New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

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Man of Steel Poster New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Fresh Man of Steel story details have been in short supply lately – as attention has turned to a major marketing push for the film with the release of The Hobbit. As we’ve previously reported, Zack Snyder’s Superman film will debut a new trailer alongside The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – as both films fall under the Warner Bros. banner.

Recently, the director described the forthcoming trailer as “crazy,” a major departure from the somber (but beautiful) Man of Steel teasers, a point that is further supported by a new official poster for the film – one that features a handcuffed Superman surrounded by a heavily armed military escort.

The new poster is the “reward” that Warner Bros. promised Batman fans on the official Dark Knight Rises Facebook page two weeks ago. For every “Like” that the Dark Knight Rises countdown page received, followers would get one step closer to a sneak peek piece of Man of Steel content. Conveniently, the timing of the “unlock” coincides with the near-end of the countdown, The Dark Knight Rises releases tomorrow (at the time of this writing) on DVD/Blu-ray, but nevertheless the poster is certainly bound to generate a positive response – not to mention plenty of speculation.

Check out the new Man of Steel image below (click to enlarge):

Full Superman Man of Steel Poster 570x844 New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Aside from continuing to ground Man of Steel with a Christopher Nolan-like “serious” tone, the poster features an image that is somewhat foreign to typical Superman iconography. Instead of “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” free-flying or “Stronger than a locomotive” super-strength imagery, the Man of Steel is bound with (possibly Kryptonite) handcuffs and guarded by a group of no-nonsense soldiers.

Some fans might initially dismiss the image as little more than a provocative piece of marketing material. However, a similar in-action shot from the film (depicting Superman climbing to his feet) was later revealed to be an actual sequence from the movie – where the Man of Steel is on the receiving end of a hit that sends him careening into a vault door. As a result, expect this shot of a detained Superman to actually factor into the Man of Steel plotline.

How exactly a Superman arrest will be included is, of course, only speculation at this point – especially since the film is not going to include the hero’s usual Kryptonite-loving antagonist, Lex Luthor. Not to mention that this installment’s leading bad guy, Zod (Michael Shannon), would be equally adverse to that substance.

henry cavill1 New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Still, it’s hard to imagine a human military force successfully conquering Superman – to the point that the Kryptonian is voluntarily walking down a hallway to uncertain doom. Maybe the scene occurs early in the film (when the Man of Steel first reveals himself) or Zod could harness some form of leverage (the destruction of Metropolis, harm to a non-super powered person) in order to force a Superman surrender? We’ve seen this angle played out recently in Transformers: Dark of the Moon – where the malevolent Decepticons used hollow promises as a means to remove threats to their occupation of Earth. Maybe, much like the Autobots in Transformers 3 (who pretended to leave the planet), Superman turns himself in to temporarily appease his enemies (or critics) – buying everyone time before he regains the upper hand?

Previously, we reported on potential Man of Steel spoilers that point to a large-scale final battle sequence – and it’s certainly possible that this new image of Superman in handcuffs is merely the calm before that storm. That said, it could be Snyder’s teased Justice League connection – maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the new Batman, helps arrests the Man of Steel? Right, probably not.


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Man of Steel is currently in post-production and will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. boy this is gonna be good ….goosebumps !

    • You meant to say, “I hope this is good” The studio is hoping “This better make bank” Everyone wants a great Superman movie. We all wanted that with Superman Returns; instead, we got a skinny Superman, who looked more boyish than anything; a HORRIBLE lois lane and one good action scene. WARNER BROS BETTER DELIEVER OR THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE MAY GET PUSHED BACK BEYOND 2015.

      • first of all Bryan Singers SR reminisced Richard Donner’s film that`s the reason it wasn’t successful poor cast, poor story line. I`m confident that MOS will do better in the sense that it has a different theme to it as you can see the new poster its just an eye opener looking at SUPERMAN getting arrested …come on !

  2. I can’t wait

  3. Where’s the S curl!…lol

    Movie looks good.

  4. If reboot Spider-Man can break out of a pair of handcuffs, so can reboot Superman

  5. Holy Crap.

    United States really is cracking down on Illegal Immigation.

