Hans Zimmer Will Score the Superman Reboot [Updated]

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hans zimmer superman Hans Zimmer Will Score the Superman Reboot [Updated]

[UPDATE: Hans Zimmer has revealed he will not be scoring the film and was never approached in the first place.]

Composer Hans Zimmer frequently collaborates with Christopher Nolan, and it always seemed like a strong possibility that he might score the upcoming Superman reboot, The Man of Steel.  Zimmer previously offered his thoughts on whether or not the iconic themes by John Williams should be utilized for the upcoming reboot film, but gave no confirmation of his involvement.

Zimmer is one of the most in-demand composers currently working and now Thompson on Hollywood is reporting that after he finishes working on the scores for Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Sherlock Holmes 2, and Kung-Fu Panda 2, Zimmer will compose the music for The Man of Steel. (I’m not sure this guy has enough on his plate.)

This tidbit evidently comes from Zimmer himself, who opened up about his future projects during an Inception DVD and Blu-Ray release party Tuesday night.

Nolan and director Zack Snyder are rebuilding the Superman film franchise from the ground up, so unlike Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns – any nods to previous films seems extremely unlikely. I think it’s safe to assume that includes the score.

Here’s what Zimmer said back in October regarding the approach he favored:

“It’s a hard one … but I followed one of the most iconic things on Batman with Chris [Nolan] as well, and it’s the same thing. You are allowed to reinvent, but you have to try to be as good or at least as iconic and it has to resonate and it has to become a part of the zeitgeist. That’s the job. On Gladiator I remember people always talking about Spartacus and I kept telling them, ‘When you saw Spartacus and how it affected it you, that’s how I want a modern audience to be affected by what we do now.’ So I think ultimately you’re supposed to reinvent.”

The Man of Steel is rumored to be a Clark-centric story that focuses on the mild-mannered reporter traveling the globe and coming to terms with his destiny. If that’s true, it sounds incredibly similar to the series Superman: Birthright. Yet, Snyder previously commented that Man of Steel isn’t based on any Superman comic. Regardless, if a total reinvention is the name of the game, it just doesn’t make sense to use any of John Williams’ music. Here’s why:

christopher reeve superman Hans Zimmer Will Score the Superman Reboot [Updated]

The theme is in your head right now, isn't it?

That theme music is just too closely associated with past films and with Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman. I know many fans probably feel that there’s no way to top a piece of music so completely perfect for the character (and that might be true), but as Zimmer stated – this won’t be the first time he’s been tasked with following up an iconic score.

As a matter of personal taste, I largely prefer Danny Elfman’s Batman scores to Zimmer’s work on Batman Begins and The Dark Knightbut I also realize that anything resembling Elfman’s music would have sounded wildly out of place in Nolan’s films. They had a different tone, style, and sensibility.

If Man of Steel is as different from past Superman films as Batman Begins was from prior Batman movies (and it should be), it’s going to require an entirely different musical approach. Something that’s still suitable for the character, but immediately recognizable as its own entity.

hans zimmer1 Hans Zimmer Will Score the Superman Reboot [Updated]

Is Zimmer qualified to deliver such a score? I do prefer him to Snyder’s usual composer, Tyler Bates, and I have no doubt he’ll bring something unique to the table; however, to be totally honest, I was keeping my fingers crossed for Michael Giacchino (Star Trek, Up). It was a long shot, I know. Zimmer has a tendency to recycle cues from past work, and his formerly distinctive style is now being imitated by countless other composers.

Update: Judging by the comments on this article, many of you will be relieved to know that Zimmer has spoken to THR and revealed he is NOT scoring the film. He insists he’s never even met Zack Snyder and that it’s his affiliation with Nolan that lead to this story gaining traction. Furthermore, Zimmer suggests that even if were approached he would still turn down the opportunity:

No! Absolutely not! You know, I can’t even remember ever talking about Superman. It’s a little bit, you know, it’s a little bit like “guilty by association” isn’t it? How can I say it: My heart belongs to Batman. I wouldn’t even know how to go and give voice to it. I haven’t thought about it.

Anyone that was put out by this news can officially relax. But if Zimmer isn’t scoring The Man of Steel, who should get the job?

