Connie Nielsen & Harry Lennix Rumored For ‘Man of Steel’ [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 12:20 pm,

Connie Nielsen and Harry Lennix rumored for Man of Steel Connie Nielsen & Harry Lennix Rumored For Man of Steel [Updated]

[Update: Harry Lennix has been confirmed as General Swanwick in Man of Steel.]

Hot on the heels of the news about Russell Crowe playing Jor-El in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel comes some additional casting rumors/news for the Superman reboot. By sheer coincidence, the latest pair of thespians said to have been offered roles in Snyder’s film previously appeared in films headlined by Crowe as well.

Connie Nielsen (Princess Lucilla in Gladiator) is reportedly up to portray Kal-El’s biological mother, Lara, in Man of Steel; in addition, Harry Lennix (State of Play) has apparently been approached to take on an undisclosed supporting role in the picture.

This information comes from a snippet of the Production Weekly publication that was posted on Facebook’s Man of Steel page. Assuming the material is not a flat-out fabrication, it would appear that both Nielsen and Lennix could potentially be up for pivotal supporting roles in the film; however, it seems neither one of them has actually accepted their respective offer just yet.

Lara (maiden name: Lara Lor-Van) was portrayed by Susannah York in the four live-action Superman movies, with Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel himself. In Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” (which is rumored to be influencing Snyder’s reboot), Lara was portrayed as a capable scientist in her own right who assisted her huband, Jor-El, in the construction of the spacecraft that would eventually be used to transport their son to safety when the planet Krypton exploded. Nielsen has portrayed characters both intellectually-capable and beautiful to behold (see: her Gladiator role and stint on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), so she’s seem a good fit for the part.

Lennix excels at playing strong and capable authoritative figures onscreen (see: his turn as Commander Lock in the Matrix trilogy or his recurring role on Dollhouse). Although it’s pure speculation at this point, the idea of him being approached to play Perry White – Clark Kent’s tough-but-fair boss at the Daily Planet – seems reasonable enough. He could easily pull off the part of the no-nonsense editor-in-chief without making him seem too comical or over-the-top.

superman action jeans Connie Nielsen & Harry Lennix Rumored For Man of Steel [Updated]

While the casting for Man of Steel so far includes several Oscar-nominees and winners, it would be a gross exaggeration to say that the majority of fans have approved of those decisions at this point. The idea of, say, Michael Shannon as General Zod or Amy Adams as Lois Lane certainly sounds promising to a lot of people but there are also numerous Superman fans who have found Snyder’s casting decisions to be either ill-fitting or simply bizarre at times.

With the Superman character being given a more modernized makeover in both the film and comic book medium, only time will tell if the changes being made to the classic superhero’s mythology prove to be for the better – or for the worse.

Man of Steel is scheduled to reach theaters by December of 2012.

Source: Facebook (via Latino Review)

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  1. They sound like good cast additions to me, as does the previously mentioned Russell Crowe.

  2. Why does this movie look like a pile of crap thrown together?

    • You must be mistaking the website ads for Man of Steel pics. There’s nothing to look at so it doesn’t look like crap.

    • I think your getting confused with the mess which is The Avengers!

  3. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner in one movie? Zzzzzzz…

  4. Connie’s Princess Lucilla was the long-lost love of Russell Crowe’s Maximus.
    She is a close friend of Russell and former girlfriend. Maybe his suggestion?

  5. This all sounds fantastic. Russel Crowe has the gravity to fill the role of Jor El . I can only hope that Connie Nielsen will sign on as Kal El’s mom, Lara. It would seem that Snyder wants to elevate the role of Lara and this is another smart move. Harry Lennix as Perry White? Bring it on because that would be awesome. I understand that the Nielsen and Lennix casting ,is at this point , still conjecture. But it wouldn’t be surprising to me if this all pans out.
    Snyder is doing a stunning job so far in terms of casting. The only complaints that have been mounted have been coming from comic book trolls who have nothing better to do that COMPLAIN and be negative. They think of themselves as ” superman scholars” but only have a vendetta against Snyder for whatever reason. Just think of me as the ANTI sam beckett. Anyone who already has such antipathy and a bad attitude and assumes that a film will be bad and won’t give it one bit of a chance is a downer and close minded.
    To all of you who are on the fence with Snyder’s MOS and yet LOVE Chris Nolan , Remember : it was Nolan himself who worked on the initial seeds of this next cinematic version of MOS , along with Goyer. It was Nolan himslef who interviewed Snyder and gave him the keys.
    As far as I’m concerned this movie is just getting better and better. I can’t wait till we actually get to the actual production of this film in August. Good times.

