Major ‘Man of Steel’ Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe

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Man of Steel Easter Eggs Trivia List Major Man of Steel Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe


Marvel got the jump on DC in developing a shared cinematic universe and it has paid off handsomely for the company. So beginning with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Warner Bros. is planning to take a similar approach.

We’ve previously written about how Man of Steel could potentially launch DC’s shared movie universe, but few details have emerged as to what that universe will look like and which characters it will include. The only exception was an Easter Egg found in the trailer for the film that suggests time-traveling superhero Booster Gold could be included.

Thanks to Brazilian website Omelete, however, we now know about a much bigger Easter Egg that should have DC fanboys salivating at the possibilities. Naturally, this Easter Egg is a bit of a SPOILER, so if you don’t want to ruin your Man of Steel experience, stop reading now.








Still with us? Okay. According to Zack Snyder himself: “The Wayne Enterprises logo is on a satellite that Zod destroys.” That’s right, Wayne Enterprises (and therefore Bruce Wayne/Batman) is definitely a part of the Man of Steel universe.

Of course, that’s not a huge surprise, since Batman will be an essential part of any future Justice League movie. However, this is the first time we’ve gotten actual confirmation that something Batman-related will be featured in the movie. Now we get to speculate when Batman and Superman will actually meet.

Cavill Talk Superman Batman 1 Major Man of Steel Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe

It’s unlikely that there will be a cameo of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Man of Steel, but it’s easy to imagine how the plot of Man of Steel could set up a meeting between the characters. It’s actually similar in some ways to The Avengers. When Zod and his army invade earth, it might wake up Wayne to the reality that there are much larger threats to the world than just his enemies (in much the same way that the existence of Asgard was a wake-up call to S.H.I.E.L.D.). As the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman will undoubtedly want to find the person causing all of the drama: Superman.

So if Superman and Batman do get to team up for some later movie, who will they fight? In other comments, Zack Snyder mentioned one option: supervillain Lex Luthor. Speaking about the sequel, Snyder implied it was a possibility, saying, “Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what.

Would Lex Luthor be a good villain for Superman and Batman to take on, or would it have to be some bigger threat to be important enough for the World’s Finest?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Omelete [via Collider]

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  1. And let the nerd bickering begin…

  2. WOW! this is great news. Looking forward to seeing this movie even more now.

  3. Never would’ve guessed that’s how they would mention Batman in the movie, really cool.

  4. yeah, bruce and I are gonna kick some ass

  5. Now everyone of us is going to watch the f*ck out for that satellite come June 14 !

  6. The only hope i have is that they dont rush the shared universe, if it is done right with the proper timescale the shared DC universe can be just as successful and fan rewarding as marvel……

  7. This article right here is a great example of what I mean by the bias screenrant has toward Marvel and the nonstop comparisons being made between DC and Marvel.

    Marvel got the jump on DC in developing a shared cinematic universe and it has paid off handsomely for the company. So beginning with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Warner Bros. is planning to take a similar approach.

    Here’s one example, and um no, Marvel did not “get the jump on DC” The Avengers is probably the worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen. It’s boring. If anything, DC got the jump on Marvel with The Dark Knight trilogy in making realistic superhero movies with good stories and interesting characters, as well as using minimal CGI and making movies in as big a screen as possible. If anything, Marvel should be taking notes from the brilliance of Christopher Nolan.

    When Zod and his army invade earth, it might wake up Wayne to the reality that there are much larger threats to the world than just his enemies (in much the same way that the existence of Asgard was a wake-up call to S.H.I.E.L.D.).

    Stop, please just stop. No one likes these comparisons of DC to Marvel. Marvel and DC are completely different and are supposed to remain different. DC does not need to try to remake The Avengers using their own characters. So please screenrant, just stop. It’s pretty obvious you’re all biased toward Marvel, and it’s pretty obvious you want DC to copy them. I swear, if I see one more article on here comparing the two companies, I will unlike screenrant on facebook.

    • “The Avengers is probably the worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen.”

      Obvious trolling is obvious.

      • Yeah you made some good points but that line is pure troll

      • It was his opinion.

        His trolling would be more along the lines that Brian thinks Screenrant is biased. Which is certainly not true.

      • did anyone else IMMEDIATELY stop reading after they saw that sentence because they passed out &came to a few hourse later only to faint again when they tried to wrap their minds around the ridiculousness of the statement?

