Batman/Superman Movie to Follow ‘Man of Steel'; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Everyone’s waiting on pins and needles to see out if Warner Bro. drops some major announcement at its 2013 Comic-Con panel, with regard to the future of the DC live-action cinematic universe (now that Man of Steel have proven to be a sizable box office success). Could Justice League lie on the horizon? Standalone features for JL team members like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and/or The Flash? Or, will the studio unite its two prize superheroes – Batman and Superman – together on the big screen for the first time (as flesh-and-blood characters, that is)?

Insiders with knowledge of the situation are reporting ahead of time, claiming that WB intends to announce a Batman/Superman team-up movie at Comic-Con today, as the next installment in a DC shared universe. The general expectation in recent weeks has been that Man of Steel 2 will be the next addition to the DC movie-verse, but this new scoop asserts that the Caped Crusader and Son of Jor-El will work together first, in 2015 [UPDATE: We have confirmation that the Man of Steel sequel will, in fact, include Batman.]

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Hero Complex has the exclusive here, but has already been told by WB reps that “We don’t comment on rumors regarding these properties.” Nevertheless, a movie that unifies the Batman and Superman franchises is something that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has expressed interest about, simply because the characters’ complimentary outlooks (cynicism vs. optimism) and personal capabilities (keen intelligence vs. god-like strength) would easily give rise to compelling story, where the two are unified in some shared cause. (That has already given rise to many an engaging comic book narrative over the years, ever since top-notch writers first realized the potential of having Bruce Wayne go head-to-head with Kal-El.)

A Batman/Superman team-up is also a surefire bet for WB/DC, given the enduring bankability of both movie franchises over the past 35 years (since director Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie rocked the box office in 1978). Moreover, the studio is in a position where it must reboot the Batman franchise – given that Dark Knight trilogy star Christian Bale has made it absolutely clear: he’s done playing the character – and introducing the new Bruce Wayne in a film that includes the Cavill-as-Clark-Kent would help to ease the transition. There are other ways of accomplishing that task (like basing the Batman reboot on the Batman Beyond storyline), but the team-up option has the advantage of being able to directly build on Man of Steel‘s momentum.

Batman Cameo Superman Man of Steel Movie Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

One of the more playful Easter Eggs in Man of Steel – a quick shot of a satellite with the “Wayne Enterprises” logo – alludes to the existence of Bruce Wayne in that film’s universe, but the introduction of the character also makes sense from a thematic perspective. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has suggested that the sequel will have to address the collateral damage from Superman’s battle against General Zod and his minions on Earth; meaning, the next chapter in Cavill-as-Kal-El’s story will be smaller in scale – relatively-speaking – and ought to examine the character from a different perspective (e.g. through the eyes of an everyman).

What better way to do that than by introducing Batman – the one regular mortal human member of the Justice League – into Superman’s world next, as opposed to one of the other deity-like DC superheroes?

UPDATE: At the WB/Legendary panel, Zack Snyder took the stage to announce the project. He then handed the microphone over to Harry Lennix (General Swanwick from Man of Steel), who recited the following quote from the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns“:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Thereafter, the Batman/Superman logo was shown and geek pandemonium broke out in Hall H. Here it is:

superman batman movie comic con Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Finally, here is the official press release from WB:

The current hit, “Man of Steel,” has taken in more than $630 million at the worldwide box office to date, and climbing. Along with its star, Henry Cavill, the upcoming film brings back Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. The new Batman has yet to be cast.

Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015.

Silverman stated, “Zack Snyder is an incredibly talented filmmaker, but beyond that, he’s a fan first and he utterly gets this genre. We could not think of anyone better suited to the task of bringing these iconic Super Heroes to the screen in his own way.” Kroll added, “We are thrilled to be back in business with Zack and his team on this next movie. The success of ‘Man of Steel’ is a wonderful testament to the love and support that both fans and new audiences, worldwide, have for these characters. We are very excited to see what Zack has in store for all of us.”

Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, noted, “Superman and Batman together on the big screen is a dream come true for DC fans everywhere. All of us at DC Entertainment could not be more excited for Zack’s continuing vision for the DC Universe.”

Zack Snyder, who made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con today, breaking the news to audiences there, later said, “I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Super Heroes in the world.”

The new film brings back Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder as producers. This time, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are serving as executive producers, along with Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan.

Thomas offered, “Whilst our ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is complete, we have every confidence that Zack’s fresh interpretation will take the character in a new and exciting direction. His vision for Superman opened the door to a whole new universe and we can’t wait to see what Zack does with these characters.”

The film is based on Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, and Batman characters created by Bob Kane, published by DC Entertainment.

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Batman/Superman is coming sometime in 2015.

