Superman’s Other Female Character Revealed!

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general zod Supermans Other Female Character Revealed!

Director Zack Snyder found his Superman in 27 year-old growing star Henry Cavill and now the supporting cast of Superman: Man of Steel is getting closer to filling out. Earlier in the week, Olivia Wilde and Rachel McAdams were reported to be top candidates for the presumably leading female role of Lois Lane and not long after that, another shortlist of actresses were revealed to be contending for another key female role.

Who could the reported shortlist of Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike and Alice Eve be competing to play in Warner Bros. attempt at modernizing their Man of Steel? We only knew that it wouldn’t be Lois Lane, but now we know who it is.

Latino Review have the scoop from an insider who reveals that the mysterious female character Kruger, Pike and Eve are vying for is none other than Kryptonian villainess, Ursa, and that Lois Lane will definitely still be in the film.

Remember those rumors of General Zod being a (or the) villain of Superman: Man of Steel? Snyder denied those, but if Ursa is in a fact, a character of the film, then Zod probably is as well.

In the original 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman, Ursa (played by Sarah Douglas, pictured top-left) appeared alongside Zod as they, along with fellow Kryptonian criminal Non, were sentenced to the infamous Phantom Zone. They of course, became the primary villains for the sequel.

Here’s a little video of them taking over the White House:

Both Pike and Eve have made plenty of superhero movie headlines in recent times, with both almost having a role in X-Men: First Class and Eve seemingly almost having the part of Sue Storm in the now-delayed Fantastic Four reboot. Kruger on the other hand, made a statement with her strong performance in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. None of the three really look like Douglas/Ursa too much at first glance, especially with them all having long blonde hair and the character traditionally having short dark hair, but of the three I believe Rosamund Pike has the facial expression down and could play a seriously angry Kryptonian.

We all kneel before Zod when Superman: Man of Steel hits theaters in December 2012.

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Source: Latino Review

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  1. I say Kruger all the way. Especially after seeing her as a brunette in the trailer for the upcoming Liam Neeson movie, Unknown … just my opinion. Plus she was awesome in Inglorious Basterds

    • Im sick and tired of lex and zod being the only villians in a superman movie. If their the villians in this new reboot, I will stop watching anything that snyder puts out. Hello, weres brainiac? is there no other villians in the superman universe.

  2. Whatever….

  3. I hope this is just a rumor, NEW CHARACTERS, bring the BRANIAC on !!!

  4. I know it’s kinda off topic but I thought Zod wasn’t in this? And well my thinging is that if they’re doing this the Riddler may indeed play a small roll in TDKR.

    • Sorry, meant thinking.

    • I thought I heard Zod is the main villain in the new Supes, not positive.

    • I meant to say I heard that before this update.

  5. I think Diane Kruger would play an amazing Ursa, she defnitely proved it with her Inglorious Bastards performance, plus shes pretty hott ;) I dont know what it is about Alice Eve but shes not that attractive IMO, maybe its her jawbone and chin…. lol :P

    • Yup, its definitely Eve’s chin, it looks almost as pointy and sharp as Reese Witherspoon’s, although Witherspoon is a better actress IMHO :)

  6. You gotta be freakin kidding me. Can’t Hollywood’s directors come up with somthing besides doin somthing thats already been done? Superman 2 was great as the original, both the theatrical & Donnor cut versions. This is one more reason why i shouldn’t bother seeing this film. Atleast put some villains not seen on film yet, is that too complicated to ask for? It’s one of the reasons what i liked about Batman Begins.

    • nope they can’t, they have to make a lot of money.

    • There’s too much studio tinkering. When things go well with a project, the studio heads take credit, throw lavish parties, when things go wrong, they slink away, and also blame everyone else but themselves. They may fire people, lay them off, when it’s those in charge of all the bean-counting who need to be laid off.

      I give more credit to the people who actually make the films the successes they are, those who actually put them together — the directors, the scriptwriters, actors and film crews, etc.

      So because most, if not all, movies are seen more as investments, products, tinker-toys to part people from their money, it’s a small wonder that good ones sneak to the surface. I usually scratch my head and wonder, how did the director get that one by Mission Control? It’s like Tron going against the MCP.