    • realistic?…really?…
      why are you even watching superhero movies if you’re looking for realism? nothing about batman is realistic. why in the world would you want fantasies to be realistic anyhow? you must be biased against cbms or something. go watch a documentary or the news or something if you want reality. it’s this type of mentality that’s holding everyone else back from getting to see something truly unreal.

      • This. I have been saying this for the longest. All this “realism” non-sense is for the birds. All of Nolan’s Batman films were pure fantasy (and I own all three, btw). Movies are make believe people!!! Get over this “realism” crap!! Now, if there was some way they would include something that ties in Green Lantern, then I’m really going to be pump to see this movie, because I want all three films characters (Superman, Batman and Green Lantern) to be connected. Yes, I know a lot of people hated Green Lantern, but I do not care, I want all films connected somehow, so they do not waste time putting together a Justice League film. I am quite sure, someone is going to whine, that Green Lantern does not show “realism” and I will ignore those comments. Everybody is entitled to their opinions, including me.

        • It’s not necessarily ‘realism’ but the seriousness with which the films take themselves, as was said by Damon Lindelof in a recent article on this site. The Marvel films can be a bit… tongue-in-cheek or ‘silly’ but they usually acknowledge this.

          The Dark Knight films are pretty damn serious. Man of Steel looks to take itself very seriously. This isn’t a bad thing, but compare this with the slightly goofy Green Lantern. I don’t think that ‘goofy’ is quite the right word, but it’s definitely not fitting into the same sort of mould. The look and feel of it is a lot brighter and more optimistic than Dark Knight/Man of Steel.

          It *could* work to have the contrast between the more serious heroes (Batman, Superman) against the more optimistic/cheerful ones (Green Lantern? Flash?) and the simply inexperienced/naïve (Wonder Woman?) that don’t really know what goes on in the world.

    • aaaaaaaaand then there’s this guy

      This article in no way showed any bias. Marvel did literally get the jump on DC because they created something more successful than the Dark Knight.

      Also, you wanna talk bias, look at your own statement. ‘The Avengers is probably the worst super hero movie ever made’. That screams bias. The Dark Knight Trilogy in n way ‘got the jump’ on Marvel. Realistic or not, The Avengers got better ratings and made more money. Regardless of whether or not you liked the film, it did better than TDKR.

      Might as well throw in some of my own biased opinions as well. Christopher Nolan likes to over complicate his movies and add tons of confusing subtext to try and make his films seem deep, because in his mind a complicated movie is a good movie. If Marvel starts mimicking Nolan’s ‘realistic’ approach to comic films, I’ll be highly displeased. They’re superheroes. Their not supposed to be so deep and realistic.

      • The avengers didnt get better ratings tham the dark knight or DKR dont look at the RT percentage look at its rating out of 10..

      • Nope Avengers didn’t got better ratings, if it did on RT THEN ALSO ITS SCORE WAS LOWER.Also on metacritic and IMDB TDKR got better off Avengers.

        • Ratings and awards mean nothing, neither does box office performance. However if we’re going to bring that sort of thing into the argument then I might as well mention that Rotten Tomatoes gave The Dark Knight a better rating than The Avengers, and one actor did manage to win an oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight. The Avengers was nominated for academy awards but won none.

      • killjoy, I’m sorry that your simple mind can’t enjoy realism and deep stories. I’m sorry that all it takes to entertain you is flashy effects. That’s all The Avengers had, flashy effects. The plot was boring. No, I am not trolling when I say that The Avengers is the worst superhero movie I have ever seen. I was truly bored with it. That movie could’ve easily been an hour shorter and been a million times better IMO. Unlike the mindless mass population of America, it takes more than effects to entertain me. I like a movie with deep, intriguing stories, and The Dark Knight trilogy accomplished just that. Superhero stories should be deep, intriguing, and psychological. This isn’t the 60′s anymore so stop acting like it.

        • “Unlike the mindless mass population of America, it takes more than effects to entertain me.”


          …and the high horse you rode in on buddy!

        • Yeah, like Green Lantern. That was deep, man.

    • //The Avengers is probably the worst superhero movie I’ve ever seen.//

      lol k.

      //I will unlike screenrant on facebook.//


      • He’s going to unlike Screenrant on Facebook!

        lol. oh no

        • dumb.

