‘Man of Steel’ Director & Writer on What Has to Happen in ‘Man of Steel 2′

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Man of Steel New Suit Close Up Man of Steel Director & Writer on What Has to Happen in Man of Steel 2

There may have been a time when Man of Steel seemed a risky proposition, but it has come and gone. While Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot is smashing box office records, the Hollywood rumor mill claims that Warner Bros. and DC Comics are already planning the next step.

Some reports claim that both Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer are already working on a sequel, but rumors of a Justice League film refuse to die. All the smart money rests on the studio moving to a Man of Steel sequel first, but as Snyder and Goyer have explained in recent interviews, writing that story won’t be easy; and any potential sequel means Kal-el will have to broaden his horizons.

Lest anyone believe that Superman’s duties to the world minimize the importance of his American upbringing, it is Kal-El himself who states in the film that he’s about as American as it gets. Clark Kent’s Midwest upbringing helps shape his character as both Clark and Kal, but now that he has emerged onto the world stage, his duties extend far beyond the United States.

Man of Steel Stars and Stripes Man of Steel Director & Writer on What Has to Happen in Man of Steel 2

As Snyder explained in an interview with BBC Radio 4, while the Man of Steel sequel may still be years away (or releasing next year, according to some) the director already knows how Superman’s responsibilities will be changing in his next feature film:

“He has no choice but to become global… That literally has to happen. But for me I was really interested in – and maybe it’s because Barack Obama’s president now – it’s okay for Superman to be American. He’s quintessentially an American creature and creation. I wanted to pay homage to the superhero as coming from the heartland of America, and the “Why?” of that.

“I was really interested in just how American he was, and I think in the best possible way, the Kevin Costner cornfield kind of way. Which is why I really wanted Kevin and Diane Lane to play those parts [Ma and Pa Kent] because they really represent a believable America but an America that is also… we do it in the most realistic way we can but still all of the icons are very much represented in a way that I don’t know exists for real. But you want it to. Like a Norman Rockwell documentary… handheld Norman Rockwell.”

At the risk of seeming exclusionary to any Superman fans from outside of America, it’s hard to disagree with Snyder’s claims that Clark Kent represent much about the homegrown, quiet character of the American farmer – a side to his character that comic book writers (and screenwriters) have tapped into for decades. And while Norman Rockwell never featured an airplane-strewn main street reduced to dust in his paintings of small town America, the quiet calm of Smallville serves its purpose in the movie as well as ever.

Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel Man of Steel Director & Writer on What Has to Happen in Man of Steel 2

Talk of a Man of Steel sequel may center on proposed villains in conversations among fans – and it’s hard not to, given the fact that Lex Luthor’s presence is felt, even if it’s never seen. But even if Lex is being bandied about by Goyer and Snyder, the screenwriter explains that dropping Superman into our modern world means several answers have to be answered before a ‘villain’ can be introduced.

In an interview with BleedingCool, Goyer claims that the challenges facing Superman are much closer to home:

“The challenge for us moving forward is how to depict Superman in a world like this, in a world where Twitter exists, in a world with social media. To me, the interesting challenge is “Could he solve hunger in the horn of Africa? What would he do with the Arab Spring? What would he do in Syria?… Does he have the wherewithal or the knowledge to intervene in something like this?”

To me, that’s the interesting challenge. It’s easier for Batman because he just exists in this little pocket of the world, he’s not violating sovereign airspace every day.”

As for which villain will be next to test Superman’s resolve…

“There is musing about Lex Luthor, conversations that Zack and I have had on set, but it all depends on what happens over the next month. There are obviously those Lexcorp easter eggs in the film and clearly you can see from that, to the extent to which we can intuit things about Lex, it’s not the Gene Hackman version. This is a Bill Gates-like Lex that is probably worth 50, 60, 70 billion dollars. It’s a very different Lex.”

Lex Luthor in Man of Steel  Man of Steel Director & Writer on What Has to Happen in Man of Steel 2

Although Snyder has set the record straight (numerous times) about leaving the door open for Justice League characters, it’s clear he thinks Superman needs more time to grow before joining the rest of humanity’s superheroes (for what it’s worth, star Henry Cavill agrees with him). Yet anyone paying attention to the numerous easter eggs and hints embedded in Man of Steel sees the seeds being planted for the future, specifically where Lex Luthor is concerned.