    • +1

    • lol

  6. Immigration too

    • I like Immigation better.

  7. Not the biggest Superman fan but this film looks very promising.

  8. Nolan produced, Snyder directed Superman film. High expectations.

  9. Kryptonite handcuffs? Come on, Ben. Obviously, Superman willfully goes along to prove he is not above the law.

    • I did say “possibly” but, in fairness, they don’t look like regular old handcuffs either. It seems silly to me to think that, after seeing all the crazy things he can do, the police would bother to simply slap a regular set of handcuffs on him.

      I agree with the idea that he surrenders to gain trust or appease Zod but what’s the point of the handcuffs if they already know he is super powered?

      • Because they’re stupid, ignorant of his powers, or because it’s all they have.

      • It’s symbolic Ben. Jesus…

        • Ha! Except that it is actually going to be footage in the film. We’ll see how they explain it.

          • That’s not what I meant. Those are not symbolic handcuffs, handcuffing someone has symbolic meaning, which can very well be a part of the narrative.

            • @pli pli:

              That’s possible, but just because something is symbolic, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to make sense in the storyline. It still has to be a coherent scene that makes sense, assuming they want this to be a coherent movie.

            • I tend to agree.

      • Any chance batmam dropped a “gift” of handcuffs to use on supes?

      • I have a feeling that the person behind the arrest is lex luthor and this will be how they introduce him to the DC universe

      • The handcuff are for the visuals. If he didn’t have them you’d have no idea what’s going on the poster other than supes taking a stroll with military like he’s with them.

    • haha, i was thinking the exact same thing!

      • Im just throwin out ideas.

    • It reminds me of Hancock going to jail. He could break out at any moment but didn’t (sorry for the Will Smith reference).

      • I didn’t mind the first half of the movie, I didn’t mind the second half of the movie. I just wish that they had produced the second half of the first movie, and the first half of the second movie, because someone, somewhere, took those two movies and mashed them together in a way that didn’t fit.

        • what?

  10. I think he is going voluntarily and those are regular handcuffs. This is probably right around the time he reveals himself and he is trying not to make humans fear him. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but it’s looking better and better to me.

    Also, why does he have the S curl as Clark and not as Superman? Wassup with that?

    • Kind of has a facial expression that says “this is pointless”. Waiting for a michael shannon or russel crowe one.

    • Better aerodynamics lol

  11. I really want to see some footage of Shannon as Zod, he is an amazing actor. Watch Boardwalk Empire if you lack any confidence that he can pull off a menacing villain

    • Oh im waiting out of pure excitement. Havnt started boardwalk yet but his performance in take shelter was phenomenal. And i met him and got his autograph at ebertfest. I even chatted with him for 3 minutes, super akward in a creepy way dude.

      • Lol. I could totally see that.

  12. Here’s what I think, Zod is causing chaos, and since he and Superman share the same origin, Superman hands himself over to the government to show that he is not like Zod, he can be trusted. Superman could break out of the cell and handcuffs (does not look like kryptonite hand cuffs to me) but he wont, because he wants to gain the trust and support of the people, and the world.

    Just my opinion.

  13. Where is the frigging S on his forehead?!!! Is nothing sacred? If you don;t want to make a Superman movie then make something else. But don;t ‘reinvent’ Superman. He has survived just fine the way he is and nobody was complaining. Jeez.

    • What are you talking about?..I mean I’m down with your opinion if you have something against the movie. But I honestly got lost on what point you’re trying to make in that comment.

      • They’re talking about his classic S curl in his hair… Small potatoes to me.

    • Are you serious everyone has been saying he need to be modernize and updated. He doesn’t have his curl in the New 52.