    • Way to completely crap on your whole point by pissing and moaning like an adolescent girl throughout it. The Dark Knight trilogy was great and better than anything Marvel has done, but nothing else DC has done has even come close. Superman is the most iconic super hero ever and he has yet to have a film the quality of the Avengers or any of the individual movies either. As far as a shared universe with other characters is concerned Marvel did do it first. There is no way to get around comparisons between the two. Both are comic book super hero movies and provided there is a Justice League movie eventually it will be a super hero team up just like the Avengers. Just drink a glass of warm milk and grab your pacifier and get some sleep before you sound any more like a baby girl with your I will unlike you threats. Grow up and grow a pair.

      • Superman has yet to have a movie of the same quality as The Avengers? I disagree. Did you see Richard Pryor next to Hulk, Iron Man, Cap and Thor? No. Who did you see Richard Pryor with? Point proven.

      • Now u r trolling in marvel phase -1 only ironman and Avengers were good all others were average at best and were lower in quality then Superman-1978

      • What puzzles me about comments like your own is the whole “Marvel beat DC to a shared universe” argument, as if it’s a good thing. There is no need for superhero movies to ever have a shared universe. IMO it just complicates everything. If Superman exists in the same universe as Batman, then next time someone threatens to blow up Gotham City with a nuke why doesn’t Superman just come in and save it? A shared universe not only makes it harder to tell stories that will make sense but also makes it harder to focus on the characters themselves, resulting in less emotional/psychological films and thus making the only strengths of these films their special effects. This is exactly what you see with The Avengers, again the worst superhero movie I have ever watched. I do not wish to see that kind of ruination of DC and my favorite superhero Batman.

        • you do realize that the comics all share the same universe, and make appearances in other titles all the time. it’s really not confusing. same stories, just in a different medium. you are free to never watch anything other than your precious DK trilogy. the rest of us will look forward to, and watch MOS, Then MOS2, or a rebooted batman, or JL, whatever they decide to do.
          i also hope they could incorporate “arrow” into that shared universe. even though the show doesnt have anybody with super powers, yet, they could simply have the “1st contact” be a part of the overall universe; season 2 could have someone watching a news story about the appearance of superman. maybe never show him, but maybe talking about the aftermath of what battles happen in MOS, and that the world (mostly) has accepted the existence of alien life.

      • Maybe he could use a Snickers.

    • @brian. You’ll unlike them on Facebook!!!!!! Ohhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. However will they sleep at night!

      There’s no bias at all. The 2 company’s have always reacted in response to the others movements so it’s absolutely appropriate to compare the two studios strategy.

    • man….your comment is beyond DC fanboy its ridiculous

    • on second read thats some troll comment you got going on. your argument about being based in reality is cool, but batman IS just a detective…I love comics in general so any good movie off a comic is great news for me. However, trying to compare the characters in Avengers which are all super powered (including Iron Man with his suit) to a billionaire detective about reality is really unjust (and im talking about the ones with solo movies not Hawkeye or Black Widow). Also if you love DC so much and the stories you would know that the 3rd Batman movie in Nolan’s trilogy really kinda butchered some characters histories. Especially Bane and Talia’s with the whole Bane was her protector in the prison and Talia escaped twist. Still one of my fav movies but just saying theres a lot that was effed up.

      • Manny, I did not see it as effed up. I actually saw it as an interesting plot twist and a great way to tie everything together back to Batman Begins.

    • The Avengers is the best superhero film I ever saw. While, Watchmen was the worst superhero film I ever saw. I know a few folks (and when I mean a few, I mean a few) like it, but I did not get it. I have a buddy of mine who says, “But Watchmen was dark, it was an awesome film.” Yeah, right. Dark and stupid is more like it.

  8. That Easter Egg…whoa! here comes Peter Cottontail…!

  9. I love it!
    I do think Lex is a good villain if handled properly. He is like an evil bald Tony Stark. Take a cue from that and you can get him to create great havoc. No real state nonsense please.

  10. I think Man of Steel will be similar to the first Iron Man. It’s gonna do its own thing but have a few hints here and there (that aren’t forced) that there is something much bigger than than Superman.

  11. I honestly don’t think a Superman & Batman crossover could work in live action. You have a guy dressed in a bat costume fighting on one side and then you have a indestructible guy fighting on the other side. What is the point of Batman being there other than making a fashion statement. With The Avengers every single hero including the villains were vulnerable. With Superman it’s so damn hard to find his weakness other than Kryptonite.

    • I would imagine it would be like Captain America/Black Widow fighting alongside Thor. I never thought it would work but nonetheless, they managed to pull it off.

    • In the New 52 there are a bunch of “Kryptonite Soldiers” each having the power of a different color of kryptonite to shoot energy blasts with. Those guys would be nice to see in a film.

