5 Reasons Why ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Can Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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Batman Superman Movie Discussion Fight Villains Story We've been running this series of articles for a few installments, but up until now, the potential DC superhero films we've discussed (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Justice League) have been just that: potential films. As in, non-existent. However, DC and Warner Bros.' upcoming Batman vs. Superman sequel to Man of Steel is already a reality - only it's a reality that many (so-called) fans have been quite skeptical about, thus far. So, while we can't discuss why the teaming of the 'World's Finest' would be a success if they made it into a movie, we can discuss why the movie will be a success if they do it right. READ our 5 Reasons that Batman vs. Superman CAN be the next big DC superhero movie...

The Story

Superman Batman movie Story - Lex Luthor and  Bruce Wayne Man of Steel left us with a Superman who debuted to the world via a city-collapsing battle that left many dead. Anyone who knows The Dark Knight - the one who exists in a super-powered Justice League universe - knows that he is not okay with idea of a god-like alien running around unchecked, beholden to no one. That's a great foundation for a Superman/Batman story. Imagine: After the "Battle of Metropolis" Lex Luthor emerges as a hardline anti-Superman political figure, who rebuilds Metropolis with the help of fellow industrialist Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, the two brilliant businessmen discover a "deterrent" to the Superman problem in the form of Kryptonite. Bruce/Batman starts off going against Superman and humbles the Man of Steel by using Kryptonite to beat him; Lex is eventually revealed as a villain (with a Metallo henchman?); the two heroes must work together (brains AND brawn) to stop him; and in the end, Supes and Bats establish a mutual level of respect and trust to bond them... We're just spit-balling here, but you see how this could all easily work, right?    

The Characters

Batman Superman Movie - Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Bruce Wayne The best tactic in a good "buddy-cop" story  - especially superhero buddy-cop stories - is having characters who are proper foils for one another (i.e., balance one another out). Batman and Superman are more than characters - they are almost yin and yang archetypes that serve as metaphors for just about any conflicting philosophies you can think of (idealism vs. cynicism, brains vs. brawn, etc.). It's the same reason that Batman vs. The Joker or Superman vs. Lex Luthor tend to be the best rivalries: dynamic contrast. And, in the case of Batman and Superman, there are great rivalry AND friendship dynamics at work between these two titans of heroism. It's not just the Superman/Batman dynamic that is golden: Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent work great together, as well. Bruce can literally buy and own The Daily Planet, while Clark (as an investigative reporter) can easily infiltrate the seedy underworld where Batman gets his hands dirty. The opportunities for farmboy vs. billionaire banter are limitless (both before and after alter-egos are exposed) and when you throw Lois Lane in the middle, you have the cherry to top it all off.

The Fight

Batman Superman Movie Fight Scenes This is the big thing that has people talking and arguing all over the Interwebs:  How can Batman POSSIBLY stand up to Superman in battle? In case you don't know: Batman has won several decisive victories over Superman in comic book canon. In fact, a Batman victory speech from the comics was the very thing quoted during the Batman/Superman movie announcement at SDCC '13. "But how does Batman, a mere human, win against Superman, a god?" you may still be asking. The answer is simple: Batman always has a plan. Superman (as Batman often likes to point out) throws brute force at every problem and is too comfortable with his own imperviousness. Bruce Wayne and/or Lex Luthor are prime characters to expose those hubrises, either via Kryptonite or a public stance against Superman's threat to the world as a living WMD. Indeed, the next stage in the Man of Steel's development may be the humility of discovering that he is both accountable to and vulnerable to mankind's wrath. We look forward to The Dark Knight pulling off some epic battle plan to take Superman apart piece-by-piece, in the way that only Batman can.

The Iconography

Batman Superman New 52_by_lazerbat-d63ut0l As we keep stressing: this pairing of icons is not oil and water, it's oil and vinegar. Batman and Superman are better defined as individuals when juxtaposed to one another - and in that comparison they also form the two polar ends of the DC superhero spectrum. Batman and Superman on screen together is more than just a movie - it's a milestone. Whether you are the geek who dreamed about, discussed and debated this event for years on end, or the casual observer who has found him/herself oddly perplexed by the question of which hero best represents your personality (Batman or Superman), this team-up is so iconic and riddled with symbolic depth that the movie will practically sell itself. ...And if Tony Stark and Nick Fury's meeting was epic enough to galvanize an Avengers universe, there's little doubt that the sheer iconography of having Superman and Batman in the same frame of film will be enough to give birth to an entire Justice League universe. (Artwork by Jim Lee w/ inks & colors by Swave18 & LazerBat)


Justice League New 52 Movie Do we really need to say it again? Batman and Superman form the polar ends of the DC superhero universe, leaving an open door for future characters to fill in the middle. And with Batman vs. Superman allegedly building right on top of the events of Man of Steel, a Justice League universe continuity is officially being established. By the time Batman vs. Superman is done, the mutual respect between The World's Finest can act as the solid foundation upon which a Justice League team is built. Superman can be a little bit more vulnerable and more of the responsible boy scout that fans love, while Batman can be reintroduced to the world as a tactical genius badass who is able to stand alongside the most powerful being in the world, while also becoming more open-minded to the idea of friendship and partnership. Where the DC universe goes after that is still an open debate, but in terms of building continuity on top of Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman is in a better position than most other DC superhero movies would be. (However, CLICK the following links to read our theories on why Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Flash movies could work just as well.)

