Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

With Batman 3 and a Superman reboot both officially scheduled with release dates in 2012, we expect them both to begin shooting sometime next year. While we already have an actor to play the title hero along with a director for the next Batman installment, we all anxiously await what unfolds for The Man of Steel. The latest rumor points to a director already being selected and casting having already commenced.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve known that Christopher Nolan would be taking on a bigger role for Warner Bros. as they begin expanding their franchise and introducing other DC characters. He, along with his brother Jonathan and long-time collaborator David S. Goyer would not only be working on a sequel to The Dark Knight, but they’d also be in charge of rebooting the Superman franchise.

Chris Nolan keeps his friends close and we can see that with who he keeps involved both in front of the camera and behind in all of his projects. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to believe the latest report from GeekTyrant which further evidences rumors from earlier this year that Jon Nolan (Chris’ brother) is the unofficial director of the next Superman and that’s in no small part due to his brother producing.

The other side of the report is that casting is already underway to find who will wear the red cape. The rumor continues to explain that Chuck star Zachary Levi has auditioned for the part. This isn’t his first time being associated with a major superhero movie as Levi previously turned down a role in Thor in order to shoot Chuck.

[Update: Levi confirms that there's absolutely no truth to his involvement or auditioning for Superman although he'd love the opportunity to jump into a superhero flick and reads the rumors and comments about him. Source: IGN]

batman 3 and superman release dates Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

If true, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are likely prepping quickly in order to have another big announcement for Comic-Con 2010 next week. We expect big things from both DC and Marvel from their panel presentations and some of the previously-speculated announcements involve confirmation of The Flash and whether or not WB will build towards the eagerly anticipated Justice League movie.

Superman would mark the directorial debut for Jon Nolan so that’s the only question mark. He’s worked closely with Chris and will be working together on this project so I have no issues with this possibility.

We were promised at the end of 2009 that this year would see lots of “major announcements” regarding DC movies and we’ve already seen Batman 3 and Superman confirmed – let’s keep the ball rolling at Comic-Con 2010 next week!

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If you’re a fan, you also must read our thoughts on how to reboot Superman.

Batman 3 is scheduled to open July 20, 2012 and Superman will debut late 2012 during the holiday season.

Source: GeekTyrant

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  1. Two words:

    Tom Welling

    • Dam right seen him as a young Clark now lets see him fly in a movie has the look why not..

      • I agree, even if it’s not in continuity with Smallville, Welling is still the best choice out there.

        • Agreed. Welling is a great Clark/Supes and would definitely be the best part for the role

  2. Has he ever directed a film before??? Letting an unknown directing quantity lose on a film of this magnitude us insanity incarnate.

    As for the casting, why bother? Brandon Routh and Tom Welling are the only people who should do this.

  3. Zach Levy is cool and all but um… they already have a Superman. Why are they putting off the inevitable. Tom Welling NEEDS to reboot this franchise. Season 9 of Smallville proves he’s worthy and more than capable to do so. Welling, Rosenbaum & Durance for the Superman reboot! If you want this to be a success put those three in the title roles!

  4. I have to say, with this being the last season of smallville, it would be perfect timing….Tag line, youve watched him grow for ten years to become superman…Now The Man Of Steel is finally in full Action!

  5. OMG!!!!!! Owsm. Summer of 2012 is total treat.

  6. I have no interest in seeing Superman 90210 moving from the small screen to the big screen..Jon Hamm looks a lot like Alex Ross’ version of Superman.

  7. I love Smallville but theres no way they they could bring that cast into this movie. And as much as Tom Welling embodies Superman in my mind, he jst isn’t a great enough actor to pull it off. The guy rocks in the show but he couldnt front a movie of this scale.

    Personally i think, even though i initially thought not, that Josh Hartnett would be well suited. The guy can really act and he could get the physique easy, already has the height and general look.

    • Ken,

      I’m not sure I agree with you. I wouldn’t extend the invitation to the entire Smallville cast, but Welling has got great acting chops. I’m sure he could pull off a great performance given a good director and script.

