‘Man of Steel’ Climax Revealed?

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Despite the fact that we’ve seen a multitude of set photos from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, we know relatively little about the overall plot aside from “Superman origin story + Superman VS. General Zod” (and a scant few other details).

That might be starting to change, if a recent report  about the film’s climax is to be believed. Two things to keep in mind before reading ahead: 1) Take this information with a semi-truck-sized grain of salt until official confirmation comes along. 2) MAJOR  POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD.







Still here? Okay, then.

From Cosmic Book News:

  • The climax of the film involves a fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora (shocker!).
  • This fight occurs after Zod learns that Superman’s human name is Clark Kent and attacks the Kent farm.
  • After the attack, Superman is very angry, hence the fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora at the end of the film; Zod and Faora have basically destroyed the US Armed Forces at this point.
  • Christopher Meloni’s character, Colonel Hardy, hates Superman.

While most of this jibes well enough with the set images we’ve seen of Man of Steel, it’s also worth noting that any Superman fan who has been following this project could’ve guessed the above. Of course Superman, Zod, and his second-in-comand are going to duke it out at the end of the film. Of course Colonel Hardy’s going to hate Superman. Army officers always hate superheroes in these stories! Et cetera.

Frankly, this particular Screen Rant writer hopes that there’s a little more to Man of Steel‘s story than just good guy versus bad guy. Not that watching two superpowered powerhouses beat the hell out of each other won’t be enjoyable — especially for a franchise like Superman that has sorely been lacking in this department — but there’s no reason we can’t have “interesting” and “action-packed” in the same film, right?

Then again, the bulleted details are very vague, so the description leaves a lot of room for interesting, as well. And, if the final scenes of the animated feature Superman/Batman: Apocalypse are any indication, a Superman slugfest across the wide open fields of Smallville is a pretty sweet thing to see onscreen.

Are you guys looking forward to Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments.


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Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Cosmic Book News

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  1. Everyone knows the origins of superman I’m mean thats been done to death with 10 years of smallville you would think that they would stay away from that when batman first came out in 1989 there was no origin story it was just batman and it was great we know that superman is from krypton and that he gets his powers from our sun his fathers name is jorel his name is kalel his only weakness is kryptonite crystals from his home world created the fortress aww man I don’t need to see another movie depicting superman’s origins I wanna see a movie with a good story and not a bloody remake

    • yes agread,so bladyfuly,i tought i was the only on;ly saying this ,ya their actualy killing superman so that marmels comic can make at box office

    • Hard to read without any punctuation whatsoever.
      Agreed that we really don’t need a back story when the topic is Superman.

      • Anyone under the age of 100 can tell you all about Superman so yes please try something new. No more Zod (Christopher Reeves RIP did a great job) and I agree with people about Smallville did enough with his younger years lets move on. Even Lex or robolex out of Mortal Kombat ENOUGH! Ironman did a great job with his start in the cave and moved on to the good stuff so leave Superman back in 1930 or move on and we will love it.

        • Some people love their cheesy Superman! Finally a real Superman movie – Man of Steel!

    • Actually there are many people who are not familiar with his origins. And it did show a good portion of how and why Bruce Wayne became Batman in the 1989 film. I think if characters like Spider man and Batman can have two origin stories within a decade (Spider man) and 19 years (Batman) than I think it is right to give Superman the guy who pretty much started the whole Super hero thing a more modern origin story since he hasn’t had one in over 34 years.

  2. Oh god please keep flashbacks to a minimum I don’t care about Lana Lang and I’m done with the great power comes great responsibility speeches and great now we’re gonna have the Kevin Costner speeches oh man where’s the puke bucket

    • Agreed. If there’s one thing I DON’T want to hear, it’s the Kevin Costner speeches.

  3. Debunked?

  4. Not interest in this movie at all. Im sick of it. Superman is dead. Hollywood, not kryptonite, killed him.

    Superman is one of my favorite characters, he has some AWESOME villains. Why is Hollywood hellbent on the same 2 villains? Why cant we see the invasion of Earth by BRAINIAC!?!? A storyline setting up Darkseid? Doomsday? Cyborg? Eradicator? Bizaro? Grundy/Toyman? Superboy-Prime?

    Another Zod… Why don’t they make Lex Luthor, I mean no ones ever done him before…

    • “Hollywood, not kryptonite, killed him.”

      I’m sure people thought something similar about Batman after the comedy “Batman and Robin.” Though I do agree it would be nice to introduce villians that have not yet been on the big screen (like Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul in “Batman Begins”).