Luckily, Goyer did give a few more details on how this group of filmmakers will continue to change the nature of Clark’s ‘secret identity,’ but given that the quotes relate to certain spoilers for Man of Steel, those who have yet to see the film should stop reading now.








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  1. I guess this post has SPOILERS since the part of the article that I’m addressing had the warning in front.


    I like that they’re looking for ways to make his “disguise” make sense. And having numerous people “know his secret.” I also like how they think the people of Smallville who know would defend their hometown hero. I think that’s really cool.

    Can’t wait to see where they take it from here.

    • Spoilers……

      Correct me guys if I’m wrong but in the final scene when he’s Clark, other than the glasses, did he not have a nose prosthesis and fake teeth? Seemed to be the case. Minor alterations but just enough to throw people off.

      I do like the question they are asking and such though. That it potentially wont be just glossed over like previous superman films.

      As far as the arab spring etc.. Superman would be powerless to stop it. Its politics as much as its religion in a culture thats just not like in Kansas. He could end up just making things worse.

      • I didn’t notice anything other than the glasses. Oh darn (sarcasm), I guess I’ll have to see it again to look for it. ;)

      • No. Just a little hair change and glasses. And demeanor.
        Maybe Supes’ “disguise” is pretty effective after all.

      • No, I think that is just the first big, genuine, open mouth smile we get from Clark in the whole movie.

        • That too.

        • That smile almost made him a dead ringer for Tom Welling. It was kinda eerie.

        • That last scene was definitely in my top five scenes of the movie. That exchange between Lois and Clark was CLASSIC Superman, but still had that fresh twist cause Lois was in on the secret.

          Goyer really has his work cut out for him when going about the secret identity. Cause there is no way in this modern age of technology are people going to NOT see the physical similarities between Clark and Supes. And there were multiple scenes that clearly gave away his identity to the military. EX. When he went back for Ma Kent to make sure she was ok, When the military airlifted his spaceship FROM the Kent farm, He even says he’s from Kansas. It won’t take a genius to figure it out.

          That was one of my major gripes about the movie, that they were able to just barely sidestep by having his persona not revealed until the end.

          • I was even a little choked up at the ending Planet scene.
            Oddly enough, it was then I felt most Superman was back.

      • @Bellcure

        Arab Spring thing, to my mind, would also respond to the notion of first contact. After all, religious ideals are challenged by the notion of other life in the universe. Some will even feel their faith is threatened by that notion. I hope they don’t drop the first contact/alien life angle after establishing origin and leveling Metropolis. Events like that would change everything–literally everything. I think this is a major component of the Superman reboot, right?

      • I want to see that scene from Superman: For Tomorrow in a movie. The one where he takes all their guns away but they just end up throwing rocks at each other.

        • That would be great to reinforce the idea of him trying to guide humanity. Maybe some people don’t want to be guided and they take it up with UN and you know have the global issue. I would like to see Lex Luthor be one of those people who takes issue with the idea of an alien guiding humanity. Maybe even try to frame Superman for some horrible disaster.

  2. Looking forward to the sequel. As I said on here and other sites, the only way is up and hopefully that sequel turns out to be great and not average like MOS was.

    The “Smallville protecting its own” thing has elements of Superman 2 when people stood up to Zod while Superman was taking a battering in Metropolis. Plus they could always use the “we’ll keep his secret so none of us face retribution if an enemy targets us to bring him out of hiding” thing.

    The large amount of obvious LexCorp logos should bring about Luthor’s appearance but I’m thinking Metallo would be good as a military experiment created just in case (we didn’t see ALL of the US military accepting him after all) and then going rogue somehow. Like he disagrees with an order to fall back or prevent human casualties.

    • Man of Steel wasn’t average, it was great. And I think the sequel villains should be Brainiac and Lex.

      • It’s his opinion, don’t bash him on it.

        • And ltritchie was just expressing his opinion.
          In expressing his opinion he is not “bashing”.

  3. Uh….What was wrong with him being American before Barack Obama?….dumb

    Anyway….it’ll be interesting how they handle the sequel…..I do like it that they are being realistic with the Lois/Clark relationship for once….always thought that was stupid.

    • An eyebrow went up when I read the Barack Obama quote. Not sure what the current President has to do with this.

