Michael Shannon Rumored For ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Villain Role

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The search is on for an actor to play the adversary opposite Henry Cavill’s Kal-El in director Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel. Yesterday brought the news that Edgar Ramirez could be in contention for the part and now there’s word that Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon is being considered as well.

Snyder recently shot down the rumor that Viggo Mortensen will portray General Zod in the Superman reboot – though the filmmaker refrained from outright denying that the criminal Kryptonian would be featured in the movie. While Snyder also dismissed the Zod rumors as false last fall, he too avoided flat-out denying the character’s appearance.

Deadline is the source of this rumor about Shannon, who’s long been known as an excellent character actor who has worked largely in independent fare, but has appeared in numerous mainstream movies as well. Shannon earned an Oscar nod for his role in Revolutionary Road and has recently been garnering additional accolades for his work on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. He also appeared in Jonah Hex last year, but then again, nobody’s perfect.

Shannon is an interesting prospect to play a Superman villain, as he has neither a background in action like Ramirez and Mortensen, nor a reputation for portraying intimidating characters onscreen, like Daniel Day-Lewis.

That’s not to say he wouldn’t be able to pull off Zod, but Shannon seems more fit to follow in the footsteps of two other great character actors (Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey) and play a mind-over-matter antagonist like Lex Luthor – though we know a lot of fans aren’t crazy about the idea of Luthor being brought back again in Man of Steel.

Michael Shannon in The Runaways Michael Shannon Rumored For Superman: Man of Steel Villain Role

Shannon in ‘The Runaways’ – kind of Luthoresque, yes?

Promoting today’s release of Sucker Punch over the last few weeks has provided Snyder with opportunities to talk more about his approach to the Superman mythology. He’s already referring to Man of Steel as his most “realistic” film yet in terms of visual style and has called out the cinematic incarnation of the character as being “broken” in its current state.

Bryan Singer tried to give the costumed hero a makeover while paying homage to previous Superman movies with Superman Returns back in 2006, but the final product was neither the critical or financial hit that Warner Bros. wanted. Snyder is applying a different tact by making Man of Steel a true reboot that still respects the classic canon of the superhero. The question at this point is whether or not that approach will work, especially if Snyder is going to revisit the villain pool from previous Superman films.

While I’m personally interested in learning more concrete information about the project, the task of modernizing Superman, while still remaining true to his character’s traditional values, seems feasible to me. I quite liked Alan Moore’s complex portrayal of the superhero in stories like “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorow?” and “For the Man Who Has Everything…”, so I know it can be done.

Can Snyder pull off a similar move with Superman: Man of Steel? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I think overall the filmmaker has to give us new villains, new love interests and new stories in this new Superman film series. They should utilise the villains and love interests that weren’t included in the previous films. I hope Lex Luthor and General Zod are left out of the movies for a while. This is a second chance to get it right. This is an opportunity.

    • How can Superman possibly have a different love interest?

      • There is Lana Lang but I think Smallville kinda touched that to the point of no use.

        • Yes but even in the comics, Lana was someone that Clark was in love with as a high school teenager, and I think Smallville has covered that quite extensively.
          If this is simply Smallville the movie, then why didnt they just make a Smallville movie?

          • That’s what I kinda just said, good Doctor.

          • and this Isn’t a smallville movie. in case you didn’t know.

            • Of course I know that, I don’t think you understood my point.

              • Its a Smallville Movie has touched just about every character they could have in the movie.

          • @ Dr.Sambeckett

            That would be somthing wouldn’t? If they casted someone as Lana Lang instead of Lois Lane for this reboot. If they did that, then we got Smallville: The Movie that some people been against. Then again, like Batman Begins have a different love interest entirely unless fans wouldn’t mind Cat Grant.

            • Like I said, if they had Lana instead of Lois, it would just seem like a Smallville retread.

      • i’m sure there are others in the cannon–lana, though i thought the actress in the T.V. series sucked in that–or just inventing a new one, like Batman Begins did.

        • I wouldnt compare Batman in this regard, the character and actresses that played Rachel were so irritating, the films would have been way better without her in them.

          • i liked the character of Rachel, personally. and i thought Maggie Gyllenhaal did a great job with her portrayal of her. it was a great character for the story.

            • And most people hated the character of Rachel.

