Batman/Superman Movie to Follow ‘Man of Steel’; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

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Batman Superman Movie Logo Worlds Finest Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Everyone’s waiting on pins and needles to see out if Warner Bro. drops some major announcement at its 2013 Comic-Con panel, with regard to the future of the DC live-action cinematic universe (now that Man of Steel have proven to be a sizable box office success). Could Justice League lie on the horizon? Standalone features for JL team members like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and/or The Flash? Or, will the studio unite its two prize superheroes – Batman and Superman – together on the big screen for the first time (as flesh-and-blood characters, that is)?

Insiders with knowledge of the situation are reporting ahead of time, claiming that WB intends to announce a Batman/Superman team-up movie at Comic-Con today, as the next installment in a DC shared universe. The general expectation in recent weeks has been that Man of Steel 2 will be the next addition to the DC movie-verse, but this new scoop asserts that the Caped Crusader and Son of Jor-El will work together first, in 2015 [UPDATE: We have confirmation that the Man of Steel sequel will, in fact, include Batman.]

Batman and Superman movie mashup Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Hero Complex has the exclusive here, but has already been told by WB reps that “We don’t comment on rumors regarding these properties.” Nevertheless, a movie that unifies the Batman and Superman franchises is something that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill has expressed interest about, simply because the characters’ complimentary outlooks (cynicism vs. optimism) and personal capabilities (keen intelligence vs. god-like strength) would easily give rise to compelling story, where the two are unified in some shared cause. (That has already given rise to many an engaging comic book narrative over the years, ever since top-notch writers first realized the potential of having Bruce Wayne go head-to-head with Kal-El.)

A Batman/Superman team-up is also a surefire bet for WB/DC, given the enduring bankability of both movie franchises over the past 35 years (since director Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie rocked the box office in 1978). Moreover, the studio is in a position where it must reboot the Batman franchise – given that Dark Knight trilogy star Christian Bale has made it absolutely clear: he’s done playing the character – and introducing the new Bruce Wayne in a film that includes the Cavill-as-Clark-Kent would help to ease the transition. There are other ways of accomplishing that task (like basing the Batman reboot on the Batman Beyond storyline), but the team-up option has the advantage of being able to directly build on Man of Steel‘s momentum.

Batman Cameo Superman Man of Steel Movie Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

One of the more playful Easter Eggs in Man of Steel – a quick shot of a satellite with the “Wayne Enterprises” logo – alludes to the existence of Bruce Wayne in that film’s universe, but the introduction of the character also makes sense from a thematic perspective. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has suggested that the sequel will have to address the collateral damage from Superman’s battle against General Zod and his minions on Earth; meaning, the next chapter in Cavill-as-Kal-El’s story will be smaller in scale – relatively-speaking – and ought to examine the character from a different perspective (e.g. through the eyes of an everyman).

What better way to do that than by introducing Batman – the one regular mortal human member of the Justice League – into Superman’s world next, as opposed to one of the other deity-like DC superheroes?

UPDATE: At the WB/Legendary panel, Zack Snyder took the stage to announce the project. He then handed the microphone over to Harry Lennix (General Swanwick from Man of Steel), who recited the following quote from the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns“:

“I want you to remember Clark, in all the years to come. In all your private moments. In all the years to come, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember, the one man who beat you.”

Thereafter, the Batman/Superman logo was shown and geek pandemonium broke out in Hall H. Here it is:

superman batman movie comic con Batman/Superman Movie to Follow Man of Steel; Will Release in 2015 [CONFIRMED]

Finally, here is the official press release from WB:

The current hit, “Man of Steel,” has taken in more than $630 million at the worldwide box office to date, and climbing. Along with its star, Henry Cavill, the upcoming film brings back Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. The new Batman has yet to be cast.

Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015.

Silverman stated, “Zack Snyder is an incredibly talented filmmaker, but beyond that, he’s a fan first and he utterly gets this genre. We could not think of anyone better suited to the task of bringing these iconic Super Heroes to the screen in his own way.” Kroll added, “We are thrilled to be back in business with Zack and his team on this next movie. The success of ‘Man of Steel’ is a wonderful testament to the love and support that both fans and new audiences, worldwide, have for these characters. We are very excited to see what Zack has in store for all of us.”

Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, noted, “Superman and Batman together on the big screen is a dream come true for DC fans everywhere. All of us at DC Entertainment could not be more excited for Zack’s continuing vision for the DC Universe.”

Zack Snyder, who made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con today, breaking the news to audiences there, later said, “I’m so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created, and I can’t wait to expand the DC Universe in this next chapter. Let’s face it, it’s beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they are the greatest Super Heroes in the world.”

