Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

With Batman 3 and a Superman reboot both officially scheduled with release dates in 2012, we expect them both to begin shooting sometime next year. While we already have an actor to play the title hero along with a director for the next Batman installment, we all anxiously await what unfolds for The Man of Steel. The latest rumor points to a director already being selected and casting having already commenced.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve known that Christopher Nolan would be taking on a bigger role for Warner Bros. as they begin expanding their franchise and introducing other DC characters. He, along with his brother Jonathan and long-time collaborator David S. Goyer would not only be working on a sequel to The Dark Knight, but they’d also be in charge of rebooting the Superman franchise.

Chris Nolan keeps his friends close and we can see that with who he keeps involved both in front of the camera and behind in all of his projects. With that in mind, it’s not difficult to believe the latest report from GeekTyrant which further evidences rumors from earlier this year that Jon Nolan (Chris’ brother) is the unofficial director of the next Superman and that’s in no small part due to his brother producing.

The other side of the report is that casting is already underway to find who will wear the red cape. The rumor continues to explain that Chuck star Zachary Levi has auditioned for the part. This isn’t his first time being associated with a major superhero movie as Levi previously turned down a role in Thor in order to shoot Chuck.

[Update: Levi confirms that there’s absolutely no truth to his involvement or auditioning for Superman although he’d love the opportunity to jump into a superhero flick and reads the rumors and comments about him. Source: IGN]

batman 3 and superman release dates Rumor Patrol: Superman Director Found & Casting Begins [Updated]

If true, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are likely prepping quickly in order to have another big announcement for Comic-Con 2010 next week. We expect big things from both DC and Marvel from their panel presentations and some of the previously-speculated announcements involve confirmation of The Flash and whether or not WB will build towards the eagerly anticipated Justice League movie.

Superman would mark the directorial debut for Jon Nolan so that’s the only question mark. He’s worked closely with Chris and will be working together on this project so I have no issues with this possibility.

We were promised at the end of 2009 that this year would see lots of “major announcements” regarding DC movies and we’ve already seen Batman 3 and Superman confirmed – let’s keep the ball rolling at Comic-Con 2010 next week!

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If you’re a fan, you also must read our thoughts on how to reboot Superman.

Batman 3 is scheduled to open July 20, 2012 and Superman will debut late 2012 during the holiday season.

Source: GeekTyrant

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  1. i was watching smallville lastnight, and while its great for what it is. Casting any of them in a nolan superman reboot, surely cant happen. I have no idea who should play superman. But for me a big part of what makes nolans films so good (yes all of them) is the casting. One actor i would really like to see nolan work with is philip seymour hoffman. Also no idea who he could play, but im pretty sure you´d be looking at another ledger/joker performance.

    • There was always the rumour of Hoffman playing the Penguin.

      • yeah i heard that one too, could be great if its nolans idea, anyone else´s idea it could be be w***. Im hoping for the riddler, and I dont see the penguin following nolans universe of keeping Batman plausible. I could talk about this all day, but im sure this isnt the place

        • WHy not just make him an arms dealers, his doesnt have to actually look like a penguin at all, but I too am hoping for the Riddler. I want him to be like Jigsaw and put people in horrific traps.

  2. I think the studio should just give the movie to someone that has the guts to make a good movie. Make it for the fans but something original. I’m tired on the same old crap the machine that is hollywood keeps spitting out. I really don’t care who they have play superman at this point.

  3. they need to stop making superman movies for a while. the makers of the recent movie are making it suck bit anus

  4. Man, how awesome would that be to see Zachary Levi. He’s come a long way since the first season of Chuck, and I think given the opportunity he could really pull it off. He has a great charismatic personality both on and off the set, so I think I could enjoy seeing him as Superman. Though I know this is still just rumor, it sure would be cool to see Chuck Bartowski become Clark Kent.

    I think the Nolan Brothers will give this a great handling.

  5. I personally think that Zachary Levi couldn’t pull off the role. Brandon Routh is the perfect choice. He didn’t really get the chance to shine in Superman Returns because Daughtery and Harris were too busy worrying about how to pull off Lex Luthor and keeping the kid being Superman’s son under wraps to give Routh the real “presence” that Superman should have in the film.

