Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

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superman logo Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

We live in the digital age, Hollywood, and news spreads at fiber-optic speeds (that’s faster than wildfire, FYI). So when actor Brandon Routh recently told Brazilian movie site Omelete that he no longer knew WHERE Warner Bros. was at with the next Superman film, it didn’t matter that the comment wasn’t reported in English; and when Routh added that his contract to play Supes is now officially expired, he could’ve been writing the words down in the dirt in a lost dialect of Sanscrit and the blogosphere STILL would’ve found out!

Because I (and I am certainly not alone) feel strongly about this Routh-as-Supes issue. And I have sworn my allegiance to a team. And like teams Angelina vs. Jen in the great Pitt feud before us, there have since been two warring schools of the Superman order: Team Routh vs. Team Anybody Else But Routh. Well those on the anti-Routh side (including myself) may have some reason to celebrate.

brandon routh Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

Formerly the androgynous face of the world's most powerful superhero

In all seriousness, this news suggests that Warner Bros. is still no closer to getting the next Superman installment off the ground. It may also be indicative of a death-knell for any possibility of a continuation of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns storyline in the next film. Expect a start-from-scratch reboot for the next Supes movie, people. And don’t be shocked if it’s an origin story that tries to be the 2000-whenever Batman Begins. But we’ll cross that bridge if we ever when we come to it.

For the moment, Brandon Routh is no longer Superman. What do you think about that?

Source: Omelete via ThinkMcFlyThink

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  1. Why? Brandon Routh wasnt a bad Superman, the movie was just not that good.

  2. LOL you’re so crazy, but HURRAY I celebrate with you. New non-generic-looking Superman in a reboot. Happy days are here.

    *Throws the confetti*
    *Lights the fireworks*
    *Pops the champagne*

    Superman is free of Brandon Routh! HURRAY!

  3. @ Kofi

    Thanks for that unbiased look at this story…

    I could give a rat’s @$$ about Superman on film anymore…

  4. Routh was never the problem, the screenplay was.

  5. PS

    BTW, Routh was just “ok”, the movie sucked.

  6. Well I don’t really care much about Superman and thought the last film was somewhere in between alright and good, but I thought one of the highlights was Routh’s performance as Kent/Superman. Although Spacey as Lex Luthor was the best part IMO, I thought Routh did very well too.

  7. Oh man, what a great day it is. Routh was never believable as the Man of Steel.

  8. Neither was CHristopher Reeve but you don’t see me gloating about it!!

  9. Routh doesn’t pull off the boy scout well.

    I hear he’s a fan, so what; I’m a fan of Wolverine, doesn’t mean I should be running around saying ‘bub’.

  10. Carl

    Were you cast to play Wolverine at some point Bub?

  11. Yeah, but those studio motherfu– Sorry, I’m still bitter about it, :P

  12. Perfection in a rant.
    I think it was writer/director/Routh.
    It was like they got Superman to star in a romantic comedy.

  13. I thought “Superman Returns” was brilliant and Rouht was awesome as Superman.

  14. I enjoyed Superman Returns and Routh’s portrayal as well. Hopefully he can renew his contract somehow.

  15. Wait, I thought this article was deleted? Guess just off the main page list…

    I didn’t think Routh was horrible, but then again, the writers gave him like a grand total of 2 lines in the entire movie so it’s kind of hard to tell…

  16. “I thought “Superman Returns” was brilliant and Rouht was awesome as Superman.”

    Same here. Routh will always be My Superman. Once Superman, Always Superman.

  17. you people are nuts routh is a terrible superman, read a comin why dont you, watch the cartoon, routh looks like bruno lol how could bruno play superman, nobody wants to see the old crappy superman, I WANT TO SEE HIM SMASHING ROBOTS AND FLYING TO OTHER WORLDS!!! like the cartoon!!

  18. Thsi is BS!

    Routh was amazing – he encaptured the aura of the god-like savior immensley and he really worked in the role.

    Just because his contract has expired doesn’t mean he can’t be rehired, right? If they MUST do a reboot (I REEALLY hope they don’t) but if they do I just hope they keep Routh.

    A shame.

  19. the only thing i didnt like about superman returns was that kid and how it turned out to be supermans kid. other than that the film was ok. also if Routh is know longer going to play the part then i think tom welling should. Smallville is jue to end and he would suit the role

  20. i never liked superman (movies)..
    esp. Superman Returns.
    boyband face,
    super power,
    athletic body,
    laser eyes,
    flying around,
    super-hyper-ultra speed,
    been shot using kryptonite bullet ZILLION times, and not a single death .. <–#especially this one!#
    etc etc.

    i don’t know with u guys, but he’s too perfect in a world where nobody’s perfect. (in the movies)

    where is doomsday for heaven’s sake, enough lex luthor and his retarded gang :(

  21. I thought Brandon Routh was fine. He wasn’t the problem. Singer and the writers were the problem,Lois was the problem, Spacey was the problem, the suit everyone hated was the problem. I thought the film was fine but flat. This vapid, I-pod dummy generation’s idea of an homage to a much more creative era of film making and a much more creative film maker. Brandon Routh should return to the cape without Singer, No Luthor (or Luthor only in the background as some shadowy enemy), new Lois, original suit, maybe Bay should direct it and make it a bombastic specticle with Terrence Stamp Zod crawling out of the Artic Ice for revenege.

  22. definatly need a reboot, with tom welling as superman. whole new angle on superman. take him to other worlds, bigger darker enimies like doomsday etc… all they need to do is make a superman film intresting! it cant be that hard? i mean superman is THE greatest superhero of all time. but where are the movies to do him justice?

  23. Enough with the Tom Welling BS!

    He’s in Smallville and so won’t be allowed to cross into the films legally, without all the continuity issues.

    Plus he’s only good as Clark, not Superman – he looks to young and naive to be the Man Of Steel. He just wouldn’t work.

  24. Thank God that’s over. The continued defecation on the longest running American Pop-Art Icon may be over. No, wait. Smallville Season 9 is coming. Damn.

  25. And Tom Welling can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Would all Smallville fans, complete with their low expectations, please stop demanding a movie??? When your show excels at plot, special effects, character development, maintaining continuity, entertainment, directing, directing-with-a-home-video camera, or set-building–then we can “discuss” a movie. That show is strictly bush-league now with it’s $375.00 an episode budget.