Source: LA Times

Superman/Batman logo by  Balsavor @ DeviantART 

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  1. Not having a solo Wonder Woman film is pretty bad in my book. Plus does this mean Ryan Reynolds is reprising his role or a “new” Green Lantern or worse yet no Green Lantern? I suppose it is better than nothing but I think it is going to come off badly.

    • green lantern is really gay

    • No, this means that there’s a Batman-Superman movie coming out in 2015.

      • LOL! LOL! LOL! TheAdditional1 in response to Patrick Bayard “Not having a solo Wonder Woman film is pretty bad in my book. Plus does this mean Ryan Reynolds is reprising his role or a “new” Green Lantern or worse yet no Green Lantern? I suppose it is better than nothing but I think it is going to come off badly.”

        TheAdditional1 response: “No, this means that there’s a Batman-Superman movie coming out in 2015.”

        • WTF???????????

          • It means that there is no Wonder Woman film planned
            And no mention of Green lantern at all (which is basically no GL at all for the foreseeable future and if/when they big back GL to the big screen it will likely not be Ryan Reynolds)

            On the plus side DC have decided to ‘expand’ their movie verse by putting superman and a new batman in a film together in 2015

            Personally I was hoping for a bit more of an expansion (perhaps new characters in the shape of aquaman or flash)
            But at least it’s not a batman origin film again and they are talking about a ‘new’ batman (so not bale :-))

            • This is going to turn out to be a debacle for Warner Brothers. I don’t know who plans these things.

  2. A Batman and Superman film is a geek dream come true in my book.

    • yah just seeing supes and batman together is something epic

    • Im close to 40 so Batman and Superman were MY (and I think most kids’) Favorites! Although Marvel has taken my money and and that (favorite) title as of late, I think this movie will give Marvel and the Avengers 2 a run for its money!!

      If MOS has made nearly 650 million world wide I think a Batman and Superman teamup movie may easily double that total! I think that for a second movie in DC’s “new” universe this will get ALL DC fans GEEKED OUT, I also think that this movie will break a billion dollars and if that happens DC will be doing very well with only 2 movies to the new universes credit!!
      I still love Marvel and what they have done but if MOS 2 does really well Marvel just might need to start looking over their shoulders!!
      They also might want to get RDJ in more than just it’s Avengers movies..

      ALL CBM fans should be ecstatic at this GREAT news, because a very good DCU will be very good across the board for ALL COMIC BOOK MOVIE FANS no matter which studio and characters you like!!

  3. As long as it is not directed by Zack Snyder, do not want another disappointment, but if the rumors are true, then my excitement for a possible World’s Finest has been dampened

    • My problem isn’t with Snyder but with David s foyer, who wrote the film.

      • +1

      • David S. Goyer. He also wrote the stories to all three films of the Dark Knight trilogy so that’s something.

        • good call man! as long as the story progression is nothing like tdk cuz lets be honest BB started off strong BTDK was incredible and BTDKR was a very weak way to end! i find tdkr was just boring and the cast wasnt right! baine should have been a henchman! its like making robin the main hero! just doesnt make sense

          • That’s not honest…

          • I felt the same way. It was overhyped… IMO, the first half hour (hour?) was Bruce Wayne being old and retired. Nobody wants to see that. A good half hour was him being broken (after a so-so hand-to-hand fight) and laying down in a hole in the middle of the desert as he found out a story about said hole. Really boring stuff for a Batman movie. And then he comes back, fights one fight, then flies the bomb away. The music made people think it was grander than it was.

            Bane was kind of scary to encounter, but overall not much different than any guy with a plan and a bomb. The difference being the mask. And he was overly theatrical.

            The whole vllain scheme was stupid – let the citizens run around for a whole month and take the time to have trials, to rule over the place, etc. etc. just “so they can get their hopes up” before they all blow up. These people didn’t get their hopes up for anything – they just had a chance for anarchy and they spontaneously took it. Essentially it was “Ok no more rules – go play and do what you want for a while.”

            They also stayed so they can get blown up with the blast. Really? Is that all they have left to take care of in their lives and then they die? Miranda maybe because she’s the one with this crazy obsession, but Bane seemed to have had other things going on in his life.

            And this was all to get revenge on Batman for her dad, while completely missing her dad’s point that Gotham was unsave-able, despite the fact that Gordon and Dent had, in fact, saved it.

            Why were a bunch of cops really stuck in the sewers for two months? Did nobody have a drill or a grenade to open up the holes that they were passing messages through? Or maybe open up a single manhole and see what happens. Or just go into the very same hole that Gordon slid out of when he was SHOT IN THE LEG AND UNCONSCIOUS. There are a million ways into the sewers.

            This whole movie was just stupid. Only the airplane hostage situation and Catwoman were particularly memorable. (Catwoman because she was smoking hot hot and because she was actually an interesting, troubled character – a smooth, mischeivous lifestyle on the surface but underneath it all she was really earnest and desperate to start a new, clean life).

