‘Man of Steel’ Climax Revealed?

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Despite the fact that we’ve seen a multitude of set photos from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, we know relatively little about the overall plot aside from “Superman origin story + Superman VS. General Zod” (and a scant few other details).

That might be starting to change, if a recent report  about the film’s climax is to be believed. Two things to keep in mind before reading ahead: 1) Take this information with a semi-truck-sized grain of salt until official confirmation comes along. 2) MAJOR  POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD.

Still here? Okay, then.

From Cosmic Book News:

  • The climax of the film involves a fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora (shocker!).
  • This fight occurs after Zod learns that Superman’s human name is Clark Kent and attacks the Kent farm.
  • After the attack, Superman is very angry, hence the fight between Superman, Zod, and Faora at the end of the film; Zod and Faora have basically destroyed the US Armed Forces at this point.
  • Christopher Meloni’s character, Colonel Hardy, hates Superman.

While most of this jibes well enough with the set images we’ve seen of Man of Steel, it’s also worth noting that any Superman fan who has been following this project could’ve guessed the above. Of course Superman, Zod, and his second-in-comand are going to duke it out at the end of the film. Of course Colonel Hardy’s going to hate Superman. Army officers always hate superheroes in these stories! Et cetera.

Frankly, this particular Screen Rant writer hopes that there’s a little more to Man of Steel‘s story than just good guy versus bad guy. Not that watching two superpowered powerhouses beat the hell out of each other won’t be enjoyable — especially for a franchise like Superman that has sorely been lacking in this department — but there’s no reason we can’t have “interesting” and “action-packed” in the same film, right?

Then again, the bulleted details are very vague, so the description leaves a lot of room for interesting, as well. And, if the final scenes of the animated feature Superman/Batman: Apocalypse are any indication, a Superman slugfest across the wide open fields of Smallville is a pretty sweet thing to see onscreen.

Are you guys looking forward to Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments.

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Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Cosmic Book News

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  1. I have never been a fan of Superman, (always liked Batman better), but this moie looks promising….

    • I agree 100%

  2. I’m excited for almost any comic book adaption…minus Electra, Catwoman, and (the one I should have followed my gut instinct on) The Spirit.

    • I never got around to watching the spirit. i take it that it sucked?

      • If there is a verb that is worse than sucked, The Spirit would be that. And I must thank my idiotic friends for wasting an hour and 45 minutes of my life. Precious minutes that could have been used to bang my head into a wall, go get a root canal, or watch paint dry…all are much better uses of your time. My friend, you asked if the Spirit sucked and I answer with an emphatic yes.

        • I know it’s controversial, but I loved The Spirit, and I re-watch it on a fairly regular basis. This film is so popular with me for one reason – it sucks real bad, and invariably makes me laugh. A lot.

  3. Nothing really surprising in the above “revelations”, so I’m not particularly non-plussed. I look forward to seeing the three Kryptonians duking it out. I would love to see HOW Zod discovers Kal’s Kent identity (I would be okay if it was even something as simple as: “Kal-El, these humans are clearly mentally inferior if they cannot see through your simple ruse!”)…

  4. I don’t know what to think like you said take it with a grain of salt.I personally was hoping for dark side or doomsday as the main villains myself. I think they can do so much more with either one dark side or doomsday.Don’t get me wrong i’m looking forward to seeing it i’m a huge dc fan, big batman guy.I hope with pushing it back to 2013 they put more effort into a better script.

    • superman will at least be 3 movies long im sure, just like most comic movies nowdays…so dont complain yet, patiences is a virtue

    • for some reasone everybody wants doomsday and darkseid. I’m going to assume that its because everybody is smallville crazed and refuse to believe that superman has any other enemies worth fighting other than those two. Personally, I’d like to see a War World adaptaion and an epic battle with Mongul. Other good ones could be Brainiac, Hank Henshaw, a mix of lex luthor and Metallo. Now for those of you who are obsessed with seeing darkseid and doomsday, you could make a superman film with a budget just as super with the creature imperiex which is defeated by superman, darkseid, and doomsday working together.

      • No Jay, it’s because we have already seen Zod and Lex. Superman has so many other villains to choose from but yet they keep rehashing the same crap. Darkseid, Doomsday, Brainiac, Bizaro, Etc.

