested, I don’t understand how this is a messy, terrible poster.

    I am curious if Superman is gonna personally turn himself in. I could be wrong, but he doesn’t look like he is in pain. He doesn’t look like he is affected by green kryptonite. However, maybe this film will have blue or gold kryptonite (which simply just takes away his powers, doesn’t hurt him) im surprised that so few have had the theory that other forms of kryptonite will appear in the film (as opposed to the usual green).

    Although the colors are toned down, his cape still looks bright red, which looks cool. Also, am I the only one who noticed that the S sheild on the suit is clearly red and yellow, but just red and blue in the first poster? I would prefer if (in this film) the colors were JUST red and blue. Ok, might be TOO different, but just an idea. I understand that they are just trying to do something different. In the next Superman film, I hope they base the suit more on the new 52 suit (well, except for the collar of course).

    • I have always had a problem with Kryptonite and Kal-Els Arrival. Krypton is well anywhere between 50-1000 light years away.

      Jor-El Launches Kal-El into a rocket..blah blah blah…Travling faster than the speed of light. (Based on the fact, that he is a newborn and arrives somewhere between infant and 2 years of age)

      Now the Kryptonite, traveling at an accelerated speed due to the explosion. How is it possible for Both Kryptonite and Kal-El to arrive on earth at the same amount of time?

      It would take decades to reach earth, considering the gravitational pull of celestial bodies in the wake, Krytons own suns gravity, black holes, White Dwarves, and the such.

      Now the conjecture would be the kryptonite got caught in the rockets warp/hyperspace/whatever drive. and traveled, but giving the fact that it creates a stable field, any or all should have disenegrated due to travel through space.

      Yes, Space may be a vacum, but laws of Phyics cannot be disposed of, there is relative gravity?

      • @ Jeff

        We seen Smallville’s take on that issue after the planet exploded that the impact of it had fragmants trailing Kal-El’s spaceship while most would still float in space. I havn’t watched the original film for awhile now but both the film & Smallville implied it took years for Kal-El’s ship to arrrive on earth. It would be no different from Ripley & her crew being asleep for a number of years in the Alien. There’s theories. You still age & Superman is known to also have a slower aging process while other heroes are old & retired, Superman is fighting the good fight still.

        As for Krytonite. Back to that. Most likely some of it will follow the ship, most of it won’t. Jor-El built Kal-El’s ship to protect him from Kryptonite & piloted itself safely to Earth & land where no dangerous debris would be. Allowing for Kal-El to be found & not be affected by the kryptonite. Which is why we probly never see around in the film or Smallville’s take. Not sure if the ship’s rockets would have any effect on the debris whether it did it not it would just go faster or manuever to get away from it.

        • Which Bugged me, speaking as a Pilot, but more so as a person with a degree in Physics.

          The whole dang thing smells of…..Exploding planet…Escape vector of rocketship that left the planet before it exploded and should have been well out of range. Asteroid and meteor fragments that follow would have slow down, the rocket should have been well out of the planets blast radius.

          It is just one of those things. Plus the fact that the Earth would not be in the direct path of the Kryptonite as it approached and would have been pulled towards the sun, or other heavy gravity well.

          But it is comic books, not real life. If it were, the Asteroid fields in our galaxy should be hitting earth every freaking day…oh wait…tis 17 days till the 21st…OH CRUD!

      • If Kal-El were traveling at the speed of light or beyond he would not have aged at all and any remains of Krypton would never arrive on Earth, they would be swept up by the gravity of other stars over 50 to 1000 light years.

        • Well, that also brings up another point. However, he did age some, so the time of Kyrptons destruction could have been Eons, and even faster than the speed of light, he could still age, depending on the time of his launch, and the time he arrived on earth. Hell he could have been launched a 1000 years ago, because it was said a few times, that Krypton died out ages ago.

  7. The poster looks great! I love how they show him as the villain which is exactly how the U.S. Would treat him if he just showed up flying and lifting buses. The blurriness doesn’t bother me. I can sharpen that up on my computer right now!

  8. Mmm, I’d have to agree with TheLostWinchester on this one. Unless they’re trying for the whole “gritty realistic” thing…then it works wonderfully! :)

  9. It seems pretty obvious that IT IS MEANT TO BE GRAINY, like a rushed picture of a celebrity getting arrested or something to that effect.

    I personally think this would be a moment RIGHT AFTER his first public act of heroism, where everyone would be terrified by this powerful being and so he would willingly go to the police/military for interrogation as a way to show he means no harm.

    And if they do focus on the identity issues Superman has in the comics (“how do I fit in a world I could crush without breaking a sweat?”), then they could have a very very solid story on their hands.

