Jon Hamm Mocks Middle-Aged Superman on ‘Conan’

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jon hamm superman reboot Jon Hamm Mocks Middle Aged Superman on Conan

Conan O’Brien continued premiering his new TBS late night talk show, Conan, last night, and one of the guests in attendance was none other than Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm.

Aside from Hamm being famous for playing suave ad man Donal Draper, or Liz Lemon’s hook-handed ex-beau on 30 Rock, Hamm’s name has also recently been a focus of the blogosphere, in connection to the lead role of Superman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming film The Man of Steel, which is being produced by Chris Nolan.

While on Conan, Hamm was asked by the late night host what he thought about fans nominating him for the role of Superman/Clark Kent, and Hamm’s response was clearly at wink to those who’ve voiced the opinion that the actor is too old to play the most powerful superhero in the world.

The video clip of Hamm’s appearance on Conan is about 8:00 long – the talk about his candidacy for the Superman role starts up at about the 6:30 mark:

Hamm’s a been a good sport about this whole thing – pretty much letting the hot air of Superman rumor-mongering blow past him without getting involved. It’s nice to see that he has a good sense of humor about the negative end of the opinion spectrum – and despite recent rumors that DC/Warner Bros. is looking for Middle-aged Supermen, Hamm doesn’t appear to have any real burning, egotistical desire to own the Superman role. I guess playing a ladykiller who gets drunk and laid every day is sufficient enough.

Anyway, the rumor mill has kind of taken its spotlight off of Jon Hamm in recent weeks – the new focus is True Blood star Joe Manganiello possibly playing Superman. I’ll admit I was one of those fans who was on “Team Hamm,” but maybe there’s still hope down the line for him (and some other key aging leading men) to play the DC superheroes we know in love in a different form…say a Kingdom Come or Dark Knight Returns movie?

The Man of Steel is due in theaters during the Holiday season of 2012. Stay tuned, as we’ll probably find out who is playing the new Superman fairly soon.

BONUS: If you haven’t been watching, check out this skit from a recent episode of Conan (which airs 11pm weeknights on TBS). It’s pretty funny.

Source: TBS

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  1. Jim Caviezel. I like Hamm but I think Jim Caviezel would be better.

    • Jim looks older than Hamm LOL.

      • I don’t know why people think Jim would be a good fit he really doesn’t look that much like supes and he has a very wrong build for it or at least last time I saw him he did, but he certainly does look older than Hamm. At least Hamm looks younger than he actually is Jim looks much older than his actual age.

        • people want him to play jesus again lol

          • Well, there is that whole resurrection ending of the first Passion…so…it’s possible

    • I agree Shane. I always wanted Jim for Superman.

      • Jesus and Superman. I like I like

        • haha

    • Joe Manganiello is a much better choice that Caviezel, IMO.

  2. HAHAHA classic Conan “I shouldn’t laugh but it’s funny ha ha ha ha” glad to see he hasn’t lost a step.

  3. He seems to be a pretty cool guy, but I still wouldn’t want to have him play Superman. Thank God he doesn’t want to see a middle-aged Superman and neither do I. I want a mid to late 20s, very early 30s Superman.

    Joe Manganiello would make a decent Superman, but Henry Cavill will blow everyone out of the water. He’s a great actor and he has the perfect look. A few months in the gym and he’ll be the perfect Superman.


    • I agree I wouldn’t want to see a talented actor who looks identical to Superman to play superman I’d much rather see some mediocre talent with little to no muscular build that looks nothing like Supes. It’s a much better fit.

  4. I still say this guy is TOO OLD to be Superman. He can pull it off now, but WB would have to re-cast the role when a sequel came around. It would be smarter to cast someone in their late 20s to mid-30s

    • Like that guy from Smallville…

      • Welling is the right age, but the fact he already plays the character in a different Superman continuity is why I don’t want him to be cast (and b/c he’s not that good of an actor). Casting Welling would confuse the gneral audience, and htey might think it’s just Smallville the movie. Same goes for Routh.

