Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Already Being Planned

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Superman Man of Steel 2 Sequel Rumor Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel hasn’t even been released yet, and support for the film is already growing. After the movie was shown internally to Warner Bros. executives and their families (and went over well), the test screenings are already generating hype for the reboot to be one of this year’s best films (granted, those reports seem to be coming from fans).

Now it seems like avoiding disaster isn’t all that Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have accomplished, as rumors suggest that Warner Bros. is so pleased with Man of Steel, they’re – we hope you’re sitting down for this – moving forward with plans for a sequel, with Goyer continuing as writer.

Obviously, the report of a sequel being green-lit by studio executives (provided by ThinkMcFlyThink) isn’t exactly a shock (Warner Bros. did the very same thing with Green Lantern 2 well before Green Lantern was released), but it does reinforce the earlier rumors of just how well the film is being received by those in charge. Goyer has gone on record as saying it’s a film he’s proud of, and while the weight those words carry depends on how you view his past work, what’s been shown so far is promising.

So if Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan have indeed succeeding in delivering a ‘Nolan story with Snyder action,’ and apparently more action than some will expect, what does that leave them for the sequel?

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

When talking comic book movies, the path to follow for a sequel is usually to take things to a bigger and bolder place – usually by introducing a major villain that most fans will recognize from previous movies or incarnations. But given how massive” Russell Crowe already claims this film to be, and Goyer’s approach to Man of Steel‘s story – that they’re treating it “as if it were real,” not heightened or fantastical – following that formula may prove more difficult. Then again, nothing about telling a Superman story is ever easy; just ask anyone who’s tried to bring the big blue Boy Scout to the screen before.

But if Goyer, Nolan and Snyder intend to tell a second story surrounding the Last Son of Krypton, there’s no shortage of villains and plot lines begging for adaptation. Which ones would best fit the new take on the character can’t be guessed until Man of Steel is released, but hints are apparently already being dropped.

Fans are always waiting for an appearance by Lex Luthor or Brainiac, and while those might have seemed far-fetched for a character as grounded as the team’s ‘Dark Knight,’ we know Superman will be fighting beings from another world fairly regularly. So anything’s possible.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

The reason Warner Bros. is most interested in making the most of Snyder’s rebooted Superman is no secret, as sources close to the studio have consistently reported that a Justice League movie is having trouble getting off the ground. The script by Will Beall (Gangster Squad) has reportedly been scrapped, and there’s no shortage of detractors who believe that the project is doomed regardless of who’s behind it.

Mark Millar, for instance, gave his view of the film as a disaster waiting to happen (having previously complimented the script profusely, prior to him becoming the Fox’s superhero consultant).

Whatever the case, Warner Bros. has been candid in explaining that they’re focused on making Man of Steel a success before going any further into development of a Justice League film. One insider previously reported that the the studio was even prepared to build a Man of Steel trilogy if the opportunity arose, putting JL or a Batman reboot on the back-burner entirely.

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

We’re not sold on the idea of Warner Bros. ‘scrambling’ over what to do with their DC Comics properties, since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was one of their most profitable in years, and Man of Steel is a safe bet for blockbuster ticket sales. It’s also worth reminding everyone that there’s no proof Justice League had enough momentum to run off the tracks – the 2015 release date was alleged, not announced. For all we know, letting Superman chart the same course Batman did (structurally, not creatively) has been the plan all along.

Which would you prefer, if Man of Steel proves to be a successful – an immediate Man of Steel sequel or a Justice League film? Let us know in the comments.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th, 2013.


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Source: Think McFly Think

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  1. I would love to see Lex Luthor and Brainiac in the sequel… Brainiac is a must!!!

    • I would love to see a Man of steel Sequel .

  2. David S Goyer says that about every project he’s ever been involved with so what credibility does that offer?

    • i wonder whos gonna get killed off in these movies? goyer’s work always includes killing off someone. its kinda irritating but i am a fan of tdk trilogy. hopefully he doesnt turn this into like the blade movies.

