‘Man of Steel 2′ Fast-Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

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Man of Steel 2 Coming with Zack Snyder and David Goyer Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

As Superman fans everywhere wait with baited breath to see how well Man of Steel performs this coming weekend, it seems all but guaranteed – with trailers as action-packed and emotionally charged as this one – that we’ve avoided a Green Lantern-level disaster at the very least.

But regardless of the eventual outcome, it looks like Warner Bros. is supremely confident in the film’s prospects, as they’ve reportedly just fast-tracked production on Man of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer once again signed on as director and writer, respectively.

According to Deadline, Goyer’s deal is part of a three-picture writing deal that includes Man of Steel, Man of Steel 2, and the eventual Justice League – whether that’ll arrive in 2015 or later is yet unclear (but you can probably bet on later). MoS 2 will be the fifth DC movie – after Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – that Goyer has worked on for Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill as Superman Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

Speaking of Nolan, Deadline indicates that he’ll almost certainly have some involvement in the sequel, but it’ll likely be much diminished from the role he had on Man of Steel, where he sort of co-authored the story and got all the pieces together before Zack Snyder came on board.

For fans looking forward to Man of Steel, this is all presumably good news. Of course, it raises a lot of questions with regard to the (undoubtedly) forthcoming shared DC Cinematic Universe. What does this mean about the rumored Batman/Superman film? Could Batman show up in the Man of Steel sequel – or, indeed, have a major role in it? And what does it mean for the Justice League film and its (not very likely) 2015 release date?

Zack Snyder has vaguely talked about being interested in directing Justice League if all goes well with Man of Steel. But does Warner Bros. want Snyder in that role? And if so, does that mean Warners plans to wait until after Man of Steel 2‘s release to start production on their big tent-pole team-up film?

Supermans Rogue Gallery Man of Steel 2 Fast Tracked with Zack Snyder & David S. Goyer Attached

Then there’s perhaps the most important question of all – with General Zod out of the way, which Superman villain (or villains) will we be seeing in the sequel? You can pretty much guarantee that Lex Luthor will pop up at some point, but considering he doesn’t punch very hard, a more melee-oriented antagonist might also be in order. Metallo? Bizarro? Parasite? Brainiac? Mongul? All of the above?

Which villain would you prefer to see, Screen Ranters? Drop us a line in the comments.


Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013. There’s currently no release date for Man of Steel 2.

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Source: Deadline

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  1. How about MOS2 is the Death of Superman, facing Doomsday. Then Superman Rebirth to complete a trilogy. Or bring Sups back in Justice League, making Superman’s death the reason the justice league is formed…..just an idea….

    • So the Death of superman is a story for it´s own, and it was one that changed the comics and the character forever, i think chapter 2 of man of steel is too early to bring that on, only my opinion

      • i agree 100 %

    • that is very good advice man!

    • oh, you mean kinda like my whole Superman Doomsday Youtube campaign!? Lol

  2. Doomsday

  3. As much as it’s seeming more and more likely to see Lex make a Bizzaro out of Supes’ Kryptonian DNA, I really don’t appreciate Bizzaro as a villain. Doomsday would bring a lot of punching which the critics weren’t fond of. It seems likely that Brainiac will be the villain although I don’t know what Lex would do in that movie.

    • The thing about Lex is that he is best used as a supporting villain, alongside a more powerful villain providing financial/intelligence to the plot.

      Definitely could see him making Bizarro but I would prefer to see another villain, without Lex… Doomsday.

  4. I would like to see brainiac as the next villian. As well as, Lex on the side being a master mind of sorts. That opens up story lines for Kara-el and some Kryptonian history since, lets face it this story felt a little rushed and non-linear. It was a great movie, but it just felt rushed. I think they should slow the pace for the next one. Bring in those two. Add some history for Kal/Clark… and then Lex could be a nice segway for like an Injustice League. Which would work to there favor. Because they could do a lot of damage on screen and it may have a big impact, and would give them much more to work with. This way they are not necessarily taking on the BIG BOSS theme marvel is shooting for. Yes, I am saying they should at all costs stay away from darksied. But, only because this would work and it would be different. As, for the 3rd MOS movie…. have fahorah escape from the make shift phantom zone for whatever convoluted reason and have her tugging Doomsday along with her at her side in search of vindication.