        • He hasn’t played Superman just yet……

          • Not Superman, but it’s a show based on Superman.

            • I’m aware of that lol

        • @ Little Monster

          If Man Of Steel is a reboot, wouldn’t be a big deal really if Tom Welling was in the role because like Anthony said, he’s not Superman yet and the show will come to a end. Im sure the general audience wouldn’t mind. Reunion episode pretty much convinced me Tom Welling can pull off a good Clark Kent and without a doubt Superman. With the way the plot sounds right now, seems like a pretty good way to connect the new film to Smallville series if it takes place during the character’s early days of being the hero & him wondering if he should keep playin the hero that he is while scouting the globe. Routh would be my 2nd choice but again, the plot seems little too familiar with whats been done in Superman Returns.

          • Welling is too associated with Smallville, and that’s why he shouldn’t be cast. The general audience might think it’s just Smallville the movie, and not a reboot. We need a fresh face.

          • @”now, seems like a pretty good way to connect the new film to Smallville series if it takes place during the character’s early days of being the hero & him wondering if he should keep playin the hero that he is while scouting the globe.”

            If they did that (which i highly doubt they will), then it won’t be a reboot, it’ll be Smallville the movie.

            • I was all for Tom Welling to finally be cast for the role that I once believed religiously that he was born for and it was Superman. But now that I am older and that he has obviously gotten older I don’t feel that way anymore. After seeing a fan made pic of Henry Cavill in the Superman suit I was convinced that he is the only man for the job.

              Tom Welling is starting to look older. He was better suited to play the part when he was younger, but then again he was just learning how to act. I love Smallville and was all for a Smallville big-screen adaption. The only issue I have with that now is that they are using Darkseid this season, meaning that if Smallville was to be continued on the big screen we wouldn’t be able to have him fight Darkseid again since that story arc was already used on the show. Darkseid has to and will eventually get his big screen adaption. Due to this, the possibility of Smallville ever becoming a movie has died.

              What they could do is just forget that the show ever existed and just carry the main cast over into the film (Tom Welling, Justin Hartley and Erica Durance, and maybe even the Tess Mercer character). But this is highly unlikely. And after all these years I have come to terms with it and it’s about time everyone else does as well.

              HENRY CAVILL FOR MAN OF STEEL 2012!!

            • @ Little Monster

              Smallville is about Clark Kent before he’s Superman. They can reboot the franchise and still have it follow continuity of Smallville series. As the film will show us Superman in his early year of donning the cape. The movie could be set years after the events of Smallville’s Finale. Imo i think it would be a great start for a reboot if goin the reboot route.

          • Except to many people associate him with Smallville and more people dislike smallville than like it. The ratings for Smallville are pretty low and it’s a show that you either Love or Hate there is really no in between with it. Casting Welling would turn off alot of fans. I’m a huge comic fan and I wouldn’t even bother watching a movie with him in it. Not only because Smallville is an awful show (IMO of course), but because Welling is just a terrible actor mediocre would be a compliment to him. I think we should aim a little higher for our casting.

            • @ Daniel F

              That’s your opinion which i find highly unlikely of people disliking Smallville. The show’s ratings may have dropped in previous year or so but this season so far has been doin good and alot of people on the net i read still wishes the show to continue under the same title or a new one such as Metropolis etc. I doubt casting Welling will turn off as many fans as you might think. Its your opinion to dislike Smallville but i was skeptical of it at first but caught on to enjoying it, despite few things i didnt care for in some seasons but still a nice take on Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. I don’t see Tom Welling as terrible actor. After seeing the Reunion episode, id give Welling the benefite of a doubt of pulling off not only a grown up Clark Kent/reporter of the daily Planet but as Superman aswell. For me, i hate to have high expectations of any actor, especially when it comes to casting in films or shows. Makes me even more unsatisfied when i think someone doesnt perform well afterwards.

              • So your telling me fans of the show that talk on the net want to see it continue ? Color me shocked.