  5. Why can’t we have a Death and Return of Superman series?

    • Who says that idea isn’t floaating around for a sequel?

  6. Am I looking forward to seeing “Man of Steel”? Heck yeah, I love Henry Cavill and I really hope it’ll get rid of the image of the last Superman movie with Kate Bosworth & Brandon Routh.

    Besides, after the previous photos of Cavill during the rescue scene, you’d better believe I want to see more!!

  7. Definitely looking forward to Man of Steel. Couldn’t come soon enough in my opinion. After the not-so-action packed Superman Returns, it’ll be nice to have a fresh start with everyone’s favorite boy scout.

  8. Where are the red shorts?!?!
    This is bull

    • Old news… lol

  9. They are obviously trying to mirror the new 52 superman with this new franchise…looking forward to it

  10. I’m one of those rare ol’ Supes fans who’s actually NOT looking forward to this movie. In short, nothing has been up to par since SUPERMAN II, and, from what little I’ve heard of this incarnation, nada sounds all that grand to me. I was thinking — as you indicated — that this sounds almost like SUPERMAN/BATMAN: APOCALYPSE’s ending (which I genuinely loved). I think SUPERMAN as an animated entity works just fine for me. Since Superman II, no ones worn the suit as well, so I could take this or leave it.

    • not looking forward to it either it looks horrible

  11. im not really a fan of dc but i know alot about superman and all that but when i found out zack synder was involved i thought this is going to be the coolest adaptoin of superman.

  12. Superman vs. Doomsday cannot be an entire movie. Unless it was a Michael Bay movie. And even then, (as with Michael Bay movies) your brain would glaze over with mindless action numbness.

    You need an interesting villain to carry a movie, and Darkseid would be a great villain, but you have to work people up to the crazy alien stuff – you can’t just go there off the bat.

    • What do you mean “right off the bat”? The origin story has been retold many times already. Pretty much the majority of the world knows his origin story. Not to mention Superman himself, Zod and Faora are “crazy aliens”. So why is it so far fetched to start with doomsday or darkseid?

      Superman Doomsday animation fit the story within 78 minutes and didn’t require more than that amount to be a good film. I’m sure if a movie were made they would add onto that time. But maybe you didn’t like the animation in the same way you didn’t like the batman year one animation. Not enough breasts and action for you like the catwoman short.

      • I disagree. Maybe it’s ’cause we’re all online, so it seems like a lot of people know all about Superman’s backstory and his rogue gallery, but I’m pretty sure when it comes down to it that the comic book fan-Smallville demographic is only gonna make up a relatively small portion of the moviegoers that are going to watch this movie. The Chris Reeve movies are old enough that lots of the younger generation haven’t watched it – seriously ask a random friend and chances are they wouldn’t know who the heck Darkseid is. Maybe Zod, just maybe. But Darkseid? No. Metallo? No. Brainiac? No.

        Kofi’s right, for easing the general audience in what is supposed to be a ‘modern’ and maybe somewhat ‘realistic’ version of Superman (i.e. a Superman that could exist in our society) we can’t go and have Darkseid right off the bat. I DO agree with you about not having to do an origin story – lots of people know that basic one, plus it’s be done a few times. BUT, if it’s good then it’s good, and I’ll have no complaints if the final product turns out fine.

        • I asked all my “random” friends. All knew who every You’re basing your opinion on everything Superman related being completely wiped out from media since the original Superman movies. All of the villains you mentioned were showcased in the Superman 90’s show. Which granted, wasn’t as popular as Batman TAS, still was popular in it’s own right. Also the JL and JLU animations would feature unheard villains like them from time to time. Then there’s smallville that didn’t exactly showcase these villains comic interpretations but could definitely pose as a gateway into comics for fans of the show.(I was never a fan of smallville but respect it for the legion of fans that kept it going.) Then re-run each show to hell. It’s a stretch to expect no one has seen these shows or that the people that do make up any “small number”.

          Also, worst reviewer on screen rant, kofi, is NEVER right.

          • Ori…

            That’s kind of the point: Your friends are NOT random; they are in your life (as friends, buds, associates, etc.) precisely because of whatever linked element gives you that connection to them. Strangers, on the othe hand, might very likely hold vastly different perceptions from you or your friends.

