Comic-Con 2012: ‘Man of Steel’ Panel (And New Poster!)

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Superman Man of Steel Comic Con 2012 Comic Con 2012: Man of Steel Panel (And New Poster!)

With Green Lantern not meeting expectations and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises serving as the end to Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale’s Batman story, it’s up to Zack Snyder to kickstart DC cinematic universe with Man of Steel. Outside of set photos and one official photo, very little from the film has been visible to the public.

Warner Bros. is including Man of Steel as part of their Comic-Con 2012 Hall H presentation but no information on who will be there or what will be shown has been released. Expect Mr. Snyder himself, star Henry Cavill and a few other surprise guests as the first ever footage of the Superman reboot is premiered.

If you’re attending the convention, you can check out the panel yourself at 2:30 AM Pacific Time in Hall H on Saturday, July 14th as part of the two-and-a-half hour Warner Bros. presentation. If not, keep it parked right here and for the latest Man of Steel movie news, brought to you LIVE by Screen Rant.

But first, here’s a brand new, hot off the presses poster for the film:

superman man of steel Comic Con 2012: Man of Steel Panel (And New Poster!)

Man of Steel is now on stage after a special surprise presentation with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis for ‘The Campaign.’

Man of Steel is done shooting, Snyder says now they’re just working away on the movie.

How do you make Superman personal. What would you do if you were Superman? Snyder says that’s never been explored before and that’s the goal of this film.

Snyder says, you want to feel like what it really is for Superman to “beat the sh**” out of people. Now it’s time for some footage. There’s an announcement teaser attached to The Dark Knight Rises they were going to show us… but Snyder says… maybe it’s better if we get something else… a little something he put together just for us.

Footage: Shots of Cavill walking near mountains along a road with shots of the Kent farm interspliced, then there are voiceovers by Russell Crowe. There’s a scene of a bus crash with young Clark, scenes of Zod, explosions, Superman being arrested, the army, Jor-El, the Fortress of Solitude

Now Henry Cavill is introduced to the stage with strong applause. He’s asked about every nerd’s dream being able to be Superman – what’s that like. Cavill: “It’s a dream come true and it’s an honor to be here.”

Snyder is now talking about how awesome it is to finally bring Superman to Comic-Con, to finally show some footage. He previously said it’s a big responsibility to do this, but that it was time to bring the character to a new generation of fans.

Now it’s time for Q&A. Fan to Snyder: Would you ever consider doing an indie project like Warriors? Snyder said totally, it’s not about size it’s about awesome and he said Warriors is cool.

Fan question: Who would win in a fight – Nolan’s Batman, or Snyder’s Superman? Snyder’s answer: “… Really?”

Snyder: We had to approach Man of Steel as though it’s the first Superman movie ever, without having any previous films to borrow from. Hence, John Williams’ iconic score will not be featured in any capacity.

Cavill’s favorite Superman comic book stories are “Death of Superman,” Superman Returns,” and “Red Sun” as they explore “the limits” (re: fascinating aspects) of the Superman character.

Snyder’s refused to confirm or deny that General Zod is the villain (wink, wink, nudge nudge).

The next fan question is about possible Batman/Superman and/or Justice League movies. Snyder replied that right now they’re focused on “getting his [Superman's] house in order,” and from there, anything’s possible.

That’s it for the Man of Steel panel. Stay tuned for more Comic-Con coverage here at Screen Rant.

Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder based off of David S. Goyer’s screenplay, and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Christopher Meloni, Jadin Gould and Antje Traue.

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013.

Keep an eye on the Screen Rant Comic-Con 2012 page for all the convention news.


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  1. “Footage: Shots of Cavill walking near mountains along a road with shots of the Kent farm interspliced, then there are voiceovers by Russell Crowe. There’s a scene of a bus crash with young Clark, scenes of Zod, explosions, Superman being arrested, the army, Jor-El, the Fortress of Solitude”

    That was the thing he put together just for the crowd? You are going to give us expanded thoughts/reactions on this right? :)

  2. Superman gettng arrested?
    Didn’t see that coming.

  3. who would win in a fight: superman near kryptonite, or Hancock near Charlize? (Both of their respective weaknesses)

    • dude, you had a pretty solid set up and delivery but then you ruined it by explaining the joke. FAIL!

    • Charlize would make any man weak at the knees…

  4. If true that’s a bummer about no John Williams.

    • Yeah…no iconic john williams score. But I do understand this movie wanting to stand on its own. I hope Zimmer gives us a score worthy on par as williams. It doesn’t have to beat williams’ score ( seriously think that’s impossible)

      • That is a shame. Once actinh like other pre ioys versions dont exist and nothing wrong with paying homeage to the past.

