‘Man of Steel’ Cast on Updating Superman; Trailer Shows ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’

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Superman Man of Steel Post Converted to 3D Man of Steel Cast on Updating Superman; Trailer Shows The Tip of the Iceberg

With Man of Steel‘s brand new tagline proclaiming that “it’s time for a change,” any doubts that this Superman would be one for a new generation are long gone. Apparently the changes are working, as the early reactions claim it’s a great combination of director Zack Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan’s best work.

The other half of the writing team behind Man of Steel‘s ‘Nolan’ story, David S. Goyer (who is rumored to already be working on a sequel) has commented on the new, relatable Superman fans will get to know this summer.

Goyer claimed in the past that Man of Steel would approach the Superman story “as if it were real,” dividing opinion between those who thought the shift long overdue, and those who point out that Superman is, in fact, not real. In the latest issue of Total Film (thanks to CBM) director Zack Snyder helps elaborate on Goyer’s meaning.

Superman Man of Steel Not Dark Man of Steel Cast on Updating Superman; Trailer Shows The Tip of the Iceberg

According to Snyder, fans shouldn’t take Superman being made more human or relatable as a sign that he’s becoming less of a superhero. Instead, his actions will be ones the audience can grasp, not far-fetched plot devices:

“We’ve tried to make a Superman movie where he does stuff and you go, ‘Yeah, if I was Superman, that’s what I’d do.’ Even though he’s an alien, he’s more relatable, more human.”

When Goyer, who helped pen Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, was entrusted with updating Superman for modern audiences, fans immediately suspected that the ‘grand-daddy of all superheroes’ would be removed of his wonder and saddled with emotional turmoil instead. Despite star Henry Cavill’s insistence that Man of Steel will not be a ‘dark’ movie, it’s comments like those above that lead many to fear a grim, dour movie instead of a blockbuster.

For what it’s worth, he’s once again reminding everyone that writing a Superman story the same way as a Batman would’ve not only been easier than the direction they took, but the wrong story to tell with such a positive figure:

“Relatable and realistic doesn’t necessarily mean dark. I think it would be inappropriate for us to approach a Superman film as if we were doing The Dark Knight. The Batman films are a lot more nihilistic; Superman has always been a story about hope.”

henry cavill superman man steel Man of Steel Cast on Updating Superman; Trailer Shows The Tip of the Iceberg

To put the final issues to rest, the man trusted with bringing Superman to life – a task he doesn’t take lightly – Cavill explains why Man of Steel will give fans the best of both worlds:

“Sometimes you want to watch a whiz-bang movie. Other times you want something introspective, that really provokes something inside. This hits a wonderful medium between the two.”

We could take a moment to ask why people seem to think that a ‘realistic’ story is inherently a sad, troubling, and nihilistic one…but instead, let’s focus on the characters that will be re-imagined and updated alongside the Man of Steel himself; Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, for instance. Despite some rumored spoilers about her character, and a promise from Snyder that her Lois Lane is everything a comic fan could hope for, much of her role is still a mystery.

That’s no mistake, as Adams was cagey in explaining Lois’ relationship with Superman, simply stating that they begin “at odds” and end up as “friends.” Surprisingly, Adams also confirmed that she had read for the part twice before: once when J.J. Abrams and Brett Ratner were attached to the film, and for Bryan Singer prior to Superman Returns – a movie Snyder seems to take a few issues with.

Amy Adams Lois Lane Man of Steel Man of Steel Cast on Updating Superman; Trailer Shows The Tip of the Iceberg

So what was the four-time Academy Award-nominated actress’ approach to the character this time around? See if you can spot a theme developing:

“I wanted her to be a woman other women could relate to. And not be sort of a pest. Lois can be kind of omnipresent, turning up at very inconvenient times – which she does! – But you understand her reasons.”

