Rumor Patrol: General Zod, Brandon Routh & The Superman Reboot

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

Superman Reboot Rumors Rumor Patrol: General Zod, Brandon Routh & The Superman Reboot

Now that Zack Snyder is officially directing the Superman reboot, The Man of Steel, new rumors concerning who the villain of the film will be and what actor will don the red & blue spandex are bound to pop up.

There were rumblings last week about how the criminal Kryptonian General Zod could be Kal-El’s foe in The Man of Steel, but this is the first we’ve heard of the rumor that Superman Returns‘ leading man, Brandon Routh, could actually reprise his role in Snyder’s reboot.

Bad Taste caught up with Snyder this week and was told that the the news about Zod is, for now, “just a rumor” – which is essentially a noncommittal response that neither confirms or denies the possibility of Zod appearing in Man of Steel. The fact that Snyder did not flat-out shoot down the suggestion could mean that it is completely accurate, but that Warner Bros. wants to cast someone in the role before they make any official announcements (like Sony did with the baddie in its Spider-Man reboot). Or the Zod rumors could be way off; we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

The news that Brandon Routh might play Superman again in Man of Steel is arguably the more interesting rumor right now. AICN chatted with the actor a few months ago and learned that he had hooked up with a trainer to get him “into full on Superman shape again.” Routh may no longer be in the running now that Snyder is onboard, but this information is nonetheless intriguing.

Brandon Routh as Superman Rumor Patrol: General Zod, Brandon Routh & The Superman Reboot

Brandon Routh as Superman.

One (legitimate) common criticism of Routh’s take on Superman was that the actor not only looked too young, but lacked the onscreen charisma of his predecessor, Christopher Reeve, in the role. Routh is a bit older now and Snyder’s Man of Steel might call for a far different take on the character than Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns did – could Routh now be the right man for the job?

Snyder’s Superman reboot will undoubtedly bear the filmmaker’s signature visual style and love of slow-motion action, but both his and Christopher Nolan’s involvement with the project also suggests that Man of Steel might be a darker and more complex movie than previous Superman pics. Whoever is eventually cast in the titular role will have to reflect that tonal shift in their performance.

Will Snyder deliver a darker Superman movie?

With the news that production on the Superman reboot may be rushed came the logline for Man of Steel, which involves Clark Kent traveling the world as he decides whether or not to actually become Superman. Could the hero’s existential dilemma be all the more complicated by the arrival of an impending threat to the Earth that only he can stop – say, a being with powers equal to his own, a la General Zod?

A situation like that would force Superman’s hand and make him accept his role as a defender of the planet Earth – even if he remains uncertain as to whether or not that is truly a good idea in the long term. It would be a tricky philosophical quandary that The Man of Steel would have to face – and isn’t that exactly the kind of thing that Nolan in particular has already proven he loves?

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Source: Bad Taste, AICN

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  1. I have a strong suspicion Routh won’t be back – esspecially if this is a real reboot as rumored (or is it confirmed?)

    not to get back on Snyder, but we haven’t seen him do any sequels. He kinda strikes me as a guy who wants to establish a franchise for himself (i.e. no baggage from prior movies to get in the way, including actors). Just my opinion, though, no proof

    • For the sake of Superman…. I really hope and pray that you are right about that.

      But I also don’t think he would bring Routh back. Especially when it was before Snyder was chosen to direct that they told Routh to get in shape. Snyder will put his own mark on Superman and therefore pick a different actor to portray The Man of Steel.

      I’m just afraid that they might actually bring him back.

    • I disagree. Not only was the script and casting completely awful with the film, Brandon Routh did not do a good job with the role. He did not make the role his own and his performance was a sad take on Christopher Reeve’s Superman. He was awful, showed no emotion…. he just didn’t act well at all. I’m tired of people saying he did such a great job with this role but at the same time say that Tom Welling is a terrible actor. Welling can display a wide range of emotions compared to Routh in SR.

      I’m all for either Tom Welling or Henry Cavill for Superman. No Brandon Routh.

  2. Tom Welling for superman.

      • That is an awesome video. Just confirms my vote for ROUTH FOR SUPERMAN. That is fan made and turned out really good. Just imagine what an actual director and better technology could do for Routh. It would be awesome.


    • i’m with you dude… did you see the Superman vs Doomsday fan film on youtube? that’s the movie they should make!


  5. PeeWee Herman for Superman.

    Come on, you can picture if you try.



    • Miss Yvonne for Lois?

    • Vic Holtreman for Lex Luthor!!

      • Ooh! Seconded!

        • Ha, thanks guys, but we need someone who can actually act. :)


          • lol… That’s too bad for the Brandon Routh fans!!

  6. just so long as it’s not Sam Worthington – so tired of him after the past year

    • you and me both, he’s a no talent !@#clown

  7. I think it would be hilarious to have a Should Tom Welling Be Superman? Poll. The results would be funny.

    • Daniel, no, i see enough of the fanboys here rallying for him here no need in seeing anymore lol

      • How about this choice? Tom Welling or Sam Worthington?

