Major ‘Man of Steel’ Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe

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Man of Steel Easter Eggs Trivia List Major Man of Steel Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe


Marvel got the jump on DC in developing a shared cinematic universe and it has paid off handsomely for the company. So beginning with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Warner Bros. is planning to take a similar approach.

We’ve previously written about how Man of Steel could potentially launch DC’s shared movie universe, but few details have emerged as to what that universe will look like and which characters it will include. The only exception was an Easter Egg found in the trailer for the film that suggests time-traveling superhero Booster Gold could be included.

Thanks to Brazilian website Omelete, however, we now know about a much bigger Easter Egg that should have DC fanboys salivating at the possibilities. Naturally, this Easter Egg is a bit of a SPOILER, so if you don’t want to ruin your Man of Steel experience, stop reading now.


Still with us? Okay. According to Zack Snyder himself: “The Wayne Enterprises logo is on a satellite that Zod destroys.” That’s right, Wayne Enterprises (and therefore Bruce Wayne/Batman) is definitely a part of the Man of Steel universe.

Of course, that’s not a huge surprise, since Batman will be an essential part of any future Justice League movie. However, this is the first time we’ve gotten actual confirmation that something Batman-related will be featured in the movie. Now we get to speculate when Batman and Superman will actually meet.

Cavill Talk Superman Batman 1 Major Man of Steel Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe

It’s unlikely that there will be a cameo of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Man of Steel, but it’s easy to imagine how the plot of Man of Steel could set up a meeting between the characters. It’s actually similar in some ways to The Avengers. When Zod and his army invade earth, it might wake up Wayne to the reality that there are much larger threats to the world than just his enemies (in much the same way that the existence of Asgard was a wake-up call to S.H.I.E.L.D.). As the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman will undoubtedly want to find the person causing all of the drama: Superman.

So if Superman and Batman do get to team up for some later movie, who will they fight? In other comments, Zack Snyder mentioned one option: supervillain Lex Luthor. Speaking about the sequel, Snyder implied it was a possibility, saying, “Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what.

Would Lex Luthor be a good villain for Superman and Batman to take on, or would it have to be some bigger threat to be important enough for the World’s Finest?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Omelete [via Collider]

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  1. Nothing to get too excited about. Once they start casting and production on the greater universe, then that’ll looking forward to it, and even then, they gone as far as that on the JL movie, and still didn’t do it.

  2. It is Great News. It’s like when Tony Stark was building his suit and behind him, you could see the Captain America shield. When the movie worked, it allowed for the shared universe to expand and I’m guessing that they might use the same tactic to expand MOS Universe as well.
    My excitment has just gone a little higher now. and we will have to pay attention to the lines the characters deliver just like Lucius Fox had said to Bruce: “We talking Rottweilers or Chihuahuas? Should do fine against Cats” Something along the same type of hint for Bruce Wayne might be in The Man of Steel. :)

    • I just wondered: Since they introduced The Wayne Enterprise in MOS Universe, Does that mean we get a more Fantastical Batman. I know MOS has taken a realistic approach but since I presume (Pure speculaton on my part of course) the future villain of MOS could be Larger than Life then Maybe Bruce Wayne might be recast. At least I hope… lol :)

  3. I’ve decided that I have so much aversion to introducing the dark knight to a magical world of aliens and supernatural spandex friends saving the world and high fiving, that I wish DC would let it go. Second to that, since I have so little faith that such a story can have enough substance to justify such a gimmick-fest (and resulting world shift for a man who was practically just a NYC supercop/detective and will now be a savior of the planet, etc.), that I hope for it to stand alone.

    Make the movie as strong as possible, of course, and don’t do anything to “disown” the venture, but at the same time telegraph to the discerning audience that this JL superhero circlej*** is not the film that bridges the past and future of these characters. In other words, have a newly cast Batman who is not based on Nolan’s version at all, and then preferably ditch the guy after the JL film to relaunch Batman in the world he belongs in. Gotham, and the humans within it, are enough of a struggle for Bruce Wayne. Leave the universe saving and alien punching to the cartoony ones. Just my preference, but I don’t want to wait out a tangential era of Avengers competition films that deviate from why I love these stories and characters. Plus, one guy in tights is plenty, and Superman doesn’t need WW and Robin etc to make him interesting.

