Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Already Being Planned

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Superman Man of Steel 2 Sequel Rumor Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel hasn’t even been released yet, and support for the film is already growing. After the movie was shown internally to Warner Bros. executives and their families (and went over well), the test screenings are already generating hype for the reboot to be one of this year’s best films (granted, those reports seem to be coming from fans).

Now it seems like avoiding disaster isn’t all that Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have accomplished, as rumors suggest that Warner Bros. is so pleased with Man of Steel, they’re – we hope you’re sitting down for this – moving forward with plans for a sequel, with Goyer continuing as writer.

Obviously, the report of a sequel being green-lit by studio executives (provided by ThinkMcFlyThink) isn’t exactly a shock (Warner Bros. did the very same thing with Green Lantern 2 well before Green Lantern was released), but it does reinforce the earlier rumors of just how well the film is being received by those in charge. Goyer has gone on record as saying it’s a film he’s proud of, and while the weight those words carry depends on how you view his past work, what’s been shown so far is promising.

So if Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan have indeed succeeding in delivering a ‘Nolan story with Snyder action,’ and apparently more action than some will expect, what does that leave them for the sequel?

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

When talking comic book movies, the path to follow for a sequel is usually to take things to a bigger and bolder place – usually by introducing a major villain that most fans will recognize from previous movies or incarnations. But given how massive” Russell Crowe already claims this film to be, and Goyer’s approach to Man of Steel‘s story – that they’re treating it “as if it were real,” not heightened or fantastical – following that formula may prove more difficult. Then again, nothing about telling a Superman story is ever easy; just ask anyone who’s tried to bring the big blue Boy Scout to the screen before.

But if Goyer, Nolan and Snyder intend to tell a second story surrounding the Last Son of Krypton, there’s no shortage of villains and plot lines begging for adaptation. Which ones would best fit the new take on the character can’t be guessed until Man of Steel is released, but hints are apparently already being dropped.

Fans are always waiting for an appearance by Lex Luthor or Brainiac, and while those might have seemed far-fetched for a character as grounded as the team’s ‘Dark Knight,’ we know Superman will be fighting beings from another world fairly regularly. So anything’s possible.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

The reason Warner Bros. is most interested in making the most of Snyder’s rebooted Superman is no secret, as sources close to the studio have consistently reported that a Justice League movie is having trouble getting off the ground. The script by Will Beall (Gangster Squad) has reportedly been scrapped, and there’s no shortage of detractors who believe that the project is doomed regardless of who’s behind it.

Mark Millar, for instance, gave his view of the film as a disaster waiting to happen (having previously complimented the script profusely, prior to him becoming the Fox’s superhero consultant).

Whatever the case, Warner Bros. has been candid in explaining that they’re focused on making Man of Steel a success before going any further into development of a Justice League film. One insider previously reported that the the studio was even prepared to build a Man of Steel trilogy if the opportunity arose, putting JL or a Batman reboot on the back-burner entirely.

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

We’re not sold on the idea of Warner Bros. ‘scrambling’ over what to do with their DC Comics properties, since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was one of their most profitable in years, and Man of Steel is a safe bet for blockbuster ticket sales. It’s also worth reminding everyone that there’s no proof Justice League had enough momentum to run off the tracks – the 2015 release date was alleged, not announced. For all we know, letting Superman chart the same course Batman did (structurally, not creatively) has been the plan all along.

Which would you prefer, if Man of Steel proves to be a successful – an immediate Man of Steel sequel or a Justice League film? Let us know in the comments.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: Think McFly Think

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  1. I vote Justice League next. If the above core are the 5 heroes used in “J.L”, only the Flash and Wonder Woman will be the only 2 characters not to have their origins done in a movie already. That leaves a lot of creative room for a team-up movie to be done right.

    But, I have to admit a follow up “Superman”, accepting this is a 250 million buck hit or so this summer, is the safer bet.

      • Who ? 😛 lol

      • And Green Arrow from the TV show ‘Arrow’ :rolls eyes:

    • This I have a feeling is going to make around 350 plus internationally. Look at how much Amazing Spider-man made. Man of Steel also will make a billion internationally because Superman is universal in appeal.

      • *350 Million Domestic.

  2. Lets just have a great first movie before we green light a sequel. It’s great to have plans and think ahead definelty but with the situation that wb is in I think they should focus on making a great film.