Building a superhero story around characters that audiences can identify with is a wise move, and even more important when your central hero is from another planet. But the fact remains: Man of Steel is apparently chock-full of action sequences that haven’t been shown, a brand new spin on Lois Lane that has barely even been glimpsed, and a villain who isn’t really a villain at all. One might think Warner Bros. isn’t showing their hand too early out of fear or hesitation.

While that is entirely possible, Goyer reminds us that the same approach was used fairly recently, and it turned out just fine:

“It’s something Chris tried hard to do with the Batman films. I’m genuinely pleased with how much secrecy we’ve been able to maintain. There’s so much of the movie that people don’t know, that hadn’t been touched upon. The trailer’s just the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg.”

With the exact plot and conflicts still shrouded in secrecy, it’s hard to know what to expect beyond surprises. Maybe even an appearance by Lex Luthor, perhaps? We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of a Superman who thinks and reacts the way you could, if you had his powers? Something that’s been sorely missing from the series, or the wrong approach altogether?


Man of Steel is currently in post-production and will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

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Sources: CBM (1, 2)

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    • Yeah! You tell ‘em, al…

  2. damn i thought u ment there was a new trailer… i was mislead by the title :(

    • Perhaps you’re just easily misled?

      • @cave-ish man

        no, definitly intentionally misleading

    • I thought there was a new trailer also :(

      • I think it was pretty obvious what they meant by the headline. The Man of Steel Cast on updating Superman – obviously commenting on the Trailer that has already been seen and how little it has touched their characters. Besides those of you who Don’t know, Relax- the next trailer is due to be shown next month (April).

  3. I like the article a lot Andrew. I usually find myself in agreement with the your general thesis.

    I am excited for the film for the same reasons these actors and film-makers are trying to convey: a grounded approach to the character and the mythology which successfully captures the essence and spectacle yet offers an opportunity to relate to that world. The world will react in a logical way, Superman with all his feats will not be able to spin the planet in an attempt to reverse time or have a mind-erasing kissing power, etc. The film seems to treat the character with respect and that mythology’s reality with respect.

    Superman was created in reflection of the world in that time period of the 1930s and 1940s. That is what they are doing now. Plus, taking away the gimmicks that spawned from the 1960s iteration of the character.

    I am loving what I am hearing and hoping the best!

    • You just explained exactly why I shook my head in disbelief at the people who said the movie would suck due to the realistic approach.

      • This is also why I believe Nolan’s Batman could still totally exist in this universe.

        • Dison,

          If WB/DC decide to implement The Dark Knight Trilogy within the Man of Steel universe (or technically vice versa), I can see it. It all has to do with how it is presented. Each of Nolan’s Batman film was considerably different from one another despite being the same series written and produced by mostly the same crew and film-makers, and Man of Steel is made from the same cloth yet distinctly individual and more fantastical in scale, seemingly.

          It just dependent on how the writer(s) and film-makers successfully introduce elements into an established mythology. Nolan’s Batman was grounded and relatable but not necessarily realistic. Each film was more improbable than the last. And there was many context pieces and dialogue that one can use to extrapolate the more fantastical side of that world- and Man of Steel can help- such as the mysticism tone and Ra’s being immortal in Batman Begins and the Joker quote of how Batman “changed things forever”.

          However the problem I find is in the last installment of the trilogy- The Dark Knight Rises. While I liked the film (with reservation) I feel certain aspect of the film would not allow much use in a combined universe. One aspect is just simply the ending: one can make the argument that Bruce Wayne can return but I feel it just does a disservice to the ending of that particular film. Plus add that wasted potential of no Batman for eight years within the context of a shared DC universe, and it seems way to convoluted and messy.

          If they wish to use to Bale and the other character (along with actors), I say take a cue from other films and the source material: Keep Batman Begins for the origins of Batman and the context clues of the Supernatural, and The Dark Knight, of which while more grounded than its predecessor, is more in tune definitive classic Batman story which rounds off the first year of Batman and leads into an interesting state of a hero. Make an alternative route from that point forward. Batman: Year One (the basis of Batman Begins) in the comics lead to three separate, yet interconnected tales that may or may not contradict each yet fit cohesively as a whole including Batman: Year Two, The Long Halloween (basis of The Dark Knight) and/or The Dark Knight Returns (basis of The Dark Knight Rises).

