Major ‘Man of Steel’ Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe

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Man of Steel Easter Eggs Trivia List Major Man of Steel Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe


Marvel got the jump on DC in developing a shared cinematic universe and it has paid off handsomely for the company. So beginning with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Warner Bros. is planning to take a similar approach.

We’ve previously written about how Man of Steel could potentially launch DC’s shared movie universe, but few details have emerged as to what that universe will look like and which characters it will include. The only exception was an Easter Egg found in the trailer for the film that suggests time-traveling superhero Booster Gold could be included.

Thanks to Brazilian website Omelete, however, we now know about a much bigger Easter Egg that should have DC fanboys salivating at the possibilities. Naturally, this Easter Egg is a bit of a SPOILER, so if you don’t want to ruin your Man of Steel experience, stop reading now.








Still with us? Okay. According to Zack Snyder himself: “The Wayne Enterprises logo is on a satellite that Zod destroys.” That’s right, Wayne Enterprises (and therefore Bruce Wayne/Batman) is definitely a part of the Man of Steel universe.

Of course, that’s not a huge surprise, since Batman will be an essential part of any future Justice League movie. However, this is the first time we’ve gotten actual confirmation that something Batman-related will be featured in the movie. Now we get to speculate when Batman and Superman will actually meet.

Cavill Talk Superman Batman 1 Major Man of Steel Easter Egg Hints at Broader DC Universe

It’s unlikely that there will be a cameo of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Man of Steel, but it’s easy to imagine how the plot of Man of Steel could set up a meeting between the characters. It’s actually similar in some ways to The Avengers. When Zod and his army invade earth, it might wake up Wayne to the reality that there are much larger threats to the world than just his enemies (in much the same way that the existence of Asgard was a wake-up call to S.H.I.E.L.D.). As the World’s Greatest Detective, Batman will undoubtedly want to find the person causing all of the drama: Superman.

So if Superman and Batman do get to team up for some later movie, who will they fight? In other comments, Zack Snyder mentioned one option: supervillain Lex Luthor. Speaking about the sequel, Snyder implied it was a possibility, saying, “Everything is interesting at this point. And don’t forget that Lex is out there, doing who knows what.

Would Lex Luthor be a good villain for Superman and Batman to take on, or would it have to be some bigger threat to be important enough for the World’s Finest?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: Omelete [via Collider]

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  1. I have this thing, where if there’s a bunch of text smooched together in one long chunk, my brain tells me to speed-read through it so that I get done with it in about the same time it would take to read a regular-sized paragraph. My brain reads it like the Micro-Machine guy talks. This creates a problem where I’m only skimming and miss a lot of the details, I’ve been working on retraining my brain but it’s been tricky.

    Well formed paragraphs are about 4-6 sentences long, have a starting idea, supporting ideas, and a summarizing sentence. It’s interesting to see all the different writing styles and methods, when commenters on the site post their story treatments for what they want to see in the next movie.

  2. please lord no more lex….

  3. you know warner brothers make a good storyline of the justice league not to dark, put a sense of humor, i hate too much drama of superheroes life! i want action with ssense and please no lex luthor, find a supervillain with powers so that it challenge them! no mortal nemesis that easy to punch by batman or superman there is no challenge there it was sucks!

    • I enjoy films that are presented as “what if this really was happening.” You can bet that if there were superheros and villains in the real world, it would be serious, dangerous stuff.

  4. I def think a batman/superman team up would be far more of an audience puller than a justice league movie.

    At least until they have given some of those other heroes their own movies.

    But Batman and Superman are the two greatest heroes ever. I would love to see just them together in a movie with Bale as Batman.

  5. im very surpised at the comments section for this revelation…

    it seems like for once theres not even somuch as a spark of creatvity in the majority of concepts/ideas being offered up. it might not be some cheesy one liner or gotham flyby shot.. but this (if true) small subtle visual would potentially speak unimaginable volumes as to the intentions of the film &the universe it shares..

    this means that the man also known as the worlds greatest EXISTS in this grounded world.. (&dont tell me its not grounded.. unless u have PROOF POSITIVE there is NO extraterrestrial life in the universe.)

    what this also means is they can now build some kind of framework around which to introduce not just the dark knight but other intertwining elements.

