Young Clark Kent Says ‘Man of Steel’ is ‘Dark Knight’ Edgy

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In between anticipation for 2012 superhero films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, there’s been question about the next big comic book blockbuster on the way, which is Zack Snyder’s (Watchmen) reboot of the Superman movie franchise, Man of Steel.

Set photos and official images aside, what we’ve learned about Man of Steel so far has come primarily from the words and opinions of the cast and crew – and today continues this trend. Check out what Dylan Sprayberry – the actor who plays of the younger version of Clark Kent – had to say about the Superman reboot’s tone, and how it compares to DC/Warner Bros. other big superhero property, namely Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

According to Sprayberry:

When Zack [Snyder] and I were talking about it the first time, he was saying how Superman, they want to give it a more edgy feel like The Dark Knight but also make it more realistic and emotional so it’s not just the all-American superhero that saves everyone. He has dilemmas and love and struggles throughout the whole movie, especially when he’s a kid.

Regarding the scope of the film:

I didn’t even really notice how big it was until I finished shooting. It was so overwhelming that it was crazy, I was like “I can’t believe I just did all that.” In the moment, I was really focused on the work and the acting.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Man of Steel being compared to the dark and edgier tones of the Nolan Batman films – star Michael Shannon (General Zod) said the same thing a few months back. The “danger” of making such comparisons is that they tend to rile up those fans who either A) don’t think the Nolan Bat-films are as great as millions (upon millions) of people think they are, or B) don’t think that a bright and shining hero like Superman should be in any way similar to a dark and brooding guy like Batman.

superman batman movie Young Clark Kent Says Man of Steel is Dark Knight Edgy

In the latter case, some fans would likely say that it’s Hollywood and the ‘people making the film who know nothing about Superman’ who are trying to blindly emulate the success of the Batman movies at high cost to the identity and legacy of Superman – but that’s not quite the case. Superman, the character, was just re-invented by DC Comics’ “New 52″ reboot, in which the iconic hero is presented as being, well, edgier than before –  complete with scaled-down powers that also make him more vulnerable.

The idea behind these changes is to create a Superman more fitting for our current times – less idealistic and invincible, more complex and vulnerable – and while the rebooted comic books have been doing fine in terms of reception and sales, whether or not the wider moviegoing public is going to embrace this new rendering of a classic icon remains to be seen…

Man of Steel flies into theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Clever TV (via Coming Soon)

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  1. I like the direction this film is going.I can not wait to see some actual footage of the film.

  2. All of you that want cheesy Superman movies you got them with Reeves and Routh… Man of Steel is going to rock! Anyone noticed we don’t live in the 50’s anymore. No more Beaver, no more Beverly Hillbillies… just accept the world has changed and so has Superman…

    • Amen on that brother ! …people cant accept that its time for a change, Snyder & Nolans vision is to upgrade and give us a great Superman film

    • What was “cheesy” about Superman Returns??

      • the entire film

          • I liked it too man.. its ok.. It needed a few more to go with it but it felt like it was just a damn rush! I’d like just once for an actual superman series to takes us from beginning to END just like harry potter.. 6 superman movies!!!!!! Smallville was amazing for tv.. But I want to see tom welling do the movies. Lets do it guys! And I say tom welling because that guy GETS superman and CLARK

      • i say cheesy, but, i bought a copy,i still like it, and have watched it multiple times. it was a nice homage to Christopher Reeves and Donner, but, the story was weak, and a lot of the acting was WAY over the top, BUT, it is better that the stinkers that are superman 3 & 4. to be fair, i have never watched all of superman 4. i get about halfway thru, and get disgusted by how much one of my favorite film characters was ruined, and give up on it.

    • There was nothing cheesy about Christopher Reeve’s first two performance as Superman, when Lois Lane joked that Superman would ‘end up fighting every elected official’ and Superman looked her in the eyes and replied ‘Lois, I never lie.’ was the defining moment of that character. Man Of Steel can only hope to live up to and continue Reeve’s legacy as a heroic ideal.