      Also despite Superman being so dang OP the trick is to distract him with what he thinks is the final boss while the real bad boys do their thing elsewhere until it’s too lat for him to stop them.

    • Exactamundo! Superman does not need to be assisted by a mere mortal. What’s Batman gonna do for Superman? Pay for his dry cleaning? Two of my favourite superheroes, but each must exist in their own seperate universe. Take the dark knight rises for example, that movie would have had a runtime of exactly 3 minutes including the credits if Superman existed in that reality. Bane takes Gotham hostage, superman flies in and destroys all bad guys. Roll end credits while Bruce Wayne is just getting out of bed. Combine the two in cartoons and comics. Leave the motion pictures as separate entity’s. can’t wait for MOS.

    • Batman and Superman’s relationship is very complex and I for one would love to see a film focused solely on it. The thing about them is they don’t interact with each other so much physically, but intellectually. Their philosophies and beliefs are totally different and a live action movie where a threat comes in that makes each question their own outlook on crimefighting/saving the world and consider the other’s would be great.

  12. Lex Luthor? I’m 39 years old and have seen Lex in the Christopher Reeve films and then in the Bryan Singer version. Please, no more Lex Luthor.

  13. ‘Batman & Robin’ had a flat-out acknowledgement that Superman existed via a piece of dialogue from Batman to Robin- “This is why Superman works alone”- along with various mentions of Metropolis in the film and the ones prior to it. It means nothing!

    I am just kidding! I love the news and I expected this kind of references or Easter eggs rather than full-blown cameo.
    Lex Luthor sounds like a good connective tissue with him being a business man billionaire not unlike Bruce Wayne and enemy to be of the Man of Steel himself.
    I wonder how the logo would be- if it is similar to that of the Dark Knight trilogy than we might have a bit of a clue to the plans concerning Batman.
    Still believe that The Dark Knight Rises be treated as one-off or at least keep Batman Begins as the quintessential origin story for the reboot.

    • What killed the dinosaurs? Tha ice aaaggeee! Lol

      You tell ‘em Arnold

      • Let’s kick some ice.

    • Ya, Batman and Robin starred George Clooney. Nuff said.

  14. Just an FYI. Metropolis was mentioned in Batman Begins.

    • When an where? And how did I miss that?

    • BS

    • Superman was mentioned in Spider-Man, too.

  15. I think that Lex Luthor could be a great villain for superman and batman if the character is written correctly. Let’s face it, you cant have supes without lex. And this would be a perfect way to bring bats into the fold.

  16. I hope the Easter eggs in this film isn’t random and distracting like it was in iron man 2

  17. The existence of Wayne Enterprises only assures the existence of Bruce Wayne.
    Superman’s difficulties in being accepted in the world and even possibly initially
    rejected means, as I have said previously, there are no other superheros
    present that the world has become accustomed to prior to his entry.

    When he lands on the scene then Bruce is yet to become Batman.
    Which, of course, fits perfectly with a likely reboot of Batman.

    • I would rather a batman at the top of his game rather than another newb.

      • Which is why a standalone reboot of Batman
        would have to precede any Justice League film.

    • I’d argue that it’s possible for the more “Grounded” characters of the DC Universe could exist in this new DC Movie Universe. Someone along the lines of Batman, Green Arrow, or Deathstroke. What would make Superman unique is that he would be the first character in this universe that had actual super powers.

  18. It’ll be cheap if they go the whole “oh, we aren’t the only people that exist” bit, when it comes time reintroduce us to Batman.

  19. For the record, in Superman Returns after the plane rescue,
    television reports at the Daily Planet of the events make
    a clear reference to Gotham city by the news anchor.

    • That’s right. And then there’s one of a zillion moaner lines in ‘Batman & Robin’ with one standout

      “This is why Superman works alone”

      So my whole take on this is that for now, it’s just nothing more than a nod to the character and nothing more. I *also* take the news here with an ounce of grain. Not only will I believe it when (if) I see it, but again, it is about as significant as R2D2 among the space rubble in Star Trek. (or C-3PO and R2 among the hieroglyphics in the well of the souls in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

      Nothing too exciting here.
      You spoiled nothing.

      • That’s true. That’s why I’m not making too big of a deal about this yet. I do hope this is the only Easter egg in this film, but if the only thing is a logo that can barely be seen, it’s not much.

        This is like the Pixar shared universe. Pixar has made several subtle references to their films (Bomb Voyage appearing in Ratatouille for example). This is a nice way to handle fan service while focusing solely on one character. I want this to be a Superman movie, not Iron Man 2 for DC.