          Film has provided evidence that if the story is good, people will follow. James Bond is always doing this but more recently one can view Skyfall as the spiritual successor of Casino Royale despite Quantum of Solace direct ties with the latter. The three Hulk interpretations are all distinct from one another but loosely connected and redefined version of the prior, “The Incredible Hulk” kind of loosely follows the events of “Hulk” without compromising its own story redefined and even then the Hulk present in the “Avengers” while following the story after “The Incredible Hulk” is yet again redefined and altered. X-Men films are still garnering interest despite the overwhelming contradiction of its own series. Superman Returns replaces Superman 3 and Superman 4 and now is Replaced with Man of Steel.

          If they did intend to use Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan films as a basis, for the new Batman- have there be an alternative to the The Dark Knight Rises so the trilogy and that particular story is intact while redefining a new Batman that uses the previous films to establish an advantageous story point in the future. Come on really, they may either continue the series directly (and face complications that end) or reboot entirely (which may alienate some, and threaten to retread old waters far to soon).

          They can use the two first Nolan films as a basic template for a new redefined Batman that may or may not be Christian Bale, but take advantage of established compelling background story that may already fit within the universe of Man of Steel and offer an alternative story to the character that embraces the new level of fantasy brought in to his world.

          • I just think if Batman is recast in a Justice League movie, you give away the excitement that would come with Christian Bale. Alot of people criticize the continuity (or lack of) that would exist between JL and DKR. They are absolutely correct, but I believe this is a case where the pros outweigh the cons, and I think there’s plenty of clever ways to bridge the gap. For example, Bruce’s age could be addressed by a new Batsuit (perhaps gun-metal grey?).

            Overall I think Batman could be given the opportunity to be more of an enigma in the Justice League. All the loose ends from TDKR (and I understand, there were many) don’t have to be adressed. Many critics speak as if WB is trying to make The Dark Knight 4, rather than a team-up movie of superheroes.

        • The only problem with bringing back Batman is that it would make TDKR a total waste of a movie. Not that I would mind, since that ruined the whole trilogy. I mean, is Bruce going to come back and kick all the kids out of his mansion? It would be stupid. Nolan made good movies, but they weren’t good batman movies. Let someone else do Batman the right way.

      • Dazz,

        I understand the sentiment. I personally think its a grand direction. Aim a bit higher than just the standard blockbuster, and offer great storytelling and let the audience better attach themselves to the character’s beyond “wow that was funny or that was a cool shot”. I am not saying all introspective drama or Oscar-bait material, but refine the story that offers the scale and wonder you expect, but with the heart and intellect you deserve.

        If Man of Steel is successful, this is the method that should be applied to DC Characters in their cinematic form, within the right context of course.

        Archer –>

  4. when is the next trailer supposed to release?

  5. man i wanna c this movie.

  6. After the credits roll…

    (Assuming the movie is going to end with Superman being held in some form of captivity) Superman sitting in an interrogation room, head down and hands folded together on the desk. From a prison guard outside the room, “Yes sir, absolutely.” The door opens, and a man dressed in suit and tie enters the room with the most stern look on his face. Christian Bale. -CUT-

    (crowds erupt in cheer)

    • Although I do not think the film will end as such or that there will be cameo (seeing that WB is not sure how to proceed with a Justice League film), the two characters in the same room alone will probably be bigger than the Nick Fury cameo at the end of Iron Man.

    • Awesome!! Christian Bale in any capacity in MOS… WOW.. that’s gonna be epic.. what a way to end the MOS.. and lead right to Justice League.. that would be epic.. EPIC

    • Although I was strictly dreaming and give Christian Bale a 1% chance of being in the film, a cameo would be so incredible. They wouldn’t even have to MAKE Justice League before the next Man Of Steel. They could have just a small scene in MOS1 and perhaps a little longer scene in MOS2. Point being, Warner Bros. has nothing to lose and everything to gain with a cameo.

