Warner Bros. Wants Natalie Portman to Play Lois Lane

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The Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot, The Man of Steel, has been dominating headlines since it was announced back in February.  Fan excitement and speculation reached dizzying new heights last week with reports that Nolan and his producing partner Emma Thomas had drawn up a short list of directors for the project.

Yesterday it was revealed that one important name had been left off of that list- Darren Aronofsky. According to Moviehole, there might actually be more to that left-field decision than meets the eye. One of their sources claims Aronofsky’s involvement might be crucial for Warner Bros. to land their first choice for the role of Lois Lane – Natalie Portman.

Evidently they wanted her for Superman Returns before Kate Bosworth landed the part. They’re confident they can get Portman to sign on this time as long as Aronofsky is calling the shots. It would seem they’re banking on the relationship that was forged between the two of them during the making of the upcoming Black Swan.

Now obviously we’re a long way from any deals being made, but is it possible that Aronofsky could use Portman as a bargaining chip to emerge as the frontrunner in this race?

He’s an incredible director and I’m all for Nolan making a less-obvious choice, but I’m not sure his style would be a great match for Superman.  I want to remind everyone of something Nolan said back in June:

What you have to remember about Batman and Superman is that what makes them the best superhero characters there are, the most beloved after all this time, is the essence of who they were when they were created, when they were first developed. You can’t move too far away from that.

That simple statement is the reason I’m not crazy about Aronofsky going anywhere near Superman. He’s immensely talented and probably would have made a great Batman movie (particularly that revisionist Year One film he and Frank Miller were working on), but Batman is not Superman. As a filmmaker he seem to be at odds with the core elements of the character and his mythology. I can’t help but wonder if his potential involvement reveals something about the tone of David Goyer’s script.

As for Portman, she would certainly be an upgrade from Bosworth. In my opinion there were several boneheaded casting decisions in Superman Returns, but none quite as off the mark as that one. It didn’t help that by setting the movie in Donner’s universe Singer was immediately inviting comparisons between Bosworth and Margot Kidder (who remains the quintessential Lois in my mind).

The fact that this is a complete reboot certainly helps, but I’m not 100% sold on Portman either. She would certainly bring more credibility and authority to the role, but my favorite versions of Lois are the ones that are as exuberant as they are intelligent and my immediate reaction is that Portman isn’t quite vivacious enough to pull that off.

Quite honestly, I feel that Nolan dropped the ball with his leading ladies in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (*ducks to avoid projectiles*) so I’m really hoping Superman avoids a similar fate. It comes down to the same concern I’d have with Aronofsky taking the reigns – these are very talented individuals, but I can’t help feeling like there are better choices.

Source: Moviehole.

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  1. The post gets rotten fruit thrown at it not because of Nolan’s alleged mis-cast actresses in the Batman films, but for the mere TREASON of even remotely suggesting the Aronofsky adaptation of Year One would have been great

    An adaptation of Batman: Year One, yes, it was a nifty idea. What they planned in that adaptation, that’s something else. Stick to that story and the next thing I want to see outta you is praise for the Ratner/McG version of Superman and all those radical reimagined departures which (thank God) never took place. Blast into Singer all you want; a continuation of Donner’s film (and Lester’s Supey II takeover) was not one of Returns’ problems. John William’s themes still stirs the emotions.

    By the way, I would have swapped Kate with her co-star Parker Posey.
    Just so you know.

    As for Natlie, well, hey, lookit, she already showed up in V For Vendetta, she’s gonna be in Thor. Noe she “can’t” be Lois? Should Ryan Reynolds have been Hal Jordan after playing Hannibal King and Wade Wilson (and could be Deadpool again)?

    Rachael McAdams would be nothing less than a coup; I’m also going to champion Hilary Swank while I’m at it.

    Oh, and TERI HATCHER was….

    • @darren j seeley- Deep breaths, sir. Take it down a notch. I was suggesting that particular version of Batman (which I even said was revisionist) would have been a good match for Aronofsky as a filmmaker. I was using that to support my opinion that he’s all wrong for Superman. Revisionist Batman? Sure, he could do it with his eyes closed. Superman? Not so much.

      I’m glad they ultimately scrapped the project, but there were a couple of elements from that R-rated, balls to the wall, blue-collar Batman that I liked.

      Save your fruit.

  2. Natalie Portman count me in. My wishlist already included Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams or Anna Kendrick

  3. I have no complaints about Portman. She might not of been my first choice and doesn’t come to mind initially when I think Lois. However, after hearing the rumor the idea has grown on me and I can picture her doing a good job with it.

