Has Joe Manganiello Become the Frontrunner to Play Superman? No. [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 8:03 am,

joe manganiello superman candidate Has Joe Manganiello Become the Frontrunner to Play Superman? No. [Updated]

[Update: Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

Not long after it was announced that Zack Snyder would be directing the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel, rumors arose that True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello was in talks for the role of Clark Kent/Superman.

Manganiello’s name joined a growing list of other potential contenders that included Jon Hamm, Arnie Hammer, and Matthew Goode. Hammer indicated that he was definitely interested, but that the filmmakers were looking for someone in the 35-40 age range. Hamm recently put an end to the speculation surrounding his involvement with Man of Steel by declaring the opposite – he insisted that the film was instead “a young man’s game.”

While this means Hammer could conceivably still have a shot, a recent tweet from Hero Complex claims that Manganiello has actually emerged as the frontrunner for the role. That tweet inspired  Ministry of Gossip to dig a little deeper and they heard a similar story:

Here’s what we know: At last week’s Academy Bake Off, a celebration of visual effects in film, talk around the room (especially from the team working on the new “Superman”) said Manganiello kept popping up in serious talks about a new face for the franchise.

Is this the original rumor simply coming back around a second time, or could the Man of Steel team really be centering in on Manganiello? He certainly hasn’t inspired the same groundswell of support that someone like Hamm managed to. Nor does he have a fan base as passionate as Tom Welling’s Smallville followers, who are determined to see him land the role.

I’ll admit that the first time Manganiello’s name came up, I didn’t think he was a particularly strong candidate. Quite honestly, I still have my doubts. I know he’s come a long way since the rather one-dimensional role of Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies and that he’s currently turning a lot of heads on True Blood – there’s just a major disconnect between every photo I see of this guy and the way I perceive the Superman character.

joe manganiello superman Has Joe Manganiello Become the Frontrunner to Play Superman? No. [Updated]

Fan manipulations like the one above definitely hint at Manganiello’s potential, but we all know there’s so much more to Superman than being able to fill out that iconic suit.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m writing off Manganiello, though. I realize that it’s always going to be difficult to disassociate yourself from the incarnations of the character that you grew up with, but it’s been implied that Man of Steel will be forging its own path down Superman‘s cinematic landscape.

I have a feeling that even if it Manganiello doesn’t get the role, whoever does ultimately wind up in the tights might initially strike most of us as a similarly unconventional choice.

Superman: Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters around holiday season 2012.

Source: Hero Complex and Ministry of Gossip.

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  1. why are they looking for guys 35-40? don’t get me wrong thats not old but if your doing a movie that will probably lead to a sequel or 2 why not cast someone around 30 (or under)

    anyways Manganiello is a terrible choice IMO.

  2. In the first photo, the guy just doesnt LOOK like Superman. I,m not that big a superman fan,but the actor has got to look right. Come on.

  3. Brandon routh was a great superman

  4. Brandon Routh FTW!!.. he doesnt look like kal-el in any direction :-|

  5. Armie Hammer would have been a good Captain America not Superman. I think.

  6. I want Matthew Goode to play the role of Superman.

  7. My top 3 choices are 1. Brandon Routh
    2. Tom Welling
    3. Zachary Levi ( after lots of weight training )

    • What is it you don’t like about Matthew Goode, he’s handsome, with some weight training he would have the body your looking for. To look at him is like looking at candy.

  8. I want younger Superman than old superman. Brandon routh is the best choice. Old superman look sux and weak, SUPERMAN should BE STRONG, YOUNG AND MIGHTY….

  9. Why cant they just get Brandon Routh Back to play Superman…He was a better candadite than any of these folks John Ham would have been a good candadite although he turned down the role but just give the role to Brandon Routh

  10. Why are people thinking that Tom Welling has a shot? Seriously, think about it. This Superman universe has nothing to do with the Smallville continuity, if they picked Welling the audience that doesn’t watch the show will think it’s just “Smallville: The Movie” and it won’t attract as much as they want. Fanboys, don’t get your hopes up, you’re gonna end up broken hearted lol.

  11. nando….I don’t think you give the viewing audience enough credit…people will realize it is not a smallville movie if they watch smallville regularly and those that don’t won’t care, and those that don’t watch, but know the story, will know it’s not a smallville movie…..So I still think it could work without confusing people. And if they do think it is a smallville movie it won’t really matter as long as it is well made with good acting and action….

  12. ….Nando….Also, think of it like this. I don’t read comics, but recently started to read the trade/graphic novels for superman (birthrite, secret origin and superman for all seasons, death of superman…), when you read them you don’t say, but wait that is not how the story was in the other novel. That’s because you consider that novel in a world in it’s own. Welling could star in the man of steel because the movie would be like a new comic or novel in which, yeah, it is the same guy from smallville….but a different reality and different universe…When you go see Ryan reynolds in Green lantern and you gonna get him confused with the character he played in Wolverine origin??? No, of course not. Welling may be playing the same character if he does, but it would be a whole new storyline and new characters and new world.

  13. I like the pic of him in the outfit. I don’t think it’s that bad of a choice. I am still with the Welling Army though.

    • yh same here hope welling gets chosen

  14. Ok, I’m so tired of all of theses rumors. All I want to hear is that Tom Welling is going to be the new superman. He’s got the looks, the charm and he has really grown as an actor in the past years. Plus, he has experience as superman in Smallville…or shall I say as the “Red-Blue Blurr”?
    I just hope that whoever is cast as Superman is capapble of taking that role and giving justice to it. Hopefully they won’t be so terrible as the new spiderman…

    • So the new spiderman has come out? Please please please wait for a movie to come out before yoy say its terrible.

  15. ComicGeek…100% agreed….I was okay with Routh and at the time it just would not have worked with Smallville schedule with Welling…but now is the right time to make it work…he finishes Smallville and could easily transition to the movies…..I’m keeping my fingers crossed…..

  16. I am a fan of Smallville but Welling should not do a movie. It would be too confusing. Welling the the Superman of Smallville. Just like Chris Reeves is the Superman of the late 70′s, early 80′s movies. We need a new Superman for this reboot mainly because we need yet another re-invention of the character. Manganiello definatly has the look.

    • Alpine…would you be confused if they used WElling? No, of course not….I keep hearing this as the problem with using Welling…but I don’t think you are giving the viewing public and fans of superman and/or smallville enough credit. Either fans of smallville and/or superman will know it is not a continuation (unless they make it linked somehow) and people that just want to see a movie and be entertained…well they won’t care one way or another…..

  17. Matthew Goode Please!

  18. I just hope that he is fighting someone besides a big green rock.

  19. This wouldnt turn out to well it would be like having Sly Stallone as Superman. Never do you see a Italian as Superman. And hey im Italian and im saying this. I just think it would be a big risk. There is to much riding on this. Either this movie does well or we wont see Superman in a movie for a long time. Im with the people who say Tom Welling. He would be perfect. And im not opposed to seeing Brandon Roth back he did a good job. It wasnt his fault the movie didnt do so well.

  20. Thank GOD this guy didn’t get the part! Really? “Flash”, from Spider-Man?? I think not. That would have been awful.

  21. Get Superman out of the blue suit; change it to black with white lettering; get him out of the daily planet; shag his hair out and make him appear much more gritty! If they don’t do these things, it will suck! Superman needs something Darker… Put him up against Braniac, but Braniac cam be a transformers type character; There’s got to be a lot of Action… characters have to be big like Abomination in the Hulk movie

    • OH, get rid of the cape too!