      • I interpreted as Barack Obama represents a change in terms of ethnicity and his family’s culture from what we have traditionally seen in all presidents leading up to this point, yet the majority of the people still chose him as the leader of America. I guess he’s somehow comparing that to the idea if Superman and his alien heritage? It’s still an awkward statement.

    • I think he’s implying that Obama is relatively popular internationally, therefore, the idea that a very American face can operate internationally and not be hated can work even in regions where the US isn’t well liked.

      At least that’s how I took it.

      • That is how I read it as well.

  4. Brian Cranston for Lex!

    • The rock for lex luthor

      • Haha, the rock for Lex. That’d be hilarious.

    • ooooh… good choice. Although I wouldnt mind letting Kevin Spacey take another shot at it.

      • I meant for that to be for Brian Cranston.

      • No Spacey. Good actor, but he already had his turn as Lex. I think Cranston is too old for Lex, need someone around 40 or so that is in great physical shape. NOT the Rock, either. Jon Hamm maybe?

    • +1

      Incredible actor.

    • Liev Schreiber for Lex. Think about it.

    • Yeah, Bryan Cranston needs to play a super villain. I was holding out for the new Norman Osbourn but since that’s not happening, Lex would be perfect. He already has the bald look down pat.

    • While I think it would work, Jon Hamm is still my ideal actor for the part.

    • I like Brian Cranston but many think he could be the next Comm. Gordon which I can see.
      Honestly he is fantastic actor and I can see him about any of these roles.
      I would say I would like Lex Luthor to be fairly young- near Kal-El’s age- and be well built and very intelligent look. Think of a bald, evil Bruce Wayne basically. The best humanity has to offer- wealth, youth, health, and intelligence- but filled with jealousy, ambition, and selfishness.

      Luthor if done right can be a great foil and villain to Superman.
      Although I would like him more behind the scenes than direct confrontation, initially.

  5. since people were complaining about the too serious Man of Steel, here’s some MoS fun;http://comicaper.blogspot.in/2013/06/snap-crackle-pop-culture-man-of-steel.html

  6. I like Lex Luthor but come on, how about a villain new to the big screen. Brainiac, Bizarro, Parasite or somebody. If they did a Metallo Lex Luthor team up that’d be cool. At first I complained about them using Zod again but now I am like in love with Michael Shannon his role as Zod might be my favorite villain performance in any super hero movie this generation. Him and Alfred Molina as Dock Ock. And Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

    • This is the first film I’ve ever seen with Micheal Shannon, and he was great. I didn’t even think about Terrance Stamp. I’ve always heard good things about Shannon….so now I will look for his other films.
      I wish Superman hadn’t killed him…but can he be resurrected? After all this is fantasty and it’s comic book material, so anything can happen. There’s so many unanswered questions. What became of Zod’s body after Superman killed him ? Did Superman claim it ? Did he bury it ? Toss it into the sun ?
      Who repaired all the damage done to Metropolis ? Superman with his Super speed ? Did Lex…rebuild with his billions of dollars ? I’m so glad they are fast tracking MOS 2..some people may not like it.But we should at least get MOS 2 in 2015.

      • 2015 would be enough time I think. 2 years should be fine. I did notice that at the end of the movie everything was all fixed or at least seemed to be. Maybe they’ll get into that with the next movie but I think the idea of Lex rebuilding Metropolis is a great one. He did, in fact, build about half of Metropolis in many of the comics and cartoons. He may even see it as rebuilding what those evil aliens destroyed and use the leverage he’d gain on the government from all the money he invested to help him pursue his war against Superman.

      • I really wish they had the script and everything BEFORE WB decided to fast track MOS2!! They should have filmed the 2 back to back, MY BIGGEST FEAR is they fast track this and Goyer just ruins it because the studio is rushing them into a sequel!
        I loved MOS but it took quite a long time in movie terms to film and post production CGI all the good stuff, I hope they slow down and make a GREAT script not just a sequel! MAKE A MOVIE THAT BLOWS US AWAY not with CGI but with STORY and CHARACTER…..PLEASE WB DO NOT RUIN THE GOOD THING YOU HAVE STARTED, I want a shared DCU A GOOD ONE, NOT another dumb ass sequel just for the sake of $$$$$$! That will come if the story is great, WB wants what Marvel has, (DONT BASH ME) they want the money and shared universe like Marvel BUT they need to focus and get a plan in place like marvel had!!
        Marvel announced they wanted a shared universe in 2005 it took 3 more years to get the first movie out, The rest is history but they had a plan! This is my ultimate hope for WB/DC (maybe they have a plan) but im not sold yet that they can do it, UNLESS we get a GREAT sequel I will not be sold! PLEASE WB/DC Prove me wrong and get this right!! PLEASE

  7. I would like Lex to at least show up as a prime character in this, make everyone aware that he is watching Superman and planning his first move. A mix between Norman Osborn in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and Sinestro in “Green Lantern”.