        • my choice would be neither! i dont need another(no offense sam)heavily accented dude playing an american comic book icon. i liked SR but routh had his time, i blame Singer more than him for the les that luke-warm reception that SR had. even more, i refuse to see any more Singer involved projects…i still havent forgiven him for bailing and leaving the 3rd X-men film to hack-a-film ratner.

          • @ Anthony

            I agree. I don’t think Sam Worthington is a good choice for Superman either, but in regard to his Aussie accent, I only really picked it up half a dozen times. I guess half a dozen times too many for you. :-)

            Worthington is still pretty new in the field so I hope he perfects his American accent with time. I still remember hearing a tinge of Mel Gibson’s Aussie accent cutting through when he first started out.

    • how about Should Tom Welling be Man #3 in Superman?

  8. Routh fanboys are killing the poll

    • Yup! :-) Because he’s a fantastic choice.

      • not in a Nolan universe he isnt

    • Didn’t like SReturns, but Routh was perfect IMO.

  9. would Tom Welling want to be Superman in a movie?

    the guy’s gotta be sick of it after 9 years. someone said he’s gotten worse at acting as teh show went on – to me he look utterly uninterested.

    • Thats not a half bad idea. But my vote is for Routh, Hamm, and Jim Caviesel.

    • Henry Cavill for Superman!!!

  10. Christian Bale for superman! Ha

  11. Why is it we can have the same actor playing Superman with different directors on a tv show.

  12. All the way for Tom Welling…Tom is Clark Kent…CK is Superman

  13. Ok, I would happily see Routh come back, or Welling take the part, however, if Welling does the film then we have to have Smallville’s Lex and Lois (which is no bad thing in my book), and if Routh comes back then, what is it going to look like with all new actors in the other roles?

    I guess what I’m saying is this; while I would love to see Routh or Welling play Superman on the big screen, what this franchise needs is a total fresh start. New Kal-El, new Lois, new Lex, new Jimmy and Perry.

    But I still don’t feel Zack Snyder is the person to do this.

  14. Are there only two villains in the Superman world? They need to use some imagination and not use Lex Luthor or Zod, both having had their day.

  15. I’d LOVE for Brandon to continue being Superman on the big screen, especially now that he is older and has filled out physically. Just give him a great script, more lines, and allow him to smile more and he’ll be absolutely amazing. Just look at what he did with his role in Scott Pilgrim. He owned that movie, the guy has a huge presence. He has the best look, any way.

    • Give it to Brandon Routh, he’s got it all! Plus he’s matured well now, he just needs a better script, MORE ACTION (like beating up his villains -seriously-something that lacked in the SR movie but I still loved it), and be a little bit more goofy when he’s Clark Kent. And find a different Lois to act.

      • Other than the goofy Clark Kent, great game plan. Clark doesn’t need to be goofy, a bit scatter-brained but not goofy.

  16. I like Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, even if the movie itself wasn’t great. Having him as Superman in the new movie would give it a sense of continuity even if there’s no other reference to the previous one.

    The man can act, and act well, he just wasn’t given much to work with.

  17. Armie Hammer for Superman.

    Right age, right look, right chops.

  18. Is john peters out?

  19. Brandon Routh deserves another chance. He was the best thing from “Superman Returns” and is not to blame for the lack of dialogue or fist-clenching action. Furthermore, he is older now, more seasoned and can actually act (check out some of his other films & TV work and you’ll see what I mean). If Christopher Nolan is as talented as we all know he is (he is without question a fine filmmaker…), then he and Zack Snyder should have no problem reintegrating & motivating Brandon Routh’s performance in a reboot. I’m sure he will make a great “Nolan” Superman and the idea this would confuse people it’s a reboot is absolutely ludicrous. Other films, (like Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), were rebooted again with the same cast and a different look and this caused no confusion among fans & mainstream moviegoers. I sincerely hope the executives at Warner Bros & Legendary Pictures and Nolan producer & director Snyder will seriously reconsider bringing Brandon Routh back. I know he would surprise a whole bunch of naysayers. I am fully confident he would bring a new level to the character of Clark Kent/Superman and deliver a knock-out performance if given the opportunity.

    • Agreed dude, lets have Routh get another shot. He was the best thing about SR. And now that he is older, he can certainly do it even better. For the love of heaven just please keep Welling the hell away from any Superman film…

      • Yeah, Welling just doesn’t cut it for a big screen Superman. He just doesn’t have the talent or the presence necessary. Heck he doesn’t even have the right look, he’s just too soft looking on the face.

        Routh, however, he has everything needed to do justice to the character in every way, he just needs a great script. They’ll make a big mistake if they replace him, imo.

