Rumor Patrol: ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel Already Being Planned

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Superman Man of Steel 2 Sequel Rumor Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel hasn’t even been released yet, and support for the film is already growing. After the movie was shown internally to Warner Bros. executives and their families (and went over well), the test screenings are already generating hype for the reboot to be one of this year’s best films (granted, those reports seem to be coming from fans).

Now it seems like avoiding disaster isn’t all that Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have accomplished, as rumors suggest that Warner Bros. is so pleased with Man of Steel, they’re – we hope you’re sitting down for this – moving forward with plans for a sequel, with Goyer continuing as writer.

Obviously, the report of a sequel being green-lit by studio executives (provided by ThinkMcFlyThink) isn’t exactly a shock (Warner Bros. did the very same thing with Green Lantern 2 well before Green Lantern was released), but it does reinforce the earlier rumors of just how well the film is being received by those in charge. Goyer has gone on record as saying it’s a film he’s proud of, and while the weight those words carry depends on how you view his past work, what’s been shown so far is promising.

So if Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan have indeed succeeding in delivering a ‘Nolan story with Snyder action,’ and apparently more action than some will expect, what does that leave them for the sequel?

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

When talking comic book movies, the path to follow for a sequel is usually to take things to a bigger and bolder place – usually by introducing a major villain that most fans will recognize from previous movies or incarnations. But given how massive” Russell Crowe already claims this film to be, and Goyer’s approach to Man of Steel‘s story – that they’re treating it “as if it were real,” not heightened or fantastical – following that formula may prove more difficult. Then again, nothing about telling a Superman story is ever easy; just ask anyone who’s tried to bring the big blue Boy Scout to the screen before.

But if Goyer, Nolan and Snyder intend to tell a second story surrounding the Last Son of Krypton, there’s no shortage of villains and plot lines begging for adaptation. Which ones would best fit the new take on the character can’t be guessed until Man of Steel is released, but hints are apparently already being dropped.

Fans are always waiting for an appearance by Lex Luthor or Brainiac, and while those might have seemed far-fetched for a character as grounded as the team’s ‘Dark Knight,’ we know Superman will be fighting beings from another world fairly regularly. So anything’s possible.

Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

The reason Warner Bros. is most interested in making the most of Snyder’s rebooted Superman is no secret, as sources close to the studio have consistently reported that a Justice League movie is having trouble getting off the ground. The script by Will Beall (Gangster Squad) has reportedly been scrapped, and there’s no shortage of detractors who believe that the project is doomed regardless of who’s behind it.

Mark Millar, for instance, gave his view of the film as a disaster waiting to happen (having previously complimented the script profusely, prior to him becoming the Fox’s superhero consultant).

Whatever the case, Warner Bros. has been candid in explaining that they’re focused on making Man of Steel a success before going any further into development of a Justice League film. One insider previously reported that the the studio was even prepared to build a Man of Steel trilogy if the opportunity arose, putting JL or a Batman reboot on the back-burner entirely.

Justice League Movie Character List Rumor Patrol: Man of Steel Sequel Already Being Planned

We’re not sold on the idea of Warner Bros. ‘scrambling’ over what to do with their DC Comics properties, since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was one of their most profitable in years, and Man of Steel is a safe bet for blockbuster ticket sales. It’s also worth reminding everyone that there’s no proof Justice League had enough momentum to run off the tracks – the 2015 release date was alleged, not announced. For all we know, letting Superman chart the same course Batman did (structurally, not creatively) has been the plan all along.

Which would you prefer, if Man of Steel proves to be a successful – an immediate Man of Steel sequel or a Justice League film? Let us know in the comments.

Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14th, 2013.


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  1. Theres no need to rush but I understand Warner Bros. need to launch a Justice League movie.
    However, Superman needed a much deserved re-entry not only because im a life-long fan but this franchise needs a chance. So lets gets the sequel going (with Lex Luther as the next villain) and then focus on a JL movie, but before that complete a final part to Superman (with Doomsday as the next villain) …and then we can concentrate on JL.
    I guess all of tge above can be wrapped up by 2017…!