              • Here, here!

                Rachel “Blown Up Mid-Sentence” Dawes was lame, lame, lame – even Vicky “I Scream Way Too Much” Vale was better.

                • Ha, that amused me!

          • Dr., I think the skies just opened up because you wrote something I fully agree with.

            I agree that the Rachel character was annoying, and that’s probably mostly because of the actresses they chose to play her.

            Katie Holmes was just too young to play an assistant DA, and Maggie Gyllenhaal? Well, I’ve already bashed her quite a bit over time, so I’ll just say she was annoying and wasn’t believable either in the role.

            I won’t go so far as to say I celebrated when she got blown to bits, but I know of people who cheered when that happened. I wasn’t too saddened by it. I was more worried about Harvey’s suit catching on fire. :)

        • Actually, there were only three (excluding any of the girls he may have been set up with and/or gone on a single date with or met at a party): Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, and Lois Lane.

          • I really doubt they will use Lori.

          • If they used Lori than I think they would have to use Atlantis and I don’t think that would work in a Superman film.

          • @ Archaeon

            Cat Grant would be another another girl.

            • But Cat couldnt really serve as a love interest. And I really hope she isnt in this movie, while I like waht they did with her in Smallville, the character isnt needed.

              • @ Dr.Sambeckett

                Good point,perhaps someone who has a crush on Clark in a sequel. I wouldn’t want her in the movie neither. I liked how she was played out in Smallville, but found her annoying in Lois & Clark series.

                • I think even the producers hated Cat in Lois and Clark, hence why she was only in the first season and never mentioned again.

            • …not as a love interest…unless they completely change her character. I’m sure we’ll not have Lori OR Cat (except, perhaps, as a co-worker at the “Daily Planet”).

              • I think they could bring Cat in for a sequel, as a foil for Lois.

            • Maybe Cat Grant can be there just for Clark/Superman to have a little Catnap with her. ;) OK, maybe not… :P

        • i dont really think you can make a comparison between superman and batman about the love interest. Whether you liked the character of rachel or not, it doesnt matter that making up a love interest worked in batman begins. Batman doesn’t have a definitive love interest like superman does. Batman has more of a flavor of the month kind of women, every movie/comic/series he is with a different women or after a different woman or something. He is a billionaire playboy whereas clark is a serial monogomist.

          IMO the only way to not have lois in the movie is to not have a love interest at all. Anything else will either end up too much like smallville or just be dumb.

      • was thinkin the exact same question

    • huh, new love intrest? Villians i can understand , but love intrest, Cat Grant , god I hope not.

  2. Lex has to be in this film. Not in the same capacity as the others for sure, but he is as essential to Superman as Alfred is to Batman, make him a scientist like he is in the comics, or a real corporate titan like he is in Smallville. Give Lex some real menace, he is the smartest man on the planet.

    • ONE of the smartest men in the Dc universe, not THE smartest. However i agree Lex is as much apart of superman as is Lois, but more importantly, Lex is a Part of Metroplis, You cant have the city with out Lex being apart of it.

      • You’re right there. Not having Lex is like not having Superman in a cape. Oh god, I really hope Snyder didnt hear that, he is just the kind of douche that would take away the cape!

        • Something tells me that they could have Lex in there but more as a setup for the sequel (maybe more obvious than a joker card in batman begins for joker but you gwt my point). Would make sense that clark must fight something (other kryptonians, braniac, natural disasters who knows) that makes his existence known to the world and thus to lex luthor allowing for luthor to get his hate on in the sequel.

          • I really think the hate is pretty much already established in this film. He can appear antagonistic and show his hate for Superman, but unless he has superpowers, working with a grade A rogue (like Brainiac, Zod, or Metallo) or is in his robotic suit that’s laced with Kryptonite, than I highly doubt he’ll be a villain for any of the films.

    • No way man. No Lex in atleast the first one.

    • Lex MUST be in it! I mean yeah, must!!!

  3. Shannon does feel like a Luthor, but I think Tom Hardy would be the best choice, but since Batman 3 is already a schedule consumer he wont have the time.

    And will everybody stop saying that if Luthor is in the movie he’s automatically the main villain of the film. Believe it or not there have been stories in the past that have him as just an antagonistic supporting character.