    Brandon Routh took a back seat to everyone else in Superman Returns and I think under Christopher Nolan’s watchful eye, Routh could be the Superman everyone wanted him to be last time.

    • i agree with the lex luthor thing but if they decide to bring brandon routh he needs to take himself in the weightroom i was disgusted in superman returns seeing superman so dam skinny it just doesnt rub me the right way in the comics hes always been ripped he can definiatly pass as superboy though

  6. Routh is just a plain bad actor. It’s why he gets very little work. You can spin it any way you want, but it has been four years. Plenty of time to star in big movies. Worthington has done 3 tentpoles in 3 years. Downey has done 2 Iron Mans and Sherlock Holmes during that time. Routh has had plenty of time. The only reason he hasn’t starred in anything is because he hasn’t been offered anything. He hasn’t been offered anything because he is a terrible actor.

    • get your fill of h8rade today?

  7. I am huge fan of Christopher Nolan like many others and it’s nice that he is taking a bigger role when it comes to superhero movies. He’s a maverick director. Looking forward to his continued magic onscreen.

  8. I think maybe Tom Welling from Smallville would be a great superman since this is the last season of Smallville and they already started to bring in the Justice League in during the shows tenure and he is alot better actor than Brandon Routh.

    • the nolans wont use any cast members from smallville, they’re smarter than that

      • wow…original…..

        • @Anthony,

          “the nolans wont use any cast members from smallville, they’re smarter than that”

          So does that mean if they do you’ll say the movie is crap no matter how it actually plays out?

          In honor of your h8tred Aid comment, Have you gotten your fill of superiority-ade today?

          • nice well said

    • i agree..

  9. If Tom w played sups I don’t it would be bad but the sups movie is leading up to the jla movie and I think routh would be better as sups for a roboot and the jla movie and if Tom played him smallvile is his best place + he could play superboy

  10. Now this may sound like a strange choice but he’s a damn good actor, and I think he would bring something interesting to both the part of Clark Kent and Superman.

    Drum roll, dddddddddddddddd, Michael C. Hall.

    Told you it was a strange choice, however having played Dexter for 4 seasons I think he’d make an interesting choice, like Michael Keaton for Batman, and I really liked his Batman.

    • fail…..plz dont try to cast people

  11. So sick of Micheal C Hall being suggested for everything under the sun. He wouldn’t make a good Banner and he would be an awful superman. He’s a decent actor but he isn’t that amazing.

    • daniel, go to bed! lol

      • leave daniel alone hes right really bad choice i cannot see hall as superman

    • How about Matthew Goode? Now he’d be interesting.

      • At least you have some original thoughts on who should play the part *ahem*not Welling/Routh*ahem*

        If he were a bit younger, Billy Crudup would be great for the part (looking at actors from Watchmen.)

        • i think crudup might be on the short side, not sure, i dont know how tall he is. but he can always use gene simmons’ high platform shoes i suppose, as part of the costume get-up. i still think they will go for a lesser known guy

          • Well Michael C. Hall seems to bring out so much hostility!


            Josh Hartnett would be an interesting choice as well, the guy can act as well.

            • still not sold on a hartnett deal lol. guesss i just never cared for him as an actor, ehh maybe its just me.

              • Actually I was never a big Hartnett fan either, however after seeing him in The Wrong Man changed my mind, he’s really good in that.

  12. No bed for me Anthony. I don’t sleep much I work all hours of the day. Night job, very little sleep and afternoon job. It’s only 4:30 am I won’t be asleep til 8am working my main job PI/private security. I’ll get up at 1pm if I sleep in and start repairing computers and tech support for side job and tomarrow those hours will change and the day after that as well. It sucks but saving up for new place and baby on the way. I havnt slept 6 hours in one day for about 5 months.

    • damn dude, thats gotta be rough. only reason im up is i cant sleep, kept waking up every hour, so i just decided to stay up, came on here, found some joker replying to my posts here with the same comment, one i used one someone lol. ehh fun times lol

  13. Sorry to hear that insomnia sucks. All I can recomend is put in the least active movie you have lay down and hope you can fall asleep. Getting on the computer or playing a video game never works. Only makes the problem worse.