  5. Brainiac a la DC Universe Online for an added built-in fan-base win.

  6. You need a poweful fight like in man of steel for the next one, the run of the mill villans wont cut it in the sequels, The dark Knight Trilogy set the bar and that is a high bar. So you cant go back steps to routine villain, you need someone who can out punch Superman that would be Darkseid,you already brought world of aliens in so thats the one. and the fight scenes have to slow down a bit, one on one slug fest. An example of Bain vs Batman underground battle. This would lead to the Ultimate Man of Steel 3 or justice league dealing with Doomsday.

    • Yes! I totally agree with you man. That’s how it should be done with Part 2. Must be realistic and less super-power fighting.

      You’re hired rock989!!!

  7. I think the way they should do it is for MOS 2 have a duo of Brainiac and Lex this would be a great combo just like in the justice league tv show. then bring in Supergirl that he finds her frozen by the ship he found that we all thought it was the fortress of solitude. they have to explain how that ship got there and why one of the pods was empty in the movie. This can also have flash backs to Krypton to the city of Kondor and how Brianiac came to acquire it. there is a lot of possible scenarios. for MOS 3 should be in a 2 part movie bring Doomsday and do the Death of Superman and then bring him back in part 2 Rebirth MOS 3. in between MOS 2 and 3 do justice league movie where they set up the coming of Darkside. because for him they need the whole JL to stop him.

  8. I would like to come dark side or doomsday on man of steel 2

  9. I would like dark side or doomsday on man of steel 2

  10. I would like to see Brainiac, but only at the point where he brings back doomsday from the end of eternity. This would be impossible though, as SM would need to fight and die to Doomsday, and be reborn with the justice league.

    For it to turn out this way, Doomsday would need to be in MoS2, the Justice League movie would need to be centered around the revival of SM and in comes Brainiac with Doomsday…

    Not a likely scenario. Either way go Doomsday and go Brainiac!

  11. I can’t believe nobody has suggested Doctor Doom and Masters of Evil!!! Only Doctor Doom controlled a syndicate strong enough to challenge Superman, that Superman had to call on the entire Justice League to defend against Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil. Doctor Doom and his syndicate would make for a huge yarn of evil character development, with strengths to challenge Superman. An entire movie could be made on the rise of Doctor Doom and his Masters of Evil syndicate. Comic fans from the the original Justice League will agree.

    • isnt that marvel?

    • Uhhhh??? Dr. Doom is a Marvel character….Not a DC character.

    • Haha! This guys writes a paragraph trying to explain his point and doesn’t even have a DC character in it LOL. Wrong Universe genius, Dr. Doom is marvel. SMH

  12. Doomsday

  13. For a second film, brianiac and lex. The third should end with darkside.

  14. Zod took off his suit on the contruction area that had lexcorp sign on it, so he will most probably reverse engineer it, brainiac is supposedly confirmed via Blaze comics.
    also doomsday will probably be teased for their next storyline after the MoS2.

  15. Man of Tomorrow (MOS2)
    - Superman (Clark Kent)
    - Batman (Bruce Wayne)
    - Dr. Barry Allen
    - Lex Luthor
    - Brainiac
    - Lois Lane
    - Alfred
    - Nightwing reference (Robin)