    Although it would be cool to see bale in a post credit scene

  3. Man of Steel can’t get here fast enough.

  4. something just speaks to me millar would steal the idea and use it for fox. He did see the script. then works for fox. then says its gonna be a disaster…

  5. I thought this was planned to be a trilogy and if its good, more.

  6. I think most fan boys are tired of Lex Luthor, been done to death. Please no more LL!

      • I definitely want to see brainiac in the sequel. That’s the one Superman villian we’ve yet to see on the big screen and he’s a major enough villian to build a story around. I would say add luthor to it, but then people will likely think of that Kevin Smith script, Superman lives. So IMO it should just be brainiac.

        • The Main villain I will like to see in MAN OF STEEL (Part 2) is Brainiac appearing on Planet Krypton and the civilization he takes of advantage of is Kandor. Which is Based on the SUPERMAN: BRAINIAC crossover ? & “His cousin Kara as herself SUPERGIRL” she needs to appear in the sequel first and become a spin off.

          This is how Planet Krypton has 2 cities Kandor and Argo ? We need to see The Family of Kal-El appear in the MAN OF STEEL sequels. The SUPERMAN fans are looking forward seeing Supergirl get tight in.

        • Yeah I think Brainiac would be a great idea. I wouldn’t mind Bizarro, too. Both are powerful enough to give us some great smack-downs with Superman, but are distinct enough from other Kryptonians like Zod to keep it fresh.

          I do want Luthor in the films in some capacity, but I’m not exactly in a rush to see him take prime villain position again so soon.

          • I think Brainiac could be the most likely (in some way), with Lex dropped in to take over in a potential third movie.

      • How was Joker done to death? Before TDK he appeared in 1 other movie, 2 if you count the Tv movie from nearly 50 years ago. Where as Lex Luthor has been in all but 1 Superman movie. Not even comparable.

    • @KC

      No more LL? Lex Luthor? Lois Lane? Lana Lang?

      • Please, be considerate

    • Instead of leaving JGL in the middle, they can do something like making JGL the Batman from Batman Beyond and Bale as the regular Batman for JL . Then we can also see some more gadgets from JGL’s own independent movie.. woohoo!

  7. in fact,I only have interest in green lantern

  8. I’ve been really tired of Lex Luthor!!!!!!!!

    • Me too! All the incarnations done till now have shown a weak Lex Luthor.

  9. Doomsday. Pleeeeaaaase let him be the next villain haha

  10. Why should they go straight to Justice League, if this film takes off (which I believe there is a strong chance of) the Batman mythology is set up and this would set up a Superman universe, I think they should do a batman/superman team up film – against say lex Luther (who cares really). From that point WB could build and create a wider universe with Wonder-Woman the flash and so on.

  11. I hope this new superman franchise goes beyond a trilogy, since there are so many great superman villains to pick from, heck i wouldnt mind see a lex much much closer to his comic book counter part of course, but im really wanting to see brainiac,lobo,parasite,bizarro,hank henshaw,metallo,darkseid,mongal,the eradicator,and then doomsday.

  12. I never buy into “Internal Screening”.

    Most of Internal Screenings are done for Studio Executives, Pure Fan Boys, They are not the ones who ultimately buy the tickets and make it a blockbuster or a dud.

    Green Lantern as I recall had great “Internal Screening” Raves.

  13. The JL delay will be a good thing, the film isn’t ready and I’d prefer they wait and do the league “justice” ahem.

    I’d like to see Man of Steel do well, and maybe we’ll get a Flash and Wonder Woman film before JL. But with the planned supes trilogy, bats and JL and all else will have to wait.

  14. Mxyzptlk next! 😉

    • +1

  15. The creative team of MOS had to learn something from Superman Returns. I’m hoping it will be a good popcorn flick. A planned sequel already? I say bring it on. I too wish they would film some of these superhero flicks together like Donner did with Superman and superman 2; it certainly would save production costs. If they would do a Lord of the rings/ Hobbit…the way those films are shot simoustanously and release a year apart, we could look forward to a film every year.
    They definately need to get Green Lantern back on track…Aquaman ( James cameron…you are the water guy, so get on it)and Flash; Wonder Woman needs to be fasttracked as well.

  16. Just move on with a sequel. It’ll be easier for the studio to get off the ground and they’ve got a creative team in place.

    I do see them using Luthor for the villain in Man of Steel 2, similar to how the Joker was the main villain in The Dark Knight.