                I’m very aware that smallville has a vocal fanbase and those fans want the show to go on. However it does not have a large fanbase. Even it’s highest rated episode ever isn’t that high compared to other networks. In the grand scheme of things it’s among the lowest rated primetime tv shows on network television. Does it have die hard fans ? Yes. Alot? Not at all. It’s probably the lowest rated television series in history to make it to 7 seasons let alone 10. Even in it’s highest rated season it’s still a low rated show that on any other network would of been cancelled long ago. It has the luck of being on the CW if more than 10 people watch the show it’s a keeper. Basic cable usually beats CW. I’m not denying it has die hard fans but it also has a large amount of people who hate it.

                The last thing a movie producer, or director wants is for a large percentage of their audience to litterally hate their casting choice so much that they won’t see the film. Casting Welling would push away not only comic fans but actual Superman fans. There are plenty of supe fans that actually hate smallville I don’t think that WB wants to make a superman film where part of their target audience refuses to see it.

                Not to mention us comic fans deserve better casting I want a good actor. Welling is awful his work speaks for it’s self. He make Paul Walker almost look mediocre. Even if Welling wasn’t awful (which he is) we still deserve better than mediocre.

                • @ Daniel F

                  Just because the show had seasons with bad ratings doesnt mean people hates the show. For one thing, things went down hill for the show in previous season because of different writers. The show however still has a large fanbase more than you might not want to admit. Not sure you read or got the the idea where the show is the lowest rated, but i find it doubtful otherwise the show would of ended sooner. Not just the net but i talked to plenty of people who still like the show quite a bit despite lack of writing in previous seasons. Doesn’t matter who cast for a film, you can cast every best actor/actress in hollywood, doesnt mean you’re get a one heck of a great movie you expect. People liked TDK mostly because of Heath Ledger’s Joker performance but found the movie isnt all that great. So i read and been told by people which i agree. I liked it but i didn’t find it all what it was hyped up to be. Welling makes paul Walker look almost mediocre, i hope you’re not implying Walker would be better than Welling as a candidate which IMO find hard to believe. Some people have too high expectations, that can be a bad thing and only have themselves to blame. Like Superman Returns was highly anticipated but ended up displeasing fans. I liked the film and thought it was ok but could of been better and its sad because i though Routh was good in the role. Jon Hamm i can see play a good Lex Luthor probly, but not sure about him being good in the role of Superman.

                  • Wally it’s simple if you look up the ratings you will see how very low the ratings are. I already explained why it’s still on the air and that’s because it’s on the CW which is the lowest rated network there is. So for them Smallvilles ratings are acceptable but compared to all the other networks Smallville would of been a first season cancellation and that’s a fact. In fact alot of shows canceled by the major networks had equal ratings to smallville some even had higher ratings. This information is all fairly easy to find on the net. The show has a VOCAL fanbase, but by no means does it have a large one the ratings prove that.

                    The series has a ratings average of 4.47 sadly that average is only that high because of the first three seasons especially the first two it’s highest rated season was only around 6.3. After the first three the show began a steep decline. Now if it were on a cabal network those ratings would be good. Sadly for network television that’s considered very bad, but as I said the CW is the lowest rated network and for them it works. Compare it to a show like House for example where it’s average rating is about 15.2 with it’s highest rated season being 19.4 and it’s lowest being 12.0 it’s lowest being a 12 which is only considered about average for a network show. Now as I said a 4. anything is good for CW but in the grand scheme of things is very lowly rated. Lets look at a little show called firefly. It was a highly respected show that is well loved by it’s fanbase. Sadly it’s ratings average was 4.7 and it was canceled before it even got a full season despite having higher ratings than Smallville. So once again Vocal fanbase not a large one.

                    I wasn’t trying to say that Paul Walker would be a good fit for Superman. I was saying that Paul Walker is a awful actor and Tom Welling actually makes him look better than he is in comparison because Welling is that bad.