    Have a team-up like Brainiac as the prime villain and Metallo as the secondary villain. I say those 2 only because I believe Brainiac did do some major upgrading to Metallo at one point, making him stronger than he was before. It would also be a good introduction to kryptonite as Lex would study Superman’s actions towards it when Metallo uses it to weaken him.

  8. It seems pretty simple to include Lex without making him the primary bad guy, just have him in a supporting role for the first few movies, establish his character so to speak.

  9. Good! At least the creative team is aware of the “ludicrous” aspect of Clark and his glasses thing.

    They can prepare for it in the next film.

  10. It’s really cool that a few people know Clark Kent is Superman instead of everyone being oblivious to his disguise. Either way, I have to admit Henry Cavill looked shockingly different when he had the glasses on aha. As much as I like Lex Luthor, I’d be more interested in Brainiac, especially since Man of Steel was more Kal El than Clark Kent if that makes any sense. Excited for the sequel!

    • I think the final scenes proved just how
      deceptive a change in hair and glasses can be.
      Plus very few people see Superman face to face.
      That’s why having Lois know, who does, makes sense.

      • Yeah, when I saw the movie for a second tone I paid close attention to the moment Perry and everyone sees Superman and Lous kissing and there is a long shot that is clearly placed to establish that they are too far away to see fine details of Superman’s face. Ofcourse, pictures are probably gonna start popping up sooner or later.

        • Exactly–which brings us to the Twitter, FB remark Goyer made. Keeping a secret identity will be harder in that context.

          One other interesting aspect is the issue of trust between the government and Superman. I’d like to see that issue be an ongoing one in the coming movies: Superman teaching us to trust each other again. I think that’s a compelling, optimistic story thread that is the logical extension of what Jor El wanted for his son: Lead from the front.

          • I’m really hoping they’re taking that approach, Clark trusting them with his secret, even if it’s just a few. A really different take that would be interesting to see.

            • Spoilers

              Seems like it’s inevitable. It’d wouldn’t be too hard for the government to reason out his identity. (Lois did it and Smallville hadn’t yet been leveled. The idea that an alien space ship lands on Ma Kent’s front yard is kind of a big flaming arrow.)

              Another aspect to this angle is the fact that everyone already knows that Lois has “insider” information on Supes. (Her article was enough for the military to more or less arrest her, right?)

              These two things together put leverage on Superman for anyone wanting to harm him through harming those he loves.

              • It also makes it harder for Goyer to write the next film since he’s going to have to maneuver through all these points, which I’m all for. I’m interested to see Clark struggling with relationships that don’t only include Lois but the army.


                The scene where he throws the satellite to the ground in front of the lieutenant I think he was. I really liked that and got me thinking of how the military may have some sort of role in the next film. It also plays a part in the whole trust thing that I think runs through part of the film.

                • Since he’s got to trust a whole lot of people with his secret. Not sure if that got through in my post aha.

                • That was an Army General and a Captain, and it was a drone, not a satellite. :)

              • Lois as “insider” really replaced Jimmy Olsen’s status in this film.
                Of course, he was not in this and don’t look for him in the next.

          • I’d love to see Cadmus

            • That’d be cool.

    • I want to see a Lex/Clark team-up like in Last Son.

    • I think Brainiac is a good possibility for MOS 2 with all that Kryptonian hardware lying around….

  11. Superman should not be getting involved in geopolitical events.
    While it might be interesting to contemplate and he has in
    some comic series in any film Superman needs to deal
    with his classic villains and foes from the comics.

    On when it’s okay being an American, that was a surprising
    and unfortunate comment from Zack, being okay is not
    dependent on who occupies the White House.

    • I think it was from Obama putting out a good image for America.

