Bryan Singer Talks ‘Man of Steel’; Zod’s Emblem Revealed

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Zack Snyder would have enough of a challenge on his hands making Man of Steel reinvigorate the Superman license, while simultaneously launching a potential movie universe for DC’s entire Justice League. But the film will also be charged with correcting some of the mistakes of Superman’s last appearance: Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns (2006).

It would be unfair to say Singer’s take was a total failure, since Snyder is repeating some of his predecessor’s work. He’s found himself a relative unknown for the titular role, and a new take on the classic Kryptonian super-suit – but that’s where the similarities largely end. Expectations range from skepticism to unbridled optimism, but now we have an idea of where Singer sees the most promise, and the most cause for concern.

Snyder’s casting of an Oscar-nominated actress for the role of Lois Lane promises something different from the secondary characters (even if it’s not as dramatic as changing gender), and a close look at the Man of Steel trailer shows that this movie will tell a vastly different story from any previous. And in case it isn’t already clear, it won’t be resembling the sequel to Superman Returns for which Bryan Singer laid the foundation.

Superman Man of Steel Not Dark Bryan Singer Talks Man of Steel; Zods Emblem Revealed

So, is Singer disappointed that the next Superman movie has been handed to someone else? Speaking with Total Film, the director reveals that he still wonders what might have been, but is first and foremost a fan of the big blue Boy Scout:

“If this was a few years ago, I might have [been disappointed] – but so much time has passed. I’ve done two movies since, I’ll be on my third movie now in the [X-Men] universe… so whilst it would have been nice then, now I’m actually genuinely looking forward to seeing Zack’s movie. At my heart I’m a fan. I’ve always been a fan.

“The original ‘Superman’ movie was the one that educated me – the first act of Donner’s ‘Superman’ was what inspired me to take ‘X-Men’ so seriously. Now I get to go see a ‘Superman’ movie and I don’t have to f***ing make it! [laughs] They’re not easy! He’s not an easy character!”

That’s quite the understatement, since the character has challenged experienced writers for decades, for fairly obvious reasons: If Superman can do almost anything, what could possibly bring conflict? Screenwriter David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder have decided to build the conflict for their film from the inside out, addressing the fact that Superman is a son of two fathers and not truly a ‘man’, regardless of how much he pretends to be one.

Those ideas set a fairly serious tone for what is usually seen as (and promised by star Henry Cavill to be) a character that is nothing if not the stuff of fantasy, and certainly not a Batman-level-brooder. Of course, playing it on the safer side of whimsical nostalgia doesn’t always work, since Superman Returns‘ functioning as a direct sequel to Richard Donner’s film(s) didn’t please everyone either.

Brandon Routh as Superman Bryan Singer Talks Man of Steel; Zods Emblem Revealed

It’s one of the hardest challenges for a modern comic book writer: finding the balance between a) capturing what made the character so successful in its earliest days, and b) updating the story to make the character relatable for a completely different generation. Singer knows which side of the equation his film landed on, but notes that a deeper, darker story is always difficult to tell given Superman’s unwavering morality:

“I got very nostalgic with my movie but even if you take it in another direction it’s very challenging… inherently he’s such a good guy… what’s easier about ‘X-Men’ is that they’re all so conflicted. ”

Singer hits the nail on the head, and voices the concerns and vehement criticism from fans taking issue with the ‘darker’ view of Superman Goyer and Snyder are going after. Of course, to make the argument even Singer stops short of – that Superman is always a good guy, and possessing nothing of, say, Batman’s inner turmoil – is to claim that ‘being good’ and ‘being conflicted’ are mutually exclusive.

But while Superman may be a hero, he’s also a refugee from another world, adopted, and eventually forced to choose between his new family and the old one he never knew… let’s just say that a story ignoring the emotional and mental toll that would take on anyone is missing out on an opportunity to say something powerful.