    • “The only complaints that have been mounted have been coming from comic book trolls who have nothing better to do that COMPLAIN and be negative.” ~ Erik
      …and, here I thought the site was called “ScreenRant”.

      • Should be called whiney negative troll rant

    • eh, I think the commenters are trying to help the movie be good, by pointing out how very bad everything about it sounds so far. Never too late for them to scrap the whole thing and start over! Keep hope alive! Free Superman! No Justice, No Peace!

      • Please be specific about what sounds “very bad” so far. All that’s really been announced is a few bits of casting, and that the movie is taking cues from “Birthright.” The casting and the reference to Birthright are both great so far.

        • People! You do understand that these people are actors and that they transform themselves into characters and judging from the cast with multiple Oscar noms I’d say there’s a pretty good chance they can pull it off! It may not be the same way u think the character should be potrayed but I’m willing to bet that more people will love it then hate it! Can’t wait till this movie comes out, blows your mind and then maybe you can take that very large stick out of your a**

  6. Wow will be skipping this and watch the Superman Anthalogy on Blu Ray instead!

    • @ pawn65

      Makes two of us then.

  7. Connie Nielsen is a cougar.

  8. Lennix as Perry White perhaps or Jax Ur?

  9. And there you have it. It didn’t take long for the trolls I was speaking of to make my point. Boo Hoo , poor internet comic book trolls. Get out of mom’s basement and try getting a job. Maybe at a comic book store. lol

    • Love how this is the first place people go to when they make fun of comic book people.

      Immaturity is one thing you can see a mile away.

    • Erik, technically what you are doing is trolling. You aren’t offering an opinion, just instigating arguments. Practice what you preach, dude.

  10. I never heard of these actors before, and it sounds interesting they made the decision to play Kal’s Mother and the Fictional Supporting Character.

    • You’ve never heard of Connie Nielsen? It’s not because she’s some unknown that’s for sure. Don’t sound so shocked that she’s playing Lara, she’s a pretty well known actress.

      • I have never heard of her either, and looking at her resume, I can see why. Smaller roles in mostly not so many movies. Yeah, Gladiator and Devil’s Advocate, but other than that her biggest thing she was in was SVU.

        • hm, not having watched most of her movies doesn’t preclude not knowing who she is. I guess I just have a memory for names and faces.

      • Thats a good question, but there’s other actresses who can play the part for Superman’s Mom Lara in my casting choices are Daryl Hannah, Nicole Kidman, and Jodie Foster

  11. I think this actor Harry Lennix I never heard of, He might play Ron Troupe (One of the Reporters of the Daily Planet)

  12. This new superman is so lucky to have 2 hot mama!

  13. I can actually see Lennix as Luthor

  14. Thats a good idea for this actress to play Kal-El’s mother Lara and my other suggestions I like to see Daryl Hannah or Nicole Kidman to play part of the role, and I think it will be a good idea for other actresses to give them a try. I heard Daryl Hannah was chose to play Lori Lermaris (Lori The Mermaid) in the SUPERMAN Prequels (Based on the Superman: Secret Origins), and I think Zack Snyder will give a try on Daryl Hannah playing Kal’s mother.

  15. The cast is rounding up to be very solid for this Superman reboot. Lets just hope the story and direction are as good, which I think it will be by looking at this kick ass cast!

  16. I don’t really know the actors listed. I don’t recognize Nielson and I’ve seen Lennix in things but I wouldn’t be able to think of them off the top of my head.


    • Apparently they they are going for younger looking parents in this movie. As this being the first time looking at Nielsen, she definitely looks young in the picture.

      I have nothing against them going with younger versions of Kal-El’s parents so I think the casting is fine and can work. Definitely like Crowe being Jor-El.