            • ‘The music made people think it was grander than it was.’

              That is the greatness of Hans Zimmer. I’d love for him to score the **** out of this movie.

        • He cowrote. There is a difference.

          • seriously, Goyer gets way too much credit for his work on TDK trilogy. Pretty much all the good stuff was Nolan.

            • Tell me about it. Most times the man hold “story credit”. This is what he holds on all three films (and most of his others). WGA has specific rules for story credit and it typically means he likely turned in the first draft which, by the time the script reaches production, has likely been rewritten by others (screenplay credit) to the point that it is unrecognizable from his, if anything of the original draft even survives.

              People just don’t have any idea how the screenwriting process works.

              A perfect example would be “The Messengers” and it’s sequel. Both films literally originate from the same script with Todd Farmer getting story credit on the first (which was heavily re-written) and the sequel adhering to his original screenplay (where he holds both credits).

              They are two completely different films, taking place in different eras, with different characters and events.

  4. First scene (SPOILER-ISH):

    “I’m Superman.”

    “No. You’re the d**k that destroyed my satellite.”

    • I would LOVE if they included something like that in the film. Though, I’m sure a great deal of the audience didn’t catch the Wayne Enterprises Logo on the satellite. I knew about it ahead of time but still had trouble catching it while watching the movie.

    • Best way to start things off

    • Out of character… it’s Bats who says that.

      First scene rewrite:

      “Hey aliean.. you own Mr. Wayne a new satellite.”
      “Who are you?”
      “I’m Batman.”

      • Errr… “owe” not “own”.

        Oh I yearn for an edit feature!

        • and its alien lol

      • 1.) It’s a joke

        2.) “Hey alien”? Is this the Adam West Batman?

        • I think he’d call him by his full name, ‘Clark Kent’, more than anything else.

          • “Evening Clark…”



            “X-ray v-”

            “Vision. I know.”

            • There’s so many ways of going about it, which is pretty much saying a Superman and Batman film is meant to be.

            • hahaha, except Batman’s mask would be lead-lined to prevent such a situation!

              • No, his mask would NOT be lead-lined; if it were, he would suffer an agonizing death.

            • I think if they sort of followed the way the Superman Animated series went about bringing batman in i would have no problem.

              • i’m not familiar with the animated series, how did they do it there?

                • The Joker was in Metropolis trying to make a deal with Luthor, which Batman got a tip on. Supes the Bats run into each other at one point and in the end they start working together. Def. watch it if you get the chance.

  5. Err I’m not so sure about Zack Snyder and Goyer being the only ones working on it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both awesome but they also have their misses. I’d be much more comfortable if there was other writers involved as well to sort of steer them in the right direction.

    • There’s an average of ten writers on a block-buster movie. Not all get credit though. They just script-doctor.

  6. I would have preferred one or two more standalone sequel Superman films.
    I have favored a World’s Finest before Justice League so at least there’s that.

    Considering the bloodbath at the box office this summer where Man Of Steel
    did survive doing remarkably well in that environment I am not surprised
    that Warner’s thinks the added draw of Batman provides insurance.

    • I agree, I always thought Superman/Batman should come before Justice League, but I was kind of hoping for a Superman2 first, THEN Superman/Batman with some standalones like Flash…THEN Justice League…with the arrival of Martian Manhunter warning of an alien invation starting the justice league movie like in the newer animated justice league show’s first 3 episodes 3 part story arc…

    • To Clarify though, I’ll take it…I’m excited to see it…

    • MoS did well, but not excellent. I really hope they improve because the movie sucked overall.

  7. Hanry Cavill IS at SDCC for the 75th Superman anniversary celebration. That confirms absolutely nothing, but I don’t feel like they’d bring him to San Diego for a party that was only a few hours long.

  8. best news ive heard all year

  9. It seems as if WB is finally listening to the fans. A Superman / Batman film is the best way to follow up MOS, but I’m worried about this project though. This film comes out two years from now, that doesn’t give them much time to come up with a script, rewrite it, cast everyone, start pre-production and all of that. It seems like this film is being rushed, and I’m not liking the fact that Goyer is involved either. GOTG comes out in 2015 and they already started filiming. I don’t see how this film will come out in 2015 without it being rushed.

    • They could use the previous Justice League cast and script starring Armie Hammer!

      • I doubt they will use the previous cast, and I heard that the scipt for that film was kinda terrible.

    • whoops, GOTG comes out next year

    • It could be late 2015. Would WB be confident enough to have the World’s Finest go up against the Avengers?

      Not terribly confident about Goyer either. He’ll need to write an entirely new batman (hopefully), he might get a bit influenced by the old one.