  2. I think they should introduce Batman in the next one, with the villains being Brainiac and Lex Luthor.

    Then you can have the epic Justice League movie with everyone, with Darkseid as the villain.

    For a Man of Steel 3, the story should be based on the Superman/Batman: Supergirl graphic novel by Jeph Loeb. It would be alright because we already introduced Wonder Woman and Darkseid.

    It would also bring the trilogy into a full circle. Superman is now no longer the last remaining Kryptonian, and he would in a way adopt Kara Zor-El as his own family.

  3. Man of Steel 2!!!

  4. Hi friends, I live in Mexico City and I have seen Man of Steel five times.

    I prefer a trylogy of Man of Steel

  5. i think it’s important to introduce the idea of a justice league or for that matter other earthly heroes in man of steel 2. than have the death of superman for man of steel 3, in which the there is a small scene of heroes come in to help superman fight of doomsday, and only at the end of man of steel 3 are they known as justice league. than continue on with justice league movies

    • Good idea but don’t kill off Superman. I’d like to see a complete line up of JL. Actually I’d like to see a JL now.

  6. I think for the man of steel sequel, they should have Lex Luthor be the villain. Call it “Man of Steel Returns”, and I think Jon Hamm would be perfect for the role of Lex Luthor. Introduce the daily planet photographer Jimmy Olsen, and have Michel Cera play him. Have Lex Luthor build his exoskeleton to fight superman man to man. For Man of steel 3, have him face off with Darksied, Bizzaro, and Lex Luthor Jr.

  7. I think before JL is produced, MOS sequel should be made with due consideration of introducing if not all, some of other members of the league.

    Even if it is in the dialogue be it a line or two, it should be made with relatively relevance to the plot so as to whip up much interest in the JL franchise. For now, much if not all of the silver screen credit has gone to Batman and Superman, with little or no consideration to the others, which I believe, have followings of their own.

    Origin stories of the other characters is a necessity for JL’s grand entry onto the silver screen as it will help build a wider fanbase for it.

    This is very relevant as the measure of success of movies and their franchises do not only depend on the skills of the cast, crew and production executives but especially on box office sales.

    I believe MOS deserves a sequel before the release of a JL movie.

  8. Man of Steel II – Brainiac as the villain, Ronda Rousey as Kara El, (aka Supergirl), Lost City of Kandor (the only place where the supes can lose their abilities then escape from the save the universe). Lex Corp ‘borrowing’ remains of Brainiac to save the planet from the God-Man. Which brings us to Man of Steel III. Luthor creates a replica droid of Supes. The question is: Who will play the part of Lex? Please, no flabby old white guys. Lex needs to ruthless and more capable of doing his own dirty work.

  9. How about DC release Man of Steel II first. Than release other superheroes like The FLASH and Wornder Woman. See how the fan like it and it successfully get good review. Then move on with MOS III. After that.. Justice League

  10. K,
    Saw MoS for the second time and I still can’t help notice that Gen. Zod had the sickle of Superman Red Son on his chest. Considering that introducing Darkseid is too close to the Avengers 2 Thanos, perhaps going the multi-verse route in an alternative universe is not a bad alternative (no pun intended lol). Think about it (spoiler), Superman killing someone always leads him to becoming the global dictator like in the current game Injustice: Gods amongst us and you guessed it my comic book über nerds, Red Son. Warner Bros. need to stop spoon feeding its audience on the understanding of the DC universe and realize that the fans they are trying to reach are well educated in the different story lines. As per the newbies, they can always be brought up to speed with clever marketing ploys leading up to the movie(s). In my opinion, combine the ‘Crime Syndicate’ and replace ‘Ultra Man’ with the Red Son. Batman can be introduced as the Russian counter-part (a la JGL stealing the show in Dark knight rises). A perfect tie in would be if making separate JLA movies, Owl Man sends each opposing super villain to there counter parts (watch JLA: Crisis on infinite earths DC animation) to make a mystery appearance with the last Superman movie in the new trilogy leading into the JLA movie. Now, hey WB, Martian Manhunter is a shape shifter, so logically he may have already been in all the Nolan movies. Perhaps JGL was one of his versions lol. Hope they don’t muck it up like Green Lantern. Although, there is still hope after watching the epic battles in MoS. Please WB don’t drop the ball on this one…

