‘Man of Steel 2′ Fast-Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

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Man of Steel 2 Coming with Zack Snyder and David Goyer Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

As Superman fans everywhere wait with baited breath to see how well Man of Steel performs this coming weekend, it seems all but guaranteed – with trailers as action-packed and emotionally charged as this one – that we’ve avoided a Green Lantern-level disaster at the very least.

But regardless of the eventual outcome, it looks like Warner Bros. is supremely confident in the film’s prospects, as they’ve reportedly just fast-tracked production on Man of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer once again signed on as director and writer, respectively.

According to Deadline, Goyer’s deal is part of a three-picture writing deal that includes Man of Steel, Man of Steel 2, and the eventual Justice League – whether that’ll arrive in 2015 or later is yet unclear (but you can probably bet on later). MoS 2 will be the fifth DC movie – after Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – that Goyer has worked on for Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill as Superman Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

Speaking of Nolan, Deadline indicates that he’ll almost certainly have some involvement in the sequel, but it’ll likely be much diminished from the role he had on Man of Steel, where he sort of co-authored the story and got all the pieces together before Zack Snyder came on board.

For fans looking forward to Man of Steel, this is all presumably good news. Of course, it raises a lot of questions with regard to the (undoubtedly) forthcoming shared DC Cinematic Universe. What does this mean about the rumored Batman/Superman film? Could Batman show up in the Man of Steel sequel – or, indeed, have a major role in it? And what does it mean for the Justice League film and its (not very likely) 2015 release date?

Zack Snyder has vaguely talked about being interested in directing Justice League if all goes well with Man of Steel. But does Warner Bros. want Snyder in that role? And if so, does that mean Warners plans to wait until after Man of Steel 2‘s release to start production on their big tent-pole team-up film?

Supermans Rogue Gallery Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

Then there’s perhaps the most important question of all – with General Zod out of the way, which Superman villain (or villains) will we be seeing in the sequel? You can pretty much guarantee that Lex Luthor will pop up at some point, but considering he doesn’t punch very hard, a more melee-oriented antagonist might also be in order. Metallo? Bizarro? Parasite? Brainiac? Mongul? All of the above?

Which villain would you prefer to see, Screen Ranters? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. There’s currently no release date for Man of Steel 2.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. Was really kind of hoping they’d jump to World’s Finest.

    • meeeee too. they may still

    • Warner Bros. losing its financial partner, Legendary Pictures plus an executive shakeup in letting go its chief executive, Jeff Robinov, together with more than a 60% drop in the 2nd week of its tentpole summer release, MAN OF STEEL….

      A skittish film studio having to explain the last fiscal quarter, that has already reportedly fast-tracked the sequel, may be more inclined to consider a World’s Finest story line for MOS2 featuring Batman.

      For the corporation that is Warner Bros. it’s all about return on a substantial investment and profits (dividends).

  2. Parasite please. Cool underrated villain. But they’ll end up either doing Lex Luthor for the umpteenth time or Brainiac. Which I wouldn’t mind to see Brainiac on the big screen.

    • I’d rather see Metallo than Braniac or Parasite, and I think Lex should be teamed with someone…maybe a loki/thanos relationship with Darksied?

    • Luthor’s fine so long as he doesn’t simply try to kill Superman with Kryptonite and instead uses superpowered henchmen like Metallo, Bizarro and Parasite.

      Like how they’re doing Amazing Spider-man 2; with Electro and Rhino working for Osborn.

    • I agree. The city of Metropolis will take a lot of damage in this film and my guess is that the government/ world relief programs, Lex Luthor along side other evil elitist will be responsible for rebuilding the city. some organizations like Bruno Mannheim’s Intergang might even go as far as calling Superman a super powered menace and convince the public into hating him. Also Superman will be blamed for the creation of super powered Earth villains from his rogues gallery, when in fact they are the creation’s of Lex. Brainiac would work really well. As lame as this sounds Braniac could easily take over all of the worlds computer systems and us air strike drones and other robotics, before assuming a humanoid form. I doubt all of this though.

      • I dig your ideas.

