Zack Snyder on ‘Man of Steel’ Being Compared to Chris Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’

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Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel Dark Knight Comparisons Zack Snyder on Man of Steel Being Compared to Chris Nolans The Dark Knight

Since the dawn of time and earlier, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel has been compared to Christopher Nolan’s uber-successful Dark Knight trilogy – by fans, bloggers, and even the cast and crew (though Nolan, who’s producing the film, has disputed the comparison). The reasoning is twofold: 1) the films share some of the same creatives – Nolan as producer, David S. Goyer as writer, and Hans Zimmer as composer – and 2) both films utilize handheld camerawork and a similarly bleak color palette.

In a recent interview, Snyder discussed all things Man of Steel, including the aforementioned comparisons to The Dark Knight, the rumors of a ‘Batman/Superman’ team-up film, star Henry Cavill wearing Christover Reeve’s Superman suit, and more.

Courtesy of Breakfast Television, Zack Snyder explained why he took the job to make Man of Steel:

“Well, you know, Superman…I’m a bit of a fan, so having the opportunity to work on ['Man of Steel'] is a little bit of a dream come true. [Making the film was] super exciting, a little bit of pressure but really fun.”

On Henry Cavill wearing Christopher Reeve’s Superman suit, Snyder said:

“We tested [...] a lot of different actors [for 'Man of Steel'], but when we got Henry, we were like, ‘Okay, Henry’s got a lot of the stuff we want.’ And then we put him in the suit [...] – we put him in the Christopher Reeve suit, the spandex. Nobody looks good in spandex, right? Nobody. [...] So he puts on the spandex and…instead of [looking like he was] dressing up like Superman, [it was like]: ‘That’s Superman.’ “

Cue the embittered fans who want the original Superman suit back immediately, red trunks and all.

Christopher Reeve as Superman Zack Snyder on Man of Steel Being Compared to Chris Nolans The Dark Knight

On whether or not Man of Steel is similar to Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman, Snyder said:

“Only in that it’s a modern way of looking at the characters. Everyone’s used to Superman in a way. Maybe in your mind you say, ‘I know exactly what Superman is.’ We were able to say [with 'Man of Steel'], ‘What about this way of looking at him?’ We tried to make him more modern, but it’s hard to talk about him that way, in those terms. Everyone asks: ‘Oh, did you make him more modern?’ But what does that mean? We just tried to make him cool.”

I’m sure people will jump on Snyder’s use of the word “cool” here – after all, he’s been criticized previously for making movies that focus more on the “cool” side of things than the substance – but it’s worth pointing out that he said the word sort of flippantly. He genuinely comes off in the interview as someone who’s really excited about the film’s prospects and hopeful that he did right by the property and the fans.

Superman Versus Batman Movie Zack Snyder on Man of Steel Being Compared to Chris Nolans The Dark Knight

Lastly, Zack Snyder talked about the rumors of a Batman/Superman (or ‘World’s Finest’) film being in the works:

“I haven’t heard that but that sounds awesome. [Laughter.] That’s literally how rumors get started. No, I did not know that.”

Whether or not Snyder and Warner Bros. have plans to unite Batman and Superman – in a Batman/Superman team-up or in a Justice League movie – probably depends on whether or not Man of Steel is a box office success. The good news for Snyder and company? MoS is tracking to make over $100 million in its very first weekend.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Are you starting to get annoyed by everybody always comparing Man of Steel to The Dark Knight? Or do you think the comparisons are valid? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

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Source: Breakfast Television [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. I am tired of the comparisons but it’s understandable. I just want it to stand on its own.

  2. “I haven’t heard that but that sounds awesome. [Laughter.] That’s literally how rumors get started. No, I did not know that.”

    Well I call BS on that immediately. He’s living and breathing this character everyday. HE knows pretty much exactly what the plans are.

    And we’ll all know too in about a month :)

    • Of course he knows the plans, that’s his point. “No I did not know that” means “I know the plans of what’s happening, and that’s not on the table right now.”

      • Or it means that some people know how to keep there mouths shut and when to lie at the appropriate times-

        A year ago Marion Cottilard addressed the rumors that she was playing Talia al Ghul.

        Her exact quote in response to the leaked photos:

        “That’s how rumors get started. I’m not Talia al Ghul”

        • So there’s big probability that they were both instructed by Nolan to keep their traps shut.

        • Obviously. Anyone who needs to be told “folks involved with a big movie will make up answers, or deny stuff that’s true” needs a serious re-education on how the film industry works. That’s a DUH 101 moment.