  14. This picture is from a scene in the comic con trailer, I personally think that the cuffs are not made out of kryptonite. I believe he is willfully being taken in. But who knows….we will find out June 24th

  15. This picture is from a scene in the comic con trailer, I personally think that the cuffs are not made out of kryptonite. I believe he is willfully being taken in. But who knows….we will find out soon

  16. This picture is from a scene in the comic con trailer, I personally think that the cuffs are not made out of kryptonite. I believe he is willfully being taken in. But who knows, will find out soon

  17. If memory serves, one of the old TV episodes (Christopher Reeves-Superman) Superman is arrested. He can break free, but because he is a law abiding citizen he goes through the motions. He does not resist. I’m wondering if this is what is happening here? Just a thought. (Wish I could remember the name of the episode of the old show with this story line).

  18. I never knew a poster could look this epic, but also this stupid…

    • 1+

    • The “epic” I agree with. Why do you think it also looks stupid?

      • Low quality, grainy photo with bad greyish tint. Distracting, almost cliche, bright light shining from behind and Supes in handcuffs (it looks weird).

        Cavill still looks bad-ass though, but I really hope this won’t be the main-poster lol.

        • Fair enough…it’s not the image itself; it’s the quality of the image. THAT I can understand.

          I imagine this is more like a WTF? teaser poster than THE “Man of Steel” poster. It doesn’t feel “finished” to me…

          • To me I think that the blurriness around Superman is to just put the focus on him with the light behind him just popping him out even from the rest of the crowd. I like how they balanced everything so that your eyes are focused directly on Superman.

  19. Cool! He actually looks very alien in his costume in comparison to those soldiers.

  20. My Bad, meant George Reeves! Having a senior moment. LOL!

  21. This picture is awesome. Considering how steel handcuffs to the Man of Steel is just like those plastic dollar-store handcuffs are to us, I’m pretty sure this shot is just Superman trying to show the civilians that he’s not a threat to them. He’s likely going along just to talk and make them feel safe. But if anything gets rough he could break out in an instant. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zod came in and started wreaking havoc, hence the vault scene.

  22. Why is it so fuzzy? Doesn’t look very official. :???:

    • I agree with ezra, it looks like they took a screenshot from the actual movie and just cropped it… if not that, they tried to do some artsy gibber-jabber and failed miserably.

  23. This is definitely a scene from the movie. In the comic con trailer, you can clearly see this scene happening in action. In fact, it kinda looks like the studio just took a screen capture of the scene, as this poster is in relatively poor quality for a superhero blockbuster poster.

    And regarding the handcuffs, I’d venture to say it’s not kryptonite handcuffs. Kryptonite is (supposedly) hard to come by, and also, if this is his origin where he’s just revealing himself to the world, I doubt the US Government would have so much of it, let alone any. Also, I feel like kryptonite is a way too convenient plot device, and I would hope that Snyder and Nolan would want to stay away from it as much as possible.

    If I had to guess, I’d say that Superman is giving himself up to show that he’s on the US’s side.

  24. VERY BAD POSTER from a screencap taken from the comic con trailer. Embarassingly bad.

  25. The saddest part is I’m almost 100% sure I know what photo editor and effects they used to make this…

    • It looks fan made, doesn’t look convincing to me

  26. Even Superman has the look on his face like “These guys seriously don’t think they can hold me, do they?”

  27. I wonder if either of those two soldiers are scared to be holding him like that? Because we know he could just lazily flex his arms and break both of their hands.

    • LMao !

  28. If the motif of the poster is representing themes of the movie, then his arrest is plausable.
    In case US military has hands on cryptonite, or a gun to a relatives head of Superman for extorsion or other purposes, then i’m ok with that.
    As super Superman is, todays US, French, UK, Israeli military is a mach to a god, just search in youtube what crazy military hardware has been delivered since last superman (2006) movie, i’m not even talking about railguns and other concept weapons, if Superman is not faster than light then he can be killed by todays military warheads infused with or without cryptonite.

    • Modern Superman? Perhaps.

      Golden Age Superman? After working with alien biologicals in his Fortress of Solitude he takes a brief dip in the sun to ensure there are no surviving alien bugs to be spread to his human coworkers.

      No, not so much.

  29. this sucks… where’s his red under-roos and his trade mark s curl… boo, and where is superdog. this movie isn’t being true to the comic book… BOOOO!!!!

    • Haha superdog.

      Boooo. Urns.