      Remember when Die Hard was coming to theaters and everyone was like “BRUCE WILLIS!!??” All the guy had done was cheesy comedic TV like Moonlighting. Now the guy is known for being a huge action star. Going with Tom could give him the opportunity to gain the notiriety he should have in the first place…as Superman.

      • Don’t get me wrong man, Welling fukkin rulllles on the show, i’m quite a big fan. But when i watch it there are alot of episodes where it’s as if you become totally aware that you’re watching a guy recite his lines and act y’know?
        He has some great moments but i dont think a movie of this scale could ride on what he’s got going.
        Plus the physicality in the show isnt too great, thats obviously an issue in the writing but at the same time when Tom does have action scene he doesnt really look as fit as he should and doesnt come across as a ready fighter y’know? Just my opinion but hey actors prove us wrong all the time.

  8. Jonathan Nolan directing is a false rumor.

    • False Rumor?

      A rumor is just that…a rumor. It has no substantiated validity. If you can discredit this rumor, then you should provide your source or back it up with supporting information.

  9. Anyone think that Sean Faris would make a good Superman? He starred in Never Back Down. Rob Keyes, have you heard of him?

    • Not too familar with him to be honest but I’m very interested in finding out what direction the Nolans will take – complete unknown or recognizable actors like Levi…

  10. Zachary Levi? A good actor, but not a good fit for Superman.

    There will never be better casting for the role then Tom Welling. Good actor, looks the part, and is the actor most closely associated with the role, and accepted in it. I don’t understand looking for another actor when you already have the perfect fit who is only going to be compared to Welling anyway.

    • Couldn’t agree more with this.
      10 seasons of Smallville make Tom Welling the most recognizable Superman to date.
      Plus, Smallville’s mythology has both been refreshing, new, and interesting. Playing with their “new” mythology could be a great boon for DC, since there seems to be a lot of issues tied up in using his original origin amongst other things anyhow at this time.

      • i agree also, some people only see Smallville as something terrible, it has helped keep the character in the public eye for almost a decade, Tom Welling is the person most qualified to play Superman on the entire planet!

        The people who openly knock Smallville have obviously never seen it, or certainly not seen it recently, season nine was epic on a whole new level I didnt event hink they were capable of.

        And has there ever been a better portayl of Lex than Michael Rosenbaum?

        Has anyone embodied Lois Lane better than Erica Durance?

        The answer is no.

        Tom Welling may not be the best actor in the world but he is damn well qualified to play Superman on the big screen. Chris Reeve was a stage actor with no cinema experience, Brandon Routh had done a few bit parts on tv, both of them were great on the big screen. Welling has played Clark Kent since 2001, he has the experience, the talent and the look.

        Maybe not all of the cast should make the transition, but he deserves it.

        • Never watched Smallville but I have friends who do and it’s basically a soap opera Superman..not something I want transferred to the big screen..THE most recognizable Superman is Christopher Reeve IMO..Demographically speaking if you asked people under 30 they may say Welling but most people over 30 would probably say Reeve is the most recognizable Superman..I guess the source you are most familiar with would give you the answer to that question.

          • You’re exactly the kind of person I mean, you havent even seen the show, and still have an opinion on what it is like. It is no soap opera! You might want to watch it before saying you dont want it transfered to the big screen, because Smallville has some fine qualities that a big screen apadtation of Superman desperately needs.

            Smallville has done a hell of a lot for the legend of Superman, and the massive roster of DC characters it has introduced to this genration. Smallville has shown more of the DC expanded universe than all the other shows and films combined.

            Try watching this years Absolute Justice special if you think Smallvile doesnt have anything to offer.
            Geoff Johns is DC’s top writer, and he loves the show, having penned 3 episodes.

            In regards to your demographic, I’m under 30 (just) and I still say Reeve is the most recognisable, but Welling has been playing the character for longer than anyone else, he is a decent actor and knows his way around the character.