      • …but, the majority of the world hates Obama.

        Ask Putin.

      • That is how he meant it. But the image of America
        is relative and subjective and being okay with
        being an American is neither one.

    • It’s Hollywood dude, of course it has something to do with who occupies the White House.

      • My being okay with being American
        has nothing to do with who is President
        and Hollywood has absolute nothing either.

        And that is true for any American. Including Superman.

      • You know, if you meant it matters to the Hollywood establishment I agree.
        Who is President to them does determine if its “okay” to be American.
        Obama being wildly popular in Hollywood would be such a time.

    • Interesting if global events try to involve Superman. What if the writers turn that point on its head. After all, the group that gets Superman “on their side” are clearly “the good guys.” (Just a thought.)

    • Zack did say this on NPR.
      Part of his motivation might have
      been to appeal to the NPR audience.

  12. I want to see Lex Luthor running for President, that’s a great story arc. Brainiac would be great but he will be farther down the line, possibly Justice League. Metallo, Parasite or Doomsday would be awesome baddies to put with Luthor.

    • Yes, Luthor as the behind the scenes puppet master would be far better suited for this universe. And have him always sticking around too. Just slippery enough that Supes cant nab him out right. Remember he is for truth, justice, and the american way. Thats been the Supes motto for many generations. It has also been the writers guide for Supes, in that he obeys the laws even when they go counter to his judgment. Just because he has massive powers doesnt mean he can just give a big finger to true justice. He stopped Batman from killing the Joker after the Joker murdered Robin. Because at the time Joker was a foreign diplomat with immunity. It resulted in a standoff between Bats and Supes where Batman showed how far he would go if Supes ever got in his way. Thats the kind of Supes we should have here.


    Lex Luthor should be secondary to another primary villain to start out with. He could use his resources behind the scenes of a greater threat to forward his own plans. Superman would win the day, but not have anything on Luthor to put him away. He should be put in a position that he knows that Luthor is up to something, but it takes more than Superman’s testimony to put him away. It takes the investigative journalism of Clark Kent and Lois Lane to make a dent in Luthor’s schemes. That would be a great way to tackle it. Have Superman need his mind, not his powers, to stop the bad guy.

    End Man of Steel 2 on that note, and have Luthor take up full Supervillain mantle in Man of Steel 3, after we’ve had Justice League AND solo movies for the other heroes.

  14. I think it is best if they take time to write a good story that dosen’t have as much holes as this one which had a few! So even if takes more time I think it better since the things that were mentioned here and other things need to be dealt in a good and clever way!

  15. “He has no choice but to become global…” ~Snyder

    Link: http://www.salon.com/2013/06/15/lynda_obst_hollywoods_completely_broken/

    ..and. that is why American movies are going international.

  16. glad to hear they are taking the disguise issue seriously and want to address it. i’d hate to have to pretend everyone in that world can’t recognize someone just because they’re wearing glasses all of a sudden

  17. bring back kevin spacey!

    • If they’re going for oscar talent I say bring in, and this is a long shot, Daniel Day-Lewis. If not him, then maybe give James Marsters a chance. He’s a decent actor when given the right material, and he’s voiced Luthor before in an animated movie.

      • I’m all for James Marsters, intense actor if like you said, given the right role. It’s a long shot though. Really liked what he did with Brainiac in Smallville too.

  18. You can have a “real world” scenario – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be in THIS world. I don’t believe any carnation of MoS should involve real life current events (no Obama, and no actual foreign issues) There needs to be some barriers.

    The only way that could happen is if Superman truly DID exist in this world.

    • They do not have to mention any specific detail of the real world but can allude to them.
      The animated Justice League showed this.
      Iron Man displayed trouble in the middle east but had a fictional terrorist cell that actually worked with an American.

      • @ Archer

        Agreed. The Justice League TV show even dealt with WWII and Nazi issues in the episodes “The Savage Time.” Iron Man is a great example of how to incorperate real world problems without actually using the real issues. Superman could easily be shown ending a violent confrontation between protesters and police in an unnamed country. He could stop Somali-esque pirates without actually calling them Somali. There’s no need to say, “Superman went to Syria.” I hope they explore Superman’s own sense of morality in situation like that. Instead of choosing a side in a conflict he chooses the side of no conflict and finds a way to disarm all parties involved. It would reinforce the idea of “an ideal to strive towards.”