      But just some more wishful thinking…

      • A cameo alone will set the film higher still…unbound. And true, the cameo does not necessarily have to lead into a Justice League film. It can carry on while the other films- Superman and other characters- set up in place while re-imagining the Batman/Bruce Wayne character in new direction while keeping homage to the work already done.

        Yet sadly for the moment it is just a fleeting dream :(

    • Would make much more sense for it to be Lex Luthor.

    • I know the WB crew has to have that in mind seriously I mean the expectations are very high for this film to give us an exciting scene….THAT WILL BE AMAZING! I`m gonna be waiting for after credits, no doubt about that

  7. Probably be bigger? Superman and Batman in the same room, The two biggest superheros ever! versus a Nick Fury cameo in Ironman???? Im sorry whos Nick Fury?! Man of Steel will be epic, For me this has been the most painful wait for a movie that I can remember, im sick of the talk, I just want to see it!!!

    • Totally agree with you man. Idk how WB will allow this opportunity to slip by. With signing Christian Bale to Justice Leauge, you automatically carry all that excitement from The Dark Knight trilogy. While I think we’re already in for an incredible experience with Man of Steel, one cameo, ONE SCENE with Christian Bale at the end… Wait, Avengers 2 is coming out? Oh, I forgot. ;)

      One cameo is all WB needs to start moving the pieces forward.

      • Really +1 million billion.

        I love the enthusiasm.

    • Seriously, would love to see that cameo, it’d really get people talking and very excited for the next film, maybe more excitement than there was for the Dark Knight Rises.

  8. Batman is the only character that can approach superman in a end credit scene. Hal would never approach him so if they do use ryan reynolds it needs to be supes approaching him

  9. We have so much faith in this movie. Everything we’ve learned that’s been done, the players involved, all the choices made, the actors involved, the trailers etc. Really believe it will be Epic, the movie of the year and will bring Superman to life again for kids and this generation :) Can’t wait! Also think Henry was born to play the Man of Steel and that he will be everything people want and expect Superman to be! Deb/HCF

  10. check out this new MOS image> http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/man-of-steel-total-film.jpg -I really hope the colors of the suit are a bit brighter in the finished film

    • +1

      I think the Empire cover is brighter than that picture, but it might be due to processing of the image. The picture in your link looks totally black with a hint of blue. They got the red right for me though. Not too bright but not too dark either.

  11. and a cool cameo would probably be Clark running errands in the barn and then he eventually notices a shadowy figure of Batman somewhere around the barn’s dark corners. No face shown hence that could allow any actor to portray Batman in later movies ;)

  12. I have to ask a very obvious,and also very overlooked question.

    If this movie is supposed to be grounded in reality,how in the hell can the filmmakers reconcile the whole glasses as a disguise for Clark?

    Make no mistake,I’m really eager to see this movie,and I love what Nolan and Snyder are seemingly bringing to the table,but I think that’s the one aspect of Supes that no hater nor fanboy,especially in this day and age,can just blindly accept.

    Either way,this is one of only a handful of movies that I’m really looking forward to seeing this year.

    • That aspect of approach by MoS on the dual identity between Clark Kent and Superman remains a mystery until now and I haven’t actually seen any comments or hints from Cavill, Goyer, or Snyder on that subject matter. Maybe Clark Kent stops existing when Superman emerges. That will be logical. But I am waiting for MoS to impress me on their take on the Clark Kent/Superman issue.

    • agree 100 %. i suppose the only way it could be made seem plausible is from an amazing acting performance from Cavill, of the level of heath ledger in DKR .
      while Cavill is accomplished, unfortunately i dont see that happening.

  13. Goyer is such a hack. So is Zack he Hack Snyder. Dark Knight Rises is pretty awful.

    • That is probably the most obvious attempt at trolling ever

      • He was still right about The Dark Knight Rises though. Anyway, I grow restless with every passing second, June the 14th is a long way to go!