            • You make good points but if it was something that was on another level as you’re extorting then I would have given it a chance by now..And I didn’t come up with the soap opera comparrison, my friends that watch it have stated this many times, I’ve read it on other blogs as well as this site, they took Superman back to his roots in Smallville and gave it the 90210 treatment. You have been watching the show for 9 years so it probably means you have been watching since you were in your late teens or early 20′s ..the demographic this show was targeting as well as the tweens..I know this show isn’t for me and I have always and continue to collect Superman comics and have all the films in my collection..I know this show isn’t for me even before I watch the same way I know that Twilight isn’t for me..I don’t need to watch it to figure that out..If you think Welling would do an admirable job in a movie version of Smallville then good for you..I just don’t want to see Superman go down the Twilight road so he is marketable to the 12-25 year olds and ti hell with every other demographic out there..the people over 30 spend money on movies and merchandising as well as the younger demographics so our opinion should count as well.. Smallville is not my cup of tea Sam


  11. I’m not against Jonathan Nolan directing this. Why should you judge his hability around his directing resume? He co-wrote The Dark Knight and helped with the story on other Chris Nolan’s projects isn’t that enough? This is a Superman movie I’m actually waiting for.
    And please Warner and DC, don’t take the Marvel road and do a Justice League, it’ll ruin what Nolan has build with Batman (dark, gritty and realism mixed up with… aliens, a woman from the Amazonas with an invicible ship, a magic ring?)

    • I’m sorry did you just say “Why should you judge his hability around his directing resume?”…?… Because this has the potential to be one of the biggest movies of all time, and handing it over to someone who has no directing experience is NOT a good idea.

  12. casting welling might be a risk, his performance might draw comparisons to his role on smallville, im sure the producers and dircetor might wanna avoid that. critics might also have a field day with it

  13. I don’t get all the Welling arguments, since he definitely will NOT be cast in this movie. To believe he’s the only choice is both unimaginative and short-sighted. They will not use him precisely because he’s played CK on TV. 200 Smallville fans screaming for his casting online won’t change that. I really like Smallville — great TV fare. However, from the WB, I could see Jared Padalecki up for the part (wouldn’t be the first time he tried out since he auditioned for Superman Returns.) Josh Hartnett would also be a great pick.

    • hartnett would kill the role. they really just need to go with an unknown

      • I think that’s def the way to go,but who knows what nolan and WB have in mind they really can’t afford to mess this up.

    • I wouldnt be against Jared Padalecki doing this role at all. But not Hartnett, just cannot see that.

  14. Actually Smallville is not a soap opera it does have a lot of action in it.
    But Yeah I agree Welling is the one who should get first go at the new superman. he really does have the height, physique & look enough to qualify him, let alone the fact that he can act.

    • you guys just arent getting it. casting ANT, multiple actors from small ville will draw unwanted comparisons, possibly hurting the film in the process

      • You’re not getting it. You say having Welling involved might hurt the film, but from the point of many it would only help the film, guranteed fanbase already there, in cinema seats.

        • Superman already has a built in fan base much larger than the name of Tom Welling (those who are Welling fans are only a part of that fan base.) Allusions to Smallville would only detract from that base — yes all Smallville fans would watch it; many would be angry that its not the same story continued; and people who like Superman but don’t like Smallville or the WB productions ingeneral would be deterred thinking them part of the same story.

          • i actually do get it sam, its you that seems not too, along with a host of others if they are remotely think welling..which im sure they are in reality they arent, why dont they just pony up and film a Smallville feature?

  15. I would hire Paul Telfer. He is from Scotland, 6′ 2″, and 30 years old. He was in the “Hercules” movie that was on SciFi channel in 2005 and a few episodes of “NCIS” as Marine Corporal Damon Werth. He has the look and body to play Superman.

    • Interesting choice. He has the right look.

    • I get what your seeing in him but i disagree. I think he’s a lil to big honestly. To me Superman should look like a Physically Fit Normal person not a body builder. The wonder and power of Superman is to look at him and not comprehend how he does what he does… to look at him and not see the power he wields and then marvel at a ordinary MAN that is SUPER. Hercules should be buff but Superman just toned up… His strength is otherworldly it should look strange and slightly awkward. So tho i do see the reasoning behind your candidacy of Paul Tefler I respectfully choose to think there are better choices like Sean Faris for example.