    • Yeah, DC movies haven’t been too shy about doing little references and nods to other properties. While a neat tid-bit, this isn’t much more than what they’ve done before. Now, if Bruce met up with Clark after the credits and says “I’M BATMAN!!” like Samuel L. Jackson did, now that would be exciting. This can only be retroactively interesting, if they do create an inter-meshed Justice League franchise from this base. Here’s hoping! :)

  20. Id really like to see metallo on the big screen. Maybe have Lex be the guy behind Metallo like secret origin

  21. Looks like what Latino review said a while ago is slowly coming true

  22. That is pretty cool. I am also big on the Metallo idea too. That would make a great Lex villain intro. Have Corbin be just a cyborg in the first half of the movie being a henchman and whatnot. Then in the second half have him fitted with kryptonite and upgraded to give Superman his first exposure to it. They’d have to play around with the story to as how Lex figured out about the kryptonite but the buildup would be cool. As to Batman appearing in the second movie, feels rushed to me. Supes and his world has to be established again. Seeing Batman in the papers and news would be a better route. Build his character up so Supes knows he is out there yet still concentrating on Metropolis. The third movie would be an ideal spot for them to team up. For me, Braniac would be the perfect villain for them. Everything is computers and info now, he would mess a lot of things up and create real dangers like nuclear war and mass destruction. Supes would need help, plus we can see Batman’s detective side hacking computers, finding the source, etc while Supes is the muscle. An event that big would lead to the other members of the Justice League to have a reason to come out esp if there is a bigger threat on the horizon that is made known. Also, seeing Supes and Bats in action would make them curious. Would love to see a Lex/Joker teamup but that’s unlikely.

  23. I think a Lex and Brainiac team up would be work

  24. If anybody is to figure out tgat superman is vulnerable to kryptonite it’s batman, the world greatest detective that should figure it out in the movies.

  25. WOW!! A Wayne Enterprises satellite!?!? What does that mean, NOTHING! No crap Batman and Superman are in the same universe. How is this even a spoiler?

    • There are some semi-spoilerish pics so be warned.

  26. A bunch of negative Nancy’s here.

  27. I have a good feeling that in the sequel we will see Brainiac as the primary villain with Luthor being the instigator which will tie in directly to the Justice League film which will be about Darkseid taking Superman under his wings destroying planets – with supes going AWOL, other superheroes come together to defend earth. Well, that’s what I’d like to see anyway.

    • I can get behind this. It would be great to see Lex as a scheming genius/businessman who puts on a good face for the public, but secretly wants to take things over, and is driven to figure Superman out. In many comics and animated shows, Lex and Brainiac collude. I do love Brainiac.

      • I have to say that a Brainiac appearance is long overdue. What really annoys me that Marvel have already showed Thanos before we even had a chance to see Darkseid, hopefully the long wait will be worth it in the end. I’m happy for the Marvel fans though. Anyway, I don’t think Snyder would let the people in DCU be apprehensive towards Superman that early in the franchise but I do still want to see a mindwarped Superman betray the trust of the people while the other heroes emerged to handle tricky situations created by Luthor and Co. and at the same time figured out how to get Superman out of Apokolips. That’s another thing, Orion will have to play a supporting role. So, there’s a dilemma of pulling off the look of New Genesis and more importantly Apokolips. I can see Snyder doing a competent job in showing the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, swapping of Orion and Kalibak – the way he did it with the opening sequence of Watchmen. This really could be an outline for the 3rd Man of Steel or the eventual Justice League film. But the 2nd Man of Steel film would be a very important one for us, I must say.

  28. Hire Joss Whedon and maybe I’ll see it. Definitely not a fan of Snyder. Sucker Punch and that owl movie were awful. I don’t think WB has figured out how to make a comic book film after seeing Green Lantern.

    I also read Snyder’s MoS prequel comic and it confirms my suspicion that they changed too much with the Superman mythos. Plus wasn’t this film just a quick cash grab meant to be a one off so that WB could retain the rights? All this wedging in about other DC heroes is forced and very mediocre.

    • If Brian, above, was trolling, then Wompa is definitely trolling.

      As for this “spoiler”, it’s nice to know but not actually new or surprising.

    • Troller go away.Whedon is no spielberg cameron scorcese there r many as talented as him and snyder is one of them

    • What did they change so drastically in the mythos? What things they did change makes sense and work great.