‘Man of Steel’ Photos: General Zod Non-CGI Costume

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Superman logo S ‘Man of Steel’ Photos: General Zod Non CGI Costume

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel won’t be in theaters until summer of 2013, but we’re already seeing a barrage of set photos depicting everything from Lois Lane to Superman to General Zod and his right-hand woman, Faora (Antje Traue).

Speaking of the General, fans still shell-shocked by Green Lantern’s failure were worried when photos popped up online of Michael Shannon – the man set to play Zod – in a motion-capture suit. Now, it is true that he will, at some point in the film, wear a computer-generated outfit, but you can take solace in the fact that he will also have a practical costume.

Indeed, new pictures have popped up over at the film’s unofficial Facebook page showcasing Michael Shannon wearing an all black outfit that is simultaneously reminiscent of both Zod’s costume from Superman 2 and Henry Cavill’s Superman costume in Man of Steel.

Check them out below, originals courtesy of Facebook user Ed Larom (click to enlarge):

If you look closely, both Superman and Zod’s costumes have the same texture, the same bracelets, and the same strange fan-like design on their sides. The only obvious difference, based on these pictures, is their respective color palettes.

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This seems to indicate that both costumes are out-and-out Kryptonian garb. Similarly, in the new DC reboot, Superman no longer wears an outfit designed by Ma Kent and her sewing machine; rather, his outfit is Kryptonian armor that he discovers after his career as the Man of Tomorrow has already begun. So it seems the lack of red underwear isn’t the only thing the new movie has in common with the Superman of The New 52 DC Universe.

It’s interesting that this film seems to be borrowing, at least in part, from the Christopher Reeve Superman series (villain repeat, similar costume design), especially when Superman Returns was heavily criticized for the same thing. Of course that film was also heavily criticized for turning Superman into a no-punching peeping Tom and absent father – and as far as we know, none of that is in Man of Steel.

How are you guys feeling about the direction of Zack Snyder’s Superman film? Let us know in the comments.

Unless it gets delayed again, Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Unofficial Superman: Man of Steel Facebook Page [via Cinema Blend]

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  1. I still hate the new costume. Christopher Reeve’s Superman is better than Henry Cavill’s. Sure, some of the diehard Superman fans may support this and keep a positive outlook on the movie, and some have defended it, and some are mere apologists for it… But the truth of the matter is, the costume is not nice (well, according to me, at least, I’m sure your mileage will vary).

    I am a fan of the classic/iconic Superman look. And for me, any incarnation of the character which deviates from it a great deal will always be a failure. Sure, some of you will say -”give the story a chance”…etc. But a movie is as much a visual medium as it is a narrative. In other words, if I don’t like what I see, I tend not to like the story.

    This is not like Thor’s costume, for example. Thor’s classic costume is not that well ingrained in pop culture, so they can create some artistic license to it…and it worked (for most fans…again, I’m sure some will disagree, but basing on how well the movie was received-box office wise, and dvd/blu ray sales wise- it was well received indeed). Besides, it’s a sort of adaptation to Thor’s modern look. Now, some might say, “well, the new look of the movie is an adaptation of the new continuity superman”…I disagree. Thor’s “new” costume designed by Coipel was around for a few years before they developed the movie costume. The new DC continuity superman costume seem to have been done in order to conform to the new movie costume. Big diff. And regardless whether the new Superman movie costume came out ahead of the new dc continuity costume, or not, like what I previously said, Superman’s costume is so entrenched in public consciousness that’s why it’s never a good thing to change it drastically.

    The are showing pictures of just the rubber muscle body suit sans cape…the latter will likely be computer generated. Fail. Kind of like Spawn’s cape? Ick. Sure, they have made a great deal of headway in CGI since the movie Spawn, so I’m sure it will seem realistic, but really? Spend millions of dollars for a cgi cape? No wonder Green Lantern was over budget, but I couldn’t discern where the money was spent on…Rise of the Planet of the Apes had a much more impressive CGI than Green Lantern, but it cost less than half of GL’s budget.

