Do You Want Jon Hamm To Play Superman?

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Our friend and ex-Screen Ranter Jamie Williams over at Think McFly Think has posted an update on the upcoming Superman reboot movie, The Man of Steel, which is being produced over at Warner Bros. under the guidance of David Goyer and Chris Nolan, with Jonathan Nolan potentially directing the film.

Actually, this latest “update” isn’t really that – it’s more a continuation of a rumor floated by TMT from earlier this year, stating that WB is considering  Mad Men star Jon Hamm for the role of Superman. TMT made it clear in both reports that the studio has simply been considering Hamm for the part (not to be confused with making an offer), but that hasn’t stopped EW from firing back that Hamm’s reps haven’t heard about the deal and that “Superhamm is just a dream.”

Earlier this year, MTV caught up with Hamm and asked the actor first-hand about the fan push to have him wear the iconic cape. The actor’s response:  “It’s a tricky road to go down with some of those heroes, because they’re not flawed. Superman is Superman – he’s invincible, so where’s the drama?

Well, we know that Goyer and the Nolans are working hard to bring the drama to the next Superman movie, and while these comic book casting sagas can be a migraine for fanboys (See: Captain America and the new Spider-Man), until we know for sure who is going to be donning the red and blue outfit next, I thought I should at least ask you guys: Do you want Jon Hamm to play Superman?



Of course, the first issue to discuss is the age factor. Jon Hamm would be forty before he ever stepped in front of cameras to play Superman, and for some fans (and studio powers that be) that is simply too old. Personally, I’ve never been a big believer in the notion that an actor’s age affects their ability to play a superhero – I’ve always thought that what truly mattered was how the actor’s swagger and stature meshed with the swagger and stature of the superhero they’re playing.

Just take a look at the current roster of actors playing some of our favorite superheroes: Robert Downey Jr. has been in his forties since he first stepped into the Iron Man franchise, however, his eccentric rapscallion personality has been the perfect fit for the eccentric rapscallion persona that has always defined Tony Stark. Chris Hemsworth is in his twenties, but with a full-grown beard and time well-spent in the gym pumping iron, he now looks gruff and tough enough to play a convincing Thor. Meanwhile, Chris Evans is about to turn thirty, yet many fanboys think he has too much of a baby face to pull off the commanding stature of an iconic hero like Captain America.

On the DC movie side: Ryan Reynolds will be trying to prove himself as a proper Hal Jordan when Green Lantern hits theaters next summer – though the fact that Reynolds will be in his mid-thirties has little to do with that issue. Christian Bale was only in his early thirties when he suited up for Batman Begins, however by the time Nolan’s Batman 3 hits theaters in summer 2012 Bale will be staring at age 40. Taking all that into account (especially on the DC side of things), Jon Hamm’s age should in no way restrict him from playing Superman.

More to the point: there is a reason they call him “SuperMAN.” The character (as you can see in just about every piece of artwork inspired by him) has the look of a strong, chiseled and mature man, not so much a man with boyish looks. So if the character looks like a mature man, should there be any debate about casting a mature (read: older) man in the role? Not in my mind – though I’m sure that Smallville fans might have a few points of contention…



superman ross016 Do You Want Jon Hamm To Play Superman?

Now, we’ve heard names like Zach Levi, Brandon Routh and Tom Welling all being nominated or rumored for the role of Superman, and since all three of those guys are in their late twenties / early thirties, they certainly fit the age range. However, there are superheroes and then there are superhero icons – those heroes who have become household names not so much because of the comic books, TV shows, movies and other merchandising of their characters, but rather because they represent some profound ideal or symbol that resonates with many, many people across the world. Captain America is one of those heroes and Superman is certainly another.

As I’ve already mentioned, Chris Evans being cast as Captain America has a lot of people nervous (Evans himself among them). Cap is simply a guy who has a bright shining aura of red, white and blue heroism surrounding him at all times, while Chris Evans…does not. When that whole Captain America cast saga was unfolding, the big debate was over which actor could do more than wear Cap’s costume – we all wanted to know who could possibly embody his spirit (and Jon Hamm’s name came up then too, might I remind you).

Well, the guy playing the role of Superman has a harder job than that. Not only does the character come with big red boots that need to be filled, there was actually a guy (Christopher Reeve, you may have heard of him) who successfully filled those boots and managed to own the character in full body and spirit – and this was long before the days of muscle-padded costumes and CGI effects. While some people thought Brandon Routh was the second coming of Reeve, many, many, many, other people felt no such love  or adoration; in my opinion, Jon Hamm is a guy who could succeed where Routh did not.