  17. With a successful Superman franchise does Warner Brothers need a Justice League? They tried a super hero team up back in 2009 and gave it everything they had. Financially it didn’t pan out as well as they would’ve liked, probably by several multipliers. Having one mega-successful super hero franchise at a time might be Warner’s goal from now on. If they wait say for Superman to run three films before rebooting Batman they could wait to do another take on him as far out as say 2020. By that point Superman might be tonally in a position where they could both exist in the same world.

    In the intervening years plenty of people will work on the issues of bringing another DC character live to the big screen. Working another character as they did Green Lantern in, in say 9 years time, is less risky then trying to introduce one or three in two years. Having failed financially with Green Lantern and Watchmen they know where not to take team-ups and new live action CB movies. However those movies still exist and whether they use those as subjects for newer releases or other CB characters might be more about what comes out of any effort by screenwriters to produce a hit and not on what audience demand might seem to be…

  18. Bale’s Batman could come out of retirement for JL and JGL could be the Batman in Gotham. Have a Batman Corps thing going on. Nice way to explain it. Queue batman voice “I have saved Gotham, now I must save the world, but I can’t do it alone”. Or something to this effect to explaIn continuity questions. The true original Batman moves onto bigger things – JL – while his successor looks after Gotham

  19. Meh, I wouldn’t waste my money on a Superman film. I already know that it’s not going to be all that great.

    • Who you been talking to?

  20. Here is the titles to the MAN OF STEEL sequels:


  21. Green Lantern was the last WB/DC movie to get great internal reviews, and how did that work out for them???

    I still don’t think this movie will be all that good.

  22. I don’t see why there needs to be this rush to get a JL film out there. Warner/DC needs to ignore what Marvel is doing, aside from taking notes about how they did it, and focus on one character at a time and getting them right, before trying to cram 5 or 6 of them into one film…

    Superhero films are hard enough to get right, and when they are rushed it almost never ends well… Im all for one or two more Superman films before they even start hinting at JL… but if they want to go the Marvel route and start dropping hints in a shared universe that would be cool too.

    I would love to see a post credits scene of a cafe table with a few newspapers on it, an over the shoulder camera angle as a man picks up the Daily Planet with a front page article of Supermans exploits and the camera pans around to reveal a concerned/skeptical looking Bruce Wayne played by Bale… cut to black.

  23. There are a couple ways they could go.

    From a financial standpoint I think they should just do a Superman trilogy cuz it will make them tons of money. Then if they must, they can do a JLA film.

    Personally tho, I think they should use the 2nd or 3rd sequel to Man of Steel to introduce a new Batman. Then when the time is right, do a Superman and Batman team up film. I think a Superman and Batman team up film could be just as, if not more profitable than a JLA film.

    Ps. As much as I like the DKT I think they shouldn’t use Bale as Batman. Regardless of ur personal view of the DKR, its clear that the story of Bale as Batman has concluded. In my opinion they would b hard pressed to find a plausable way to bring him back.

  24. Do a Superman sequel, have Brainiac as the villain, introduce Luthor (unless he already is introduced in MOS) but keep him in the background (similar to Norman Osborn in the Amazing Spider-Man movie) and have Doomsday crash land on Earth at the end to lead into a Justice League movie that requires the whole team to defeat him.

  25. That is bat Sh*t funny, “After the movie was shown internally to Warner Bros. executives and their families (and went over well),” NO SH*T they like it!! it woul be GREAT if they hated it!!

  26. Doesn’t the fact that the Exec’s Green lit GL 2 far in advance f GLbeing released say it all? THEY THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT MOVIE ALSO! It would be kinda funny if this flops like GL did just to show how OUT OF TOUCH DC/WB really is.

    • Wouldn’t be even better if MOS succeeds and shows that, maybe, WB/DC is finally learning from its earlier mistakes?

      If you’ve given up, why bore us with your negativity?

  27. I say bring in Bizarro for the second with Lex Luthor as a cameo villian mastermind behind the creation of Bizarro.

    then for the third one have Lex Luthor and Brainiac as the main villians, with a cameo of Darkseid and Cyborg (Human form).

    then for the fourth one (the Death of Superman storyline) bring in Doomsday, and Cyborg (beginning scene shows him becoming Cyborg), and a cameo of Darkseid again in the credits scene ready to attack the man of steel.

    then the fifth one (Superman/Doomsday storyline), have Doomsday, Darkseid, Brainiac, Cyborg, and Lex Luther becoming President.

    sixth movie bring in Parasite as a minor villian in a brief scene and Mr. Mxyzptlk and Metallo as the main villains