      For all the talk about Hollywood being liberal, that’s just lip service — they’re fake progressives, or perhaps those who work in it and are most vocal are liberal. But Hollywood’s very much a conservative economic machine. It’s an exclusive, elite club powered by their own egos and big bank accounts.

      It’s why the ram this same, recycled, rehashed junk our way. It’s why there’s going to be movies based on toys and board games. More and more, movies are becoming big-budget commercials designed to make us buy more things. There used to be product placement in a movie, now the whole movie is the product placement.

      • I think Noomi Rapace would make an awesome Ursa……her facial expressions in The Girl With The Dragon Tatto made me consider her. And yeah I hope its a rumor please I want to see Braniac a least let him corrupt Zod or Manipulate Kal El thinking his an ally.

        • Just throwing this out there…

          Just because Ursa is in this movie does not mean Braniac or other villains can’t or won’t be. You’re all giving yourselves migraines for (possibly) NO reason.

          I say this because, for example, Kevin J. Anderson wrote a novel called THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON which combined and changed elements from the comics and films into a cohesively unique origin story that didn’t even involve Earth (I think, maybe, a mention as part of Jor-El’s research). It took place wholly on Krypton and involved Zod, Braniac, and Ursa (at least, it was her character, though I might be recalling the wrong name…it’s been awhile). Baby Kal-El came into the story late, obviously, and there was NO Lois.

          Of course, I’m not suggesting this the storyline being used since Superman WILL be the main character; I’m simply pointing out that people ARE still coming out with original, non-comic Superman stories that DO involve mixes of the villains so many of us wish to see (or not, as the case may be).

          • her name was aethyr-ka or something. great novel, have it in hard cover.

  7. Knowing Zack Snyder’s track record, it seems he has a major badass version of Ursa to bring to bring to the big screen. He tends to have strong female characters in his films (read: Sucker Punch). Either way I’m looking forward to the visual eye candy that this film is going to offer.

    • I think the strength of the female characters in Sucker Punch is their ability to get me all hot and bothered. :D

  8. I love the villain choice Wally.

    At least Nolan and company attempts to get women who can actually act. Unlike Marvel with the new Avenger news that Cobie Smulders has emerged as the front runner for the role of SHIELD Agent Maria Hill.

    • @ jake the snake

      I like the villain aswell,but like it even more to see a villain/villains we havn’t seen yet. Way i hear it Nolan seems like he’s hardly involved & people complained about female roles in the Batman films.

      • @ Wally

        Very true. There have been many complaints about his casting of the female roles but I only disliked Katie Holmes in Batman Begins and even she wasn’t unbearable to watch. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a great actress in my opinion and did great in TDK. Ellen Page of Inception is awesome as well. Carrie-Anne Moss in Memento. Scarlett Johansson in The Prestige. Hilary Swank of Insomnia. He casts women who can act and doesn’t judge them by appearance. I loved his choices.

        I would also like to have seen a new villain like Brainiac but let’s see how this first movie goes and we can go from there.

        • Hear, hear!

          Well-said, oh reptillian one…

    • Nolan stated several times that he is to busy with TDKR to give any creative input on the new Superman….Quote “It’s his (Zack Snyders) problem now”

      • @SampleLord

        Was that an actual/credible quote? If so, may I see the source material. I am interested on what he said exactly.

        • It was an actual quote from a video interview.
          Here ya go..

          The quote starts at 0:25 sec….

          • Very nice! Hopefully he did not mean it is as snooty as it could have came off. Never got in to the whole “let’s worship Christopher Nolan”, thing.

            • Nah…he said it in a kind of funny way.
              I like his movie’s, worshipping people is something I never understood.
              In the end….it’s just a movie.

            • @ Nicolas

              Me neither. Especially over one movie. Actually all i care about is enjoying the film. I never worshiped James Cameron who’s made more better movies i liked.

  9. In the article, the guy talks about how none of the three actresses look like Sarah Douglas, but to me, that isn’t important.

    This is a reboot, so going out trying to find people that look like the cast from the outdated Christopher Reeve films is just stupid.