Justice League Movie - Solo Character Films Below is a quick bullet list of our responses  to some of the more pronounced criticisms of Batman vs. Superman, which we addressed in greater detail within the article.
  • It's too soon to reboot Batman - Actually, we need a Batman who can exist in a superhuman reality. Nolan's version isn't really that.
  • Batman and Superman don't fit together - Actually the characters and their worlds fit together like PB&J. See HERE or HERE.
  • Batman couldn't last 2 seconds against Superman - If you read the comics, you'll see that Batman uses smart tactics to counter Superman's unlimited power.
  • It's too soon for this - Are you kidding? Some of us have been waiting DECADES for this happen!
_______ Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters sometime in 2015. All comic book artwork is the property of DC comics; Superman/Batman logo by  Balsavor @ DeviantART 
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  1. I am like 95% of the rest of the people on this site excited for this movie but the one thing i keep thinking of is “God the Nolan series just ended we cant have a Flash or Aquaman or whatever movie before we introduce Batman again”

  2. One reasons Why ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Can Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie:
    Because ‘Man of Steel’ was boring and people ate it up. Pretty much anything comic book related will be the next big thing even if it sucks really bad. The reviews will help boost ticket sales by glossing over mistakes, major plot holes, and poor acting.

    This year has been a bummer for comic book movies… I hope ‘Thor 2′ can help bring things back up to par.


    That is a serious problem and it needs to be fixed!

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      • UD,

        Great advice. Maybe everyone should get ad block, and then we’ll just have to shut the site down.

    • Bruce,

      We should not have any ads that do that. Which ad unit did it come from? The one across the top, the top right, or somewhere else?



  4. Amazing points, all around.

    This film is going to be fantastic.

    • I would love to know what kind of crystal ball you’re using.

      • Obviously the same type that people who so confidently fail the upcoming movie use.

  5. Alright, this article pisses me off so much.

    Point One, the title itself will guarantee a box office massive success. Batman/Superman might not make as much moolah as Avengers 2 will, but it’s success is inevitable and anyone who turns down the role as Batman (or anyone) is a tremendous jackass that his stupidity does not deserve to resemble a genius (looking at you, Armie Hammer). As it’s success is guaranteed, this article was not needed in the first place.

    Point Two, how in the flying hell couldn’t Nolan’s Batman fit into this upcoming Batman/Superman Film? It would add more to the story since all I see here is Batman/Bruce and Lex Luthor are introduced, Clark makes out with Lois, Bruce/Luthor despises Supes because of the Battle of Metropolis, the Luthor/Bruce anti-Superman alliance (as explained in the article), Superman and Batman fight, an evil force arises, Batman/Superman become buddies and kick ass. Frankly, I do not see how they can make this into a an hour and thirty minute movie. If they use Nolan’s Batman, there will be a whole mess of plot added to it (more interesting, might I add). And to you people who believe Nolan’s Batman cannot fit into this MoS Universe, let me ask you one thing: how can Batman be reimagined to fit into this universe due to his power and conflicts he fought in the TDK Trilogy? Nolan’s Batman did not have powers, he did not have strategy neither because he got his ass wiped by Alfred but that trilogy is epic enough to be included into this sequel. Let me ask you Nolan’s-Batman-Cant-Fit-In-With-This-Universe Hardcore Fans one thing, if this Batman cant fit into the sequel/universe, then how can he. Since WB wants an old, experienced Batman, then why reboot Batman if THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE. If WB dares to reboot Batman, they will be rolling an immense dice because there is a possibility whether the public will like this new guy, or despise him, make less money, and ditch the franchise completely. Why take such dice when the public already loves this one successful Batman that we have right here.

    “It’s too soon to reboot Batman – Actually, we need a Batman who can exist in a superhuman reality. Nolan’s version isn’t really that.”

    Youre damn right that is. Personally, I believed the Amazing Spider-Man did great and made Spider-Man 2002 look like an epic failure (not saying it is). Many people despise that movie (TASM), maybe people hate it which is the reason rebooting Batman is a bad idea. Since Nolan’s Batman is fresh into the minds of many and is loved by plenty, some (if not, most) will repel this Batman and make less money than it would if Nolan’s Batman was included. As I said, why take such risk when there is already a successful Bat right here. If Bale is not up for the role, then replace the dude since it is his loss. Just do not reboot Batman entirely and DO NOT act like Nolan’s Trilogy never happened.