    • im actually gonna put in stephen kings first dark tower audio tape and listen to that lol. yes i still have a cassette player for my stereo lol

  14. My opitions at 1 Brandon routh 2 Tom Welling

  15. Seems a lot of fans here are torn by either loyalty to the Christopher Reeve version of “S”- the best of all of them -which Brandon Routh like it or not was 2006’s version, and which Bryan Singer unfortunately emphasized the ‘chick flick’ aspect of, admirable, but forgetting the dynamism of the character except for one or two sequences, or to the Tom Welling portrayal of Clark Kent/Kal-El in the ‘alternative’ TV version “Smallville”.
    Both views are valid, and both have their supporters and detractors.
    Yes, Routh was a ‘newbie’ in the role and with less emphasis on bulk, musculature, etc., and that horrific revision of the iconic Super-suit, with lackluster script he seemed diminished as a potent force.
    But the, ahem, Superficial things were all there, the iconography in the titles, the John Williams via John Ottman, etc., etc., all the ingredients were there yet it still left me unsatisfied upon leaving the theater.
    Brandon Routh is, unless they can clone DNA from Christopher Reeve and wait about 25 years, the nearest you’re going to get.
    That said…
    It was Christopher Reeve himself who appeared on “Smallville” as “Dr. Swan”, passing the torch so to speak to Welling, but even in his fragile and disabled state one can see that there is simply no comparison.
    Chris Reeve was about 25 or so when he portrayed the Man Of Steel when the movie was filmed in ’77, Welling is over 30 now and he still only seems to be ready to play “Superboy” at best.
    Neither actor is of Christopher Reeve’s caliber, but each are acceptably workmanlike in their roles, and are passable depending on the medium.
    Even Welling’s predecessor, Dean Cain, was a Guest Star in an episode that was a cross between “Jack The Ripper” & “Highlander”.
    My point?
    Why not make ALL the Superman super-fans happy and have Routh as “S”, Welling as “Bizarro” (he does it so well…ing), and Cain as a Daily Planet Exec., Detective Inspector Henderson (now that’s going far back) or even a ‘crime boss’.
    Something for everyone.
    Why not?

    • Why is it that people have a hard time imagining someone who HASN’T played Supes before in the titular role. In a few years, whoever plays Clark in this movie (and it won’t be one of the previously mentioned Clarks) will be thought of as the definitive living Superman actor.

      • @ Greg B:
        Point well taken, but I’ll put it this way – has there been any other actor that you immediately think of when the name “James Bond” or “007” is mentioned other than Sean Connery?
        There’s been many since, some better than others, but…

        • ive really never looked at reeves’ appearance on smallville as a passing of the torch type thing.

          • @Betelgeuse

            In truth it is primarily the older generation that sees Connery as the only image befitting the name James Bond. This is logical since for these people Connery was the first actor to portray Bond when they started watching the series. The same goes with many (like myself) who started in on the Bond series when Moore was the current Bond. Each generation now has had their version of Bond with Daniel being the current version and the answer you’ll get to who is Bond will vary based on the age range of the people you’re asking. Most just go with whomever was Bond the first time they started watching the Bond films. I however like some are able to pick that image based on who we believe has best fit the role regardless of whether they were the current Bond when we started watching the series.

            And so to answer your question, I don’t see Connery who in my mind is the image of the older (and wiser) man as portrayed in THE ROCK, ENTRAPMENT and LEAGUE OF EXTRODINARY GENTELEMEN, I see Pierce Brosnan.

  16. Michael Caine as Jor-El anyone? Haha

  17. Michael CAINE?!?!? HE”S ALFRED!?!? HEEELLLOOOOOOOO– god you guys dont pay attention do you? How is Michael Caine going to play any other character but Alfred in the DC cinematic universe? So, when they have Justice League movie you know how corny thats going to be if he works for the Daily planet and then you see Michael Caine again as Aflred walking around in the mansion? Sheeesh… omg– I’m calm I’m calm….

