‘Man of Steel’ Photos: General Zod Non-CGI Costume

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Superman logo S ‘Man of Steel’ Photos: General Zod Non CGI Costume

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel won’t be in theaters until summer of 2013, but we’re already seeing a barrage of set photos depicting everything from Lois Lane to Superman to General Zod and his right-hand woman, Faora (Antje Traue).

Speaking of the General, fans still shell-shocked by Green Lantern’s failure were worried when photos popped up online of Michael Shannon – the man set to play Zod – in a motion-capture suit. Now, it is true that he will, at some point in the film, wear a computer-generated outfit, but you can take solace in the fact that he will also have a practical costume.

Indeed, new pictures have popped up over at the film’s unofficial Facebook page showcasing Michael Shannon wearing an all black outfit that is simultaneously reminiscent of both Zod’s costume from Superman 2 and Henry Cavill’s Superman costume in Man of Steel.

Check them out below, originals courtesy of Facebook user Ed Larom (click to enlarge):

If you look closely, both Superman and Zod’s costumes have the same texture, the same bracelets, and the same strange fan-like design on their sides. The only obvious difference, based on these pictures, is their respective color palettes.

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This seems to indicate that both costumes are out-and-out Kryptonian garb. Similarly, in the new DC reboot, Superman no longer wears an outfit designed by Ma Kent and her sewing machine; rather, his outfit is Kryptonian armor that he discovers after his career as the Man of Tomorrow has already begun. So it seems the lack of red underwear isn’t the only thing the new movie has in common with the Superman of The New 52 DC Universe.

It’s interesting that this film seems to be borrowing, at least in part, from the Christopher Reeve Superman series (villain repeat, similar costume design), especially when Superman Returns was heavily criticized for the same thing. Of course that film was also heavily criticized for turning Superman into a no-punching peeping Tom and absent father – and as far as we know, none of that is in Man of Steel.

How are you guys feeling about the direction of Zack Snyder’s Superman film? Let us know in the comments.

Unless it gets delayed again, Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Unofficial Superman: Man of Steel Facebook Page [via Cinema Blend]

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  1. I just don’t understand what the mo cap suit is for in the first place. It makes sense that he has a suit similar to Superman’s.

    And does Shannon have a goatee, impossible to tell from these pictures. It would be a shame if he didnt.

    • d goatee is there…

      d non mo-cap suit is lookin slick to me…shannon looks kinda buff in it…

    • I’m willing to bet that the mo-cap suit is for a scene where Zod is on fire, probably from being knocked thru a gasoline truck or something.

      • Yeah, I thought something similar, maybe it is simply to do an effect on his body caused by fighting Superman….

    • There might be a scene where Zod is wearing his “Zod Armer” & the mo-cap suit is needed.

  2. From the pictures it does not look like a mocap costume…more superman-like costume.

    • But there are shots of him on in the Smallville scenes and he is definitely wearing a mo cap suit.

      • He probably hits a button somewhere and “mechs” out, if you get my meaning.

        • It is very possible that he wears a form of armour like in the comics.

          • War of the Supermen anyone? :D

    • Like it says in the article, this isn’t the motion capture suit. This is the practical suit.

  3. Put your pants back on!!

    • Wha–! Oh. You mean in the picture. For minute there I thought you could see me. Never mind.

      • You win sir.

  4. This pretty much confirmes that Martha doesnt make Superman’s suit, if Zod is so similar in design.

    • Which is a good change in my opinion. Makes more sense than red and blue baby blankets being sewn into one. That always seemed a bit hokey to me.

      • You say hokey, I say it’s part of the mythology.

        Where does he get this suit from then? Was it in the ship with in the hope he be the exact size and shape it needed?

        • I would imagine, since it seems it is supposed to be advance Kryptonian armor, that Jor-el might have tossed an adult size suit into the ship with his son to protect him in the future. I mean he puts all those info Crystals and messages to Kal-el, why not throw in a bit more Kryptonian tech as well?

          How would it fit perfectly? Super advance alien armor, I can imagine, would have little trouble molding to whomever dons it.