      • That’ll be stupid if they try to compete with the Avengers, but I still cant see them reaching that timetable unless they already have the script & cast set in stone. Along with post-production, I just can’t see it making a 2015 timetable.

      • If the World’s Finest ought to rise against the Avengers 2, Warner Bros. stands no chance unless Batman is played by none other than Christian Bale himself. If Christan Bale does not star as Batman, I guarantee you that this film will flop in comparison with Avengers 2. I see no reason why Nolan’s Batverse cannot fit into this DC cinematic universe being established. If WB plays their cards wisely, they would also include Arrow and Green Lantern as well.

        As for this announcement, first we hear that the upcoming film will be a Batman reboot followed by a JLA Film in 2015 and now this?! My God, this is TASM2 all over again!

        This report seems more believable than the other but I am rather dissapointed that a MoS sequel, Cyborg, Wonder Woman nor Martian Manhunter films are included as one of the prequisites in WB’s to-do list before releasing JLA. Here’s for hope!

        • I totally agree! A World’s finest film works ONLY with an established Batman. By trying to “reboot” him Warner Brothers just cost themselves several dozen million dollars. Then not having a solo tie in to Wonder Woman means that no one will take that character seriously.

        • Not seeing why its a “guaranteed” flop. Seems as if we were able to weather 3 different Batmans through the 90’s that were all financially successful (we won’t talk about the content however). So why NOW would having Batman played by someone new and NOT set in the, “gritty and realistic” Nolanverse would make it fail?

          And Since MoS was ALSO successful I would predict exactly the opposite. People will go to see Superman again and with Batman thrown into the mix (regardless of who plays him) how can it NOT succeed?

          • “Not seeing why its a ‘guaranteed’ flop.”

            *In comparison against the Avengers 2

            Read carefully before you misinterpret my perspective.

          • I think the observation is not that a new Batman would cause MoS2 to fail, but that an unestablished new Batman being piggy-backed onto another character’s franchise can not have his success or lack thereof gauged accurately because the audience focus is on the team up more than each individual character.

            That tends to skew perception. It’s entirely possible that the new Batman falls apart when out from under the shadow of ZOMGBatmanand Supermanareinafilmtogether!!!!!1! and maybe doesn’t have the presence or charisma to go it solo.

            MoS was successful, MoS2 will likely be, and the first solo Batman may have people leaving it with a WtF and a head shake. They really should have established a new Batman on his own first or consider MoS2 as an alternate from Begins and TDK (as if TDKR doesn’t occur in this timeline).

            Which, incidentally, is how I’m going to look at it until they completely screw it up by redoing Batman’s origin yet again. And that’s the problem with their line of thinking: Hero’s have iconic events and characters/villains and that means every reboot retreads.

            Every Superman series will feel the need to tackle the origin, Lex, Zod… every Batman will rehash the origin, Catwoman, Joker, Harvey… By the time you get to a point in the franchise where you can maybe deal with other characters, it’s already time to reboot again…. or they go the other direction and shoehorn as many as they can till the point that it’s a mess.

        • WB does not need to desperately squeeze in Nolan’s Batman within Man of Steel. Rebooting will allow the filmmakers to create a Batman that fits within the world of aliens and god-like beings. MoS made enough money to impress WB so that’s why we’re getting this team-up film in the first place. Besides, Batman’s name alone will pull people to the theaters. AND since Bale repeatedly gave zero interest in returning, who would want to see Nolan’s Batman played by anyone other than Bale himself?

          • Batman and Superman for the first time in live action = bank

          • “Rebooting will allow the filmmakers to create a Batman that fits within the world of aliens and god-like beings.”

            Yes, it is still possible. As stated before, all conflicts risen in The Dark Knight trilogy were all handled and occured within the boundaries of Gotham. If Nolan’s Batman cannot fit into the world of aliens and god-like beings, then why bother introducing a Batman into this universe if Nolan’s Batman will have the same abilities and intellect as every other Batman re-imagined (unless you give him super strength, speed, and agility to match Superman’s power *rolls eyes*).

            Batman is ultimately loved because his characteristics are not equivalent to Clark. Clark is strong, but Batman is intelligient. Clark is young and confident, Batman is experienced and wise. Clark has powers, Batman does not.

            “who would want to see Nolan’s Batman played by anyone other than Bale himself?”

            Everyone and anyone. I did not like Nolan’s portrayal of Batman since he made him look like a kick-ass machoman who gets his ass wiped and homework done by Alfred nor was I a fan of Bale’s performance since it looked like a if Bale was lost in the role, but the storytelling of the trilogy itself was one of the best ever launched which is enough to get him a role in a Justice League or World’s Finest film. And didn’t Christian Bale repeatedly made claims that he will not be returning for as Bruce Wayne during pre-production of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises?