      • You know EVERYONE who’s ever seen any of the other Superman movies is going to have that theme running in their head whether it’s there or not. The most recent Star Trek movie didn’t use the old score and I can’t remember anyone complaining about it… but this is SUPERMAN, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

        • Star Trek features snippets of the original theme several times. And the end credits music is a full blown version of TOS theme.

          • Well “Star Trek” is and was conceived as a TV show. While the Williams theme is absolutely fantastic, it is better than the films it accompanied. I think “Man Of Steel” needs to find it’s own feet and not rely on any previous Superman films (In any way).

            That was one of the MANY failings of “Superman Returns”. Williams score is in the movie universe and does not define what Superman should always be.

            But coming up with something to equal it sure is one heck of a challenge.

          • Sam…

            “Star Trek” was the continuation of the franchise, so it could employ the iconic theme without any contradiction. “Man of Steel” is a full reboot of its respective franchise, so the use of the iconic music from the previous line(s) would take away some of the necessary impact of the restart by naturally hearkening back to those films.

            I am quite hopeful that lightning can strike twice, and the new music for this new story of Superman can become either AS iconic or as close as is humanly (musically?) possible…

          • I really don’t see any reason why they can’t play the iconic music at the end. During the movie, play the new theme but I see no reason why they can’t throw the fans a bone during the end credits.

            • Because that’s exactly what it would be… Throwing..”the fans a bone”. It really shouldn’t warrant it.

    • Yeah, I was really hoping that Zimmer’s score would pay tribute (in the very least, just with one of the tracks) to Williams’ score :(

    • You wouldn’t like him if he used his quantum accelerator to erase your a** (from RoboCop). :-D

  5. Damn!! I would love to be there for that footage. Somebody had got to have footage of it on youtube. Still a year away but really excited for “Man of Steel”.

    • go to tumblr and type in Man of Steel, there’s plenty of posts on the trailer there…it’s not very good quality, but you can still see what they are going for in the film.

  6. Hey guys, we’ve updated this post with the first poster for the film!


  7. Poster looks like something Alex Ross did, awesome!

  8. Is it me, or does that costume in the poster look different than the one we’ve seen in the shots so far. The “s” shield looks to be of a different material and I don’t see the yellow in it, plus his cape appears to be tucked in the neck line( which also looks different) as opposed to being attached on the outside.

    • Hmmm… I thiiiink the collar is the same although it’s debatable but you’re right about the yellow. Superman has several variations on his costume in this movie…?

    • I think the color is the same though. The yellow missing from the shield is probably artistic license. I mean they probably removed the yellow from this image simply because it’s supposed to be this dark cool in the shadows look. The yellow would probably throw that off.

        • It may just be the lighting making it look exaggerated, but I like the texture on the suit and on the yellow/gold bits, bit I would have rather the red of the “S” shield was smooth.

          But I’m sure I’ll be more than happy when it’s onscreen. I usually get over initial quibbles about costumes pretty quick and end up really liking them (Most of the time).

        • I’m refering to the newly released poster. I am aware that there is yellow in the movie costume.

          • In the poster the “s” shield looks red and black

            • Superman’s very first costume in the comics had black in the background, although there was a yellow outline. Seems to me the lack of yellow in the poster can’t be an accident. It’s a possible sign he starts out with a different costume before settling on the one we’ve already seen?

              • There was also a period, like 10 years ago ,where he replaced all the yellow in his costume with black as a sign of mourning. And we can’t forget the Kingdom Come suit.

                • Dunno about the ‘mourning’ superman symbol from a few years back but I do know that the Kingdom Come suit was a direct nod to the original symbol with the black in it. Batman’s original symbol didn’t have any yellow in it either (he added yellow to give his enemies a target so they wouldn’t shoot at his head), and now it’s standard for him to have the old version on pretty much ever since ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.

  9. Saw leaked footage and Im fighting back tears lol and w/e music they used totally suits it even tho that may not be the score.

    • I was very impressed with the score. Very emmotional? Inspirational?

      • I read it’s from The Thin Red Line by Hans Zimmer. Now I have no doubt he will wow us with the actual score.

    • Lol…Routh came across as soft beeeyatch. Hot pants and all.

    • Bosworth? Ugh… that was dreadful casting there. Worst Lois Lane ever. Casting agent had a quart of vodka on that day.

    • I’m not worried about Superman being tough in this one but I hope Snyder maintaaaaaiiiiined* his essiential goodness.

