New ‘Man of Steel’ Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

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Man of Steel Poster New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Fresh Man of Steel story details have been in short supply lately – as attention has turned to a major marketing push for the film with the release of The Hobbit. As we’ve previously reported, Zack Snyder’s Superman film will debut a new trailer alongside The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – as both films fall under the Warner Bros. banner.

Recently, the director described the forthcoming trailer as “crazy,” a major departure from the somber (but beautiful) Man of Steel teasers, a point that is further supported by a new official poster for the film – one that features a handcuffed Superman surrounded by a heavily armed military escort.

The new poster is the “reward” that Warner Bros. promised Batman fans on the official Dark Knight Rises Facebook page two weeks ago. For every “Like” that the Dark Knight Rises countdown page received, followers would get one step closer to a sneak peek piece of Man of Steel content. Conveniently, the timing of the “unlock” coincides with the near-end of the countdown, The Dark Knight Rises releases tomorrow (at the time of this writing) on DVD/Blu-ray, but nevertheless the poster is certainly bound to generate a positive response – not to mention plenty of speculation.

Check out the new Man of Steel image below (click to enlarge):

Full Superman Man of Steel Poster 570x844 New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Aside from continuing to ground Man of Steel with a Christopher Nolan-like “serious” tone, the poster features an image that is somewhat foreign to typical Superman iconography. Instead of “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?” free-flying or “Stronger than a locomotive” super-strength imagery, the Man of Steel is bound with (possibly Kryptonite) handcuffs and guarded by a group of no-nonsense soldiers.

Some fans might initially dismiss the image as little more than a provocative piece of marketing material. However, a similar in-action shot from the film (depicting Superman climbing to his feet) was later revealed to be an actual sequence from the movie – where the Man of Steel is on the receiving end of a hit that sends him careening into a vault door. As a result, expect this shot of a detained Superman to actually factor into the Man of Steel plotline.

How exactly a Superman arrest will be included is, of course, only speculation at this point – especially since the film is not going to include the hero’s usual Kryptonite-loving antagonist, Lex Luthor. Not to mention that this installment’s leading bad guy, Zod (Michael Shannon), would be equally adverse to that substance.

henry cavill1 New Man of Steel Poster: Can You Arrest Superman?

Still, it’s hard to imagine a human military force successfully conquering Superman – to the point that the Kryptonian is voluntarily walking down a hallway to uncertain doom. Maybe the scene occurs early in the film (when the Man of Steel first reveals himself) or Zod could harness some form of leverage (the destruction of Metropolis, harm to a non-super powered person) in order to force a Superman surrender? We’ve seen this angle played out recently in Transformers: Dark of the Moon – where the malevolent Decepticons used hollow promises as a means to remove threats to their occupation of Earth. Maybe, much like the Autobots in Transformers 3 (who pretended to leave the planet), Superman turns himself in to temporarily appease his enemies (or critics) – buying everyone time before he regains the upper hand?

Previously, we reported on potential Man of Steel spoilers that point to a large-scale final battle sequence – and it’s certainly possible that this new image of Superman in handcuffs is merely the calm before that storm. That said, it could be Snyder’s teased Justice League connection – maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the new Batman, helps arrests the Man of Steel? Right, probably not.


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Man of Steel is currently in post-production and will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I think this poster is so very awesome!

  2. whatever!! let see if cavill performance was much better than chris reeves in a different approach of superman. Actually if cavill succeed as superman then it was a justice league movie,the success of the avengers surpass the dc comics…

  3. Yes, all very clever.

    Zack Snyder didnt write the story, Goyer and Nolan did…he is simply putting it on the screen and even if you didnt like Watchmen, 300 or Suckerpunch the simple fact is they were visually great and thats what the film needs….which is fine by me when the story is done by proven writers.

    Tim Burton can f*ck off being anywhere near a Superman film….all these idiots complaining that this Superman will be dark…(which it wont be, serious isnt dark) there is a reason Tim Burton didnt do Superman…because it would turn out to be the worst film ever made.

    Plus as long as this film is great, he can have as many hookers as he likes.

    • @ Metal

      Superman looks dark, gritty in a realistic tone as Nolan’s Batman imo. Notice how darken the colors are on Superman’s costume? If they use Bizarro down the road, his costume would pretty much blueish grey or black colored to be darker than Superman’s. Just somthing to think about. LOL, makes me laugh really when Nolan & Snyder really trying to distance MOS from TDK trilogy when it’s so obvious they’re making the film look like those films from pictures, to teaser trailers, etc. People can be in such denial of it.

