Nolan Bringing Superman (and Batman) Back to the Big Screen [Updated]

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chris nolan superman Nolan Bringing Superman (and Batman) Back to the Big Screen [Updated]

[Update: This news has been officially been knocked down to Rumor status. Go HERE for details.]

Great news folks!

It looks like Christopher Nolan is now Warner Bros. new go to guy for bringing DC Comics superheroes to the big screen. The Dark Knight and Inception director has now been hired to “godfather” the new Superman film through production process.

The ever-knowing Nikki Finke has discovered that Nolan has been brought in to shepard the Man of Steel in the right direction for critics and fans in the same way that The Dark Knight scooped major box office and critical plaudits.

Deadline Hollywood says that a new Superman film is in the early stages of development but that it is unlikely Nolan will direct the film and that it  “would definitely not be a followup to Superman Returns.”

Having said that an insider at the studio also said:

“Bryan [Singer] or Brandon [Routh] are not completely out of it yet. But Warner Bros doesn’t have a handle yet on it, either. Jon Peters is trying to make something happen since he stands to benefit financially. But they [the studio] need to hear a great story that makes sense.”

I’m sure that the studio will be happy with Nolan’s take on the film as they put Inception into production despite a $200 million budget and,  after the amount of money that Nolan made for them with the last two Batman films, I can only assume that they’ll be interested in the acclaimed director’s take on the property.

I doubt that Singer or Routh will be returning for the new film, although maybe Singer will get a producing credit on the film like Tim Burton did with Batman Forever.

The real question is what will Nolan’s “godfather” duties entail? Will he be merely be overseeing the development of the script, or will he be in charge of finding a director and cast?

Who knows, but I’d guess that Warner Bros. will give him all the freedom he wants – after all, it worked for The Dark Knight!

Deadline Hollywood also reports that Nolan has indeed started work on Batman 3 with David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, while also finishing up work on Inception. All has been quiet on the Nolan/Batman front and we can only assume that this means good things for the future of Batman, Superman and Nolan’s accountant.

What the storyline will be for this new Superman film is anybody’s guess but it would be interesting if Nolan decided to try and tie it into his Batman series, which is something that many thought unlikely. However, with Nolan on board it looks like there might just be a way of making Superman edgy and dare I say it – slightly darker.

superman unleashed Nolan Bringing Superman (and Batman) Back to the Big Screen [Updated]

One thing is for sure, it’s going to make fans of Superman and DC comics happy that a director of Nolan’s skill and caliber has now been brought onto what has to be the holy grail of comic book properties.

It’s still early days yet, but I can only assume that Nolan won’t fail in the same way that McG, Brett Ratner, Tim Burton and (to an extent) Bryan Singer all did when trying to bring Superman to a cinema near you.

More on Christopher Nolan’s Superman at Screen Rant when we get it!

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. Great move by WB/DC. Nolan will revive the franchise if he has enough input. Sam – be glad not mad.

  2. I'm sorry but Routh should definitely be given another chance. He personified the character and was a perfect replacement for the l egendary Christopher Reeve.

    I do think Singer should continue to, as now he's made his transitional movie to tide older veiwers over and bring in new fans to the character. Now he should be given the opportunity to make a movie that is what the fans want.

    As long as Routh returns and Ottman composes another beautiful score, I'll be happy – an that's saying a lot since I'm a massive fan of Supes and loved Superman Returns.

  3. I agree with Steve. Keep Routh and Singer. Routh was a great Superman and did very well. Singer also.

  4. I'm fine with Routh but I think Singer should be replaced.

  5. McG did a Superman film?

  6. On the one hand, there aren't a lot of people I would rather have as a consultant for a superhero movie. But when it comes to Superman, I think WB would be better off using someone like Grant Morrisson, Richard Donner or even Bryan Singer… anyone who has expressed their love of the character in the past.

    Nolan really hit home the themes of fear and anarchy with his two Batman films, hope he can do the same for the themes of hope and adventure for Superman.

  7. Well said LL.

    But Nolan is suited more to darkness-themed stories.
    He is totally wrong for Supes.

  8. Ah John Peters, granted, I've only ever heard one guy talk about him, but I really hope to not see any giant spiders in this one.