    - Superman and volunteers clean up Metropolis. Lex Luthor helps pays for ruins of Metropolis and helps rebuild it. Lex sees the destruction and the praise he’s getting from the citizens and wants Superman gone. (Flashback from first movie, the fight with General Zod and destruction)
    - Superman is having a nightmare of killing General Zod, and hearing weird things in his dream. He wakes up in sweat and agony.
    - Government contacts Lex talking about Superman. They agree to team up and let Lex run a project to help defend the world from the powerful being, Superman.
    - Meanwhile, Clark works at the Daily Planet and helps Lois do a report on the Superman and General Zod fight. Clark finally asks Lois out on a date, she says yes.
    - Lex has a massive computer board and he is working on war technology to help defend earth. He has missiles, bombs, and massive ray guns. He takes his research to the government labs. He starts to work with other Scientist.
    - Clark and Lois are on a date, they get to know each other better. They talk about his powers and what he has planned for the future. Superman wants to find more Superheroes like himself, to help protect his new planet, Earth. He talks about losing Krypton and being the only Kryptonian left. They realize it’s getting late, so he takes Lois home. (It’s stormy out, raining, so he takes her home in a cab instead of flying her home.)
    - Lex is working late at the lab with other Scientist. They are all about to leave when lightning strikes and destroys all of their work, and injures a man. Lab is on fire, Lex is fierce, and leaves building in anger. There’s still a man inside passed out on the floor with chemicals and technology all over him, Superman comes and rescues him.
    - Ambulance arrives and they bandage him up and take him in the ambulance telling him their taking him to the hospital. He thanks Superman as he flies away. Scientist refuses to go to the hospital. They try grabbing him and putting him in the ambulance, but he starts to run away and he bolts away. Medical people ask who he was and where he went, one man grabs the medical papers. (Its Scientist, Dr. Barry Allen. (Disappears for the rest of the movie)
    - Clark is having another dream of killing genera Zod and hears an alien like noise in his dream. Wakes up yelling.
    - Next day, Government people show up at Lex’s office in fiery. They talk to him about the Lab. They get mad and blame him, telling him he’s done working for them. Lex gets mad because they blame him, so he starts to make his own military weapon himself. (You see him molding metal. Making missiles, small and big. (He lets the thought of “power” and revenge take him over.)
    - Clark sees Lois the next day. She says she’s making a report about Superman saving more people at the Government lab site. She tells him that they are still missing a man, she shows him the man’s picture, and it’s the man he saved from the fire. He goes to the scene for the report, and then goes and looks for the missing man.
    - Lex finished his weapon. He turns the light on it, it’s an armor suit. He puts it on, and shoots missile out of his hand, as he flies out the window. Lex finds and observes Superman as a citizen. He realizes he talks to Lois Lane a lot at the crime scenes. He confronts Lois and kidnaps her. Then Lex remember in the newspaper how Superman said the ship made him human like, so he searches for the spot where the beamed into the earth. He finds Kryptonite around the area. He decides to dig in the earth and he finds a lot. He takes a sample back to his Lab. (An idea that I came up with was, what if what we call kryptonite, was created within the earth’s crust during the terraforming? Rather than it be the old version that kills him, what if this time it’s a new element (or type of rock if they want to keep it more traditional) that gives off traces of radiation which simply makes him ‘human’ or close to it (the more exposure, the more ‘human’ he becomes). That way it’s more of an equalizer, rather than something that will outright kill him. This creates a place for Lex Luthor to name it “Kryptonite” and his reasoning for calling it that, if they wished to explore that part of it)
    - Clark goes back to the Daily Planet just before closing to talk to Lois about the man, that he can’t find him anywhere. He can’t find Lois, when he hears screaming and gun fire. He rips off his clothes and flies toward the sound. Lex is calling out Superman. Superman floats above Lex. Lex pulls out Kryptonite from within his suit and it weakens Superman and shoots him with his suit and knocks him out. Takes him.
    - Lex takes superman in and examines him. He takes DNA. Superman is having a nightmare, he’s screaming while he’s sleeping. (Flash backs of General Zod and killing him. Also he hears a voice, its more clear this time, its asking for help.)
    - Still having the nightmare, Superman wakes up in his bed. He tries to call Lois, but she doesn’t answer. He gets his suit on and flies out the window. (He was out for a whole day, Lex gave him a sleeping potion when he was affected by the Kryptonite)
    - Superman flies to the scene, he sees destruction at the Government building and he hears screaming and sees people running. (The building is starting to burn down.) He flies to the people trying to help them escape the building. He flies to the burning part of the building. He flies inside and sees Lex destroying technology that the Government made. Destroying missies and weapons.
    - Lex talks to Superman, and flies up next to Superman. He says he wants to team up with him to take over the world. Superman refuses and Lex gets mad and shoots him. They start to fight. (Big fight scene) He starts talking about taking over the world, as Superman lies in pain. Lex gives Superman a last chance but he says no, then when he is about to shoot him, Batman shoots Lex from the Bat, (The jet from The Dark Knight Rises)d it sets Superman free. Superman then uses his super strength and abilities to defeat Lex. Batman disappears.
    - Superman looks for Lois but can’t find her, he senses Lex has something to do with it.
    - Superman visits Lex in prison asking him where he put Lois. Lex has a time bomb that is strapped to Lois. He tells Superman he has 30 minutes to find her before the bombs goes off. As Superman leaves, Lex laughs
    - Superman can’t find her. He hears a loud bomb go off downtown. He starts to get angry and flies toward the noise. He hovers above the ruins. He starts to yell, but he looks over and sees Lois inside a black flying aircraft. He flies over to it, as she exits, and the craft flies away. He follows the craft to a cave. A man exits and he thanks him for helping him and Lois. He asks him his name, he looks back and answers “Batman.” They talk for a bit, the he thanks him again and leaves.
    - Clark sees Lois that night, and she’s worried and starts to cry. They kiss and he takes her inside to talk to her. He realizes Batman is a hero.
    - He flies back that night to the bat cave. He uses his X-ray vision to look through the cave and sees it’s connected to Bruce Wayne’s house.
    - He knocks on the front door as Clark Kent. He asks Alfred if Bruce Wayne is home. He walks in to greet Bruce. They sit down to talk about Lex, and then they talk about teaming up to find more heroes. Bruce talks about his sidekick who’s now his own hero, Nightwing, and his wife Selina, Catwoman. Clark gets interrupted from a call from Lois, and she says there’s an alien ship bout the prison Lex Luthor is in.
    - They both leave as Superman and Batman, and the Alien ship hovers over the prison. Brainiac starts to talk. He introduces himself and says he’s taking Lex Luthor. Superman and Batman look up at ship from the ground. (Last scene, showing them standing next to each other, view from back, looking up)