    personally i think a Batman centered “reboot” is both pointless and potentially damaging, as unlike the Spider trilogy (which was still unneccessary even if it resulted in a better version) had no average 2nd &mediocre 3rd installment to justify the short timespan

    the option ive been petitioning for ages to see implemented is that instead of a hard reboot.. DC/Syncopy gontinue with new Superman &Justice Leaguea movies aswell as one Flsh movie but concentrate their efforts on building a long intertwining group films franchise (ala Fast &Furious escept higher quality) that way everyone shows up &kicks ass &ppl look forward to it.. but youdont have to have individual spinoffs for EVERY single character that can possibly go wrong &taint all the corresponding films

    as for bats i suggest a mild dimensional adjustment.. wether Bale is on board or not (VERY unlikely in shich case Luke Evans is the onlysuitable pick) this would include the detail that MoS belongs to an ALMOST virtually identical universe as Nolans Dark Knights.. with minor exceptions no 8 yr gap differing motivational characteristics (being Batmans seen as his neverending “mission” in life that borders on the high functioning psychosis etc)

    the overarcing plots would be after witnessing the arrival of Kryptonians &proof of possible otherworldly threats Bruce puts in motion a tactical threat response scenario countermeasures
    using his cave system &hacking skills he studies all known footage of the event to assess the skill motivation &weakness of the alien now dubbed “the superman”
    all in hopes that he &the earth will be better prepared should there be other incursions.. or worse should the hero ever decide to rule rather than just help us..
    he also looks into other possible alien links.. after carefully studying the primary non-military asset to have contact with the anomaly he deduces his identity.. (Ms Lane) he then stumbles onto the fact that not only has his species been here before.. they (&possibly other civilisations) have had previous contact with earth &possibly remain in secrecy.. also in his pending unresolved case files is the disappearance of one Hal Jordan who is logged in Amanda Wallers top secret reports as being a currently offworld asset &a non abduction scenario

    things all come to a head when the flash surfaces.. WayneTechs long range space scanners detect incoming lantern energy signatures & an ambassador from an unfindable island nation presents herself to the UN… the final most disturbing revelation in his multiple ongoing investigations is a link between tsunamis &sea/ocean related disasters to every major oil spill or natural sealife affecting disaster..
    finally surmising that the lost city of atlantis &the uncharted shifting &long fabled/now unveiled island (themyscera) are somehow all inextricably linked.. this last detail will lead to aninevitable confrontation between the would be world heroes

    after an almost humilating manipulation of the most powerful being on earth.. a humourous encounter with a retuurning Jordan &finding out who the flash is.. they all get to the more important task at hand stopping whoevers behind all these targeted natural disasters..

    bringing us to an encounter with Arturis the tall blond &seemingly perfect prince of Atlantis.. who comes to them for help.. a villain by the name of Orin has stolen the Trident (a molecular wavelength manipulator similar to HARP) &is wreaking havoc after going insane he asks the heroes for help subduing the usurper &stopping the unleashing of Atlantean drones (think aqua version of the drones in Hellboy 2)… but all is not as it seems with the Aqua Man.. que huge final battle where lines are drawn sides are chosen &secrets are unveiled

    by the time the dust and vapour settles.. the realisation that this is all entwined in a much larger plot involving a galactic despot (the one responsible for Kryptonians ending their great expansion effort &initiating total seclusion from all space travel) whose name is revealed at the end of the film by a paradimensional suicide bomber that destroys coast city.. &threatens to engulf the world before being foiled by Batman himself in a last move suicidal deperation move

    leading directly up to the 2nd installment Kingdom Come.

    the following film would be a prequel to establish Flashes origins (set after MoS &before Worlds Finest following that Man Of Tommorrow which deals with supes in a post metahuman world, polymath industrialist philanthropist &secretly amoral mogul Alexander Luthors smear campaigns &psychological manipulationans as well as an Artificial Intelligence with links to his dead homeworld will push Supes to his limit

    cue Kingdom comewhich would start much like New 52 except they all know each other from the previous Worlds Finest but all went their seperate ways with a healthy dislike for each other.. WW takin an especial disliking towards Bruce..
    let 1st act revolve around introduction of Vic “The Machine” Stone.. son of famed Star Labs scientist &1st round draft pick tipped to be the next superstar QB cue disfiguring life threatening accident &subsequent augments (should be NOTHING like comic incarnations btw)
    then bats picking up trail of the leftover plot from the 1st movie to an even bigger threat.. everyone gets reaquainted learns to work together.. then prepare for an ALL OUT INVASION that they all come together &deal with by splitting up &solving individually

    introduce desaad &Kaliban.. &at end of film Batman (appears to) give his life for the cause.. after credits scene reveals hes not dead &Supes &the gang decide to go get him leading up to the 3rd &final encounter with the grandaddy of all villainy..
    in between this can be the final installment of MoS: Doomsday where Kal El is killed &returns.. leading into 3rd film &final confrontation with the one responsible for bringing all these events to a head

    • Brilliant…I hate every other comment now…

  6. Luthor should be in MoS 2 but not as the BBG. Use it as an intro for him (if he’s not in MoS) showing how shady he is but also demonstrate that his primary concern is his xenophobia and fear at a loss of power because of these god like beings from other planets coming to “his” planet and impressing their will upon the human populace. Just dont make him the focus of the next MoS. Instead bring in Brainiac (Yes another Kryptonian to help illustrate why Lex would have a grudge against Kal)and have him wreak holy havoc on Earth. Lex should be the climax to a trilogy of MoS and have him come out swinging in MoS 3.