          I’m just saying, Snyder having that response could mean “well that’s not the direction we’re considering,” but of course it could also mean “I’m not going to say.”

        • @Dr Mindbender…. From interview with David Goyer via, just thought you’d find it interesting…
          How much has changed since Zack got involved? Has it been focused more on action and making this more of an action movie? Has that changed any of the character elements at all? How much has evolved since that?
          David Goyer: “There’s a ton. I mean, look, Zack…I don’t know the exact percentage. I mean, it was a pretty holistic experience. I mean, first it was me and Chris and then it’s been me, Chris and Zack, but I’ll be honest, I thought once Chris started shooting “The Dark Knight Rises”, that that would be the last we’d heard of Chris until they wrapped. But, I’d been on the phone with Chris a shocking amount given the fact that he’s shooting that other movie. I mean, sometimes a couple of times a week he’ll be on the set talking to me. He’s very much continues to be involved almost on a daily basis, much to his dismay. I mean, because it’s killing him. He’ll be relieved when that movie stops filming. But, it’s changed, but no character stuff came out when Zack got involved.”

  3. As a fan of both I have to say I don’t mind it but there is a point where you have to say that this is superman. One of the most iconic comics book characters if not the icon of the superhero. I’m so excited to see what this take on superman is. We have never had a new superman. With no disrespect to superman returns but it was more of a continuation. So to be able to see the hero of Heros now in this new world that’s emerged where the superhero universe has expanded into the films is amazing. But I must say I have high hopes. He deserves a story just as compelling and truthfully told as the dark knight series and with just as much if not more heart.

    • Hear hear

  4. Zack Snyder is a visionary. I have the utmost faith in him and his abilities.

    • I did, I like Dawn of the Dead

      I like Watchmen.

      Then Came Sucker Punch.

      300 Was rather, dull and not that interesting to me.

      • Snyder is a much more cerebral storyteller than he gets credit for. Sucker Punch was a good movie but most viewers didn’t “get” it. If Snyder had filled that movie with an extra 30 minutes of Inception-like exposition where the characters explained the themes to the audience fanboys would be declaring it “a masterpiece.”

        • @Thracian

          There wasn’t that much to get really. Everything was pretty obvious, it was just a really bad movie.

          • Pencil was one of those who didn’t “get it.” Hint: Notice the opening shot. The theatre the girls were performing in is kind of like a movie theatre, isn’t it?

  5. The comparisons will be there atleast till the movie releases. After that too maybe depending on how the movie turns out to be. But Superman deserves a movie like Batman got from Nolan. And hopefully he will get that through MOS. Without a doubt the biggest and most anticipated movie of the year. Now we have to wait and see just how big and well told this film turns out to be. How amazing can it be made by the makers? Cause the pressure is infinite on it and it is the foundation for a entire spectrum of movies to follow after it. So June 14 holds a lot of possibilities and expectations!!

  6. There are lots of ways to look at Superman. Dr. Wertham saw him as a Nazi ubermensch. There couldn’t have been a bigger discrepancy from the creators’ view, but that was his interpretation.

    Then there’s the Jesus comparison. That’s rearing its head again with Man of Steel. Again, that’s certainly one way to look at it. It is a little odd to picture Jesus foiling bank robberies, though.

    Then you look at his actual origins. Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster were two Jewish kids from Cleveland. Siegel was nerdy, enjoyed pulp and science fiction. He was also missing someone very close to him. Siegel’s father was killed in a bank robbery. He missed him. He wanted him back. Siegel’s father also had come from the old country. So, Siegel and Schuster got to talking about a character who couldn’t be shot to death. A man from another world, the old world. A man who fights for truth and justice.

    That’s Superman. He’s a fantasy. He’s a boy’s dream of having his father back, and with power. Wertham’s interpretation and the comparison to Jesus, though valid as opinions, are thus ludicrous in their irony.

    • Dr Fredric Wertham was a delusional, paranoid fruitcake. The Joe McCarthy of early 20th century pop culture.

      • At least Joe was accurate.

        • Joseph McCarthy was not accurate. He was a paranoid buffoon.

    • Joe Shuster is from Toronto, Canada.

    • Love this background story.

  7. I think we’d all like to see a batman / Superman team up before the inevitable justice league movie. As long as its a decent script, director, and cast, it could redefine the “genre” much as avengers did (love it or hate it)

    • I don’t think a Superman/Batman team up is a good idea. Would teaming up Iron Man and Captain America BEFORE the Avengers have been a good idea? They need to do solo movies for the other characters to introduce them and then do a Justice League movie. Do Wonder Woman and Flash films then reboot Green Lantern and Batman. We have had enough Batman and Superman is time to expand into the rest of the DC universe.