    • This… Would not work. But thank you for at least trying to be creative.

      • It was just something i just thought up, I know it wont work, it have to have alot of adjustments, but its something to work off of.

      • Also, this is only a little bit of the details. There’s much more i wrote. If i really wanted to, i would write it all on here, but it’d be a waste of time. My ideas are more for my comfort and imagination, not for everyone else to see. If i wanted to write a movie script, id contact the professionals and let them see my ideas and write with them. This is just a hobby.

        • It was fun reading…thanks for sharing.

          • Thanks, appreciate it.

      • If you’re going to condemn something to not work, at least try to explain WHY it’s not going to work dude. Constructive critiscm, please…

    • Enjoyed reading this…thanks for sharing and keep writing!

      • Thanks!

    • I got bored and updated this idea. Ill post it tomorrow, let me know what you think please.

  16. I honestly think the doomsday thing is a nice touch but I want an answer to the movie that could possibly do a tie in. SPOILER!!!!! At one point went Clark is in the Genesis Chamber there is an open pod which looked like it was empty with the dead elders. I think it would be nice just to say “to hell with it” and make him a long lost descendant of Lex Luthor. I know it is a long shot but would be pretty cool in my opinion.

  17. Man of Steel #2 villain: Brainiac.
    In the meantime, get the Flash movie going, and also Green Lantern #2!

  18. I don’t know about using lex as a main antagonist that’s been done repeatedly and last time they did it didn’t turn out so good if the keep the kryptonion healing power right zod could come back because superman was “killed” by doomsday but came back from healing

  19. How about the Doomsday?