                    I disagree with you on TDK and honestly I don’t know where this large amount of people who think it wasn’t good live but I don’t think your neighbor and best friend bob count. TDK was very critically acclaimed and I’ve seen plenty of people say that it was a fantastic story. Was Heaths performance awesome? Yes was the story bad though ? No not at all and I think that most critics and fans would disagree with you. Not even all smallville fans can agree that the story is all that good. I’ve seen a bunch of smallville fans actually call the story of a show they love to be convoluted. There are even smallville fans who think that Tom Welling isn’t a good actor not the majority, but for any self proclaimed fan to think that the star is actually bad is sad.

                    This isn’t about having to high of expectations this is just about having high enough standards that we shouldn’t accept a bad actor we could at least get a mediocre one I think we deserve it.

                    I’m glad you loved Superman Returns, but just because you liked it doesn’t mean everyone else expected to much it means that to them it wasn’t very good. I honestly had low expectations so low in fact that I didn’t actually watch it until it was out on DVD. I heard everyone talk about how awful it was I expected it to be not very good, but stilled wanted it to be better than they made it sound. Sadly after watching it I realized that it was just as bad as everyone said. Despite low expectations it was still bad.

                    Sorry if you think my expectations are to high, but we can’t all have low standards like you apparently do. I like good things I don’t just accept any crap that’s thrown at my feet because I want to like it so bad that I ignore the many flaws.

                    • @ Daniel f

                      Ratings mean nothin really. Not every fan might tune in to watch new episodes when they air but im sure they’re watched afterwards somewhere on the net. My friends and i dont always watch new episodes cause we’re at work still but i know my friends would always get online to see what they missed. If low ratings was such a factor, the show would of been cancelled long ago. Bottomline is the show still has a strong fanbase, die hard fans/ regular Superman fans alike. I didn’t say TDK wasn’t good, i said it was over-hyped as said by others. Some even mentioned film’s success was mostly surrounded by Ledger’s role as the Joker even before his death. I didn’t say i loved Superman Returns, said it was ok and i thought it could of been better. I don’t consider myself to have low standards for films, im actually known to be picky. I didn’t care much for films like Hulk or Punisher Warzone. Not to get into much details but i thought Hulk dragged on and despite Ray Stevenson being a good Punisher, film still was lousy imo.

                    • Of course you would say ratings mean nothing because it doesn’t help your point. It’s fairly poinless to discuss this with you if that’s your take.

                      I’m sure 40 million people watch Smallville online and just don’t have their ratings being recorded that’s sarcasm by the way. Ratings mean nothing when it comes to the quality of a show, but they mean a hell of a lot when it comes to telling you how many people like it and they do a good job of telling you the size of the fan base.

                      So I explain something to you like why the show wasn’t canceled I supply you with facts and you act as if I never replied or what? The ratings are very very very low for network television lower than show that have been canceled with out a full season. That’s a fact you can’t even debate that I showed you the numbers. The reason it hadn’t been canceled is because The CW is a failing network that is slowing killing it’s self and while those ratings would be the death of a show on Fox for the CW it’s good enough to keep because they have nothing else to compete. Still at the end of the day they are technically a network and those numbers are dreadful in comparison. Those are cable ratings and they are not a cable station.

                      Thanks for wasting my time by ignoring most the facts I posted and just saying the rest don’t matter because they don’t help your point.

                • So if 70 Thousand comic book fans hate Welling, (which they don’t according to polls on comic book sites) and several MILLION Smallville fans hate anyone but Welling, then it is obvious that Snyder must cast Welling. You live in a tiny echo chamber of Smallville hatred. Everyone you know hates it, therefore, you reason, everyone must hate it. It can’t be that you just hang out with a group of like minded people. It’s the old political joke dude. “No body I know votes Republican. They’re going to lose so bad.” Then, “How the hell did the Republicans win so big?! No body I know voted for them. Must be Dibold.”

                  • @ Joyous Noel

                    Are replying to me? I don’t hate Smallville or Tom Welling.