      • I don’t know about Iron Man and Captain America but Batman and Superman are sort of known in both the comics and the tv shows for facing off or working together. While I do agree other DC characters definitely need the spotlight as well, I think people have been waiting for a Batman and Superman movie for a long while now, especially after all these solo outings both characters have had already. Personally while I’d be excited for a Justice League film, I’d like a Superman/Batman movie much more.

      • An Iron Man/Captain America team up movie is not even REMOTELY comparable to a live action World’s Finest. Clark and Bruce’s relationship is the stuff legends. WB would be quite wise to do WF before JL for several reasons, most notably the fact that it’d be easier to execute in the time frame they’re looking at and the fact that it’d be just as massive at the box office. It makes way to much sense really. Not to mention you could introduce or lay the groundwork for other JL members within a WF movie.

        • *stuff of legends*

  8. There is nothing wrong with admitting comparisons between the two films. But the main difference is that aliens exist in MoS and they didn’t exist in TDK. [Yet]

  9. I’m just tired of talking about it! I’ve been excited to see this movie since glimpsing Cavill’s potential in the Immortals. I enjoy Snyder’s movies and even loved the existential trip that is Sucker Punch. While I’m not comparing MoS to that movie, I feel that this is an opportunity for him to really knock our freaking socks off, so to speak, and give us a genuinely awesome Superman.

    • I agree with this post 100%.

  10. I just want MOS to establish itself as the new standard for Superman films. Superman deserves to be in the limelight.

  11. I want Caville and Bale in a movie together as Superman and Batman.

    • only way i can see Bale coming back is if nolan is directing. Still crossing my fingers for nolan to take over jl

      • WB should give Bale a few more millions, theres a better chance he`ll reprise his role

  12. One of the big differences is the aesthetics. Batman’s tone is dark while Man of Steel’s tone is lighter. You can tell in the color schemes of the films.

    • Well duh… It’s always been that way. That’s what makes them paring up together so aw-inspiring everytime, cartoons, movies and games.

  13. “Since the dawn of time and earlier…” This made me chuckle. You had fun writing that, didn’t you? ;)

  14. This film is gonna be great. I can’t wait to see it. Just a couple more weeks!

    It’ll be interesting to see the box office numbers. Star Trek Into Darkness was tracking at over $100 million and it came up way short. I know superheroes are more popular than sci-fi right now, but it’s still something to watch for. I think with 3D, it should get to $100 million. I feel like anything less would be a disappointment.

  15. I’m not so much annoyed with the comparisons of the films as much as I’m irritated with that select few of stubborn fans who keep saying MoS and TDK trilogy are the same universe. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and I’ll respect it even if I disagree but it’s ridiculous to keep saying that (especially by this point) when everything points to the contrary and there are facts proving their claims wrong. It would contradict everything Nolan and Snyder have said, especially Nolan. If there is eventually to be a World’s Finest or Justice League film DC/WB would either reboot the character or, depending on where things go from MoS, just use some actor to fill in for Batman in JL until they decide to reboot. 

    • You don’t see how your view is no different than the stubborn fans with whom you are contesting with?

      The “stubbornness” of me not willing to write off the possibility of the two being connected boils down to one thing:


      The potential profits of this Superman sharing the screen with the established billion dollar Batman, (the latter of which not even a year removed from the last film) is far to great to turn your nose up at the possibility.

      To me, it’s more absurd to continue to insist up and down that it won’t happen, regardless of what this guy said or what that guy said.

      I’m not saying it will happen, but no way in hell will I claim that it won’t.

      • Because, Nolan has repeatedly said that his Batman trilogy has nothing to do with MoS and the upcoming Justice League film. Like I said, it would contradict everything he has said. Yes actors/directors/producers lie about things (TDKR, Talie Al Ghul) but he’d been working on these films before MoS was even thought of or Justice League. The whole concept for MoS came up while on production of TDKR. Yes, I’m being just as close minded and stubborn as they are but I have evidence, facts to back up my statement. Whereas with them, they only have fantasies and opinions and rumors/theories

      • @mindbender: No, Amazingfantasy’s views are not the same as the “stubborn fans with whom he is contesting.” Ironically, Amazingfantasy’s views are grounded in reality, logic, and an understanding of what Nolan’s vision for his TDK trilogy was. On the other hand, fans that think Nolan’s Batman is going to be included in a broader DCU are just trapped in an “amazing fantasy.” You want it so bad, that you can’t admit it has zero possibility of happening. It was NEVER meant to be, and forcing it to fit into a marvelesque type of universe would just be stupid. This is not something that should be forced, as an after the fact thought process. Nolan understands that, and I’m sure WB understands that. If they were to cave, and go against all logic, and convince Nolan that his Batman should continue into into this new DCU, then it would come across as exactly what it is: a cash grab to push out a JL movie as quickly as possible, without regard tot he glaring stupidity of it all. What is necessary is a carefully plotted course, one plotted BEFOREHAND, not an after thought.