    “It’s too soon for this – Are you kidding? Some of us have been waiting DECADES for this happen!”

    Some believe that if a huge movie like this would happen, it would be better if there were a universe established and for more epic Superman villains to be introduced. This Superman needs a bit more character development to do. The guy barely took up the mantel and already he is going to be sharing a screen with another icon! But since theyre going to cut to the chase instead of crafting it slowly and executing with excellence, I believe we will see a more naive Superman that be humiliated by Batsy *rolls eyes*.

    • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for thinking rationally around here!

      NOLAN’s Batman DOES fit this universe. Bale is the best choice and would add an insane dynamic to the Superman Snyder created, like him or not.

      If you talk to half the moviegoers out there who aren’t pessimistic fanboys on this site, they will vote Bale 10-1. Most moviegoers have NO IDEA why this isn’t happening, why he’s not coming back and why it “can’t be possible”. These people who defend Nolan’s trilogy as stand alone are complete idiots. Sure Nolan wanted it to end there because he wrapped it up with a nice bow, but do you people forget he didn’t even want to do a third one! It almost didn’t get made, Bale almost didn’t come back for that and it was all up in the air.

      I’m hoping this is all just foolishness and they get their brains functioning again at Legendary Pictures to make sure the REAL Batman is in the cape, not some hollow shell of what it should have been so they can get him on screen fast enough with Superman. The novelty is ridiculous. IT NEEDS SUBSTANCE! THAT is Christian Bale folks, no one will ever convince me otherwise. He IS the guy for the job.

      • So you’re saying that Nolan is a complete idiot, everything you are arguing goes against the film makers own words.

        Nolan has stated,NUMEROUS times, that his Batman DOES NOT fit in a world that has a Justice League.

        He has also stated NUMEROUS times that his trilogy is meant as a stand alone story.

        Christian Bale is not the only actor that can add substance to a character.

      • “These people who defend Nolan’s trilogy as stand alone are complete idiots.”

        Really? Anyone who watched TDKR might have some understanding of why Christian Bale is not coming back. The story was a pretty clear bookend to his story arc as Batman, having *already* come out of retirement once, and then finally moving on.

        Can the Nolanverse fit with Man of Steel? Arguments with merit can be made either way (by non-idiots on both sides, no less), but Christopher Nolan (the creator of that whole take) and Christian Bale (the star actor in question) have both made it *very clear* that the book is closed and that they are done. Could that change? Sure, it is Hollywood. But it is not a *mistake* for WB to be moving on, just the circle of life at work, looking to the future.

      • @Ian
        And the worst part is the whole purpose of rebooting Batman has been lost if Snyder wants to land a buzzard old Batman 2 yrs. before the first JLA team-up (2017). This Batman will be somewhere around 46 yrs. old and by time DCU plans a Phase 2 with New World Order or World War III, Bruce Wayne will be aged out and start recruiting Terry as Batman Beyond. And GOD NO!!! Nobody prefers Batman Beyond over Bruce Wayne for JL.

        So the question is: How is a 55 yr. old Batman gonna face Darkseid, Doomsday or the Suicide Squad?????

        WB/DC, you can avoid so much trouble if you invest back to Nolan’s Bat-verse and ensure to relish its critical and commercial success, or if you are so keen on rebooting, opt for a fresh New 52 JLA.

    • DUDE, are you kidding me?
      I liked them as much as the next guy but holy sh*t, ppl really need to either listen more carefully, OR clean your damn ears out so you can hear it the first time! TDK Trilogy IS DONE!! WE ARE GETTING A NEW BATMAN, just accept that and be happy DC is FINALLY moving their A$$ES and getting something done.
      For years DC fans have been getting NO CBM (except TDK) and now that your getting them you do nothing but BIT*H, I just don’t understand it!!

      Also what CBM have you seen that was an hour and a half in the last 10yrs? Just wondering!

      • Wrong, Bale said if Nolan presented him with a great idea for a 4th he’d do it. Nolan is once again executive producer on this, it’s not as farfetched as you say. You’re one of those fanboy fools who’s been clambering for a Bat vs. Supes movie for so long you can’t see past your narrow-mindedness. I call you people crazy because you’ll just about accept ANYONE as a new Batman as long as they have a hit TV show lol! Patience is a virtue, I’d rather wait WAY longer to get a solid product than buy a ticket for what is sure to be a rushed mess. I already see the trainwreck coming and don’t think I’m the only one who won’t accept a Bale-alternative. Millions of moviegoers out there also feel the same, and it’s there dollars the studio will be losing.

        The studio is being cheap and WON’T PAY THE MAN!