Source: TOH.

Update Source: THR.

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  1. I agree that this movie will take a different musical touch, but John Williams’ theme is as iconic as Superman himself…

  2. Wow this movie keeps sounding like a car wreck. Why get rid of an opening and closing sequence music that has been linked to both Clark Kent and Superman for over 30 years?

    • ‘keeps sounding like a train wreck’ are you f***ing high or something ?
      they have the writing power of nolan, the visual eye of snyder and now the musical talent of someone who knows wtf they’re doing.

      • Uh, no. It has the writing power of David S Goyer. Who is responsible for some serious stinkers!

        • The Nolans are also co-writing the film, who are responsible for two of the greatest (IMO) superhero films and some of the most original films.

          • Not anymore, Chris Nolan has said he will be having no more creative input in the film whatsoever, he has virtually cut ties with it altogether. Chris Nolan is no longer involved in Superman.

            And if Jonah Nolan’s work on it has been so stellar, why are there so many rumours that the shooting script isnt up to scratch? you are expecting way to much from the Nolans.

            • @”And if Jonah Nolan’s work on it has been so stellar, why are there so many rumours that the shooting script isnt up to scratch? you are expecting way to much from the Nolans.”

              Yes, those are RUMORS (meaning they haven’t been confirmed or denied). Besides, the script could have been fixed by now.

            • Yes, Chris Nolan is handing it over to Snyder to work on Batman 3, but he still had input on the script.

            • BTW, producer Emma Thomas already confirmed the script has been fixed and completed.

    • Nah… I’m ready for new memories, not hanging onto comfortable nostalgia.

      • I agree.

  3. Woohoo… new music and no Routh (I know he was supposed to have been auditioned, but they’ve also said they’ll go with a no name)— shaping up very well already. LOL

  4. I like it, he is a good composer, he can make something as iconic as the Williams score. Personally think they should get Tom Welling as Superman but lets see what happens.

  5. I think Nolan is INCREDIBLY overrated. The last film I enjoyed of his was the first Batman. I don’t like his self-indulgent, oversaturated, ‘look how cool we are’ films. They try too hard to make them seem ‘intelligent’.. The Dark Knight was one of the worst films ever and maybe it was the contact lens I was wearing that prevented the subliminal message from getting through to my brain but MAN were you all brainwashed! Plotholes big enough for trucks, 28 endings, plodding and the list goes on. Just because it had decent acting doesn’t make it, as a whole, a great film. A chef can have all the right ingredients but he still needs to know how to cook.

    • I love these anti Nolan rants, hilarious as always. Whatever, man.


      • WHy becuase people are not allowed to have an opinion that differs from your own?

        • This is even more of a whatever moment. Don’t assign things to me that weren’t even remotely expressed. Failure!


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that about Nolan. I like his movies, but dang, that guy doesn’t have a fun bone in his body. All his movies are so serious and trying to hard to be intellectual. Sure The Presige and Memento needed those elements. I still think Inception (I still like it) was way over rated.

      • Agree one hundred percent, he is a brilliant technical film maker, but his films seem to be without heart and soul. The only warmth in any of his films seems to always come from Michael Caine.

        • Seriously right? His dialog isn’t the best either. There are lines from BB and TDK that make go “dude, really?” Especially Rachel’s dialog.

          • The character of Rachel was the biggest mistep made in those films, it was an attempt to draw in a female audience but the character served no use other than to die and drag Harvey into madness, which might I add was done with such subtlety…

            Nolan has officially cut ties with the Superman Reboot as well. Interesting.