    Anyway, this is getting long and overdrawn…basically what I am trying to say, DON’T MESS WITH A CLASSIC. Superman’s costume looks fine the way it has always been for decades.

    • Thor have no link to iconic thor in anyway. Go look at his custome and compare is to the comic costume different. You can’t comapre superman and thor because they are on different. Thor doesn’t have a underwaer above his costume, Secondly superman is science and thor is greek mythology. So superman would never look on the modern big screen

      • Norse Myth actually.

      • Really man!! Thor was definitely influenced by Superman the fact that Stan Lee gave him a red cape and gave him flight and made him nearly invincible… I wonder who that sounds like, oh! and wait his costume is red and blue. Get off your Superman hate, all Superheroes were influenced by the Man of Steel, lets the UNDIES the EMBLEMS on the chests the CAPES, there is no denying it man.

        • Really man? LMAO! You have no idea what the hell you are talking about!. By the way, Thor does not even fly, shows how much you freakin know! Thor propells his hammer and whips it in a direction and this causes the hammer to pull him in that direction making it look like he is flying.And as for being nearly invincible…Why would a god not be? lol get your facts straight!

    • I kinda like it. I’m a fan of the nostalgic costume of the comics as well, but I have to admit, if Supes were real, I think his costume would look more like this. More…. alien. The belt area especially looks other worldly, and I appreciate the fact that they did away with the “speedo on the outside” as classical and iconic as it is. I mean Superman is supposed to be capably of supersonic flight (even light speed on some occassions), able to withstand bullet and mortar strikes, and can fly through stars. Let’s face it; an Earthly costume wouldn’t survive that kind of abuse, whether the man could or not. It just makes more sense.
      I suppose I fall into your “defender” category.

    • Supermans costume never looked fine! Red underwear? lol what a tool fan boy you are!

    • I’m looking forward to a Wonder Woman Movie. Soooo, I like the costume changes. Maybe Wonder Woman’s costume will be bold and sexy, yet not trashy. Girls need a super female to look forward to.

  2. And I have seen some people here trying to confuse the issue…Superman’s original movie costume was not sewn by Ma Kent…Superman himself fashioned it while he spent a little over a decade in the Fortress of Solitude conversing with Jor-El (well, a recording of his dead father, at least).

  3. i love the new suit.

  4. OK…First off lets get the facts straight it depends on what version of the mythos you are going with when you talk about how the suit was made because truth is there are more than one origin story that explains a few different ways the suit came to be…Second you say that the suit is classic and iconic I agree but what version do you speak of cause the suit has chainged substantialy over the past 50 plus years my friend!! the chest shield specificaly has chainged a number of times even the version of the suit that Christopher Reeves wore was a departure from what we knew as the superman costume that was actually when they enlarged the s…thor costume bares only one relevency here! that all movie costumes dont have to be exactly off the page of the comic for the film to work!! and pointing out that i can bring up plenty off others comic films that have done the same…Spider-man, X-men, Need i remind you that ALL of the batman films costumes looked NOTHING like the comics but had the same characteristics and base, Fantastic Four, even Dare Devil, all films that have done well! but i will say it again , its one thing to say that you alone are partial to the 1980′s superman costume as apposed to the superman returns, or the current man of steel costume but for the continuity of this film there is a reason for the look and the simularity between sups and zod’s costume and the design…so to just say i wont like it because of the costume before you even set foot in the theater is kinda premature dont you think!! Blade was truthfully the first marvel film that actually did great! wich i believe opened the door to the onslaught of marvel movies…blades costume once again was nothing like the one in the comic but worked for the film and made more sence than just throwing a good actor in a costume right from off the comic book page anyone can do that!!! its already been done…change is inevitable..all things can and do change. I hated what they did to x-men costumes but when i saw the movie it didnt bother me and i loved it. the same with spider-man didnt care for the rubber webbing on the suit but then on film it looked good….the Flash television show with that awful red velvet suit drove me crazy but the story was strong at first and fell apart later…I can go on for days but the point is that the suit looks pretty decent to me and at first i wasn’t crazy bout it but i actually am liking the changes…i like the iconic classic suit too but this is not just looking at 1980 or 70′s its 2011 going to be 2012 and 13…honestly i welcome the change…change is good.

