‘Man of Steel 2′ Fast-Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

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Man of Steel 2 Coming with Zack Snyder and David Goyer Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

As Superman fans everywhere wait with baited breath to see how well Man of Steel performs this coming weekend, it seems all but guaranteed – with trailers as action-packed and emotionally charged as this one – that we’ve avoided a Green Lantern-level disaster at the very least.

But regardless of the eventual outcome, it looks like Warner Bros. is supremely confident in the film’s prospects, as they’ve reportedly just fast-tracked production on Man of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer once again signed on as director and writer, respectively.

According to Deadline, Goyer’s deal is part of a three-picture writing deal that includes Man of Steel, Man of Steel 2, and the eventual Justice League – whether that’ll arrive in 2015 or later is yet unclear (but you can probably bet on later). MoS 2 will be the fifth DC movie – after Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – that Goyer has worked on for Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill as Superman Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

Speaking of Nolan, Deadline indicates that he’ll almost certainly have some involvement in the sequel, but it’ll likely be much diminished from the role he had on Man of Steel, where he sort of co-authored the story and got all the pieces together before Zack Snyder came on board.

For fans looking forward to Man of Steel, this is all presumably good news. Of course, it raises a lot of questions with regard to the (undoubtedly) forthcoming shared DC Cinematic Universe. What does this mean about the rumored Batman/Superman film? Could Batman show up in the Man of Steel sequel – or, indeed, have a major role in it? And what does it mean for the Justice League film and its (not very likely) 2015 release date?

Zack Snyder has vaguely talked about being interested in directing Justice League if all goes well with Man of Steel. But does Warner Bros. want Snyder in that role? And if so, does that mean Warners plans to wait until after Man of Steel 2‘s release to start production on their big tent-pole team-up film?

Supermans Rogue Gallery Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

Then there’s perhaps the most important question of all – with General Zod out of the way, which Superman villain (or villains) will we be seeing in the sequel? You can pretty much guarantee that Lex Luthor will pop up at some point, but considering he doesn’t punch very hard, a more melee-oriented antagonist might also be in order. Metallo? Bizarro? Parasite? Brainiac? Mongul? All of the above?

Which villain would you prefer to see, Screen Ranters? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. There’s currently no release date for Man of Steel 2.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Braniac!!!

    • Yeah, we kind of need to see Brainiac, who along with Lex Luthor were kind of the “Big 2″ villains of the earlier Superman comics. However, although Bizarro would be kind of dumb, I must confess he might be kind of fun to see.

    • We absolutely need Brainiac. He was born for movies. An army of evil robots, a shruken city trapped in a bottle, everything about his story is so visually impressive. He’s perfect for the movies!

  2. So when are we going to see screenrant’s review for this movie?

  3. If the sequel is really to happen I would love to see either Metallo? Parasite? possibly Brainiac to set up the Justice League. JMO

  4. Make Batman the ‘villain’.

    “You will never see that coming!”


  5. The Rock should be the next villian: Brainiac, Lex Luthor, Parasite. If Wrold’s Finest happens then he could be Killer Croc! Or maybe Black Adam in some future story line….

  6. Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds as a more serious Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen) versus Sinestro and Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash)!! Two on two slobber-knocker with approximately equal opponents!

  7. JLA villains should include Time Commander, Darkseid, Doomsday, Reverse-Flash (Professor Zoom), and Sinestro, for starters.

  8. Of course JLA will have to include Superman and Batman, who seem to be either the fan-favorites in general or the studio favorites, it must also include my two favorites (Green Lantern/Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen). Where to go from there? Well, I imagine most will want Wonder Woman, and I notice alot of love for Martian Manhunter, which is OK, too. Beyond that, I would like to see The Atom and maybe Hawkman (& Hawkgirl, or are we already over-crowding the field?). Aquaman and Green Arrow are probably fairly low on my list.
    Although they are Justice Society members (not League), I have alot of love for Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman (Rex Tyler), who I would like to either see as a two-man team-up someplace, or figured into the other bigger team somehow.

  9. This is excellent news. It shows the studio is confident in this project and wants to keep the current team intact. Awesome.

    I love the fact that the Superman sequel is next. Even if WB does a shared universe (remember, they’ve said NOTHING official about it yet), it takes time. This is smart to work on the low-risk, high-reward option while they plan something out.

    And if Nolan’s involved too? Great.

  10. Luthor should make a clone labeled B.Z.R.O,

    we also need the parasite, metallo, brainiac, then Luthor

  11. Man Of Steel 2. Well, of course. This is strategic planning 101.
    Stick with what works first and do not build out too early.
    Create a solid foundation to layer in expansion later.