    • i have to disagree. i dont see how it tries to be so “intelligent” as you say. it does not try to be intelligent, it may be confusing to someone (take inception, a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream etc)but its not nor does it try to be that intelligent as you say. and i’d like to get some examples of those plotholes and how it brainwashed me. not that i care much if there are some plotholes or little tiny problems with the movie as long as the movie entertains me and i like it. i wont go all nuts if a scene in a movie is wrong or stupid. Nolan is somewhat overrated but i enjoy his movies a lot.
      and i agree with the character Rachel sam, she was horrible in both movies. though i dont mind that there is no warmth in the movies. i enjoy them still

        • awh:( i couldnt see it since i live outside the states! and when i got transfered to the norwegian site, i was unable to find it… but i went on youtube, and if i found the right one it was hilarious! haha :)

          • Like I said all in good fun :). I like Nolan films, but I have no problem making fun of them or ripping them apart. I do that with every film. Cheers :)

        • I think the funniest part about that was the creators of South Park admitted they riped-off College Humor’s spoof of Inception. I guess that shows the integrity the show now has.

          • They have also 14 seasons of original comedy under their belt. Just cause they ripped off one thing doesn’t mean they have no creativity. They make fun of everyone.

      • For me, there just wasnt that much in TDK to actually ‘enjoy’ so to speak. It’s a technically marvellous film, every shot is perfect, the effects are faultess, but the script isnt perfect and some of the acting is suspect.
        Nolan has a tendency to make his films with such a clincal precision, that it shows in almost evey shot, it’s like the emotion is just zapped away.
        The only exceptions for me is Memento and The Prestige, the emotion exists in those films.

        • i disagree. i enjoyed almost everything in it. there was no happy warm emotions in it if thats what you mean. but there were emotions in it alright.

          • I’m with Sam on this. When I first saw TDK I was very excited, but I found myself not smiling once, with the exception of the magic trick by the joker. And…that voice, that freaking growling is just so wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it.

            • haha i smiled like in every scene the joker was in. and i LOVED the growl! it sounded so amazing haha. i laughed with some jokes between alfred and bruce as well. but i was very entertained even though i didnt smile through my teeth.

              • I would laugh so hard if someone growled at me like that lol :D. I bartend in a pretty seedy area and growling is not the way to intimidate degenerants, vagrants, street scum, criminals, hookers or thugs lol. But hey, if you liked it cool :)

                • haha is growling not the way to intimidate? i know many who got scared when he growled haha,but yeah maybe he just got mad? but yeah i do love growling and screaming in music so i thought it was very cool haha :)

                  • @ Magnus

                    Many people got scared when Joker growled??? Lol you gotta be kidding me.

                    • nope, well they jumped at least. well i dont know many people, but some of my friends yeah. mind you, most that got scared that i know of were girls, some guys.

            • @ Sully

              What got me was Joker always showing his tongue, like he was lickin his lips/smackin them throughout the film.

              • Yeah I really liked where Ledger took the Joker. Really dirty and grungy, like you could smell his stink on the screen. It would of been cool to see him do some corny death joke though. Like a electric handshake death scene would have been sweet. Or something along those lines.

          • The only things I didn’t like about TDK was Nolan killing of Two-Face soo early, and the film fell apart in the third act.

            • Has it been confirmed that he died? People have had fallen way father down and survived.

              • Nolan and even Aaron Eckhart confirmed that he’s dead, and it was rather obvious in the film. Sure, Nolan could easily just say he was held up in Arkham, but that would just ruin the ending of TDK. Plus, it would just be a cheap gimmick to bring back a character after the filmmaker confirmed it.

                • I wouldn’t say obvious. People fall of ledges all the time and live. As far as I knew it was still in debate, but if Nolan and Co. confirmed it, then so be it.

              • Nolan confirmed Two-face is dead, even to Aaron Eckhart when he said he’d be happy to return for the 3rd film. Nolan told him his character is dead. I think by high they were, it was easy to believe he could o died. Of-course we didn’t see how he first landed and Batman had his armor that would break his fall.

  6. Hans Zimmers is THE man! HELL YEAH! TDK score is incredible im sure he will do an amazing job!

    • TDK score was awful compared to the BB’s score.

      • Personally I didn’t like either of them.

        • All of his scores to me have sounded the same. He uses to many intense Tiphany drums and long suspended string pieces. Granted he is a good composer, crap I couldn’t do that stuff and I’ve studied music my whole life, but have some variety son!

          • I can listn to “A Dark Knight” track all day,and its 16 minutes long. It is just amazing.

  7. Well, if it was anyone, I’m glad it’s Hans. The only problem is, it’s like rebooting Star Wars without John Williams either. I look forward to what he does, as Inception had my favorite score in recent memory.