      • He doesn’t have to. Superman is a very complicated character and most important struggles through many comic books. He is not that single-minded as people think from the movies.
        But basically you can even break Iron Man’s character and make just 2 hour movie about how he feels damaged, how many people were lost et cetera…

      • He never lies… except about the whole “also being Clark Kent” thing..

        • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah NICE!

    • Yeah, with the way America is today, “Truth, Justice and the American way” is an oxymoron. I see nothing wrong with having Superman be like he has always been in such a corrupted world as we live in today. The Kents could conceivably raise him the same way as he has historically been raised, and when he finally becomes Superman, shows a corrupted world how a true hero is suppose to be.

      • Isn’t that what Christopher Reeve et al. accomplished in the original…?

        • Yes, and I have always said they should just continue the saga instead rehashing his origin and same villains.

          • @ Kahless

            I would of gone with that idea. I enjoyed Superman Returns & thought it was pretty good but feel to continue the saga would be to ignore that film aswell. Reason i say that is mainly because of Supes having a kid. Not to mention have a better supporting cast with Brandon Routh. That’s just me.

      • Kingdom Come is good stuff. One detail that gives me faith in this incarnation is that all the important elements of his costume are correct, assuming that the lack of red underpants doesn’t end up looking kinda weird, I’m thinking it’ll be fine.

        Wanna know why Brandon Routh’s outfit in Superman Returns didn’t look quite right? Look at his collar. There’s a specific way Superman’s collar works and this movie and the Reeve films got it right. Brandon Routh looked like his cape was just a collar sticking out of a bad 90’s sweater. In my opinion you get that subtle detail right there’s a good chance that whatever changes they make the core important stuff will be intact.

        • @ L4YERCAKE

          Thing that bothered me the most about Routh’s outfit was the cape looked too long & the “S”s on the heels on his boots.

          • His cape is gonna be really long in Man Of Steel.

            • I noticed that in pictures. Reminds of me when i used a blanket as a cape pretending to be Superman as a kid.

  3. Dark Knight edgy ??? like the sound of that

    • Yeah lets make the Flash dark and edgy like Nolan’s Batman trilogy too!

      • Wally and pawn…

        The kid didn’t say anything about dark…just edgy. Superman CAN be edgy as he is in the current run of “Action Comics” and (to a lesser extent, in terms of the storyline) “Superman”. He’s STILL the noble-spirited, inspirational figure he’s been most of his history, however.

        • @ Archaeon

          I know he didn’t it will be dark. But earlier articles over net have mentioned thats what they want to do with the character alittle bit to distance this franchise’s Superman from Reeve’s & Routh’s performances. Even Nolan comment how he liked Routh’s performance in Superman Returns but felt Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman needed to be taken up a notch from what was seen from Routh’s.

          One of things that bothers me about this reboot is powering Superman down. Let’s wind back the clock to the first two Reeve’s films. They were great at that time no doubt about that till this day. But keep in mind special effects for what they had Superman did weren’t as advanced as they are now. Can you imagine big name villains like Darkseid, Brainiac, Bizarro, being possible villains in Superman 3 & 4 back then? They’d probly wouldn’t looked great back then as they would now. Those films suffered from bad scripts/plots. To a lesser extent even Superman Returns suffered. Powering Superman down makes a better story within a plot in a script? Imo i like the idea of Superman feeling like he’s city made out of cardboard buildings, fearing his powers could also harm as they do good. But when a physical foe who’s ruthless & steps on little guys, it’s Superman’s rare opportunity to cut loose & show how SUPER he really is. I liked how they powered him down alittle for Superman:TAS because it’s a animated series but when pushed in the series, he did show his strength. Epsecially in JLU’s finale climax with Darkseid. But in live-action films, its different & is one of the many things that concerns me most.

          I admit im old-fashioned i love the old Superman comics aswell other heroes in DC Comics but dislike the New 52 reboot versions of the characters. They should of rebooted the lesser known/not as popular heroes to make them more popular. That’s just me though.

          • Wally…

            I very much loved the first two Reeve films (#s 3 and 4, not so much) and think they are STILL wonderful films. I too grew up reading about and enjoying the immensely powerful Superman of my youth. Believe me when I say that I understand your hesitation.