        • You guys are confusing my view on this as a desire to see Nolan’s Batman continue. That’s not the case.

          @ JP

          you nailed it with “a cash grab to push out a JL as soon as possible.”

          Scoff at that idea all you want, you know you would still buy a ticket to it.

          • Mindbender understands that money can change everything, and its far from impossible to fit Nolan’s Batman and Snyder’s Superman in the same film. There is many reasons why Bruce would come back as Batman, It could even take place within the first year of him being batman around Batman Begins-The Dark Knight. When has Nolan consistently told the truth? he keeps thing secret he always has. He lied about Neeson playing Ras, he lied about Cotillard playing Talia, this could be no different.

            •  @Trey
              But like JP said, it would be too forced and wouldn’t be smooth. There’d be plenty of plot holes. If you’d read my post you’d realize that I addressed that. It could be done, not saying that it’s necessarily a great idea or that I’d like it to be done that way but it could be. I just think it makes no sense, Nolan’s movieverse has already been established and to go back now and change it, mold it into what it should be for MoS wouldn’t work because that trilogy has finished and that book is closed. It’s like trying to make a sequel/prequel to a book or series that’s all done and by a different author. Yeah, it might work but it wont be the same. It won’t seem to fit in with the rest if the series. And that’s the case here with TDK trilogy and the MoS/shared DC movieverse. It could work but it wouldnt fit right. It’s just not a good idea. 

              • There is an easy way to put it together actually and make it fit in a way that’s not forced. Here it is:

                Bruce is ‘retired’ as Batman, then watches the events of Metropolis unfold with this Superman, taking on these aliens. It’s like nothing he’s ever seen and he realizes in that moment that he’s not really done, that he can’t be, that it’s not about him anymore, it’s about doing what’s right – he’s inspired by Superman to put the suit back on.

                It lines up very smoothly if it’s done in that way. It allows the Trilogy to stand alone and be before Superman and allows Superman to be exactly what he’s supposed to be – a beacon of hope and inspiration. That’s my two cents (or 98 due to inflation lol).

                • @ NEP

                • I guess that would work if you don’t mind completely undermining the thematic integrity of Nolan’s trilogy for a cash grab.

                • I kind of like that idea! Although there still are a few things that would still need to be resolved. How would Batman fund his work…he lost all of his money…and what about the OTHER Batman.

                  If they were to use the Bale Batman, then I think that there would have to be a fourth Dark Knight movie to tie into the Superman world, undo the finality of TDKR and resolve the role of “Robin” in all of this. As far as whether Nolan would direct, as long as he gave his blessing, they could have David Goyer try his hand at that.

                  • I think a valid “in-between” line to both “continue” the Nolan story while preserving its finality is to do a soft re-imagining of the previous continuity. In other words, do what they did to Incredible Hulk, the second film. Not a complete disregard for the previous film, not another origin, just… kinda different.

                    So, Bruce Wayne has retired for a while, and disappeared. Maybe even presumed dead. Then he comes back when he sees Superman.

                    However they handle Batman, I don’t want to see his origin again. He needs to be an established presence in Gotham, about 5-10 years into the story.

                    • Are you suggesting that it be Christian Bale? If it is then there is no way around ignoring (even softly) the previous Batman films.

                      Although on the other hand and to be honest, I am not so sure adding Bale to the Justice League would “taint” the Dark Knight Trilogy. For example: I see the first four Alien movies as a set unto themselves as well as the Predator movies. The Alien versus Predator films seem detached from the other franchises. I think it would be the same with a bale in a Justice League Film…and if it (Justice League) is good…no one would care.

                  • I say loosely continue from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

                    Not to say I did not like The Dark Knight Rises but rather its this film that causes issues due to the events of the film and the fact that it acts as finality.

                    This way supporting actors can return and maybe allowing Anne Hathaway and Liam Neeson as a ressurected Ra’s.

                    That way the first year of Batman is covered with much of the thematic elements in place but allows an expansion. Treat TDKR as a one of reality in which Man of Steel never took place and continue on altered course of events. Do not say that in the film but treat it as such.