        Robert Downey Jr. for example was just tossing around the idea of not coming back for Iron Man or Avengers movies. They paid him, all is well. You’d be one of those SAME PEOPLE “BIT*Hing” that RDJ was the ONLY person who should ever play Iron Man, at least in our decades. You’ll take anything that looks shiny and new over a PROVEN COMMODITY with SUBSTANCE.

        “Different Universe” is just another way of Snyder making excuses. It doesn’t HAVE to be different. They are CHOOSING to go that route. Sure, Nolan never designed it to have Superman in it. But that’s why they’re great, they stand on their own. Now all the sudden we have this alien show up and shake the same universe up a bit. There’s nothing wrong or weird about that. Batman exists in every universe Superman does in the comics, so what’s the deal!?

        Even with Marvel, Tony Stark battled normal humans for 2 movies, so did Captain America, so did The Hulk. The aliens came in The Avengers. There’s nothing wrong with introducing something a little more unbelievable once you’ve established a realistic place.


        • If this movie is a train-wreck, I highly doubt it will be because Bale isn’t in it.

          • maybe so, but they aren’t helping themselves and I think it’s setting them up for failure using a new Batman.

          • Yeah, exactly. That’s why The Dark Knight Trilogy immensely flopped critically and commercially, right?


            • ^To all of the ignorants who reject the idea of linking/including Nolan’s Batman towards the MoS Universe.

        • @Ian

          Amen Brother!

          They should have just linked it to the Dark Knight trilogy regardless of what Nolan says. He does not own the movies and WB did that very thing with Burton’s Batman AND Donner’s Superman. So it can be done! As far as Bale supposedly not wanting to come back…here is a list of actors who did not want to comeback for sequels to their movies…and TOLD the studios…

          1) Sigourney Weaver (Alien) went on to do four movies total
          2) Harrison Ford (Star Wars Empire Strikes back) went on to do one additional movie
          3) Ian Mclellan (The Lord of the Ring movies) signed for three more movies
          4) Liam Neeson (Taken) signed up for two more films
          5) Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) signed for two more Avengers movies
          6) Daniel Craig (James Bond) signed for two additional movies

          Most of the negative feedback WB/DC is getting now would have been avoided if they had gone that route. The way the story from the Dark Knight movies ends sounds exactly the way DC would like to proceed – Batman in his late 30′s/ early 40′s; he is coming out of retirement; and is already established. It is simply a wasted opportunity and one I think may very well sink the DC Universe.

      • Don’t waste your time. They will never move on from Nolan’s Batman films. Never.

        • +1

      • Yes plus all Batmans villians are dead in that universe!

        • No they’re not….The Joker didn’t die…the Riddler never came about…The Penguin wasn’t there…There’s Hush, Clayface, Killer Croc, and only a hundred more.

    • 100% agree with you
      dc is very stupid if decided to reboot batman when they a batman that matches their requiremens+ it’s a risk

  6. Batman has actually NEVER in fact beaten Superman in comic book CANON. I dont know where you guys got that from. The final head to head of Supes and Bats is actually 9-2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gjySvkabZI

    • I said “decisive victories” not “ass whippuns.”

      Batman doesn’t need to KO Superman to “win” – he just has to (as Iron Man 2 put it) ‘make God bleed.’

      Even if Superman overpowers Batman, Batman gets into his head and under his skin in a way that can rock Supes to his core. Bruce makes him question his own morality and choices in a way that no one else really does.

      As other commenters have pointed out, (and that TDKR monologue Snyder quoted clearly points out) Batman’s victory just has to be a psychological one for it to be effective.

  7. Do an Aquaman movie based on the New 52 and watch the money flow in.

    I am a huge fan of DC, that being said thier is a huge elephant in the room. This movie in some ways is expected. Marvel is taking risks and being rewarded for it. Who heard of iron man, Thor, captain America, S.H.I.L.E.D., or black widow before Marvel did movies on them? Know they are household name. Heck, guardians of the galaxy is coming out next summer.

    I think WB needs to shake things up.

    • I suspect they’ll save Aquaman for a ‘Throne of Atlantis’ Justice League adaptation.

  8. My only objection is the fight. I understand Batman won in the comics. But truth be told. Batman only wins in the comics because in the comic book BUSINESS much like the wrestling business, The popular character usually wins Wrestlemania.

    The mistake DC made with the new 52 and also now The Man of Steel is that they made Superman too powerful, and that’s why in the comics they can’t find a good way to tell his story.

    A prime example are Japanese Mangas like Bleach or Dragon Ball Z, they get away with it, and to an extent comic books get away with it too, but how are you going to keep upping the ante, what’s next?

    In the comics it’s cool because time somehow magically resets (though in DBZ and Bleach it didn’t to an extent) but in the movie universe especially after Christopher Nolan, how are you going to up the ante?