        • @The Watcher

          Totally agree. Just one question, where were you in a previous thread when I was trying to tell this to the Tom Welling FANBOYS? Could’ve done with some back-up buddy.

  20. I agree Brandon Routh should really get the chance to come back

  21. NOWAY Brandon should be brought back!! He was what was wrong with that last Singerman Returns movie.

    He was just horrible in the movie, and he’s just simply not Superman material.

    Now this generation has a face to Superman, and his name is Tom Welling.


    • ^^^Totally Agree^^^
      I personally Would like to see,, Tom Welling and Erica Durance as the Iconic couple…Just cos there chemistry/acting of Clark Kent/Lois Lane are the best I have personally seen(HOT!!)of all carnations of Superman.

      I’m not saying Brandon is a Good/Bad actor,cos not,but he isn’t Superman material and never will be..!!

      Now just to state my opinion again…!!

      Tom Welling…is…Clark Kent
      Erica Durance…is…Lois Lane

      “They are The Iconic couple of our Generation”

  22. If I were a betting man, I would put money on the new Superman being NEITHER Tom Welling or Brandon Routh. The last Supes film was a bomb and no way is WB going to bring back the star actor from that box office bomb, they’re going to want a new face. Tom is just too well associated with the Smallville universe. I think he’s done a great job over the last 10 years and if this was going to be a continuation of the events that have transpired during Smallville, than Tom would be the obvious choice. I doubt WB is going that way, especially with Snyder saying it’s not going to be based on any current comics line. This is going to be an all new Superman adventure with an all new Superman. I don’t think it’s going to be Jon Hamm, either.

    • Thank you! People are being just plain delusional if they think either Routh or Welling are going to play Superman/C.K. in the new reboot. It is a reboot people! It is not a continuation of either Smallville or Superman Returns… Huge fan of Smallville and had the show been on a major network and not the CW (which is not available in many smaller communities and even in some large cities) there might have been a chance for a movie franchise. But that was not the case… Routh does have a snowball’s chance in Hades of reprising the role. Superman Returns was so bad that they pulled the plug on that entire version of the superman legend. Time to move on and hope they cast new people who are right for the parts… No repeat of the horrible Kate Bosworth as Lois debacle. I mean Kate was what 19 or 20… Superman was gone for how long? So Superman got her knocked up when she was like 10? Not Ms. Bosworth’s fault, but she was woefully miscast.

      • She-Ra,

        It seems we share at least some common ground. I don’t think either Routh or Welling has a snowball’s chance of playing Superman in the new movie. But while I’m not a rabid fan of Smallville, I really do think Welling personifies Clark Kent/Superman and would be great on the big screen.


        • But Vic, aside from the fact that I strongly disagree with you about Welling who I feel cant act his way out of a brown paper bag, hw simply does not personify superman because he is not superman in the show, and Smallville is not Superman.

          It is its own alternative universe teeny bopper version of Superman. The simple problem is that Welling is 100% associted with Smallville, and thus there is no way in hell he would ever be chosen to play Superman.

          • “The simple problem is that Welling is 100% associted with Smallville, and thus there is no way in hell he would ever be chosen to play Superman.”

            Hence my statement. :)


          • “teeny bopper version of Superman”

            • chuckle

        • For the record I agree with you Vic that it is very unlikely that either Routh or Welling will be cast.

          But if there was any chance, I would go for Routh any day. The guy really impressed me in SR.

          Firstly, I thought it was pretty good and I will never understand how it got shat on so much. I liked its old school, slower paced, classy style as opposed to just having tons of action for the ADD crowd. It was a thoughtful and well made film. Though I will be the first to admit that it was not the right type of film to re-ignite Supe’s pop culture popularity.

          Sedcondly, Routh exuded a presence, and he managed to convey an inner decency, and strengh. I also have no idea what is with Reeve copyist nonsense, Routh’s Superman was fairly different, and there was a definite sense of isolation and otherness he projected imho…

          For me I still think he should be given another crak at it

        • And the last thing for me Vic, is that I dont like the idea of them chopping and changing actors for such an iconic part too often, it dilutes what makes suck iconic characters special imho.

          I hate how they now have three different actors playing the Hulk in three films now. It has really made playing the Hulk feel quite ordinary, and not at all special.

          Superman is one of THE iconic roles, and I really dont want there to just be a long list of they came and went actors palying the part.

  23. I liked Routh but he’s not getting this job, it would just be too confusing to most people. They’ll think it’s a sequel to Returns when the story isn’t connected at all, and every other character will be different except for Routh. Plus the writers and directors will have a different take on Clark/Superman, so it would just be too weird.

  24. Yes get Routh back, he’d be under better direction, so I have faith in this reboot. And I also have faith in Natalie Portman as Lois Lane, forgetting her in the Star Wars films, her work in V for Vendetta or The Other Bolyn Girl, just look at those films and you’ll see what I mean. And I also think that having Zod in that story line would be great. I say go with this idea!