Batman/Superman Movie to Follow ‘Man of Steel’; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Everyone’s waiting on pins and needles to see out if Warner Bro. drops some major announcement at its 2013 Comic-Con panel, with regard to the future of the DC live-action cinematic universe (now that Man of Steel have proven to be a sizable box office success). Could Justice League lie on the horizon? Standalone features for JL team members like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and/or The Flash? Or, will the studio unite its two prize superheroes – Batman and Superman – together on the big screen for the first time (as flesh-and-blood characters, that is)?

Insiders with knowledge of the situation are reporting ahead of time, claiming that WB intends to announce a Batman/Superman team-up movie at Comic-Con today, as the next installment in a DC shared universe. The general expectation in recent weeks has been that Man of Steel 2 will be the next addition to the DC movie-verse, but this new scoop asserts that the Caped Crusader and Son of Jor-El will work together first, in 2015 [UPDATE: We have confirmation that the Man of Steel sequel will, in fact, include Batman.]

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Hero Complex has the exclusive here, but has already been told by WB reps that “We don’t comment on rumors regarding these properties.” Nevertheless, a movie that unifies the Batman and Superman franchises is something that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has expressed interest about, simply because the characters’ complimentary outlooks (cynicism vs. optimism) and personal capabilities (keen intelligence vs. god-like strength) would easily give rise to compelling story, where the two are unified in some shared cause. (That has already given rise to many an engaging comic book narrative over the years, ever since top-notch writers first realized the potential of having Bruce Wayne go head-to-head with Kal-El.)

A Batman/Superman team-up is also a surefire bet for WB/DC, given the enduring bankability of both movie franchises over the past 35 years (since director Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie rocked the box office in 1978). Moreover, the studio is in a position where it must reboot the Batman franchise – given that Dark Knight trilogy star Christian Bale has made it absolutely clear: he’s done playing the character – and introducing the new Bruce Wayne in a film that includes the Cavill-as-Clark-Kent would help to ease the transition. There are other ways of accomplishing that task (like basing the Batman reboot on the Batman Beyond storyline), but the team-up option has the advantage of being able to directly build on Man of Steel‘s momentum.

Batman Cameo Superman Man of Steel Movie Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

One of the more playful Easter Eggs in Man of Steel – a quick shot of a satellite with the “Wayne Enterprises” logo – alludes to the existence of Bruce Wayne in that film’s universe, but the introduction of the character also makes sense from a thematic perspective. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has suggested that the sequel will have to address the collateral damage from Superman’s battle against General Zod and his minions on Earth; meaning, the next chapter in Cavill-as-Kal-El’s story will be smaller in scale – relatively-speaking – and ought to examine the character from a different perspective (e.g. through the eyes of an everyman).

What better way to do that than by introducing Batman – the one regular mortal human member of the Justice League – into Superman’s world next, as opposed to one of the other deity-like DC superheroes?

UPDATE: At the WB/Legendary panel, Zack Snyder took the stage to announce the project. He then handed the microphone over to Harry Lennix (General Swanwick from Man of Steel), who recited the following quote from the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns“:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Thereafter, the Batman/Superman logo was shown and geek pandemonium broke out in Hall H. Here it is:

superman batman movie comic con Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Finally, here is the official press release from WB:

The current hit, “Man of Steel,” has taken in more than $630 million at the worldwide box office to date, and climbing. Along with its star, Henry Cavill, the upcoming film brings back Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. The new Batman has yet to be cast.

Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015.

Silverman stated, “Zack Snyder is an incredibly talented filmmaker, but beyond that, he’s a fan first and he utterly gets this genre. We could not think of anyone better suited to the task of bringing these iconic Super Heroes to the screen in his own way.” Kroll added, “We are thrilled to be back in business with Zack and his team on this next movie. The success of ‘Man of Steel’ is a wonderful testament to the love and support that both fans and new audiences, worldwide, have for these characters. We are very excited to see what Zack has in store for all of us.”

Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, noted, “Superman and Batman together on the big screen is a dream come true for DC fans everywhere. All of us at DC Entertainment could not be more excited for Zack’s continuing vision for the DC Universe.”

Zack Snyder, who made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con today, breaking the news to audiences there, later said, “I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Super Heroes in the world.”

The new film brings back Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder as producers. This time, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are serving as executive producers, along with Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan.

Thomas offered, “Whilst our ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is complete, we have every confidence that Zack’s fresh interpretation will take the character in a new and exciting direction. His vision for Superman opened the door to a whole new universe and we can’t wait to see what Zack does with these characters.”

The film is based on Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, and Batman characters created by Bob Kane, published by DC Entertainment.

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Batman/Superman is coming sometime in 2015.

Source: LA Times

Superman/Batman logo by  Balsavor @ DeviantART 

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    • I don’t think it’ll be a team up film. It is a sequel, it’s just that Batman will be in it. Maybe Batman will be the antagonist to Superman.

      • With “team-up” I didn’t mean them working alongside each other, as much as the simple fact of the two characters sharing the screen.

        Bats is already a very well developed and known character…while Superman is still “new” for most moviegoers of the recent generation(s) and therefore, character-wise, relatively underdeveloped in comparison to Bats.