    Anyways. The original reason I wanted to post here was because I had to say once again, the film makers will NOT go wrong if they get Brandon Routhe again as Superman. He was perfect. It was a perfect continuation of what Christopher Reeves did as Superman. I know Christopher Reeves is not really Superman and he didn’t invent Superman, but he was such an amazing embodiment of not just what the fans loved about Superman- but he made people who never read the comic book see what was truly Amazing about Superman. That comes by once in a lifetime. Brandon Routhe embodies that also. Don’t throw away someone like that so easily. Dont take someone like him for granted. You can make every Superman fan happy if you just bring back Routhe. The movie can STILL be a re-boot with Superman facing new enemies and in new experiences. We will forgive you.

    • i have full trust in the nolans to nail this like they nailed batman

    • errr minor idea. have you heard of a film called “double impact” with jcvd. from the 90´s i believe. well in it van damme played two charaters……. at once. Maybe the nolans could employ such ground breaking tech like that to get around the Caine Jor El/Alfred dynamic.

  18. Superman is always gonna be a tough call actor wise. I don’t think Brandon Routh is a terrible choice, he handled alot of the more iconic scenes in Superman Returns pretty well, and, at least in my opinion, fits the role visually. I mean, he could use a bit of a 300 style workout program, but other than that he has the look.

    As for Tom Welling, a large amount of the people seem to think he is only capable of playing Supes Jr. As for that, I can understand the sentiment. He has played one of the youngest incarnations of Clark Kent that has been seen, and in the shows duration,(there up to season 8, I think?) we’ve seen the character from the age of 14 to what could be no more than 23. Himself being over the age of 30, and having decent acting chops, I think if someone gave him a haircut and a different outfit he could play the adult superman pretty well.

    However, this being a Nolan Bros. production, I would be willing to stake my life savings ,(particularly because I don’t have much) that neither actor will be cast as Superman. They’ll throw a curve like they did with heath ledger, and cast someone unexpected. And to be honest, I like that idea. The only disappointing casting choice that I’ve seen from the Brothers Nolan would be the combined effort of Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhal.

    • yeah but katie is way WAYY more hotter than maggie by far, i was soo glad she was blown to smithereens in TDK, shes the only real complaint that i had about that film really, i think youre right, the nolans will go with someone unexpected

      • Well yeah, of course she’s hotter, lol.

        • lol..a few of my friends thought maggie was hotter and better for the role lol. well, i think its time i watch it again now..that and superman returns LOL

          • well, thats just not ok. Maggie Gyllenhal has been attractive before…..just not all that often, and definitely not here, lol

  19. I can’t believe some people still mention Welling.. The Nolans don’t do teen soap opera, people.

    • LOL

  20. Is it just me, or shouldn’t Superman….be a man? What I mean is, I don’t want some teenage pretty boy kid playing the man of steel. I vote for Jon Hamm from Mad Men. I think he’s the total package for the roll. I think they could build the story using a young actor as young Superman, but Jon Hamm is the guy for this roll. With the Nolan’s producing and directing, Jon Hamm could shine and Superman could impact a whole new generation. Just my thoughts.

    If you haven’t seen the Jon Hamm as Lex Luthor spoof, CHECK IT OUT NOW!! Seriously funny. You Tube it.

  21. I know this is a little off topic, but since someone brought up Josh Hartnet…if they ever make a big screen version of the 80’s action series Airwolf Hartnet would get my vote to play Stringfellow.

  22. @[A], @Anthony and everyone else harping on Tom Welling.

    Of all the possible actors out there none have the experience portraying nor put in the work being Superman anywhere near what Welling has.

    As far as his only being able to play just a Super teen, that’s just a load of crap. He’s played the role that way because, hold on now because this is clearly going to shock you, he’s played it way because in the show Clark Kent was actually a teen growing up in Smallville. WOW! Hard to believe why in that setting an actor would portray the character as teen.

    As far as SMALLVILLE being some kind of teeny bopper show I got news for you; at this point in the game there ain’t many show that can say we went 10 seasons especially in the SciFi/Fantasy/Hero genre. And before someone chimes in to try and correct I did NOT say that there were not any other shows that went 10 seasons only that not many can make that claim.

