Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

With Batman 3 and a Superman reboot both officially scheduled with release dates in 2012, we expect them both to begin shooting sometime next year. While we already have an actor to play the title hero along with a director for the next Batman installment, we all anxiously await what unfolds for The Man of Steel. The latest rumor points to a director already being selected and casting having already commenced.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve known that Christopher Nolan would be taking on a bigger role for Warner Bros. as they begin expanding their franchise and introducing other DC characters. He, along with his brother Jonathan and long-time collaborator David S. Goyer would not only be working on a sequel to The Dark Knight, but they’d also be in charge of rebooting the Superman franchise.

Chris Nolan keeps his friends close and we can see that with who he keeps involved both in front of the camera and behind in all of his projects. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to believe the latest report from GeekTyrant which further evidences rumors from earlier this year that Jon Nolan (Chris’ brother) is the unofficial director of the next Superman and that’s in no small part due to his brother producing.

The other side of the report is that casting is already underway to find who will wear the red cape. The rumor continues to explain that Chuck star Zachary Levi has auditioned for the part. This isn’t his first time being associated with a major superhero movie as Levi previously turned down a role in Thor in order to shoot Chuck.

[Update: Levi confirms that there's absolutely no truth to his involvement or auditioning for Superman although he'd love the opportunity to jump into a superhero flick and reads the rumors and comments about him. Source: IGN]

batman 3 and superman release dates Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

If true, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are likely prepping quickly in order to have another big announcement for Comic-Con 2010 next week. We expect big things from both DC and Marvel from their panel presentations and some of the previously-speculated announcements involve confirmation of The Flash and whether or not WB will build towards the eagerly anticipated Justice League movie.

Superman would mark the directorial debut for Jon Nolan so that’s the only question mark. He’s worked closely with Chris and will be working together on this project so I have no issues with this possibility.

We were promised at the end of 2009 that this year would see lots of “major announcements” regarding DC movies and we’ve already seen Batman 3 and Superman confirmed – let’s keep the ball rolling at Comic-Con 2010 next week!

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If you’re a fan, you also must read our thoughts on how to reboot Superman.

Batman 3 is scheduled to open July 20, 2012 and Superman will debut late 2012 during the holiday season.

Source: GeekTyrant

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  1. I say enough of this Tom Welling talk, I trust the Nolans in all they do! If they can cast Batman Begins and Dark Knight the way they did then don’t worry about a thing. Welling is a current TV star, sure MAYBE they might consider him for the role but we don’t know what the Nolans are thinking do we? Also why not go down the Marvel road and make a Justice League movie. Just take Nolan’s Batman and Superman and put them with Ryan Renolds, And whom ever else they cast for Wonder Woman hopping that one is finally released. That would be and AWSOME Justice League flick!! So please, have faith in the Nolan brothers. They know what’s good for us! (i.e) Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Also Johnathan Nolan DID help on the Batman films, this would be his first time in the director’s chair. There have been unknown director’s before that have doen some great work. Besides Christopher Nolan was an unkown at one time.

  2. I like what I hear but a lot is being put on the shoulders of one man, Christopher Nolan.

  3. I hope that DC doesn’t rush into JL like Marvel is w/ the Avengers, and Tom Welling is the perfect Superman. To all that say that they don’t want a Smallville movie, pay attention because its not one, its a Superman movie.

    • no one said it was.

  4. Brandon Routh should play Superman, he was the only good thing about Superman Returns.

  5. @Martin, Please no Tom Welling Dude. We need to bring back Brandon Blouth (Superman Returns)as the Man of steel,as the rurmors of Zackery Levi consedered as Supes Nope don’t feel it ya’ll

  6. I’m not watching the new Superman to Tom Wellimg. He’s not a very good actor at all.

    • lol..was wondering when you were gonna chime in daniel, i seriously doubt the holans have ANY plans to cross over ANY of the smallville cast…but we’ll wait and see i guess

  7. Please Bring back Brandon Routh Back for the Man of Steal..he did well on Superman least bring back that actor for The Man of Steal..and for Batman 3 Well it has already been confirmed for Christian Bale etc.. so Im just anxious to see who the Villians will be. Any suggestions guys?