      • I don’t really mind that MOS my be darker. The world is a dark place, Supes saw that and took action, if the world he lived in was perfect he wouldn’t have decided to become a hero

  4. I certainly hope he doesn’t ‘reveal himself’. Lets keep this pg13.

  5. I don’t really mind that MOS my be darker. The world is a dark place, Supes saw that and took action, if the world he lived in was perfect he wouldn’t have decided to become a hero and to help people if no one was ever in trouble. It may be dark but, im.waiting to judge it when I can see the whole movie

    • Whatever happen to it just being a movie? Especially if MOS is could launch a shared universe with alot a unreal threats? That’s what to love about Marvel Studio’s films because they balance reality with fantasy with the characters. Superman isn’t supposed to be a dark character.

      • A “movie” is a story told in an audio/visual medium. It can be about anything. The story can be based on actual events or a What if…

        “Whatever happened to it just being a movie?” The silver screen is one of the most powerful mediums that mankind has created.You might be selling it short.

        A comic book of course is a story told in a visual only medium; but look at how much they`ve been through over the years. Government witch hunts, the Comics Code, influence on young minds that led many into profession in science, technology and the arts.

      • no but the universe the movie takes place in needs to be as dark as possible for supes to bring his two best attributes to bear… his ability to inspire, and his penchant for self sacrifice.

        so i say make the movie as dark as possible, it’ll make supes shine all the brighter lol

  6. I’m surprised no one has got it yet!! Both in the first teaser and now in this poster, it seems like the shots of superman is from an amateur reporter. In the teaser the shot of him zooming in the air is like someone looking through a lens from a plane window and zooming in with a photography camera possibly, and this one is like someone has took a shot in the hallway as he is being escorted by. Jimmy Olsen? There could be a third person narrative theme going on. We shall see

  7. Didn’t Supes gets arrested early on in the New 52 run?

  8. I really hate promotional material that tries to raise questions or be mysterious. We should be able to look at a promotional image and immediately “get” it–and want to see the film all the more as a result. Stuff like this just feels exploitative and insecure.

  9. you mad bro?

  10. i don’t care what happens in this movie, i just want to see Henry Cavil shirtless and check out his super package and see him super punch Zod in cool Zach Snyder slow mo.

  11. Read my comment on page 2…..Superman isnt going to be g****** dark!!!! Why cant anyone grasp it!?

    • I agree with you and have said the same thing several times. You’re simply NOT going to convince anyone who has made up his mind to be negative, sadly.

  12. I used to enjoy these big budget family films. Since Nolan came along they’ve drained all the fun out of these characters. Superman is meant to be optimistic. That darkened costume says it all, really! Plus the tone of the teaser trailer. Getting bored with all this ‘make it gritty’ marketing BS. Thank Gawd Peter Jackson still has a sense of story-telling humour and balances the light/dark successfully. If I want dark/gritty I’ll turn on any news channel… I want escapism in my Superhero movies, and to come out of the flicks on a high…

  13. Or maybe he was accused of a crime and voluntarily surrendered himself to the authorities instead of becoming a fugitive. People seriously need to think before they speak. I’m not the biggest Superman fan and even I know he’d follow the law even though he doesn’t have to. Shame on any Superman fan who immediately thought that Superman was man-handled into being handcuffed.

  14. The color is way too dark and the “modern” suit design is comparable to the “electric Superman” of the 90′s. The costume is a vital part of the character. So far Im very underwhelmed. This modernization makes Superman look like anything but Superman.

  15. I find it astonishing how people are towards the film. To me the suit looks ok but it’ll probably look great when he’s in action. why are people so bothered about this realistic take on it? Isn’t the most important thing the storyline? So if it turns put to be the best comic book film ever made people will still say “don’t like the suit that much”. It’s all about the story. Just wait and give it a chance

    • Its actually unreal how stupid people sound when they already start the slagging off of this film.

      I can bet these are the same people that probably wanted more drama, more relevant, more modern, more up to date, better effects, less cheesy Superhero films…..and wanted this to be applied to every comic film they have seen!…

      …as soon as this happens, its slagged off. Typical and pathetic.

      Before all you ‘fans’ do what you usually do and complain before you have seen anything whatsoever footage wise, consider this.