    Man Of Steel has earned 170 million in product tie-ins already.
    Those are real dollars not shared with theater distributors.
    Meaning Man Of Steel will cover its budget very soon.

    All of which makes the decision easy and timely for MOS3.
    And the sequel will be called “Superman”. I call it here first.

    • That’s MOS2, of course. A mental slip assuming MOS3 is in the cards too 😀

  12. Darkseid & Doomsday!

  13. This reminds me of what Marvel did with Iron Man2 after the sucsess of Iron Man1.
    Maybe MoS is DC’s Iron Man after all? I hope so.

    • +1

    • I hope so too.
      I also hope that while they commence production on the sequel, they’ll also, simultaneously, start work on other movies like Flash or The Justice League.

      WB needs to stop thinking linear (i.e. one step/movie at a time!).

  14. I think its a given that another outer world villain with close connections to krypton like Brainiac would be the likely choice along with the emergence of a power mad scientist imbedded in the government by the name of Luthor.

    The second movie could also see the silhouette shape of a giant bat seen quickly by Superman, leaping from the tops of buildings in Metropolis. Batman was probably there checking out the rumors of a super human presence in the city. Knowing that Batman collects all kinds of information on super human individuals so he can keep a close tabs on them, isn’t to far off base. But it would be a quick shot, but enough to let you know that the meeting of two will happen eventually, as with others, which could be the basis of a Justice league Movie.

    • I am really hoping for a scene in MOS or MOSII in which Clark is cleaning the barn and in one corner there are a few bats that he disturbs and they fly away and make a bit of a noise, to which he would respond, “I hate bats”. As long as it was not delivered in a cheesy way it could be quite cool.

  15. I am not bashing Snyder or Goyer as they have both put a great amount into this film, but, work that they have done on their own, although cool, has not had super high quality character development. I think in the best interests of the DCCU, WB has to get Nolan in there as well. I think the combination of the 3 of them works really very well indeed. Goyer – the ideas man, Nolan – the dude who adds the high quality finishing touches and removes any cheesy Goyer dialogue and Snyder – the guy who makes it look awesome on screen.

    In my eyes anyone who thinks this would be just as good without Nolan is wrong, he brings a certain level of class to what he is involved in. As I said this is not bashing the other two guys as they are both talented and creative gents in their own right, however I do not wish to see them in full control. WB needs to get a team to oversee this DCCU. In my dream world the core of that team should be Goyer (ideas), Nolan(script consulting) and Timm (continuity), with each character getting their own director, in Supes case it is Snyder – I am also happy for him to be JL director and be heavily involved in development of that too, when it comes to pass.

    Obviously Snyder will be more involved in the MOSII development than the first one, but, I want some Nolan involvement in the script for sure! It would be cool to see his brother, Jon, get a shot at directing Flash or WW. Don’t get me wrong i am soooooooo exited for MOS, but if WB get complacent it will result in MOSII not being as good as it could be which would be even more frustrating if MOS is amazing! If WB can pump out a MOSII, Flash,WW and Worlds Finest that are all high quality I can confidently say that JL will take at least 1.75 billion. The reason for this rant is that I do not want the promise of a DCCU to then fall flat on its face.

  16. Sequel villain should be Lobo. Make him hard as nails. He has been sent by Brainiac to eradicate Superman before his invasion of Earth in Worlds Finest Movie. As Brainiac only sent a small task force in WF, he would return with his full army for the JL film.

    Save Lex for MOSIII and have Metallo as his bodyguard, plus a few other villains.

    • Quality post, good sir.

      • Thank you Eddard!

  17. Brainiac MOS2, Doomsday MOS3, Darkseid JL. i personally think they’re making a mistake by fast tracking the JL, part of the Avengers success was due to the build up in the solo films. assuming they go with the original members, that means they need to at least introduce Wonder Women, Green Lantern rebooted, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. well they’d probably replace Aquaman with someone like Hawkman or Hawkgirl, lets face it they’d make a better movie then Aquaman. they’d also probably need to reboot Batman if they throw all the characters together without any warning i personally would feel disappointed no matter how awesome JL might be. maybe they don’t all need solo films but come on we haven’t seen a live action Wonder Women since Lynda Carter.

    • Leave aquaman out of the first JL film maybe. Then have his solo film as the first one post JL. Have an opening fight scene occur in the film that results in him ending up on the coast of metropolis and therefore Supes gets involved. Then throw Henry’s face all over the trailers even though he is only in it for 10 mins tops. Sold!

    • Maybe other super hero films will be made the same time as Man of Steel 2. There’s time (I hope).