    • >>Second you say that the suit is classic and iconic I agree but what version do you speak of cause the suit has chainged substantialy over the past 50 plus years my friend!!<<

      are you high?! those were minor changes at best. Superman's costume has always been some variation on a theme. blue body suit, red trunk, red boots, red cape. THAT is Superman. this thing, is some Elseworlds version and NOT the real thing. Good or not, this movie is doomed because the fraked with that iconic image.

      • No he is not high. This new costume is also a variation of the very original. It’s still a blue suit, with red boots, and a red cape (which there is not proof whatsoever that it’s going to be CGI, in fact, the first official photo teaser of the movie had him wearing what looked like a practical red cape). So what’s the BIG change? the underwear! Big whoop! And yes, Jim Lee had already designed the new Superman costume in the comics before it was designed in the movie. The movie took it from the comics. You must realize that the new costume in the comics isn’t temporary, its the real thing and DC is sticking to it. So the movie is being true to the comics. Not to mention the costume itself is tied to the actual storyline. And Chris already made a good point of how the notion of “if the look deviates from the classic look the whole thing will suck” if that was case there wouldn’t be any successful superhero movies.
        It just seems childish to say “I grew up with it that way therefore that’s how it should stay FOREVER!!) It’s not like if they are changing the character himself. It’s not like all of a sudden Superman is an anti-hero, who doesn’t mind killing, is darker than Batman, and more violent than the Hulk, and uses fouler language than Wolverine. Those would be terrible changes. Taking off a red underwear is not.

  5. Its my hope that its early enough into production that the costume can be changed if enough fans express outrage over the radical changes to superman’s suit. I really am disappointed with it, as it looks nothing like the suit Christopher Reeve wore. Its even diffrent from Brandon Routh’s costume, which I wasn’t too thrilled with either.

    I grew up in the 90′s and so I want to see Superman appear the way he did in the comics during that time. Basically, just use Christopher Reeve’s costume as a starting point and go from there. Use the red trunks, make the S shield big, and vibrant. Also, the yellow S shield on the cape is mandatory. I really do think that Superman is a visual character. If he doesn’t look the part, the movie will suck no matter how good the story is.

    I wanted to also address the issue of making Superman as dark a character as batman. That strategy won’t fly, as Superman is too kind of a person to ever even accidentally inflict pain on anyone. I really don’t want to see Superman using his powers to torture people into obeying the law. Sure, if he wanted to he could fry Lex Luthor with his heat vision. He could throw him into space, or tear him limb from limb. I just don’t want to see that kind of Superman movie.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t be disappointed with this movie. No familiar theme music, an original costume, and a darker, more unforgiving superman scares me a little.

    • Oh man, you got it all wrong. Not Superman is getting dark, but the mood of the movie and the situation Superman is in.
      It is reasonable, so Superman, and his good-natured behaviour shines even brighter when everything around him is darker and gritty, get it?

      And I will never understand why so many people have a problem that Superman or even Batman are now wearing their underwear under the regular close, rather than over it, like in the comics or older movies.
      The idea of meeting people wearing their underwear over everything, would be a quite disturbing situation at first and then I would LMAO.
      So, this a real good decision in the new Batman and Superman movies IMO.

      BTW-it would be interesting to know what Bob Kane, Jerry Siegel und Joe Shuster had thought or smoked when they said “it would be cool when they wear them over their close”, WTF.
      Imagine Supergirl wearing her wonderbra over the shirt, now you have it, I don`t get the picture out of my head.