        • Blankets ARE hokey and make no sense. Especially when physics are involved. In the books and even in the movies, Supes goes through EXTREMES that would rip to shreds any kind of baby blankets that were sewn up to make his suit. It makes sense that his suit is of Kryptonian origin and technology in design and material. It’s fully utilitarian now. It seems militant in nature, now that we see Zod and even Faora wearing similar gear. Some might argue that the blankets are indestructible just like Superman is. That theory doesn’t hold up because it’s the MAN that becomes super under the yellow – Earth sun. How would Ma Kent be able to “sew” up a Super Suit with a needle and thread?
          In terms of “mythology” keep in mind that Superman’s mythology has evolved since the very beginning. In 1939 Superman couldn’t even fly.
          Would you prefer that he not fly as well?? Even if we go back to the 70′s with the Reeve films, much of the “mythology” was a conglomeration of the DC Superman comics and The Superboy comics, in addition to other books, story lines and media.
          This IS the 21st century and characters, not only comic book, continue to expand in their own universes. Especially in film. It’s verisimilitude.
          Nolan and Goyer crafted the essential backbone of MAN OF STEEL long before Snyder was brought on board. It’s only logical to say that Nolan (along with Goyer and now, Snyder) are treating Superman with this same verisimilitude in mind . And it makes perfect sense. Look at DC and what they are doing with their reboot.
          You ask a sensible question as to HOW does he get the suit. I’m sure that Nolan, Goyer and Snyder will show us how, with as much intelligence as they have brought to this entire project.
          If one longs for the old fashioned and out of date Superman, one can always dust off their old VHS copies of “Lois And Clark.”

  5. I thought mo cap suits were either green or blue with ping pong balls on them?

    • Not all mo-cap suits are alike. Like snowflakes.

  6. Kinda funny that the “Red Underwear” is much easier to explain if it’s a Kryptonian thing… now that the suit is Kryptonian, it is gone. I still think there should be a bit more color to Supes costume (on the belt – make the belt red like the new comics; to break up the blue.)

    • I agree about making the belt read. But over all, I love the new costume, it’s the only thing that really works for me in this movie.

      • I totally agree, I think they should do the alien adornments red and the blue a little bit brighter, especially when it’s filmed in 3D (do they film it in 3D?). And what is about the missing yellow S-Logo on the cape?

        • They should definitely brighten his colors. They’re way too muted for Superman. His colors are bold and bright because he’s supposed to look friendly, not menacing. And yes they should use the red belt from the new comics (honestly they should just use the costume from the new comic, this one has friggin fish scales on it)

  7. It’s Superman II all over again. This is not what Supes needed at all to bring him back to the forefront of comic heroes.

    • Superman II was 30 years ago!!!!! That’s enough time for a reboot!!!

      • Because there are no more interesting Superman stories to tell?

        • Because it’s a reboot.

          • I agree that there are many great Superman stories. But what a great opportunity to put a modern take on Zod and Supes origins.

            And if MOS turns out to be good, we will get to see more of those Superman stories.

  8. It is superman 2 all over again that’s for sure.

  9. Superman VI.

  10. Looks like he’s got a muscle suit like Cavill does

  11. My theory: The Kryptonian suite is encased inside baby kal-el’s escape pod. Maybe Jor-el and lara put it there in case Kal-El needs it. then maybe it will become Clark’s first costume. And later on, Ma Kent will create Clark’s new and more earthly costume. Just my 1 cent :D

    • Why would he need a earthly costume?
      I wonder why he ever had such a “earthly” costume. A Superman-costume made by Martha Kent is ridiculous and not very effective in any conflict or fire, it woud be destroyed, and then we have a naked Superman.

      • … which a lot of women would like and would draw them to the theater. :)

        I posted a picture of Superman in his Hello Mr. Happy! suit, and my female friends went goo-goo ga-ga. :D

      • Superman’s invulnerability is partially due to a close-to-the-skin forcefield generated by his body, which is how they explained his costume never getting torn up. This was a relatively recent introduction into canon (somewhere in the last 10-15 years I believe) but it’s feasible in my mind. I don’t know if they’re still going with that idea in the “new 52″ comics reboot…possibly not since his costume in the comics reboot is Kryptonian armor.

        • I never heared of that, it’s a very far-fetched and also ridiculous idea IMO.
          The Idea of a advanced armor is way better.

          I understand that many people (and myself) are upset, when some fundamental things are messed up by the studios on their beloved characters, but some things should be altered.
          There are things, which where bad invented straight from the beginning, and to keep them only because they always where so since the beginning, is not right.
          There is no progress with this attitude, and everything would be the same forever, it would be boring.

          I know it’s arguable, what is bad and schould be altered and what not, though.

          • Never heard of that? OK…that doesn’t mean it wasn’t used in the comics. It may sound ridiculous to YOU but it makes perfect sense given the way his powers have been interpreted during the last few decades. Superman’s powers come from the way Kryptonian’s bodies absorb & process solar radiation.

