Has Joe Manganiello Become the Frontrunner to Play Superman? No. [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 8:03 am,

joe manganiello superman candidate Has Joe Manganiello Become the Frontrunner to Play Superman? No. [Updated]

[Update: Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

Not long after it was announced that Zack Snyder would be directing the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel, rumors arose that True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello was in talks for the role of Clark Kent/Superman.

Manganiello’s name joined a growing list of other potential contenders that included Jon Hamm, Arnie Hammer, and Matthew Goode. Hammer indicated that he was definitely interested, but that the filmmakers were looking for someone in the 35-40 age range. Hamm recently put an end to the speculation surrounding his involvement with Man of Steel by declaring the opposite – he insisted that the film was instead “a young man’s game.”

While this means Hammer could conceivably still have a shot, a recent tweet from Hero Complex claims that Manganiello has actually emerged as the frontrunner for the role. That tweet inspired  Ministry of Gossip to dig a little deeper and they heard a similar story:

Here’s what we know: At last week’s Academy Bake Off, a celebration of visual effects in film, talk around the room (especially from the team working on the new “Superman”) said Manganiello kept popping up in serious talks about a new face for the franchise.

Is this the original rumor simply coming back around a second time, or could the Man of Steel team really be centering in on Manganiello? He certainly hasn’t inspired the same groundswell of support that someone like Hamm managed to. Nor does he have a fan base as passionate as Tom Welling’s Smallville followers, who are determined to see him land the role.

I’ll admit that the first time Manganiello’s name came up, I didn’t think he was a particularly strong candidate. Quite honestly, I still have my doubts. I know he’s come a long way since the rather one-dimensional role of Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies and that he’s currently turning a lot of heads on True Blood – there’s just a major disconnect between every photo I see of this guy and the way I perceive the Superman character.

joe manganiello superman Has Joe Manganiello Become the Frontrunner to Play Superman? No. [Updated]

Fan manipulations like the one above definitely hint at Manganiello’s potential, but we all know there’s so much more to Superman than being able to fill out that iconic suit.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m writing off Manganiello, though. I realize that it’s always going to be difficult to disassociate yourself from the incarnations of the character that you grew up with, but it’s been implied that Man of Steel will be forging its own path down Superman‘s cinematic landscape.

I have a feeling that even if it Manganiello doesn’t get the role, whoever does ultimately wind up in the tights might initially strike most of us as a similarly unconventional choice.

Superman: Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters around holiday season 2012.

Source: Hero Complex and Ministry of Gossip.

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  1. He’d be fine with me, I’d prefer Jon Hamm, but that aint gonna happen.

    And Armie Hammer has never been a contender for this role, apart from in his own imagination, he tweets stuff and does interviews, but there has never been any actual evidence that he was up for the part of Superman other than his association with George Millers aborted Justice League movie in which he was cast as Batman.

    • Well, there’s never really been confirmation that any of these guys were being seriously considered. Hamm may have at least spoken to Snyder at some point about the film, but it doesn’t sound like he was ever really up for it. That’s why I chose the phrasing “potential contenders” – people who have either declared they’d like to be considered or whose names have repeatedly come up in association with the part for whatever reason.

      Because we really don’t know anything about anything at this point. This too could turn out to be a lot of hot air. That being said, I never understood the love for Hammer. Decent actor, but I don’t think he’d make a very convincing Superman.

      • Hammer would be a terrible Superman.

  2. I think if they’re not going to go with Tom Welling for the part then they should definitely go for a relatively unknown actor. It worked out for the original movie when they went with an unknown Christopher Reeve.
    This guy looks perfect in that fan made picture & I really liked him in True Blood. He gets my vote:-)

  3. I can see this working. I mean I’d like to see more, but he’d be ok in my book.

  4. Manganiello is probably my top pick for Superman.

  5. Routh was perfect. Yes his acting was a bit dodgy but he’s had years to get better. You won’t find a better look for the character.

    The studio are morons for letting him go.

  6. Well this is a reboot so they are obviously doing all they can to distance it from SR. So I understand them not wanting to go with Routh again. It would be like casting Toby Maguire in the upcoming spidey reboot.

  7. I wouldn’t wanna fight me neither

  8. im not saying any of them are better then the rest but as far as the main actors being talked most about , Hammer is an intresting choice but i can’t picture him as Supes.
    Jon Hamm would be perfect for the Kingdom Come Supes not for this one.
    Tom Welling, just will not happen because of Smallville and they need to have seperation from the two different interpetations
    Brandon Routh : the same reasons as Welling, it wont happen.
    Manganiello: there is just something that screams NOT SUPERMAN. I really could see him as ZOD though.
    So who would I pick then well, if they are telling another origin movie then Supes needs to be young Early 20′s tall at least 6’3″ 210 -220 some one like James Lafferty would be good

    • Hell yes he would be a great Zod!