    • Your first statement seems to be a bit of a stretch.

  10. Superman is good to a fault no doubt something happens and he’s called to answer for perhaps destruction or deaths after a fight sequence and he willingly turns himself in. Can’t see it go any other way.. Superman can’t exactly be captured lol

  11. Aha! They finally got Supes for being an illegal alien. Where the heck do they deport him to though?

    • Lol that’s prob it. He answers for the crimes commited by zod or some such.

  12. I would love if this had something to do with Amanda Waller/Cadmus or something along those lines.

    • @ WadeWilson

      I agree. Not just Superman rest of the League aswell. Pam Grier was great as Amanda Waller imo while Angela Bassett’s take was weak.

  13. Looking forward to this movie with cautious optimism. The previous Superman movies all were pretty lame. I am looking to this one to redeem the name, though. I would have kept the red undies, tho.

    • @ Goldilocks

      Im lookin at this film with cautious Skeptism mostly. Imo Superman 1&2 were great, including Donner’s Cut. Superman Returns was ok while Superman 3 & 4 needed work. I agree about the red undies. I would like to see Reeve’s costume modernized. Atleast go with a yellow or red belt to break up the blue as he looks like he now wears jammies as one of co-workers mentioned at work.

  14. I can’t wait for Man of Steel, it’s gonna be amazing. Can’t say I like this poster to much but the story it tells gives me chills.

  15. Can’t wait for this movie!

  16. It took 25 years, but it looks like Supes is finally paying the price for the crime that was Superman IV.

    • This just my opinion but effects aside & short length of time it was, i thought Superman 4 was better than Superman 3.

      • Eh?! How can you say that? Superman 3 had the lovely Annette O Toole as Lana Lang 😉 — The Clark Kent dance 😀 Evil Superman. Super Computer Devil Machine and Scary Cyborg Lady.

        Nucelar Man was like a pro wrestler with superpowers 😛 Not exactly in Darkseid or Monguls league. But the actor was a good looking guy though. A sort of precursor to Brad Pitt.

        • Lana Lang & Clark goin back to smallville was among the nice parts of Superman 3. But selfish Superman, Super Computer w/ cyborg lady? Give me Brainiac & Bizarro instead. I like Richard Pryor but with in the film, was the film supposed to be taken serious at all outta the four films? Nuclear Man was original & served the film’s story. Plus before Doomsday was created by DC Comics, he almost killed Superman on film. Atleast Luthor wasn’t using Kryptonite in the film & id say Nuclear Man would be in Darkseid & Mongul’s league if the first thing he wanted to do when he arrived was to destroy Superman.

          • Yeah Nucelar Man was kind of badass. He was very primal and ferocious. Like a lion made man. If he had the love of a good woman and calmed down a bit. He could have became alot more interesting 😉 Yeah he almost took Big Blue out — but that was only because Superman was carrying the Statue of Liberty at the time and couldn`t properly defend himself.

            And another thing about how they related to each other: Nucelar Man was like a Toddler and Superman was like his parent, nanny or babysitter; constantly having to clean up his mess. Whether it was a tornado he made in Kansas. or a volcanic eruption in Italy.

            So inspite of how powerful Nucelar Man was. He is no where near Darkseid or Brainac`s league in my book. You need more than just strength and power to make a great villian. Great antagonist have gravitas or something about them that commands a certain level of respect, admiration or authority.

            Hell, I don`t even consider General Zod to be a heavy hitter or major player in the Dark Pantheon of Antagonist. I love Terrance Stamp portrayal of the character 😛 But Zod ain`t nothing but a failed conquer and convict. He and his cronies got bested by Jor-El when they were all just normal Kryptonians. And they got out-played by Kal-El when they were supernormal Kryptonians on Earth.

            If a superheroes greatnest is determined by the risk they take, the lives they save and the scale and range of plots & schemes that they thrawt. Then a supervillian is defined by there Ambition & Acheivements. AS the rapper T.I. said in his song: “Big things poppin.Little things stoppin.”

            What Adrien Veidt: Ozymandias pulled off in Watchmen was Ambition & Acheivement as one. What Darth Sidius accomplished in Star Wars Episode 1-6 (and especially Episode 3) was a Masterstroke of the highest caliber. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is in a League of his own! No one plays the ‘Long Game’ as well as he. No villian comes close to him.Not Richard the 3rd ( from Shakspeare Play) Not any Bond Villian or Comic Book Villian for that matter. No one comes close to his Greatest Acheivement.