                  • Joyous

                    Actually my argument is based on factual ratings and from what I’ve seen on the various blog sites I visit. I don’t talk to my friends about Smallville because it’s a crappy show that I don’t bother with. Sadly I have to talk about it here because obsessive fans can’t stop suggesting a horrible POS actor for a major film. Mostly my argument is based on actual ratings.. Since you seems to be making a much smaller simplified version of Wally’s argument and can’t come up with anything of your own just look at my reply for him and then let him make the argument for him rather than copying a small part of his argument.

        • for it to be Smallville the movie, it would have to have Clark first discovering his powers and coming to terms with them. Then donning the cape. Since we’ve got 10 years of the his coming to terms with his power and destiny, this film could hit the ground running and skip the overall origin story.

          Confuse the general audience my butt. Everyone eats whats fed to them, you do to whether you admit it or not.

    • Little monster that argument makes no sense what so ever. Look no further than RDJ who was older than Hamm when he got cast as IM not only has he done IM and IM2, but he’s working on Avengers and more than likely an IM3 after that. Hamm doesn’t even look his age he looks mid 30’s and could easily looks late 30s for a sequel especially with a little make up.

      I guess I’m odd I just like the idea of someone who looks exactly like Superman to play superman crazy me. Also probably strange that I want an actual man to play supes again like they used to allow.

      • Iron Man uses a suit for his powers, Superman doesn’t. I agree that Hamm would be good NOW, but when a sequel or the third film comes around WB would have to recast him b/c of his age. Unless the rush those two. It would be like when Arnold Schwarzenegger played the Terminator in Terminator 3 (cring).

        • Yea and superman uses the yellow sun. Do you have a point? This is about the actors not their characters powers. Neither Hamm or RDJ have powers so let’s not discuss powers. Hamm doesn’t actually need to be able to fly or lift a plane he doesn’t have to really be able to do those thank goodness for sfx huh? RDJ and Hamm have to be able to convincingly say their lines walk around stand around and possibly run a little not sure if you know this but even at 60 all those things are possible. RDJ started I’m at an older age than Hamm and honestly still doesn’t look his age and at the end of the day all that matters is how old they look as far as age goes.

          The Arnold comparison is a joke I hope . Arnold didn’t age well has an extreamly messed up back and if I remember correctly was older in T3 than either Hamm or RDJ.

          • My point is that you can put an old man in an powered suit like Iron Man and people can still take it seriously. You can only cast someone soo old for Superman until it becomes unbelievable. Hamm is already over 40, and by time Superman 3 comes around he’ll be too old.

            but whatever I’m done with this thread. all i can say if they cast a hamm or welling or routh, then i’m not seeing the movie.

            • Not to be rude, but really? Just because they cast someone you don’t want, you’re going to take your ball and go home? I get that sometimes people don’t like casting choices but shouldn’t stop someone from seeing a movie.

              Sometimes I feel like fanboys are so committed to these characters that it’s life or death when a movie’s made.

              • Joe it’s not about being to dedicated to a character for most of most of us just don’t want to see bad acting. It doesn’t matter if it’s superman or some newly created character if it has Tom Welling , Paul Walker, or Keanu reaves I’m not watching it because they are bad actors.

  5. No don draper or alcide for superman. We only have Hamm do it if there’s a Kingdom Come movie. Bit honestly if that happens my head would explode from the possible epicness of that

  6. I think Brandon Routh should still be Superman

  7. jeff bridges would make the perfect superman if there was a movie based of the kingdom come storyline

  8. the feneral audience knows smallville is a superman show.i would rather see a spinoff show(which will not happen)than a movie.

    • And if they have Welling as the lead in the movie, then the general audience may associate Smallville with this reboot. That’s why Welling should NOT be in this movie.

      • That’s why they don’t do Smallville the movie. They pick up where that show left off.

        And even if they used Welling or Routh for the reboot, if it’s a reboot, it’s them playing a NEW Superman. The only thing that reminds you they were in previous incarnations of the character is your obsessing over the fact.