        Since Bats is the more “prominent” character in the minds of the audience, this could take away the room for some much needed character-development for Superman. Something that he dearly needs still, in order to cement him in the new DC movieverse…

        • I find they can even have more character development with Batman in the mix. Superman and Batman learn a lot from each other when they meet, Superman’s depiction of the world changes vastly and the same goes for Batman. I think trusting one another can come into a huge play in the story line as well, which is a great element to have for a sequel to Man of Steel. I find it’s also interesting since now you get to see Earth’s reaction to the alien invasion and Superman, and one of those reactions is definitely going to be Batman.

          • Is the big screen going to be big enough for two Sheriffs?

            • Hell yes! Let’s just hope Goyer and Snyder pull it off.

            • Goyer also has to have the chemistry between the two down. If not, it’ll be one huge miss.

      • Well they did say Batman is in this universe so, honestly after all that happened it feels like it only makes sense to bring him in. And SPOILER ALERT*****supermankillszod so no matter the fact that he really didn’t have a choice batman will now not have trust for him because he is dangerous.**********SPOILER ALERT DONE. And they have a great crew to do this to really set themselves apart from Marvel and so there will be healthy competition between the studios.

    • Nope. Don’t agree. We have enough Superman films to ease us into this. Supes doesn’t need the intro Ironman needed. I say let’s go already. Next step JLA.

    • I agree with you man as much as the geek in me wants to see this I’d prefer it if they let MoS grew into itself a little more and then do a team-up. I’m sure it will be epic, but i was looking forward to seeing what they did in a direct MoS sequel.

  1. A Batman / Superman team up movie now redefines definition of ‘bad timing’ for both characters given the state of their current respective movie incarnations.

    A Superman movie that ends with Metropolis flattened and no repercussions and a new Batman that replaces the Nolan one with no setup.

    The impression that SDCC leaves me with is that Marvel has a multiyear plan and DC is scrambling to put stuff out.

    • Agreed.

      It seems like Warner Brothers lost Dark Knight and Harry Potter, now they’re suffering from self-esteem issues and taking a desperate route. I’d much rather they bring in Martian Manhunter, The Spectre, or some powerful being to take on Braniac or whomever.

      • @ OldDarth

        The end of MoS showed the city rebuilt which to me means that this next movie will take place probably 5 years later. The reprecussions will probably be addressed in this next movie. Superman may have completely come into his own as the Big Blue Scout and Batman will be established to characters in the movie and the audience will be familiar enough with the character to not need too much exposition. Sure it’ll be a new actor but comic book artists draw characters differently all the time. It’ll still be Batman.
        I really don’t think it’ll be a problem. It does seem like DC is scrambling though. They’ve had a lot of ideas for a while and never gotten anything off the ground so they may just be pulling from all the stuff they’ve got lying around. I hope they actually have some stuff written up already. Goyer wrote a Flash screenplay. I think they need to add more writers and directors.

        • Can’t see a 5 year gap between the end of MOS and dealing with the repercussions.

          Based on Synder’s comments about using the The Dark Knight Returns my expectations are there will be a Superman/Batman battle in the sequel.

          With the city being rebuilt at the end of MOS sadly the repercussions will be told to us rather than actually dealing with them directly ie sweeping under the rug. A major, major flaw of MOS which stapled on a tacky, tacky faux happy ending.

          • Just because the city is rebuilt doesn’t mean he won’t still be dealing with the repercussions. There may very well be anti-Superman protests to contrast the Big Blue Boyscout image he’s trying to portray. Don’t judge it before you see it. We have no idea how they’re gonna play it. I imagine the story will focus more on how he feels about killing Zod. His ultra goody-goody image could be a knee-jerk reaction to what he did. Now he has a real personal reason to have a “no kill” rule. It may also drive him to be more understanding with villains than Batman will be. I think this has the potential to be really good.

    • Everything Warners/DC is doing is a knee-jerk reaction to Marvel Studios and which is why the DC cinematic universe will fail. Rush job + Zack Snyder is a recipe for failure.

      • Worse. There are DC character T.V series all over the place(Green arrow and wonder woman), plus they just released a Batman and Green Lantern film.

        If you ask me they should immediately drop the Batman character and go for the plethora of amazing and unused DC characters.

        WB needs to get its confidence back.

    • Actually if you watch the movie you could tell it was only a section of the city not the whole city.

    • Goyer and Snyder have been pretty candid about how there will be serious repercussions from the attack on Metropolis in the MoS sequel.

  2. I’d say they should cast Gerard Butler (Olympus has Fallen) as Bruce Wayne/Batman… This guy is the next best guy to play the Dark Knight (after Bale that is). Butler has worked with Snyder before, he should kick major ass in this Batman/Superman teamup flick.

    • I can see Karl Urban (Dredd, Red….) doing a solid bruce wayne/batman.

  3. If you all know so damn much more than Snyder, Goyer, and WB, then get cracking on that screenplay and find yourself an agent. Say what you want aboutSnyder & Goyer’s Tashkent, they’re still fanboys that didn’t talk about, they decided to be about it. The only difference between them and you is diligence. Your opinions are noted, time to put your money where your mouth is.