    In this regard, I feel that DC screwed up. And even Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and I guess that’s why people were kind of angry at Iron Man 3. Where the hell are the consequences of these heroes just going out there and changing human culture as we know it? (religion, sports, television, business, celebrities)

    It’s easy to look at hindsight but at the same time DC doesn’t seem to have people like myself (hint hint at job offers) sitting there and thinking these logistics through.

    great examples of screwed up logistics. In Superman Returns, the way Superman caught that plane. That’s freakin’ impossible. It would still have been a plane crash. Iron Man’s rescue in IM3 wasn’t epic, that was a bold faced lie. Superman catching someone from falling at full super speed is a lie and he should factor in that he needs to slow down in order to not injure the person. I was happy however to see Spiderman in the new Comicon trailer compensating for all these little things.

    But Batman, doesn’t matter how cunning he is and how much we love him. How the hell can he even go against Superman? That’s like saying a 5 year old blackbelt going against a full blown adult.

  9. I feel that if superhero movies are going to take it to the next level, then these logistics have to become factored in

  10. KOFI, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN. Great article.

  11. [edited for better read] Batman versus Superman movie beef -> My only objection is the fighting. I understand Batman won in the comics. But truth be told. Batman only wins in the comics because in the comic book BUSINESS, much like the wrestling business, The popular character usually wins Wrestlemania.

    The mistake DC made with the new 52 – and by extension The Man of Steel – is that they made Superman too powerful, and that’s why in the comics they can’t find a good way to tell Superman’s story.

    A prime example are Japanese Mangas like Bleach or Dragon Ball Z, they get away with it, and to an extent comic books get away with it too. But how are you going to keep upping the ante? What’s next?

    In the comics it’s cool because time somehow magically resets (though in DBZ and Bleach it didn’t to an extent) but in the movie universe especially after Christopher Nolan, how are you going to up the ante?

    In this regard, I feel that DC screwed up. And even Marvel’s Cinematic Universe should be held accountable. And I guess that’s why people were kind of angry at Iron Man 3. Where the hell are the consequences of these heroes just going out there and changing human culture as we know it? (religion, sports, television, business, celebrities)

    It’s easy to look at hindsight but at the same time DC doesn’t seem to have people like myself (hint hint at job offers) sitting there and thinking these logistics through.

    great examples of screwed up logistics. In Superman Returns, the way Superman caught that plane. That’s freakin’ impossible. It would still have been a plane crash. But had they taken some more time to flesh out the logistics of what he had to do, imagine how much cooler that scene would’ve been?

    Iron Man’s plane rescue in IM3 wasn’t epic, that was a bold faced lie because at that speed from that height they still would crash in the water. But again, imagine if they did take time to consider the logics of that scene? It would’ve been more intense and breathtaking. Superman catching someone from falling at full super speed is a lie, and he should factor in that he needs to slow down in order to not injure the person.

    I was happy however to see Spiderman in the leaked Comicon trailer compensating for all these little things.

    But Batman, doesn’t matter how cunning he is and how much we love him. How the hell can he even go against Superman? That’s like saying a 5 year old blackbelt going against a full blown adult. And please don’t use Kryptonite as a way out.

    • Why can you not use kryptonite as a way out? Nobody is suggesting that Batman is going to beat up Superman in a hand-to-hand fight. The point is he’s smart, he’s resourceful, he uses things like Kryptonite. In TDKR, he designed his own Kryptonite. Maybe he’ll do that in B/S.

  12. This film should take hints from Se7en: more than S vs B, it’s Detective David Mills vs John Doe. Batman has to get under his skin. I’m not asking for Lois’s head in a box, but Bruce doesn’t need kryptonite to win. All he needs is that flower extract the League of Shadows loves so much. With some fear toxin and an isolation chamber replicating Krypton’s atmosphere, Clark would be overmatched in a straight up brawl with Bruce. That would be pretty cool to watch.

    Too bad the League of Shadows’ influence must be abandoned with the rest of the Dark Knight trilogy. The difference of Cavill + Bale, Caine & Hathaway over Cavill + New Bruce, Alfred & Selena will be at least $150million at the box office.

    • + 1,000 the fear toxin fight would be EPIC to behold!

    • @ Joost

      Great minds think alike!

      I totally JUST wrote that in a mock Superman Vs Batman fantasy story. Batman uses the fear toxin to make Superman realize his fears. In the story near the end of the fight Batman hits him with the toxin (but NEVER uses Kryptonite) and Superman has flashbacks of his earth father dying and him killing Zod. Batman stops fighting him and tells him he needs to face his fear of isolation and not being accepted otherwise he will do things to gain acceptance (like work for the government) which may in fact not be the RIGHT thing to do. Superman still feeling the effects of teh gas grabs Batman by the throat and tries to break his neck but he is still having flashbacks of himself killing Zod. He then let’s Batman go and tells Batman that is not who he is? Batman then talks to him about being a symbol …yada yada yada…then Batman reveals that he was wearing (what I called) a pulse receptor that if his pulse stopped the booby trapped building they were in would have released concentrated radioactive isotopes (Krytponite particles) in the air and killed Superman instantly. Then Batman uses a modified quote from Batman Returns which reads “I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come… In your most private moments, I want you to remember our hands at each other’s throat. I want you to remember how you were almost beaten.”