The new film brings back Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder as producers. This time, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are serving as executive producers, along with Benjamin Melniker and Michael E. Uslan.

Thomas offered, “Whilst our ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy is complete, we have every confidence that Zack’s fresh interpretation will take the character in a new and exciting direction. His vision for Superman opened the door to a whole new universe and we can’t wait to see what Zack does with these characters.”

The film is based on Superman characters created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster, and Batman characters created by Bob Kane, published by DC Entertainment.

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Batman/Superman is coming sometime in 2015.

Source: LA Times

Superman/Batman logo by  Balsavor @ DeviantART 

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  1. After I was kind of disappointed by man of steel I lost my interest for comic book movies and now I regained it.

  2. It would be amazing to have the return of the Dark Night done by ZacK Snyder, regardless of Christopher Nolan’s destruction of the character

    • Troll…
      Or were you being serious?

      • He did’nt destroy the character, but in fact he did something wrong with it, and that’s limiting him to those awesome three movies and not looking beyond. You see, I liked Bale as Batman, but now I have to admit that he isn’t anymore so…in the end Nolan has put a block in the way for future DC movies, unless the new actor that plays Batman perform so well like Cavill did with Supes.

        Besides, for this movie we’ll need a Batman a liiittle more fantastic, Synder-ized if you want, just a little, more acrobatic…you know what I mean.

  3. And by the way Silvester Stalone should play Batman for the Dark Night, even though he might neeed some voice covering

  4. Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, noted, “Superman and Batman together on the big screen is a dream come true for DC fans everywhere. All of us at DC Entertainment could not be more excited for Zack’s continuing vision for the DC Universe.”

    She further added, “Despite what I said last week about wanting to see Wonder Woman done right, Fable, and Sandman, I can’t wait until these two start slapping their dicks at each other. It truly is a great time to be a DC fan.”

    Boring, safe, predictable DC. This will be as bad if not worse than MoS. It’s running on the same crappy Goyer/Nolan/Snyder platform that makes money but not much sense.

  5. I feel this could ruin the amazing batman trilogy created by Christopher Nolan. I think it has the possibility to be good but the batman that will feature in the man of steel sequel will not be the one seen in the dark knight trilogy…

    • And thank god for that. It won’t ruin the trilogy and the trilogy wasn’t amazing. Successful, yes. Amazing, no. The first two were good and the third was haphazardly pulled together from 4 different stories and completely changed the dynamic of every single character from source material while adding characters that never existed.
      There’s no way it can ruin the trilogy because it will be entirely unrelated. I’m glad it won’t be the same one. there’s a better Batman that they can put on screen. One that knows how to fight. One that’s smart. One that is actually a superhero. Just because Batman CAN be placed in a world with no superpowers doesn’t mean that’s the best world for him to be in. Showing that a human can accomplish superhuman feats is exactly what Batman is all about. That’s why he’s such an important part of the JL; because even without superpowers, he pushes himself far beyond the normal limits of a human being. That’s what makes him super and it’s about time we saw that on screen. Hopefully this next Batman can at least “lift a bloody log.”

      • MoS is also another DC failure. Semi successful, yes. Substantially good? Far from it. Could it be …DC is too scared to take risk like Marvel is doing?
        So, what’s their excuse?

        • @ Justin

          I fail to see how that relates to my comment. I didn’t mention MoS once in my comment. That being said, I think MoS was supposed to serve as a lead up to him becoming the Superman from the comics just like Batman in Batman Begins served to introduce the idea of Batman existing not to cement him as the quintessential Batman. It’s illogical to judge a franchise off the first and only movie (so far in this universe) especially if they bring on other writers and directors to do other heroes for standalone movies.

        • I doubt that a Batman vs Superman is a riskless film. It has never been done before, they’re changing the Dark Knight while still fresh off of a well-received Batman trilogy, and this is a HUGE team up movie, which is either a huge success or a huge bust. It’s not riskless at all.

          It sounds like you’re saying that unless they either make a movie for one of the more obscure characters or they make the movie that YOU want, then they’re not taking any risks and thus must be ostracized and condemned.

          No. It’s the best step towards a Justice League and it’s a great concept movie that a lot of fans have been wanting for years. Stop finding the most to complain about.

        • Shut up!

      • Unfortunately since the Superman of Man of Steel isn’t exactly the Superman of the comics, I kinda expect them to keep going with a Batman that isn’t too like the comics either.

        • @phil

          He sure as hell seems like the Superman from the comics to me.