            Now, as for the edginess and darkness: I just got the feeling from this article and others I’ve read that those two words were being thrown about as a way of saying, “Hey, we need to bring Superman into a more modern, contemporary setting, so that audiences will take another look at him.” The “edgy” aspect I explained (my understanding of its application) above and in a couple of other places. Even the “dark” aspect can be effectively and successfully applied to the Superman MYTHOS (of course, not to the man, himself). By showing a darker world into which Kal-el/Clark finds himself thrust, Snyder (and everyone else associated with the film) can actually make Superman’s inspirational power THAT MUCH MORE apparent.

            In regard to the “depowering”, I like what they’ve done in “The New 52″. He doesn’t actually seem less powerful; he just seems to be running into opposition that is not as put off by invulnerability. He still does not seem to be suffering any real damage, but he HAS had to rely much more on his strength of will and his cleverness…something I quite like.

            I have a feeling neither of us will convince the other of a particular view, but that’s okay. I look forward to seeing this film and hope it will meet my expectations. :)

            • I personally don’t like the depowering of the new 52, especially action comics where supes get’s REALLY bruised after some rough and tumble.

              • For me, personally, the main struggle Superman deals with is retaining his hold on his humanity, and keeping himself humble enough not to use all of his vast powers to control and create a world in his image. He has the powers of a god, yet, unlike a god, was raised by mankind. This is his central struggle, not overcoming the hardships of battles and bruises. Yes, he has his achelles heel, but at the end of the day, he struggles with remaining who he was raised, and not taking matters into his own hands for the sake of what he would like to do, but rather work for what humanity is capable of becoming…

                • You just nailed it

            • @ Archaeon

              I too loved the first Reeve films. Like you,(#s 3&4 not as much) but still watch them from time to time as Christopher Reeve was great in all 4 films in the role. I believe you that you understand my hesitation & appreciate it. I also want it to be known that id like to see Superman be modernized aswell but not dark as in (follow in Nolan’s Batman trilogy footsteps) film by film. I think that would be a bad idea in the long run, especially if DC & other directors follow that same direction for every other DC hero franchise that comes out. I spoke my mind enough times about the costume because of the New 52 comics,etc. I thought Routh’s costume was a decent modern Superman costume. Needed little touches but still looked ok imo.

              The two of us each have have our opinions whether we agree on some things or don’t. No Problem. I plan to see the film because im a Superman fan of-course & my other friends also plan to check it out. We all hope for the best to come out of it.

          • I totally agree with you

          • Wally, I agree with you completely

            • Neo,so what’s the point of wirting a superman comic, if his not going to struggle, by the way in the action comic, his powers are still developing. i like how he gets bruised althought he is very strong and hie fighting for justice, those bruises represent the consequence we face when fighting for justice, even with those consequence we can still come out victorious, like superman always does.

            • @ Neo


          • @WallyWest

            You say your old fashion but Superman was vastly weaker in his original incarnation. They just kept making him morr&more ridciculously strong. All his problems & villians were solved by a random new power or new level of strength instead of brainpower & being clever.

            • @ Ignur Rant

              Perhaps i should of been more specific as im only 30 yrs old as refering to Golden or Silver Age comics of DC,etc. At the time i wrote the comment i was thinkin of the shows/films showin Clark Kent becoming Superman in different ways. Im aware of how he was when he debuted in Action Comics #1, the triangle “S”, red shoes,etc. But id hate to bring that up because i been bashed before about how Batman first debuted in the comics, before his ” No Killing Policy” i should say. Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman shown being clever & using his brain in the films.

              • As good as the Donner’s films were they fell to the same error of creating new powers instead of Superman using his head pr dealing with the consequences.

                Spun the world backwards so Lois wld live. Could of destroyed the earth.
                Memory swipe kiss
                The S Shield wrapper restrainer thingy from Sup 2.

                Ppl are tearing up over these “dark & edgy” words. Can we get a trailer first so we csn wine properly instead of hypothetically.