      Ultimately, we won’t know until next summer whether “Man of Steel” can do for Superman what “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” did for Batman.

    • i agree

    • absolutely .. hollywood , bryan singer and even some of the DC writers (frank “azzole” miller) killed superman .. they did what doomsday could not do ..

    • Please. You’ll be in line like the rest of us. Boo hoo Zod again! Boo hoo Joker, Catwoman, Two-Face, and Bane again… Oh wait. *sarcasm*

    • Zod has only been in one other movie that came out about 3 decades ago. Zod is the perfect first villain for a new Superman franchise. He is a tactical genius, someone you can both hate and feel sorry for, makes sense since he is a survivor of Krypton too and having the same powers as Superman there will be an awesome fight. Darkseid, Brainiac, and Superboy Prime are more JLA movie material, no one would take Toyman to seriously, they are not going to put the monster who killed Superman in his first rebooted movie, Bizarro was created by Lex Luthor and like you said he has been in too many Superman movies. 3 out of 5 to be specific. Grundy is an Alan Scott villain. And they are making two other movies after this one so expect to see more villains

  5. This article is no supurise. Of course the climax of most action films always have a huge fight. Superman II did it, so nothing less is expected. I too wish they had skipped the origin. We all know it. It’s been done; unless these guys plan to show us more of Krypton…prehaps show an early version of braniac on krypton…setting him up for the eventual sequel. They did the same with Superman 1 when they set it up for the trio of kryptonian villans.
    As long as we see something different on krypton, more than Jor-el giving his son the farewell speech and sending him on his merry way, I’m all for the origin again.
    Superman Returns touched on the origin quickly with the opening sequence, but then again, Returns was a continuation from Superman 2. They just disregarded that Superman 3 and 4 never happened.

    • There will be. A good portion of the movie will take place on a war stricken Krypton. That could be a cameo for Brainiac since he was the one who blew up Krypton.

  6. Well although I have been up to date on all of the superman stories and origins and could do with out the origins in the movie, you have to understand that a lot of the kids currently have probably never read the comics or have watched the older superman movies. For the person that said we know superman came from krypton and he gets his power from the sun, ask 50 random people questions about superman and see if they answer them correctly. That is not common knowledge.

    Therefore the origins is needed, the origins make and build the character, in any movie you cannot just jump straight into the meat of the story with out knowing how it developed. I am sorry that everyone is upset about reeling the origins, but I can see the need for it with any reboot of any superhero because if not then you just are feeding off of the previous film an not developing a story of your own.

    • Thank you. You just read my mind.

  7. forget this, they should have used metallo, and another powerful character like Bizarro not the same story again, this could flop, doesn’t matter how well done the effects are it’s nothing new, why do these film makers lack imagination? didn’t they learn from the last attempt, after seeing The Avengers they better go film some extra scenes with more super villains otherwise this will be disappointing, and i for one wont go and pay to see a superman movie with the same villains as Reeves superman 2[1982] if that’s the best they can do. what a waste of money, they would be better of giving the money to something more beneficial in this bad economy than take stupid chances like that.

    • The Joker in The Dark Knight. That seemed to work out pretty good.

      • If you had watched Smallville, It had EVERYTHING you just said in it.
        Why do it again? If you knew as much about all things Superman, You’d have known this. Too bad you missed a fantastic series.

      • exactly!!

  8. I could care less what a bunch of Superman critics think. If DC is going to launch a new Superman and make it into a Trilogy or whatever.. You have to set up the origin of Superman… Just like they did for Batman, and Spiderman ect ect. We all know how he got there.. but I would love to see him growing up not in the red and blue tights, saving people.. becoming what he is supposed to be.. people not understanding him.. fearing him.. he convinces people that he is something valuable and saves everyone. Superman is my favorite comic hero and I can’t wait for this film.

    • How can anyone on Earth want to see Superman grow up again? Smallville is over so is his origin just like after the first Ironman and this is what like the 20th movie with Superman? Even Shaq was Steel lol I say continue after the last movie and maybe touch with his son and show us what happen in space like not just he saw rocks that should have killed him (No Yellow Sun) but maybe someone or something saw him and returned to Earth without him knowing.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Most of the people bashing this movie have already seen the previous Superman movies, but this is for a new generation of fans. An origin story is needed to create a new trilogy. It has amazing writers, Nolan basically grandfathering the whole production. Snyder is an amazing director(ref: 300,Watchmen,Sucker Punch…etc), I don’t see anyway possible for this to go wrong. The character isn’t Superman, he starts as Clark Kent, doubtful, confused, a man trying to find himself and his purpose in this world, which everyone on earth can relate too, and that is what makes a great movie, something the audience can relate too, something they can see in themselves. That’s why the Dark Knight franchise did so well, the story was something the average person can see really happening in their lives. I love Superman, I love comics, and this film is a Superman story for the modern era, The Last Son of Krypton will once again make us believe a man can FLY!! If you can’t believe that your whole perspective is whack!!