  4. Anyone that has seen Revolutionary Road…or Boardwalk Empire for that matter, can see that Shannon has the acting chops to pull off a convincing menacing and mentally unstable character.

    In my opinion, if it wasn’t for Heath’s amazing performance as The Joker, Michael Shannon would have walked away from the Academy Awards with Oscar Gold, hands down.

    • Is it bad that the only thing I’ve seen Shannon in is Lucky You, in which he had a small role as a rather obnoxious poker player?

  5. He has the look of Lex and i’m sure he could pull off a mad scientist or titan of the corporate industry as well.

    • Actually I agree, he could be Lex.

      • yeah I hadn’t thought of having Shannon in this film in any capacity. But now that it rumored for him to be a villain, i think it makes perfect sense, esp. for Luthor

        • He’s not an actor I’m overly familiar with, but he has the look of crazed intelligence that Lex Luthor needs.

          • Is it me or does this guy look exactly like Jack O’Halloran who played Non in Superman 2?? Zod, Ursa and Non were all kept alive in the proper Donnar verson of Superman 2. Forget the love interest, I want to see Superman beating villans to a pulp and Lex Luthor downing him with Kryptonite!!

            • I’ll agree, there is a resembalance.

              • Day-Lewis, Emily Blunt and this guy as all three!! Perhaps throw in Downey Jr as a nut job Lex Luthor (unlikely) and you got yourself a film!!

                • Sorry but I don’t like Daniel Day Lewis for Zod at all. And Emily Blunt would make a better Lois than Ursa. IMO

                  • Lois Lane was not british or fit but Emily is both as Ursa was. If no Day Lewis for Zod then lets go for broke and get Tom Hardy, Strider from LOTR is a rubbish choice

                    • Blunt is capable of doing an accent, or are you forgetting that Henry Cavill is british too? lol. Hardy can’t be Bane and Zod, although he would be a good Lex. I’d rather Hardy was the next James Bond.

                    • I’m English and im not a big fan when brits are used as Americans and vice versa when there are other capable actors out there to do the job. I think Hardy being the next James Bond are way way wide of the mark, would be good but its never going to happen. My jury is still out on Henry Cavill anyway but you just dont turn down this job.

                • i think DDL would be epic as Zod. but i don’t think that he’ll be in this movie imo

  6. I’m surprised that no has mentioned (if they think he’s better suited to be a more cerebral opponent) that he could play Brainiac. Yes, Brainiac fights physically as well, but throw in a few cgi tentacles, some death rays, and a couple of prop/cgi/miniature robotic accessories, and even the most unathletic actor can convincingly pull off a battle-royale…and Shannon certainly does not look wimpy (so that should not be an issue).

    • …but yes, he does have the look for Lex, if chosen for that particular role…

    • As much as I want Brainiac in this film, I worry about how he would be presented on screen, in the comics he is green skinned and very alien, but in Smallville they made him in the guise of an AI that took human form. A combination of both would probably work best.
      Brainiac is someone that can be a threat not just to Superman but the world.

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        I might be critized for my opinion but if i wanted to see Brainiac, id like to see him as seen on Superman:TAS. Only in live-action of-course. No green green skin, or human-lookin appearance unless it was for a brief scene for a good purpose.

        • Was he like a purple robot thing? I can’t really remember. If they use Brainiac he has to be epic, he has to rain terror and destruction down on the entire world, massive alien spaceships, huge battle scenes. It also allows them to introduce the concept of Kandor. I’ve always wanted to see Superman sitting in his fortress, looking into the bottle city of Kandor, in live action.
          As weird as All Star Superman was, it would have made a stunning live action film, better than the animated film.

          • @ Dr.SamBeckett

            Yup.But i wasn’t implying that Brainiac to look exactly like he did on Superman:TAS. More like Robotic-like, or cyborg lookin with a face etc.. I got the JLU Superman figure that came w/ bottled city of Kandor piece.

    • Archaeon you’re right Shannon does not look wimpy. Watching his performance in Boardwalk Empire will show you that.

      However, i still think he’d be a better Lex than other villains.

      His acting alone could be menacing enough without all the CGI accessories.

  7. What if Michael Fassbender played as Lex. I think he has the look a little more than Michael Shannon. Though Shannon does have the chops to play an insane genius. Plus Fassbender worked with Snyder in 300.