            I understand that if you reboot Batman, you would start off this new DC Cinematic Universe with a slap of fresh air, but why waste time trying to heal the unwounded. If we reboot Batman, you may never know if the public will accept and like this one (which will be highly unlikely since they still picture Bale whenever someone mentions Batman). Why roll such dice if we already have a beloved Batman waiting to see the light of day to begin with?

            • Keep Begins and TDK, tape those up to MoS2, and then go from there… just retcon TDKR out of existence and pull a New Cinematic 52. Problem solved.

              Continuity hasn’t been their forte since Zero Hour, and their reboots get closer and closer together. They’re good for partial reboots every 5 years or less as it is. Heck, DC has already had one reboot within the New 52 with StormWatch.

        • Even if Bale DID play Batman again, which he isn’t, the Batman/Superman team-up would NOT gross more money, either domestically (U.S. and Canada) or worldwide. It just wouldn’t happen.

          • If Bale reprised his role as Batman the DC universe crossover would already be epic. A World’s Finest would destroy the current and future Avengers movies. But the way things are headed I doubt it will be good and will not come close to the Avengers let alone Iron Man 3. What a waste!

            • Dude, you sound very cynical. It can still be great. Batman as a character is bigger than Bale. If this film is good, it can compete with the Avengers without him.

              • You seem to think there has never been failed attempts at rebooting – even softly – Batman with different actors. It “could” be good but the odds for that are stacked so far against it. 1) you have no lead in story to get an audience acquainted with the “new” Batman 2) You KNOW they will compare any new version of Batman to Christian Bale which despite what the 10 people who roam from website to website would have you believe, Bale is the most popular Batman to ever put on the cowl and is hands down the preferred Batman as poll after poll as shown even when respondent were told he would not continue in the role. It is not unlike if Marvel tried to introduce a new Iron Man (they WISELY chose not to)and 3)Warner Brothers has screwed up MOST of the superhero films they have produced especially when you subtract Nolan films from the equation so it likely won’t be good.

                • No, I know that there have been failed attempts at rebooting. But on the other hand, Bale was a reboot, and that turned out okay. WB is well aware of the fact that the Dark Knight films were extremely popular and successful. (I love them.) It is more likely that the new Batman will resemble Bale than it is Clooney, and for my money, Clooney is the only actor who was truly horrible in the role. Otherwise, it has been the quality of the films that has been the key factor.

                  I do not think that Batman is nearly as connected to a single actor as Iron Man is connected to RDJ.

                • Patrick, you’re a fan of the TDK trilogy right? Why would you want to effectively ruin the ending of it by bringing Bale back?

                  • Why would it ruin the ending. I think…

                    1) If you include the TDK trilogy the World’s Finest is set up to be epic. Without it there are so many variables that it lessens greatly the chances of success

                    2) I am not sure the way that the trilogy ended is the BEST way to end the story. It basically suggests that Batman decided he had enough and quit to hook up with Selina Kyle. I understand that it is open ended and the viewer can pretty much write their own ending, but that is the impression it gives. To me it is a bit hard to believe Bruce Wayne just leaving Gotham City in the hopes that it gets better with an untrained cop taking over.

                    3) The continuation of the story in the Justice League setting is a natural evolution of Batman’s career going from strictly Gotham city to now a more global presence where he would need and perhaps inspire people like himself to take up the cause of protecting the world. The TDK trilogy is perfectly set up for that.

            • The beauty of batman is that, when he is essentially batman, you can’t see who is under the mask!

              Batman will be speaking much more in this film (as batman) I presume so a better bat-voice may be needed, considering the stick Bale got for it. (I personally didn’t mind it)

              If only we could perfectly dub Kevin Conroy’s voice…

          • But I beg to differ Mister Perhaps. The Dark Knight Rises grossed an estimate of one billion dollars worldwide whereas Man of Steel did great but not as great as Rises. Ever since TDKR, everyone has been questioning Batman’s fate after that film and when they see Bale and Cavill’s face in one same poster/TV Spot/trailer, they will be losing their minds of impatience and anticipation.

            • +1000


          • Exactly…all of these people especially in the media keep trying to pretend as though it was Bale’s decision not to continue. It was not. He was just saying that he is fine if they chose not to continue with him. But people (a tone deaf tiny minority) who roam the different websites claiming to know the “real” Batman are exactly the reason I don’t look forward to a Worlds Finest without Bale. It will probably do OK but will be dwarfed by what Marvel puts out and I am saying this as a DC fan. They have not even shot one frame and already the atrocious Batman/Superman logo seems to be a sign of things to come.

  10. in mos, in the police station was their a sign that said stay calm, call batman? anyone catch that?

    • Yeah I saw that, it was a poster right? It was a really quick glimpse though, faster than the satellite logo I think.