  14. Can’t wait its gonna be awesome :)

  15. I thought there was a new trailer. I’m sick of all the talk, I just want to see the movie!

  16. I like what I’m hearing! …not that I really need any more details.
    Bring on the movie already! Why is June so far away?!

  17. Im so desperate to see this film, it hurts. A Trailer would be nice though…

  18. Sorry but i have to ask why Snyder,Nolan,Goyer wanna keep making these CBM with characters as if they’re real people in our world? I mean That’s how Singer started with his X-Men films, before that Blade films but now people see those as just CBM. Imo Superman is alien who always feels alittle bit like outsider/outcast,even when getting advice from his parents. When Snyder says he wants to make him more human, i hope he’s refering to Clark Kent, not Superman/Lois being madly in love so soon.

    I also don’t why people prefer the grounded tone for these films such as Nolan’s Batman’s trilogy. I understand why WB does,moneywise. But when it comes to a expanded universe where WB/DC own rights to most well known popular heroes besides Batman/Superman which Marvel/Disney do not. I find it hard to believe that WB/DC could have such success with that same ground tone for every other DC character,depending how WB/DC decides to expands their universe of-course. Time will tell.

    • I feel like they’re sticking with the grounded tone so that when they finally get a Justice League movie together, it won’t just be written off as an Avengers ripoff and instead will serve as an alternative to that franchise’s more comic bookish tone.

      • Honestly I love that idea. AVengers is like a comic book and it was great. If JL can stay more “grounded” then comic book movie fans may get the best of both worlds.

        • @ Alpine

          WB/DC has the rights to more interesting characters than Marvel/Disney that they can expand into their universe. Say they go the distance,imo theres some well-known heroes that wouldn’t fit the “grounded” tone as Batman/Superman just because the filmmakers say they do. Countless more heroes depending how expanded their universe will be. Heroes is one thing, Villains will be another. I remember The Flash tv series as Mirror Master & Captain Cold looked “Grounded Villains” as they could be put in a Flash film. Still that series wasn’t on that long. I wonder how they’re gonna Ground Aquman. I mean are they gonna go with the orange/green costume or the Conan look that later get’s the harpoon? I always found Black Manta odd lookin for a villain & enjoyed how Devil Ray made up for him in JLU animated series as Devil Ray looked better. If they have Cyborg appear, are they gonna go by what he actually looks like from the comics, or grounded like he appears from Smallville appearances? I ask because it’s on my mind & voice my opinions about this “grounded” approuch in the long run.

  19. yeah, yeah, yeah “won`t be dark” now when ever is there going to be some more superb news `bout this film? lol maybe i`ll just wait it`s less than 3 months away

  20. This is the movie I want to see the most this year. I have very high hopes. Basically I think this movie is going to rock.

  21. Lines like “Time For A Change” or “Not Your Fathers Star Trek” etc are truly cheap.

  22. if i can just say this………FORGET THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!!!!! just make a batman/superman triology

    • I would definitely be happy with that. I don’t need a JL movie as I didn’t need the Avenger movie. I definitely do not want a cheesy promote cameo of batman in the MoS movie. If a superman trilogy can be as good as the batman one then I would be thrilled.

  23. I want to see JL movie.But only if it is good.

  24. I want to see JL movie.But only if it is good.n

  25. Personally I don’t want to look at another trailer. The new imagery can possibly destroy hopfulness because of the “out of context” nature of trailers. I’m sure I will be lured into looking at it but I would rather keep my excitement mentally locked in my head without trying to determine what was meant by a certain scene or have knuckleheads rip apart some cool trailer stuff. The film won’t please everyone (probably), but it will be epic, and Superman needs that type of cinematic approach. I still think Wonder Woman (or inference to her) is a better closer.

  26. For sure, Superman Man of Steel will be another epic film of the Superman adventure that has been put in an all new perspective.