      • If WB have any sense then they have to have, in my eyes at least, two new solo films as well as MOSII and WF

        • yeah i totally agree, I get not putting the time and resources into a gazillion solo films, but their has to be at least a couple for the bigger characters, WW and Flash being at the top of that list. I really find it sad that these studios don’t have enough faith to having a female star vehicle, it seems retarded to me that we haven’t seen WW in a movie yet, despite my issues with the character she certainly deserves some attention. as for flash how can if have not been in a live action movie or tv show yet (not counting Smallville). I guess the point i was trying to make earlier is that DC is filled with awesome characters not just Batman and Superman. there not going to do these characters any justice (no pun intended) by throwing them in a JL movie with no set up.

  18. Isn’t it typical PR to announce sequels? They did the same thing with GL. Of course they want to show confidence and it doesn’t cost a penny to do so.

  19. I hope the sequel has Metallo. Have Lex be the Big Bad and Metallo be the Dragon. I think Brainiac should be a build-up villain for 3, because he’s more of a Puppet Master type. Lex should have a spotlight as Supes’ arch-enemy, with Brainiac later being relieved as the evil counterpart of Supes. I think Darksied and Doomsday should be JL villains.

  20. Doomsday or Brainiac. Prefer Brainiac.

    • Yeah. Doomsday can maybe be used for the Justice League (or Darkseid of course), but Brainiac is a classic Supes villain that has yet to be adapted properly.

      That said, Lex Luthor needs to have a presence in the sequel too, even if it’s just behind the scenes stuff.

      • +1

        Brainiac can both mentally and physically challenge Clark, so I’m all up for him in the sequel, much more than Doomsday.

  21. Brainiac would be awesome but my personal choice has to be Parasite…. I think he would be awesome to see on the big screen and a great way to challenge Superman!!!

  22. How about the Elite they wouldn’t truly be villains but anti-heroes and they would test his limits. Manchester Black could find out about superman’s identity which he uses as a last resort after superman has defeated the rest of the team. He targets Lois lane and others superman knows trying to get superman to kill him but fails. There powers would also be something incredible visually. Lex luthor could be trying to find more life in space and he finds kryptonite and begins research on it. Maybe in 2 after credits we could see lex recruiting Manchester Black for the Suicide Squad and Lex luthor hiring lobo to kill superman.

  23. Lex Luthor is gonna be the villian in MoS 2 just like Joker was the villian in TDK.

  24. I can’t wait for this movie! Have not been this excited since The Avengers.

  25. I agree with what someone said earlier. Bring Brainiac in for the next one and save Lex for the finale with Metallo as his bodyguard

    • good idea !

  26. For the man of steel sequel (which i’m expecting we’ll be seeing around 2016) id like to see lex luthor create as an artificial intelligence when he was young called brainiac and it turns on him. for the third they should introduce darksied for JL.

    • If this review is any indication of how this movie will fair, I am sure it will please enough people at WB to push forward with other CBM’s. With that said, movies never please everyone and there will be those people that no matter what happens they will find something to complain about and not just enjoy these great comics coming to life.

    • that is one great review but there as equally as many poor reviews, as it stands its RT score is below Superman Returns

      • @ Trey

        I saw that too Trey, and I can’t believe it. All the reviews seem to be split at this point.

  27. I’m hoping for someone like Metallo in the sequel. Makes the most sense, then we can see JL fight off Brainiac and MOS3 sees Lex Luthor rise up as the main villain, using Zod, Metallo and Brainiac as examples why Earth should be shunning Superman instead of embracing him after spending two movies brooding and getting jealous that a non-human can be so celebrated while an intellectual like himself is ignored.

    That’s how I’d do it anyway.

    • I like the idea of Lex being developed to a degree in
      MOS2 but not becoming the main adversary until MOS3.

      Metallo, as you suggest, Dazz, would be an excellent MOS2 choice.
      I tend to lean to braniac next, Lex after, then Darseid Justice League.

      • ^Darkseid

    • I love you’re idea of having Lex use the previous villians as an example of why Supes should be shunned, that is so Lex Luthor, I fear that Metallo by himself isn’t big enough for the sequel he should be saved for maybe MOS3 as Lex uses him to destroy supes. My guess is MOS2 will have Brainiac and they’ll show it as he was brought on Zod’s ship and when Zod is defeated Brainiac comes online, go the Krypton origin route as opposed to Colu. with that said Lex needs to be involved in some capacity in the next movie, no doubt.

      • I think that the seeds of Braniac are planted in MOS.
        An interesting twist would be Jor-El inadvertently
        responsible with the sending of his son to Earth.

  28. Warner Bros. also did this with Green Lantern; and even more damning, they contracted Schumacher to make another Batman movie after seeing the rough cut of Batman & Robin. Now, I don’t think Man of Steel will be bad like those were. But Warner Bros. is full of it.