  19. My 2cents for what its worth is use Lex and have it so that Lexcorp holds Zods dead body for ‘medical research’ but in fact in secret hes trying to clone to make soldiers for military etc. I no its a bit cliche andbeen done to death but it gives a easy way to both include Lex and some way of Kal having an epic showdown, without reverting to iron man armour for Lex

  20. What has to happen in Man of Steel 2?

    Well… what has to happen… well… How about not making it as bad and boring as the first one was. Eh?

    Warner and Legendary should fire Goyer and Snyder from MoS 2.

    • +1

      • I thought you have not even seen it Stark?

        • just got back,. Niece, nephew were bugging me, so we went.

          • Did you like it?
            I guess by judging your other post, not that much?

            • @ Archer

              It was so/so. Not great but not awful. I’m debating on whether or not to see it again. By looking at these posts, it looks like I might have missed some stuff.

    • Right.

      A 200 million opening weekend and an A- Cinemascore.
      Just what the hell were they thinking?

      • I rather watch Superman III, IV and Returns!


      • +1

  21. I think Man of Steel 2 should be Superman AND Batman going up against Brainiac and Lex Luthor. With a scene where Superman does a charity foot race with The Flash.

  22. They shouldn’t be hasty, Metropolis is still in ruins. There are many ideas that can pop out from that alone. Maybe have Clark visit those who lost their family members during Zod’s invasion as his first journalism assignment? I think Colonel Hardy’s family deserves a screentime. The guy is a hero.

    Show the aftermath of Zod’s invasion, that has to be done.

    And then there is Supes’ story with Lois.

    Also, the US government and the whole world shouldn’t be completely trust Superman. There will be conflicts, debates…

    Heck, I think if they try to keep the realistic approach, we won’t get the same scale of action for the sequel. Not that I’ll be complaining…

    As for villains of choice, Lex Luthor has to appear, but it’s not necessary to have him as the main villain. Antagonist maybe, but not a villain yet. Other than Luthor, I think they should go with either Metallo or Parasite. Show that even something of Earth can threaten Superman’s life!

    … There’s no way the sequel will come so soon as next year if they care about its quality.

    • You are hitting the nail directly on the head.

      Having Clark interview families and victims of the aftermath should definitely open his eyes. It should remind him that although he stopped Zod, a city isn’t a battleground/playground.

      There should be an added national security risk as well. Other countries are concerned and desperate to find an “answer” to this alien problem. On the other hand, Metropolis sees a new hero in the form of Lex. He should be rebuilding the city, slowly solidifying his economic grip while campaigning against the man of steel. I think the villain version of Lex should be saved for a 3rd film. Lex could be re-engineering the AI from a salvaged Kryptonian ship from the Metropolis incident. Maybe a Brainiac team-up. (Benedict Cumberbatch could work as either Lex or Brainiac… preferably Brainiac).

      I’d love to see Lois coming to Clark’s rescue or at least diverting attention when his secret is threatened in the workplace. The WORLD saw her kiss SUPERMAN, so she should be getting slammed by reporters/tabloids/etc. (Maybe Iris West? Vicki Vale? That’s be awesome).

      • The world didn’t see her, just Perry and Jenny, and some of the military. Everything else around them was completely destroyed. It looked as if a nuke went off.

  23. (Post may contain Spoilers)
    I enjoy the question about secret identity and whether or not Superman should take an active stance on global issues.

    I think the film should go in the direction of examining the aftermath of Man of Steel. I want Superman to be helping rebuild Metropolis and while many appreciate this side of Superman, many cannot forget the power he has and the danger he pose to this level of distraction.

    Man of Steel was about Kal-El trusting humanity and embracing both sides of his identity. The sequel now deals with humanity trying to trust him, which I feel is a logical continuation from the Man of Steel ending. especially World Governments and military powers.

    Man of Steel 2 can ask the ethical and morality questions of whether or not Superman should concern himself with global conflicts, especially if it challenges his human identity as an American. The first film challenges his alien identity in a human context, the second challenges his human identity in a alien (Superman) context.

    This will be similar when The Dark Knight examines the role Batman plays in Gotham. Man of Steel can examine the role of Superman in a global and American scale and context.