    • we’ve discussed villians on another thread, no real need to rehash it out here

  8. I will like to see Brandon Routh return to play “The Man of Steel”

    In my title choices for the Superman reboot shall be called SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL, SUPERMAN: THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON, or leave it SUPERMAN: THE LAST SON other titles are SUPERMAN FOREVER & SUPERMAN REIGNS

    SUPERGIRL: THE GIRL OF STEEL should come out between 3 & 4 like the original sequels run by the Salkinds

    • Pretty good titles. Though I think it may only be trilogy. (But please the Forever title of part 3 is way too reminiscent to Batman Forever, and we all know that movie sucked).

      For the trilogy of villains I think would be awesome to have this set of villains used and unused: Brainiac(pt1), Doomsday (pt2), and DarkSeid (pt3).

      Superman can fight Doomsday and die in the 2nd film, and return in the 3rd in time to stop the reign of Darkseid.

      • Darkseid is a Justice League villan..I don’t think Supes can handle him and his hordes on his own…Bring in GL, WW, Flash, MM and Batman to help and let’s hope Batman brings him down with the bullet that killed Orion

        • Maybe he can return on a Justice League sequel and have someone like General Zod or Bizarro as the villain of the 3rd film.

        • Darkseid is the Villain to the new gods first, Superman second, the Justice League third.

          Superman has, on occasion, beaten Darkseid by himself.

        • Routh is a hack! People keep saying he looks like Superman because he looks a tad bit like Christopher Reeves, but last I checked, Superman was around long before Christopher Reeves got the role. Routh was ok in Return, he didn’t help that god awful movie feel any better. The only reason why he got the role in Singer’s movie was because Return was a continuation of Donner’s Superman movies. As far as I’m concerned, the greatest Superman ever was Tim Daly. That’s the Superman my generation grew up on, Reeves is for 30-50 year olds who witnessed his performances in the ’80s. It’s time to move away from Chris Reeves. He was a great actor, but Superman must go on without him. Superman is bigger than any one actor.

          Nolan isn’t following the Donner movie. A new Superman is needed. Tom Welling gets my vote, followed by Jon Hamm and Jared Padalecki bringing up the rear.

          I just have 4 rules when it comes to the actor who has to play the Man of Steel:

          1.) Must be 6 feet 3-to-4 inches in height.
          2.) Must weigh anywhere from 215-230 pounds of muscle. Superman is a man, not a boy. Wimpy Brandon Routh needs to go.
          3.) Jet black hair. No blondes, red heads, or brown haired people. A dye job isn’t needed. There are tons of black haired Caucasians in film. Choose one.
          4.) Blue eyes.

          And as for Villains, I’ll go Brainiac in the first movie titled “The Last son of Krypton”
          Metallo in the second movie titled “Man of Steel”
          and Doomsday/Darkseid in the final titled Superman: Day of Doom!

          • Jared Padalecki has destroyed his face worse than a WWF wrestler by pumping all that steroid growth drugs crap into his system. His face looks nothing like Superman now. Ironically, he would have made a good brutish Conan the Barbarian in the reboot, but was passed over.

            However, Tom Welling or Jon Hamm have great Superman looks. I would love either of them.

        • They are doing Darkseid on Smallville.

  9. IMO, Brandon Routh is and was the perfect Superman to fill Christopher Reeves shoes. Similar if not identical acting as his predecessor. Tom Welling has a great fit for syndication but not sure he can live to the hype of such a huge scaled film. Let him finish Smallville and have Brandon come back to continue his portrayal as Clark Kent/Superman.

  10. Like it or not Tom Welling guarantees the movie success. It may not be A Dark Knight but it will do better domestically than the Brandon Routh version. He is well liked, sort of playing the part, etc. So in many ways it would be a gamble to not go with him. There is some report data from movie exit polls that besides the moral debackle in S.Returns people couldn’t get over it not being Tom Welling.

  11. You could have 10 A list actors or actresses signed up for a movie but if you have a Director with a bad vision you will end up with a bad movie, and can we get a new vilan in the new movie, and not Lex again and again and again and again ect.

  12. Actually Chris Smallville isn’t as popular as you think. The majority of people watching this movie won’t even know who Tom is just that he’s not a good actor if he gets the part. Even some of the fans of the show admit his acting isn’t very good.

