Rumor Patrol: General Zod, Brandon Routh & The Superman Reboot

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Superman Reboot Rumors Rumor Patrol: General Zod, Brandon Routh & The Superman Reboot

Now that Zack Snyder is officially directing the Superman reboot, The Man of Steel, new rumors concerning who the villain of the film will be and what actor will don the red & blue spandex are bound to pop up.

There were rumblings last week about how the criminal Kryptonian General Zod could be Kal-El’s foe in The Man of Steel, but this is the first we’ve heard of the rumor that Superman Returns‘ leading man, Brandon Routh, could actually reprise his role in Snyder’s reboot.

Bad Taste caught up with Snyder this week and was told that the the news about Zod is, for now, “just a rumor” – which is essentially a noncommittal response that neither confirms or denies the possibility of Zod appearing in Man of Steel. The fact that Snyder did not flat-out shoot down the suggestion could mean that it is completely accurate, but that Warner Bros. wants to cast someone in the role before they make any official announcements (like Sony did with the baddie in its Spider-Man reboot). Or the Zod rumors could be way off; we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

The news that Brandon Routh might play Superman again in Man of Steel is arguably the more interesting rumor right now. AICN chatted with the actor a few months ago and learned that he had hooked up with a trainer to get him “into full on Superman shape again.” Routh may no longer be in the running now that Snyder is onboard, but this information is nonetheless intriguing.

Brandon Routh as Superman Rumor Patrol: General Zod, Brandon Routh & The Superman Reboot

Brandon Routh as Superman.

One (legitimate) common criticism of Routh’s take on Superman was that the actor not only looked too young, but lacked the onscreen charisma of his predecessor, Christopher Reeve, in the role. Routh is a bit older now and Snyder’s Man of Steel might call for a far different take on the character than Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns did – could Routh now be the right man for the job?

Snyder’s Superman reboot will undoubtedly bear the filmmaker’s signature visual style and love of slow-motion action, but both his and Christopher Nolan’s involvement with the project also suggests that Man of Steel might be a darker and more complex movie than previous Superman pics. Whoever is eventually cast in the titular role will have to reflect that tonal shift in their performance.

Will Snyder deliver a darker Superman movie?

With the news that production on the Superman reboot may be rushed came the logline for Man of Steel, which involves Clark Kent traveling the world as he decides whether or not to actually become Superman. Could the hero’s existential dilemma be all the more complicated by the arrival of an impending threat to the Earth that only he can stop – say, a being with powers equal to his own, a la General Zod?

A situation like that would force Superman’s hand and make him accept his role as a defender of the planet Earth – even if he remains uncertain as to whether or not that is truly a good idea in the long term. It would be a tricky philosophical quandary that The Man of Steel would have to face – and isn’t that exactly the kind of thing that Nolan in particular has already proven he loves?

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Source: Bad Taste, AICN

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  1. we need a superman flick that has zod luthor and as many villains as possible . if snyder misses this were doomed for a repeat of the same boredom

  2. I agree that Superman Reborn was poorly written and the main star didn’t get to shine in there but It would be confusing for the audience to have Brandon Routh as Superman again.
    it’s like doing a Spiderman reboot with the same actor which makes no sense.

  3. if and only if welling does go to the big screen with zach in the directors seat-it will or should be smallville x 10-bigger,bolder and much more action..also especially if they get rosenbaum back as lex-and the lex luthor powersuit, and the formation of the injustice league!!

  4. It would make my day if Routh was re-cast. I haven’t seen anyone out there so far who would make a worthy replacement.

  5. i think routh was jipped honestly, Superman returns was a horrible screen write, i thought he did a great job playing both kent/superman, it really wasnt that bad of a movie but it wasnt great either. I think Bryan singer was pressured to much to make this “Perfect SuperMan Movie” and honestly its kinda hard to top Richard Donnar’s 80’s classic. I dont think routh is a great actor, but to me he was the only reason SuperMan ReTurns was good, he has the look, and he acted at least to me just like christopher reeves did, he has the look.

  6. Brandon Routh did a good job on the superman returns.. he´s the best.. he is very exemptionally attractive and makes women melt their knees.. He is more than fit for the next superman.. i so love brandon, i have his superman picture hanging on my ID sling.. so that i can see him everyday..Ö

  7. Brandon Should still be the SUPERMAN! He has everything, the looks,, the body,, the sweet masculine voice,, everything.. for sure he will do good for this coming movie…

  8. After seeing this week’s past episode of Smallville when Clark came face to face with himself in the future, i thought he pulled off a pretty good Clark Kent worthy to be on film. In a way during the scene, he kinda reminded me of Dean Cain’s Portrayal as C.K on Lois & Clark series. I doubt casting Brandon Routh would have little impact if he’s the only from Superman Returns whos in the film and will be both playing Clark Kent/Superman in a different way as mentioned. Most likely they’re gonna have him wear a different Superman costume than he wore in Superman Returns. I would rather they ignore Superman Returns and still have their film follow Superman 1 & 2 that way we don’t have to see Lex or Zod again, still have these new films excist with what Donnor started, and hopfully bring heavy hitter villains like Darkseid, Mongul, Metallo, Parasite, etc. Anyone read about Superman: Requiem? I think thats the name, is that a tv movie or straight to dvd movie? Thing about it was i think it mentioned it was a proposed sequel to Superman Returns, i think.