    • “leave the universe saving and alien punching to the cartoony ones.”

      Naturally, because we want to make sure the genius-billionaire-detective-inventor-playboy-vigilante-ninja who wears a Bat costume and perches himself on rooftops to fight crime to stay away from the cartoony stuff.

      Cool story bro.

      • The guy wasn’t trying to be offensive. That’s just his opinion. You obviously disagree, so instead of being a sarcastic snob, how about you respectively argue why you think differently. Unless you don’t have a better argument that is.

        • I’d just ignore someone who ends a comment with “cool story bro”.

          • The key point in your reply is “ignore” because his comment actually makes sense.

      • @Dr Mindbender,

        Perfect. I was thinking the same thing as I read his “cartoony” comment, but I wouldn’t have said it nearly as perfect and hilarious as you did.

      • I hope not. Keep things “grounded” hasn’t exactly helped that other company’s resident ultra-billionaire techie superhero come up with many compelling villains. Note to filmmakers: pseudoscience is all-too-often more hard-to-swallow than outright fantasy.

      • Funniest comment of the day. Brilliant!!

      • LITERALLY one f if not THE best replies ive seen on this site.

    • “I wish DC would let it go.”

      Why? They’ve been successfully portraying Batman working alongside other superheroes in the Justice League for close to 70 years. It’s already been done believably in several cartoon series, a TV show and several animated movies. Why stop now because someone like you arbitrarily decides it won’t work?

    • I completely agree, word for word.

  4. Oh no.

    I have extremely mixed feelings about this. Personally, I’ve always wanted Man of Steel to be the first in a standalone trilogy a la The Dark Knight. It’s too soon for a Batman reboot and WB’s lack of a plan all this time shows that they’re very reluctant to go forward with a shared universe. You need to be all in to do that, and WB is not…. not yet anyway.

    At this point, the studio should really be concerned with having Man of Steel be the best film it can be. If the public doesn’t respond well to that, this pipe dream is all over and it will be a long time before any DC characters return to the movie theater. There really shouldn’t be any Easter eggs in this film and if they MUST do this shared universe, add a post credits button scene like Nick Fury and Iron Man. I really hope this Wayne Enterprises logo is the only non-Superman thing because too many Easter eggs can become distracting.

    And Superman is interesting enough on his own to carry a standalone trilogy. He doesn’t need the superfriends.

    • “It’s too soon for a Batman reboot”

      Spider-man and the Punisher were rebooted just 4 years after the previous installment. The Hulk has been rebooted 3 times in the last decade.

      It’s not too soon. You’re just too attached to the Nolan version to move on. In which case you’re just free to ignore any more Batman movies and rewatch the Dark Knight trilogy forever, like Pierce Brosnan fans do with the rebooted Bond franchise starring Daniel Craig.

      • One could make an argument that the Spider-Man reboot was necessary and successful because of how critically unsuccessful SM3 was. It was hilariously bad. Although TDKR wasn’t the best of the series, it wasnt panned near as much as Raimi’s final installment. And the Punisher is, well, The punisher. You could reboot that every year and I think only the most hardcore fans would object.

        All that to say, it is definitely too soon to reboot batman. A continuation story would be acceptable, but definitely not a reboot. Although, with the way TDKR ended, it left it open that anyone could potential fill the shoes. Still too soon though.

      • One could make an argument that the Spider-Man reboot was necessary and successful because of how critically unsuccessful SM3 was. It was hilariously bad. Although TDKR wasn’t the best of the series, it wasnt panned near as much as Raimi’s final installment. And the Punisher is, well, The punisher. You could reboot that every year and I think only the most hardcore fans would object.

        All that to say, it is definitely too soon to reboot batman. A continuation story would be acceptable, but definitely not a reboot.