    • Great idea. I too would like to see Braniac be the next villian. Maybe we’ll see a krypton flashback where he strinks the city kandor…Supergirl could be introduced or prehaps she can be the one who comes to earth to warn the inhabitants of the impending danger. (Meeting her cousin in the process)

      I too agree…Luthor should be the brains behind the brawn ( Whatever villian he teams with or is manipulating ) Luthor should be more like The kingpin… in that he has his hands in everything. Not just Metropolis.

  3. It should be Brainiac as the main villain, sort of like Ra’s Al Ghul, in the sequel and either Parasite or Metallo as a side villain. And of course, Lex should be there as well. The more I think the more I feel that there won’t be any DCU tie-ins at the end of MoS. It’s sequel however will have it.

  4. Aawesome news. Next movies from about DC superheroes will be legendary. I want to see Brainiac in next the movie. :D:D

  5. I think Luthor kinda has to have a role in the film. Whether it’s taking some government or Waynetech project he’s been working on and using it for his own personal war against Superman or allowing Brainiac an ‘in’ in exchange for knowledge and power or helping to create Metallo he has to have a role. Just like Joker was the main baddie in the second Dark Knight installment, it would be appropriate for Luthor to be serve the same role.

  6. Why would you want DC to regurgitate Marvels formula anyways? Wouldn’t that be a cop out? I like that they aren’t setting up “phase 1″ so to speak to introduce a whole line of superheroes. Supes needed a foundation before anything else can even begin to happen

    • I actually think this looks a LOT like Marvel’s formula. After all, we got Iron Man and Iron Man 2 before any of the other Phase 1 films. Seems like Superman is going to be Warner Bros.’ Iron Man to me.

      • The Incredible Hulk was released between the two. But I undertstand what you mean ;)

        • Ah, man, you’re right. I don’t know what it says that I totally forgot about that film.

          • You’re allowed, Ben. You should forget a forgettable film.

      • Yes buti was directing that more to after credit scenes and crossovers. This is the story of Superman and I for one would not be angry at a trilogy with him as the sole focus. While the JL sounds like a great idea, I’d rather Synder continue to give Supes the spotlight treatment he deserves.

  7. Brainiac and Luthor.

  8. Obviously WB can’t make a DC film without Nolan’s involvement at all. Imo, I prefer they not have Luthor till the 3rd film.

  9. Reviews have been flooding in. Looks to be a good film. 80% now but its very early from what people say id say anywhere from 80-85 is where it will land but who knows

    • +1

      I expect the same.

    • And I’m not trusting some of the negatives I’ve read.
      With so much positive buzz on this movie this could
      be one of those where some reviewers dismiss it
      because they have some personal ax to grind.

      • Its pretty crazy some people rave about this film and i mean really rave. Then the negatives say there is to much action. Seems to be a veru polorized film

        • But even with a measly 72% (tho 100 more reviews will be in by friday) it holds a 7.5/10 which to me shows even the bad reviews are giving it a C

          • This is not a bad movie where the herd mentality can kick-in.
            Reviewers who go negative embarrass themselves if they trash it.
            A “C” negative by a biased reviewer means the film is really more like “A”.

      • It’s odd, when you actually read the whole reviews and ratings of the rotten scores, a lot of them aren’t really negative. They have one or two gripes and the rest they say is great, the rating is either 3/5 or B- and yet it appears rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. I usually wait until Rotten Tomatoes reaches at least 50 or 60 reviews before the final score starts revealing itself.

    • @Trey.

      Rotten Tomatoes has it at 71%

      • i said 72% then its a 71% now its a 70% i will be the first to admit its much less than what I was expecting. But that however doesnt mean I will dislike the film. The hobbit is a great example because its a 68% of RT, but many people loved it. I hope this is the same. Superman Returns got a 76% and people hate it. I guess RT score isn’t everything

        • RT has been inconstant of late. Sometimes unreliable.
          Warner’s imposed a review embargo until last night and
          there are always some upset reviewers who deal payback.

  10. Back from the advance screening of Man of Steel!
    Film is fantastic! The cast is excellent, easily Snyder’s best film to date, the effect and music were great. The action is the key to much of the film’s success and of course Snyder’s strong suit. The scale was massive, relentless and at one point one may ask if it was too much or too long, but frankly, after five Superman film’s and what seemed to be a pure character drama, the answer is no- the amount of action alone makes the film worthy of the title and definition of EPIC.