The person who will be largely responsible for pushing Superman beyond his role as ‘good guy’ in Man of Steel is none other than classic villain General Zod (Michael Shannon). Equipped with a suit similar to to Superman’s, the set photos of Shannon haven’t shown the costume in its entirety. Fan renderings and the accompanying Man of Steel toy lines have given an idea of what to expect, but thanks to Kapow Props, we now know what logo will be emblazoned on Zod’s armor. Have a look:


Man of Steel Zod Crest Emblem 570x320 Bryan Singer Talks Man of Steel; Zods Emblem Revealed

We still have our questions about the relationship between the Houses of El and Zod prior to Krypton’s destruction, but at least we know both possess a family crest worthy of mounting over a fireplace.

What do you think of Singer’s take on the difficulty of telling a new and edgy Superman story? Should Superman be portrayed as a troubled soul, or does that miss the point of his character entirely? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


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Source: Total Film, Kapow Props [via CBM]

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  1. My thinking is that it is a plot point that perhaps Zod (and Faora)don’t fully develop their powers right away, but rather they develop more slowly as they are exposed to earth’s yellow sun. To be specific, assuming they arrive on earth long after Clark Kent has grown up, I don’t think they can fly right away, and other powers may not be as intense as Superman’s until later in the film. This is my guess, of course, based on what we have seen so far from the film and other rumors, I may be totally off.

    • I’m with you. If you’re clinging to any idea that Clark had to get used to his powers, it makes the most sense.

    • This gradual acclimation to one’s ultimate power, awareness arriving while those abilities are in their infancy, is a terrific idea–and even frightening to their owner. But we should see this in Superman, himself.

      It would provide a more relevant (convincing) psychological basis for inner-conflict, especially if Clark Kent first and for a long-while believe he is an earthling until emotionally confronted with the knowledge that he, in fact, is an “alien” (and his “powers” compared to others identifying him as a freak).

  2. Why do you people keep saying, or acting like Superman is invincible, or is even supposed to be? Who told you this, and what comics have you been reading? A truly invicible being of ANY sort would be BORING with a capital B to watch or read about. Might as well read about the Living Tribunal kicking everyone’s butt in the Marvel universe, in approximately one second.
    Superman is NOT invicible. He is NOT perfect, and NOT totally good. He’s extremely tough, has excellent moral values (supposedly), in human terms, and is mortal. Therefore, he has the ability to be corrupted, like any other non-divine being. He’s a great character, as far as a DC comic character goes, but that’s it. I’m beginning to wonder what the ages are, of people posting on this board.

    • Just turned 29 this past thursday if you really have to know. Not that age has a damn thing to do with this discussion anyway.

      • Not discrediting what age you are or that it really may have just been your birthday, but how come it seems like whenever someone has to give their age like this on the internet their birthday always seems to have been an uncharcteristically short time ago?..

        • In the vast majority of decades since Superman went into print, his abilities have exceeded nearly every single threat he’s faced. And if you’re going by canon stories, not Elseworlds or spin-offs, almost nothing has ‘corrupted’ Superman. Not for long, anyway.

          He came back from the dead. I think most of the people commenting here aren’t saying that Superman CAN’T be anything but boring or perfect, just that that’s how he’s usually been portrayed so far – hence the optimism for a darker take.

          Attacking people’s age and talking about the character in absolutes is more annoying to me, personally. Your points are fine, but they don’t contradict anything most people are saying.

        • It honestly was, he asked so I answered (I don’t believe in lying, even on the internet).

          I even mentioned it on the Harry Osborn article when I thanked Kofi for providing a cool birthday present by posting about one of my fave comic book characters potentially being hinted at in the next Amazing Spider-Man movie.

          • Sorry Andrew, that wasn’t directed at you and I agree with your comment.

        • 38. may 30th…. lol

    • For all intent purposes and to us humans he is invincible.

      As for boring and Superman…. well sorry as a long time reader he is pretty boring and if it were not for the Ying/Yang of Batman he would be so boring you could use his stories to put small children and adults to sleep. Well that and John Byrne.

      Superman was created to be perfect. He was the embodiment of everything good and corn fed in America.

      Anything with a conscience can be corrupted however those with impeccable (like Clark) morals can not.

      He is totally good. Has always been and will always be. He is your Lawful Good Paladin and will always be.

      Now based on this movie it is possible that the Kents do not raise him as we see/think he is raised in the books. Which may contribute to a questionable moral decision.

      However in the end he will ALWAYS end up doing the right thing.