      • One could make an argument that the Spider-Man reboot was necessary and successful because of how critically unsuccessful SM3 was. It was hilariously bad. Although TDKR wasn’t the best of the series, it wasnt panned near as much as Raimi’s final installment. And the Punisher is, well, The punisher. You could reboot that every year and I think only the most hardcore fans would object.

        • Lets time out and post 3 times please. SMH

        • Spider-Man reboot was only ‘necessary’ financially – they had to do another Spidey film or the rights would revert, losing Sony a lot of potential money and letting us have an awesome character in Avengers… I’m all for more Emma Stone, but I’d say that the fans really lost out with that one.

      • Im pretty sure that the Punisher was not a re-boot just a re-cast!
        AND im positive that the Hulk was NOT re-booted, the first one was a complete DISASTER and the next Hulk was a re-boot/re-imagining and as for the Hulk in The avengers IT WAS a continuation of TIH just a different actor but Ruffalos version in the avengers states the last time he was in Harlem he kinda broke it, so just because a different actor is playing the role does not mean it is a re-boot!! SOMETIMES the original actors are just DI*KS and it needs to be done, Why The F they changed actors from the punisher is completely beyond me since the original actor Thomas Jane has done a 10min short for last years comicon and said he loved playing that role, I just think the studio had a brain fart and thought they could make more greenbacks with a different actor BUT IMO War Zone was a floating turd!

    • You’re seriously fighting the times. Avengers changed the Superhero movie. Disney changed the game entirely, and now it’s shared universe or bust. Fox knows this and is trying to catch up, as is Warner. Hoping for a standalone Superman trilogy is pointless. DC looks at Avengers and sees dollar signs.
      What did Avengers have? A shared universe.

      • I’m just going to go ahead and say “Not at all”.

        Is The Amazing Spider-Man a shared universe? No.
        Is Judge Dredd a shared universe? No.
        Is The Wolverine a shared universe? No.
        Was The Dark Knight Rises a shared universe? No.
        Was any other action/superhero movie in the WORLD a shared universe? No.

        Does Man of Steel have to be a shared universe? No.

        And the only MSU movies that actually acknowledged the shared universe (besides The Avengers, of course) are IM2 and IM3, and look at how much the shared universe aspects irritated everybody.

        I think all you’re doing is looking at the big number and hubub that Avengers put up, and that you would LIKE for that to have to be the case. But does that mean this actually IS the case? Again, as I said before, not at all. Not at all.

        • For every moviegoer irritated by the Marvel movies’ shared universe there were 10 that liked the easter eggs and cameos.

          So, yeah, having a shared universe for Man of Steel ought to work.

  5. i always enjoyed it when bruce wayne would battle lex luthor in the money ring, lex couldn’t beat superman with muscle so he’d try to buy whatever advantage he needed and bruce wayne would step in and say “not so fast lex”.

  6. NEVER! Please Never use Lex as a Villain in a superman related movie again!Does anyone not learn that Over kill of a character especially of a super villain makes it boring. It the batman films used Joker in every one of them the coolness would have been gone by the second film. Look at the original superman films 1-2 were great and the rest were trash. All of them had Lex in it( including the remake Superman Returns) but #1 was the “this is Superman” show and two had Zod and was so well done that Lex was just more of an appearance. The rest of the movies with Lex were just dumb. Have someone new,or not used before, be the villain.

    • This kind of logic is very problematic.

      When a director and/or writer works on a new approach to an existing idea, that new approach has to do whatever it needs within itself. Another way of looking at it is “Man of Steel” is a new movie, not building on the previous movies, nothing that happened in all the previous superman films exists. You can’t say “don’t use Lex, he was in so many other movies!” when in a reboot/reimagining scenario, none of that previous stuff exists. I mean you CAN say that but you’d be wholly mistaken.

      Superman Returns shouldn’t have used Lex, because it was a sequel to Superman I & II which both had already used Lex. Using him again in that situation was totally overdoing it. Man of Steel is its own thing, so you could only cry foul if they used Zod again in Man of Steel 2. If they use Lex, then it’s Lex’s “first time.”

    • Harry Potter had Voldemort as the main villain for practically the whole franchise and look how much money that has made.