  13. I’d lik Brandon routh to hav another chance cuse it ain’t his fault superman returns turned out bad

  14. David I would say it’s at least partially his fault considering his piss poor performance. If he’s in the new one I doubt the film would be worth checking out. His acting has improved but he is years away from a good performance. The new film shouldn’t associate it’s self with any past films it should seperate it’s self.

    • There was nothing wrong with Routh’s performance, you’re thinking of Christian Bale being piss poor as Batman. It’s easy to get confused.

      • only thing i have against bale is the voice transition from bruce to batman, otherwise he is fine

  15. Like alot of others, I could go with either Welling or Routh, but giving the edge to Routh.
    I read up on both of them at IMDB, both are 6ft 3, but Welling was never a fan of Superman, while Routh was.
    Routh looks closer to how I see Superman – mainly because of his uncanny resemblence to Reeves, the guy who really was the best Superman of all time.
    I didnt care much for Routh’s acting in his first shot at Superman, but Im not sure if it was him or the director’s fault since the rest of the cast seemed lackluster too.

  16. superman reboot sounds great though don`t know what actor could play him and i don`t know if zach levoi would be the right guy i saw a photo of him looking nothing like superman and after the climax of TDK ” Batman is not a hero” and with both rachael + joker dead in either reality or the movie it may be difficult to have a batman film without considering the joker is a main villain of the batman universe and rachael is an important character in the story of batman`s life.

  17. zachary quinto looks to be my pick for supes/CK:

    • he looks too much like spock still

  18. Christopher Reeve wasn’t a big Superman fan either so the excuse for Tom Welling not being cast because of that reason is stupid, and last time I cheacked Reeve past the torch to Tom as the new Superman.

  19. I’ll apologize later if I’m wrong about this but if I read this right this means hat Nolan is so awesome (and I don’t disagree with that part) that being a blood relative is now all one needs to qualify as a director for the reboot of arguably the most known and beloved super hero of the human race?

    Chris Nolan is awesome but this sounds like a more then a leap of faith. Just because I can build a computer and write my own code I still wouldn’t let my sister even do a windows update on my old backup computer.

  20. Routh was fine and really looked the part, but he was too damn young for that storyline, as was Bosworth. Also, it lacked action — Luthor is going to take over the world by creating Kryptonite real estate? Ick!

    Routh should have been cast in a Superman: Birthright story. My concern will be that Nolan will make the film too dark and gritty. Superman isn’t really dark, which is why all that emo crap in Superman Returns didn’t work.

    • Nolan is a master, superman is in great hands

    • In an interview, one of the Nolans was asked about making Superman dark like Batman… he said Batman is a dark character and thus requires a dark approach, but that Superman projects hope and therefore the overall feel to the new Superman should convey hope and that a dark edge similar to what they’ve done with Batman wouldn’t be appropriate.

  21. I really want to see Tom Welling. He’s played Clark Kent for 10 years, he deserves this role.

    • not gonna happen

  22. Lol oh dr Sam I like you but you couldn’t be more wrong about Routh and Bale especially Bale .

  23. Actually Greenknight Darkseid is supes villian that the JLA also fighhts. Supes has fought darkside all by him self several times.

    • That’s what I thought. Plus one guy made a post story on villains of Superman that would be good for the reboot, and it said Darkseid.

  24. Titles for Superman films.

    Superman Lives
    The Man of Steel
    Superman: Doomsday

    or switch the first two titles around, either way works I think. As far as actors go, Lex Luthor… Michael Rosenbaum is the best Lex ever put on any screen. He just fits the part. As for Superman… Tom Welling has the look, the build and seems to fit, but his acting has been questioned, although I will say, sometimes it just takes the right Direction. I mean, Did you really see Heath Ledger as ‘The Joker’ after a movies like, “A Knights Tale” or “10 Things I Hate About You?” Prly not. As for the guy from Chuck… No. Too small. Remember, Superman is 6’3 and 225lbs, so he needs to look the part too. Brandon Routh did alright, so his name should be considered. Perhaps there us some actor that we don’t even know of that fits the part? Either way, I’m looking forward to both, Batman 3 and the new Superman films. I could play the part, I’m just not tall enough haha. Lois Lane… That one is tricky… Obviously, she has to be beautiful but it has to also be believable that she’s smart enough to be a Top Journalist for the leading News Organization in the world. Any names come to mind? Brunette, but not dark… a classy type of beauty… anyone?