            Also, no one is saying all memories of the past Superman portrayals will be (or even CAN be) wiped out, but a new generation of fans may be interested in seeing his beginnings shown in a world with which they are familiar. Thus, this reboot, while containing previously seen elements of the mythos, can still be (and looks to me like it WILL be) a fresh and worthwhile take on the story that “everyone” knows.

            The shows you mentioned WERE (and are) popular…with the people who watched them. Ideally, even more people will be brought into the fold, so to speak, if this film does as well commercially as the longtime fans are hoping. Whether you choose to admit it or not, that “small number” is a fact.

            Now, as for Kofi, he is definitely more than capable of defending himself…if he even chooses to engage in any sort of back-and-forth with you. He knows I do not always agree with his thoughts on a given subject (sometimes even being diametrically opposed), but even I would never make such a silly statement as to say Kofi “is NEVER right”.

            Chill out.

    • Wait…..so two superpowered aliens destroying our armed forces and then duking it out against a THIRD one isn’t crazy alien stuff???

      I agree that Darkseid needs to be a climax villain so you can’t use him out of the gate but they should have gone with probably Brainiac (or the Brainiac/Luthor story arc) as the antagonist instead of boring Zod again.

      • “Wait…..so two superpowered aliens destroying our armed forces and then duking it out against a THIRD one isn’t crazy alien stuff??”

        HA! I was thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure just the origin story covers “crazy alien stuff.”

  13. This is how the next Sup movies should go:
    1.Man of Steel…goes against Zod and Faora okay it’s an origin story.
    2.Superman 2…some alien force(Brainiac) comes in an threaten earth, another big fight. Also introduce Lex Luthor.
    3.Superman 3…Lex creates a kryptonite machine(Metallo), Sup easily defeats him early on in the film…but then something completely devestating(Dark Seid/Dooms Day) comes to play, and test superman to his limit.

    • Hell yes I agree. I wanted someone like Brainiac or Darkseid for this movie!

    • Superman III the death of superman and then never make another superman movie ever again

      • Yes we need a fresh and original movie script that’s never been told before.

  14. Yawn, wake me up when Richard Pryor gets here.

    • lol.

    • Lol speaking of Richard Pryor I thought Superman III was underrated I mean it was better that 4 this movie was talking about computer hacking in a time when computers were too expensive to have in homes and Richard Pryor was great

  15. I’ve read enough disappointing news about this movie to not be fazed by this underwhelming ending. Talk to me when they finally put together a NEW story with a NEW villain(s).

  16. Sounds thrilling.




      • Hahahahaaha, Win!.

  18. “but there’s no reason we can’t have “interesting” and “action-packed” in the same film, right?”

    Um, its a Zack Snyder movie….of course not.

  19. RANT!!!
    Can I say one thing? Superman has other enemies! Zod and Luther are not the only ones!!!!!! Use parasite, grundy, bizzaro, Apocalypse, even Doomsday ANYONE but please give Zod and Lex a break! They don’t have to be in every Superman movie! Even if you they use Lex again let him be the creator of one of them. Hollywood doesn’t care about real origins anyway so just run with someone else! Please! It’s getting boring already. I won’t lie I do want to see this movie, mostly because I’m a comic book fan. Just give us fans something different to look at not a rehash of past movies plots and characters! Peace!

    • Opps I meant Darkseid not Apocalypse. my bad!

      • Superman vs Apocalypse? I’d pay to see that film.

  20. As long as there are no fake nipples or huge codpiece I’m OK with the story. I smell trilogy.

  21. this movie reeks of lame. does anyone care to really watch a movie based on stories we’ve already seen? un-original. i don’t need an origin story, they can do that in a voice over in the first 2 minutes. i don’t need a rehashing of Zod. AGAIN. i need an original movie script that makes me CARE about superman. or better yet, why HE cares about us. oh wait, we already have Smallville. this movie obviously only exists to make sure warner keeps the movie rights. i don’t think even Warner cares about this movie.

    • Keep the rights? Ahem, WB OWNS DC.

      So they don’t have any timeline to produce a DC property, unlike a number of the Marvel franchises that were farmed out.