      A good villain done right can be in as many movies as wanted.

    • Do you REALLY think that we would have been tired of Heath Ledger’s Joker after only a 2nd movie? Psh please. Then why aren’t we tired of the Joker period? He’s reused in the comics, cartoons, cartoon movies, everywhere.

      And shoot, just imagine…if the Joker had randomly cause chaos in Bane’s plan out of nowhere. “Joining forces” with Bane only to randomly turn around and blow up the truck that was holding the detonator. Turned the citizens against Gotham AND Bane, or even blown up a bomb right in the middle of that big wtf melee in the end. That would have been AWESOME. TDKR was so tactical and surgical that the Joker would have been great. Especially if he had been broken out when Bane freed all the prisoners and didn’t know Joker was in there too.

  7. Another Easter Egg was earlier spoted with the “Lex Corp” logo on a building. And I can see how “Wayne Enterprises” and Lex Corp would be big time business rivals, corperate wars any one? Yeah there is a solid story line there. Not all evil villians that super hero’s have to fight has to be space alien, spandex wearing, superpowered, coustumed psychopaths…

  8. Joker and Lex are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overdone in my opniion just as much as Catwoman was in the last one. They had the chance to Explore the true Villian of Talia Al Ghul in the last Batman but they gave her the Harvey Dent Treament killing her off but atleast you know there is always a Lazarus Pit to revive her. If DC/WB had brain one in thier head they would strive to explore thier UNDERESTIMATED stable of Villians IE. Darkseid, Vandal Savage, and more. It NOT ALWAYS the Catwoman/Joker/Lex Luthor SHOW where villians are concerned. They systematiclly destroyed the very essence of Two Face and Talia Al Ghul by killing them off in the NOLANVERSE and they are SOLID multifacted Villians by all accounts Catwoman is a freeking ONE TRICK PONY who is by far ONE DIMENTIONAL!

    • I think the one that should appear next is Brainiac. He is one of the most important ones and has never appeared in a movie lol

    • Catwoman and Joker were used only twice not counting the 1966 Adam West Batman movie. Both Burton and Nolan used them once in their films. Lex has shown up just about every darn time with sups. And I totally agree, they should use other villains that have not seen the light of live-action day. I also agree that Harvey Two-face Dent was killed off way too early. I mean if Rachel Dawes can fall from a penthouse and she somehow lives without so much as a scrape, than Two-face should have survived a two story fall. And let’s not forget Rachel wasn’t wearing any armor and lives. As for my thoughts on Talia, who’s to say the League of Shadows didn’t come retrieve her body and put her in the Lazarus Pit? Lastly my thoughts on Lex, if they must use him yet again please have Kevin Spacy come back. For me he was the best Lex Luthor!

      • Rachel survived the fall because Batman caught her and used his cape so slow their fall dramatically.

        Harvey Dent didn’t die from the fall – he died from infection!!!**

        League of Shadows’ Lazarus pit didn’t exist. Or else they would have used it to save Talia’s dad.

        **(I joke)

  9. I am the night.

    • Holy Musical B@man!!!

  10. Lex Luther should stick with superman. Batman and superman team up should happen when a bigger threat appears, like aliens or a villain team up.

    • Buy luther could be that gateway to something larger. Always thought luthercorp vs Wayne enterpises is what might draw batman to metropolis in the first place

      • If they use Lex as a bridge he should be a kind of puppet master behind the scenes or simply there taking advantage of another villains chaos. He should not be the main villain in a crossover.

  11. Lex will have to be in it eventually but not just yet

  12. In my opinion if they were to create a justice league movie it should be that superman is the one who wants batman on his team.. not batman wanting to be part of the league.. batman should be like the lone wolf (or bat) that he is.. like in the cartoons he just want to be a part time member… the MoS direction about supes battling fellow kryptonians is very big and it will probly make superman realize that he can’t do it alone therefore approaches bats for help or ask batman for support.. but I’ll doubt bales batman will be the batman after the rocky statue Gotham made for him.. in the first justice league movie Bruce Wayne should be bats.. I think if they reboot bats we will see a justice league movie oh in about 5 years later

    • I’m down with that. I would want to pretend that TDKR doesn’t exist though. From Scarecrow to Joker & Two Face, the next movie would have been even more escalation. Something crazy enough to merit the welcoming of at least a hint of fantasy, a little bit of CGI. Morph the original Nolan series to fit the shared universe.