      *shows I’m thinking

  10. just seen a leaked footage of Man of Steel on youtube and its fricking epic it does feel like Snyder made the movie to feel and look like Nolans Batman movie.

    • please give the link to the leaked vidoe please

    • exactly what i thought it would be, looked like what the world would be if Superman really existed.

  11. i just seen bootleg version of trailer and matt is wrong

    the footage was not dark and gritty

    it was realistic,dramatic,and serious

    that is a huge difference

    the crow is dark and gritty ,star trek reboot is dramatic and serious

  12. Funny how Snyder refused to acknowledge Zod when even without the set photos etc, Michael Shannon told a UK show called Soccer AM that he was gonna be Zod and was starting filming in the next few months (at the time, filming hadn’t started).

  13. Even in sh*tty quality the triailer was excellent.

    • agreed.

      Can’t wait to see the teaser on the big screen/

    • I cannot find it, could you perhaps post a link?

      • Sorry, video was taken down moments ago.

        • Bollocks!!! Just my luck

  14. The new poster rocks!

  15. Wow, even for bootleg footage, it looked pretty incredible. Kinda speechless right now

    • and it’s blocked.

  16. Like the Poster. Especially like the way the “S” pops out.

    • …marked “Private”.

      Sigh…it’s no longer viewable. I REEEEALLY want to see that trailer. The teaser looked great…if it was the actual one, but I want to see some action (and acting).

      Double sigh…

      • Yea WB gets to them quick lol

        It has a Batman Begins, Star Trek 2009 Captain Kirk destined for greatness feel. Its quite exceptional, especially with the inspirational score.

      • There were action shots just quick ones. Glad to see there was some stuff going down in Metropolis too.

    • Just watched it. I feel goosebumps right now. The shot where he speeds up on the clouds. That. Is. Superman. And you can never go wrong with Hans Zimmer’s music. DC did it again.

  17. Fan question: Who would win in a fight – Nolan’s Batman, or Snyder’s Superman? Snyder’s answer: “… Really?”


    • I actually laughed out loud for that too, haha. I am surprised none of the Nolan fan boys have jumped on that.

  18. Yes! YES ! YES !…I trust NOLAN (I know is Snyder behind the camera). I`ll wait to see it on the big screen before DKR

  19. No John Williams score in any form= MAJOR strike AGAINST this movie for me. The Trailer had better be MORE than good.

    • its a reboot. get over the past and move forward with the future for crying out loud.

      the music used was Hans Zimmer – Journey to the Line (The Thin Red Line OST)

  20. Great teaser. Love the look more than Superman Returns. Was glad not seeing any of Zak Synder’s slo-motion stuff. ( slow motion isn’t bad when it’s not over used )Truth be told, doesn’t look like a Zack Synder movie.
    There’s a somberness to the teaser, I guess due in large part to the awesome score ( From another movie I think )The few action scenes look brutal…like what a Superman action scene should be. The scene with him being punched/knocked into that bank vault is awesome. It has the Nolan/Batman realistic approach to it…but not quite as realistic as Those films. I’m really hoping this will resurrect Superman for the big screen and further sequels. Long overdue. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Superman is actually an ideal character to use slow motion with. Just as long as every action scene isn’t slo-moed to the max. It’s knowing when to use it. Slow motion is used all the time for emotional moments in films, so much so that you don’t really notice it. You just sort of take it in as a contemplative moment.

  21. It’s hard to judge the description of the footage, but that poster looks incredible, and I can’t wait to see the teaser.
    I gotta say though, I’m disappointed that they aren’t acknowledging Williams’ score and I was hoping for a bit more from the panel… like an announcement about what DC will be doing for 2014 or maybe an update on the villain for MoS or a possible sequel… I dunno, SOMETHING :(

    • “Snyder: We had to approach Man of Steel as though it’s the first Superman movie ever, without having any previous films to borrow from. Hence, John Williams’ iconic score will not be featured in any capacity.”

      Thats exactly how I want to think of it while watching, so it makes sense they didn’t use John William’s score.

      • Gotta disagree about that.
        I can’t see how not acknowledging Williams’ score would subtract from the originality of this movie. There are plenty of films that have paid tribute to the original version’ score/theme, but still came across as fresh and new.

        And just to make it clear, I’m not saying the whole score should be a re-do of Williams’ work, but if they could do ONE track that has the same sound of Williams’ theme during one of the scenes, or at the very least play a similar composition during the credits, that would be enough for me. Just something ‘ya know…

        But sine we’re throwing out quotes:
        “How do you make Superman personal. What would you do if you were Superman? Snyder says that’s never been explored before and that’s the goal of this film.”
        I gotta say, I’m very happy to hear that ^. Can’t wait to see a more complex and relatible Supes on the big screen.