    The film is a genuine first contact piece, and a character drama of an alien on Earth choosing his life and none of that feels extra or added on top of the action. This is Superman first exposure to Earth and his viewpoint on the reaction of Earth. Every supporting character fills their role but does not distract from the fact that this a Superman film.

    The beginning felt a bit choppy in terms of editing, as if certain sequences seemed longer than what was ultimately shown, and the pace is very brisk that I thought some character moments were skimmed over or certain explanations. However this becomes mute after the story set itself up and goes at the core of which is an intense action film. I wish the ending had a bit more of a look at the aftermath of everything but the story is personal one and resolved quite well leading to interesting sequels character-wise. 4.5/5

    The sequel is already exciting and find Brainiac a plausible follow-up. I am excited to see Goyer brought back as I though he did a terrific job. A couple of tweaks would have the film even more golden from a strong story perspective but it was competent. Nolan diminished role may not be felt as much as this is obviously Snyder’s and Goyer’s child but I was hoping for him to be in the same capacity as I feel as a team they work great. I would recommend bring Bruce Timm in for the sequel just to give it more of a spark.

    I think now is the perfect time to reboot Green Lantern and get off other properties. The film feels real but it is incredibly fantastic and everything goes.

    • Glad to hear your praise archer, did your
      Screening have a after credit scene? I have yet to see any comformatiom of one

      • Trey

        The film is far from perfect and I will be seeing the film again in its midnight premier/wide-release to better reflect my qualms as I do have some legitimate issues, but it is entertaining and one of the better films out there in general.

        To answer your question, no at my viewing and apparently others too there was no after-credits scene. In fact most of the Easter eggs are indeed that. There is no flat-out, obvious references to anyone or anything- not even Luthor. Anyways, everyone in my theater groaned for the first only time when the credits finished and there was nothing.

        Hopefully, and this is really slim, but perhaps any scene is in the wide-spread release of the film.

        • Of course you mean besides the lexCorp billboard and truck, right?

        • Some ranter said there may be one thay isnt attached to pre screenings so its not spoiled we will see

          • I believe Deborah Snyder confirmed that there is no post credits scene but only Easter eggs peppered into the film. Specifically one involving the Fortress of Solitude and a possible appearance by a certain blond cousin of Kal El’s…

        • watch it again while superman and zod are fighting zod kicks/punches a luthorcorp truck at superman you can clearly see the luthorcorp logo and writing on it as superman jumps through it

    • Awesome!!!!!

    • Trey

      Thanks for your spoiler free review its got me even more excited for this film. I must admit though i’m slightly jealous of you :)

    • Thanks for your impressions, Archer.
      Your critique reads fair and balanced.

  11. There are two really good villains that could translate well to the big screen. Braniac and lex luthor but since kryptonite isn’t being mentioned yet maybe braniac for MOS 2. Then in MOS 3 we are finally introduced to lex luthor who has been secretly storing up kryptonite in a suit to take down superman.

  12. Still too early to see Luthor & kryptonite imo. Why not save them for the 3rd film? Why must do things TDK trilogy way with every DC hero?

  13. What Warner Brothers needs to do is line up other directors to take on the other characters and have it produced by Nolan. Katherine Biggelow could bring Wonder Woman to the big screen while someone like Neil Blomkamp could reboot Green Lantern. I just hope they don’t make the mistake of spending ridiculous amounts of money to make these films. But they certainly need to use the realistic tone for all of the movies and to mention other characters if not cameo them in other movies.

    • That would actually be good – Bigelow knows gritty action which is necessary to let Wonder Woman be taken seriously. And of course Bigelow won’t let immature sexual appeal ruin the character. If anything she would use it as an additional weapon. And I would love to see some of the Xena + maybe 300 influence in there…that would definitely help bridge over to Snyder’s style.

      I can’t agree more with Neil Blomkamp for Green Lantern. The dusty, realistic and alien/first encounter style mesh well with the look that DC in general seems to be going for. Also just thinking back to Blomkamp’s District 9 reminds me of the scenes in the “Justice league trailer” on Youtube (the videogame short movie/trailer). @Patrick Baynard you’re genius for this.