    • Yes BRI the inception score was a masterpiece!

      • Hey did you get to see the live performance of 20 minutes of it? It’s floating around the torrent sites atm. It’s insane!!!!

        I was listening to Sherlock Holmes earlier tonight, some killer stuff in there too. Inception and the Last Samurai are probably my overall favorites from him. Hans really is a killer writer, even when the motifs are all based on simple 3-4 note passages, the build ups and sweeping melodies are really something. He’s a big influence on the stuff I write.


        • Oh and I cannot express my disappointment enough in the fact that a perfect quality version of the live performance is NOT on even the blue ray release of Inception. :( :(


          • Yes sherlock holmse score is great too!

            and that sux.

  8. Giacchiano is a total hack. I cannot believe people actually think he can write. The most uninspired and pedestrian “composer” currently working. That Star Trek score was atrocious! Even the worst Trek movies in history all had better scores than what this bad tv composer is capable of.

    Unreal. People need ear training I guess.


    • I love the Star Trek score, think its great. And there is nothing wrong with my ears!

      • Oh, yes there is. :P Ear training 101!!


        • Carter Burwell and Clint Mansell (hey look they rhyme :)) trump Hans IMO :)

          • Mansell’s score for Moon is amazing.

            • From what I’ve heard from the Black Swam trailers that score sounds awesome too. Some of the styles and instruments he uses remind me of the Fargo score. Moon and it’s score were both brilliant.

              • Moon is amazing. Simples as that.

                Turned me into a Sam Rockwell fan for life, the fact that he didnt get an oscar nomination is one of the academy’s biggest mistakes of all time.

          • Ok, Moon was amazing. I do not know enough of either of these guys work to comment, but I will check them out. Absolutely. I’ll comment later! :) For the record, for film scores anyway, my favorites overall have always been Akira Ifukube, Williams (of course), Horner, Morricone, and Elfman. My recent love for Zimmer is pretty recent. I never plugged the Batman stuff once, it’s all about the Last Samurai, Inception, Prince of Egypt, a few others like Backdraft and Sherlock has some great stuff too.

            I’m seeing there is a backlash on Hans right now and I think that’s ridiculous. But it ALWAYS happens whenever anyone does too much work, except maybe Williams (Akira too!). These guys always write stuff that sounds the same when they get too much work, but the standouts are totally stand out. I never thought Gladiator was amazing but a few cues were very cool. Hans does a lot of dual collaborative stuff in some films and they never stand out as much to me. I also am a huge fan of Shore’s LOTR stuff.

            Fargo had a killer score. So did There will be Blood, for that matter. A few random ones that stood out to me. More on this later.


  9. R.I.P James Horner

    • WHAT??? I’m looking for confirmation of this right now and not seeing it.


    • what? R.I.P. as in his music career died or his star trek scores died or what?

      • James horner is good too.

        • @ Rickster

          I agree. His score to James Cameron’s Titanic was excellent, so much i thought not even Celion Dion’s single hit song didn’t need to be on it as i thought of it as just a bonus track.

          • Yeah titanic core is AMAZING! I like the AVATAR score too. Masterpieces.

  10. For me its as simple as this, if they do not use John Williams Superman theme then I wont be bothering to see this, that music is associated with the character not any specific film, its like making a Bond movie and not using the Bond theme!

    Not using it at all is an insult.

    • I agree. The Superman theme to this day sends chills down my spine, if Hans is not gonna use at least give a nod to it in the trailer or something.

      • Me too. As a theme, it up there with the very best. Whenever it comes on my iPod, I just want to fly.

  11. LOL I don’t plan to see it at all, the plot of it is one thing, but the score is another reason for me to see another movie that year. Imo this Superman reboot still seems like it’s plot is similiar to Superman Returns mixed with alittle of Smallville beginnings. I too prefered Danny Elfman’s Batman score, even got the cd of it. I partly agree with Reliq68 in his last post. I think ill stick to the previous Superman films i got. Superman 1-4 & Superman Returns. Like Spider-Man, i hate to, most likely ill skip this Superman reboot.