      1) The Suit: Do not sit there and slag it off because its a slightly darker shade of blue, get a grip. Why is it such a problem? It looks better. Bright blue and bright red underpants worked in the 70′s. Great, we all love those films. Move on….it didnt work in Superman Returns. If you cant move on from a simple change of costume…you should probably give up now. How many times has Batman’s suit been changed? Countless you still went to see those movies! The suit looks good. Stop whining and give it a chance.

      2) Dark: No…Superman WONT be dark, the FILM will be darker than any other Superman film we have seen. I use the term ‘dark’ extremely loosely, its going to be a “serious” take on Superman. You want Superman to be done properly? Then how do you expect that to happen without a plausible, well written and relevant story? Serious does NOT mean dark, it doesnt mean ‘like Batman’…it simply means putting everything you love about the character into a story you could possibly believe and relate to. Anyone who cant understand this is a hypocrite and plain stupid, considering what Zack Snyder and Nolan and Goyer have said about the film. Read their takes on the film….as they made the damn thing… and learn something.

      3)Simples: If you still cant get past these issues. Dont slag off the film you havent seen anything of, dont go and see it. Just sit at home watching Superman 1-4 and do what the rest of us do….imagine how we could make it better in our own way….then do nothing about it…and continue to slag off any other Superman film that doesnt conform to your imagination, because thats useful and intelligent.

      4) Stop whining: (self explanatory)


      • Love it! well said! I for one cant wait to see this film. Everything about it ive read and seen is f***ing awsome!

  16. Well, dark and realistic is what the modern movie goers like to see now. Why do you think the current interpretation of James Bond has gone so brutal? Because Jason Bourne happened and set the bar too high on spy thrillers films. Tuxedo, suits and cool-tech isn’t everything, but realism is. Same thing with this. An individual with superhuman strength, who turns out to be from another planet and raised here on earth, will simply be accepted by society with open arms? I DON’T THINK SO. That’s what this poster of the new Man of Steel is trying to explain–the reality of it. The fact that he allows himself to be arrested is part of his efforts to be accepted by society, same reason he’s using his superhuman capabilities to do good deeds. If I have superhuman strength and can fly around, I’m pretty sure I’d be finding myself being chased F-22 Raptors at some point as the government would see me as a national security issue.

    • Take a bow son. You found the words I’ve been trying to get across to people. Couldn’t have put it better myself

      • Agree.

  17. Well i actually like the new suit. It just looks cooler. Though i never understood how superman conceals his identity by…. a pair of glasses?! :O

    I hope they give an explanation in MOS. Batman and Superman FTW

  18. Lets stick on subject shall we! So can you really arrest Superman ? The answer is a resounding NO! Not unless he lets you, You don’t arrest the MOS in the teasers you hear his father say people fear what the don’t understand do you think there ready? My guess he gives himself up Zod unleashes a robot army with a doomsday weapon and they then call on superman to save humanity…..just a guess!

  19. Superman lets you arrests him you don’t overpower him then a unnamed general releases a robot army with a doomsday weapon and you let him go from jail so he can save your ass just a guess?

    • Oh look my first comment made it as well yayyyy

  20. I kind of hope the writers left Kryptonite out of the story, for once. Granted, Superman is written as so ridiculously, irresistibly powerful that some sort of plot device had to be inserted to temper that (however hokey the mere proximity of a piece of his homeworld negating all that power might be). But it’s been way overdone in past films and especially on the Smallville series, where it seemed that at least every other episode, somebody was whipping out “meteor rock” and making Clark look more like a vulnerable infant who was constantly losing his powers than a guy who would one day become the most powerful superhero on earth. Let’s hope for a more inventive story climax than the old “somebody gets the drop on Superman with Kryptonite, he almost dies, but someone saves him from it just in time for him to power back up and kick booty” device. Hopefully, with the presence of an equally-powerful opposing Kryptonian, they won’t be resorting to that again.

  21. its not dark! just not cheap and gimmicky. and i dont think hes been over powerd in this pic. the term come quitely springs to mind. as superman is about love and peace. the army obviously fear him. and want to claim him. and hes not going to risk hurting anyone in his escape.
    cant wait fot this film. its going to be AMAZING!!!!

  22. Ben Kendrick, do you seriously think that those handcuffs are or could be made out of Kryptonite?

    If so, why as Earthlings do we not start wearing handcuffs that are made of plutonium or uranium already?

    No offence.