                    • This is a hard nut to crack but I ask you, what is wrong with a fourth film. It could go something like this:

                      A hidden outer space threat to Gotham incapacitates (maybe kills) the second Batman which is being orchestrated by Bruno Mannheim a gangster affiliated Darkseid (Intergang) who has taken over control of Wayne Enterprises after the events of Man of Steel. Batman realizes he needs to come out of retirement and defeats Bruno Mannheim with Catwoman’s help. This would tie him to the world that includes aliens…establish that he can be effective against cosmic threats…and undue most of the end of TDK. This is risky but I think if they did it in an epic and entertaining way an audience would accept it.

                      It would be a bit humiliating in a way though because in some of the promo for the Dark Knight it boldly stated that this was the “Epic Conclusion.”

                • @ NEP Now that sounds like a really good idea.

            • Yeah I agree with Trey on this one. The people wanting a reboot still have opinions and rumors (not facts) because Nolan lies. I hate to say it but he is a liar but it is for the audience to beg him to come back. This isn’t Nolan’s first rodeo and let’s face it he is a strategist and he knows DC/WB will pay through the nose to get him back. The so called facts that Nolan says are actually his opinion even though he thinks he controls his own version of Batman.

              • There’s a huge difference between telling white lies in order to prevent plot details from being spoiled and something like this. Nolan has made a big deal out of the fact that he wanted Dark Knight Rises to close his trilogy in a manner that he could be proud of instead of letting the series continue indefinitely with a series of unnecessary sequels. I would lose respect for him if he actually endorsed any kind of “Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement” storyline like that.

            • Aaaaaaaaand let’s not forget Nolan lied about Robin not being in TDKR

    • It’s what Chris Nolan does, he tells us one thing and does the complete opposite. What I mean by that is, he said he’d never use Bane in his trilogy and look what he did. So now he says that Man of Steel and his Batman do not coexist, yet he helped make it, true only as producer so we’re told. I’m sure in the coming years we’ll see his Batman and MoS meet on screen. Heck Batman may even have a cameo in MoS.

      • @Thracian
        Exactly. It’s one thing to lie about something minor like a a villain as opposed to lying about something ad huge as this. And as for the theory on how to maje it work, it still undermines everything Nolan established and set up in his trilogy. It still doesn’t make sense when you think about it. In Gotham you’ll have all these realistic villains with no superpowers or anything of that sort that lives in the same world as aliens and gods and people who live underwater. If the plan all along was to incorporate the trilogy into a shared movieverse then why ground it into reality? Trying to use the TDK trilogy to establish their movieverse is a sloppy and desperate afterthought. Sure, it’ll definitely attract moviegoers but like it’s been mentioned, it’s just be a foolish cash grab. And also, even though the theory mentioned above seems to make sense on the surface, MoS hasn’t even come out yet so there could probably already be little Easter Eggs/hints/nods to Batman but not Nolan’s. I personally don’t think it’ll work if they tried that, too many plot holes and you’d be going against what happened in TDK films. But I rest my case, I’m not going to win this. And on a slightly unrelated side note, I wouldn’t want to see Bale in a JL film. Although I pretty much liked his interpretation of Batman, I just can’t see him working alongside the JL and being a team player. Plus, he never really did that much detective work and I think that’s why Batman is a major asset of the Justice League and part of the reason why he is on the team

    • @Amazingfantasy, I don’t even know where to start. First of all, you have a staggering lack of imagination if you can’t even visualise how this could work.Secondly, you seem very naive to how Hollywood works. ‘It won’t happen because they said it won’t happen’, pleeease. Get serious.

      • @Mark
        You clearly did not read the rest of my post or probably any of my others. Because if you did, you would see my reasoning and explanations behind my opinions. I gave reasons as to why I think the films can’t exist in the same movieverse. I gave reasons as to why I believe them when they say it won’t happen. But does that make me naive? Does that mean I believe everything Hollywood tells me? No, it doesn’t. I stated earlier that actors/directors/producers do lie (I’ve given exapmles and so have others) but why lie about something so big and monumental from day one if DC/WB want the same success Marvel has had (for the most part) with their films? Honestly dude, go read my posts *then* you can critisize me and my opinions. I’m not one to be rude but if you didn’t finish the rest of my post or read any of my others then just shut up and don’t say anything at all

        • @amazingFan
          Spell-check is not your friend.
          Neither, it seems, is grammar.

        • @amazing fantasy. I did read every one of your posts. You state there are facts and evidence to back up your side. I’m saying there isn’t a shred of credibility to anything you’re saying beyond your opinion and in fact the opposite is true.