      I hope they don’t use Lennox as Perry because that’s gonna trigger an outrage among the fanboy world… I’m not trying to sound racist, but I do believe that they should stay true to the characters…

      • She’s 45, which is about right since they’re going for a younger Superman that usual. She’s one of my favorite female actors, although she’s done a lot of stuff recently that I haven’t seen yet.

        • derp. of course Supes will be young, he’s a baby. My tired brain momentarily swapped Lara for Martha while I was typing.

          • I know that his parents should be young lol. It just seems like a lot of people are against it, though. It makes perfect sense to me… I don’t even mind the Kents being younger too. I do think having a hot ma Kent will be kinda weird haha, but it’s not a huge deal…

  17. Meh. Nielsen is fine as Lara I suppose, nothing against that. As for Lennix, yeah I can see him as Perry White. So along with Costner, these are the best casting choices so far.

    My point remians, why do we have to see the Kents or Jor-El and Lara? Oh yeah, because its another origin stort that NO one wants to see because its one of the most well know story’s on the entire planet! The only reason they are making this film is because of the lawsuit, otherwise we would be getting a different story altogether, it isnt a good reason to make a film.

    • I think you have already established that 100 times over, give it a rest and discusss something different.

      • Why should I? Is it not free to post an opinion here anymore?

        • To an extent yes, but you are stepping into troll territory with it and that’s not like you DSB.

        • The only troll here is the person who keeps trying to pick a fight with Sam. Because Sam is Spartacus! His power and influence over Superman fans can not be overstated. He has lead the Superman fandom into a state of disgust and hatred of the forthcoming failpile movie. The forces of evil dream of silencing him! But their dreams are for not, because we are all Spartacus!

  18. I have a feeling that Lennix is going to be playing President Obama :-D.

    • If he is allowed to be portrayed on screen (I really don’t know how that works) that would be a GREAT role for him.

      • They never really portray a sitting president but it’s mostly to avoid any perceived political stances/statements/etc. I doubt there’s a rule or law against it.

  19. I know it was a animated series. But in the pilot episode of Superman:TAS i really liked the whole love & comfort Jor-El & Lara shown with each other. It was enough that you’d felt sorry for them despite they were animated on the show. Just my opinion.

  20. Great actors make ZERO difference if your revision of Superman himself is not what fans want. I fear this new modernized Superman in hiking boots, cut-offs, and a short sleeve Superman t-shirt is NOT what most of us want to see. If they destroy the main character through poor writing and a revision that is not true to the characters history…this will be the worst Superman movie yet. PLEASE, don’t mess this up.

    • I trust the Nolans and Goyer story more than you! lol

  21. Tragedy in casting the Superman movie, with constant input from different actors’ fans? Just list them all for each role, pretty please and put it to the overall vote, with a scramble if chemistries don’t click. Constant voting might help, but a nice discussive round table gambit when the scripts are out and these possible strangers, that are all apparently pros, are reviewing the scripts and sorting line deliveries and trying to comprehend, and probably with the presence of the director and maybe producer to, also inputting may get it absolutely moving and clicking? Worked with “Classic Star Trek,” anyhow, and is good for all to be aware of rewrite need, and THEN memorize, not high number of new inserts afterwards. Mistaken, maybe? But any merit at all?

  22. What grates me is this gratuitous politically correct need to recast these caucasian characters with colored performers. Nick Fury I don’t mind so much since I’m not nearly as familiar with Fury as I am Superman (& Sam Jackson is an American acting institution). I mean, it should even be offensive to blacks as well tho’ at this condescending treatment. I despise PC & the atrophying decaying influence its had on common sense in this Country since its liberal motivated inception, but making Perry White black?? Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s just a comic book I know. That’s neither the point or the principle however. Not that Mr. Lennix isn’t an accomplished actor, but Perry White?? C’mon!!! The whole point of movies is to escape into another world for a couple of hours & forget the tedium & rats race of our own. How do you do that when they do crap like this? I was disappointed with the new Pirates film, I’ve heard grim reviews concerning the new Green Lantern movie, & now this. It’s stupidity like this that stands to reduce the Man Of Steel into a slag heap. Still tho’, it can only suck marginally worse than Singer’s Superman Returns. That movie deserves a back to the future all of its own to undo & wipe it out!