    For Justice League it has to be a cross platform BBG or a group of BBG’s. With the kind of power levels we are talking about with the Justice League it would have to be. Thats the primary difference between JL and the Avengers. The Avengers on their best day (Hulk or not)couldn’t match the power levels the JL possess. So the BBG for JL needs to be really big. Although like Avengers I would tease the ultimate BBG as well. That of course being Darkseid. So have the first JL BBG be something very loosely connected to Darkseid. Perhaps not connected directly at all but definitely something Darkseid is watching. I would say Vandal Savage would be good, but he rarely works alone. He is usually a mastermind of a group. I would say do the Legion of Doom but I think it would be too early for that. Hold them for the sequel. So that kind of leaves me with just a few major BBG’s that would give them all a run for their money. Mongo comes to mind first, the return of the Joker perhaps (i know hard to do but not impossible), or Parasite. Parasite could easily give them all a run as he goes from power to power emulating each and absorbing their strength.

  7. To define the genre Superman epitomizes is not to defy it. Rooted in tradition, Superman is that powerful and quintessential outsider — an alien and illegal immigrant — hiding his true identity inside a bold lie, that alter ego of Clark Kent. Sounds real enough.

    But truth is not always as entertaining as fiction, though sometimes they do tend to collaborate. While one certainly cannot argue against other extra-terrestials floating out there in space, this Kryptonian that we do account for is grounded on planet Earth where serious criminality have had many antecedents longer than Superman has been around.

    Prominent among these miscreants is someone called Lex Luthor, and this man is a serious piece of work. Director Zack Snyder, at present anyway, has Luthor on his mind for an eventual (and inevitable) Superman/Batman team-up.

    So, if the World’s Finest will be stuck with said earthling, what makes for a good villain? Certainly, this is a Machiavellian creature — nasty, brutish, merciless — equally dismissive and self-righteous, who’s twisted loyalities strenuously avoids inconvenient principles; who kicks into gear with visual splendor, and the story(*) chasing the action to keep up…requiring minimum brain power.

    As long as the result is both repllent and impressive, to summarize, the villain — be it Zod or Luthor — need only be compelling to watch.

    The(*)story, in a perfect world, should be cleverly plotted with witty banter, a shocking never-saw-it-coming twist, good (re: strong) character development, careful narrative construction, tension and creditable plot points.

    • Lex Luthor is also a Superman. If you compare Nietzsche’s writings on his hypothetical ‘Übermensch’ (yeah, I found an umlaut for you – you’re welcome) then Lex fits the bill. Kal El fits it in terms of some of the wording e.g. Fortress of Solitude, but Lex, with his higher intellect, distancing from those he considers ‘beneath’ him and so on means that Kal is the physical Superman, but Lex is the intellectual master-manipulator, free thinker…

      In the same way having a human fighting alongside a God (as it is with Batman backing up Superman) can make the human seem all the more amazing, there could well be something inherently frightening about a mere mortal that could kill a God. If the script is well done. And an awesome actor is cast.

      I would like to ask why a World’s Finest movie has to come before Justice League. Why not have a Justice League film with Superman and Batman as the main characters in the same way that Avengers was very much Captain America and Iron Man front-and-centre?

  8. I will almost guarantee that by the end of July several of shelved DC projects will get the green light due to the fact that MOS will make a bazillion dollars. Which ones will they be? Who knows.

    • Not sure about that. Warner Bros is extremely incompetent when it comes to DC properties and for every 1 movie they get right there are 5 or 6 that either flop or get stuck in development hell forever.

      Y: The Last Man, 100 Bullets, Preacher, Death: The High Cost of Living, The Sandman, We3, Sleeper, Deadman, The Swamp Thing, Sgt. Rock, The Doom Patrol, The Metal Men, Lobo, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Teen Titans, Justice League…

      The list of ‘shelved’ DC comics projects at Warner Bros is a LONG one. I really wish they had their own studio instead of having to live or die by the whims of WB.

      • Double G, I hear you and understand your point but with this being the success that it’s projected to be, it will be very difficult for WB to sit back and not produce more. Some of the others you listed, yes it might be a tough sell for the casual fan. But with the stable of characters that are well known it’ll be tough for them not to move forward. It’s just that when they do I hope they don’t produce any more like the Green Lantern.