    I’m not tottally against him as a director, but he certainly isn’t the best choice. His style isn’t really fitting for Superman. I suppose if he could change his style enough he’d be a good fit. It all really depends on how involved Nolan is.

  4. Natalie would be fine, but I doubt it will happen. They should sideline Lois, anyway. And the rest of the Daily Planet staff. Clark should be a victim of downsizing; you know, like in real life. Less Clark, less Clark’s personal dilemmas. More Superman, more Superman FIGHTING SCARY VILLAINS/MONSTERS. I’ll pay double the admission for that, if WB would just do it.

    • @King Mob

      So…you would basically remove the very aspects of the character that make him in slightest bit relateable to ANY audience (not just comics lovers)??? Thank goodness I’m sure Nolan and Warner Brothers will not be this narrow-minded. Taking away the human part of SuperMAN would absolutely destroy the film and the franchise. YIKES…

  5. Isn’t she already Jane Foster in Thor??
    She’s a pretty decent actress but I think Nolan can find someone better. My vote is still on Emily Deschanel from Bones….

    • one word…yes. Emily is HAWT!!!!

    • Would prefer her sister Zooey tbh….

      • That would be like casting Margo Kidder all over again. Yes, Zooey is better looking, but she still looks anorexic. Lois is a voluptuous, sexy woman. I like Zooey, but she is not those things. Erica Durance IS those things, though. 😀

  6. I think the article should be titled DC wants another actor from a Marvel film

    James Marsden
    RYan Reynolds
    Natalie Portman

    Just being cheeky…

    Margot Kidder was never a good fit as Lois Lane to me ..Lois is hot and Kigger is not..

    • That’s exactly what I was going to write

  7. Really like Portman as an actress, but not sure about Lois… I’d like to see someone with more spunk. If they go older, such as Jon Hamm as Supes, then perhaps Rachel McAdams. For younger, I’m not sure. Perhaps someone a bit less known with early Hollywood style and charm, but who would that be???

    • Would Mila Kunis be too left field?? I like her acting since after That 70s Show (and getting that role out of my head took a bit of work).

  8. I like Portman,but no,she just doesn’t seem right for it to me.

    I wouldn’t mind McAdams at all.Would be good to see her teamed up with Brandon Routh.

  9. Ok, Chris, so you thought that Nolan dropped the ball with the leading ladies in the Batman films, but you think Margot Kidder was the “quintessential” Lois Lane?? After that statement I am not sure I can take anything you write seriously! Margot Kidder was THE WORST casting decision in any of the Donner Superman films. Lois Lane is supposed to be HOT, Kidder is NOT. Bosworth was much more suited for the role of Lois than Kidder ever was. Portman might not be the greatest choice, but she’s a damn fine actress and would do the role justice. I’m sure she wouldn’t portray Lois as an anorexic chain-smoker.

    • Erica Durance From Smallville Is the BEST and the HOTTEST Lois Lane to date (did anyone see her in that tank top during the premier? Daaaaaaamn!), Teri Hatcher comes in at a close second.

      Whoever they choose for the reboot has got large bras to fill.

      • Have to agree about Durance. She has the looks, the attitude and acting chops.
        While I like Portman, her subdued acting style is wrong for such a energetic role.

      • Yes.

    • Yeah cause its not like Reeve and Kidder had chemistry. And yes he is right to people growing in the 1970’s and 1980’s she was Lois Lane.

      • Yeah, but you tell me that Jaclyn Smith wouldn’t have been a better Lois? I grew up in that era and even then I knew that Kidder was not the best person for the job.

        Oh, and I agree about Erica Durance. Definitely the best onscreen Lois in any medium.

  10. she is a midget. good actress, but are you kidding me.

  11. Assuming Mr. Nolan casts American performers for this film & considering that Lois is a mix of witty, feisty & beautiful, here are a few other actresses that I think would be worth considering:

    Jennifer Connelly (not sure how feisty she can be)
    Ginnifer Goodwin
    Michelle Monaghan
    Amanda Peet

  12. I realy like Mia Kunis and consider her to be among the hottest women alive (she reminds me of the one who got away back in high school).

    That said I can’t see her in this part she just really doesn’t look anything like Lois . Not to mention I have a hard time picturing her being the brainy type.