    • lol I obviously missed a lot of Easter eggs :p

  11. I was truly hoping for a WW movie before a JL film comes to pass. But I guess that I will just have to make due with what WB?DC has to offer.

  12. This is all awesome but where the hell is Wonder Woman and most importantly Aquaman? Come on WB!

    • Rumor is there will be a Flash film

  13. I’ll wait to hear something official from the studio before I get too worked up. The panel’s going on right now I think… should be soon.

    It does seem a little rushed to get this out for 2015, when like every other movie in the universe is coming out. I said in another thread that it would be smart for WB to do Man of Steel 2 in 2016 where there are more dates available.

    I’m not too thrilled about the possibility of yet another new Batman… just run with Superman for now. And what threat is going to be big enough to force Superman to team up with someone?

  14. Flash, JLA, and Worlds Finest CONFIRMED.

  15. If this is true, I think I’ll cry tears of joy. If it’s not…I think I’ll cry tears of sorrow. Tears all around!!!

  16. Anyone know where I can watch a live blog of the Warner Bros. Hall H presentation?
    Sucks to be 16000km’s away from SDCC :(

      • @ColdSc @kayell @Huntress
        Thanks guys!

  17. It’s a dream teamup for sure but I rather have David S Goyer replaced. He is a great idea contributor when he gave out ideas for the dark knight trilogy but when it comes to writing scripts, they usually turn up disappointing like Man of Steel.

    • Are you saying MOS was a disappointment, or just the writing? (Because I can sort of agree on the latter, but the movie itself was epic imo)

      • The writing & some aspects of the film were disappointments.

      • I’ll agree. The script was not as good as it could have been.

      • @The Avenger

        I’d honestly say both the movie AND some of the writing.

      • MOS was a disappointment. The first half was better than the second half but both have flaws. The first half played out more akin to the not so amazing spider man but the second half dropped the ball on character development in favor of a transformers type film. The destruction doesn’t fit supermans promise of protecting the city. I wanted to love it but this came off flat.

        • Well that’s your opinion, I can respect that.

          I just take issue with one thing: when did Supes “promise” to protect the city? He never said that. Supes was trying to protect the WORLD. If that means causing destruction in one city, that’s the price to pay (and it’s a good theme as well: the costs of trying to save the world). besides, the city was already pretty f’ed up because of the transforming machine. That wasn’t Supes’ fault.

          • *terraforming machine

          • It was Supes fault to launch Faora into a bunch of buildings and practically destroying a gas station

            • Again, a gas station and a few buildings is a small price to pay to save the world.
              The [lives] of the many outweighs the [lives] of the few, ‘n all that.

              • Plus it’s his first week of being Superman. The Batman had trouble going through his first few weeks, same is happening with Superman.

                • Great point sir!

                • THE FIRST WEEK?????

                  It WAS HIS FIRST 2 DAYS!!!
                  there was only 1 night that I saw in the movie once he got his suit!

                  Maybe your perfect but some (me included) (and it seems so did Superman) have had to learn on the job and sometimes we F things up in the process, It is not a great thing but it is to be expected!
                  Maybe I was he only one to feel that he HAD to get his superman morals from somewhere, NOW he will NOT HARM ANY CITIES OR PEOPLE, Nor will he KILL, BUT THAT IS ONLY BECAUSE HE HAD TO DO THESE THINGS FIRST before he could know what he CANT DO EVERAGAIN!!

          • Plus buildings that went down were shown evacuated beforehand.
            Any collateral damage was minimal and necessary to save the world.

            • One of the parts I liked about Man of Steel is it showed exactly what Superman would be in our world. Whether you like it or not, people are going to die and Superman is NOT perfect. Plus, during the fight between Superman and Zod, for the most part Clark is chasing Zod. It’s also evident that Zod is much too powerful to just have Clark carry him several miles away.

          • For me, the second half was more like those destruction sequences than superman.

  18. This is great news! I wanted a Superman sequel, and NO Batman reboot as soon, but if this is a really smart decision, introducing Batman on this movie, and then the full team.

    Im loving the idea actually, its something no other studio has done, a Two Heroes movie before a team one. I like it.

    And yeah, it will be HUGE worldwide. 1 billion definetly.

    • I could’ve cared less if it had been done before. It’s 2 of the most popular superheroes in history working together, that’s what makes it exciting and a good idea.

      “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” had Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny together in one scene, two of the most iconic cartoon characters there ever will be. I love that moment because it’s just really awesome to see those two talking face to face, not because it had never been done before (still hasn’t been done since then either).

      For once, we’ve got to stop pretending we know what’s best for the studio and just be happy that they’re doing something like this to begin with.

      • Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, 1 billion is a bit much IMO for a hypothetical movie

        • Only 16 million out of 200k+ movies ever released have grossed a billion or more worldwide (not accounting for inflation). Still, the last two Batman movies DID gross more than a billion worldwide. MoS grossed 700 million. So, putting them together, I’d be very surprised if this team-up didn’t gross a billion or more worldwide.