    • I agree that Superman is upstanding but not invincible. As for being flawed, if that’s the word, he was created during a period in American life when avatars for high morals were the imperative. He’s a demi-god, almost mortal but not quite because of that Kryptonite thing. However, those shamans who control the Superman myth can always add, change or rearrange things. Over time the universe for the Man of Steel (like any other comic hero) is movable.

  3. mycroft, thank you, strangely i was thinking the same think, supe can be very conflicted and his enemies can really test him and his need to save people.

    • That need “to save” people is a field of study a psychologist could really look into. Could be developed for Superman as a Munchausen complex. He offsets the sense of being a freak by saving people from their fate…but what if they were meant to meet it? Hmm…FINAL DESTINATION! Hey, this work.

  4. Mycroft spot on! Just reading through the comments and so many people havnt got a clue about Superman, Probably never read a Superman comic their life, Hes not perfect and invincible! Thats such an ignorant statement to make, I promise you Ive seen him die! I love Superman, The wait for MOS is painful now, Ive got a feeling this could be the greatest superhero movie of all, putting Superman back on his rightful perch where he belongs! Superman is king!

  5. He faces the same challenge as Batman, having the ability to kill his enemies but chooses not to. Making him relatable to regular people is the whole Clark Kent persona and being around his parents and other humans. He could easily say “F this, I’ll take over the whole planet” and do it but chooses not to. I like that about him.

    • @ matt

      It’s the whole “With great power comes great responsibility” thing (although that’s from the Marvel Universe, it’s still a valid point).

      • But it assumes wisdom not in evidence. Are we dealing with a youthful super “man” or a veteran with lots of scar tissue? Maybe we should see impetuous youth assuming the mantle of superpower with a certain arrogance, strut his stuff, only to be humbled by such insurmountable villainy that brings about chastisement from which he never recovers: his repentance is to do good.

        In other words, his youthful juvenile deliquency gives way to feelings of contrition, regret for past wrongs; maybe have him go from being the world’s worst super-villain to the earth greatest hero.

        Or not.

    • See IMO he doesn’t face that challenge and it is not a challenge for him. He was raised (well maybe not in the new movie) that all life is worth saving.

      Same with Batman. Same with Spiderman. Same with Frank Castle. (just seeing if you were paying attention)

      Thats what makes him (among other things) SUPERman. A man that can do things that no other man can and it is not just regulated to feats of strength and wonder.

      • More at relegated than regulated “to feats of strength and wonder.”

        The Superman you describe sounds boring and relies entirely upon a one-dimensional villain to make the Man of Steel the least bit interesting.

        A person isn’t born good or bad; there are pre-natal/post-natal socialization that influences behavior. The root of what we are will inevitably fall at the feet of what has been done to us.

        Superman’s birth and maturity provides details but not nuance. An honest assessment in a motioon picture version (for the sake of drama) should confuse the eye and confound the understanding.

        Otherwise, it’s a comic book.

        • A person isn’t born good or bad;

          This is your flaw in thought though. Superman is an alien, and while a person is comparable (most times) to humans in the grand scheme of things he is person like. So who knows he could be born good. It could be in his alien jeans.

          As for the movie/comic book. It is a comic book and Ive always wanted my comic book movies to be comic books on the screen.

          If I want Drama I will watch Fried Green Tomatoes.

          Funny thing is I wouldn’t mind ‘boring’ comic Superman. I mean in an essence regardless of how he is portrayed we always know he does right in the end, he never dies, he never kills.

          The time and effort they put into some of these movies to make it confuse the eye and confound the understanding ends up in the long run (IMO) screwing it up.

  6. Erm, hate to say this, but this is just a fictional character….. The way you all discuss it so earnestly is slightly disturbing.

    The passion which you all show for Superman is admirable, but how much passion would you bring to real world concerns and issues? Don’t you think this worship of the unreal and the invented (films, novels, comics etc) has gone too far and perhaps this would be a better world if everyone pitched in to help one another? If people were more interested and passionate in real life events/people?