  9. I think Jared Padalecki from Supernatural should be Superman, but Manganiello would be great too.

  10. Well Forget Welling to make the jump to the big screen as Superman,because in the Smallville-verse he and Lois do marry so that throws off what the producers of Man of Steel want to do,however going with a unknown to take to the next level from Superman Returns could be a good thing IMO.
    Any other opinions?


    Christiaan Schildt

    • ACtually rumors with smallville are they don’t end up married before the series finale….I kind of think she might have some of her memories erased…..

      • Ha! I’m thinking the same thing. They’d have to. It’s the only way he can go off an become Superman and have if flow with the story that we all know. Of course, I could be completely wrong. It’s been known to happen. ;)

        • Wouldn’t that be a bit of a disconnect from the episode where Clark goes to the future and ends up saving Lois while his future self deals with a nuclear blast?

          • Like I said, I could be (and probably am) completely wrong. :)
            I just keep trying to figure out how they’re going to end the series and that’s the only thing that keeps popping up. Of course, as many times as Lois has been knocked unconscious in the show, she’s bound to be suffering from some type of brain injury. Honestly, I’m surprised she can remember her name much less Clark & his secret. LOL!

          • Actually no. That was the course for the future he was on at that time. Who is to say that timeline didn’t change because of random events. See Back to the Future.

  11. I feel like if this wasn’t a Zack Snyder directed supes movie then I’d have a problem with him being cast … but with Snyder behind the camera it somehow makes sense. hmmmmm

  12. GEE. What a coincidence that every single male client of agent Kami Putnam-Heist has had media stories about how he is on the Superman shortlist. Armie Hammer, James Franco, Joe Manganello, Zachary Levi. Even Logan Lerman got floated for a possible Superboy!

    The only question is what the media was getting from Kami in return for their mattress duties? What a moment of journalistic glory from the press hounds. Sure, entertainment scribes are not like real journalists, but you’d think they would still be embarrassed.

    • I hate to disappoint your conspiratorial theories, but we’re not getting ANYTHING from ANYONE regarding these casting rumor articles. We’re just passing along what we’re hearing.

      Have a nice day.


      • Eh, the journalists in question weren’t you. Unless I missed a post and screenrant was originating these stories. Shame on them.

        • Ah, gotcha. Your comment did seem to be pointing a finger at us. :)


      • You meanthere isn’t a conspiracy afoot? Darn! I was hoping that ScreenRant was taking over the world :(

        • Nah, not the world. I’ll settle for the movie blogosphere. 8)


          • It’s a start ;)

          • I don’t know Vic. With the way things are going in the world, a ScreenRantocracy would probably be a lot better. 8-)

          • That is the first step to taking over the world. Take the internet. :)

  13. Honestly, anyone in that story sounds fine except Goode. His was the one and only performance in “Watchmen” that I felt really dragged the scenes he was in down.

  14. He’s fine. Really, there isn’t going to be too much of a difference between whomever they pick and Manganiello. It’s like picking 6’3″ Hugh Jackman to play 5’3″ Wolverine. If Manganiello can capture the essence of Superman, he will be fine. Let’s not get to caught up and nit pick. He is close enough to the man of steel to pull it off.

  15. I don’t see it, but I guess I don’t really have to. The only work of his that I’ve watched was the Raimi Spider-Man series. Let’s hope he’s great.

    • It’s the last season of Smallville so he could still play Superman hopefully.

  16. Brando routh is the perfect choice for superman. He is being born to play superman role. After him I would take Tom welling. I’m amaze why are not Zack synder taking the benfit of Brandon routh. Brandon routh look exactly like a origin superman he has got same hairs, height and simplicity.

    • these are the reasons why he will not be picked, because they are trying to get away from being associated with those movies

  17. I would take routh again too…

  18. One word: nose

    • Coming from “Jew”-El? Lol

      I’m sorry. That was mean

  19. jew-ell…agreed…they are gonna have to CGI that schnozz

  20. Maganiello just doesn’t scream Superman. No one is better for the role than Henry Cavill! He is the perfect Superman!


    • Hey u sure know your stuff !

  21. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO matt bomer or tom welling there the best two out there for the role

  22. I think if Tom Welling were offered the role , we would know it by now .
    Good Luck Joe!
    I hope that you get the role.

    • Actually I think they would hold off on that information until the end of smallville……then that might avoid some confusion between the two…