  3. why do they do this?

  4. World’s Finest!!!!!

  5. a man of steel sequel would be fine just so long as they mention the fact that hes not the only hero out there fighting crime and it doesnt have to follow marvel to the T. i hate having to wait for all the credits to role to get a hint of whats coming!! put batman,green lantern,wonderwomen,flash.. anybody right at the end or in the middle a little cameo.. hell soon as it start just so long as they adress that hes not alone.

  6. Joseph could easily be Night Wing if Bale returns as Batman…

  7. For some reason this website keeps throwing half my comments out as spam if too long. Spam comes in a can and tastes pretty good. This place, however, is for comments, so I want Green lantern (Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds) #2 first, The Flash (Barry Allen)next, maybe Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) & Hourman (Rex Tyler) team-up movie after that, and then Justice League. If you also want to slip in a mini-team-up introduction movie of Hawkman/The Atom/Martian Manhunter, and also a team-up Green Lantern/Flash movie in there, too, that would be OK. But get ‘em done fast, get ‘em done right. There: I kept this comment shorter. let’s see if it tries to “spam me out” this time!

  8. The problem with this project is that, with the success of Marvel’s Avengers, everyone wants to see DC follow some kind of paradigm of success and see the same kind of response. The success of The Avengers is less about the storyline (let’s be honest, there was not much needed with the action), and more about the studio continually finding a way to break new ground and do new things. If WB wants success, Christopher Nolan, Zach Snyder, and David S. Goyer is the team to do it, as long as they are willing to take risks and do the unexpected.

  9. why does it have to be either a supes trilogy or jla movie? why cnt we get a batman/ superman flick instead? be alot easier to tell and people would go nuts over it!

    • They tried to do a Superman/Batman movie after Superman Returns and Batman Begins came out but it didn’t work. I think that it could work now if they do it correctly. Let the Superman Trilogy play out, then do a Batman and Superman team up to launch the Justice League. That could generate some interest in a Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman spinoff train. Not to mention an opportunity to reboot or revisit a Green Lantern movie. As far as actors to play them, I think Ryan Reynolds should get a second shot at Hal Jordan, Chris Pine would rock Barry Allen, Lynn Collins would make a perfect Wonder Woman, and as far as Aquaman goes, Josh Holloway, Aaron Eckart, anybody would have a very hard time making it work.

  10. I think that DC could knock the ball out of the park if they skip all of the re-tellings of origins and jump to a story like Kingdom Come! They could use the books as their storyboards and find mature unknowns and lay the smackdown on MARVEL! I loved the MARVEL flicks and the Avengers, but I also loved the story DC created about the rise of the meta-humans and the fear it created. Three movies and BOOM, then they can go back and redo all the origin stories, or delve into the future of that storyline. I think Kingdom Come is the way to go.

    • Agreed. I can see clint eastwood as an aged and gruff bats…never understood why we always have to sit through 2 hrs of origin story. I think ppl are familiar enough with these modern day greek gods to get right down to brass tax

      • Don’t be so quick to dismiss the idea of origin stories. Sure, we all know who Batman is, what his motivation was, and how he came to be the Dark Knight. However, an origin story doesn’t just tell the background of the character. It sets the tone for the specific storyline. Batman Begins set the tone and started the Nolan story. Without it, we would all have our own ideas of who the League of Shadows were, and the kind of person Bruce Wayne was. An origins story is more than the beginning of a character, it’s the beginning of the story teller as well. Warner Brothers doing origin stories will allow them to reimagine every character, every storyline, and start over, separated from Nolan if desired.

        • agreed

      • Because not everyone knows Superhero origins, not everyone is a nerd like us. And you have to hook the young future nerds as well. Bottom line it’s a business.