    We wouldn’t need to imagine a ‘Superman’ then…

    • Fictional characters often provide somewhere to start in ordering the way we do the right thing. This is particularly true of pre-pubescent children (especially those who go through life without the proper parenting). Our interest in “real” life and “passion” about events are frequently found in fantasy and imagination during those early stages of life.

      The people “ranting” with these comments are actually drawing the essence for a motion picture adaptation of Superman based upon the mythology (fantasy/imagination) instilled in them from an earlier period of development. Whether they’re being Right-Brain creative or Left-Brain critics, it’s drawn from those childhood avatars that help us get into puberty (and through it) leading toward an appreciation of the creative arts…and the real-life people who made it so.

      Somebody had to say something.

      • Explain it like you would to a child. That way when you say something im not left scratching my head.


    • Either that is weak trolling or youre the teacher from beavis and butthead…

  7. Some of you forget that there are stories written in the superman comics that have been nominated as being some of the best comic books of its respective eras. There are some marvel movies that borrow story lines from the comic and utilize what works. DC has not done that. There’s so much material in the superman comics. It would make it easier.

  8. I like what Superman says to Darkseid in the finale of JLU.

    Superman: I feel i live in a world made of of cardboard box, fearing something things might get broken or the people i love will get hurt. But you can take it,can’t you big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me is cut loose & show you just how “SUPER” i really am!

    Loved that dialoge & it’s dialoge like that id love to hear the big boy scout say in live action.

  9. Sorry for mistakes in comment above.

  10. Supermans suit will be charged by the earth´s sun, making it glow brighter and making Superman stronger. In the old superman movies, the guy has all the powers from the beginning even when he doesn´t wear the suit. This will be different in MOS, although he has powers they aren´t maxed out until the suit is on and charged. You will witness something new here,

    Also, the scenes we are seeing in the trailer with Clark as a kid will only be flashbacks. The movie will start of with Clark being a grown-up seeing these flashbacks and this will continue throughout the movie until it is time for Clark to put his suit on becoming Superman. Superman won´t reveal himself just to grab some robbers and turn them over to the police. The invasion of Zod and co will appear early and keep going for a while until it has gotten so bad that Clark has to step forward as the Man of Steel and save the world. What i am saying here is that we won´t see Superman until the 3rd quarter of the movie and the movie will be ca 2 hours and 15 minutes long.

    This is the way to make this the most epic movie ever made, and mark my words…it will be. It will be jaw-dropping……

    • No it won’t, it’s gonna suck and suck hard i tells ya!

  11. Singer’s take for all intents and purposes was just a rehash of the original Donner classic. Fans want to see Superman a character that can do the impossible do just that,instead of a sappy Lois/Clark love story Superman should be a story of incredible fantasy and conquering impossible odds.That’s not to hard to write. Bring in Superman’s heavy hitters Brainiac,Metallo,Bizzaro any of the three teamed with Spacey’s Luthor would have made a better film.

  12. Unless Superman is fighting Batman for the love of Wonder Woman, really, what’s the point? Eros is known to bring out one’s “dark side”, quite a bit of psychological brooding and moral conflict.

    Frankly, the man-of-steel is too damn old as a full-grown man to be panged on a freudian level by his parentage and “alien” status. One might think these things he had long come to terms with at an earlier age; casting an actor who in costume looks more like “Superboy” may leverage the inner-turmoil in favor of such a story line;but, honestly, how many popcorn-eaters are going to feel sorry for a perfect, good-looking white guy who can have an above normal life.

    Batman is in a good place, right now, to have “love” conquer all; Woman Woman will not not carry a feature-film (due to male writers/producers/directors unable to deal with her sexuality) and Superman needs something that will weaken him more so than the hokey/hoary evidence of Kryptonite. That’s an orgasm, lots of them.

    Also, the Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman triumverate sets up the Justice League. Of course, on the other hand, superheroes are “weird” outside of a comic book. This suggested “menage a trois” is a place to start.

    • Mom! Frederick forgot to take his meds again!