  12. They didn’t use it on Casino Royale. Not in full anyway. You’re really going to avoid watching this, even if it turns out to be incredible, and redefines the material? I think you’ve overstated a little about your love of Williams’ score. I love it too, but it’ll still be there when this comes out. If this tanks, I like that there’s sufficient difference between it and the original to preserve them in their own right. Superman Returns was a brilliant continuation of the franchise, but I was still massively disappointed with it. There should be balls out action and adventure in a Superman movie, what with modern affects and Nolans’ undoubted budget freedom at present. It worries me that the emphasis seems to be on Kent. Welling incidentally, doesn’t belong. Smallville, is Superman 90210.

    • Actually the Bond theme is used in part during three occasions in Casino Royale, and is used in its awesome entirety in the films closing moments, and plays out over the credits.
      It isnt used in Quantum Of Solace at all.

      This reboot isnt going to redefine the material in anyway, no one has anything good to say about the script, Snyder is a flashy director with no substance, the only reason people have any expectations is because his holiness Chris Nolan is producing. Except that he will be busy doing The Dark Knight Rises at the same time Superman is being shot. Now unless he has cloned himself, he cannot be in two places at once.

    • And Smallville is far more than Superman 90210. COnsidering the characters are all adults in their mid-late 20s, it may have started as teen drama, its much more than that now!

  13. Effects

  14. I am one of the biggest Superman fans. But not using the iconic score by Williams is a terrible idea. That music has defined Superman for the last 32 years. Also having a Clark-centred storyline is also a rubbish idea.

    Do they not realise in order to make a successful Superman film they need to have a powerful anatagonist who will Superman’s strength and abilities? Not some silly drama. They are wasting time and money on rebuilding the franchise. Richard Donner and Bryan Singer have already done that – its time to move on from that. Batman needed a reboot as the previous films were rubbish. Superman does not need a reboot and needs the same iconic score – which I’m sorry nothing can match.

  15. Danny Elfman’s score for Tim Burton’s Batman films was just as iunfluential and distinctive and going with someone different didn’t hurt Nolan’s films at all.

    Yes John Williams music is iconic, but I think that Superman needs to now head in a fresh new direction. Free of any links to Christopher Reeve’s films..

    For the best part of ten years, Smallville has proved how successful you can be, by being bold with fresh ideas and constantly reinvigorating itself, season after season. On this basis no other show in the last ten years can compare on the same level as Smallville.

    Superman Returns was such a wasted opportunity in many ways just recreating, almost remaking the original 1978 film. Singer may have been reknown for the X-Men films (which weren’t great by any means) but he showed a serious lack of ambition. It just a shame that both then and now that the likes of Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg haven’t been approached for this project. Snyder is still the wrong choice for this film.

    On the plus side, signing up Hans Zimmer has been the first great appointment for this project. He has produced some magnificent music scores over the years. His music was terrific in Inception and was one of the big reasons that kept me watching that film. I seriously recommend people to watch ‘The Power Of One’ and listen to just how great and powerful his music is for that film. Both the Last Samurai, Glory and Blood Diamond both have amazing music as well.

    I would say that after direction and acting that music is the third most important element of a film.

    • But they have to keep that Superman theme, its a much a part of the character as the red cape or the S logo.

      And while you made a lot of good points;

      “I would say that after direction and acting that music is the third most important element of a film.”

      I would have said that you missed out the most important element of any film: The writing. Without decent writing Actors have no words to repeat and directors have no visual starting point. The script is without a doubt the most important part of any film/television show.

  16. And to add that likening Smallville to 90210 is both an insult and complete lack of appreciation for one of the greatest television shows of the noughties..

    • Damn Right!

    • No, it’s toss. And where’s the Williams theme in Smallville? How come you don’t all boycott the show?

      • @ Houghboy

        They play parts of Williams score when Christopher Reeve first guest stars on the show during season 2. It sounded reminesint to the music when Clark was in the Fortress of Solitude for the first time & rest of the time as Superman in sequels. Its been awhile since i seen the episode but i know that music were in the original film. Heck at the beginning of season 5 premire if you watch closely you could see scenes of people falling, Kal-El’s spaceship takin off during Krypton’s destruction when Clark under goes his training before he hears Chloe’s call for help.