  13. BEST SUPERHEROES CHARACTERS??? HAHAHA They are really really far from being the Best Superheroes Characters, Ok Batman yeah maybe one of the best (not the best) but Superman? Come on, I don’t see anything interesting on an alien that can beat everyone easily and has the most stupid “secret identity” of all time.

    • @Kique

      Silly us for thinking that the hero that inspired the golden and silver ages of comicdom (yes, granted, along with a few other heroes AFTER his initial boom) and continues to inspire comic readers and make even younger super hero movie watchers hope for a great reboot/reinterpretation BECAUSE HE IS A GREAT (though fictional) ROLE MODEL in a very troubled world is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest super hero…and my favorite comic hero is Batman!

      Oh, and while we’re on the subject of his disguise and his secret identity (two different concepts): His job as a journalist is great because he can find out things and locate trouble spots to which he might not otherwise be privy AND is humble enough (as he plays it) that he’s able to avoid a swelled head. His DISGUISE is indeed hard to believe, but then how many times have we heard on the eleven o’ clock news, “He seemed so normal; I just can’t believe he could be capable of something like that”?
      Also, cults and scams and many identity thefts are based on the idea that people cannot see what SHOULD be painfully obvious. The greatest literary detectives see the clues, quite often, that are right before everyone’s eyes…thus usually missed by everybody else. Of course, movies with twists work on the exact same principle: “Oh, duh, I should’ve seen that ; NOW, it makes sense” (“The Sixth Sense”, anyone?).

      In short(er)…You’re partially right that it SHOULD be a horrible disguise. People shouldn’t be fooled by such relatively simple efforts, but real life (and various entertainments) illustrates constantly how easily and repeatedly they ARE.

  14. Sorry I mean Superhero Characters not Superheroes characters

  15. Wow I never in my life would of guessed anyone thought Emily Deschanel was hot. I think she’s one of the worst looking female leads on tv. Seriously she looks like a skinny dude in a wig. Have you seen that jaw line ? Not to mention that shrunken head and face that make her look like my neighbors pet pug.

    • Agree

      • Wow, and you’re superhero fans? Would never have guessed.

        • I had to look her up on IMDB. She looks lovely to me.

    • @ Daniel f: Is this really necessary? Can’t you just say you don’t find her attractive and end the post? This is ridiculously rude and I find it slightly offensive. She has unconventional looks and I find that refreshing considering all the plastic surgery and alterations that are portrayed as common and necessary for women today.

      • @Jessie

        Hear, hear! 😀

        I happen to think her features are what make her quite attractive, in point of fact.

        • Some find her stunning.

  16. Erica Durance has done the best portrayal of Lois Lane I have ever seen. Whoever they choose to play the role in the movie will have to get some tips from Erica because she is definitely the quintessential Lois Lane.

    Natalie Portman is a great actress, but this role just isn’t for her. She physically just doesn’t fit the Lois Lane description and isn’t vivacious enough (like it was perfectly stated in the article). She is a step higher when it comes to the looks for the part compared to Bosworth who was the worst actress to ever portray Lois EVER (I can literally talk all day about how bad she was for the film).

    As for the director, I just don’t trust this Aronofsky guy. I would love to see Zach Snyder, he has great cinematography for his comic book adaptions and I can’t even imagine what he would do with Superman! It would be the best comic book film to date (if he plays his cards right)… until I finally finish college and make one myself ;]

    No Natalie Portman

    No Aronofsky

    YES – Zach Snyder

    Hopefully they will be able to find a voluptuous, witty, and daring Lois Lane, like the one in Smallville… Oh God I really hope they don’t blow this one.

  17. Ok i agree with Julissa on the Lois Lane by Durance… I also want to say this again… Tom Welling has been handed the cape by Reeves himself and alomost all the other actors that have been in Supermans Film History. The writers at DC Entertainment have something brewing…. Smallville is in its final Season with Clark becoming who he was meant to be They keep on throwing around “Man Of Steel” and that is the title for the new movie as i read all the time. So why the hell not just extend smallville into the big screen and Have Bale guest Star on smallville near the end of the season they have a great cast already Justin Hartley As Green Arrow in Supermax…. Well im just rambling but it just seems like a viable way to Bring Superman Back with millions of loyal fans….

    • I have actually predicted they would do this 2 years ago. But as time goes on it seems less likely. I think doing that would be the best and easiest way to bring a successful Superman movie to the big screen.

      I’m really not a fan of Christian Bale being Batman anymore though… He looks like he could be the father of the entire Smallville cast and Ryan Reynolds. He stated a few years back that he would refuse to be in a Justice League movie if it ever came down to that so I’m hoping he hasn’t changed his mind.