      • @ TheAdditional1

        Thank you! And I totally agree with you about Bigelow and Blomkamp. I remember watching District 9 and thinking to myself…I could almost see it happening in real life just like that!

        And both Bigelow’s Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty are realistic and layered character driven stories in the vein of Nolan’s movies. The only thing about Bigelow is that I am not sure she is used to sci-fi type action or using a lot of CGI but they could easily surround her with people that can.

        If you applied that kind of grittiness to Green Lantern it could be (have been) epic. But I think both characters need to prove themselves or at least establish an audience before they commit $200 million to each. Even Batman Begins in its first outing had to establish a tone and grow its following. The rest is history.

    • You gotta be kidding. Nolan be involved with every single DC film?

      • Given that he has been involved in four of DC’s 5 most successful films and he has established the tone for Man of Steel, why in the world would he not be involved in the others.

        • @Patrick
          Smart Idea about Bigelow and Blomkamp. :)

        • @ Patrick

          Imo. I can’t imagine Nolanized Flash,Green Lantern, Aquaman, Legion Of Superheroes, Hawkman, Cyborg, Many others just because of his Dark Knight trilogy. That only get his name so far for DC’s universe of characters as people should know better. MOS is doin what’s been done with better effects & more action from Snyder. What’s the 5th successful film from DC?

  14. omg thats awesome!! would love to see Brainiac for next superman and save luthor for last

  15. Grand news! I have never been more excited for a movie! And now there’s gonna (maybe) be a second one!

  16. Lex should be the main mastermind imo. So, let’s have brainiac in the second one and lex to blow up with a supervillain he created in the third. We need momentum, we cant have lex being the baddie in the next movie.

  17. “Then there’s perhaps the most important question of all – with General Zod out of the way, which Superman villain (or villains) will we be seeing in the sequel?”

    Dude!!! Spoiler alert?!?! Haha just kidding. But really, does he die?

    • Nobody KNOWS, but of course as with all movies, Superman’s gonna deal with him at least sufficiently by the end of the film.

    • I am not spoiling that bit of detail.

  18. Luthor and either Brainiac or Metallo. Also, if it’s possible, introduce Supergirl too :D.

  19. Honestly with all this talk of whether or not to reboot Nolan’s Batman and how he would or wouldn’t fit into MoS’s world, I’m becoming more and more in favor of a World’s Finest. An exploration of the dynamics of how the two would realistically interact is so intriguing. Which is why I’m even partially in favor of Nolan’s Batman – if Batman was real and true to character, and the MoS/first encounter events happened, the world wouldn’t change; Batman would only figure out more ways around everything, which would be FASCINATING to follow. And would also help form a place in our minds where we regular humans can fit into these fantastical worlds of escapism.

    Also, portraying and laying out the dynamics between these two extremes (the most powered/fantastical superhero and the least) forms a kind of bookmark of the continuum of extremes that all the other subsequent characters can be placed within. Don’t believe that something fantastical can happen? Well Superman is already there! Don’t believe that a normal human or lesser being can keep up with the crew? Batman’s already doing it.

    It’s decided. I’m 100% for World’s Finest now.

  20. I posted this in another thread. I felt like sharing it here as well because I am sure it will be discussed.

    1. There is no official date when Nolan’s trilogy began or ended. IMO, it should end with TDKR’s about 5 years before MoS. That way it gives Bruce time to think and recoop. He comes back because of the first contact with aliens and realizes the world needs him.

    2. He doesn’t need super powers. He never has them. Some people say that Batman can bench 1000 lbs. Not even the strongest man on earth can bench that much and be as fast and agile as Batman is or needs to be. But given the prosthetics (see knee brace) that he can use, he can definitely be strong enough to go toe to toe with a lot of baddies.

    3. We all want a smarter, more detective like Batman. With a slightly older and 10 yrs of experience(d) Batman, that’s what we will get. He will be smarter, more technical, and use his brain more often than his brawn.

    4. With the introduction of aliens into the DC universe, it allows for more fantastical elements to come into play. There weren’t any during Bats first run. That’s because at the time, they didn’t exist, or they didn’t come out of hiding. Now they do. Bring on the fantasy.