                • Why do people keep saying he “spun the Earth backwards”?
                  He reversed time – the Earth’s spin reversing was just the visual manifestation of that rather than the Earth literally stopping and spinning backwards

                  • absolutely correct…breaking the speed of light would (if possible) efectively reverse time for superman while exceeding the speed of light. Thus, from his vantage, the earth appeared to spin backwards. However, because the scene plays as if superman is apparently needegd to ‘reverese’ the spin of the earth by travelling back in the opposite direction at the end in order to return the flow of time to ‘forwards’.
                    I think the director must have been unable to convey the idea properly to the scenes effects desingers, or they simply decided that showing the scene in any other way (without some minor physics explanations beforehand) would have confused the audience.

                • @ Ignur Rant

                  For a short while, Superman did a have amnesia kiss power but they quickly abandoned the idea from being in the comics of-course.

                  The S shield trick was the many small defenses of the Fortress Of Solitude he set up for the trio.

                  • I remeber him pulling the S Shield wrapper thing off his chest, not from anything in the Fortress.

                    But Regardless it was a cop out & bad story telling. Creating endless powers to win any situation instead of having a limited set of skills & strength to deal with a problem or just losing & facing the consequences

            • I’d be interested in seeing a weaker incarnation of Superman myself.
              The original Superman who was just really strong and could run fast and leap over buildings actually had scientific basis. As the comics added more power, they had to create new, and frankly ridiculous reasons for that power (e.g., yellow sun???)
              But then again, it wouldn’t be Supes from the last 60 years if that were the case

              • I think his power levels shown in Superman Returns was perfect, he didn’t throw any punches I agree, but that’s what I would like to see his powers be like in Man of Steel.

  4. All the previous Superman and batman movies are pretty much a colossal M*E*H, but I will give this one a watch on Netflix when it becomes available. What the heck, they gotta hit one half-way winner eventually…don’t they?

    • Many of us think they’ve hit at least a couple out of the ballpark with the previous films…

  5. Doesn’t matter if it’s edgy or not edgy…Zack Snyder will make
    the movie a piece of crap.

    • I would agree if Nolan wasn’t involved. Something tells me his stamp will be on this film the same way Poltergeist had Spielberg’s, even though it was ‘directed’ by Tobe Hooper. 😉

    • Everything I’ve seen so far about this film’s development tells me it has the very real potential to be an excellent addition to the body of Superman works.

  6. So much animosity from a few off hand comments. In the original superman, Young Clark Kent was filled with self doubt & was struggling to find his place in the world. Then he went to the Fortress of Solitude for 10 years & came out confident

    • ‘I do know one thing, and that is that you are here for a reason. I don’t know what reason but I can tell you it’s not to score touchdowns.’

      Dialogue like that made the hair on my seven year old head stand on end when seeing the original Superman for the first time in the theater. I hope Man Of Steel matches up for today’s generation.

      And god help the composer working in the shadow of John Williams…

      • @ L4YERCAKE

        I too liked the dialogue & felt that Martha & Jonathan/Clark Kent sequence was cut little too short. Mostly for pacing reasons im sure. But enjoyed that bond just as much in shows like Lois&Clark,Smallville, & even Superman:TAS. Like in PT.2 of pilot episode of Superman:TAS i loved the conversations young Clark had with his folks & after the world known him as Superman Pa told him Superman just helps out every once awhile. Not expecting him to be everywhere. Even Martha told him it wouldn’t hurt if people knew little bit about him as she didn’t want them to think he was like that nut from Gotham City, refering to Batman.

        I wish the composer luck with the new score. Im sure it won’t live up to John Williams. I know people still prefer Danny Elfman’s score of both Burton’s Batman films over Hans Zimmerman’s for Nolan’s.

        • Yes, I agree. Plus, I’m one of those who prefer the score from the Burton films. Do the Nolan films even have theme music? Or just mood music? It’s that forgettable.

          • Ugh. I love Danny Elfman but the Burton Batman films were an abomination from all angles. Especially when we’d all just got done reading The Dark Knight Returns right around 87′.