  11. Man of Steel (Part 2)- CASTING CALL

    Robert Patrick as Lex Luther
    Ben Kingsley as Brainiac
    AnnaSophia Robb as Supergirl/Kara
    Alexander Ludwig as James “Jimmy” Olsen
    John Slattery as Perry White
    Bruce Greenwood as Lt. Daniel Turpin
    Nicole Kidman as Captain Margaret “Maggie” Sawyer
    Marcia Cross as Mercy Graves
    Bill Pullham as Morgan Edge
    J.K. Simmons as General Sam Lane
    Catherine O’Hara as Ellen Lane
    Jennifer Love Hewitt as Lucy Lane
    Reese Witherspoon as Catherine Grant
    Daniel Craig as Zor-El (SUPERGIRL: MOS Spin-Off)
    Heather Locklear as Allura In-Ze (SUPERGIRL: MOS Spin-Off)

    • Some of your casting choices are interesting. I have to ask, however: WHY do keep wanting to recast Perry White? Laurence Fishburne is playing him in “Man of Steel”, so he’ll likely play him in the sequel.

      • I heard there’s going to be changes in the sequel we dont know the options.

        • Racist pig

    • i bet on laura vandervoort as supergirl/kara

  12. I think DC needs to be patient and follow marvels plan. Fans wanted to see avengers so bad because it had all the characters from the origin movies. It’ll be worth waiting 5 years for JL if we see man of steel 2, Wonder Woman, the flash (maybe a much better green lantern), etc beforehand. I also think batman should be treated as the hulk in avengers. We don’t need a reboot, just introduce his story in JL and make batman sequels for phase 2

    • Cost of production and marketing for a Wonder Woman movie and a Flash movie to say nothing of a rebooted Green Lantern movie plus an Aquaman movie and Martian Manhunter movie (if these guys are going to be on the team) — well, it would cost Warner Bros. damn-near $2 billion.

      Suggested “short films” would probably be more the way to go, promoted heavily over the Internet and offered through cable services together with other media outlets.

      I’m sure all talk of JUSTICE LEAGUE is a “trial balloon” for Warner Bros. but they do have an incredible opportunity with its stable of comic superheroes, especially given Batman has a trilogy and Superman has a franchise of films, no matter the variance in their tonality. No body has to tell anyone who these characters are; they just need to make the damn JL film.

    • a flash movie IS needed not just to introduce him.. but because it would be GREAT with the right director.. a WW ISNT.. shes Wonder Woman.. WHO doesnt know wonder woman?

      &if it IS she has to be the DC counterpart to Thor.. id imagine shes descendant of Aliens who influenced the greek pantheon (Genesi) but went into exile (Olympus: artificial pocket dimension)when their conflict with other powerful closely related warlike aliens (apokalipti) threatens to destroy earth.. the amazons are remnants of their civilisation &the 300 strong personal guard of the genesi leader on earth (hinted at being Zeus)&theyre tasked with guarding Themyscera; an artificially engineered “mobile” island (ala Lost)that protects one of only two known portals to the olympus dimension the other being deep in the Mariana Trench protected by the leaders older brother Poseidon…..

      i digress she’s the result of a forbidden (unkown)union between the head of the amazon guard &the head of olympus as a result the embryos frozen until modern ages &raised to believe she is of devine birth growing up whilst taught to be a warrior… warrior women

      the idea needs some fleshing out but it could easily tie into the MoS universe &a semi-relistic alien intervantionist tone for establishing her background without going off into some magical fantasy romp that wont gel with ANYTHING let alone the more grounded characters of any future JL venture

  13. WB should go for the record. Make MoS meets The Dark Knight and bring back Bale. Period.

  14. I say Build it up to a Superman/Doomsday movie where Superman dies at the end. Then another movie after that following the story of when he came back.