            Rao (Krypton’s sun) was a red giant, didn’t put off much energy, and so didn’t really supercharge them the way the energy of our sun does…Superman’s body absorbs more energy from our star, which enormously boosted his strength (beyond that of gravity differences), enhanced his invulnerability, even allowed him to output energy from his eyes. If we assume all that is true then it would make sense for his solar powered biology to be able to produce an energy field that has other effects. Superman’s body has a certain level of invulnerability on its own, but it’s reinforced by the field that’s part of comics canon.

            It’s a great concept that works when you take into account the whole of how his body functions, but I also like the idea of Kryptonian armor. I was always a fan of Kryptonian technology poking its head out in the comics, so I’m glad that it seems to be happening in “Man of Steel” as well.

          • I also wanted to say….if you are aiming your comment about “things being altered…no progress with this attitude” at *me* let me point out that the force field thing itself is an alteration of previous concepts, and me pointing it out doesn’t mean I want it to stay that way,

            If you were just talking to everyone else…yep. People are stuck in the mud,

            • Sorry when I have caused a misunderstanding.

              I didn’t meant you, but the general public, and I didn’t meant, that it wasn’t in the comics only because I din’t heard of it.
              I was surprised about that info and have to admit that I know few about the comics. I only know the movies and it was never explained in them.
              I can live with that explanation you mentioned, but I still like the armor better.

              My comment was adressed to everyone, who complains about every change they make in movie-adaptions and as I see you’re not one of them. So, no offend to you :)

              • true dat. like the new spiderman honestly looks amazing. thus the name. lol

        • I think the original explanation was that the red and blue baby blankets that kal El came to earth in were indestructible because they came from Krypton. Superman cut them with his heat vision and Ma Kent made them into the super suit.

          • yep, and also shown in Mark Waid’s “Birthright.”

          • And there were some super-hard sewing needles or laser-needles in his spaceship, so Ma Kent could made the suit? ;)

    • that be more of a down grade for superman in the new movie

  12. I hate it.

  13. expecting a trash movie…because that is all zack snyder shamalan has ever put out…this will add to his heap.

  14. Zod really doesn’t look menecing in that, and is that a goatee?

  15. Rubber muscles Vs. Rubber muscles the motion picture

  16. When DC makes a movie, Latex companies lick their chops and shareholders get a nice bump in their dividends

  17. Looks like Snyder sent him to the gym too.

  18. supermans costume has torn before, the reason (possible reason) it doesn’t get bullet holes is because they can’t penetrate the cloth if they can’t break thru the other side. i think the original idea was that martha made the costume because he had nothing from home except the cape which was a baby blanket.
    zod’s suit looks a lot like supermans, they are definitely kryptonian. maybe the black suit is for military on krypton or punishment (the suit would darken when you disgrace the people of krypton)

    • There are many reasons, depending on which timeframe you’re talking about. I like them all, I’m actually not sure which one I prefer the most. The costume being made from his baby blanket, which is an advanced material? Or said material underwent the same Yellow Sun metamorphosis that he did? Or does he still generate a thin bio forcefield that protects his suit?

      I always enjoyed the storylines where his cape was shredded & his suit was a bit blackened. I’m kind of inclined to put “My favorite!” next to the “new 52″ reboot version…I really like the idea of it being Kryptonian armor, and I love the aesthetics of it…I’ve always been partial to thin lines segmenting a costume, much like they’ve done with Superman’s in the comics reboot.

  19. I will say this I at first i didnt’t like the superman suit i thought it may have been a little dark…but the more i see it i actually really like it…if you notice the shield on the chest is different as well because in actuality its not an S..its a symbol to represent the house of EL. So if you look at the s on the current man of steel pic of cavil, you will notice the top portion of the s reaches over further to the edge of the shield witch makes it look a little less obvious as for as human alphabet is concerned…and i love that zod’s suit mirrors supermans suit there is no doubt that this film makes a real effort to show that there suits are kryptonian…i dont know if any of you guys can see it but if you look closely zods suit has a logo on the chest as well.the suit is very on par with the the suit currently in comics for a reason, lets face it folks when tim burton did batman there was farrrrr less complaining about the black and gray suit or the blue and grey and how that suit that keaton wore got rid of the underwear look as well!!superman NEEDED! TO BE BROUGHT UP TO DATE…so in my opinion these changes are actually long over due…all things can and do change. In reality for this film to be a hit it was a must to do what hasnt already been done a billion times over not only in film but in comic as well…this is new its fresh but it is still iconic , i have a renewed sense of interest in superman films again…superman two was the best of the Donner films..REEVES WAS SUPERMAN FOR HIS TIME.Brandon Routh i though was a great superman but lets face it the story made him too soft. I think this time around we will finally get a buffed butt kicking superman like the one in the comics…to be on the big screen an lets be honest folks thats something even the old superman films with reeves fighting nuclear man we have not had a real brawler like the one in the comics…that is what the fans really want in the end…not bright colors and underwear…lol