            What is Zod`s greatest acheievement? A failed coup attempt of krypton 😉 What was his greatest ambition? A desire to take revenge against “the son of our jailer.” The man totally belittled himself. People tend to say that Batman has a better Rogue`s Gallery than Supes. I don`t know about that. I think Batman just tends to get better writers than Superman does. I think they should definetly try to make a Superman Trilogy akin to The Dark Knight Trilogy. In the sense that the story has a Begining, Middle and End — along with creating convincing Bad-guys who each new one becomes a believable greater threat than the last.

            After seeing The Dark Knight Rises. For me it was without question that Christopher Nolan and Co. had great judgement and showcased Batman`s most powerful, dangerous, formidable and interesting villians. Man of Steel and what comes after it; needs to do the same for Superman.

            P.S. I agree with you that the overall tone of Superman 3 wasn`t so serious. But I guess there`s just more about the film that I like than dislike :)

    • lol 😀

      • Oh if anybody is wondering; I wrote: lol 😀 to what EastOfTheAnduin wrote above.

  17. To me the blurriness gives a mood to the poster. It puts it appart from every other blockbuster film poster thats been coming out. I find it pretty awesome.. cant wait !

  18. I seriously doubt they are kryptonite handcuffs. The mere presence of it weakens him to a point he can’t even stand. More likely it is a lawful arrest and he would go along with it because he is not above the law.

  19. Wow that poster looks outta control, sick! love the new suit as well, but the “S” symbol could of been brigher if I had to pick a fault, its such an iconic sign it needs to stand out! But like I said I still love it, its basically the same out of the “New 52″, maybe a bit darker tho, ditching the red pants was a good move, boy I cant wait for this film, next June feels an eternity away. SUPERMANS TIME IS COMING

  20. It’s simple. To prove that he comes in peace and isn’t here to harm anyone and has the interest of the human race, he willingly surrenders to show his humanity and him not being harmful to earth and its beings…

    • @Nexus81 “Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender! Go spread the word. Let every Greek assembled know the truth of this. Let each among them search his own soul. And while your at it, search your own. No retreat, no surrender; that is Spartan law. And by that law we will stand and fight.”

      No offense Nexus81 but you sound like an Appeaser and Capitulater… I have no idea how you can come to define “humanity” by surrender. One of humanities greatest traits: is our ability to defy expectations. One of the 1st things that Adam & Eve do in the Book of Genesis is defy the will of God.

      If Kal-El decides to present himself as an alien visitor to planet earth. Putting him in handcuffs would not be good for Diplomatic Relation 😉 And to paraphrase Samara the Justicar: Placing restraints on someone can rightfully be seen as a hostile action.For in such a situation, both parties are not equal.The restrained person is in a much more vulnerable state and the unrestrained person are in a more favorable state.

      If you have to put someone in restraints before your willing to talk to them… your a coward! Superman is not some violent criminal.If the people of Earth are that scared of him. Perhaps he should not bother with talking with them in person and use teleconferrence technology instead.

      There going for a realistic depiction of how people would react to a powerful being such as Superman.And this could be a good thing :) Because there are two ways that you can look at it: The first image of Superman in the comics, is of him smashing a car and bystanders freaked out and runing for there lives 😛

      Which begs the question: Is Superman like an powerful animal — like a fierce lion that if you saw it in the streets you would run in your house and lock the door behind you 😀 Or is Superman like man — with how most animals instincually decide to run from us out of fear of what they believe we might do to them?

      And if this has ever happened to you before. You know, it kind of hurts your feelings a bit :( Like Borimeer said to Frodo, ” Why do you recoil, I`m no theif?!” Some may say, “Better safe than sorry.” But it really is a rather rude, hurtful and disrepectful way to treat another person. To just assume that they mean to do you harm. And you know what they say about those who “assume” 😉

  21. @goldilocks,,,,, what? Superman 77 was not lame! its a classic, and neither were the two that followed, I loved those films, everything since has been lame tho, Superman returns was a crime against Superman..

  22. Kryptonite handcuffs would kill him. I dunno if they’ll do the different colored Ks in the movies.
    They’re probably real. If Superman felt he had broken a law or done something to deserve imprisonment, he’d surrender willingly. That’s pretty basic Superman Characterization 101, he never considers himself above human justice.

  23. someone mentioned something like this above, but the pic is obviously suppose to look grainy. like someone sneakily shot it with their camera phone.presumubly a soldier thats walking in front of them that might be in trouble if caught. and everyones stoic expressions with the beaming light behind superman would suggest that its a tense situation but hes coming with them in good faith. at least thats the story i get. a little suggestion instead of spelling everything out for us seems to be the marketing for this movie…and its working!! i cant wait to see this. i hope snyder just gets signed to do justice league also.