  13. I think Bryan Singer is to blame for the reason why Superman Returns was such a flop. I just dont think he does well with comic book material, which is why the Xmen movies were so dull and boring. Returns was a sequel to Donner’s Superman films from the 80s which is probably another reason people couldnt relate to it. It wasnt modern enough. It lacked action, it was boring and the plot was horrendous. The story mainly revovled around Superman coming back into society finding out that Lois moved on and that she had a baby…that ended up being his. This is soap opera crap. Like someone else commented, the only good scene was the airplane/shuttle sequence. Im glad Singer wasnt chosen to direct another Superman film, and hopefully he doesnt ruin the new Xmen movie.

  14. Pesonally, I like edgy.


  16. I totally agree with what Rebanks says. For me Superman Returns WAS a total failure. I couldn’t believe that as a viewer I was expected to swallow that Superman had been away for 5 years without a decent explanation of where he had been and that Clark Kent had also away for the same time and that the only time anyone made the connection was in a half-hearted joke. As I read that more and more people from the previous Singer X-Men movies seem to be returning in the new one, I fear he may undo all the good that was done in Matthew Vaughn’s movie. I hope I’m wrong.

  17. I was behind Singer’s incarnation of Superman, so I’m a little wary of this one. Plus Snyder’s last 3 movies post-300 have been bombs. Snyder can do miracles for the franchise if hes in the right light and Nolan mentoring seemed like the only way this film has a chance. We shall see if this is indeed the case.

  18. The problems with producing a Superman movie for today’s audiences are the same as the comic industry has had since the 80′s with them having to resort to deaths, reboots, re-imaginings,etc, to try and make the Big Red S relevant to current audiences.

    The problem has to do with character change. While Batman is basically the same character that Bob Kane introduced in 1939, Superman has changed significantly. Which Superman do we make a movie about? Based on audience age, the perception of who Superman should be is varied.

    The character had his roots in Science Fiction and the pulps. Originally (1938), he could leap, not fly; was faster than a speeding train, not able to travel at light speed; and nothing less than a bursting shell could injure him. At his core, he was an immigrant (like his creators) and represented the protector with a strong social conscience – a revolutionary. He was much more agressive and rough than we see the character today. There could be great stories written with drama and conflict.

    But …
    He became a wildly popular character. He developed a sense of idealism and a strict moral code. And his powers increased with his popularity. Others took over the writing and art. As he conquered other media, they added to the mythos, i.e. Kryptonite was introduced in the radio program in 1943 (not introduced in the comics until 1949) and flight was introduced in the Fleicher cartoons (1941-42). He got more and more powerful. As the power increased, other weaknesses were created – magic, multi-colored Kryptonite.

    At the time, comics were produced for kids in the 8 – 10 year old range. The stories were much more basic – 8 pagers. The companies thought that they had a new audience every 4 years since comics were outgrown. No one would notice that Martians were blue in one issue, but several years later they were portrayed as green. Continuity was never an issue (until DC letter columns were intoduced in the 50′s – Superman #124 Sept 1958). Lettercols alerted them to: 1) people read comics longer than originally thought, and 2) they remembered things and didn’t want those facts contradicted in the stories.

    To maintain this continuity, storytelling became more difficult. The 50′s saw the intoduction of books featuring Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane with outlandish plots (Turtle Boy, The Witch of Metropolis) to help allow for different stories. Superman was a bland good guy. The boy scout.

    The universe needed to be “blown up” several time in the last 25 years to allow the writer’s to 1) continue to write interesting stories and 2) update much of the character’s backstory so it makes sense to today’s audience. The “Crisis” stories, the death of Superman.

    Comic fans can be intense. But to be successful, a movie needs to tell a story that speaks to a wide audience. We’ve seen enough action-only movies that don’t satisfy.

    From what I read, I think they are going in the right direction for this movie. I just hope they can execute it successfully.

  19. People can relax with the darker concerns. I was worried too, but the trailer doesn’t seem like a horror movie. Plus, you need some dark scenes before the light. Of course Superman is gonna fly high in the blue sky.

  20. I´ve always liked Superman. All my life I´ve been expecting someone to make a Superman Movie with cool special effects, I always wanted to see him flying fast and fighting someone as powerful as he is. Superman returns was dissapointing to me because Superman was way too soft and delicate. In the comics he tries to be Super, but I remember when Lois left him and he was suffering a lot. Batman wears a Bruce Costume, but here Clark is the real person, and Superman is the things he can do, so I see him as fragile as any other human being, so there is a lot of potential for this movie and time is passing soooo slow.