    • Well, he’d be good for the part, but then you risk fanboys saying he cant be Magneto and Lex Luthor.

  8. DrSamBeckett.. YouTube or rent Revolutionary Road…the scene with Michael Shannon in it is the genius. That really shows his potential in Hollywood.

    • I will look him up. So far, he has emerged as one of the better candidates for this film.

  9. I always thought Lex should be a good 10-20 years older than Clark, it gives him an authority when he seems older than Superman.

    • Michael Shannon was born in 1974.. Henry Cavil was born in 1983… that makes him about 10 years older than Superman

      • I think the age gap needs to be there, I always thought Lex and Superman should be the same height too, as if Lex can physically look down on Superman.
        If Superman were, say, 30, then Lex should be 50.

        • I agree with you on the fact that they should both be roughly the same height or even Lex a little taller than Superman.

          However, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you on him needing to be 20 years older than him. If done right a “genius scientist” can be just as “wise” as someone who is 20 years older

          • I understand that. To me Lex has always seemed much older. But I like the idea that he uses his size to try and make Superman seem small, Lex is cleverer than Superman I think, and the two should always have been allies in saving the world.

            • yes i always invision Lex being older than Superman. But with Smallville, showing a Lex that is Superman’s age (or relatively close) proves that it could work.

              Also, you are right on the target with Lex being more clever than Superman, and those two should have been using Superman’s powers and Lex’s intelligence to save the world…but what fun would that be :)

              • I often thought Lex and Superman could team up in the movies to stop a greater threat, only to have Lex double cross him of course.
                There is so much they can do with a Superman movie, and Snyder thinks its a broken concept, that just shows he isnt approaching right.
                Plus, how will they ever have a better Lex Luthor than Michael Rosenbaum?

                • yeah the idea of Lex and Superman teaming up to stop something/someone that is a huge threat to both of them, but like you said of course Lex would pull the old switcheroo and back stab him, has been something that i’ve actually thought could work too.

                  regarding how will they ever have a better Lex Luthor than Michael Rosenbaum?

                  i don’t want to pull the ace of spades, but thats what “they” said about The Joker with Jack Nicholson

                  • I never liked Nicholson’s Joker. To me it was always Nicholson acting as usual, so I never understood any praise for it. This despite the fact that I loved Burton’s Batman films. I never felt The Joker had been done justice in any prior movie or TV show.

                    • I have to agree there. It was pretty much Nicholson’s “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” character on shrooms with warpaint.

  10. Has anyone seen the various scathing reviews of Sucker Punch yet? This does not bode well for a Zack Snyder Superman at all.

    • Yeah I’ve seen them. Read about a dozen that all seem to say the same thing.

    • I don’t necessarily think so. He wrote that movie, with Superman he just has to bring that script to life and that’s really what he’s good at. He seems to be trying hard with this movie so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Like others here, I think he’d make a great Lex (assuming Lex is written correctly for once.) My first thought was Non, but Lex… definitely. Keep Lex in a seemingly minor but extremely menacing almost behind-the-scenes role for this movie and let him develope for the next.

    • thats along the lines i was thinking. a smaller role that keeps him pulling the strings..but also setting him up for future sequels as a major pain in Superman’s a$$

    • My take on Lex in the new movie would be one of two options, either have him as a scientist who gets caught up in the events, or have him as President Of The USA, now that would be a true departure and yet true to the comics.

      • hmmm President of the USA. that would be an interesting twist. I like it.

        • Lex always had political aspirations in the comics, I think he was president at one point, but that makes him unable to threaten Superman publicly but also allows him resources to try and kill him in secret. It would be an interesting spin on what we’ve seen before.

          • I like this. He has the power to try and stop Superman. But obviously wouldn’t do it publicly…EVERYONE loves Superman. As President he hires/summons a villain to try and take out Superman, without the public knowing. The villain he hires/summons eventually turns on Lex, possibly exposing his plan, and goes after everyone else in the world and Superman once again saves the day.

            • That is a pretty genius idea Cal. An add to that would have Lex have super powers or do something similar to that of his merging with Brainiac in Justice League Unlimited. Have Lex go toe to toe in a fight with Superman.

              • Merging him with Brainiac would work quite well.