            And mood music…? Inception had a fantastic soundtrack…!

            • Was talking about the Nolan Bat-films, not his entire body of work. The Burton bat-scores were more memorable IMO

      • There has been no definitive word on who the composer will be, It’s not out of the realm of posibility that the John Williams music could end up in the film, or who knows, he may end up composing it personally even. I am certain on one thing, Nolans not partnering with Zimmer because he feels about the same way most of us would about writing a new Superman theme…”Why?” Here is a quote he gave to quash the apparently false rumors that he was going to be doing the score for “man of Steel”:
        “John Williams, the greatest living composer — full stop. And that happens to be one of his greatest themes. So no. And I’m not thinking of rewriting Beethoven’s ninth either. It just sounds like a thankless task, you know? So that’s unequivocally a no.”
        Minimally, I hope against all hope that the score retains the williams theme, if even in some reworked format…but it HAS TO BE THERE! God help me I swear I’ll cry big man tears if it aint…and honestly probably even more man tears (of joy) if it is :-) !

        • Couldn’t agree more with everything you just said, @uhprentis. Here’s to hoping they do the sane and smart and right thing and keep the John Williams score intact, if not bringing him onboard to score the film outright. If they don’t you can bet your mother’s life the fans won’t hesitate to rescore it themselves and put it up on the web. :)

          • @ L4YERCAKE

            Sorta beats the purpose of being a reboot doesn’t it if doesn’t have it’s own different score? I mean it might just confuse the general audience. I doubt anyone would think highly of Danny Elfman’s kind of music were be used in Nolan’s Bat-films as his films have a different tone or take to them. Imo, John Williams score belongs to the previous Superman films.

            • @Wally, well ultimately the proof will lie with what they decide or come up with. I know not everyone’s going to agree with me but I’ll state here and now that there hadn’t been a good Batman film before Batman Begins, so (and I know this isn’t exactly what you’re arguing) using Danny Elfman for the Nolan movies would have been like using the Adam West theme song for the Burton films. But there has in contrast been a definitive Superman film, specifically the first one with Christopher Reeve. Imagine the opening Star Wars scroll with any other music, it just seems like blasphemy. In other words, rebooting Batman (as an example) makes sense because he is open to multiple interpretations, whereas ‘rebooting’ Superman should be taking him back to his roots when he gets too convoluted, too far from the source material. I don’t believe that Superman is open to multiple variations.

              I can gripe about Superman Returns much as anybody, but part of the disappointment with that film for me is that it started out as a really good concept, it just lost it in execution, although it did to be fair have some nice moments.

              But who knows? I trust Nolan… I think?

              • @ L4YERCAKE

                You’re right about not everyone will agree with you because before Batman Begins, both Batman & Batman Returns were popular & still are outta the four films. Im sure even WB were happy & surprised that Batman Forever outgrossed Batman Returns. I know i am. You must know what im talkin about when outlandish using Danny Elfman’s kind of music for Nolan’s version of Bat-films. So i could imagine it would be the same with Superman if they used John Willaims for Snyder’s version of the reboot. Even tv shows like Adventures Of Superboy,Lois & Clark, Superman:TAS had their own theme.

                I didn’t mind John Ottman’s version of William’s theme for Superman Returns. It was good enough for that franchise. That i knowing that film was in connection the Christopher Reeve’s work.

                You trust Nolan? You Mean Snyder, or both?

                • Actually they could use the John Williams theme as a nod to the other Superman films.

                • @wally- It’s produced by Christopher Nolan and written by Nolan and David Goyer, essentially the same team behind The Dark Knight, which is the good news. I don’t trust Zack Snyder at all, I don’t think he’s made a good film his whole life. I’m hoping the overall momentum started by Nolan will make this the exception to the rule. :)

  7. zack snyder sucks. this movie will suck. and 78% of us will pay to see the disaster.

    • Reasons??? Or just meaningless babble???