  6. looks like you lot dont keep up with the comics…

  7. I agree with you for the most part Ben….except for the part about the cloth. Yes that was one of the origins of the suit…but there actually different variations on the origins of supermans costume that was only one of them…I myself have read in superman and action comics two other ways the suit was introduced…so iam not disagreeing with you, just pointing out that is only one of the facts…as for the symbol the house of el crest you are absolutely correct, that is what I posted in my initial response a few responses up^^^. That is one aspect that never changed dispite how the suit itself came to be.

    • Sorry, CJ, but you are incorrect about Superman’s emblem. In the Post-Crisis origin story, as told in John Byrne’s Man of Steel miniseries, the S-shield was designed by Clark and Pa Kent and was sewn by Ma when she made the costume. So it hasn’t “always” been the House of El crest.

  8. I think superman returns costume is better than the man of steel…… The new superman costume is to…….

  9. For all of you who are against the suite, I am with you 100% Superman’s suite in this new movie is an insult to the Superman character and it is disrespecting the purist fans who want to see Superman as close to the source material as possible. Yes I agree that Superman’s costume has changed over the years, but those changes only involve slight alterations on the S symbol, and minor changes here and there. You show me one comic that shows him without a yellow belt buckle, one illustration somewhere where he is not wearing red underpants and I will not say another word. I have argued this myself, but it doesn’t matter how many times we voice our words they’re not going to change it. I don’t care personally, they won’t be getting my money anyway, the Chris Reeve Superman films had respect for the source material and they will always be the definitive Superman movies for me.

    • So I guess you missed that whole “Death of Superman” and Reign of Supermen arc where he was in a black costume? Or how about hunter/Prey where he was in a very different costume…..what about when he was kal-El and had the red suit….ok, remember the whole eletric-powers supes…..red and blue….do I need to go on? Stop complaining, you’ll watch the movie and if yo don’t yo really don’t like superman as much as you claim you do.

  10. Most of you who attack this suit by saying it was not iconic and such…..get over it. I didn’t see people b*tch and complain when Smallville pissed all over the superman mythos and put him in everything BUT the iconic costume. Next, the movie is close to the NEW comic story line. DON’T YOU GET IT?!!!!! The superman stories, JLA, all of it that you have known since the mid 80s is DONE AND OVER WITH!!! The NEW 52 has restarted them all, and that superman has NO red undies, soe THIS superman in Man of Steel has a comics-accurate costume. Its done. It is authentic and faithful to the comic. and the new superman is not the same superman we all grew up with. He is moody, brash, arrogant, and has an attitude. But he keeps it all tied together due to his upbringing. that is about as dark as it is gonna get in the new movie. I remember when they made the change of Spiderman’s origin slightly in the first Sam Rami movie to make parker have web powers instead of him creating them. Fanboys were in an uproar. I’d say the end result was amazing. I remember when the X-Men movie was being shown with the characters in black costumes instead of their colored comic book iterations. Looks like it worked. The only thing they took from the supes costume is…..red undies. You’ll live, yo’ll see the movie, and you will love it because the actor and story looks amazing. to hell with undies….the dude LOOKS like superman.

    • I think it’s silly to get stuck over a costume change. Do you see how much the batman costume has changed since the originals? It really goes without saying that the looks of Superheros evolve with time. I’m really more concerned with the man behind the suite. And yes, no one will ever out shine Christopher Reeves. He was and always will be the greatest Superman. But as far as Henry Cavill, they couldn’t have chosen a better actor than him. He looks the part and acts the part. I think this movie will blow people away. I mean come on. Zach Snyder, Christopher Nolan? Two of the greatest film makers of all time. I understand being anxious, but I’m not nervous about being disappointed. Go Superman!

  11. Exactly! If you go into a movie and complain about a costume then you’ve got major problems. Cavill is going to be amazing.