    • I’m ready for the movie to come out already I can’t wait. Also why can’t they make an original script with using the same villains… Look at the dark night joker and twoface. So why doesn’t everyone stop crying and just wait for it to hit the theaters. It has an amazing cast… I’m sold.

    • Yes we need a fresh and original movie script that’s never been told before. This movie is lame

  22. Is it just me or do his red boots not look as good with his suit if he’s isn’t wearing wrestling trunks? Also were is his belt?

    • I agree that the boots look a bit weird. They look too big, like he’s thrown on a pair of gumboots.

  23. Firstly this is just unconfirmed for now tho it does line up nicely with what we’ve seen so far.

    Second if it’s true it’s just in summarized form. The way some ppl are acting you’d swear it follows that sequence to the word. Im loving everything about this movie though the one thing im a little “eh” on is Amy Adams.

  24. I dont know why people are moaning about the villains in this movie, it is going to be a trilogy and that means 2 more movies to add other baddies. If zod is going to be in them better the first film than the last and I cant wait to see michael shannons portrayal of him. Dont forget we already had a batman film with jack nicholson as the joker in 89 and look how good the dark knight was. Even though it has origins in the story does not mean its a remake of the great superman the movie, it will be different and set us up for a great set of movies.

    • I agree… I can’t believe all the fuss over the origins plot. It didn’t hurt the beloved Batman Begins reboot! Batman’s origins are just as well known as Superman’s. I think the real issue with super hero movies isn’t the plot, it’s the style. Remember Clooney as Batman? Was he a bad Batman or was he a victim of a played out a 80’s version of a super hero? Batman Begins didn’t break any molds, remember The Crow? Nolan styled his Batman in the same vain as the graphic novel styled movies that Zack Snyder is known for. So I imagine that Man of Steel will be in a similar style.

      • The difference is that Burton’s Batman didn’t honestly have an origin story. Parents shot dead, Bruce becomes a vigilante with cool toys. We find this out through Vicki Vale and weird flashbacks. Nolan actually showed the transformation from Bruce Wayne to Batman in an interesting way and explained how he got his gear. Whereas, the origin of Superman was covered quite well in Donner’s film and covered even better through 10 seasons of Smallville. With that said, I hope it isn’t a full-fledged origin story and more like Burton’s uses of flashbacks.

  25. okay, here’s a thought… how about doing a Superman movie THAT WASN”T DONE BEFORE!!! …… are Hollywood writers that dried up that they have to keep rehashing older movies to get a script completed? Whatever… i’ll see it either way, but like, come on.

  26. He looks like a gimp without the red undies… he needs red underpants…
    He is nothing without underpants, nothing.

  27. So what’s the deal with superman’s son are they going to leave that hanging superman returns was rubbish it had a horrible story and gaping plot holes and that’s hard for me to say cause superman is my favorite the comics have so many amazing stories so it surprises me that no one can come up with something good I hope this new film will redeem the franchise but are they going to do anything about the son

  28. Every body in the world knows darkseid, metallo, doomsday, what the hell u talking about. And if 1 more dumb ass mentions batman. This movie ain’t got nuthin 2 do with weak ass batman. Jimmy olsen could beat his ass. My only complaint is that Amy Adams is not attractive and shouldn’t be playing lois. Movie looks really good from the pictures

  29. With so many plot angles to choose from they go with another origin story?? Why?? Superman Returns left us with so many gaping holes the biggest one being superman’s son and then going with same villain Lex Luthor WTF u know they should of just made the death of superman cause if they’re going to continue making these rubbish films then superman is truly dead at least in the death of superman we can see doomsday

    • I do agree that Hollywood killed Superman… Starting with the tone and comical direction of Sups 3, and putting a nail in the coffin with Sups IV. Superman Returns, was an attempt to right these wrongs and honor the original by creating the Sups III that should have been made back in 83′. I appreciate the nostalgia for the original, but Superman Returns failed to do deliver a satisfying climax, worthy of the greatest super hero of all time. Come on already… I want a knock down, smack down brawl with some intergalactic baddies, using the appropriate amount of CGI and good story telling. Bring it in a big way or don’t bring it at all. I hope this is successful so I can see Bizarro, Brainiac, Darkseid and/ or Doomsday in a subsequent Sequel.