    • Did you count me in that 78%? Or him or her?…. :]

    • I will like for you to tell me whats going to happen in my future

  8. I always find it interesting the when a reboot/remake comes around people start to either bash the original or give it so much praise that it could never be beaten. How about we just try to watch the movie on it’ own merits without comparing it to all the others. I love the original(Reeves) and I thought Superman Returns was pretty decent. It had it’s flaws, but by watching it on it’s own merits I enjoyed it so that’s what I plan on doing in this situation. I love the Dark Knight Trilogy, but that in no way diminishes my love for the (Burton) Batman. Jack Nicholson was a great Joker but guess what, so was Ledger’s Joker. In closing, just relax and go enjoy the movie. Stop nitpicking and worry about the important things in life.

    • Pat…

      VERY well stated… :)

    • I concur

    • Damn right. People get all riled up about adaptations of their favourite franchises when they don’t turn out exactly to their personal demands. If you think a movie is going to ‘ruin’ a franchise for you, don’t watch it. Nobody is forcing you to do so, and nobody is forcing you to stop enjoying the franchise in whatever medium you have done in the past.

    • @ Pat

      You have a point when a reboot/remake comes around people start to bash the original or praise it as it won’t be beaten. Imo, i always thought it goes the other way around aswell regarding reboots/remakes. Depending on what it is people will either hate it or love it.

    • amen brotha

  9. Everything is in the business of making money. Music, movies, healthcare, healthy foods. When it comes to quality, these companies don’t care. When a company dealing with entertainment media is concerned, they don’t think about artistic outlets. Whoever is driving the bandwagon, hop on! Main etc, we do not need a freaking Spider-man reboot to make it darker and “edgier.” Sam Raimi might’ve been the best director in the past 20 years because he somehow pulled off the actual tone of the Spider-Man world and we loved it. That’s how Spider-Man was supposed to have been. And Superman for the past 60-80 years or so have been what both Reeves and even freaking Dean Cain have been. So say Superman changed in the comics is why the movie is being made this way is to say that the comics didn’t jump on the bandwagon. We all know they did as well. But who am I to say. I bet these movies will make these companies a trillion dollars. As long as we know Sam Raimi was the man!

  10. There are, IMO, MORE than two sides to every story. Just because they’re making a Superman movie thats not a caarbon copy of previous films, does not necessarily mean that they are trying to make Superman more like an imitation of Batman. The Superman story could stand a few “tweaks” IMO, especially if theres going to be a shared DC universe on film. Having a guy who’s “invulnerable” and who is constantly hogging the spotlight in a story is the biggest problem I’ve had with DCs stories. Personally, I dont want to finally get a JL movie only to find out its really a Superman movie, with some filler characters in it. If thats whats going to happen then I suggest Hugh Jackman for Superman.(hint hint)

  11. We have enough edgy superheroes. We don’t need to mess with Superman’s morality or his innocent idealistic approach. Make Batman edgy, dark, brooding, and morally gray, don’t mess with the Kansan from Krypton.

  12. First two Superman movies with Reeves are still the best. The only part I like about Sup’s III was when Superman went bad for a bit…that was laughs. I believe most fans are tired of seeing a goody goody Superman that has a crush with Lois Lane, practically a borderline virgin, and very boring. Being good all the time is BORING!!! Dont get me wrong, going evil would be drastic but to have Superman do things that are edgy like killing a baddie would be sweet!

  13. @Archeaon

    I completely agree with your concerns about powering Superman down. I’ve said many times its a concept writers get wrong of trying to make him more interesting by giving him flaws. We love Superman because he is powerful and we want to see him pushed to his limits with powerful adversaries.

    Both the JLU and Superman animated shows did this really well in their series finales’. Superman TAS in particular was cancelled just as it was starting to show a much more epic, daring Superman that it failed to do in previous seasons.

    Superman IV will always be trashed and rightly so, but it’s concept was spot on with a Superman concerned about the world’s affairs (that great scene when he addresses the world’s nations) Also more importantly, we see Superman in an ‘epic’ prolonged battle with someone who is more powerful than he is. This is where Superman Returns missed the mark and why that movie will forever be a disappointment.