  13. sickk

  14. Not much of an easter egg considering its been revealed. Thats the point of easter eggs…. for people to notice themselves. Like the batman/superman movie poster in I Am Legend.

  15. I seem to recall that Lois and Clark made Batman references as a subtle nod to a shared universe. In particular I recall Ma referring to ‘that nut in Gotham’ when talking to Clark about becoming a hero. Why can’t there be a nod to fans without mashing everything together?

    • Gee, you must have really hated all Marvel movies.

      No? Another hypocrite? Wow, I’m surprised. /sarcasm

      • Wow, that accusatory comment came out of nowhere didn’t it?

        Where did he mention Marvel again?

        • Do I have to spell it out? He’s implying shared universe = bad even though I’m pretty sure he didn’t really mind that(or even liked it) in one or more Marvel movie.

          • He never said that at all.

            What he said was that he’d prefer a subtle line or nod to a shared universe without being in your face about it. Nothing about Marvel whatsoever so I have no clue where you’re getting that from.

            I just get the feeling (judging your comments here and another one further down the page) that you’re an angry fan that seems to take offense at anything that isn’t high praise and sees comments that don’t actually exist except for in your own mind.

            Again, what he said was that he’d rather have a line mentioning Gotham (much like Arrow had a line saying “Take the train with me to Central City, you’ll be there in a Flash”) than have Batman show up in the movie physically.

          • GG, I agree with Dazz, it was completely out of left field. Although it’s fine if you want to go ahead and spell it out, becuase it would provide fascinating insight into your mind.

  16. you give me a timeslot on that trailer and we will see

  17. Thank god! Does the fact that Nolan produced this and that there is a batman easter egg in movie mean something ?? I hope so! Even if he doesnt want to direct it he can still call for a favor and convince christian Bale or JGL ( due to dark knight rises ending) to hop on board!!

    Dont bother making a JL movie if it has nothing to due with nokans movies.. His movies were to good and succesful and to recent to recast batman

    • The DC universe is much, much bigger than Nolan. His movies can’t hold Batman hostage for eternity. You’re acting like Bryan Singer and Richard Donner fanboys who desperately cling to the Donnerverse Superman movies.

      REAL DC fans will know Batman belongs in a larger universe. It’s already been done in award-winning cartoons, animated movies and video games that everyone loved.

      If you still want to be so narrow-minded(‘Batman = Nolan, F*CK da comics, DC SUXOR’) just boycott the new Batman and keep rewatching The Dark Knight trilogy again and again for the rest of your life like those Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery fanboys who avoid the new Bond films.

      • I do believe that he hopes for Nolan’s style to continue with JL, by using Nolan’s Batman, even if Nolan himself doesn’t direct. And I kind of agree, just if we ignore TDKR ending.

    • @Jake

      As much as I love the Dark Knight trilogy, we really don’t need to see Christian Bale or anyone from those movies again.

      It was a trilogy that had a beginning, a middle and an end. They’re done. Over. Finished. Nothing more to be added to them. Batman became a symbol and Bruce Wayne retired to France with Selina Kyle. His hair was already greying at the start of TDKR, letting you know that he was much older.

      Start over with new actors and that way we can see a reinterpretation of The Joker screwing around in Metropolis or The Riddler (hopefully played by Michael Fassbender, he’s been my dream choice for the role since 2009) showing up in Central City with a Flash villain.

      • ^What Dazz said!

        I loved the TDK trilogy, but it wouldn’t work as part of a larger universe and having it in a larger universe would, imo, cheapen some of the themes and messages of the story.