      So in essence there is NO winner or loser and they go on to team up against Lex Luthor.

      Something like that COULD be Epic….BUT …unfortunately as you have pointed out since there is no tie in to the Dark Knight Trilogy it makes little sense in a rebooted world.

      • Hey Splendor & Patrick,

        We saw what Batman looked like to Dr. Crane whilst under the fear toxin in Batman Begins. What the hell would he look like to a delusional Superman? This could be a great fight to behold. Like Raging Bull level of greatness.

        I think WB will float an opportunity in front of Christian Bale to entice him to return. If there is a passion project Bale has always wanted to bring to the silver screen, Warners will underwrite it in exchange for his participation in S vs. B. Kind of like how Peter Berg was given the resources to make the Marcus Luttrell movie in exchange for making Battleship.

      • I like this but wouldn’t using the fear toxin be a bit risky? Would he be willing to take a chance on superman recreating the Zod killing except this time he’s in Zods position and his neck is far easier to snap.

        • In the story I wrote that would be the point. If Superman does not kill him it proves that he is good even when in a panic and enraged state. If he does kill him he would have unkowingly killed himself so even if Batman died he would have rid the world of a menace that would otherwise be unstoppable. Batman would be like a kamikaze pilot…if he goes down he would take Superman with him.

          • Gotcha. I know your vehemently against a new Batman but this batman could be loosely tied to Batman Begins in the sense that he’s fought Scarecrow already and knows of the effects of the fear toxin. So what i’m saying is your story could still work without batman necessarily having to be the same one from the TDK trilogy.

            • But how would the audience know unless they directly link it to the trilogy? I don’t think it is possible to link it to one movie and not the others.

    • Just because Bale wont be in it doesnt mean the League Of shadows premise is dust.. they can pick and choose whatsoever elements they see fit for this new take

      & +1000 on that idea btw.. though knowing Bruce a weaponised nerve gas comprised of Krypton particulates enhanced with fear toxin (concentrated but non lethal chemicalwarfare) would be more Bats speed

  13. I just think they more time should be spent on other characters within DC’s catalogue – Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman movies should be the main aim right now.

    Superman is now established again as a big time franchise. It would be far better to have the Man Of Steel minus Batman and also Lex Luthor. Lex has been in enough over Superman medium throughout the years. It’s now time for Darkseid, Brainiac, Bizarro , Metallo etc. Man of Steel finally proved that they can be done right on the big screen.

    Whilst they should pay whatever it takes to get Christian Bale back, if there is to be a new Batman then time should be given for people to get over the previous one. There is huge risk of general public instantly comparing the rebooted version against Nolan’s making it doubly difficult to stand up in a Superman film let alone a standalone one.

    And please unless Batman has a huge stash of Kryponite around then he has virtually no chance against Superman.

    • lebsta, you speak the truth.

  14. “The Story” section….

    Other than the Kryptonite angle, that’s exactly what I said on the article that first announced this movie’s existence and yet others who comment here were naysaying so it’s good to know that hopefully now SR have reiterated the obvious story they could go for, others will now warm to it too.

  15. Am I missing something? Wasn’t this already announced? It IS the next big DC superhero movie. The two biggest names from DC in one movie, right? How about one reason…. it is. There is no other DC that can be bigger, no?

    To me, it’s akin to saying the top 5 reason that Thor is the next big Marvel movie…. it is, just look at the calendar.

    Again, not trying to be rude, but maybe I am missing something.

    • LOL

      I see what you mean, but I think they just mean the next one to have a HUGE impact.

      I’m not going to say anything about Thor because it’s a Marvel character I hate with all my guts, but it has it’s own audience and I respect that. Do I think Thor is on the same impact level as Superman and Batman? No, and I never will. Anything is possible though.

      • Whoa, that seems like an unusual amount of hate for Thor. What’s your reason for that?

        • I never got why people liked him to begin with, I just do not like the concept of him. And I think it’s the same reason I wasn’t very fond of Aquaman for a long time:

          Anyone who is royalty in a comic book story seems silly, and there’s nothing about Thor that makes up for that IMO. I love his universe, but I hate Thor as a character so much. I don’t find his stories interesting because it involves protecting the kingdom of Asgard, I don’t like the way he is written. I just don’t like him. Probably my least favorite comic book character ever.

          • More than Calendar-man?

    • You’re missing the fact that when we write these features, we do so IN RESPONSE to what is overwhelming opinion from a significant amount of readers and commenters. In this case, Readers and Commenters who have been saying for weeks now that a Batman/Superman movies is a terrible step for DC and Warner Bros. and will be a bomb.