            • Exactly, publicly President Luthor would have to endorse The Man Of Steel, while secretly harbouring nothing but ill will. Maybe Lex was elected on the same day Superman first showed himself to the world and he hates him for obscuring his big day.

              • Sounds kinda familiar, like my plot synopsis for a Superman Trilogy that I posted not so long ago

      • I’d buy into either one of those — so long as we never see the real estate obsessed “genius” that surrounds himself with the stupidest goons available.
        I’ve imagined and hoped for the scientist route, but PotUSA or maybe on the verge (running for President? Supes unwittingly or not helps him get elected?) would be a great setup.

        • The real estate/master criminal angle was fine in the 70′s but carrying it on into Superman Returns was a huge mistake, I thought Spacey was great in the role but they could easily have made him a scientist instead.

        • Yes those two routes are the way that Snyder is hopefully going for. I don’t want to see Kumar shooting kryptonite missiles into the ocean and playing cards with the rest of the “Lex Luthor Goon Squad”

          • :) I noticed him in the film as well.

      • @ Dr. SamBeckett

        I pretty much like those ideas about Lex. Id like to see lex as a Businessman who’s been at Lexcorp for years & owns half of Metropolis & later put his bid for president. That whole Cadmus/Lex running for President arc on JLU really thrilled me.

        • Thats the reason I think that was the best DC cartoon they’ve made so far. Sad that they can’t continue it.

          • @ MercWadeWilson

            I loved all the animated series they’ved done. From Batman:TAS thru JLU & after the episode “Destroyer”, the show just left me with wanting another season or two. I thought with the 60 strong JLU they could of done the death/return of Superman properly within that universe or came up with other dvd features. Bruce Timm stated in one of the boxsets if he was asked to work on one of the series again, Superman:TAS would be one he’d like to do by having that show get one more season that’s focused on Superman gaining back the people’s trust in the world which was intended before the show was cancelled.

  12. i’m a big fan of michael shannon’s work, but i certainly can’t see him as zod, luthor… maybe.
    coincidently, i ALWAYS felt that michael shannon had an UNCANNY resemblance to the actor who played young clark in the first 1978 film. was his name Jeff East?

  13. This guy has the unstable Bizarro written all over him.

    And wasn’t Supes 1st love interest always…

    us. the human race.

    No time for love dr. jones! uh… superman.

    • They won’t use Bizarro, Hollywood has to create massive backstories that take up half the film, and they wont spend a whole explaining Bizarro to an audience.
      Which is a shame, because he would be a fun, and more importantly, different character to use.
      That’s why I liked the 89 Batman so much, we saw Batman stright away, unlike Batman Begins or Spiderman, when we had to wait an hour for them to explain a story we all know. I’m not saying everyone know Bizarro’s story, they don’t, but it doesnt have to be explained. Wouldnt it be cool if the film opened with a massive smackdown with Superman and Bizarro, with no explanantion?

      • that would be epic sam. I know they won’t use Bizzy, but this dude does look like him.

        ugh… zod again. as I said, if snyder thinks supes is “broken” then by using zod/ursa he’s contradicting himself.

  14. This guy was creepy in boardwalk empire. Any villainous role he plays willl be good.

  15. Shannon could also possibly be Brainiac. Just because they’re most than likely using Zod, there’s no reason they can’t use another villain, unless of course if they include Ursa and Non. Edgar Rodriguez can have Zod. If not Brainiac than at least Luthor.

    Brainiac could also be used as just a machine in the background of Zod, but then reveals himself as a dangerous destroyer of world’s. Then he becomes the villain of the sequel where Luthor runs for president of which he enlists the help of Brainiac posing as a savior of world’s and builds John Corben a robotic skeleton powered by Kryptonite. Then Luthor secretly sends Metallo after Superman which Superman recognizes the technology as Brainiac’s, thus discovering Brainiac as a villain. Then as last result, Brainiac infects Luthor’s body and once Brainiac supposedly dies, he transfers his mind into the virus he infects Luthor with, resulting in Luthor and Brainiac merging and gaining power without limits.

    That would be good sfirst movie/ sequel lead-in.

  16. Can we please put Zod to bed?! It’s a bit old hat now.Same with Lex Luthor.

    The only way that I go to see this movie is if the main villain is either Brainiac or Bizzaro.Darkseid could be interesting too,but it’s way too early for that.