      • The average person can’t relate to the life of an eccentric billionare. That’s what the 1% is all about.

  9. i think this should take off where samllville left off i mean come on why change whats been working smallville was a great hit this looks like it might be the worst superman movie of all not even getting excited about it that is a shame to do that
    and tom should have played superman and erica should have played lane

    • not looking forward to this movie

  10. The bad taste in my mouth has come from the lack of originality and soul in the story itself. The world is in turmoil, if this film is going to come close to decent.. Then in my opinion, they really need to focus on embodying that right there. Show us that a Phoenix does rise from ashes, and inspire us all to believe one last time. For god sake, people are just about Over these films being remade over all. Superman is the last decent super hero. Zack Snyder, I hope you realize the task you have taken on, I have faith in you. Don’t let us down.

  11. Okay, I think everyone should get one thing straight. Clark Kent is not Superman, Superman is Clark Kent. So, I hope to god that this movie isn’t another nod to the 1950′s where Clark Kent has no personality. Clark is who he is and Superman is just what he can do. John Byrne’s did it right in 1986. Go off of that, but make it a little darker, and for the record a movie with the “Doomsday” plot is impossible because they will never do it right. Those morons would need at least 4 sequels to tell the whole story. They couldn’t even get it right in the animated film. I am a fan of Zod, but Superman has a whole rouges gallery to choose from. Toyman, Brainiac (unless it’s the Smallville Braniac), and any of the other cartoon-like villans who mock Batman’s main villians (poorly) would be terible choices. I will say this, Begins, Dark Knight, and Rises were exactly like the comics, but that is the best trilogy ever. Except the whole (Robin) thing at the end. There were only three main Robins (up until about 3 years ago) and none of them were named John Blake, and none of them started being “Robin” in their early twenties (Chris O’ Donnell)! They were all between the ages of 12 – 14. Although The third Robin (Tim Drake)’s costume didn’t look as gay. Batman would never partner with a kid who showed off his legs like that. He’s not Micheal Jackson. He’s Batman.

    • I meant that most of superman’s villians suck. And the dark knight trilogy was nothin like the comics.

  12. Obvious why Zod was picked. Having another kryptonian in the story will help build a bigger and more detailed back story of Jor-El and the destruction of Krypton. A second film has already been commissioned I believe, hopefully then we will see Darkseid or Brainiac perhaps working with Luthor?

  13. listen, we have to have another origin story. we cant just continue a franchise. i mean, look at the piece of crap we got back in ’06 called “Superman Returns”???

    • Superman Returns doesn’t deserve to be called a piece of crap. It was WAY worse than that!

  14. I am going to see this movie in theaters no matter what anybody says. i just hope they use some of superman rich array of cosmic villains: brainiac, darkseid, doomsday, mstklppkz. anybody cept luthor and zod. yeesh they over did luthor. anyway i think they’re gonna save darkseid for the justice league movie. I think they need to use more comic book continuity in the movies. my idea would be the movies are all seperate. but the justice leaguers realities collide when the moniter and darkseid destroy all the universes and then with one earth left to defend all the justice league are brought together on the final planet in the final reality. that would be more interesting I think.

  15. Ofcourse yes! Coz Christopher Nolan’s involved in the making so gotta see what he comes up with apart from fighting bad…

  16. Complete lack of imagination. As soon as I heard Jor El and General Zod and the fortress of solitude I knew this was going to be another BIG, BIG loser.

    Frank Miller had the right idea in the Dark Knight all the way back in 1986.

    Superman is a tool of a facist american government.

    They control him through kryptonite smart bombs and appeals to a false sense of patriotism.

    What could possibly be more topical and relevant???? Get a clue from the Dark Knight Rises where Bruce Wayne looses all his money and gives the rest away.

    I am so sick to death of hearing about superman’s daddy issues. The man with two fathers? Seriously seriously seriously stupid. More bankrupt than the Euro.