    • insanity, they wont use anyone from the cast of the show

    • I agree with Michael Rosenbaum as Luthor, he’s perfect on Smallville, but in reality the casting probably won’t include anyone from the show….. one can hope, though. Spacey did a good job but he’s a bit too old to begin with, to return as Luthor. The only other actor who might pull it off that I can think of is Tom Hardy.
      Brandon Routh looked like Superman, sounded and acted like Reeve, I think he should stay with the role. He is a dead ringer for the man of steel…. Lois is tough, though! Jennifer Garner would have been ideal- she showed on ‘Alias’ that she can play tough, smart and feminine, however she is 38 now and we all know how Hollywood studios will go with the youngest actress they can get away with… *eyeroll*
      Kristen Bell is the only other actress I can think of who has that sort of determination and sharpness that might suit Lois, not sure if she could pull it off though…and as a brunette too.

      • I love the idea of Tom Hardy as Lex!

  25. To avoid a “continuity gap” and audience confusion, Brandon Routh should be given the role once more as he has improved greatly IMHO since the underwhelming “Superman Returns”, and the closest we’ve had to a Chris Reeve as “S” that the WB Studios have; “Superman Returns” did poorly not because Routh was somehow wrong in his characterization, but that they never really gave him any real “super-feats” or a real MENACE – Luthor and his real estate schemes, I mean 4 out of the 5 Superman films, 3 starring Reeve in the ’70s & ’80s have Luthor and his (un)real estate -enough with the Luthor already!
    Of all the menaces and super-villains since 1938, all Hollywood can think of is Lex Luthor?
    That would be as if every Batman movie had The Joker- c’mon now…
    Also, let WB & Nolan & Co. not make the error that the producers of the James Bond series made by trying to radically overhaul the series, yes initially their gambit worked with “Casino Royale”, but the follow-up was under-par and as a result there are no plans for any more Bonds in the future.
    Marvel (read: Disney) can’t make up their corporate collective minds over what to do with The Hulk, and so ol’ “Green Skin” falls by the wayside too…
    DC, you listening? Please don’t let this happen to the Man Of Steel!

    • They are putting Brainiac as the villain of the movie.

  26. please just don’t have an anorexic Lois.

  27. Guys Brandon Routh does need to come back as Superman/Kent Clark..even though Superman Returns was not as good…the actor was great. David I 100% agree with you on Bringing Brandon Routh Back as Superman..and for Christian Bale.. well I honestly think he’s awsome as Batman but just the issue with the voice is a bit dragging..I honestly see both of these same actors returning ro reprise there roles (Well I really hope Christopher Nolan does decide to bring back Brandon Routh)for sure we know Christian Bale will return as Batman..

    I know this isnt a Marvel issue but when it comes to changing characters all the gets really anoying already..first they decide to kick off Sam Raimi and Tobey for Spiderman 4 and bring in a stupid actor who’s 26 when they said they needed a young actor.I honestly thought Lomar was going to get the role but ok No longer interested in watching Spiderman…then we have the terrace howard issue in Iron Man 2 replaced by Don cheadle the movie was ok but the feeling like the first one wasnt there..then we have Ed norton being replaced by another stupid actor who doesnt even look like the perfect fit for Bruce Banner. its like come on actors and Directors if you really want Marvel and DC to make $$ Actors quit being greedy and settle with what they offer you, as to directors.. quit changing the actors in every movie it kills the trilogy.

    • whats worse in the marvel situation is they brought in a brit to play an american comoic book icon…but thats another rant altogether,, the nolans i believe will stray from relaly well known actors, and not even consider any cast members from smallville

      • The Spider-man reboot is a complete joke. It’s like a bad, lame dream that you keep hoping to wake up from. The casting of a British actor, although not complete blasphemous, was another nail in the coffin. I keep waiting for them to announce Miley Cyrus in the role of Mary Jane…

  28. One things for sure – Tom Welling would smash Brendaon Routh to pieces.

  29. I find the lack of action complaint in Superman Returns to be bizarro, was there a huge amount of action in Superman 1+2? Did that stop them from being absolute classics of the genre?