  14. You guys hating that move do know that’s how the character first was right? infact the creator’s had superman taken away when they wanted to end the book and his character after years of popularity was completly rewritten into a all american boyscout. They hated the idea so bad Jo shuster wished ill will and terrible things to happen to anyone who got involved with superman next that’s where the cure idea comes from because people took something from two guys who had worked hard,two guys who changed culture of america and gave a voice to those who felt different and weak were sold out by a greedy company who thought that one version would be better and for decades we’ve let that be the case but I’m glad he’s going for ORIGINAL COMICS and rather than try and caim as a fan you don’t think that’s what he is do you’re reasearch.

    • um…WHAT??? i’m out of breath reading that! i’ve read it twice and i have no clue to what you are getting at. so you hate it, you love it? i don’t know dude.

  15. NO…that about all I can say. Superman is not Batman. Reducing his powers to make him less Super and more human is a mistake. Just like the remake of the Lone Ranger they are ruining an iconic character and losing a huge audience before the trailwrs have even hit the screen. This is why Marvel continues to beat DC in the feature film market

    • @ Don

      I think you have a valid point there. Agreed.

  16. This is why I can’t stand Superman. No one wants him to change as the audiences and the times have changed. He has to be this stagnant creature, caught up in 1950s ideals instead of actually reflecting the current audience and climate. Whether you want to call that “dark”, “edgy” or “Batman-like” it comes down to change and certain comics fans are so hung up on who he was in the past, they won’t stand for those of us who want to see a contemporary take on him. I wish they had put him on shelf after the debacle of Superman Returns and Smallville and just given another hero a go. And no, Ryan Reynolds and the Green Lantern nonsense doesn’t count.

  17. there’s been question about the next big comic book blockbuster on the way, which is Zack Snyder’s (Watchmen) reboot of the Superman movie franchise

  18. To me, fans of Superman will enjoy any story that is told so long as it is intelligent and relevant. Now, having said that, the biggest problem for this film will be the score. How do you ever get away from the John Williams theme. Going to be very tough.

  19. The ‘New 52′ Superman’s powers haven’t been downgraded. In fact they are closer to the Silverage Superman’s power levels than the previous version’s were. If you goofed on that, what else have you got wrong in this article? Get your facts straight before you write.

  20. Dylan Sprayberry. Good god, what a name for a kid…

  21. Ok, first off: read Action Comics before you make sweeping proclamations. Yes, Superman is edgier and yes his powers are scaled back, but it is anything but dark. Why does Man of Steel have to be? This is stupid. Superman is NOT Batman. Grant Morrison’s current Superman is energizing and fun, not dark and brooding. He has a temper and is rash but still has strong ideals and is a good role model. I’m getting really tired of the “times have changed”. No, they really haven’t. If you know anything about comics then you would know that Morrison is paying tribute to the ORIGINAL Superman by scaling back his powers and speaking out against economic injustice… like i don’t know… THE GREAT DEPRESSION! You don’t honestly think that peoples taste has changed that much, do you? Keep in mind, the original Batman had no problem with bloodshed…

  22. We need to have a live action film of Superman/Batman! That would be just so much fun to watch…I’m sure their are alot of people who agree with me!

    • @ Jonpaul Giroux

      What we really need is a live-action unified DC universe.

      • Amen to that, brother Wally.

  23. I just worry about Synder’s inability to tell a strong , focused story.

    If Watchmen and especially Sucker Punch are anything to go by, the guy just doesn’t seem to be able to tel a coherent story without getting lost in the slo-mo visual effects and heavy soundtrack.

    • how is watchmen not a coherent story? and it’s not like the entire movie is in slo-mo. i liked that film myself, as well as 300, dawn of the dead. those were all coherent stories. even sucker punch made sense, even if it was a bit silly, the whole story was a metaphor, and i think alot of people just didn’t get that and that’s why that’s everybodys “go to ” reason to hate snyder.

    • Son of Prometheus…

      I’ll only address one point you made since it seems as if the rest of your commentary is simply meant as a statement of opinion.