    In terms of secret identity, I really like the idea of his coworker or Smallville backing him up. It would really hit the symbol of hope home, than Man of Steel. Maybe Perry White can know or have his suspicions as Lucius Fox did in Batman Begins/The Dark Knight but never actually spoken. I am not sold on that yet but I can see it

  24. Personally I think it should be
    MOS 2 — brainiac (benedict cumberbatch) and lex luthor (kevin spacey or the rock), bizarro as minor villain
    MOS 3 — darkseid (dennis haysbert) add supergirl and introduce cyborg
    MOS 4 — doomsday and cyborg
    MOS 5 — metallo and mongul
    MOS 6 — darkseid

    • Forget Kevin Spacey. Brandon Routh campaigned to return as Superman but all parties involved wanted to move in a new direction.

    • I seriously doubt there are going to be 6 Man of Steel films.

    • WHY TF do you have your E-mail address as your Name???? do you need friends to e-mail you??
      That is the weirdest thing I have EVER seen at this site!
      HOLY S**T some people are straight up wack, And you want 6 MOS films? GEEZus Christ

      • dammit
        that was an accident thats not my username

  25. I think you go with Lex like you did with Dark Knight & Joker. What I think the challenge is going to be is making him an adversary that can stand up to what we just saw in Zod and his crew. I mean, how does Lex Luthor do that without his armor or having a supervillain support team.

    Plus, because Lex is being seeing as the Bill Gates type, his involvement would have to be very subtle on the surface to protect his economic interest.

  26. Back in a SUPERBOY comic book in the 60′s as I recall,a group of hunter buddies of Jonathan Kent invited Pa Kent and Clark to go hunting. They went. Clark Kent was confronted by a bear and everyone in the hunting party said “shoot him!” Of course Superboy/ Clark Kent had a code that he would not kill any living thing. If I recall correctly I think Clark faked tripping, fired his rifle harmlessly into the air. At the same time he gave the bear a hot foot with his heat vision and the bear ran away. Clark Kent/ Superboy would not kill ant living thing.

    So in this latest time line,this “Man of Steel” alternate universe, parallel world, latest revision to the Superman mythos/legend, Superman kills Zod. This is against Supermans code not to kill.

    I consider this poor writing, producing, directing or whatever; ie taking Zods life was the easy way out rather than coming up with a creative way to spare Zods life.

    Even in the latest set Batman movies, with all the mayhem that Batman caused in Gotham during his battles with the bad guys,he did not directly take a life intentionally.

    So the movie failed the legend, the mythos and therefore failed its audience in the latest portrayal of Superman.

    • More of this?

      Ok. Superman has Zod in a head lock. Zod is about to incinerate innocent bystanders. Superman BEGS Zod to stop. Zod replies “Never!” Superman can’t hold Zod back any longer. Superman has one choice. He takes it. He regrets having to do it immediately, and screams. He didn’t want to do it, nor was it easy for him.

      • ^ This.

        That’s what was so powerful about that scene. Superman was clearly traumatized by his decision.

    • @RFT
      Superman did worst in the old Superman 2. He killed a defenseless Zod when he could have just brought him to jail or anywhere else…

      • At least in Man of Steel, it felt like he did not have a choice although he could have flew with him or do something else. So, the question is: Which kill was the worst: The One in Superman 2 or Man of Steel. I let you decide. :)

        • Man of Steel was definitely more brutal. He snapped his neck. With a pretty gruesome sound effect. In Superman 2 he kind of just lofted him accross the room.

          • Man of steel was more Brutal but at Least, He had a better reason for Killing him.

    • The film embrace 75 years worth of Superman mythology while also updating the character in a fresh, modern context and new direction.

      You bring up that one issue from the 1960′s but fail to recognize that monumental Death of Superman storyline which saw Superman killing the monster Doomsday (while losing his own life).

      You bring up an issue of the ‘Superboy’ comics in the 1960′s but casually forget the two first Donner/Christopher Reeve films of the late 1970′s and early 1980′s. Superman: The Movie had Superman choose to turn back time and threaten massive death loss to save only Lois Lane. Superman II had Superman take Zod and his followers their powers away, yet he cruelly crushes Zod’s hand and proceeds to kill him when Zod is harmless- same with Lois killing Ursa.

      Justice League animated show dealt with Superman lobotomizing the Doomsday monster. Smallville had Superman lament that he killed a building full of people or something like that.