      It’s not just Internet fanboys, either. Check out this article that went up as soon as this movie was announced: http://www.film.com/movies/warner-bros-justice-league-comic-con-plans

      Clearly there is an audience of people who need convincing that this project can work. And we’re here to do the convincing.

      • Hey Kofi, thanks for the response. I love this site, it’s where I go for my move news, daily. You don’t have to convince me on the demand….. I demand lol.

        It was the title that threw me, I get now. I thought you simply referring to the Superman/Batman movie, because if that was the case we only need one reason, it’s Batman and Superman.

        I see what you were meaning though, cheers.

  16. Hey Kofi, since you seen to be the DC expert on this site, is it true that this movie is being pushed back to 2016 to avoid Avengers 2, Star Wars 7 , etc, and because WB needs to take the extra time to make sure they get it right?

    I want to see it in 2015, but if it will be a better movie, I’ll wait until 2016.

  17. Batman vs Superman sounds like 2 Heroes battle against each other, But The Man of Steel is in a match with the Dark Knight in the city of Metropolis. The Joker and Two-Face are teaming up with Lex Luther, Metallo, and Brainiac making rebellious plans to take over the city of Metropolis.

    The Joker intervenes The S.T.A.R. Lab to accumulate a Kryptonite Fragment to take advantage and get rid of SUPERMAN. But Batman has to save his friend Clark Kent so he doesn’t fall into The Joker’s traps.

  18. It doesn’t matter who is batman or who is superman. If both heroes are in a movie with a lot of booms…it will do very well. Some of you people are insane. Who cares about who was batman before and who you think is perfect cause everyone is different and wants different things. Instead of getting all mad and saying words like FANBOYS or think like your way above people cause you think your right…well your wrong.. Take a pill and just watch a movie or don’t. May not be the best movie but its not like you can just make a movie yourself. And if you can…stop complaining and do it.

    • My sentiments exactly. But man, to each his own. These people are just fantasizing aloud. It can be fun or hilarious. But if you get riled bad… just remember this is a forum. Everybody’s entitled.

    • It COMPLETELY matters! If you really think just because they’re iconic characters that you can simply put any “actor” in their roles, you’ve gotta get your head checked. While it’s entirely plausible a studio would do that to cash in, this is, as others stated above, a milestone and should be treated as such. This will be the first time both characters appear on screen together and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The studio needs to have all it’s best resources at it’s helm, especially with Zack Snyder directing, which is ALREADY a big risk IMO. People want Bale, so they should do everything they can do bring him back. His Batman will do just fine in the Superman universe. Iron Man was also a grounded film about a great inventor who took it to the bad guys. He only fought aliens in the Avengers, so really people, it’s not all farfetched that Batman comes from his brooding Gotham City to find the world is a much bigger place than he previously thought from all his travels. He needs to come back and keep his God in check if he can.

      ALL moviegoers have a right to complain about this movie if it’s not being done right. We’re the ones paying the studio, so of course we’re going to to take issue with dumb decisions. That’s exactly what the site is for anyhow. Keep your pills, brah and DEAL with everyone’s reactions or DON’T COME HERE!

  19. Did we even need a “5 Reasons Why ‘Superman vs. Batman’ Can Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie” article? of course it’s gonna be their next big movie. Pointless article.

    • C’mon, give Kofi a break. ‘Big movie’ can mean ‘big gamble’ or ‘big hit’ although it definitely is ‘humonguous heroes story’.

  20. Great reasons! And for any of the haters, everyone knows that they will go and see the film, screen rant is right it is a milestone, these two together on the big screen is a massive milestone, the avengers was a great movie, perfect popcorn film, but even the entire superhero cast did not cause as much buzz, controversy, or wasn’t nearly as polarising as the decision to have batman and superman on screen together. And that’s what is so great about this, whether people like it or not nearly everyone I know including my wife who is not a comic book fan at all has an opinion on this topic even my dad has an opinion! From the casting rumours to the director! So all of the people getting up in arms about this movie, your still doing it a favour, any tiny bit of press gets huge news can’t wait for 2015! Avengers who?

  21. I’m going to try and give my own version of answer for that last question part:

    •It’s too soon to reboot Batman – As ‘great’ as Nolan’s Batman, it doesn’t work in a Justice League continuity world… I can even say in a way those movies ‘lost’ some of the charm of Batman we see in the comic/animated, so nope… those are already said and one, let’s bring in a new Batman, no need for unnecessary origin story though

    •Batman and Superman don’t fit together – They are Yin Yang, a perfect opposite to one another… and that would be great to watch (if executed properly)

    •Batman couldn’t last 2 seconds against Superman – Power-wise yes, but if you watch the animated movies, Batman already has contingency plan to deal with each and every member of the Justice League, in case they went ‘loco’ and became a threat to the world. He’s conscious that he’s only mere human, so that’s his primary strenght.