Lets break it down: Hamm is tall, dark haired, handsome (I’ll say that just once!), all-American in appearance, with a jaw line that looks like it was shaped after a 1950s comic book character. Due to his role as troubled ad man extraordinaire Don Draper on Mad Men, Hamm has shown an impressive range of dramatic chops (inner turmoil), while women already fantasize about being swept up in his arms and carried off. Necessary ingredients for a proper Superman. Because of the actor’s hilarious turns as a pretty-boy geek on 30 Rock, fanboys can already imagine him in a pair glasses with tussled hair, bringing that “Aw shucks” friendly awkwardness you need from Clark Kent. In Ben Affleck’s upcoming crime thriller The Town, Hamm will show his boiling intensity and action movie physicality, playing a lawman who is  hell-bent on collaring a ring of Boston crooks. In The Day The Earth Stood Still… um, let’s just forget that Hamm was in that flick.

jon hamm clark kent Do You Want Jon Hamm To Play Superman?

Hamm on ’30 Rock’ – Clark Kent appeal?

The point is: despite the fact that Smallville fans love Welling, or that Superman Returns fans think Routh “wasn’t that bad,” there are few leading men who can convince movie goers the world over that he is our all-powerful protector, while simultaneously convincing us that this godlike figure is still able to disguise himself in plain sight as the caricature of an average schmo. It’ll be even more complicated to convince a modern audience that Superman is vulnerable (emotionally speaking), insecure, and yes, even lonely.

When you properly explore the character there’s actually a lot of deep-seeded emotion and turmoil that comes with The Man of Steel (see: Richard Donner’s Superman II). I think that Hamm is definitely one of those chosen few who can bring both the look and “the drama” to a character who so badly needs to be seen as human again. This will not be lightweight acting if DC/WB wants to do Superman justice in their next cinematic venture – but Hamm is one actor I certainly believe in for the job.

The question is, do you agree?

If you want to talk more about what you expect from the next Superman movie, be sure to read our article “How to Reboot Superman“.

Sources: Think McFly Think , MTV & EW

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  1. So far Milo Ventimagilia or this guy are on the top of my list.

    • not Milo lol

    • he would be a terrible choice to play superman, id rather have Bradley Cooper play Superman

    • Milo have the acting chops to pull off superman at least. but not the looks, not even close actually. but i wouldnt mind him though

    • Milo is like 5′ 7″ or shorter.

      As for Hamm playing Lex Luthor as has been suggested here and elsewhere I say no. Why? Because I don’t want to see Lex Luthor in this film at ALL.

      No more – enough – pick ANOTHER freaking villain!


      • No Doubt. Can I get someone that can knock Superman at least through a wall?

      • @ Vic

        From what i read. It sounds like villains for the film are intended for Lex Luthor & Brainiac. I figured the Nolan’s wouldn’t wanna use Luthor aswell. Maybe send Nolan a memo. Im not really excited about Brainiac. Id like to see the hardcore physical villains like Darkseid.

        • Brainiac can be very physical. Such as he’s hasn’t ever showed his real self until the story “Brainiac” showed up. If he isn’t stealing information in the galaxy and destroying planets, he’s kicking the crap out of Superman with all his hundreds of copies. And I think Lex should be in the film, but only as a supporting character and not a villain. Overused.

          For the sequels they should go ruff and use Doomsday and Darkseid and maybe General Zod and his band of miscreants.

  2. hamms sounds wary of the role.
    Its not a done deal yet.

  3. I guess if Nolan’s want someone as old as Hamm and maybe put up with him complaining about the wires while he’s flying in this film and any film that follows, So be it. Hopefully it doesnt come to the point where it calls it quits with the wires and we just see him leap off & onto the screen, lol.

  4. I meant Hamm.
    Interesting debate .
    Odd that for a lot of fans it comes down to a choice between Hamm who many consider too old and welling who many consider too young.
    It could end up going to somebody we are not even thinking about.
    I wonder who The WB have in mind for their SECOND choice if Hamm turns them down.

    • i dont know if anybody actually knows this but the star of chuck Zachery Levi Audition for the role a cpl months back??? so maybe their still eyeing him for the role

    • I wouldn’t be opposed to Welling, but I seriously doubt he has a snowball’s chance due to the Smallville association in connection with a film. And how can he be too young if he’s over 30?