  12. superman is an alien from another planet he is not from the earth he only lives on it he is not americas hero he is the savior of earth and the universe but mainly earth i love the new suit it spells alien and real the underwear makes superman look silly that was good for the george reeve and chris reeve era because the tech was not present superman is a kryptonian his suit should reflect his home world plus superman is ripped body wise he is cutt hes has a 30 pak and built arms that look like he can lift and smash things he is not a puny dude in a suit with super powers he was always ripped the yellow sun only enhances him.

  13. I agree with the new look of the suite. I love superman and always have. Im Still shocked from the last superman movie. I thought it was a flop. Im hopping that this superman movie does great! and shows people that he is still the worlds greatest super hero. I hope its so good that fans cant wait for the second one.

  14. So far, I am very excited about Zack Snyder’s approach to Superman. Based on the reviews I have read, the photos and teaser trailer I have seen, it really appears that he and Christoper Nolan is going to go more in depth about bringing Superman to life in a way no one else have probably considered.

  15. You’re wrong. The trunks over the tights was modeled after the way circus strongmen and acrobats’ costumes looked back then. They are NOT underwear and anyone who thinks they are doesn’t deserve to draw another breath. Do you see a fly? No? Then they aren’t underwear. They are TRUNKS! And, as I said, is how circus costumes looked back then.

  16. @Ben Reed, that’s the 1978 movie version of how the Superman suit came to be. In the original comics, pre-crisis, Ma Kent made the suit from blankets that were sent in his ship. In the post-crisis comics, Ma Kent made the suit from stuff she bought at the craft store and the S WASN’T a family crest at all, just something Clark and Pa designed AFTER Lois came up with the name Superman. The idea of the S being a family crest was invented AFTER the 1978 movie to explain why Jor-El would be wearing Superman’s symbol. TRUTH!

    Please, people, stop trying to disply Superman knowledge that NONE of you have. It is very clear to me that most of you (not all, but most) have never picked up a comic book in your lives and all of what you think you know has come from movies and television. None of your opinions are valid

  17. @Cooper I know that the symbol was not always a family crest..in fact in my original post under the name Chris . I said there are different mythos you can follow…I for one know A LOT about supermans comic book history as well as film having owned most of the comics I was born in 1976 I grew up on superman …having read quite a few variations of supermans retold origins, of him if you go back to 1938 the original suit was in fact a depiction of a circus strongman outfit he was given a cape for a way to make him stand out or appear more regal an the original logo was in fact a shield that superman himself put the s on the shield itself was even a resemblense to a police shield…lol the original superman wore sandles for crying out loud!! Didn’t even get boots till his man of tomorrow series a few issues in!! By then the logo had changed twice! In color and in shape of a triangle wich went from yellow to red! The truth is the costume that most of us consider to be the icon or classic didn’t actually show up in comics till sometime in 1944 or 45! From wich the logo went from being much larger!…all of this just points to my original point supermans costume has changed wayyyyyyy more times the the average person has knowledge of…so this new film version is just another in that progression…each era had its incarnation of the suit…an with it its origin and design . So people who go on and on REALLY NEED TO JUST STOP IT. The suit is absolutely not ruined…it will not ruin the movie…and history has shown that from comic to film the costume is only part of the character…so for those people LIKE YOU AND ME WHO HAVE READ SUPERMAN , ACTION COMICS..AN ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT WE SAY. We can say that the current superman suit is not any different than the many changes it has undergone over the life of the character. I agree we all may have are favorite era of wich we are most attached to albeit for nostalgic reasons we may love a particular version..but like before change happens over time…an its time..I’m sure fans of the original felt the same…in comics ..but over time its accepted ….so I’m cool with what it is now I just think people a freaking out wayyyyy to much over the costumes changes…I for one welcome a long over due change.

  18. I for one am very excited to see this movie ! I can not freaking wait!

  19. This Superman is definitely going to be what fans have been waiting. Great plot, story line, and more insight into the character. We have never had that on the big screen. This will be the perfect start to culminating into a Justice League movie. I can’t wait for MOS! Much respect to the entire team that worked on this movie.