    • I will not see this it is dumb

  17. Ok Zod is unoriginal but what is the deal confusing Ursa with Faora in the comics Faora was a completely different character. She was a killer of men on Krypton. In fact when the character was first introduced she nearly killed Superman. He had to retreat. Ursa was just someone who was chained to the hip of Zod. So hopefully they go with a more comic book friendly version of Faora because she alone would give Superman a run for his money. Personally instead of Zod I would have liked to have seen Jax-ur. He like Faora was a murder. Practically commited Genocide on Krypton but Zod has name recogniton. As for most of the other villians I.E. Bizzaro or Metallo you can’t really do without Lex Luthor. Brainiac isn’t really from Krypton even though modern stories have changed that since the Animated series. The eradicator and Doomsday both characters created on Krypton. Toyman and Prankster are just wimps and only best used as side kicks. The Cyborg might be intresting to use in a future movie but to get him at that power level he would need Supermans rocket so later movies would work better for him and as far as Darksied goes there might be character right issues to face because he wasn’t orginally a Superman Character He was a fourth world character besides if they use him for Superman and Superman beats him on his own then what good would he be in a Justice League movie.

  18. Now Massacre, Bloodsport, or Mongrul those would be some intresting villians…..

  19. Geez,
    In Hollywood’s mind does Superman have any other villians beside Lex Luther and Zod?

  20. I’m a fan of superman comics,film,and characters . But what I always wondered is that why in the films they don’t introduce doomsday into the franchise . By making him powerful, looking wide,tall,with muscles and bones emerging from his skin also knuckles . This woud make the film big . Lastly lex luthor could be introduced as someone with power enough to take on superman even beat him up . Bringing in a story of how superman enemies want to destroy him . And lex could be the man behind hiring them to kill supeman . Kryptonite should be always superman weakness , but you guys should show how superman overcome that situation by blowing out cold ice to freeze the kryptonite. Or use his eye lasers from a distance or close range to fry the kryptonite . That’s all respected people ,keep up the good ,excellent work ,nice one . Yours sincerely MRGNotyce

  21. It’s going to be good relax their taking it from the top this movie won’t disappoint. Everyone was complaining when the dark night first came out and that turned out epic. It’s going to be good remember who’s involved this will be the next great thing

  22. Found this in the IMDB plot section for the Man of Steel. Basically the same synopsis as others expect the last part:

    In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and valued character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill) is a twenty-something journalist who feels isolated by his powers beyond imagination. Transported years ago to Earth from Krypton, a highly advanced, distant planet were his father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) is their head scientist and council member, Clark struggles with the ultimate question ‘what is my destiny? now on Earth and shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner). Earth is under attack from General Zod (Michael Shannon), Faora (Antje Traue) and their army of Robots from his previous planet Krypton wanting to destroy Superman and his family both here on Earth and Krypton to ensure he cannot reclaim head council on Krypton, with Earth and Krypton in need of stability and support, Clark must become the Man he was destined to become and protect the people on Earth he now loves and shine as the world’s beacon of hope as the Man of Steel

    2 things can be inferred from here:

    1. Either Krypton was not destroyed and Jor-El is still alive when Clark becomes Superman; or
    2. Zod does not know Krypton is destroyed.

    Either way, it makes for a good story.

  23. We also know that Superman will battle Zod’s robot army from Mattel’s toy commercials.

  24. Superman the Icon would be refreshing, fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American way!

  25. The reason for the back story yet again (yes we know it, yes we have seen it), is because they are setting up what will most likely be a Trilogy. Zack Snyder has said repeatedly they are going into this movie like no other Superman movie has been made. They want to tell the story their way. From what I have seen, I am glad of this. Let’s hope this does well and sets up for a Worlds Finest, if not The Justice League movie.

    • I think it’s time we all stopped holding court on philosophies and ‘maybes’ when the film hasn’t even been released.
      Chill everyone, you’ll all get to bash opinions after it’s released, but at least at that point there will be a movie to base the conversation on! Not much point waxing lyrical until then – we’re just repeating ourselves.

  26. AT LEAST they are not trying to make Lex the comic relief. Sorry but Superman in the 70′s and 80′s might have been good a the time but are equal to Adam West’s interpretation of Batman today.

    I don’t need an origin story, but I think Hollywood execs could use one, and hopefully we won’t have to see much of it on screen of, and I agree Lana Lang is completely useless as far as a plot, they may have needed her in the Superboy comic or even Smallville (where I was glad to see her leave) but I get the strangest feeling she is going to be taking up 20 min of screen time that could be put to much better use. As for the destruction of Krypton, I will be happy if they put the baby in the space ship and we see a small blip of light as it speeds across the universe. If they want to show us how he learns about where he comes from, fine, just do it quickly cuz we probably know the story better than they do.

    I also doubt Superman would feel the need to put fake abs on his clothing. I am really sick of fake abs and black rubber costumes.