  10. My thoughts are that the director is going to bring Zod and the other 2 to this reboot and have lex as a side villain watching all. Then while Lex is watching it all happen and researching superman, zod and the other kryptoniens, he discorvers that kryptonite makes them weak, it might kill them. Lex becomes the villain for the next superman movie and he created the villain known as Metallo. Finaly we get to see a face off between lex and superman (obviesly lex crests his super armored sute to fight superman.) What y’all think? It will happen for this movie? And I think they will do a trilogy like they did on Batman… So I think they will bring DOOMSDAY to finish it all. Superman dies, The End! :D lol.

    • Creat*
      Obviesly superman dies like a hero. Lex is in jail for a looooong time. So you can say that metropolise is safe :)

  11. Bored.

  12. I think overall the filmmaker has to give us new villains, new love interests and new stories. I hope Lex Luthor and General Zod are excluded from the Superman movies for a while and that they utilise the villains that weren’t included in the previous films.

  13. Why won’t they give us NEW VILLAINS? No one wants old villains, don’t they get it??

  14. Been There Done That! Ursa has ALREADY been used. Superman and Superman II, Thank you very much. So either Snyder is a total TOOL or WB just does’t to use, I don’t know, BRAINIAC as a villian. Heck I’d LOVE too a big screen version of Darkseid. But No, They have to use Ursa and Non and Zod…AGAIN. (Sigh)

    • I think, if handled properly, Bizarro could make for a great main villain. That’s a big IF though. If done wrong, he will end up being like Bane from Batman and Robin.

  15. This makes more sense… I was wondering why the conclusion was being drawn that there could only be one female lead the other day.

    Good to see a kicka$$ female villian being brought in on this one.

  16. wait……if all we know for SURE is that She is Kryptonian but not necessarily a villian, then what about the possibility of her playing Super Girl? All three up for the role are blonde after all. They could then explore a number of different story lines like Cadmus and Galatea or even Power Girl. The only problem with this idea however is it takes the focus off of the title character, Superman.

    Yeah I know I’m grasping at straws but I just CANNOT believe Snyder would be so completely and utterly lame as to be rehashing the same damn characters from the original shows.

    • Maybe they’ll jsut create a whole new character that’s kryptonian, a rival for Lois Lane, and turns out to be evil – secondary villian (just because there would be some cool ass fight scenes.)

  17. YES!



    He’s a general, not a fey, teen agnsty, Axe Body Spray, MTV femmy queen

    And cast the Hulkster as Nom

    • Dear Lord…

      PLEASE, tell me you’re kidding about Hulk Hogan being in this film…Haha, what a funny joke (as sweat begins dripping profusely).

      • …and OBVIOUSLY, Stamp can’t be in this (except, MAYBE, in some voiceover or very brief cameo-as-another-person role)…You DO realize that, right?!?

  18. There is always still hope for Braniac. In some editions Braniac was created by Jor-El. So maybe she is not after Zod but after Braniac. Or could be using Braniac to unlock Zod. I know… I’m reaching. A nerd has to have hope.

  19. Zod in two of the older movies…Zod in Smallville for 2 seasons….now Zod is most likely the main villain in the new reboot?…, forget this movie.

  20. Wow, you guys are killing the movie already and you don’t know much about it at all. Give it a chance.

    • Nope.

      • Sad.

      • As if you won’t go watch it. All you whiny fanboy’s are the same. The movie will come out, you’ll all love it then you’ll all start bitching again once the sequel goes into production. Endless cycle

  21. why do people assume synder is the one picking characters for the movie, its the damn producers/writers who pick who’s in the movie not the director, the director put everything in physical for us to watch this includes visuals, editing etc, he doesn’t get much say as to who plays who etc.

    • The producers and writers are in charge of casting?
      Dear Sir…you have a lot to learn about cinema.

    • That’s not always the case, jwalka. There are plenty of times when the director is very much involved in the casting.
      But it’s an ever-shifting, ever-deviating process depending on the project.
      Sometimes a director is involved in almost every stage of a production. Other times, they’re just the lackey, there to say action and cut.
      The writers may just be the ones who do what the studio and director want.
      A director and studio can make changes to a script.
      A moviemaking process isn’t as concrete as you make it out to be from film to film. You need to think outside of the dictionary and encyclopedia definitions and descriptions.