        It’s time to move on so that we can get a DCCU going! :)

      • THE JOKER is OVER DONE for pete sake. BATMAN had other villians that he fought all the time Not just Freeking JOKER and CATWOMAN! Hell get off that over used train it’s starting to stink. I swear DC Falls back to the same old same old ALL THE TIME! This is why Marvel movies are fairing better People get to see other heros of the Marvel Stable coming out in them. Hell we’re going to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch soon and Ant Man as well as others. DC can’t get it’s head out of it’s ass and Showcase thier other talent then they need to just Fade away to obscurity. Thier already Screwing over thier fans with the New 52 line up.

        • That’s funny, because I’m quite enjoying the New52.

          • Are you one of those fans? Because the New 52 really boosted DC’s sales.

            • Keep up GG. It INITIALLY boosted sales. Now sales are the same or worse than pre-52 levels (with the exception of Batman, justice league and Aquaman).

              I love 52 and want their books to be as good as marvels… But they simply aren’t. I’m not even sure it’s even a matter of opinion at this point. They have a terrible group of editors and marvel pretty much has a monopoly on the talent.

              That’s why marvels dollar and unit market-share is currently so high, and more tellingly, why image comics market-share has had a massive bump this year.

              I love DC and want them to succeed but the quality (line-wide) simply isn’t there.

              • Mark…

                That’s the thing, though. The QUALITY of the DC books is great right now. In many of the runs, tight writing is building up to intriguing events (I can’t wait for the “Trinity War” crossover, for example), and the character reboots/soft reboots/shifts have led to some very interesting situations and interactions (the relationships among and between the members of the Justice League of America have been fascinating and, quite often, priceless in terms of their humor. The art, for the most part, has been good and effective. Now, this is not to say that there haven’t some duds as well, of course. There will always be…at EVERY company.

                Which brings me to your comment about how Marvel has all of the talent, currently…Ummm, no. I’ve read some of the recent Marvel stuff (“The SUPERIOR Spider-man” comes to mind), and all all I can say is…Thank goodness I’ve got my OLDER Marvel stuff, so I have something good to read on the Marvel side of things. True, Marvel has SOME talent…as does DC, as does Image, as does IDW, as does Dark Horse, as do several other companies.

                Please, don’t attempt to pass off your opinions as facts.

                BTW, personally, I’m really enjoying a couple of the different Star Wars storylines out now (especially the rise of the Jedai’i) and the crossover involving The Shadow, Green Hornet, Zorro, The Web, and other pulp/noir heroes in a fascist New York, so, no, it’s not just DC for me.

                • Sounds like you might just have bad taste in comics.

                  Market share in units and dollars are facts. It’s pretty well documented, just google it.

                  The general critical consensus is also that marvel has a monopoly on talent.

                  I am not a marvel fanboy, I go wherever the talent is.

                  It’s also pretty well documented how DC editorial interference has driven away a lot of talent.

                  DC do have Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire on the writing side but the art is woefully inconsistant on most of the second tier titles to maintain a monthly schedule (often with several artists on the same book).
                  The continuity is also boned beyond all belief.

                  I read batman, green lantern, aquaman, justice league, green arrow, justice league of America which are all great. I have zero bias.

                  Sounds to me you’re the one trying to strong arm your opinion!

                  • “The general critical consensus is also that marvel has a monopoly on talent.”

                    Your opinion, repeated again and again, does not equal general consensus. For the most part the same talent cycles through Marvel and DC.

                    Art quality is subjective. DC has no dearth of good artists. There’s Francis Leinil Yu, Jim Lee and Amanda Connor to name a few. Many more that aren’t currently working for them at present but do so on a regular basis.

                    As for continuity, it’s a fair bit less ‘boned’ since the New 52 started. And you’re acting like Marvel has no continuity issues. The X-Men line has been one big mess of continuity issues for decades. So is the Ultimate universe. And there’s a lot of that in 616 Marvel as well(their many crossovers that don’t always mesh with one another); Marvel’s just good at ignoring old issues and just going on with new arcs.