      • Keep beating that drum dude. Maybe someone will listen to you. I would take Welling in a heart beat. With as screwed up as the DC Universe is it is not a very big stretch. DC talks a lot about the Multi-verse. I will be surprised if they don’t bring that into later parts to the series. Especially when the JLA movies start. I would also take Erica Durance as Lois. I think she is awesome in that role.

        • I really don’t care if nobody listens. It’s my opinion and if nobody cares, then they can just piss-off. I still stand by it.

  9. oops general!.

  10. Yeah I would have perfer Brandon Routh or at least John Hamm as Superman.

  11. Despite his exceptional performance as Clark Kent, I too feel that Welling shouldn’t be considered for the role. That would subconsciously tie to Smallville which has now gone way into it’s own mythos for this movie to have any connection to.

    I still maintain that Snyder is the wrong director for this film. It needs a filmaker who can successfuly merge a great story and characters with spectacle, I’d strongly feel it should be either Spielberg of Jackson at the helm.

    Just to reiterate again that Smallville is the best show on television still and has without question has been one of the greatest shows of the Noughties.

    • Except for the fact that Snyder is only directing. David Goyer wrote the script, the same man who wrote “Batman Begins” and co-wrote “The Dark Knight” with Johnathan Nolan.

      Snyder will use his visual style, but the story will be all Goyer. That gives me plenty of confidence in this film. Besides, have you not seen Watchmen?

      And the thing about Smallville going into it’s own mythos? This film could be a continuance of that mythos and hit the ground running.

      If they sat down and really thought about it, they would realize that they could skip the whole origin part of the story and just continue Smallville on the big screen. It’s a different take on Superman, and one that I feel is really enjoyable. 10 years worth of origin out of the way.

      • Have you seen any of Goyers work? He co wrote TDK and Begins, but have you seen anything he wrote by him self? He’s really only good when he has other talented people working with him. His solo work is pretty freaking awful.

  12. Here are the simple facts about Superman. If this is going to be a retelling of the origin, it can’t be a middle-aged man. In all of the comics I’ve read, Clark Kent became Superman right after college, in his early to mid-20’s.

    I know that this isn’t going to be based off of any particular comic or story, they should still stay true to the fact that when Clark Kent first donned the red cape, he was in his 20’s. Heck, even in the Christopher Reeve film, he was 30 when he first donned the cape. That may be older than late 20’s, but it’s close.

    If they are going to use a middle-aged Superman, it has to be a story that takes place many years after the origin story. Otherwise, it will look freaking ridiculous. Like a middle-aged man is suddenly going to think, “I have powers, maybe I should have my mom make me a costume and fly around helping people.”

    After his great adaptation of “Watchmen,” and Nolan’s fantastic “batman” films, I’m hoping that these two guys just give us a new take on a classic character that isn’t too far off from the original. Like what Nolan did for Batman, and Raimi did for Spider-man.

  13. @ Gary

    Thank you Gary! That’s what i was implying to. It be easier for the filmakers to work with, not to mention how many fans, general public will probly end up enjoying it. Christopher Reeve guest starred on Smallville twice and people knew the show and his movies weren’t connected but still loved it. Imagine this vice-versa with the new movie takin place sometime after Clark from Smallville has become Superman. The film is a reboot, yet is able to pick off where Smallville’s series finale leaves off which could be years later of-course. I think it would work & if everyone signed on, you already know you have a great cast.

    • @”The film is a reboot, yet is able to pick off where Smallville’s series finale leaves off which could be years later of-course. I think it would work & if everyone signed on, you already know you have a great cast.”

      sigh, if the film has ANY connection to Smallville like you’re suggesting, then it would just be Smallville the movie.

      • It could only be Smallville the movie if it was about Clark Kent pre-Superman. That’s what Smallville is. Post-Superman makes it Superman the movie, starring Tom Welling. duh. I really don’t get why anyone wouldn’t be able to grasp this. Several people have already explained it. Even the last Star Trek movie had Leonard Nimoy rebooting the whole universe. The audience wasn’t boggled. If the story doesn’t require contradicting events in Smallville, it won’t. If it does, just retcon it like the comics do. In the most extreme circumstance of needing an entirely different universe, the last Star Trek movie points the way. Dimensional travel is a pretty established idea by now.