  20. and for the record superman has many!!! powers quite a few that have not been tapped into yet this was actually talked about when superman returned from being killed by Dooms Day…the longer he is exposed to are sun the more powerful he becomes thats why in the comics when the superman from the future shows up in comics like kingdom come or the future justice league superman is insanely powerful and has abilities that he didnt have when he was younger…one of them being he ages slower than humans

  21. Superman man of steel could potentialy be the best of all the superman films…we have yet to see.I believe it will stack up to them ,and ultimately i dont think the suits changes will effect the character we know and love. truth is i have utmost confidence in Snyder and Nolan…i’am sure it will be epic. In the 52 reboot I see that supermans suit is not just krytonian armor but seems more stylized, with the mandorin collar with trim as well as the sleeve edges . many may disagree but i like that there is no logo on the cape. it makes sense it would be redundant and take from the rest of the suit. It would be alot like the little s’s all over the superman returns costume, that i think had a cape that looked way to plasticy alot like a red shower curtain. lol, i liked the 3d style shield but felt it was way to small. boots were nice but a little short….the man of steel boots are alot like the ones Reeves wore but not patten leather wich is a good thing.

  22. I am still a bit puzzled why they are making a “reboot”. I am certainly glad ANYTHING Superman is coming out, for sure, but I thought Superman Returns wasn’t all that bad. Why not a sequel to that? :D I thought Brandon Routh and Kevin Spacey were fine…

  23. DC Comics decided to relaunch this character and it has caused the studio (or whoever) to hold back on releasing this film. Good. Maybe it will add something to Superman as a character since the new universe is all shook up and unpredictable. However, the Zod thing still bothers me. I still say to myself,

    “Where are the characters/villains we have not yet seen on the silver screen adaption of Superman?”

    As soon as I saw the photos of the new suit without the red trunks, I knew DC had released certain plot and character points to the production team and director… So why still do we have Zod as a villain?

    If it’s a reboot, do a REBOOT and give us something new to chew on.

    • It’s been 30 years since we’ve seen Zod in a movie. I think thats enough time to see him again.

  24. I gotta say that I’am sure that Zod is jus a piece of a bigger pie…remember Zod was instramental in the skeem of things when it comes to Brainiac…all of those events wich eventualy leads to the destruction of krypton so maybe its just the begining i’am sure theres plans for more than one superman film if man of steel does well…

  25. thanks for the heads up i dont think my other comments posted lol

  26. Anything is better than Nuclear man…LMBO

  27. The Joker was part of the huge success to the 2008, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, even though The Joker has already been used by Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989.

    Zack Snyder made 300 & Watchmen. Both were really great movies. And now he is doing ‘Superman’.

    Its not going to be ‘Superman II’ all over again guys just cause General Zod is reused.
    Seriously. Stop making assumptions and support the NEW movie. Even Nolan is part of the ‘Man of Steel’ project, he is not one to let the movies he is involved with to fail.

  28. The Joker was part of the huge success to the 2008, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, even though The Joker has already been used by Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989.
    Zack Snyder made 300 & Watchmen. Both were really great movies. And now he is doing ‘Superman’.
    Its not going to be ‘Superman II’ all over again guys just cause General Zod is reused.
    Seriously. Stop making assumptions and support the NEW movie. Even Nolan is part of the ‘Man of Steel’ project, he is not one to let the movies he is involved with to fail.

  29. why do people keep calling the S,, a sheild. UNTRUE.
    why do people keep saying his earth mammy made his suit. UNTRUE.

    The S. Is a family crest from his home world that just happened to look like an S in the english lang. So lois lane called him superman and seid what the hell and printed it on front page of the daily planet and it got stuck. TRUTH.
    The silk bright colourful sheet he was rapped in as a baby before entering the ice ship was a microwaveble bit of cloth that when he first entered the fortress of sol and spoke to daddy. It then was micro waved to fit him after he gained the rest of his powers, after a twelve year brain boot in earth time talking to daddy in fortess. Did u get that. TRUTH.