Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

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superman logo Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

We live in the digital age, Hollywood, and news spreads at fiber-optic speeds (that’s faster than wildfire, FYI). So when actor Brandon Routh recently told Brazilian movie site Omelete that he no longer knew WHERE Warner Bros. was at with the next Superman film, it didn’t matter that the comment wasn’t reported in English; and when Routh added that his contract to play Supes is now officially expired, he could’ve been writing the words down in the dirt in a lost dialect of Sanscrit and the blogosphere STILL would’ve found out!

Because I (and I am certainly not alone) feel strongly about this Routh-as-Supes issue. And I have sworn my allegiance to a team. And like teams Angelina vs. Jen in the great Pitt feud before us, there have since been two warring schools of the Superman order: Team Routh vs. Team Anybody Else But Routh. Well those on the anti-Routh side (including myself) may have some reason to celebrate.

brandon routh Superman Is Free Of Brandon Routh

Formerly the androgynous face of the world's most powerful superhero

In all seriousness, this news suggests that Warner Bros. is still no closer to getting the next Superman installment off the ground. It may also be indicative of a death-knell for any possibility of a continuation of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns storyline in the next film. Expect a start-from-scratch reboot for the next Supes movie, people. And don’t be shocked if it’s an origin story that tries to be the 2000-whenever Batman Begins. But we’ll cross that bridge if we ever when we come to it.

For the moment, Brandon Routh is no longer Superman. What do you think about that?

Source: Omelete via ThinkMcFlyThink

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  1. I actually really enjoyed Routh as Superman, and even more so as Clark. Superman Returns was okay as a film, but TRULY needed a villain Supes could fight. I would be willing to give him another chance if WB is.

  2. hows about this then pop pickers?
    the only reason they picked brandon (cant act my way out of a paper bag) routh was because he is a very close resemblance to chris reeve (rip) when he was younger – especially as clark kent, but as superman i didnt buy it..he’s way to athletic, like i said cant act, no way near muscular or old enough to look anywhere near an original comic book supe.
    so here is my suggestion, why not get tom welling to play clark kent and get that geezer out of supernatural who looks like tom welling to play the part of superman. lol
    But i agree with red skull, the franchise needs to move on and start drawing inspiration from some of the many thousand graphic novels out there and start getting a bit more darker and gothic….may i produce exhibit one & two = batman begins & the dark night.
    case rested!

  3. I enjoyed Brandon Routh greatly as Superman. People complain that his acting was terrible, but at what point was he given a chance to act??? The whole movie was about Superman lifting Kryptonite mountains, catching airplanes, and flying through outer space. How much acting does physical labor involve?

    I also don’t understand complaints about THE SUIT. THE SUIT was fine; everything was where it should have been, and he didn’t look like he as about to be eaten by the cape. What more do you want?

    There’s no reason to make a “origin story” movie. Everyone knows where Superman came from, and why he’s here. I would much rather see a World’s Finest movie then a film where half the budget goes into making Krypton explode.

  4. Luipaard,I agree with everything you said COMPLETELY. Brandon isn’t or wasn’t the problem. Just everything else.

  5. First of all, Brandon Routh did an excellent job as Superman/Cark Kent. Kate Bosworth ruined Lois Lane and don’t get me started on his wheezing spaztastic son. Spacey wasn’t terrible as Lex but it could have been so much better. Bryan Singer needs to learn that the fans arent wanting a nastalgic film, we want to see Superman unloading on a villain strong enough to face him physically and push him to the limit of his morality. As far as Superman becoming dark and gothic WTF?!?!?! Superman isnt Batman, he dosent need to be dark for us to enjoy him, we love him for a reason and it isnt him being a self indulging cry baby who karate kicks his way through a movie. If an origen story is the way WB goes then luckily Brandon is youthful enough to pull off the look of a High School kid and still be able to make the transition to working at the planet.

  6. Really well said lupiaard – especially the suit. I loved the suit!

  7. First of all i wouldnt say Superman Returns was terrible as people make it out to be. I think people exaggerated how bad it was. It could of been better with more action in it yes, but i doubt it wouldnt made a differance unless it had another famous Superman villain for supes to trade punches with. I thought it was better than Superman 3 & 4. To me Superman 3 was the worst. The cast was pretty decent though i think they could of found someone better to play Lois Lane.
    The costume was ok and all, and liked the material it was made out of. It made Brandon Routh look more powerful as the Man Of Steel than what regular tights do. I just liked Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume design more with the big S emblem on the chest and yellow S emblem on the cape. Routh’s looked weird especially with a S on the belt and boot heels. Anyways, they wanted to modernize it. If they reboot i hate to say, i sure hope it wont be another origin story film cause the first two Superman films were great. Plus if they decide to use Lex Luthor again, then they should have him in minor roles in a different way like…. a business man Lex Luthor who’s wealthy and running Lexcorp. And could use him to hire or talk other fan favorite Superman villains to destroy the Man Of Steel.

  8. Why doesnt anyone else want to see a big screen version of the Death of superman?
    The proper way to reboot a series is to kill everyone.

  9. Superman, Batman, this man, that man. Come on guys, let’s get off the nineteen thirties schtick. I’m eighty
    years old and I’ve lived through it all, so it’s getting kind of redundant. How about we invent some entirely new superheroes? Rehashing, retreading and remaking the same old concepts does not justify the astronomical budgets being wasted on sucking the last bit of juice out of characters going back to the nineteen forties. Get out of the rut and start a whole new and fresh superhero dynasty.

  10. @Christopher

    Because part of the appeal to the studios is the iconic and well known status of those characters that have endured for decades.


  11. @ Jeffro
    I wouldnt mind seeing the death of Superman in a live-action film unless…. they do it right!. blow by blow, event by event etc. Last but not least id like to see them include all the characters like Steel, Superboy, Eradicator, Cyborg Superman. If it takes a trilogy to cover all that, so be it but i dont wanna see them make one if its gonna be like that straight to dvd Superman: Doomsday movie. Plus if the make a Death Of Superman movie, i wouldnt mind seeing them make a film where they kill Robin off based on the Death In The Family Batman comic.

  12. @Christopher

    I agree, somewhat, but mainly just in Superman. I don’t really see how this can be believable at all. He doesn’t even wear a disguise for goodness sakes. And he’s powerful because of our sun? Then shouldn’t people who lie under tanning beds for a long time “absorb” more energy and they will come out of it stronger?? I don’t know, then again, I talk crap about almost all superheroes with powers… lol

  13. Another hateful article from a disgruntle fanboy having a whinge that he didn’t get the Superman movie he dreamed of, well, neither did we or Routh, thanks to Singer. Even Routh himself vented in that same Brazilian article stating he was worried with the way the story was unfolding, that he still didn’t punch anything, it’s there, read it, Blame Singer!! Oh, another thing, there’s been pics on the internet of Routh all bulked up recently, do you think people are fools that Routh still looks like picture you posted.

  14. I don’t have anything against the actor, but it’s just that Superman Returns was TERRIBLE! And if he doesnt return the next Superman movie will most likely not be a sequel to that horrible abomination.