    5. Recasting Bale isn’t going to be that big of a deal. I don’t like him as Batman. I didn’t like Nolan’s take on Batman. But it makes sense to keep it intact. The BO didn’t suffer when Keaton and Kilmer were recast. It wont if Bale gets recast. Just keep the universe intact.

    This Batman would be great for a World’s Finest movie. It would be great to co exist with Superman and the rest of the DC universe. And he can be added into MoS 2 for extra flare.

    • My thoughts exactly. On every point. And on #5, I didn’t necessarily not like him at Batman as much as just don’t see why Bale himself is integral. He didn’t stand out to me as “Bale being Bats”. He just made the costume move and read the lines he was given, as the dynamics of the rest of the movies made them what they were. TDK was entirely plot, Two-Face, Gordon and JOKER JOKER JOKER.

      Also, JOKER.

      But not Bale the Batman.

      • Bale played and pulled off a decent billionaire. Definitely not a playboy though. His Bruce Wayne was much better than his Batman. And that voice! LOL.

        One thing is for sure, the trilogy definitely kept one thing in focus, which is the villains. The villains come before Batman. BB is the exception because that was an origin. But the next 2 were all about the villains.

        • Someone call?

          • Bruce Wayne*** Sorry for the confusion LOL

    • I find it curious that Goyer is not being asked to pen another Batman film before Justice League which suggests to me he is NOT going to be rebooted.

  21. BTW, Man of Steel is currently sitting at 80% fresh.

  22. In Man of Steel 2, it’s gotta be Braniac!!

  23. If they were to introduce Luthor at all as a major character it should be as a human hero…he builds himself up to be a good guy, using technology to his advantage to most likely help Superman defeat Brainiac in the sequel. This would establish their initial positive relationship with each other which has worked well elsewhere. The twist would then occur when Luthor learns of Superman’s weakness through Brainiac in MoS 2 and he begins his plot for something evil which we’d see in MoS 3 with the help of another villain. This type of formula has worked well elsewhere and it’s about time we see it on the big screen in live action sequences.

  24. As much as brainiac would be a cool villain for the sequel, two alien invasion movies back to back could get old. Personally would prefer a terrestrial threat to Supes. Possibly expand/develop the world in which he exists in, so intro Luther, his motivations, his issues with Superman etc. and if Lexcorp is there, Wayne Enterprises is never far away..

    Brainiac would be more appropriate for the JLA to come together and fight.

    Still wondering if Zod’s ship isn’t destroyed by the end of MoS if it will end up being the JLA’s space base of operations down the line.

  25. Brainiac+Bizzaro(As evil Cavill)+Doomsday(As Brainiac’s robotic killing machine)

  26. My thoughts :

    - Man of Steel will gross at around $200 million for the opening weekend and will surely end up with $1 billion when it ends its run in theaters worldwide.

    - My guess is Man of Steel 2 will feature Brainiac and Lex Luthor as villains.

    - Man of Steel 3 – will eventually feature Doomsday going mano y mano with Supes and that Supes goes down and the world goes in mourning – just like in the “Death of Superman” comics.

    - “Justice League” will feature Darkseid as the main villain that is allied with his co-villains (too many to mention – perhaps Deathstroke and the others).

  27. I’m all luthored out… please not again…

    • Well as a “real estate” mogul.. Yes. I can’t stand the thought of those previous live action incarnations of the character.. But a ruthless/genious billionnaire industrialist.. With a extreme case of xenophobia towards supes. Well thats another story all together.

  28. The Villain isn’t as important as the theme and structure. As I said in another thread, Wonder woman and Aquaman could be great physical enemies. Here me out.

    Atlantis and Amazonia, previously hidden for centuries, send emmisaries to meet Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Things go bad and the humans, Atlanteans and Amazonians go to war.

    Turns out, Lex Luthor has been working the three against each other. Batman arrives to represent the humans, saying Supes is an alien. They fight Luthor together.

    Keep it all on earth, it’s still a superman movie with the daily planet and Lex and Lois Lane, etc., Then it’s set up for JL in space with Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern added.

    • An aqua man movie seems like a bad idea aqua man is the most ridiculed dc hero