    •It’s too soon for this – Actually, it’s more like too late. But I agree with that sentiment as well, considering it’s obvious WB wants to rush things up now that they are ‘inspired’ by the success of an ensemble superhero movie. Remember that they actually want to put a Justice League movie in 2015… let’s hope they don’t scrap this Bat/Supe project in the middle of the road like that aforementioned…

  22. five reasons Batman v Superman CANNOT POSSIBLY be a great or even good movie: 1) Zach Snyder is directing 2) Director Zach Snyder 3) same director as the almost unbelievably bad Man of Steel 4)being directed by the guy who did Watchmen 5) Zach Snyder is a horrible comic book movie director (300 aside

    • +1
      Yes, yes. I’ll just be waiting for the official box office FLOP to say I told you so.

    • It’s ZACK you twat!! With a K! Contraction for Zachary!

      • Apologies. I’m just a passionate Snyder fan so please understand my frustration.

        • *FANBOY.. Yes. Fanboys never see logic. They’re team players, of course.

  23. …..wait.. hubrises?

  24. I really don’t like the “vs” bit in the title at all. Mostly because everyone automatically assumes the movie will be about some physical confrontation between Batman and Superman. They automatically overlook that Batman doesn’t have to fight Superman in a physical fashion. Superman, for all his physical strength and alien genes, still has the basic psychology of a human being. That’s how Batman is going to fight him, a psychological confrontation playing on Superman’s humanity and his breaking point. But the “vs” thing, as evidenced by the vast majority of the comments here, seem to radiate some sort of physical confrontation.

    Better title could be Batman and Superman: Aftermath or Batman and Superman: Fallout.

    I think Kryptonite can work if it’s explained in science-y way and developed. For example, Lex and Wayne obviously have satellites, so they could have been observing Superman take down that world engine. They could have seen him temporarily weakened and investigated into why. Perhaps they can develop a mineral that emits radiation that mimics the effects they observed.

    They should emphasize the strengths of each character: Superman’s goodness and making choices that give him the high ground and Batman’s detective side, his psychological penetration into people’s psyches. As for the story, mentioned Kofi’s story idea in earlier threads. Got another one:

    Maybe have Lex and Cadmus recruit Batman to deal with the alien threat, i.e. Superman. And Batman goes along with it to be in the loop. But really he is investigating into the fallout and reactions from the people of the world to Superman and if Superman is the real deal. It could be a movie of hidden agendas (Batman secretly investigating into the backlash of the world’s first contact with aliens and one of them living in Earth with superpowers as well as investigating Superman and finding out his identity, Lex secretly wanting to either control Superman or destroy him with the assistance of Brainiac known only to him, Brainiac reconstituting himself and staying hidden due to his weakened state and working out a way to deal with Kal-El’s Kryptonian powers under a young sun, Superman desperately trying to not cross the line again or even show that he is about to cross the line and trying to find something to hold onto, something that shows the fruit of his labours.)

    Movie could end with something involving Metallo about to detonate his power source and take out Metropolis, but Superman and Batman fighting somewhere else due to the prolonged confrontation with Lois somewhere being the damsel. Superman cannot save her due to the Kryptonite around her and thinks Batman has bad intentions, but it was really Lex who set up this confrontation and trap. Batman forces him to make a hard decision: one life against many. Batman tells him to trust him and tells him he has other priorities, Metallo.

    Then Superman seeks out Batman in his batcave and Batman tells him Lex had some kind of device he activated remotely. Batman couldn’t save her in time and that Lois died. Superman breaks, hitting Batman making him fly hard against a wall. He takes off and goes after Lex in some Cadmus lab, he darkly sets off the alarm to have everyone evacuate and forces Lex to stay behind.

    Batman hobbles up to get medical attention from Alfred for his broken bones with Lois recovering in another bed behind a screen. Superman comes back. And Batman asks him if he killed him, Superman says angrily you shouldn’t have done that. Batman tells him he had to know, he had to know what Superman would have done if he lost something precious to him, if he lost something grounding him. What would happen?

    Obviously lots of other stuff are going to need to happen in between and towards the end, just an idea.

  25. I feel Bruce not knowing Lex is a bad guy is a kind of dumb idea. To suggest he can be duped is insane.

  26. Great article! I can’t wait for the movie!

  27. Whatever. All these storytellers in the hot seat of driving this movie better bring their A game to it. It has been done before but with Bats and Supes in the same movie – the stakes just went up couple of magnitudes. Just make it happen guys. You are the experts. We fans just can pray for you. And rant. Hoping to rave btw.

  28. They should have waited for this team up. Excited for it but at the same time i would have liked them to get a wonder woman or aquaman film off the ground already. I think it will be ok though, if avengers can introduce hawkeye and a new banner and be successful then i think Snyder can handle introducing one “major character” to his vision

  29. Lois Lane is currently American Hustling with Bats. No wonder these two heroes will be at each other’s throats.