Warner Bros. Wants Natalie Portman to Play Lois Lane

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The Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot, The Man of Steel, has been dominating headlines since it was announced back in February.  Fan excitement and speculation reached dizzying new heights last week with reports that Nolan and his producing partner Emma Thomas had drawn up a short list of directors for the project.

Yesterday it was revealed that one important name had been left off of that list- Darren Aronofsky. According to Moviehole, there might actually be more to that left-field decision than meets the eye. One of their sources claims Aronofsky’s involvement might be crucial for Warner Bros. to land their first choice for the role of Lois Lane – Natalie Portman.

Evidently they wanted her for Superman Returns before Kate Bosworth landed the part. They’re confident they can get Portman to sign on this time as long as Aronofsky is calling the shots. It would seem they’re banking on the relationship that was forged between the two of them during the making of the upcoming Black Swan.

Now obviously we’re a long way from any deals being made, but is it possible that Aronofsky could use Portman as a bargaining chip to emerge as the frontrunner in this race?

He’s an incredible director and I’m all for Nolan making a less-obvious choice, but I’m not sure his style would be a great match for Superman.  I want to remind everyone of something Nolan said back in June:

What you have to remember about Batman and Superman is that what makes them the best superhero characters there are, the most beloved after all this time, is the essence of who they were when they were created, when they were first developed. You can’t move too far away from that.

That simple statement is the reason I’m not crazy about Aronofsky going anywhere near Superman. He’s immensely talented and probably would have made a great Batman movie (particularly that revisionist Year One film he and Frank Miller were working on), but Batman is not Superman. As a filmmaker he seem to be at odds with the core elements of the character and his mythology. I can’t help but wonder if his potential involvement reveals something about the tone of David Goyer’s script.

As for Portman, she would certainly be an upgrade from Bosworth. In my opinion there were several boneheaded casting decisions in Superman Returns, but none quite as off the mark as that one. It didn’t help that by setting the movie in Donner’s universe Singer was immediately inviting comparisons between Bosworth and Margot Kidder (who remains the quintessential Lois in my mind).

The fact that this is a complete reboot certainly helps, but I’m not 100% sold on Portman either. She would certainly bring more credibility and authority to the role, but my favorite versions of Lois are the ones that are as exuberant as they are intelligent and my immediate reaction is that Portman isn’t quite vivacious enough to pull that off.

Quite honestly, I feel that Nolan dropped the ball with his leading ladies in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (*ducks to avoid projectiles*) so I’m really hoping Superman avoids a similar fate. It comes down to the same concern I’d have with Aronofsky taking the reigns – these are very talented individuals, but I can’t help feeling like there are better choices.

Source: Moviehole.

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  1. Screw Natalie Portman, ERICA DURANCE IS LOIS LANE! <3

    • I don’t dislike Natalie, but Erica IS Lois! :D

  2. Yeah. This movie’s going to suck. I like Natalie Portman well enough but no way in hell is she right for Lois Lane. Kate Bosworth 2.0, people.

    • Why do people say a movie that hasnt been made is going to suck? There is not enough to go on at this point. Just be smart when you post.

  3. Yeah, Definitely not who I would’ve thought. I’d give her a chance though. I wouldn’t NOT see the movie just because of the casting. I mean whoever thought Heath Ledger would make a good Joker? I didn’t, and was proven WAAAAAAY wrong.

  4. Bosworth was horrendous in SR, worst part of the movie.
    As for Portman, I like her a lot, but she doesn’t have enough attitude to play Lois, Rachel Mcadams on the other hand would be perfect.

    • McAdams would be one of my top choices as well.

      • TRUE!

    • Worst part in SR imo is the fact that Superman didnt fight………….. anyone.

      • Come on benji, he DID lift a giant kryptonite island into space.



  5. I agree with the leading ladies comment in Nolan’s Batman films and in Superman Returns. However, I’m kind of tired of the happy go lucky moronic clark kent/superman angle. This guy is essentially a god so I guess they have to balance that with this ultra goodness, but its so boring sometimes. That’s ONE thing i liked about smallville. He at least was a realistic person as clark kent. The movies make Kent seem like a dimwit. I’d like it a bit more serious. Not TDK serious but something a little bit more honest.

  6. Bad, bad casting idea need someone that come across as mature and a little reckless she is just a little too pixieish. Am i right?

  7. nice article, i completely agree that Nolan dropped the ball on the female roles in the batman movies. and bosworth for lois lane wasnt.. she didnt quite fit if you ask me. but if they cast portman i will be pleased, cause i feel that she’ll do a great job!

  8. Is Margor Kidder still available? Superman doesn’t age…. so how would he react to THAT? Shudder.

    • How doesn’t Superman age? He came as a baby and is now an adult…

  9. I will have to agree with most of these posts. Portman is not the right choice for Lois. I agree Bosworth was bad as well. Portman doesnt have the look nor the feel for Lois Lane. Shes a great actor but please do not make her the new Lois.

  10. Natalie Portman is a fantastic actress, but I just don’t see her as a good fit for the role. It’s more of a Rachel McAdams or Michelle Monahan kind of part.

    Then again, I don’t think Nolan and Goyer are good fits for Superman either but, whatever

    • Yeah, there’s no doubt that Portman is a wonderful actress. But this would be a miscast if it’s true.

      Lois has to have that certain reckless, sexual quality. She should be strong. Look at the way she’s drawn in the modern comics–taller, curvier, big chest, fuller figure. She’s flawed, The well intentioned trouble maker. She’s not supposed to be perfect. Natalie Portman is just too pixie pretty. Too doe eyed. Too thin. She’s not right for this at all. Very sad news if this is true.