    • +1

    • +2

  4. If you all know so much more than Snyder, Goyer, and WB, then get cracking on that screenplay and find yourself an agent. Say what you want aboutSnyder & Goyer’s Tashkent, they’re still fanboys that didn’t talk about, they decided to be about it. The only difference between them and you is diligence. Your opinions are noted, time to put your money where your mouth is.

  5. Personally, I think that Warner Bros. needs to slow down. They need to realize that Marvel has years and years of movies, but who is going to rule the genre when Marvel is finally done? If WB takes their time, they could be the only ones making superhero movies fairly soon.

  6. without doubt this will be more of a ‘team up’ than a ‘versus’ movie. Unless he has kryptonite Batman just doesn’t stand up in comparison in any potential face/off.

    Of course the appeal of probably the two most iconic comic book characters is there to see. However I always been sceptical of any team between the two. It’s hard to shake off the fact that Superman could dispense with nearly all of Batman’s villains in probably two seconds, whilst Batman would struggle against most of Superman’s (perhaps only Toyman could be beaten. I just keep asking ‘why would Superman need Batman for assistance?’

    This is why building up a Justice League movie makes more sense. Have Batman as the last joining member , a kind of maverick part-time league member who is initially against the Justice League before learning to respect and eventually join them. That makes for a far better story.

    • Except for the part where in every incarnation the Justice League is both Superman’s and Batman’s brainchild. Without these two crossing paths, butting heads, and finally compromising there is no Justice League.

  7. I think this a well thought out move on the behalf of WB/DC. They need to get their cinematic universe up and running, and be able to compete with Avengers:Age of Ultron in 2015. So instead of rushing out a half assed Justice League that would need tons of exposition on all the characters, send out the two biggest superheroes ever. This will keep building the Universe in the right direction, while giving WB/DC time to touch up pre written scripts (Flash?) and get to work on the ultimate one, Justice League.

    • Exactly! Thank you.

  8. I was excited until I heard it has the same creative team with a much smaller influence from Chris Nolan. Pretty nervous. They barely held Man of Steel together, it was a good movie, but had some weak spots and was a bit self-indulgent, strong unique realistic themes made up for these, but can these two do that with Nolan only serving as Exec Producer?

  9. I wonder who they’ll cast as batman I vote Luke Evans I really like him as an actor. When they use batman in the new universe they’re making it will most likely be very different from the Chris Nolan one which I think is step one to making it work, I hope that it will be more like the Kevin conroy batman I grew up with that and the tim dally superman infant my first exposure to both was the world’s finest animated movie so any time I think of the two heroes I think of conroy and dally. I hope this isn’t rushed I think the logo looks really cool, by the sound of the interview it sounds like they’re getting a lot of cast members back so that’s good for the movie, hopefully they won’t get stuck in the trench if too many characters what I find tricky about a movie like this is that it has to continue superman’s franchise and at the same time begin batman’s franchise I think that will be really tricky to balance out I would probably have a man of steel 2 and then a batman reboot and then a team up but that’s just me, hope it’s good cavill I loved as superman can’t wait to see who they get as bats. I’m a little worried that it’s being co-written by the guy who wrote sucker punch which I heard wasn’t all that good I’m gonna try and not let that through me off though. Hope this is good 2015 is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • that’s pretty lame to mention your dislike of someones work based on a piece of his work you haven’t even watched. yes, lame.

  10. Wow, very exciting news, yet all most of you can do is complain and complain. So many cynical, know it alls here at Screenrant.

    I will be there day one with many other fans to enjoy this new film, good or bad, its’ the experience of two comic icons coming together not just in printed form, but in cinematic form.

    • Agreed people been saying even before that Batman & Superman Logo in I Am Legend, and already complaining about it. Truth is we don’t know how long they have been working on a script for the sequel.

    • Yeah. About the only thing we can do is hope that Snyder and co hit as close to the bullseye as possible.

  11. Well here we go folks…
    This has been what we’ve been waiting for so I hope they get this right.
    The ramifications if this gets botched are huge.
    I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer but you have to think about what can happen if Snyder and Goyer don’t deliver.
    1. It can kill the MoS franchise just as it starts.
    2. It call kill a revolted Batman before it starts.
    3. TJL gets delayed even longer or ends up dead altogether.
    Talk about pressure ha???
    We’ve got 2yrs to wait but I’m sure we’ll be debating the pros & cons multiple times weekly here and I’m looking forward to it. :)

    • You’re absolutely right. This is a risky one but it could be massive if they get it right.

      • It’s about time they start taking risks.

    • I’m meant rebooted not revolted.

  12. Do you think Goyer is overrated? I certainly think so. As a story only contributor, he’s great but when it comes to writing scripts by himself, his are mediocre at best and usually terrible.

    • If writing scripts by oneself is easy, you do it
      See if you can do better than mediocre

      How about a little more positivity, sure his script is likely to suck if you go into his film thinking ‘the script is going to suck’ its a self fulfilling prophecy since you have already made up you’re mind so the script needs to be utterly fantastic to get you to think its any good in that scenario
      Plus it’ll ruin the first viewing of the film if you go in already to poke holes, why not enjoy it first then tear it apart if you still want to

      • How about you shut up and check what you’re saying before you reply. Plenty of films written by only one screenwriter are fantastic. I went into Man of Steel with an open mind, maybe even with high expectations and the film was just ok. It disappointed for me although the film had its moments.