  21. the way some of you people talk i wonder if you have minds of your own or youre all just a bunch of puppets dancing on ignorantly yanked strings…

    sure Returns wasnt THE best Superman incarnation but it wasnt unsuccessful &it wasnt HORRIBLE.. it just wasnt as good as it could or should have been.. i see that now.

    as for the ones dissing X Men.. what film school did you ppl go to exactly? withouth X Men we wouldnt be seeing ANY of these big budget comic book movies.. it made them viable for that Singer will have my eternal gratitude

    any fan of the comics &fan of good film making KNOWS 1st class was (aside from the set pieces) a pile of unneccessarily warped crap.. that doesnt follow comic continuity.. ANY previous X Men film continuity or even its own continuity (Darwin dying?!!)
    yet search youtube or this site &the commonly accepted opinion will be that X Men is garbage & 1st Class is the best thing going.

    smh.. there rilly is no hope anymore

  22. These post are out of control with rants, speculation and very little detailed fact. First off Superman is an enjoyable character and something we all aspire to be like. He can be fun and easy to write about, this does not mean he isn’t a complex character. Superman feels emotion like humans do and wants to fit in on his adopted home here on earth. The Kents raised him to have great moral conviction and like in this movie one of the conflicts you will see is one we often see in a daily lives or have heard at some point when the discussion of aliens comes about, and he is alien. The Kents worry that humanity will not except their adopted son and will come to fear him(Like in the scene from MOS where he saves a bus load of kids from drowning and the mother of one of the kids brings this to the Kents attention. J.Kent goes on to explain to Clark why he must be cautious and not reveal his secret to them yet, Where as Jor-El advice’s him that one day he will give them something to aspire toward, he will make them great. The clear struggle for him as he grows up and travels and works different odd jobs is that he is trying to find where he can fit in, even if in a minor capacity. This makes the plot more human and realistic and grounded. I think when they say dark they mean dark like depressing human emotions that way a lot of us down at one point or another. He as to suppress his true identity and stay hidden, this would way on anyone naturally. He is torn and conflicted, this is what makes it dark. He is still a great guy and means well. He just wants some normal interaction and thrives to try and fit in knowing that he truly never ever will. Just like Zod in this film, you will see he is conflicted as well, and is not this demonic killing machine. He is trying to save his one people and give them a chance at survival. He only wishes for Kal-El to join him at first. It is the humans reactions to the Kyrptonians that fuels the fire (and the events of krypton prior to that), Like Pa kent warned. At one point they even go after Superman. This is not only a great great movie, it is going to raise the bar to an entirely new level, on a good scale. P.S. Was not entirely thrilled with Nolans batman, found it to be to dim, dark and at points ..boring. MOS will not be as dark and has more action than you can imagine, it is not short in that department. SMR..not very good and the fact they dated it like so is even worse. On yet another note to you lovely commenters…LEX is in MOS…Yes you Heard me right. Darkseid is the villain for justice league as well. Thanks. And much much ore…….

  23. You Bryan Singer are a pinhead. You seem to make SUPERMAN a character that is just too blasted hard to write. How could anyone come out with a solid story for this guy. He`s just too inherently good. I`ve heard this from many comic classic writers as well. Well MAN OF STEEL just poopooed all over you and all the other lame writers and directors. Watching this for the third time and I come out of it like it`s my first. This is just plain fun ! Why was it just so blasted hard for you guys too come out with something like this ? Bryan Singer just don`t talk about the MAN OF STEEL. You don`t deserve to. You sound like you wanted this movie to fail so you can say see I told you it was hard !

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  25. Singer was better with x-men coz they are conflicted characters that was his forte while superman was a good guy, it was not easy to bryan to make a good superman movie.I like the new modern version of superman, coz he was an alien, feeling lonely somehow conflicted which is more relatable but he was still a good guy!

  26. If any of you actually watched the movie, you’d all have heard Jor-El say to Lara “he’ll be like a god to them” he just didn’t know how powerful Kal would become. So in fact General Zod and the others would also know how strong they would be on Earth. Their abilities had nothing to do with their suits.

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