  19. I’m really psyched.

  20. No! Great news but not if goyer is writing.. I was so disappointed by the on the nose/cheesy dialogue in MoS

  21. It WILL be a GEEK party if this happens… and also w/ Christian Bale in it.. 500 million domestic and 1.2 billion world wide is guranteed

    • LET



      • + 1000

    • Bale won’t be involved. He’s getting up there in age. He looked kinda bad in TDKR imo

      • I don’t think the age is getting in the way at all. RDJ is almost 50, Bale is only hitting 40. And in Dark Knight Rises he was supposed to look like hell, 8 years older and practically crippled.

        • I doubt Bale is returning btw, he’s moving on. I would love it but much of his career is still ahead of him.

        • But that’s the point. JL or World’s Finest will obviously take place after the events of TDKR, so he won’t look much better, unless he starting using anti-aging formula or something 😉
          If he looked like hell in TDKR, he’ll have to look like hell in future movies as well, for continuity.

          • TDKR may be ignored so we don’t know that

            • Why would it be ignored?

              • OMG fanbois those were 3 films. They don’t work with the rest of the DC Universe. There won’t be more of them. That was it. Nolan is not going to direct more, Bale is not going to be in more. Please acknowledge this and move on with your life.

                So to recap:
                Come back to reality.
                Bale, no longer Batman (thank goodness).
                Nolan, no longer directing Batmans (than goodness)
                TDK Trilogy finished. No more. Not another film. Over, Finito, Done, complete, concluded, that’s a wrap, exhausted, buttoned up, ceased, and terminated.

                • …I refer you to the comment I posted about 10 minutes ago.
                  Scroll down.

          • I’m picturing it right now, young superheroes and next to them an old Batman, with even more of a growly voice.

          • TDKR was cr*p and they aren’t going to acknowledge it.

          • Just to make it clear: I don’t want Nolan’s Batman involved with the DCCU (and I’ve ranted about the “why” of it, quite a bit ;))
            That comment was purely hypothetical.

        • What? They never said what his age was and if he were cripple how could he have jumped out of the pit?

      • That is the magic of Hollywood. He is suppose to look like that. One way to look like garbage is to grow a full beard, wear it for awhile, and than shave it off. I can grow a full one, and I learned by accident, how old you can look at first (for awhile) after you first shave it off. You don’t even have to get a tan on the rest of your face (while your beard covers the other part) while the part of your face, that is covered by the beard gets no light, it just makes you look weird for a bit. I have a similar skin color to Bale and it always has that affect on me when i grow one out. Not to mention his longer hair as well. Made him look shaggy.

      B B A A LL E II S D D O O NN N E !!!!
      B B A A LL E II S D D O O N N E

      • Uh oh ASCII failure 😛

    • Agreed!

  22. I don’t think Man of Steel is necessarily a solo film or an intro to a trilogy. I see it as a JL#1 instalment in a larger universe then the sequels will just keep adding on other guys. Goyer even said that the movie focuses on the first Superhero to reveal himself to the world. I’m honestly not expecting any solo films from DC.

    • It’s more of a solo film than IM1 was. Nothing about it promised a connection with JL, it’s a surprise for those who don’t investigate on the Internet.

      • Have you seen all those easter eggs? It’s quite obvious that a JL film is on the cards. & solo films offer a series of problems such as unexplained absences. & DC has to have a different formula to Marvel.

        • Most of those Easter eggs were not that clear
          You pretty much had to know exactly when/where to look to see them as well as have a good knowledge of what constituted an Easter egg

        • No s**t, Sherlock (not insulting you).

          I’m just saying that people can view it as a standalone because nothing flat out said in plain sight, “Justice League, HINT HINT”.

          “Daredevil” had Kingpin as the main villain, but I’m sure a lot of people associate him more with Spider-Man. Regardless if they weren’t owned by the same studio, you’re making this whole ordeal quite comparable to the idea of blatantly obvious hints of a team-up.

          If Justice League wasn’t planned, MOS would’ve remained exactly the same.

          • Man of steel was clearly an attempt at a combined universe. We knew that ever since Marvel released The Avengers. I found the Easter Eggs to be more direct about an upcoming sequel. Like I said before, MOS opened the door to so many possibilities & it wouldn’t make sense for the studio to just make Superman movies alone.

            • The combined universe stuff was not the reason for man of steel (it was included cos of avenger-syndrome that is going round all the studios with possible team up in house, fox, wb, and Sony with sinister six rumours)

              Take the Easter eggs away, very few people would have noticed and the film would have remained the same
              Ultimate ACW is right how MOS can be viewed as standalone in that regard, no clear justice league hint
              The clearest Easter egg was lex corp, which is more of a solo sequel hint than a larger universe

              • Come on dude, they can’t just tease a Wayne Enterprise satellite for fun. It’d be kind of pointless & a waste of time and effort. Keep in mind that WB/DC have always wanted to adapt a JL movie even before Nolan started with Batman.