      How can a story effectively explore the internal struggle and morality of the character if no story can force the character to act a way out of his or her comfort zone?
      How can we push the character forward or show what he truly stands for, if the conflict does not challenge the character to make impossible choices that betray their own self-concept?

      Superman kills Zod in Man of Steel, but unlike Superman II- Superman is not happy about it. He is devastated.
      1) He is forced to kill a life.
      2) He killed the last known other person of his race.
      3) He discovers he has it in him to kill, in extreme situation.
      4) People witness him killing, how can he inspire hope if people see a probable killer?
      5) Is he different than Zod? He would kill, and took violent measures, to save his people (humans), just as Zod did.

      All of this is going on in his head when he yells and brings the character in a peculiar place for the future. This event will come to define him- his code, his fears.
      It is complex internal conflict that I am sure will test Superman himself as well as the world’s reaction.

      Get acquainted with Superman lore. Enjoy the direction that will challenge Superman in no way he has been challenged before.

      • Why is my post above under moderation?

        • Please stop lying about the television show Smallville. I know that not that many people would actually go back and watch the scene itself but in multiple scenes the issue was covered when he destroyed the Kryptonian building that was going to power up the cloned Kandorians with their Kryptonian abilities. When Kal-El destroyed the building it is referenced that no people were killed, injured, etc. He shows remorse for demolishing an entire building as well.

    • This is where his “code” starts!
      Remember this was a period of Supes’ life we have never seen on film, He really had no code at this point! YES he did not want to kill, but it was kill Zod or let that family die! HE HAD NO CHOICE!

      From here on out Supermans code will come into play, IT CRUSHED him to Kill Zod but this was him learning what he can and can’t do as superman, He needed to be faced with that situation so he now knows what he “wont” do!
      Zod was a Kryptonian! he was not some Lex Luthor which if Supes got a hold of him he could flick lex into oblivion, OR any living thing, EXCEPT another kryptonian, Zod HAD TO BE KILLED! THAT WAS SUPERMAN at his worst and you have to be faced with a situation to know what you will do in THAT specific situation!

      MAYBE YOU SEE THIS AS A FAIL but from what I seen at the theatres this was a HUGE win!

      Maybe your one of those ppl that went into this movie looking for the flaws so you can hate it and if that is the case NO ONE will change your mind.

      • @ I am Iron Man
        I’m not sure who you were responding to but we are on the same page concerning Superman breaking Zod’s neck in MoS. I was pointing out the complain that some people have regarding what he did is a waste of time. If they can complain about that, why not complain about the one from Superman 2 as well. :)

  27. It seems as it the realistic/grounded approach may cause some headaches down the road for Snyder and Goyer judging by their comments. It should be interesting to see how they work these things out.

  28. I loved what they did with Lois knowing his secret it was the most annoying aspect of the comics and they remedy it in a meaningful way, like others have said I like the idea of a select few knowing his secret and protecting it, its the least they could do for the guy that saves people on a minute to minute bases.
    as for arab spring and syria, thats an interesting thing to contemplate how would supes exist in today’s world, i think he’d probably stay out of it and try diplomatically to bridge the gaps between the sides. correct me if i’m wrong but doesn’t the mere fact he exists sort of put a wrench in the gears of our religious docturines he sort of proves we’re not alone in the universe and disproving a lot of what our religious texts claim as fact.

    as for where they go with the villian, i have mixed feelings about Lex, i think they could do him in really interesting way, sort of a rich intellectually superior version of Ledger’s Joker, maybe not as dark. on the other hand Lex has been done to death and i would love to see some new blood, maybe brainiac. which would make since if you go with the kryptonian creation cannon as appose to the Colu, and he did team up with Lex a few times if i’m not mistaken. whatever they do i think it would be cool if they introduce some characters like Granny Goodness, Desad, Glorious Godfrey, and then the post credit scene could be Darkseid on apokolipse preparing his invasion, and that would lead into the JL movie. yes i know they did something like that in Smallville, but they could actually make it work in this version.

  29. Snyder was, perhaps, okay with making Super Man American because BO is President. That’s insane. BO and Bush, for the most part, are just opposite sides of the same coin. Just look at the NSA, Benghazi, IRS and AP scandals. All of that happened/continued under Obama’s watch.

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