        I don’t have to write a screenplay in order to figure which ones are great, which ones are mediocre, and which ones suck. That’s an excuse made by hardcore fans such as yourself.

        • ‘Plently of films written by only one screenwriter are fantastic’ such as? Or am I supposed to take your word
          and fall in line behind your judgement of script quality
          You might know what makes a good script for you but you have done little to show that you are a definitive judge of such things

          Personally I felt that while yes, the script of MOS was by no means perfect, it did have its moments (jor-el and pa Kent got more than a few good lines/speech IMO) and was actually better than a lot of comic book movie scripts in my mind (I feel its a bit unfair to compare such things across genres as the requirements for a decent script will change depending on the type of film)
          Overall though I found MOS to be thoroughly enjoyable despite the problems with its script among other things (no film is perfect after all), but a good film nonetheless, especially considering the size of the task

          You however gave a quality judgement on Goyer and his films without any justification
          I’m not saying the guy is the greatest script writer ever, he’s not, but he’s got a tough job (writing stories and scripts for comic book movies is certainly one way to earn a lot of opinionated criticism, so is generally being involved with making these types of films)
          But always remember that your opinion is just that an opinion, and without any kind of reasoning is nothing more than words, so try not to act like its fact (especially when the topic is largely subjective)

          On a different note my previous comment may have been a bit much
          however you seemed to be laying all of the blame for MOS not meeting your expectations at the script
          would it be fair to say that the script is not the only issue you had with the film? If so then perhaps its a bit much to completely lay the blame at Goyer

          • I’m sorry for the response but in the post you did before this, you did come off as a hardcore fan. It’s true that writing is a tough job but plenty of films like Titanic succeeded with only one screenwriter. I loved Avengers and Joss Whedon was the only one writing its script. I may have had high expectations for MOS but the whole film really did come off as disjointed. But while Zack Snyder is no Chris Nolan (the romance felt flat and he has a love for sometime unnecessary cgi), it’s really David S Goyer’s script that contributed to most of the film’s problems.

            • That’s fair enough
              I think my original response was a case of letting out my frustration of seeing so many comments that’s seemed to simply say ‘Snyder and Goyer oh no’ without explanation and you just happened to get the venting response (sorry about that)

              I’ll concede regarding Avengers, which I also loved and am a fan of Whedons work as well (he is good at writing in a certain way, but it isn’t Shakespeare though)
              But a large amount of the work was already done for Whedon in that film (the solo films had established characters for him to use as well as a universe with a tone that worked to his strengths)
              Avenger 2 in my mind will test his writing qualities more (but then he has been given a while to write it) since it seems a more personal and painful story for the characters (which means they can’t just be cracking jokes all the time)
              I also hope that he doesn’t overuse RDJ in the next one

              Personally I would place the success of titanic less on the writing (it was a bit of a cliched love story on a famous boat, titianic was well known before the film) but the spectacle it provided along with the setting raised it higher than it would have been otherwise (IMO)
              but those are 2 things (spectacle and setting) that James Cameron is very good at crafting.
              (Avatar, he took another cliched storyline (Pocahontas, dance with wolves type) and gave it a grand setting for an awesome spectacle, but for me the writing was the weakest part of that film)

              The romance was definitely one of the weak points in MOS and did feel a bit rushed and I’d probably say that’s because its not Snyders strengths (and Lois did get some of the worst and most unnecessary lines in the film IMO)
              On the whole though I actually like films that Snyder has directed, even that one about the owls (sucker punch is the exception, didn’t like that one) but he does have his weaknesses as a director (not great with romance for one thing)
              Like you say he’s no Nolan who is technically very good, but also has his weaknesses in my opinion Nolan has not quite figured out how to manage big action scenes well (something that in my opinion Snyder is very good at)

              but I think part of the trouble and flaws in MOS was down to how much was needed to be included, lots of people wanted/expected lots of things to be touched on
              (personally I would have been cheesed off if they cut some of the krypton opening scenes for time on planet earth, would have felt so teased)
              And as far as writing goes though having so many different things to cover during the story can be something of a burden as well as make it hard to transition from one thing to the next in the story (and it showed somewhat)
              Goyer/Snyder played to their strengths (or more accurately Snyders strengths) in MOS, going for grand spectacle with hit/miss writing (possibly overplaying the spectacle depending on your POV)
              Also they left the story in a good place for a more story drive second film
              I did feel as well that the cast was mostly very well chosen and in my mind elevated the script

              I guess it comes down to your opinion/expectations (mine were fairly high also)
              personally i liked what they choose to include in MOS (warts and all) and felt it left the character in a decent place for a second film that would be able to address the consequences of focusing on spectacle in the first film

  13. People have been saying it’s too soon to get a new batman but if the movie comes out in 2015 it would have been 3 years since Bale donned the cape and cowl. 3 years is not enough to forget Nolan’s batman?

    • I already forgot Nolan’s Batman but remember Burton’s being awesome!

      • You got that right!