                • Well, they could have teased it for fun. It didn’t look to me like it had required too much time and effort. But it’s good to hear that it was foreshadowing something more.

                • Actually the original shot did not have the Wayne Enterprises thing, neither did a few of those easter eggs…the booster gold comic company thing was not in the original trailers but was added later…
                  MOS is certainly a stand alone, but as they had more faith in it as it was being made they added little things that would hint at the larger DCU…

                  Either way, it was a Superman Begins Movie…and I guess if you are going to have a larger DCU…Batman/Bruce Wayne would have to show up after the earth altering events of MOS…I think he’d take interest in a near alien terraforming event…

  23. No more Nolanverse !!

    • …which is why World’s Finest and Justice League will NEVER crack a billion dollars worldwide

      • Right.

        Because Batman is just SOOOOOO unpopular without Nolan…

        Gee, here’s a thought! What if they made an even better Batman?!

        People fail to realize how much potential Batman has that Nolan crippled in favor of hardcore realism.

        • I don’t ever recall seeing a “crippled” Batman in any of the Nolan movies.

          So let’s see…you have faith that the studio that has screwed up numerous super hero films as recently as 2011 is going to somehow make a Batman “better” than the one that is largely regarded as the greatest superhero trilogy with the greatest superhero movie of all time?

          History repeats itself, you go with what brought you to the dance so just like when WB replaced Donner for the Superman films and Burton for the Batman films IN BOTH cases the public got three of the worst superhero films in film history Superman 3, Superman 4, and Batman and Robin.

          • you don’t recall bruce hobbling along like an old man in his 80’s at the beginning of TDKR? using a cane? then he puts on the stupid magic knee brace, and can kick thru brick. shenanigans.

            • Cripple [DEFINITION] – A person or animal that is partially disabled or unable to use a limb or limbs

              He was always able to use his leg and halfway into the film he was walking around normally; jumped out of a pit (without the brace that most normal person could do for centuries); and literally kicked the crap out of Bane a freakishly strong villain.

              • I was exaggerating, figured people would understand what I was saying. He was barely able to function as Batman, he was no longer at his peak. Until the end, he gathered up his strength for one last time.

                • Barely able to function as Batman???

                  Did he not take out several of Bane’s henchman during the stock market escape; do so again when they attacked Selina Kyle; and yet again in the subway on his way to fight with Bane? That translates as someone who was “barely” able to function???

        • Every Batman movie has SUCKED before Nolan, which leaves your argument invalid.

      • Anything can happen. New Batman, who knows? There is no bigger automatic freak out than Superman and Batman together. No more Nolanverse may mean more easily accessible to youngers audiences. Anyway, if this team-up film is genuinely great in story, and has positive word of mouth, it can definitely break $1B.

    • No, it’s still there intact where Nolan left it and we can all revisit it by watching the 3 movies again and again. We just won’t be returning there for any NEW movies.

      People really need to accept that fact and move on with their lives.

      • Well said Mongoose. As per usual, I agree fully.

  24. Lol people say David S. Goyer is a terrible screenwriter, yet after all these years he’s still working. I personally like Goyer & can’t wait to see what he brings. Please no butthurt comments because I know how you guys on screenrant can be.

    • I know right. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance was his best work.

      • Right. I was trying to remember why I didn’t fully trust Goyer.

    • I find Goyer has a fair share of great films, but also a share of really terrible ones, like tay said, Ghost Rider. However, Goyer has shown time and time again that he understands Batman and now Superman, so I may not have full faith in him, but just enough to not be too worried.

      • Goyer works best when he is cowriter, but I still don’t trust him enough to handle a film this big

        • I think his stories are great, just the script itself are usually mediocre.

  25. As long as Nolan and Bale are off the project I am amazing psyched about a Batman Superman movie.

    • -1000

  26. Can’t wait to see bats knock out luthor.

  27. this not make any sense this is it should be
    2015- mos 2, batman reboot
    2016-flash,wonder woman
    2017-green lantern reboot or sequel,aquaman
    2018- justice league
    take your time dc take your time

  28. There was never a Nolanverse. Only the Goyerverse. And it is still alive and kicking.

    • Then why did Goyer say they will be rebooting Batman to fit with the universe Man Of Steel created?
      It’s already been confirmed dude: Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was standalone.

      • Dark Knight Trilogy got nothing to do with my comment. Goyer being pigeonholed as the go-to guy for these kinds of movies is getting tired. It must be nice being on Warner Bros’ speed dial.

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