                    • @GG, leinel Francis Yu works for Marvel. So that’s an immediate fail. He’s just finished a run on indestructible hulk. He hasn’t done any DC work in years. Amanda conner is amazing. But her only recent dc work was before watchmen: silk spectre (which finished a few months ago and isn’t part of the new 52).

                      So when you said ‘to name a few’, what you really meant was ‘to name one’ LOL

                      Sorry if I sound like a smart-ass.

                      Like I said I am not a marvel fanboy. A comics fanboy for definite.
                      I follow the best creators, not characters.

                    • And like I said THE SAME TALENT CYCLES THROUGH BOTH COMPANIES. Creative teams that were working for Marvel a few years ago are now working for DC. And vice versa. That’s how it’s always been and will be. I can bet Francis Yu will be doing another DC project in the next couple of years.

                      In short, it’s not an issue. If you don’t like DC’s current artists chances are someone you like will show up on some or the other title soon.

                    • @GG, not really. Most creators these days are on exclusive contracts. And I’m talking about now and now only.

                    • Exclusive contracts aren’t set for a lifetime. JMS was on a Marvel exclusive contract and then started writing for DC. Brubaker started out on a DC contract and then went to Marvel. You’re only proving my point.

                    • @GG. And your point was? Lets back track. All I’m clear on is that you’re unclear on who works for who and you’re also unclear on the numbers. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy DC comics, it’s great that you do.

                      The start of the conversation was that you said the new 52 is a big sales success.

                      All I said was that it was INITIALLY. Sales are now at pre new-52 levels.

                      This is fact.

                    • Sales only really fell behind when Marvel launched their NOW initiative.

                      Just wait for the next big initiative/event and things will turn around again. In other words, check back during Trinity War.

                  • Mark…

                    I was going to respond a bit differently, something a little more appropriate to your lack of manners.

                    I decided, very simply, you’re not worth the consideration or effort.

                    Thus, I will just say this: Marvel has led in sales quite often since coming into its own as a major player in the industry…I’m sure it will experience many more such times. I say…more power to the company and its characters. DC has had a great many upturns in its long history, as well, and will (I’m sure) have many more as time progresses. More power to it and its characters, too. Do NOT, however, confuse quantity with QUALITY. DC, currently, has some excellent storytelling going on. If you don’t like it…well, that is YOUR issue, not mine, DC’s, nor anyone else’s.

                    Good luck with that sweet attitude…

                    • @archaeon. What are you talking about? Sweet attitude? Where was I rude apart from implying you may have bad taste? Don’t take it so personal. It’s a lively debate, I’m allowed to give you some light snark. I’m sure you’ve experienced far far worse, this is the Internet after all.

                      I actually enjoy reading your posts a lot and consider you (for what my stupid opinion’s worth) one of the top commentors on screenrant. You’re very opinionated, but I’d always take the rants of someone who passionately believes their argument than some illiterate nonsense, so I’m genuinely sorry if I offended you.

                      I also said that I read about 10 DC books, so I clearly like DC comics a lot.

                      I only stated that Marvel currently has higher profile creators, larger market share and stronger second-tier titles.
                      Do you read any marvel books currently on a monthly basis?

                    • Mark…

                      I may have read too much into your initial comment, so I will apologize for my overzealous response. I, too, enjoy lively debate, but I do find that I can misinterpret tones in some comments, from time to time…one of the curses of online back-and-forths. I like to read your responses on these threads and appreciate (whether or not I always agree with, as with everyone else) your perspectives on the various topics that pop up .

                      I did read some of the Avengers comics recently (Avengers and some X-Men, with the crossovers) and Daredevil and a few scattered others, but none consistently…and none right now.

                    • @archaeon. It’s cool, sorry if I came across as a jerk. I think we may bicker about DC shared movie universe stuff on a regular basis so our sublimal internet defense shields are up! Explore some current marvel books and your opinion may change a little,

                      Try Thor: god of thunder, all new x-men, Hawkeye, uncanny avengers, daredevil, captain America, indestructible hulk, nova and guardians of the galaxy. I could name tons more that are top-draw.