    • People said 5 years wasn’t enough to forget raimis Spider-Man
      So how is 3 years adequate to expect the general public to forget about one of the most successful and critically acclaimed Comic book trilogies so far

      I’m for the change, but I don’t think it needs the added baggage of trying to one-up that series so soon

      • Agrred JLAvenger88. I’m hoping they don’t try to one up Nolan and instead take it in a different direction. Maybe something closer to the new animated series Beware the Batman or the New 52. I think they’ll try to draw parallels between their current Batman properties; maybe even go an Arkham Assylum/city/origins direction. Since Snyder quoted The Dark Knight Rises (and that line in particular) I’m guessing Batman will be a real hard ass. Much more so than we saw in Nolan’s take.

        • I still remember Nolan’s Batman more than Burton’s but that won’t take my enjoyment of a new take away as I watch.

          Plus, I pushed that horrible, forgettable Maguire Spiderman out of my mind when Garfield showed us how it’s done so…

  14. If Zach Snyder is directing. I boycott.

    • I don’t have a problem with Snyder but David S Goyer needs to stay in the background. He gives off great ideas but when he writes scripts himself, they disappoint.

      • I’m sure the good people at Warner Brothers have been eagerly awaiting your valued input. I’d bet that before SDCC they thought to themselves “we absolutely can not move forward with any DC properties unless we have Chris Etrata’s complete and undivided approval.”

        Grow up. If you don’t like D. Goyer that much spend your $20 on another movie instead of playing armchair film critic.

        • It’s not just me troll. Plenty of people have wanted David S Goyer off as screenwriter.

        • If you can’t take constructive criticsm, get off the internet.

  15. I never thought these two heroes added up on the same screen, or the same page, what have you. You have a millionaire ninja with gadgets standing next to a superior alien being who enjoys invincibility and a multitude of powers. Just seems silly putting them together. Two very different worlds with two very different approaches to what makes a hero “super”.

    • Are you talking about the Hulk and Ironman or Batman and Superman??? If it worked once then it can work again.

      • Nice comparison Jon. But @Taylor, it’s the fact that they’re basically completely opposite why it’s worked so many times before.

  16. All this needs is a really good Batman. Someone closer to the comic-book counterpart, not someone who always sounds like suffering from throat cancer!

    • so not michael douglas? eh? eh? :)

      • The Batman voice is necessary for me though, makes him sound different to his Wayne persona as well as intimidating.

        Similar to Harry Callahan or Judge Dredd or Snake Plissken or even Duke Nukem. That kind of gritty voice that gives off the air of total badassery.

        • I’m all for gritty voice, but can’t they do it without sounding silly. I kinda felt this in Rises. It became a bit of an overkill, especially during the the rooftop fight scene along with Catwoman.

      • Actually we don’t know how long its been since Man of Steel by the time Man of Steel 2 comes out.

  17. I wanted to see Superman/Batman before JL. And i am very excited WOHOOOO! But i still don’t get why they want to make it before MoS2. Its true that Bat will be interested in kryptonian but Lex would be even more interested. I don’t think hewold wait for long. You can’t make “years past”. Destruction already happened, aliens exist. Opinions and propaganda will be everywhere and thats where Lex can start building up an army of followers(sheep) out of people of Metropolis. I want Luthor to manipulate public opinion not simply silent grudge against alien.

    And who will be the villain ? Since neither Batman nor Superman have anyone it might be verse movie. But even so there must be someone else.

    Also its interesting to have Batman first not in the solo movie. But the others should get origin stories anyway.

    What about WW ? “Flash script is ready” is old news so even though we know the date we had almost the same talks about WW. Her movie must be made before JL as well unless threat to the world will come from her place.

    The fun part is that Lantern is still there and in this series he has the first movie. GL -> MoS -> GL2 -> S/B -> Flash -> JL

    • Ok, what a day for comic nerd =)
      I hope they won’t name it “Batman vs Superman” but they don’t want “World’s Finest”, sad. They shouldn’t have Batman or Superman in the name. Since he is going to address the issue with Zod Clark still is not Superman and Batman is unkown at all. And even if Batman would be known you can’t place one nick name and can’t have another one.
      “Metal Panic” maybe ? Metal for Supes and Panic for Bats(well he is paranoid)

      • “Metal Panic”? Aww Lawwdy. The enthusiasm is welcome, but I don’t think that one’s gonna work my friend.

        • Yeah, i guess it won’t. When my nerdgasm went off and i started to think abit clearly i thought maybe somethink like “Birth of the Legends” and their second team up after JL will be called “World’s Finest” and then “Trinity” yay, evreyone is happy.

  18. Fantastic news! WB is finally getting their s*** together.

  19. Thought: Everyone (myself included) who enjoyed and loved the Dark Knight trilogy should be glad that it is being left alone from here on out. The artistic vision and conceptual basis of those films were not intended to be compatible with Superman or the Justice League. If Christian Bale was resurrected for these new films, it would be a sellout, putting artistic integrity in the backseat relative to a big payday. Rebooting Batman now is I believe the best thing, in the big picture.

    • Why would it be a “sellout.” You act as though a Justice League film could not be as compelling a movie as the Dark Knight movies. I completely disagree I think that the incorporation of the Dark Knight films elevates future movies. Man of Steel borrowed from the style and realistic tone that The Dark Knight used which is the reason it was such a huge hit. If other characters are treated as seriously and follow the same tone then it will truly be unique, epic, and financially more successful than Marvel. Unfortunately the way it stands now that is unlikely to be the case. I expect World’s Finest will be a moderate hit and will be Warner Brother’s next Superman Returns. Just OK.