      • @ Samplelord

        @ Michael

        100% Agreed :-)

    • Yeah, the writers definitely are not involved in casting. The writer is pretty much powerless once he/she has finished the script

    • Snyder was involved heavily in the casting of The Watchmen. I do know that. Just look it up.

  22. I don’t think that Zod will be the villain in this just because Ursa might be. Ursa may have a bigger role than Zod (if he is in it). Zod may just be in the beginning of the film with Jor-El when they briefly show Superman’s origins on Krypton, or at the very end of the film to set up his part in the sequel. I have a feeling this film will have more than one villain just like the Nolan-Batman series. There is no need to get in a panic just yet.

    They seem to be listening to the fans this time around (FINALLY) so I’m pretty positive about this film and of Braniac being the main villain.

    I’m going for Diane Kruger to win the part, she’s the best looking one by far out of the three and I liked her in Troy.

    Thank God Lois is still in it!

  23. does the world not want fresh ideas? Is everything a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy… ?

    • Amen. Terrible villain choice. So many to pick from and they chose one we’ve already seen. That’s why the Superman movies are some of the worst adaptations… except for the first one.

      • yes because it didn’t work in the Dark Knight because the Joker was used before…along with Two-Face

        • You DID NOT just compare the Joker & Two-Face to….Ursa?!? If it was Metallo or Braniac sure but URSA? GTFO!

          • Not comparing them. I responded to the comment about villians we’ve already seen on film. If my memory serves correctly, we’ve seen the Joker on film three times and Two-Face twice. So, my point is that people seemed to love The Dark Knight and the use of the Joker and Two-Face yet we’ve already seen them. So, why wouldn’t it work for this Superman to face Zod again?

            It’s a little thing called irony.

            • Joker on film three times???? Are you including the Adam West Batman movie? sorry, can’t seem to remember anything other than the the Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger versions.

        • Heh-heh…nice.

      • I will have to agree with Joe K here.

  24. wasn’t expecting it to be her :S

    • eye

  25. It’s obvious to me why they’re choosing a female villain. Demographics. And the female moviegoers bring big numbers, and a lot of purchasing power with them.

  26. I just read on google news that Kruger herself has denied any involvement with the project at all. Odd how this stuff gets started with absolutely nothing to warrant it.

  27. Seeing as all of the female roles are blonde, I wonder if they are going to try to integrate Super Girl into the plot. That and/or maybe they might be going with a Granny Goodness angle and casting these lovely ladies for some of her soldiers?

    • Betty White as Granny Goodness? Or maybe Cloris Leachman. She’s a little more spry for the action scenes. Is Phylis Diller still alive and mobile? That was supposedly Jack Kirbys inspiration for her.

  28. what about the superman/batman: apocalypse? just minus batman?

    • …so, it would just be…”Superman: Apocalypse”?

      • That’s kind of what I was thinking but with a little re write. But seeing a cool villain like darkside instead of people like Lex Luthor or the Kryptonians that we have already ween would make for an excellent movie. And I think Betty White as Granny Goodness would be EPIC!!! JK :)

  29. Zack Snyder is a hack. He’s a one trick pony. He’s going to time ramp the heck out of Superman and put cheesy rock and roll music to it. Watchmen was unwatchable. Guardian is abysmal.

    WB f’d up.

    • I liked both of those movies, and all of his movies to date, come to think of it.

      I think we need him to make Superman a viable movie franchise again.

    • Everyone is entitled to his opinion so I will have to disagree with you. I LOVED Watchmen. And, yes, I am a huge fan of the graphic novel. To say Watchmen was unwatchable is silly at best. It was one of the best comic book adaptations to date. Much closer to the source materical than anything else to date. Some people just complain to complain….and that would be you insider.

    • I agree with you that Watchmen was in fact boring

      • While some movies are indeed boring, I’ve found that most people nowadays who call a movie boring are either just incapable of saying what’s really wrong about a movie, or the only movies they like are ones with quick-cut editing as if made for people with ADD, and full of CGI-fueled action scenes. And so, anything that is not virtually wall-to-wall action is deemed boring by them.