  5. I think Hamm resembles Captain America more than Superman.

  6. After the success Nolan will be able to influence casting on almost anyone for Superman…I wouldn’t rule out DiCaprio for Clark Kent/Superman..I can see Tom Hardy as Luthor and Levitt as Braniac..but hey I’m just specyalaytin’ here… Let the games begin..

    • Levitt as Brainiac would be a good choice.

    • AHHHH….Tom Hardy already DID the Bald Bad Guy thing…as the (supposed) clone of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek Nemesis; I say “supposed” because, hairline notwithstanding, he didn’t look as much like a young Picard as Stewart’s own son, Daniel Stewart, did in the TNG episode, The Inner Light (he played the adult version of Batai, the son of the scientist Picard was living the life of).

  7. success of INCEPTION I meant

  8. Jon Hamm doesn’t even want Jon Hamm to play Superman, so I think the discussion is rather pointless. Besides, he will be too old. Tom Welling, at age 33 is not too young. A lot of TV fans already visualize him as Superman, and will pay to see him on the big screen. I am not so sure he has the acting ability though to do a Nolan styled character. As far as Leo DiCaprio as Superman…no. Tom Hardy as Lex Luthor? Oh, hell yes, that would be perfection!

    • Tom Welling has some fans..I mean ratings for the show by major network standards are AWFUL and if it were in either of the big three it would have been cancelled a long time ago(well maybe not NBC) a few TV fans visualize him as Superman..

      • I agree, Greenknight, the ratings for Smallville have declined steadily, and justifiably so. That said, I still feel that Tom Welling has a strong enough following that he could bring a lot of TV viewers into the theater. I am not saying that makes him the best choice, or even a good choice. I’m just sayin’.

        • I think Tom would do a good job I just started watching smallville and I think hes pretty good

          • The poor ratings for Smallville has more to do with poor writing then it does Tom Welling. I’ve been a fan of Superman since the late 60′s and think Tom Welling would do/be a good fit, plus I think he deserves the chance to wear the red and blue since he’s been the “Blur” for years.

    • i really cant see Di Crapio as Superman.
      as for Tom Hardy as Lex i can see that being a great choice seeing as he can play the menacing bad guy pretty well and being bald kinda suits him which is a plus loooool.
      As for Tom Welling, as much as i would like to see him don the SUIT on the big screen, he doesnt have the Nolan factor about him but then again maybe Nolan could bring the best out of him and have him surprise us all with a great performance.
      i said this earlier about who i think would make a good Lois Lane and thats Carla Gugino

  9. I would say that, although Hamm is an excellent actor, his looks more than his age put him at odds with this role. He looks more like George Reeves did when he played the role in the 50′s, a slick businessman, which just isn’t how most of us see the man of steel. I think it may be the lingering presence of Chris Reeve, who simply embodied a more athletic and youthful Superman than George.

  10. There can be drama in a Superman film..Yes he is invincible and indestructible and everything else we know Superman is…so where does the drama come has to come from the regular people in a Superman film..they have to be placed in harms way..I mean the human race as a big, immediate, mortal danger.. I remember a moment from Superman 2 when the villans are getting ready to toss the bus full of people and to see the anguish on Reeve’s face as he screams “No the people!!” Very dramatic..imagine that amped up to a planetary scale.. Superman saving the human race from a global threat like Braniac’s AI taking over everything and assimilating everything even the people of Earth..So the audience then believes in the Man of STeel and sees how he relates to us and then bring in big angry alien dude to kick the snot out of him and almost kill him and then people see that he is willing to sacrifice immortality to save us from big angry alien dude..

  11. I can’t see Dicaprio being any hero. Maybe Green Arrow’s partner Speedy.

    • I can see Dicaprio playing a villain though. Would be a change of pace for him, though.

  12. Hamm isn’t the only talented actor in the business and jawline isn’t exactly the only characteristic for Superman, and wheres the issue with the remote possibility of finding a talented actor who happens to be bigger than him lol
    Just cuz people dont want him in the role doesnt mean they want a very young guy, just younger perhaps.
    And comparing Evans and Hemsworths muscle gaining ability is odd seeing as they’re in their 20′s.

    The guy could do a good job i wouldnt rule him out (but i wouldnt choose him personally) but just because some actors in their 40′s can pack on muscle doesnt mean hes capable of that at all so until we see that kinda thing from him i wouldnt make the assumption.

  13. Absolutely, I think Hamm would be perfect for the role. That’s not my main concern though; they better have a great, deep, entertaining script first and foremost before they think about casting anyone.