          • @Mark
            Alright, so evidence and facts were the wrong words. You’re right, I don’t have any solid evidence or facts but I believe that what I’m saying does have credibility and does make sense if you look at it close enough and think about what I said and the logic of the movies. But this has been just going on forever so I say let’s just agree to disagree.

  16. What happened to the Flash movie that was in production. It would me disappointing if DC don’t release a movie next year.

  17. maybe bale will make a cameo in this if not as the dark knight but bruce waynr or sumthin

  18. What made TDK special was how non comic fans responded to it; my mother is a “Gone With the Wind” type of movie watcher, and she loved TDK, commenting to me: “at times I forgot I was watching a Batman movie.”

    It was a crime drama that had some good action and rich characters. If MoS comes even part of the way to that, I’ll be happy.

    • I’d love for them to do the same thing with the Man of Steel films, one of the highlights of the Batman movies for me to be honest. So far with what I’ve seen of Man of Steel, it looks like they’re taking the same approach. It’s more of an alien invasion movie than anything else I find.

      • “It’s more of an alien invasion movie than anything else I find.”

        That’s what I’m taking away from the trailers so far. It seems like in this film, Clark/Kal-El is put into a position where he HAS TO make the choice of becoming Superman; or at least has to make the choice of fitting into the ideal of what Superman stands for. He grows up “as a human”, so to speak; sees the ways of our people – both the good and bad… and when Zod and his followers show up, it becomes a fight of right and wrong, despite the notion that Zod (and his cohorts) are also Kryptonian. You’d think Clark/Kal-El would jump at the chance of reuniting with or learning more about his native people, but when they represent what Zod represents, his moral compass is forced to make a tough decision: Follow “his own” people’s way of thinking, or use his powers to protect those who can’t protect themselves against such a threat. All throughout his life, before donning the persona of “Superman” as we know him, he’s this sort of “guardian angel” or silent protector type; stepping out to help those in times of peril or just plain doing the right thing when the time calls for it. He’s a nameless, faceless wanderer who helps out and disappears, never asking for even a “thanks” in return or seeking the spotlight for his good deeds. But in that, he also comes to embody and represent the greater good; the idea of the inherent good believed to be in all men and women; the stranger who helps you when you need a hand.

        By the time Zod arrives and calls out Kal-El (as is seen in the trailers), threatening the lives of the people of Earth unless he’s turned over, Kal-El must make his choice. When he decides to protect Earth, this is how he becomes Earth’s champion in the eyes of its people on a broader scale. This is the vehicle that allows him to embody the public persona – if you will – of “Superman”.

        If this film succeeds in following that sort of tone, I’d personally feel they managed to capture a lot of the essence of what Superman – the character – stands for. Here’s this creature, a man with the ability and power to bring an entire world to its knees or completely destroy it if he so desires (which is what Zod sort of represents, if you think about it – the idea of a rogue Superman)… yet, he maeks a conscious decision to instead do good. He makes a choice to establish a symbol of hope that can set a standard that can inspire others to follow. Even if you can’t leap a tall building in a single bound, you can still do what is right when the time calls for it.

        At the same time, he is also an outcast. A true alien life form stranded on Earth, unknown as he truly is to any and everyone but Martha and Jonathan Kent (hence Jonathan’s comments in the trailers about how Clark’s existence and revelation to the world would “change everything” and is the answer to question “Are we alone in the universe?”).

        Finally, for the complete sake of it, could you imagine what real life would be like, if you knew right now as you were reading this that there was a super powered being out there? Imagine seeing your internet home page with a splash title reading “‘Superman’ saves [insert any modern headline involving a recent tragedy]. I personally imagine there would be many mixed emotions. While most people are like “that would be awesome”, when you *really* think about it long and hard, imagine how it would feel to know a powerful creature like this was out there. What are his intentions? Even though he seems to always help, he is awfully powerful. Could he ever turn against us? What in our right minds could we possibly do to stop such a being? WHY does he seem to always decide to do the right thing and help others when he could clearly use those immense powers for personal gain? Are there more like him out there; and if there are, do they carry the same good intentions? I firmly believe that if something like this were real, it would both fascinating and even just little bit frightening to the average person. If this movie explores or even just touches upon that concept, I’d love it.

        • A good and interesting analysis… :)

          • I smiled, cried them poop came out of me.

            Right on the dot!

          • I smiled, cried them p00p came out of me.

            Right on the dot!

          • I smiled, cried then something brown came out of me.

            Right on the dot!