  24. They are blurring everything around him because they want the focus to be on him. Either he is going along with being arrested because he doesn’t want to hurt them, the army are secretly under control by Zod, or could there be more Kryptonians on earth than we think? are they the new army? hmmmmmmm

  25. Remembers the scene Loki in shield custody

  26. Its not exactly complicated, The whole point of this film is to show what the world would react like if a Super powered alien suddenly turned up….your not going to call your local police station are you! Obviously the army has to get involved.

    Its probably a simple case of Superman giving himself up, nothing more. Its just a poster showing that we always fear what we dont understand…They did say they would be exploring the concept of Superman being accepted into our world and this poster just does that. Kryptonite handcuffs….come on, what the hell is that about!?

    This film is looking good and is going down a very exciting route. For all these people who STILL dont understand the difference between the film being gritty and NOT Superman being dark and gritty, need to understand that the point of making the film that way does nothing more than amplify Superman as a beacon on hope….which is what other films have failed to do. If everything around you is being destroyed and in despair then how does that make Superman darker when he is trying to stop it and help us? Surely it just shows how much he represents….or will come to represent to the people of Earth when they eventually accept him for what he is and his values, principles and everything are demonstrated in the final battle.

    Im sorry, but if you think that a slightly darker suit means that Superman will be brooding around like Batman then you are being pretty silly. I dont understand where all this is coming from. The cheesy and campy take with Superman making cheesy quips and rescuing cats isnt happening….but that doesnt mean hes going to start growling! Serious and dramatic is a damn good idea to be doing with a hero that needs an epic scale of threat to ensure that he is relevant in the first place….If the whole planet isnt in danger then whats the point of the film?

    I think Superman being serious…but a likeable and good hearted person at the same time makes the right balance…it takes out the campy cheese of the 70’s and 80’s but still allows the obvious personality of Superman to shine while being seperate from Clark Kent…who will be probably so different to Superman in these films it will be more believable that he can pull off keeping the secret. Clark will be goofy, but Superman will be strong and serious without being ‘dark’…sort of like Aragon from LOTR or that type of selfless and brave character.

    This “OMG Superman will be dark and its going to be Batman in a blue suit” rubbish is just ridiculous. It really is.

    • “Superman must take off his glasses and turn himself in…oh and every day he doesn’t, people will die…”
      “He should turn himself in.”
      “I am issuing an arrest warrant for the alien vigilante known…as Superman.”

      Sorry, I had to xD

      • ACW..I am so revoking your drama license… will get it back when you can prove you are worthy of the responsiblity. Now hand it over.

        • You know, I actually learned something from “Quantum of Solace” because the last time someone was revoked/demoted, it only took an elevator ride to get it back the hard way >:)

          • :::FACE PALM:::

  27. Yes well, as Samara the Justicar says on Illium in Mass Effect 2: Any attempt to place me in passive restraints will be deemed a hostile action.

    We don`t know the context of this photo or why Superman considered it better to allow himself to be arrested, rather than fly away. But unless the Man of Steel was under the influence of mind control and did terrible things. This image makes no sense. The reason the Kents never turned Clark over to the government (after they found out that he has special abilities and may be an alien) was to protect him and prevent this type of thing from happening.

    The image does remind me of a couple of things though. The series finale of the WB Animated Series Superman: Legacy. And one of the covers from his comic book in the 1970`s — I think the subtitle is “Alien Go Home”. From the look on Henry Cavill`s face, I`m glad to see that this Superman isn`t going to be as stoic and inhuman as other interpretations.

    In both photos that they have released there is real emotion on his face 😀 He`s thinking something — he`s feeling something. They say that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well in this new picture Kal-El looks quite concerned. Not only for himself but what acts of violence he may have to commit to set himself free. I also get the sense from looking at him that he might be thinking of something someone said to him. A sort of, “I told you this is what would happen.” moment. Clark looks like he feels that he may have made a mistake. And be in over his head.

    There is a real strong Jesus Christ like` “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” vibe to this scene as well :(

  28. The whole image seems pretty straight-forward to me. Superman voluntarily turns himself in to prevent some catastrophic event (from Zod likely).

    Notice that the troopers are walking as a kind of escort, with troopers holding his arm. This would indicate he’s being ‘presented’ to someone, either Zod or the President, etc.

    His facial expression and the lighting are deliberate, to add to the mood. I love this picture. There’s some element of sadness, with determination. The soldiers are doing a duty; they clearly don’t like it, but hey, they’re soldiers. Treat the prisoner with kid gloves and respect.

    The more I see, the more I’m looking forward to this movie.

    Also, if this is a ‘kick-off’or teaser to the Justice League movie, I can’t believe Superman is the only super-powered icon the world has seen at this point. Probably just the most powerful.