        • In the same way that Nolan’s Batman films didn’t use Danny Elfman’s score for the Burton films!

          That’s how it should be, moving forward, not backwards.

          • Yea,there is no need to revist Williams score. Time for something fresh. Superman Returns played plenty homage to Donner and Reeve.

          • There’s a big difference between Danny Elfman’s very forgettable Batman score and John William’s defining Superman theme, and I say that as a huge Elfman fan. (Forbidden Zone anyone? :)) Man Of Steel not even making a nod to the Williams theme seems like a big gamble, guess we’ll see whether or not it pays off. I was kinda surprised that they used an original theme song in the 2009 Star Trek, but it kicked a$$ and then some, and there was an orchestral version of the original theme at the very end credits. Kinda wish they’d do something like that with MOS.

            With that said tho’, I could hear more than I could see with the version of the trailer that was up before they pulled it and a lot of the dialogue did seem directly inspired by the first Reeve movie, if you ask me…? Especially the ‘what if a child dreamt of being something more’, and ‘clark, you have a choice about the sort of man you want to become’ (and I’m paraphrasing, badly I might add), but it sounds a lot like ‘you’re here for a reason, and it’s not to score touchdowns.’, those kind of discussions Superman had with both his fathers :)

            • Elfman’s was pretty memorable but Williams left the bigger impact IMO. Either way, I dont think its neccessary to revist the classic score. It be cool to hear it but I dont think it should be expected or forced into MoS

              • I just miss the days when superheroes had good, rockin’, hummable theme songs. Ask the person walking down the street to hum the theme to Burton’s Batman, I doubt they could do it, but even little kids who didn’t grow up with it can hum Star Wars or Superman, or the Adam West Batman song. Or the original Star Trek, or Jaws or the old Superfriends cartoon. And so far none of the Spiderman movies have had a theme song on par with the old cartoon show or even the Electric Company jingle… Did Harry Potter even have a theme song?

                • “I just miss the days when superheroes had good, rockin’, hummable theme songs.”
                  Iron Man and The Avengers had pretty great themes IMO (very “hummable”).
                  The entire score for Iron Man was very new and fresh IMO and the main theme, ‘Driving With the Top Down’, is one of my all time favorite themes. And even though Ramin Djawadi did such a great job at making an original score, they still included the classic Iron Man theme from the old cartoon in one of the scenes of the movie and in the credits (and even though they paid homeage to the original, the movie movie itself never felt dated or unoriginal did it? – that’s what I’m talking about)
                  The score for The Avengers wasn’t that great (the majority of it was basically Cap:TFA 2.0), but I thought the main theme, ‘The Avengers’, was pretty great… powerful you know?
                  Zimmer did an amazing job with BB and TDK’s scores (and from what I’ve heard so far, his score for TDKR will be even better), but I agree, those aren’t really “hummable” (like Star Wars or Indiana Jones for example).

                  Point I’m trying to make is, there are still a few iconic themes being made today, but the majority of them will never have the same lasting appeal to live throughout history (like most of Williams’ work).

                  • There’s some great scores being made to be sure, I thought the Avengers score was pretty great also, although to me it also sounded an awful lot like the 2009 Star Trek. But maybe I need to hear it again. Seems like the theme song most people associate with Iron Man would be the AC/DC songs included, I’ll have to go listen to ‘Driving With The Top Down’. (exception to current great scores: Prometheus was godawful, in my opinion)

                    I guess I’d like not just a score but a really solid theme song, one that comes on when say, Clark Kent looks up and realizes he has only moments to act to rescue Lois Lane from her downed helicopter and thus revealing himself to the world. That scene without the Williams crescendo just wouldn’t be the same.

                    I think it’s most likely Man Of Steel will pull it off tho’, one way or another. :)

        • Can’t remember the exact quote but he also says something along the lines of, we can’t do something completely new and then go steal the music.

          Zimmer also said the difference in character between Supes and Bats is why he chose to do it and to make it very different from his Batman scores. Very happy with the fresh approach they decided to use.

    • Thanks for the trailer of MOS. I’m downloading!

  22. So much riding on this film, and i’m still not sure it’s going to deliver, but early days yet.

    I just want to see a truly powerful, pro-active Superman this time around. Not one who spends a portion of the movie fawning and being rescued by Lois Lane. Would’ve liked to have seen more risk in going for either Darkseid or Brainiac as the villain, but hopefully they can come up in the sequel if Man Of Steel is successful enough.

  23. Seems like they are finally gonna get it right this time. This same level of care needs to be used for WW and the other heroes. T