  19. Besides the color treatment on the film I really don’t see that much in common with TDK trilogy (from all the trailers ive seen ofcourse).Granted, it’s suppose to be a “grounded” approach, but that has to do a lot with these characters and how they have for the most part been portrayed.. I really see a full on action packed superhero flick when it comes to this. A touch of Nolan will be great, but I think this is all Snyder.

  20. Wouldn’t say I’m annoyed but it’s getting old. Especially since no one (outside of a select few people) has actually SEEN the film so the comparisons are a bit premature to say the least.

  21. Zack Snyder is not getting credit where credit is due. That’s it. Whether it be positive or negative criticism, this was his project.

  22. Move over avengers, for the new best comicbook movie

    • Has The Dark Knight not been released on your planet? That’s the film that owns the title of best comic book movie, not The Avengers (as good as it was).

      • tdk is overrated… and its a crap COMIC book movie. its nothing like batman…

        iron man does more detective work in IM3 than batman in that trilogy…

        • It’s not terrible, but I don’t consider it anything great as a film.

          Spider-Man 2 is still arguably the best of the best when it comes to superhero movies.

      • +1

        • Comic book movie id agree with spiderman 2, but the dkr isnt a comic book movie imo. It is however my favorite film one of the best crime thrillers, and one of the most influencal films of the decade and the only film that ends up in almost every top 25 list of all time that includes a superhero. So it may not be comic booky but its accolades have been unmatched by any superhero film. By that i mean financial success, overwhelimg critical success, and acting oscar, the changing of the best picture catigory and the start of blockbuster films that are smart and have an indie feel. Since everyone now adays uses nolan and that film as an influence

  23. Is there Superman dash News fan site? What about Jet the loser that claims he knows all the Justice League movie plans? Ahhh, anything for online attention when you barely get acknowledged in the real world

  24. I’ll tell you what I’m starting to get annoyed by, screenrant. I’m very close to unliking screen rant on facebook. This website is very biased when it comes to movies. They praise The Avengers, (the worst superhero movie ever made) and act like they like The Dark Knight trilogy when they really don’t. Christopher Nolan is the best movie director who ever lived. The Dark Knight is the greatest movie ever made. Man of Steel SHOULD be similar. Granted Batman and Superman are different, Batman being much darker than Superman, but the way the movies are made should be similar. They should have similar realistic tones, deep stories, filmed in IMAX, etc. That’s not just what makes a good superhero movie, but what makes any movie a good movie. I swear if screen rant doesn’t stop acting like DC should be just like Marvel with its boring stories I will unlike it on facebook. You people wouldn’t know a good movie if it hit you in the face.

    • Kinda seems like you’re biased. Chris Nolan is my favorite director and his Batman movies are my favorite trilogy but I’m still willing to say that both the Dark Knight and Avengers are spectacular movies. They both succeed in what they were trying to do. If you think Screenrant is being biased, I highly doubt you even read very many of their articles.

    • Golly…there’s just so much I disagree with here, not the least of which is the idea that we “act” like we like The Dark Knight trilogy but we secretly hate it. I’m pretty sure we’ve been fairly positive in our coverage of Man of Steel, too, so I’m not sure what you’re complaining about really.

      • Ben Moore, I’ve noticed constant comparisons with DC’s movies and Marvel’s. Like articles talking about the Justice League movie. It seems to me that screenrant wants a JLA movie just like The Avengers. I for one don’t even want a Justice League movie unless it’s going to be done in a Nolanlike universe.

        ColdSc, I watched The Avengers, and honestly, right after they captured Loki, I was bored. It just seemed to drag on and on forever. Finally the battle in NYC was interesting, but for a while there I was having a hard time holding interest in it. Marvel’s Avengers universe seems to be all about flashy special effects and action action action. That’s not what makes a movie good. A compelling story with interesting characters is what makes a good movie. Action and effects are just icing on the cake. Take a look at Marvel’s non Avengers universe movies, like the original Spider-Man trilogy, one of the best trilogies ever made, or the X-Men movies. Granted the 3rd one was crap but the others are great.

    • I stopped caring when I saw “Christopher Nolan is the greatest movie director who ever lived” and “The Dark Knight is the greatest movie ever made”

      • Well ACW I’m sorry you don’t like films that actually have a psychological side to them. Have fun with your mindless action films like The Avengers.

        • Okay, here is where people like you REALLY start to send me over the edge:

          1.) The claim that I enjoyed “The Avengers”. Guess what? I HATED The Avengers. But gee, I’m not too fond of anything in Nolan’s Bat trilogy past “Batman Begins”.

          2.) I’ve seen a lot of films, pal. I don’t devote my life to everything superhero in this generation. I could name HUNDREDS of better films in TDK because to me, that’s an insult to generations of films that have built the foundation of everything you love about TDK.