  14. I think everything about this movie will have to be absolutely perfect, script and cast. Jon Hamm is no where near being the perfect Superman. Tom Welling looks a lot more like Superman than he does! I am on board with the Tom Welling for Superman bandwagon, but I am open to another actor playing the Man of Steel as long as he fits the part. Hamm is just way too old! People need to remember that Tom Welling does not look like he is twenty. The way he looks on tv and the way he looks in interviews are different. While filming they obviously put a lot of make up on him to look about 24, because that is the age he is playing on the show. Now he has the perfect look and age. But I understand the concerns about his acting chops. Now this isn’t about Welling, this is about Hamm.

    Jon Hamm shows no enthusiasm at all about his chance to play the iconic character. He was almost talking as though he thinks its stupid trying to make a dramatic Superman film that is good. He obviously doesn’t want all that pressure that will come with the role. And I say THANK GOD!
    He is NOT very handsome. Maybe a guy would think he is but coming from a female, I don’t find him attractive at all! He will not draw me to see the film. The fact that he is old is bad, but the worst part is that he LOOKS old. Imagine how he would look like in the last film he will appear in depending how successful this franchise becomes. Not to mention his hairline is receding. He’ll be completely bald by then too. We need to have a Superman who does look mature, but mature does not mean old at all. My boyfriend is only 27, and old men and lawyers (people of “higher stature”) are always complimenting on him being and looking so mature. So it is possible. So I don’t wanna hear that Superman needs to be played by an older guy because he needs to look like a mature man. Lets not be ignorant here. A man in his 20′s can definitely fit that description. It’s rare, but it is possible.

    For Jon Hamm being Supes I say HE|| NO!! Keep on searching Nolan. At this point I am praying for an unknown because no one in Hollywood right now can fit these boots that I’ve seen so far. Just not another Brandon Routh! Please!

    • well, you tell ‘em Julissa!!

      ( i disagree with you by the way ) :)

      and for the record your BF wont be 27 forever either lol. we all get “old”

      • I know he will get old, but in 10 years he still won’t look as old as Jon Hamm does now. So my point is someone at least 30 will be fine. And that really has no importance. Getting old is part of life, even Superman’s. He’s just not supposed to be THAT old.

        • all i can do is LOL :)

  15. Why dont they just bring back Brandon Routh..I mean he was good for the role in Superman returns regardless of how the movie turned out..Bring him back please!

    • I agree Jose. I prefer Routh or welling for the role. If the Nolans want to keep Hamm, give him the role of Luthor.

      • There is a better chance of Oprah Winfrey becoming the Queen of England than there is of Routh returning to the Superman role. Superman Returns was panned so much that there is NO WAY the studio will recast the guy associated with that film. While no fault of Routh’s (I thought he did a passable job-better as Clark than Supes, but passable), the studio is going to want a fresh face on the screen for this relaunching. I think the studio is going to go with someone we haven’t even thought of, so I doubt either Hamm or Welling will get the part.

  16. As for Brainiac, whoever the gets the role i hope Nolan doesnt have Brainiac take on a human presance as seen on Smallville throughout the film. Been there, done that.

    • Definitely agreed. Something like Transformers meets Terminator type look.

      As for a guy to play him, my vote is Daniel Craig.

    • I completely agree. The human presence Braniac didn’t quite do it for me on Smallville. So for the film they should definitely use the robotic looking version. It would just feel and seem so much more “Kryptonian” since they are supposed to be great with their technology.

  17. Sean Faris- Superman (he looks all american to me)
    Carla Gallo- Lois Lane (she has a kinda cross between Margot Kidder and Kate Bosworth)
    Kevin Spacey- Lex Luthor (bring him back)
    Leo DiCaprio- Prometheus (you know the guy who beat the whole JL)
    Hugo Weaving- Brainiac
    Cam Gigandet- Brainiac 5
    Micheal Clarke Duncan- Darkseid (tell me you couldnt hear his voice screaming “Die Kryptonian!” or “… And I AM A GOD!”)

  18. Other than Smallville & Superman: TAS, Brainiac from the comics wasnt from Krypton. But on those two shows, made a good origin story & Motive of the Villain.

  19. I agree with anthony in this one..but i just cant see superman in this guy much less Clark kent?????hmmmm???

  20. I hope Hamm takes it.
    He would be an interesting choice

  21. If this was a movie about the graphic novel, Kingdom Come, sure.

    • Exactly! But I highly doubt that, so no Jon Hamm. There has to be someone much better out there somewhere.

  22. Hamm looks like the Superman of those old 1940s Max Fleisher cartoon shorts.

    If they are going for a retro look he would be perfect. I don’t think that would work at the box office though.