      • Watch your mouth.

        As my friend has already said, the Superman theme is used in full several time, most noticably in the episode’s Rosetta and Legacy (seasons 2 and 3 respectively), and the theme is often played in part, like the first few bars are often used when ever Clark does something very heroic.
        Also Clark’s own Superman theme on the show share some similarities with Williams original piece.

        The main reason they do not use it all the time is due to having to pay for any form of licensed music, and that includes music by John Williams.

        And by the by, “No, it’s toss” is one of the most intelligent comments I’ve ever heard used on this site. bravo sit, for that wonderful deconstruction of a show that has remained on the air for a deacede with over 200 episodes. Why, that makes it the longest running sci fi/fantasy drama of all time (except for Doctor Who), but no, no, no, you must right. It’s toss.

  17. They have a music composer already?
    They didn’t even cast a Superman yet!
    I thought they would try to find the lead role before the music composer.
    Guess I missed something.

    • From what I’ve heard they also don’t have a decent shooting script which is why so many directors turned the gig down, they wanted more time, and WB said no, we must rush forward!

      • Cause they’re going to lose the rights if they don’t make a film. So lame. Even James Cameron had the gusto to not do another Terminator film before he lost the rights.

        • Its ridiculous. This reboot has nothing going for it whatsoever.

          • Nope, unless you’re a executive looking to make a buck of an pop culture icon.

    • What Nolan really meant was “I can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to keep doing this. Cause as good as a technical film maker I am, my worlds are to realistic and have no sense of fun or excitement” LOL ;)

      • Tell ya man. that was exactly what I was thinking!!!

        But he can do fantasy elements, The Prestige and Inception both have pure science fiction prinicples at their core.

        ” my worlds are to realistic and have no sense of fun or excitement”

        That absolutely sums up my opinion of him as a film maker, I never understood why he wanted to be involved in Superman, and I’m starting to think that he never was, it was all a ploy from WB to get people interested in the project. Epic Fail!

  18. DSB: While I agree that Williams score was the best for Superman. There have been some decent songs for Superman. I liked the one from Superman TAS. I don’t agree with changing it for the movie though. Personally I haven’t really heard anything by Zimmer that I would say was Iconic. I haven’t seen Inception yet but everything else I have heard has just sounded like tribal garbage. Williams Superman theme makes me want to tear my shirt off and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Elfmans Batman makes me want to fire a grapnel line and beat answers out of a thug. Zimmers Batman makes me want to dance around a campfire.

    Chris Schrader: I don’t think Elfmans score would have been out of place in this series. As I said before, Elfmans was Iconic. It is one of my favorite themes of all time.

    • Zimmer’s best soundtrack by far was Sherlock Holmes, it was inspired, but thats the only time I have really enjoyed his work.

      Agreed about Elfman’s Batman theme, it was iconic, people remember it, I still find myself whistling it on random occassions, who is humming along to Zimmer’s tribal drums?

      No one. If a theme isn’t memorable, its pointless.

    • There were some clips on YouTube where people had overdubbed parts of Batman Begins with Elfman’s score and it felt really,really out of place.

      Also: “Elfmans Batman makes me want to fire a grapnel line and beat answers out of a thug. Zimmers Batman makes me want to dance around a campfire.”

      That made me laugh out loud. =-)

      • That’s funny!! I can’t believe I missed that :D! Good one Tater.

      • @ Chris

        Lol i know what you mean when listening to Elfman’s Batman score. I sometimes put it in my car and when track 7 comes up, i like to think i got Vicky Vale in the passenger side in the Batmobile driving away,lol. Hear that engine start.

      • Yes, I’ve seen those and I do agree, Elfman’s music doesnt tonally fit with Nolan’s Batman, but it is impossible to argue that Zimmer’s Batman score is better than Elfmans, because it just isnt.

  19. Zimmer, really?
    What was so bad about John Ottoman the guy that scored and edited Superman Returns. I though he did a good job.