      • What makes you think it will be the next Superman Returns? Because it isn’t following the Dark Knight Trilogy?

        • @ColdSc

          Don’t worry about Patrick, he’s still completely in denial that TDK Trilogy was standalone, even when the actors, director and screenwriter behind those three movies repeatedly say “they were standalone, they’re done, we’re not returning to that world again”.

        • I think so because Superman Returns tried to introduce a hero without any kind of lead in movie. People were just supposed to accept him without a movie that allows the audience to invest in the character. It will be the same with a new Batman. Why do you think there was a need to make Man of Steel. If you think about it the two most successful Batman movies were the ones that showed his origins. No movie superhero film has ever been accepted by the public without it. That’s why….

          • Everyone kind of knows Batman already though. It may not be the exact same thing but The Incredible Hulk, while part of the universe, everyone warmed up to Mark Ruffalo in an instant. All you need is a great actor to portray Batman. I’ll repeat what JeremyJahn on youtube said, in the movie, Batman will most likely be some sort of villain to Superman so would you really need an introduction for a villain?

            And I think people didn’t like Superman Returns is because they were just dropped off in the middle of an already established universe set in the 70s. This time they’re aware they’re introducing a new Batman so I don’t think the same thing is going to happen.

            • The Hulk was a completely different situation…and actually since you want to bring up the Hulk, I have been part of NUMEROUS online debates about whether or not Ruffalo or Norton was the better Banner and THAT IS THE PROBLEM…no matter who puts on the cowl you will invite comparisons to Bale and a significant portion of the audience will dismiss this “new” Batman as inferior – fair or not! You are starting from a position of playing catch up. history tells us that it has NEVER happened where a new actor was dropped into a solo DC film as a hero and he was accepted by the general audience…you can ask Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Brandon Routh.

              • There’s always going to be comparisons. There were comparisons between Nolan’s Batman and Burton’s, between Raimi’s Spider-Man and Webb’s and between Snyder’s Superman and Donner’s, no one can change that. Everyone including the writers are going to have to put up with it though. The best thing they can do is get the best actor for the role and take it in a different direction.

                The reason the audience didn’t react positively to Van Kilmer, George Clooney and Brandon Routh is because the movies themselves just aren’t very good.

                • “There were comparisons between Nolan’s Batman and Burton’s, between Raimi’s Spider-Man and Webb’s and between Snyder’s Superman and Donner’s, no one can change that.”

                  ANSWER: You can change that by NOT using a new actor.

                  “The reason the audience didn’t react positively to Van Kilmer, George Clooney and Brandon Routh is because the movies themselves just aren’t very good.”

                  ANSWER: Fair point! But having a popular character gives the studio room to have sub-par films. For example Iron Man 2 was in my opinion just awful. But because Robert Downey Jr. was the man in the tin suit, people generally looked past that one bad movie. Imagine if they had ANOTHER actor playing Iron Man. It would have been a completely different story. Warner Brothers does not have that luxury since Henry Cavill is someone people are still getting to know and despite a successful outing even people who liked the movie Man of Steel (like myself) would say it was a little shaky and add to that totally NEW actor for Batman and I have serious doubts.

      • It’s 2 years away and it’s already a bigger hit than Superman Returns

  20. I really can’t see anyone else playing Batman. It’s still too fresh into the run of the Dark Knight series to picture anyone else than Christian Bale. And he’s the wisest choice of course because he brings solid acting and gravity to the character. I’m still holding out hope that because Chris Nolan is still producing this sequel that Bale may end up wanting to do it after all. There’s obviously clear motivation here. The dude hangs up the cowl and then bam, aliens invade the world and a superhuman being is brought to the forefront. How could he NOT want to find out more about that, what with his convictions to justice. I can’t imagine that someone who painfully devoted his life to ending injustice would not want to inspect what this man stands for. I’d love it if Batman in costume wasn’t even in it that much, but saved it for the last big scene when they finally team up.

    I could Bruce using his detective skills to find out more about what Superman does and his personal motivations are. I’d love to see them have conversations as men, street clothes, no formalities necessary. And then have Bruce come into play when Lex Luthor or whoever finds a weakness in Supes and he sees that he needs an ally. Batman comes in to help save Supes then team up to finish the job in the end of the film. I really don’t see why Bale can’t focus on this amazing role he was gifted like Robert Downey Jr. uses his Tony Stark/Iron Man. Who would want to see anybody else in that armor, honestly? It makes NO SENSE to use anyone but Bale.

    It would not in any way take anything from the theme of The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe in the meantime Robin Blake has been using some Batman’s toys to help prevent crimes on his own, smaller scale. But people change, and especially when the world changes and demands a greater need for heroes, you gotta think Batman could come back again when necessary.

    IT. HAS. TO. BE. BALE!

    • Christian Bale’s a serious actor. He wants roles that challenge him. The Batman/playboy Bruce Wayne/ Bruce Wayne is challenging but he did it for three films. You need to understand, he believes they made a great set of movies (which they did). I agree with him though, his talent would be wasted on more Batman projects. He’s a great actor. Three great movies coming out at the end of this year.