          I could say so much more and so much worse, but I’m not going to unless you provoke me like that again. Get it, got it, good

          • I’m kinda interested, what are some of the movies that you think are better than TDK? If you don’t mind listing a few though. I’ve been watching plenty of movies lately and have been running out of ideas of what to watch. Tomorrow I’m watching Insomniac and after that, not a clue =/.

            • It’s all opinion-based and in no particular order, but:

              “Star Trek: Into Darkness”
              “Star Trek”
              “Casino Royale”
              “The Lion King”
              “The Truman Show”
              “The Birds”
              “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”
              “Batman Begins”
              “12 Angry Men”
              “The Great Dictator”
              “The Sound of Music”
              “Saving Private Ryan”

              I can name more if you’d like

              • Thanks a lot man, really appreciate it. I think i’m going to start off with Saving Private Ryan and Lincoln seems interesting, can’t believe I missed that one in theaters though.

                Saw Star Trek about a month ago, loved it and it tuned me into a lot of other movies from J.J. Abrams.

                Thanks again!

                • Lincoln was a little boring if you ask me. It kind of felt like it was made for the sole purpose of winning awards (Daniel Day Lewis’s performance was something else though… I mean Wow! That guy can act!)

                  You wouldn’t go wrong with Saving Private Ryan imo. It’s an amazing movie (as are most of the movies on ACW 007′s list)

                  • I actually don’t mind watching movies solely to see individual performances. Not often but if the actor’s performance is that, I’m more than willing. Plus JGL is in it, one of my favs so that’s a good enough of a reason for me aha.

                    Great, looking forward to watching Saving Private Ryan!

                    • is that good*

              • Can’t ever forget Galaxy Quest…

            • There are plenty of films from our past better than the dark knight, and its my favorite film. Most of hitchcocks films, stanley kubrick films and a ton more are better. One film ive grown to adore is children of men which if you havnt seen you should. Also hitchcocks rear window and north by northwest. Oops i knew you were asking ACW i just wanted to chime in

              • I think someone told me about Children of Men too, guess you gave me the last nudge to actually watch it! Thanks for your chiming in, the more the better!

          • *than TDK

  25. All I can say is that they had me at Michael Shannon as Zod.

  26. Ever since Superman’s 1938 debut in Action Comics #1, fans and the laity have come to know the Christ-like superhero despite live-action depictions that succeed on TV and at the box office yet fail to rub shoulders with the gods.

    MAN OF STEEL has not yet opened in theaters; trailers and featurettes all anyone knows outside the inner-sanctum of Warner Bros. Studios. Therefore, it’s neither the best nor greatest comic-to-film superhero movie…not yet. For now, such hyperbole is anticipation but mostly self-fulling prophesy.

    We all can feel a certain something in the air, but for now it’s just “air”. Of course, we’re very hopeful, and want desperately to be entertained by MOS. And should the movie open north of $100,000,000 it will be more a result of media hype and “fan-boys” pleasurably leaning forward with excitement and enthusiasm…and, frankly speaking, with more than a little anxiety.

    Like sex; before the act, a great deal of conversation.

  27. Just found a new tv spot that anyone waiting for Man of Steel might enjoy. There are two other ones released but this one really caught my eye. Thought it was really heartfelt and if the movie has any scenes similar to this one, I may tear up in theaters aha.

  28. In my ideal version of a Justice League film, I’d like Batman to be as mysterious as he is in the comics. Other JLAers don’t trust him, and don’t know much about him, but they know he’s a master tactician and knows what he’s doing. I always liked the in-the-shadows, evasive-in-conversations aspect of Batman.

    I realize of course that being more quiet and more mysterious wouldn’t work if they did it to the level I like, in a film. Batman and Superman are 2 of the bigger characters so for a film Batman would need to be more in the front and center.

  29. I hope Man of Steal isn’t one of those “hyped-up-over-quality” movies like we have been having lately at the box office (Just check the earnings of “Star Trek: Into Darkness” and “The Hangover Part III” and you’ll see what I’m talking about).

    Those two movies, especially “Star Trek: Into Darkness” were expected to make about $100 Million opening week.

    • Many people (most of them probably did not like or know what Star Trek was until J.J. Abram’s came out) enjoyed “Star Trek” when it first came out but it took too long for “Star Trek: Into Darkness” to come out, and by that time many people probably lost interest in Star Trek. I also believe that more people lost interest in the Hangover Story when “The Hangover Part II” was very similar to Part I, if Part III is similar to Part I I’ll be disappointed.