    I'm a little *meh* on the Nolan news though, I love the guy and think he's really talented (and can't wait for Inception), but I'll hold off jumping for joy until I see some results.

  9. Ugh, grimdark Superman doesn't work!

  10. What we need is a Superman movie with a new villain, Luthor as the main villian is getting old.

    They could do a Public Enemy, cross-over movies with Superman and Batman. Two movies one story line, and have them come out six months apart.

  11. I like the idea of crossover potential. Beyond that, I will wait to hear how direct Nolan's involvement is. I think it can only be a good thing if he is very involved.

  12. Never like Superman, never will. But if Nolan do it, I'll see it.

  13. You guys jump to conclusions. Nolan made a dark batman because the batverse called for it and it fit. He won't try to make Superman dark in any way.

  14. dude look at the comics with superman without a cape jus make him tougher and edgier and make a story around that it doesnt really have to be DARK like the dark knight it can be its own fasion or style that has a similar atomsphere as batman but dont duplicate it and i think batman and super man have always existed at one time so batman or super man could seek on another out for a batman vs superman spinnoff

  15. Yeah I didn't know that too.

  16. Yeah, I definitely want Routh to say. He looks the part and is a good actor.
    Singer could be replaced.

    Who would you choose to replace him?

  17. I completely agree. It's really only TDK or “darkgrim” haters that think Nolan = Dark. Nolan did TDK really dark because that was the fitting way to continue where things in BB left off (crime will escalate); introduce The Joker (a dark character); and explore the consequences of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman (a theme Iron Man 2 will explore, FYI).

    Nolan will look at Superman and likely examine the iconic elements which have made him great, and how those elements fit into a modern context. DCE/WB tapped him because he's proven to be a highly effective storyteller. Have some faith – the man's earned it.

  18. As much as I would love to see it, I don't think we will ever get a Nolanverse Dark Knight and Superman crossover. The world he created in Batman Begins and TDK doesn't feel like it would mesh well with a world of super powered aliens like that of Superman.

  19. Part of me would love to see a Superman and Batman team-up on the big screen, however, deep down I just don't think that it would work – and not in the world of The Dark Knight.

  20. That's tough. I haven't even thought about it. I'll come up with some choices over the next couple of days. U have anyone in mind?

  21. Haven't thought about it neither. Hmm. I can see Scorsese doing a great version of Superman. I mean he could definitely do action and he always has a great story.

    Other than him; Sam Raimi (left Spidey could jump on Superman)

  22. best news ive heard all year batman and superman in the same movie with nolan directing, awsome is the only word that comes to mind

  23. Nolan's “Batman Begins” & “The Dark Knight” followed the comic books fairly accurately where crossovers of characters do work.

    Christopher Nolan could certainly make it work without a doubt. Just don't let Ratner or Singer anywhere near it and we'll have another blockbuster.

  24. I think Superman Vs Darkside would be a really cool villain story. When i use to watch the animated series that was one of my favorite story arcs. I like the idea of Nolan, he got the Batman story right, i think hes good for comic book movies, especially Superman.

  25. Hmmm… how much more dark and serious can we take Superman after Returns? Epic is nice, but so is fun (Superman the Movie had both). Sam Raimi, anyone? Nah… Well, maybe…

  26. I have a lot to say about this, but I am on the bus going to meet a date, and my iPhone isn't fond of the new comment system, so I cannot log in as me. I will have plenty to say when I get home. This has put me in a foul mood


    Ok that's weird.

  27. Why cant DC hire Alan Burnett, Paul Dini or Bruce Timm to write the movie? The Superman animated series nailed the character for years, as did the Justice League series.

    Why do they pay millions of dollars to morons who dont understand the characters and turn out garbage like Smallville (Emo Superman) and Superman returns (dark and moody). Superman is about a positive attitude, the opposite of Batman.

  28. Hating on Smallville…yikes. But, I do agree that bringing in people that have been familiar with these characters for years on animated adaptations to help write story lines might be a good idea.

  29. Fantastic! I hope we do get to see Superman on the big screen. I actually also hope that Brandon Routh gets to stick around as well. He wasn't mind blowing fantastic as Superman/clark kent, but he'll do.