                      Like a say I read tons of books from all publishers and I love DC but there’s been a noticeable deline in quality on the second tier books IMO with two many rotating art and writer teams. If you’re not reading the ones I mentioned earlier in the thread then check em out… Particularly justice league of America.
                      But it can all turn-around quickly, that’s the fun of it!

                    • Too many- spell correct

                    • Fair enough.

                      I’ll have to see if I can find the time to read some more comics and try out some of those suggestions.

  18. It’s look like that the wayne entreprise is going to be like a superpower in the DC movie universe. Cool

  19. I will like to see Supergirl appearing in the MOS sequel She was, seen in the MOS Prequel. Kal-El’s cousin Kara of Argo City and the rest of his family Zor-El and Allura In-Ze who send Kara to earth in a Pod. By escaping from the clutches of Dev-Em.

    Daniel Craig and Brooke Shields can be a great casting role playing Supergirl’s Parents (a,k,a Superman’s Uncle & Aunt of Argo City).

  20. I saved this article for a while, trying to read others on the site first and after reading it and seeing that it’s a Wayne Enterprises logo on a satellite…..well, I guess I’m underwhelmed.

    It’s a cool nod to a larger world but at the same time:

    * it may just be a nod to eagle eyed viewers and nothing more

    * it’s not much to go on unless we have a post-credits button that shows a larger world more clearly than a split-second flash of logo

    * it’ll get some people thinking that Nolan’s involvement and that logo means Bale will be back

  21. We want Wonder Woman!

  22. i think i just jizzed..

  23. I Hope Man Of Steel Is the Start Of DC Cinematic Universe and I Think This Should be The Order Of Films

    Man Of Steel – 2013
    Batman Reboot – 2014
    Man Of Steel 2 – 2015
    The Flash – 2015
    Green Arrow – 2016
    Justice League – 2017

    • I think this is better:
      Man of Steel
      Wonder Woman
      The Flash
      Green Lantern(Maybe titled “Green Lantern Corps” or “Green Lantern’s Light”)
      Batman Reboot
      Man of Steel 2
      Justice League.

      I think the Batman reboot should start off with Bruce already as Batman, WITH ROBIN! I think it’s about time that sidekicks are done right and given a chance to shine. The New 52 continuity is handling the sidekicks well and if they can do them right, then in DC’s “Phase Two” we can get a “Teen Titans” movie and expand the universe more.

  24. …at the end would be fine if Supes goes and resques Bats from that Nuke explosion in last second from TDKR…and then we see a World Finnest plot reveals…

  25. No Lex Luthor, he is played out he has been in most of the movies, Brainiac, Deadshot, there is a slew but NO LUTHOR for the love of God.

  26. If they do this, it will be the end of all that’s holy in the comic book universe, just another Hollywood attempt to milk more money out of a DUNZO franchise. This movie belongs to Superman. All it needs are hints, sly winks at other heroes, nothing more. Otherwise, why don’t we reboot Spider man again, this time with Dustin Diamond from “Saved by the Bell”? Here’s an idea? How about an Iron Man reboot with Tommy Wiseau from “The Room”?

  27. Wonder Woman. Female heroes have been ignored for too long.

    • Plus 1 I want the Amazon to.

  28. I think Lex Luthor is fine to have in the new franchise as long as he doesn’t get really deep into supervillainy until during or after the Justice League movie. He should be one of the main connections between each of the movies, setting things up and weaving the threads of a master plot for a long time until he unleashes hell.

  29. Idea for “World’s Finest” movie. Bruce Wayne/Batman becomes focused on ET threat as personified by Superman. This brings him closer to Lex Luther. They already were business associates/rivals, but now that Luther is raising the alarm about alien influences Wayne becomes allied, until he notices that Luther acts strangely at times. Turns out Luther discovered a Brainiac probe and has been assimilated, which requires Batman and Superman to work together in order to defeat, possibly with the aid of the liberated Luther. Then it turns out that this was just a scout, the main force is arriving, and this leads into the Justice League movie as they gather together Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, etc. (J’onn J’onz is a survivor of Mars liberated from Brainiac’s zoo.)

    • I find your lack of creativity disturbing.