  11. Would Natalie Portman want to be Lois Lane AND Jane Foster?
    We shall see.

  12. @Foopher

    He does age, just very, very slowly. Even he doesn’t know if he’ll live forever. I suppose kryptonians develop normally, but the earths yellow sun constantly regenerates all of Supermans cells. That’s why he doesn’t appear to age. I think.

    • Wouldn’t that be nuts…? I’m digging the idea …

      Warming up to the fact that our dear Lois is now a Cougar.

  13. No! I really do not like Natalie Portman I think she isn’t a very good actress and not right for the part. I am all for casting and unusual choice but not someone who simply friendly with the director.

  14. I like portman and aronofsky, but i don’t think either is a good fit for this film. Aronofsky is to dark and portman is heading that way as well. I do have to say that pic of portman is awesome :)

  15. I don’t think Natalie is right for Lois for the same reasons stated above. And THANK GOD someone finally stated that Batman’s leading ladies miss the mark. They were the only real bad part of those films.

  16. I LOVE the idea of Natalie Portman as Lois. I think she can pull it off.

  17. I’m sure Portman would do fine as Lois, but isn’t she the LI in the new Thor movie? I’d rather see someone else in the role. As much as I agree that the Rachel Dawes casting was weak, Nolan did a great job casting women in The Prestige and Inception, so I have faith that Lois will be played by a solid actress. Not the Lois from Smallville. God, she’s bad even for a crappy CW show.

    • Smallville gets a bad rap sometimes but to be quite honest Erica Durance is an awesome Lois Lane. She plays the character very close to who Lois is in the modern comics. Geoff Johns, Jeph Loeb, Peter Roth…they are all fans of hers. She’s really good.

  18. They need to get Erica Durance off of smallville to play Lois, in my opinion she’s the best Lois Lane. I also think Tom Welling is the best choice to play Superman, the cast of smallville is talented and would be great for the movie. I like Natalie Portman as an actress and wouldn’t mind that choice either.

    • Warner Bros are dumb i like Natalie Portman but come on shes in Thor playing a love interest already to a God now they want her to play a love interest to another God like character Superman. theirs other female actress out there plus we had enough of female actors that look young.

  19. Kate Beckinsale please:)

  20. Rachel McAdams? Eww… I thought she was awful in Holmes, stick to the romcoms.

  21. Natalie Portman has nothing to do with Lois Lane!

  22. @Benji

    You know Superman doesn’t always fight. He’s kind of against it.

  23. It would be great if Hollywood passed a one-comic-character rule. She’s in Thor. Let that be enough. There are plenty(!) of other actresses in Hollywood – which is not to say that she lacks talent. I just would like to see a more expansive universe to the world of comic book movies & that hinges as much on story as it does on performers. Also, it might be useful to have a Superman before his greatest love is cast.

    • Also, I completely agree with Chris. The actresses who’ve portrayed Rachel Dawes have been (at times) painful to watch. As many women who reside in Bruce Wayne’s world, it’d be nice to give them some screen time as opposed to an original character. The golden age Black Canary, perhaps?

  24. I disgree I like both ladies in batman, maggie being my first choice but katie is so dam hot.

  25. I completely agree with you that Natalie is just not viviacious enough for Lois Lane. She’s a lovely actress but just….no. First off, she’s too petite…too thin. I’ve gotten very used to seeing a very curvy Lois Lane in the comicbooks, on Lois and Clark and on Smallville. Natalie is just not curvy enough or tall enough. Lois is supposed to be able kick people’s asses. Sorry but I don’t see that from Natalie.

    It honestly stuns me that Warner Brothers would have her as their top pick. Do they even read the comics??? Do they have any knowledge of the source material. Natalie is not even close to who Lois is in the comics. She’s a lovely actress but just wrong for the role.

    I agree with you that Nolan’s major misfires in his last films were the women. Lois Lane is quite possibly the most famous female character in the Superman genre sort of Wonder Woman. Casting her correctly and getting the mix right between hard, tough, troublemaker, big mouth but heart of gold is essnetial. Natalie is not it. Sad news if this is true.

    • Meant to say that Lois is arguably the most famous female character in the superhero genre short of Wonder Woman.

      She’s not just a love interest. She is an interesting character in her own right and her love for Clark and Superman is very complex. Please don’t screw this up WB. Please find an actress who can play someone flawed but lovable like Lois. It’s not Natalie Portman. ::sigh::

      • Well said.

  26. This is getting so many replies in such a small amount of time LOL

  27. I like Natalie Portman–I truly do. But if this is true? This is a major major mistake.

    It sort of blows my mind that Warner Brothers would think she was the top person to play someone as complex and flawed as Lois Lane. The whole point is that Lois is not perfect. She’s not supposed to be doe eyed or innocent nor is she supposed to be overly harsh or cold. She’s not supposed to be a b****. She’s a very complex character who has to be strong enough to quite literally be the lift partner for the strongest man in the world. NAtalie is not right for this.

  28. Tina Fey. ‘Nuff said.

  29. Excellent article Chris and I share your concerns.
    Aronofsky is talented but I am unsure of his vision.

    And while I like Natalie Portman she is just a little too well known.
    If Superman is to played by a relative unknown (something
    yet to be determined) then so should Lois Lane.

    A key factor in any casting of Lois Lane
    is chemistry with the actor playing Superman.
    Superman should be cast first and then find the
    right actress that has said chemistry with that actor.