  11. I think man of steel 2 but call it the last son of krypton n i think they should do simular to what marvel dif with the end credit scenes or introduce charectors such as flash or martion manhunter then mske seperate movies of the main 5 of the jl then make a jl movie but man of steel 2 should definatly have lex in n maybe metallo

  12. I think man of steel 2 but call it the last son of krypton n i think they should do simular to what marvel dif with the end credit scenes or introduce charectors such as flash or martion manhunter then mske seperate movies of the main 5 of the jl then make a jl movie but man of steel 2 should definatly have lex in n maybe metal-lo

  13. Man of steel sequel. I cant see a luthor story suiting the man of steel style. Braniac story cutting out kara would be wee suited and recieved cutting out the shrinking capitols, but core elements from the plot are very strong and brainiac is a strong enemy. The only problem is it’s another invasion story.

    • honestly, i think in a supermans sequel, they should use Darkseid as villain. its just exhausting watching Lex Luthor and Braniac repeatidly over & over being the bad guys. send over darkseid or doomsday. we want to see superman in action, i mean he is one of the mightiest superhero on the planet, in the universe. why give superman those awesome power to just down grade him everytime with simple puny villans like Lex. and we are tired of seeing Zod too.

  14. Man of steel 2!!
    I personally hate batman.. He gets way more credit then he deserves, he has no powers and for gods sake HE HAS A SIDEKICK! Talk about stupid

  15. well i think its wiser to do a sequel to the superman, b/c its a reboot. let fans get familiar w/ the hero before dooming the jl movie.

  16. Of course, justice league but supposed as did a company Marvel action movies of all the personalities that will represent in this movie such as The Avengers, we did not only see three figures only they are superman, batman, green lantern did not see movies for the rest of the characters, such as flash, wonder women is of the opinion profile that they action movies these two characters before Justice League action so that people know all the characters that are in this film who they are and where they came from and why they joined this team.

  17. I think the story needs a good foundation on the hero and the villain…man of steel sequel would be good. About JL, I think they could have a duo of heroes before going to the group…

  18. Personal I they should include a Batman villain and a Superman villain. My pick for a Superman villain would be Lex Luther and Batman Hugo Strange. I could see Batman probably coming to Metropolis to investigate Luther who is in league with Strange, whose been blackmailing Batman with his secret identity.

    I picked Strange because he’s a good villain and should finally get the silver screen treatment he deserves.

    • good idea

  19. pls use other villains… lex luthor is overrated… i thing it would be cool if brainiac is for the sequel then doomsday… to complete the epic trilogy… I hope there would be no justice league/dark knight cross over… it looks like its imitating the avengers…

    • *think

  20. Man of steel trilogy.. please don’t stop with one or even two.. what a movie.. wow

  21. Yes I want a man of steel sequel. I also want a justice league movie but not in the same movie. I also would like to see the death and return of superman as two movie it would require a rewrite but just as long as Hal Jordan’s green lantern and booster gold are in it because lets face it the second rate version of the jl that was in the death of superman comic was a freaken joke as was the whole Johnathan Kent side story in the world without superman was just a waste of ink and paper.

  22. We’ll personally I’m bait miffed they never made a green lantern 2 I liked that film and thought the actor played it well they shouldn’t abandon poor green lantern before introducing him as part of justice league … Would love a second to man of steal too brilliant film can’t wait for every JL film to be made ….