  15. Warner brothers sucks, I mean come on marvel is years ahead of them, they still can’t make up their minds if they want to do a superman trilogy or a justice league? Justice league is a no brainier just follow the marvel recipe and you can have your cake and eat it too. With man of steel, flash, wonder woman, man of steel 2, aqua man and then a justice league. Link all the movies with scenes like marvel but have the scenes link during the movie, say a news report during man of steel 2 showing the flash. DC has great heros and villains, just incompetence at the helm coupled by political correctness (gay green lantern, superman denoucning his American citizenship. They also stick way to close to the comics follow marvel and do what makes sense not 100% comic based. If the avengers can succeed then so can justice league but must be done right! Hell throw cyborg in instead of hawk girl

  16. And one last thing, someone mentioned the cost being 2 billion…marvels movies have costed 1.2 B…people forget how much billion is now days…they havens over 4 billion before iron man 3 came out which raked in nearly $700 million on opening weekend.

  17. I really would like to see Man of Steel continue and move forward with many new parts. JL should be animated and that’s it and left alone. I believe seeing each character in its own big screen spot light is better. Bring Wonder Women,.. It’s time. SuperGirl, well maybe not, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it. With these days technology she can even look good on the big screen again.

  18. i wanna see a sucsessful man of steel trilogy before anything

  19. Man of Steel needs 3 or 4 sequel movies more be for they make a j/l movie as well as 1st making a wonder woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian manhunter & sequels to all of them aswell & to the already movie made Green lantern.
    Batman has a good start already so he’s ready but its ok if they make more movies for him as well if W.B. & D.C. wants to but the others need 2 start on their own 1st b 4 they get thrown on to the big screen all together like that. Learn from Marvel & then do it better. I love D.C. but like Marvel too but they are kicking D.C.’s ass & not just on the big screen but every where in the media, Fantastic 4, X-Men, Spider Man, Hulk, Captin America, Iron Man & all there sequels & idk what other movies out there that they have lol. They made them, gave them sequels, wrote them good & got there chance to make the Avengers, D.C. can learn alot about that & there mistakes as well & in time beat Marvel.

  20. I’m glad they restared Super Man but i hope they don’t mess it up, include the best villains, We know Zod & Lex will be in this one & God i hope they make more then just 1 sequel but they should include Brianiac, Dooms day, Dark side but have D/S b in the last movie or may be even have dark side be the villian in the J/L movie. Super girl should be in there by the 3rd movie or the 1 with brianic sence she should have some knowledge of brianiac & have her sent to the future @ some point cause we all know she ends up there lol, Super girl is a part of Superman so i know some may not agree but she needs to be in it @ some point, krypto & streaky can stay out lol

  21. I will like to see Supergirl in the MOS sequels… How Kara came to earth on a rocket ship from Argo City. She was sent from her father and mother Zor-El and Allura In-Ze.

  22. I want my JLA in 2015!!! They could do things in the style of how New Frontier introduced new characters like Hal Jordan, Barry Allen,Martian Manhunter etc

  23. Iam hyappy with man of steel trilogy or jla Guys listen we must make this movie box ofiice huge more than iron man 3 only than people who claim box office only matters to decide a quality of the film will accept that man of steel is better or the best pls guys i am counting on all of u

    • If MAN OF STEEL does not have an opening weekend that will put its box office total north of $100,000,000 then the film will have to rely on overseas b.o. returns to put it over the top.

      The natural fall of box office receipts will have any film drop incrementally each week given the attrition of competition, word-of-mouth, and other distractions.

      Only TITANIC and THE PASSION reversed this trend, seeing the box office actually increase in succeeding weeks.

      • Scream also increased during its second weekend.. So have several others. It doesn’t happen often but it’s definitely happened to more than 3 films. Paranormal Activity is another one.

  24. I’m personally sick of luthor…he has no powers. If u decide to bring luthor…let him team up with a supervillain and also let him wear his power suit for the love of God. Thx

  25. just Man of Steel sequels…l0is and Clark romances is a must<3<3<3..