      Superman, in various alternate realities, has indeed been shaped by his environment (Communist Soviet Union, which you named, or Apocalypse where was raised by Darkseid, to name another…among many others), BUT he has ALWAYS determined his own path EVENTUALLY. In other other words, he has NOT remained dully static, at least in these other existences.

      Also, YES, we (regular, real-life people) ARE heavily influenced and shaped by our respective environments…AND by our families/genetics…AND by our choices. All three work in conjunction to make us the individuals we are. We should expect no less from Superman. The choices he makes (and the PARTICULAR choice to try to encapsulate and show the best qualities of humanity) should be celebrated, not disparaged.

      THAT is why I look forward to seeing the comic Superman evolve in this “New 52″ incarnation and in “Man of Steel”.

      • …that should be comic version in the “New 52″ and the MOVIE VERSION in MOS…

  24. Modern Superman would kill everyone involved in the Wall Street scandals that brought down the American Economy and then move on to the Illuminati – and most of the Republicans. Especially Newt Gingrich, whom I think it would be awesome to have a bullet time sequence of him being fired into the son from the lawn of the White House.

    I have been a Superman fan since 1984. I own so many of his comic books, merchandise and paperbacks that I have a storage unit for it all. EVERYTHING changes with time. The Superman character is 75 years old. There is no reason to believe that his core values will change just because of a change in attitude and appearance.

    Superman could show up wearing a moth ridden snowsuit and yellow dishwashing mittons with a painted S on his chest. What makes Superman the Alpha male out of all Comic Book history. It is his values and never ending belief in humanity. I can see how it would be tested in modern times. It only makes sense.

    And for those of you that think that Superman is just a campy character. You are wrong. Superman has a darkness in him that makes Batman’s Dark Knight look like a child. For what he has been subjected to throughout his life, the things he has seen throughout the Universe. Batman saw his parents murdered in front of him. Superman – depending on the incarnation – had his entire planet and civilization destroyed.

    The problem with a dark Superman is that he would lose his patience with his morals – and start outright killing anyone that threatened humanity. I suspect this version of Superman will be more kryptonian then human in approach at first. Kryptonians were colder , less emotional and for the most part – downright vicious.

    • The modern iteration of Superman would not willingly kill anyone on Wall Street or in the Illuminati.

  25. a dark superman i look at the fandom and shake my head
    “cmon guys
    the folk with the money are listening
    (so they can make more money)
    let us at least get a good movie out of this deal”

    to the fandom from what i see most of you are of two camps
    the 90s image lable you know dark(insert name here) blood(insert name here)t cyber(insert name here) or the alex roth interpetation of supes.

    most you are just plain afraid that you will be taunted for liking comic beacuse its eithier kids stuff or considered g*y. note the push for no more trunks on the heroes yes trunks not underwear or panties but trunks.

    superman is not batman does he have things that would make him dark you bet but he is that symbol of hope that we need to look for when things get dark … nowadays its really cool to to not have hope or faith in anything.

    most of you have been in a situation where doing the right thing will get laugh at or get killed but you still wished you could have done something
    thats were superman comes from(the wanting to do the right thing)sure his origins come something a bit diffrent but he has become so much more and are you all willing to give that up just so you can be with the cool kids? for how ever long that will be fore they go on the the next thing. times change people dont

    do you want who will do the decent thing or some m.m.a. brock lesner strotype crack jokes how it sucks to be you as darkside decides to blow up new jersey ,idaho or alaska cuz its not one of the cool places or someone who wants to do the decent thing. and for all of you who think the 50s was a good old time read a few books on your own history…trust me we needed a superman.

    in short i will ask you this question if you were in a car that fall off a bridge who would you want to catch you a boy scout or someone like you

    • “in short i will ask you this question if you were in a car that fall off a bridge who would you want to catch you a boy scout or someone like you” just someone who could catch a falling car would be good enough for me.

    • …or Snyder will NOT screw up the film and will, in fact, come out with an excellent new Superman story (with a bit of Nolan’s help). The actors chosen, the details released, the costume revealed, the villain opposing…all of these things bespeak of a film with great potential success. I am looking forward to it.