      • If Zachary Levi is or has been seriously considered for the role, I’d say the Nolans are in agreement with you, TheIconTake.

        I have faith in whatever they choose… they’ve earned it with the Batman movies, for sure.

  16. Welling is the obvious choice. And he would have a built in fan base that has been growing for almost 10 years now, which in turn would add more “Cha-ching” to the box office. If I were Tom’s agent the phone would be on speed dial to the Nolans. (s).

  17. I still say Brandon Routh should come back, in my opinion he looks ALOT like Christopher Reeve plus his portrayal of Clark Kent was spot on

  18. The Superman movie will have no association with Smallville and Welling won’t be in it – sorry to the fans (I watch the show as well despite how painful it is).

    • Safe to say the same thing about the previous Superman franchise. No Brandon Routh in this either.

      • is that confirmed rob??

  19. I just don’t get the Smallville hate. Just don’t get it all.

    • I personally really like Smallville… its very kitchy and fun to follow. But I also realize that it’ll have nothing to do with the new movie, actors or otherwise, so why argue for it?

      I’m ready for a new take on Superman fit for the Big Screen. Something that hopefully compares well to Nolan’s Batman films. Not really in darkness, but in its emotional heft.

    • sam, im wasnt hating on it at all, i watch it too man, just pointing out that having any cast memebers of the show in the movie would draw comparisons to the show, and that cant be what the filmmakers are going for

  20. To work towards a JLA film is the pinnacle If they can bring the characters together in a way that is believable. Leaving the cheesiness of some of the older attempts made with some of them. This could be one of the best films to come down the pipes by the time it gets here.

  21. Hey paz is on to something here. Sean Faris looks the part and he was great in Never Back Down. Semi-Unknown takes on Superman, give him up-to-date character references and someone to pound on(that can take a Super-ass kicking and keep coming) and it’ll work nicely. Sean Faris for Superman. Kudos to paz.

    Icon Out

  22. I love Tom Welling as Superman and grew up with Chris Reeves. I feel like Chris Reeves passed the torch to Tom via the show. I don’t care if anyone else from the TV series makes it to the movie I just want Tom in the role as Superman!!!

  23. Big smallville fan, don’t want to see it in nolans film, I doubt he would. I also doubt we’d see an unknown since Nolan does tend to use actors we know(he just uses them in ways we wouldn’t think) regardless my vote for the man of steel and his mild mannered alter ego goes to Jeff soskin

  24. Have you lot ever seen a Superman comic? Josh Harnett? Tom Welling, Jared Padwhateverhisnameis? Be serious.

    A bulked up Zach Levi is actually a great choice – has the acting chops, the look, the hair…see him play opposite Brandon Routh in Chuck and try telling he ain’t more suited than him…

  25. Faris could work but people may think of Tom Cruise and that might not be a good thing. :-)

    I watch Smallville and have a love/hate type of feeling about it. Some episodes were great, many others were (like Rob said) painful to watch. I feel that Welling would not be a good fit for this because his previous roles on the big screen have not been that great (especially starring roles). Also, Smallville strayed much from the comic, and this might not be what the Nolan’s want.

    • tom cruise lol…if there was a midget superman movie maybe he would work…..

  26. Kahless

    It’s not a matter of Smallville straying from the original story, it exists in it’s own universe, it isn’t part of any continuity other than it’s own. If anything Smallville has enhanced the story and possible stories of superman.

  27. The only three people I can picture to play SM is Tom Welling, Brandon Routhe, or Milo Ventimiglia.

    • interesting you brought up Milo, always thought if him as the coolest of the Hereos

  28. If anyone from Heroes could play Superman, it’s Zachary Quinto. Think about it. With your heads. Kinda makes sense.

    Can I also throw in David Boreanaz?

  29. Milo is short as he’ll what are you thinking?