  23. why not just keep smallville I think Tom Welling would do a great job on the big screen

    • I hope they really do. But that doesn’t seem likely -_- =(

    • Superman is the greatest hero, the most badass and he needs that commanding presence. But there is a lack of understanding and misinformation here that Superman character needs to be portrayed by a 40 years old actor only for the sake of passing as tough and mature looking Superman.

      I believe it’s the actor’s technique of embodying Superman, discovering the character’s physicality and gesture where his acting skills, voice techniques etc come to play.

      Christopher Reeve, a skilled stage actor was utterly convincing as a tough, commanding, strong Superman even though he was just a young boy of 25 years.

      Brandon Routh lacked acting techniques and prior training experience as he have never been on an acting stage before in such a demanding role. It wasn’t his young age but his lack of experience as an actor which forced him to helplessly try to imitate ready-made Christopher Reeve acting style. He did fine as Clark Kent though. Maybe he was asked to do Christopher Reeve style deliberately by Singer and team.

      Coming back to my point, it’s not the middle-old aged look of an actor which will make him convincing as tough, commanding Superman but it’s the actor’s talent and techniques of embodying the character which goes beyond the young age criteria.

      We also don’t want either Tom Welling or Brandon Routh. Nothing against these two but the movie is a fresh start not a continuation.The movie by definition must DISTANCE itself from ANY previous concept of Superman and it shouldn’t be a Smallville movie or confuse audience .

      We should go for a new unknown young man for the man of Steel who looks commanding, heroic, masculine, strong and who can act too. I don’t think Routh was terrible, but I don’t think he had the screen presence that Reeve did. And I don’t think anyone who loves Reeve in the role would ever claim he was a “great” actor, but he was a classically trained stage actor.

      There is Armie Hammer, Matthew Bomer, Rick Malambri and quite a few talented actors out there in Hollywood who should be seriously considered for this role. Hammer have that height and voice.Anyway good luck and time to celebrate Superman with Super Snyder.

  24. Routh is the only choice.

    He was born for it. Hamm is nothing ike Superman.
    Welling looks to young and has zero gravitas.

    Only Routh should bag this role. He needs a second chance.

    • Routh proved he had zero gravitas in the last film. he looked like he was modeling for Clvin Klein long johns or CK perfume. To me, Routh seemed a little too fey for the role.

      I like Hamm, but not as Superman.

      Count me among the Welling bandwagon. I think the kid could do a great job.

      • I agree with you 100%, Santa.

        • there was nothing wrong roths superman performance.he had the perfect blend of a man with great power and the ability to not let it go to his head and who had the desire to live life with a goal to help humanity.that is superman.

          if stronger villians are needed fine.but roth would be great in the role in further superman films.

  25. Hamm has denied these rumors. Sorry guys.

    • @Matt

      Hey Matt…if you look up top I try to point out that our friend Jamie at Think McFly has been reporting this rumor from the STUDIO end. He’s saying that WB has been considering Hamm (I even said they haven’t offered him anything). The studio is probably out with feelers right now seeing how we’re all responding to the idea.

      I believe what Think McFly reports (Jamie fed us great WB intel for years).

  26. what about Joe Manganiello as Superman he has the looks and the build but im not sure about his acting ability because iv only ever seen him in the 1st Spiderman film and a couple episodes of HIMYM

    • Hmmm… i don’t know. I don’t know if he has the Clark Kent look. But I can see him as Superman a little bit. He would be an interesting choice. I’m not completely against it, I may be able to warm up to the idea if he was chosen. But aren’t they searching for an unknown? That’s the path I really think they are going to take.

  27. welling and routh are pretty terrible actors. neither has range, but routh looks more superman-ish between the two. hamm has the build and charisma, but his face is so aged, and he’s pushing 40. he’s a really good actor, but i just can’t see him as superman unless they do kingdom come or dkr.henry cavill from the tudors should play superman. he has the look and build, and he can act pretty well. he’s also a brit. might go over well with the nolans and goyer(their batman’s a brit).

  28. If they give it to Taylor Lautner I’m gonna freak right out!

    • Worse yet…Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino!

      • Vic, please delete these posts before someone sees them and thinks these would be good casting decisions

        • Yes because casting directors read this site…all the time ;)

          • Joe,

            You’d be surprised who reads this site.


  29. no to hamm. go with henry cavill or someone in their early 30s. plus does anyone else think that’s the worst picture of ryan reynolds they could find?