      • +1

        They’re there for fans but they’re also there as films to challenge both Chris Nolan and Bale as a director and writer. They’ve done everything they wanted to do, leave it at that. One of the best trilogies, just leave it there.

        • I’ve read that Nolan will be executive producing. It would be kinda strange seeing Nolan’s name attached to a new batman.

      • I am a savvy film viewer and I “understand” he believes they made a great set of movies that can stand up to the rest out there. I read the interviews myself. However, being that this is more of Superman continuation, I can see Bale coming back in more of a cameo type role. It doesn’t need to be centered on him anymore. It’s NOT a Batman movie. Sure, their series is done, but they’d be foolish to think there isn’t more story there. Bruce Wayne retires and grows old with Selina Kyle, are you kidding me?! I think it’s great he found some solace outside the cave finally and moved on, but someone with his kind of convictions will need to set wrong things right eventually. It’s in his blood, not to mention the amazing comics that preceded anything Nolan did.

        They wouldn’t be ruining anything. Time could have passed. Who knows how many months/years between the events of Smallville and Bruce Wayne “dying”. I’m just saying however unlikely it may be, Nolan/Bale could work for this as I stated in my previous largely winded comment.

    • @ Ian

      You may very well be smarter than the people running Warner Brothers. What you wrote is the LOGICAL story that should follow. It does not even take much writing on the part of Goyer…just follow a logical progression of events!

      With this new direction it forces the question “Where was Batman during Zod’s invasion… hiding in the Batcave? Zod threatened the earth the day before and not a peep out of the caped crusader? Right away there is a plot hole not to mention the crazy looking logo they unveiled at Comic-Con…and it is clear that this is starting off on the wrong foot.

      • Thanks, I would say Batman held off from getting involved because A. he was halfway across the world and although we all know he can travel like a gangsta, he was enjoying his time off with Selina Kyle. B. he saw the conflict as much larger than anything like Gotham or that he’s known and held off to see what the outcome would be AKA see the strengths and weaknesses of these new alien warriors.

        Thanks for the props, I do enjoy projecting storylines. That logo WAS absolute s***.

      • so patrick, you found someone who will keep whipping that dead horse with you.

        • I guess you found someone else to troll on too didn’t you? I’m sorry, but the Bale / Cavill duo is what audiences and fans want to see. They were just talking about recasting the role of Tony Stark for further Avenger films, look how that turned out. Would anyone really want someone other than RDJ?

          The Iron Man films are still stand-alone films, with the third starting to link back to the Avengers. I don’t think the Avengers ruined the previous Iron Man films, now did they? Using Bale isn’t going to ruin the integrity of TDK trilogy, if anything, story-wise it will show he’s been presented a very new challenge and threat that can affect not just Gotham but the entire world. For someone who spent almost all his life trying to make sure justice is served, how long do you think he can really stay off the job? It’s logical enough. ANYONE can still be a hero, ANYONE can still be Batman, but for logistics sake and a more compelling story, Bale still makes the best fit. We saw the copycat Batmans and they were fat dudes in hockey pads with guns. I don’t think that’s what Bruce had in mind, I’m pretty sure he meant anyone can be a hero in their own ways. Maybe he could inspire NEW superheroes or vigilantes with his message, they don’t need to be a new Batman. There really is only one in my opinion. All these other offshoots are just child’s play and lame comic book fodder. The original Batman grew old and kicked Superman’s ass, the Frank Miller comics say it all. Only in modern times do people feel the need to make Batman young again and taking over the cowl. It’s unnecessary.

          • I realise I’m not completely against them continuing on from TDKR, based on yours and Patrick’s ideas of how the story could fit. I just really don’t want to hear Bale’s Batman voice again. That alone is enough reason for a reboot for me.

            • Haha, you know, I hated it in Batman Begins. I thought it was very lame, but then I thought logically about it and the reasoning behind it obviously makes sense. So I ignored it from that point on and really the only idiotic thing I saw was that when Catwoman knew who he was, he was still using it when he was alone with her walking to the Bat Pod. That’s just lackluster writing there!

              • You know what, it’s not the growl, you’re right that makes sense. It’s the part where it seems like he can’t breathe through his nose and the lisp becomes more prominent and it takes about an hour for him to get out a sentence because he stops after each word.
                So the end product is that unintentionally hilarious ‘where’s the trigger’ speech. Youtubers should never have been given reason to make fun of Batman as much as they have. You don’t make fun of batman.

                • True! But I think once you suspend the disbelief, it’s easy to settle into each movie. It is pretty annoying, but I suppose I got over it much quicker.

  21. People need to let go of Christian Bale. If he comes back, good; if he doesn’t, good.

    • You also need to stop attacking people troll.

      • And you need to get off my ****.

        • I fail to see how naledge was even trolling or attacking anybody with that comment.

          • I was referring to an early comment by him. How could it not be trolling?

            • Maybe you’re just sensitive. Did you think about that? This is my demeanor. You don’t like it then ignore my comments. Simple.

    • @ Ian

      You totally get it! The Dark Knight Rises gives you the set up for a World’s Finest. Bruce Wayne did not respond to Zod’s attack because he was retired. He comes out of retirement after watching the destruction of Metropolis (as in the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel he goes back except he is not that old) and he could be the one to bring the Justice League togther after testing them to make sure they are incorruptable (a lesson he learned from what happened to Harvey Dent). Using the Dark Knight movies a World’s Finest film could write itself.