    Welling has done what most successful actors from long running shows don’t and that is he’s stuck with it even after most of the rest of the cast has left. And no its not because no one will hire him (another false premise to try and knock down what welling has achieved).

    If anyone has actually earned and I mean earned it in terms of putting in the work & time and not merely being well connected, to be given a shot at this role it IS Tom Welling.

    And NO I’m not some crazy fan either. I haven’t watched the show since the end of season 8 because I don’t have the time (with kids now) I used to and so there are other items I’d rather watch before SMALLVILE. I still know though that Welling deserves a shot more than any other name I’ve heard thrown into the mix. And if he’s given a chance he will play Supes as an adult sine the movie would (presumably) be about Superman as an adult and not as a young adult or teen as SMALLVILLE has been for 10 years.

    If you have a legitimate criticism of Welling that you can backup then by all means do so but if your just don’t like the actor because you don’t like the show or your jealous (maybe you really want to be the popular actor that the girls like including the one who’s ignored you) then you aren’t contributing so just don’t.

    • ty for the post i cudnt put it into the words the waay u did

  23. @BlueCollarCritic –
    Actually, and this may come as a shock, but I kind of favored David Niven as he was actually Ian Fleming’s original choice to play Bond in a serious production, with Christopher Lee- Fleming’s cousin -as Dr. No.

    Thankfully, wiser heads prevailed as I suspect the only reason Fleming wanted Niven is primarily due his age, build, etc., which wasn’t too dissimilar to his, and after all Fleming was in the OSS/British Intelligence, so it would’ve made an off-beat movie, but I doubt the big mega-spectacular phenomenally iconic series that it did, thanks solely to Connery.

    Even Fleming himself was unclear about Bond, as he described him as resembling of all people songwriter Hoagy Carmichael (?!), and only after meeting Connery at dinner with his wife- who suggested the little known at the time struggling Scot actor in the first place -that he warmed to the idea, so much so that he even revised Bond’s origin and made him part Scottish.

    Yes, it’s true that whoever you first saw as Bond would be yours, or your generation’s Bond, as is with all the previous Tarzan’s: Elmo Lincoln, Herman Brix, Buster Crabbe, before Johnny Weissmuller’s long stint, then the Gordon Scott, Jock Mahoney, Mike Henry, and finally “TVarzan” (MAD’s spoof) the 1967 NBC series with Ron Ely, who BTW is the only actor that can claim to have played 3 of the most iconic superheroes in American pop culture – Tarzan, Doc Savage, and yes even Superman, or at least an older parallel universe version on the syndicated “Superboy” series with Gerard Christopher.

    Daniel Craig is a much better actor than merely James Bond, as I first saw him as doomed Sylvia Plath’s randy poet of a cheating husband and he reminded me a little of the master Richard Burton (when he was good, he was very, very good, but when he was bad…),
    but his Steve McQueen similarity (as “Bond”) is more distracting to me at least, then if they would’ve went from Pierce Brosnan who grew well into the role, to the actor lobbying hard & with a built-in fan base, “Highlander” Adrian Paul who had the requisite ‘Connery looks’ and stunt skills.

    Acting chops are another matter.

    Oh well.

    • I agree for the most part Betelgeuse, with one small exception. I don’t think that anyone whose first bond film was On Her Majesties Secret Service would say that George Lazenby is the ideal Bond.

      Great movie though.

  24. ok, i really like nolan, i think he was the right guy for batman, but superman isnt as dark a charachter or story. superman is uplifting and bright. im not smart enough to name a director who would be better or i would work in hollywood i guess. also of all the actors you have mentioned, jon hamm would be my top. they are all good but hamm looks the part and can act. i dont really think that they can win though. after reeve, no mater who they pic will be a dissapointment to some. what i want to know is who will play lois, hated margot kidder for looks and bosworth not impressive as an actor. i was a fan of the comics first and the movies second so i hope to see a buxom tall smart strikingly gorgeous 30 something redhead. but i will be dissapointed and they will cast zoey dashenell or something.

  25. I thought Routh was good, it was his first bigger than big role in a movie.

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