  18. Are they kidding me .she doesn’t even fit the part. Erica Durance is the only person who should play lois lane.

    • I completely agree.

  19. Don’t agree with Portman as Louis Lane. Here’s a few good female actors that could act the part an kinda look like her.

    1. Rachel McAdams
    2. Jennifer Garner
    3. Kate Beckinsale
    4. Katherine Heigle

    • Is Louis her father? He should be played by Harrison Ford! 😛

  20. I’m tired of actresses with soft complexions playing Lois Lane. I think that Lois should be played by a woman with sharper features, a woman who’s hot and sweet, but still kind of tough looking.

  21. What about either Emily Blunt or Olivia Wilde? Even Jessica Biel would be decent for Lois. Malin Akerman would be good if she wasn’t already in the Watchmen.

  22. i still don’t understand why they just can’t transfer the actors from the show to the big screen..it worked for Star Trek 1-6..of course they were a bit older then they were on the old show it still worked..the actors on smallvile are still quite young and unknown to the big screen..it would work better than x-files too which i assume is why they may be afraid to do that.

  23. also with the fact that they’d have access to a better production as a director-it just seems to make more sense..also with the addition of some minor characters such as Green Arrow,Hawkman,the rest of the Justice League and Checkmate’s Suicide Squad-a spinoff of the past mentioned Green Arrow in jail flick would work really well.

  24. Anyone seen Superman/Batman :Apocalypse yet?

    Why can’t they make a live action film like that. It was great to see Supes unleashing full power on Darkseid. The new movie definately needs to be action packed, with a worthy opponent that Superman can punch through a building.

    Please no Lex, minimal time from Lois and the Daily Planet – we have seen all this before.

    Oh and a big NO to Aronofsky, although a good director the movie needs to be a bit brighter than I can imagine his version would be…

    And surely they can do better than Portman, ok so I know we won’t be getting Erica Durance (she is by far the best Lois yet) but at least find an actress who completely embodies the character…

  25. Natlalie Portman is not even close to Lois Lane. She is hot no doubt but I don’t see the attitude. My real question is why does WB keep wanting to cast skinny crackheads to be Lois? I am all in favor for Erica Durance. She is hot. She has the attitude. Why screw up a good thing.
    As far as this being Smallville the movie. I would be in favor of the cast they have built. The three main characters are awesome picks. I even like they JLA they have built. I think they all fit their characters very well. If Michael Rossenbaum doesn’t want to be Luthor. I thought Kevin Spacey is a better choice anyway.

  26. Gwyneth Paltrow <333

  27. I don’t understand why people are ruling out Natalie Portman based solely on her looks. Actors/actresses have changed their bodies before for movie roles so why couldn’t Portman? I would love to see what she could do with this character. But…

    If not Natalie Portman, I wouldn’t mind seeing the following actresses as Lois Lane:

    1. Michelle Monaghan (excellent in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Gone Baby Gone,” and “Trucker.”)
    2. Christina Ricci (a fine actress who I would like to see in more mainstream media other than a 2-episode arc on “Grey’s Anatomy” four years ago.)
    3. Abby Cornish (I loved her in “Stop-Loss” and “Bright Star” and I can’t wait to see her in “Sucker Punch.”)
    4. Michelle Williams (maybe a little petite but, like Ricci, I would like her to get more recognition for her indie projects (“Wendy and Lucy” “Blue Valentine”)if she were in a few more mainstream movies.)

  28. Portman’s good, but doesn’t have that fiesty, reporter feel at all. I wouldn’t mind if she was picked, but there are way better choices.

    Racheal McAdams, Erica Durance, Rachel Wiez, Emily Blunt, and Michelle Monaghan are the best choices.

    As for Brainiac (more than likely gonna be in the film): Hugo Weaving, Daniel Craig, or Viggo Mortensen have the voice and looks for the part (though should be mechanical like a terminator and transformer meshed together with the comic book incarnation to get the movie look).

    And since he’s no longer crazy I vote Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor.

    • I love Viggo for Brainiac! That’s inspired!

    • No to Hugo Weaving he is already the RED SKULL. And once again i say Kate Beckinsale for Lois.

  29. Also, Erica Durance has easily been the best Lois Lane on screen, but they wont take one person from Smallville. It would be too weird if they had Smallville’s Lois without Smallville’s Superman

    • Superman isnt on Smallville Clark Kent and the Blur are though.