  22. Haters gonna hate.

    Superman Batman together on film.

    Speak ill of this… and you officially get all of your geekdom/comic-book-cred revoked.

  23. I say Jim Caviezel for Bruce Wayne/Batman had the perfect look I’m my personal opinion.

  24. What if….

    Luthor’s been campaigning against Superman since MOS. Most of the people disagree with him due to Zod almost killing massive numbers of the world’s population. Bruce Wayne is one of the few influential people to agree with Luthor that Superman’s existence has just made Earth a target.

    Luthor is in Gotham when Batman visits him at random, offering to see what he can find out about stopping Superman.

    Towards the end of the movie, Batman sees Luthor for what he really is and starts to reluctantly trust Superman and if a big fight is needed then Luthor could have augmented one of his own willing test subjects to become Metallo or something should Batman “not be up to the task”/a failsafe in case Batman dies and Superman is still alive?

    Maybe a quick streak of red at some point and a button scene shows Superman visiting a lab and saying:

    “I saw you in Metropolis when you flashed by me, almost missed you actually. What do they call you?”

    “You can call me Barry, sir.”

    • I like the flash intro, especially the part about ‘almost missed you’

  25. I haven’t seen or had any interest in rushing to see Man Of Steel.
    When the DC Universe tries to go as dark & gritty as the Marvel Universe then i lose interest in it as a DC storyline & just write it off as an alternate universe.
    So Batman/Superman isn’t even on my radar.
    I’d rather see Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    • Marvel Universe is dark and gritty?

      The only movie that comes close is Iron Man 3 and that’s only because Tony’s suffering a mental breakdown after the events of The Avengers.

      • Actually the only comes Iron Man 3 trailer =)

    • MARVEL is NOT dark OR gritty, when the world is ending in MARVELs films, all they do is make jokes! MARVEL is worse than DC, they are the ones who need to up the ante towards DC level. DC is boss compared to MARVEL for any movie viewer that actually looks for some action and seriousness. Sure, it may seem stressful to some in certain films, but at least it’s not dark humor, another thing MARVEL does NOT have because it is neither dark or funny for anyone 7 or up. DC owns MARVEL IMO, sorry if I sound rude but you can think what you want but it’s a fact not an opinion that MARVEL is not dark or gritty.

      • @badgeragain


        Marvel movies are just as funny as DC movies.

        I get that you’re a DC fan but some of us like both of them and it just comes off as weird to me when a Marvel fan or a DC fan hates on the other company and make themselves look extremely immature.

    • Dark and gritty? That’s a laugh. The darkest thing about Marvel is Maleficent through their association with Disney.

      • Where in my comment did i say anything about Marvel’s movies being dark & gritty ?
        I was talking about the difference in comic book tone for each universe.
        The movies supposedly reflects each comic book universe & DC’s movies Batman & Superman are a little to dark & gritty reflecting more of a Marvel comic book universe then the slightly more cheery DC comic book universe.
        Marvel’s movies even though they have funny moments they still good job of reflecting Marvel comic book universe even though the movies are really toned down in seriousness. Hulk is hunted as a weapon wanted by the military. IronMan 2 IronMan’s armor was taken by the military. X-men movies the mutants are seen as freaks & racism is abundant.

        What i’m saying is that’s not the path DC’s movies should be following.
        Superman should be accepted not treated as a possible alien threat. I haven’t seen ManOfSteel but Superman looked leashed.

        • Ok you saved us but we’re watching you & anything we don’t like from you we’re kicking you off earth got it?

          I haven’t seen ManOfSteel but that’s the impression i get from trailers & critics. I hope it’s wrong but there’s alot negative feedback i read & the overall feel from trailers.
          The positive feedback i ask is it because it’s a good Superman movie & it does the DC comic justice or is it because it’s just another movie with outstanding special effects so that made it awesome.
          And in truthfulness it seems like the latter.
          With nearly every superhero movie, tons of people say the same things. OMG IT’s AWESOME! It was brilliant, there was nothing wrong with it.
          Till a sequel appears then those same people are picking out the previous movie’s flaws & saying the sequel looks better.

          Or when people are fanboys/fansgirls of a certain directors & those directors can never make a bad movie because they are great.
          Till another favorite director does a movie in the same genre. Then it’s byby old & hello new.

          • Oh sure there are those that’ll stick with the previous movie or say HEY both had no flaws, but however there’s too many that’s quick to jump ship just because there’s a new shiny 2hr movie watching grass grow & it’s from a favorite director yet fans of the director will say it’s awesome.

            So this is why i don’t really take such extremely positive feedback so serious & believe it when many say ManOfSteel or the DarkKnight does either DC comic characters justice.

            Oh & i use fanboys/fansgirls as a bad thing, it’s not a bad thing. It’s fans of whatever that really like whatever alot.

  26. I agree it seems rushed but I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. After I was kind of disappointed by man of steel I lost my interest for comic book movies and now I rgained it.

    • Its because you suck!!!!!!!!!!! You still suck, it doesnt matter what your mom tells you