  9. I am not sure why people voted yes. This is why Superman movies shouldn’t be made. First of all, they all stink and never stick to source material. Why bring back a Actor pretending to be Christopher Reeve pretending to be Superman? He acted in a stupid movie about Superman leaving Lois Lane then is trying get her back? That was the whole freaking story along with a another terrible Lex Luthor in movie. What is the desire from people to want to see the same crap over and over: Zod, terrible Superman stories and bring actors in that look like Christopher Reeve. Get over him, its supposed to be remake not continuation of those crappy movies.
    I want Superman movie with story, depth and villians that would make Superman shine like Brainaic, Doomsday, Darkseid and his vast army, Metallo, Mongol and even Bizzaro. And add the real Lex Luthor as secondary villian. No more Zod or Luthor as only villian. This reminds me of Spiderman: Green Goblin story in very freaking movie.

  10. Donnor’s films crappy? wtf ever. Wait and see how Snyder and the Nolan’s deliever their version, perhaps another failed attempt like Superman Returns.

  11. I have a Zod: Charles Mesure, who is Kyle Hobbes in the new “V” series.

  12. No more Zod no more Luthor (maybe in the background), no more Brando, no more clinging onto the old Richard Donner movies. When I was young they were great but film making has moved on and acting and special effects are much better. When I go back and watch them now they’re really just very cheesy. We need to move on from Christopher Reeves, he was great but this is a reboot and we need something fresh. Not a Reeves look alike. Lets give superman one of his many other villains that can actually fight him so we can get some good battle scenes in there.

  13. Wow, love the comments so far, some are really funny

    “teeny bopper version of Superman”

    and some are just hilarious

    “I really do think Welling personifies Clark Kent/Superman and would be great on the big screen”

    Me? give Routh another try, he’s a youg actor who (I think) can only get better.

  14. I agree with those who say give Routh another chance…he looks the part and is now a bit older which should help. However, if they don’t go with Routh i say give Welling a shot. He looks the part…tall, built, chiseled jawline, and has really grown into the role and for those who do or don’t watch smallville….in the last episode they showed a future with him as Clark Kent and he looked perfect. I also feel he commands more on screen than Routh. It would be a perfect transition from where the series will leave off…..if not I feel producers of smallville should definitely consider a Smallville movie either for the bigscreen, direct to DVD or for TV……
    I feel he will get more fans that are skeptical right now when he finally donns the suit at the end of the series….just my thoughts…..

    • @ scottgia

      I agree with your post. Id myself would like to see etheir Routh or Welling in the title role. If they did go with Routh, im just speaking in my opinion due not liking many reboots/remakes but I wouldn’t mind if the film took place after Superman 2 and ignoring Superman Returns, & Superman 3 & 4 so all the great villains & all the films would be connected from Richard Donnor to Zack Znyder/Nolans. You gotta admit it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

    • I agree with giving Brandon Routh another shot with the new Superman Movie. He looks the part and he is a bit older and will adjust more too what is expected of being a 21st century Superman. The first time Brandon was only doing what was in the eyes of Bryan Singer vision of how Superman should be. Routh is more establised and polished actor who can bring the physical commmand too the screen as well as connect with the audiences expectations. Routh can do this!

  15. My vote goes to Routh. He deserves another shot.


    you are more deserving compare to others…

  17. A Big Yes!!! to Brandon Routh, he is Superman now… and I won’t watch if anyones else plays the Big Blue role!!!

  18. Aslong as it’s Brandon Routh or Tom Welling, i’ll be happy about this film happening. One thing though, I hope Snyder & Nolan’s get the idea of putting the yellow S back on the cape as one person made the comment before somewhere.

  19. @ Vic

    Can there be a poll that people can vote which heavy hitter Villain/villains they would like to see in the new film? Like Darkseid, Mongul, Doomsday, Metallo, etc.?

    • WallyWest,

      Check out the side nav. 😀


  20. @ Vic

    Thanks Vic!

  21. I don’t think Routh coming back would be a good step, and if we are allowed to pick a Superman who has done it before then it HAS to be Tom Welling. But I think it would only work with Erica Durance as Lois and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex (unless whoever plays Lex at the end of Smallville does instead).

    Chloe would make a great addition too but it could just as easily work without her on the big screen.

    Otherwise, new cast all round and treat Smallville as a separate entity and Superman Returns as the embarrassment it was.

  22. ^ Cool or the could just do a two hour Smallville and leave the big screen version to Brandon Routh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I just watched Superman Returns again, and it’s actually grown on me quite a bit. I wish it had a little more of the humor, chemistry and snappy dialogue of the original movies. I’d be happy to see Brandon Routh reprise the roll.

  24. My whole family loved the film. Chris Reeve and his family loved it. Enough said. Keep the originals. They were great.