  9. Didn’t read article because of SPOILER warning but I saw the images, but if it has anything to do with Batman,it does not surprise me because they made Man of Steel with a real world perspective…duh…

  10. I’m not really sure why this is a story at all. The existence of Wayne Enterprises in Man of Steel doesn’t really say anything one way or another about the broader DC movie universe and the presence of other heroes in it. You might recall references to Metropolis in Batman flicks, for example. Superman never came flying into any of those and no greater, cohesive movie universe was ever pursued. I’m not saying that won’t happen now, but Jeeze, this seems like a really small thing to get excited about.

  11. MAN OF STEEL will make Over $1 BiLLiON Dollars Worldwide, Henry Cavill is a Great Actor & Amy Adams is a Multi-Oscar-Nominated-Actress & Very Beautiful Plus Multi-Oscar-Nominated: C-NOLAN is The Writer & Producer, i think The New Suit Looks Great & Much Better than The Old Light Blue Suit that Looked Like a SMURF & with The OutSide UnderWear was Real Bad, i Will See MAN OF STEEL in 3D.

  12. It would be a great idea to have superman and batman fight lex luthor. There are so many ways someone could make this happen. The basics is entirely to simple. Lex creates a kryptonite suit. Quiet simply Superman could not defeat lex, and there you go. Batman could save the day.

  13. Well. There is a hint in the movie as to who the next villain could be, and no, I don’t think it will be Sears or IHOP. :P

    • I take it you’re referring to the ‘skull’?

      That said I understand the character it alludes to doesn’t actually appear in this movie or have any role in its plot.

  14. Vandal Savage, Royal Flush Gang, Doomsday, Darkseid, these are all much better villains than Lex. Also, everyone of them is a difficult enough opponent that Superman will need help if done right script wise.

  15. Has someone seen the Wayne Ent. logo? Saw the movie, i wasn’t able to find it on the satellite.

  16. I know what most are saying about Lex Luther and that we’ve seen enough of him but he’s a big part of the superman story. He should undoubtably be in the next movie but maybe not as the main threat. Perhaps there should be a new villain created. Maybe by Lex. Anyway if this is to be a trilogy then the last one should be the death of superman when he faces the alien threat of doomsday. That would leave it open for the continuation and not another reboot of the story showing the beginning again. If you’ve read the death of superman you will know he is reborn.

  17. I know what most are saying about Lex Luther and that we’ve seen enough of him but he’s a big part of the superman story. He should undoubtably be in the next movie but maybe not as the main threat. Perhaps there should be a new villain created. Maybe by Lex. Anyway if this is to be a trilogy then the last one should be the death of superman when he faces the alien threat of doomsday. That would leave it open for the continuation and not another reboot of the story showing the beginning again.

  18. I know what most are saying about Lex Luther and that we’ve seen enough of him but he’s a big part of the superman story. He should be in the next movie but maybe not as the main threat. Perhaps there should be a new villain created. Anyway if this is to be a trilogy then the last one should be the death of superman when he faces the alien threat of doomsday. That would leave it open for the continuation and not another reboot of the story showing the beginning again.

  19. He’s a big part of the superman story. He should be in the next movie but maybe not as the main threat. Perhaps there should be a new villain created. Anyway if this is to be a trilogy then the last one should be the death of superman when he faces the alien threat of doomsday. That would leave it open for the continuation and not another reboot of the story showing the beginning again.

  20. I’ve had about enough of Lex Luthor already. It’s like he’s the only villain the Superman franchise ever takes a chance on.
    However, I understand that Superman and Lex go hand-in-hand like Batman and the Joker…so I guess the question is, is it really possible to build a Superman franchise without Lex? I don’t know.
    But if they do decide to use him, he’d better sweep me off my feet or something.
    By the way, Man of Steel was awesome(:

  21. I would like to see Doomsday be the villain who causes the Justice league to unite. What better reason to call out every available hero than to take down a monster powerful enough to (apparently) kill the Man of Steel? Maybe Lex could be responsible for freeing him…

  22. They should save Lex Luthor for a Superman 2, if they want to do a Batman/Superman combo they need to through in someone like Brainiac. Darkseid would be cool too but i would save him for the JL movie.

  23. Do a Justice League movie next! After the destruction caused to the Earth by Zod’s terraforming machines, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Batman converge on Metropolis to find out what happened And to find out the identity of this new superhero. Meanwhile the Kryptonian ship that Superman partially destroyed spawns a security protocol that rebuilds itself into Brainiac. Lex Luthor remains a Kingpin (I know I am referencing Marvel) like character teaming up with Brainiac to destroy the other superheroes.

    • Also, give Aquaman the ability to control water, like the aliens in The Abyss, in addition to telepathic communication with sea life. I know it’s not canon, but it would make him more interesting in the movies.

  24. WB is making a Batman vs. Superman movie as the sequel to Man of Steel in case you haven’t heard.

    • the year after that they’ll have a flash movie and then justice league according to comic con