    I guess I’m sick and tired of seeing Zimmer’s name attached to everything these days, especially since the score for Inception sucked.

  20. Clark travelling the world and discovering his reason to help people has already been done.. It’s a television show called SMALLVILLE! As for the score to the new Superman movie, I prefer the John Ottman/John Williams score why change it.

  21. Oh lovely.
    Grab the most egotistical hack that’s ever worked in Hollywood and have him score Superman.

    Zimmer is a talentless hack!
    All of his career has been using OTHER composers to write music to films where HE gets the credit.

    And all of those composers have far more talent than he ever will.

    He’s a hack. He’s a talentless hack.
    And anyone who says that Zimmer has ever written anything “genius” knows absolutely nothing about music.

    It’s not a question of taste.

    Because if that were the case, then Justin Bieber should be scoring this movie. He’s got a far larger fan-base and popular support.

    • Um,the scores with Hans Zimmer’s name on them are incredible,so i dont care. :)

    • Mike E.

      You have any links/evidence to back up your claim that Zimmer doesn’t write his own music?

      I may not be a music expert, but I like Zimmer’s work. I thought one of the best things about Sherlock Holmes was the music, Inception, great, TDK and Batman begins, The Rock, also good work.


        • Wow….

        • Just food for thought, it’s pretty unfair to invoke Holst. Might as well invoke Wagner and Stravinsky. It’s unfair to film score composers. Those guys INVENTED the genre, and were not writing program music, as Akira Ifukube used to say.


      • i agree 100%

    • Jesus. This is some crap right here. This statement make me laugh at your vaunted “musical knowledge”. I was with ya on your Shore statements, but this is just ridiculous. Dude, Zimmer’s melodic sense TOTALLY stands! You sound like a pissed off music student, trying to back up negative claims with nothing. I read all of your posts about how you claim to “work in the music industry” or whatever. I bet you can’t write or improv a lick. Prove me wrong. I have TONS of original stuff I can send you in various styles. I’ve been writing and playing in bands for 20 years now, and have a degree too, so before you go all half cocked thinking you are talking to just another internet poster, you are completely wrong. I’ll give ya a skype addy and play live too. Back up your BS. I can.


      • Damn… 8)


        • Yeah, pretty bad, right? I feel bad for writing it, I was tipsy at the time. The truth is, I don’t care what this guy writes on the internet. I turned myself into the same thing I was bitching at.


          If I ever post again, I hope it’s more positive.


  22. Damn, how could I’ve forgotten about his music for The Rock??? Good reminding Vic

    @Dr Sam Beckett, you are probably right about the writing, though you can get examples of films with weak dialogue or simple bare bones plot which are then saved by the direction, actors and music.

    Admittedly I cannot think of a list of films of the top of my head, but I did watch Predator recently and if you think, McTiernan’s staging of the action, Alan Silvestri’s suspensful music and Arnold’s screen presence are the three most important aspects for that film.

    Point Break also has issues with the dialouge and writing, but is saved with Bigelow’s direction, Isham’s score and the double act of Reeves and Swayze. Rocky’s III & IV??? perhaps??

    If anyone has any more examples, would be happy to hear them?

    • Sorry, I wasn’t saying music isn’t an integral part of film making, it is a huge element. It’s often the music that stays with you.

      • Totally agree, bro.


    • @ lebsta
      Another score would be for Back To The Future by Alan Silvestri.

  23. The guy who scored Cool Runnings is scoring the next Superman Movie.
    Weird Sentence

  24. Oh great, now I can’t get John Williams’ score out of my head! Thanks a lot, guys!

    Wait, come to think of it, thanks a lot guys.


    • And we never will. I always thought it was Williams 2nd best work. Hans can write his ass off, but nobody is going to touch Williams in his prime. He’s far and away the greatest ever.


  25. when i read on screenrant that zimmer will be scoring an upcoming movie. i know in the back of my mind that the music will always set the tone for that movie PERFECTLY.

  26. Anyone like the score from Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves?

    • LOL Bryan Adams? But you cant really compare that to a movie people sit down and watch with their kids and also you have to remember generations and generations of people associate that music with Superman Movies.

  27. hmmm interstin