        • @ Melody
          Ty, glad you know what im sayin.

  14. I am glad that John Hamm agrees with me in. Unless they are doing the Kingdom Come movie then I don’t want to see Superman in a mid-life crisis. If it was Kingdom Come… word. Not only would he rock that role, but that would be an awesome movie.

  15. Still thinks the script is crap since the same thing has been hashing out on Smallville for 10 years.

  16. What? lol

  17. An older Superman doesn’t bother me. It could bring an interesting dynamic and feel to the movie. But Superman does require a certain amount of muscle and physical presence, even if he is older. Jon Hamm’s face is great for Superman and Clark Kent, but I’m not sure his body could take the strain of bulking up, if he is going to start serious body building at the age of 40. If he could muscle up, I’d have no problem with Hamm.

  18. I used to be a big fan of the idea of Henry Cavill in the role. As I saw more and more of him on TV and in pictures, I became disenchanted. There is no “Farm Boy” in him. Cavill is always cast as an aristocrat because he looks very aristocratic. Superman does have some aristocratic qualities, but a very big part of him is also the “Farm Boy”. To me, Cavill is just too much the aristocrat to pull off the complete Superman. I do like Cavill though and see him as a future James Bond.

  19. how bout david hasselhoff????

  20. Superman fans like Tom Welling. That’s why he won a poll of registered users at Superman Homepage. I’m not sure where this myth began that Superman fans didn’t like him. Some fans were vocal about not liking a teen Superboy show, but even then Superman fans were very congenial about Welling. Visit the DC forums. They are very open to Welling. Surprisingly, there is very little of that “Nerd Rage” phenomenon that is so famous about some geek websites. DC forums contains the hardest of the hardcore Superman comic book fans, yet they are surprisingly laid back. They like Welling. He might not be their favorite Superman actor, but they like him. It’s the same with the hardcore Superman fans at Superman Homepage.

    But to get back to the topic of Hamm, I don’t feel he is being coy. He is on the edge of turning into a really big movie star. Lots of directors and producers now want to work with him. The Superman role will require a tremendous commitment in gym time and effort. I feel that Hamm just plain doesn’t want to make that commitment. I think WB and Snyder love him and would be happy to offer the role to him, but he plain doesn’t want it.

    • Edited to add: DC forums refers to the official message board hosted by the DC company, not some random fan forum. Sorry for any confusion.

      There is no consensus actor pick among Superman fans and this is no doubt causing headaches for Snyder. Before Batman Begins there actually was a consensus opinion of Christian Bale. This made Nolan’s job an easy no-brainer. Snyder has a much tougher job and I don’t envy him.

  21. @ Daniel F

    Whatever. If you want to be in comlete denial thats fine by me. But when it comes to ratings, it makes alot of sense that a show like Firefly with higher ratings than Smallville could be cancelled as soon as it was as you mentioned. There had to be something else that had that show canceled when it had higher ratings than Smallville. Conversation is over.

  22. Hi Gary,

    I have seen Watchmen and 300 and it’s because of both films that I have reservations about Synder.

    The problem with carrying on from the Smallville continuity is that you risk alienating audiences who haven’t seen the show. If the show enjoyed the same massive ratings as the likes of Friends, CSI, ER etc, then this wouldn’t be so much of an obstacle. Unfortunatley Smallville doesn’t get the promotion or recognition that those shows did.

    Considering the disappointment of Superman Returns and the assumed budget for this film – which will probably be between $150 – $200 million, this is a rebbot that producers will need to have as big and wide appeal as possible.

    I personally though would love to see a Smallville movie. It would be great to see what the producers could truly produce with a superior budget and visual effects. A great example of this was the season 4 finale ‘Commencement’ which was a true epic hour of television and I can’t think to too many fionales from other shows that could match the quality of that episode.

  23. I think Jon Hamm would have made an amazing Bruce Wayne!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I think Hamm would make a good Norman Osborn personally