    My point is,isn’t there so many more interesting characters that are still untapped for a Superman movie that they should consider including,instead of the same ‘ol,same ‘ol?

    • All of us would love to see Brainiac or Metallo in the movie. But I don’t see the studio allowing Snyder to re-make this movie without using the most “mainstream” villain(s). Most specifically Lex Luthor.

  17. why not just leave louis lane out of the movie? and have a new villain, like superman earth one. that was a really good fresh take on supes.

    • Lois*

      Mainstream movie goer’s would be expecting Lois in this movie so I doubt thats the case. But Im not gonna speculate which villain he’s gonna play will wait for official announcements.

  18. Could he be playing…Braniac…he seems creepy enough.

    • Michael Shannon as Braniac would be freakin badass. I still think he’ll be Lex

      • I always thought that maybe someone like Daniel Craig or Paul Bettany could play Brainiac, but Shannon is a good choice too.

      • yeah hed be good as braniac but prob not lex

  19. I could see him as Luthor but not Zod. It should be Luthor being the head of Lexcorp searching for a new type of space travel and he finds boom tube tech, setting up a meeting with Darkseid and the most epic Superman movie ever. I really really really want to see Darkseid in this movie, but I know he probably won’t be.

  20. Hey,is anyone aware it they are going to eventually try to crossover Supes with The Green Lantern? I thought that I heard that they nixed the while JLA idea,but it might be interesting if they found a way to at least acknowledge GL in this movie.

  21. hey atleast there not picking bad actors. all the guys thy have looked at kind of have that presents to them.like a real villain should have.

  22. Brainiac! C’mon, he’s weird looking enough to pull off the android brainiac look. I’m fricken sick of Zod and Lex Luthor, get some originality for once. Superman is WAY cooler and WAY better villains than the casual public know about, how about you do him some justice this time? I’d like to see Metallo, Parasite, Brainiac, Darkseid or Doomsday in a Superman movie.

  23. if I want to see Zod I will watch Superman 2 if I want to see Luthor I will watch the other movies WE WANT A NEW BAD GUY Hey Snyder why don’t you get a funny black guy thats a computer whiz how about Richard Pryor’s kid I can see this is not going to be original Same Old Crap

  24. I understand why people want to see a new villian but I just don’t see it. IMO Lex has to be involved. I know Batman Begins worked without his #1 nemisis but at the time it was released people where so ready for a new Batman film that it almost didn’t matter who the villian was. The producers and Snyder can’t take the same risk here. The studio wants a franchise and if this doesn’t work it will probably be the last time someone takes a go at Superman in a long time. So I expect many familiar faces in this one. It has to appeal to the masses not just to those of us who have read the comics. And to the majority of casual fans Superman and Lex go hand in hand…

    • Except that I (and I can only suppose many others) are sick of the Lex/Superman angle. Lex was Supes nemesis in the first one and was AGAIN his solo nemesis in Returns. I can’t take another one with Lex as the only bad guy.

      Now in Superman 2 and 4, Lex was there but he kind of took a back seat to the main antagonists, which would be ok for this one. Of course if the other Villains are Zod and crew all this is is a rehashing of the Superman 2 storyline which is boring and uninspired.

      So I’m fine with Lex being there just as long as he is not the main antagonist. Let him be the mastermind in the background this time around.

    • I do agree that Lex needs to be in this film in some fashion, but not as the villain. They can set him up for the second film.

  25. what, coz he has a jaw like superman…lmao.

  26. It is total insanity to think that Luthor is not going to show up in this movie. Braniac, Zod, Darkseid, Luthor thinks he is smarter than all of them and tries his damnedest to recruit them. That doesn’t all ways work in his favor but he will be there trying regardless.
    I could deal with Shannon in just about any of those roles. I really like him on Boardwalk Empire and the Runaways.

  27. Amy Adams is the new Lois Lane.

  28. Brianiac should be the villain. Use Lex to set up the next movie. Maybe Lex Corp creating the doomsday monster as a side story. Something new in a movie is needed not the same old lex or Zod. More action and less plot would also be great. Don’t get me wrong I love a good plot and want to see a good story line but this is “Superman” so we should be seeing a heavy dose of epic visual’s. And a great atmosphere would be nice. Background setting and colors are important.