          • At least more so than other movies, yes.

      • As am I. Nolan’s take on the character was, in my opinion, good for what it was trying to accomplish; a grounded Batman. But there is no way that incarnation would be able to keep up with the likes of Superman. He could barely fight his own villains, I doubt he would last half a second against a Superman villain. I think they ‘ought to go with a sci-fi Batman. He’s got all these high tech gadgets and regularly takes on superior villains and actually exploits their weaknesses. I think that’s what Nolan’s Batman lacked mostly. He just fought and won through skill, but never really did what Batman does best. He was a detective and all that, but not the World’s Greatest Detective as many know him by. This new one needs to be almost meta human, I think.

        • It makes sense what you say, but the MOS Earth doesn’t have any sci-fi equipment like in the comics which means what you described is impossible.

          Keep away from Batman and use Specter or Demon instead.

  6. So what is Batman supposed to do whilst Superman does all the big superhero things with his God like powers, this sounds truly terrible and I can’t see it working at all.

    • Then you’ve never read a Justice League comic or seen the TV show and probably aren’t familiar with anything but cinematic versions of these characters. familiarize yourself with the source material.

    • Well, as seen in MOS, Superman has difficulty fighting just one villain. He nearly got his ass handed to him in that showdown with Faora and the big guy. So while Superman is facing the high level villain, whoever it might be, Batman will be facing the lower level villain.

      • A Combat inexperienced Superman with a lifetime of experience with his powers had trouble fighting three equally powerful characters with a lifetime of military and combat experience who’s only handicap was not having as good a handle on their own powers.

        If his first knock down drag out is with the toughest opposition he could have possibly faced, then of course he wasn’t going to hold up so well.

      • Yeah just like Bane let Batman LIVE.

    • A little more imagination friend, if you’ve read comics you’ll know that Batman has many ways to approach Superman or any super powered being…besides, how does anyone question what’s Hawkeye’s doing side by side with Thor and Hulk? He’s like Marvel’s Green Arrow and by saying that, he is just a human who throw arrows with perfect aim, like Batman does his stuff perfectly as well.

  7. Its obvious they using The Dark Knight Returns lightly and Batman sees Superman as a danger to earth still and goes there under the guise of Burce wayne helping rebuild Metropolis. They meet, disagree, duke it out then unite to stop a common threat. Can’t wait to see a more modern “comic book” Batman.

  8. You guys should watch Superman/Batman Public Enemies to see how Batman would fit in with Superman

    • I’m not too crazy about the art style of that movie but it is a fun story. However, let’s avoid the giant batman/Superman Gundam that Toyman built.

      In the immortal words of Arthur, King of the Britains: “Let’s not go there. Tis a silly place.”

      • Lol funny line.

    • Maybe you guys should read a comic book to see how Batman would fit in with Superman. I think it happens a lot, actually.

      • +1

    • Im just saying because people say “how will Batman fit in with a guy who has god-like powers. Read the Superman/Batman comics or the Justice League comics to see how he fits in with people more powerful than him. Besides Batman leads the Justice League and comes up with most of their plans and he even leads the JL

      • Im pretty sure some ppl still have the notion that this Batman is going to be like Nolan’s which is totally incorrect, this is going to be a more comicbooky Batman so he’ll have his high-tech gadgets and awesome strategy skills.

    • Agreed! Great aninated movie! Only the robot…please don’t do that!

  9. I bet that Jeff Robinov guy, has a smile on his face. cause he said Warner Bros. won’t be doing any female leads movies, and yet Diane Nelson is going along with the ride?

  10. I saw why wait. If you can make a awesome movie with 2 of the most iconic superheroes do it. And how are these DC films a failure. BatMan Trilogy was amazing and made millions. So did the MOS. The only one I can think of that wasnt great was The Green Lantern. What Marvel movies have been so amazing? Avengers? Really? We all know when the movie comes out 99% of us will be racing to the movie theaters to watch it!

  11. i kind of like the idea but why cast a new batman when you already have one? If you bring in Bale you will have an “authentic” batman. the great part of the avengers was watching established actors in iconic roles meshing together. if you cast a new batman you eliminate that authenticity.

    … Unless they are using Levitt.

    • Bale is not coming back. Levitt is not doing Batman. The Nolan version of Batman is over. That universe is completely unrelated to this one. Everyone has said it. You don’t eliminate the “authenticity” of Batman by casting a new actor. Nothing about Nolan’s Batman was authentic. He was very different from the comic book version and those stories added characters that never even existed in the comics. There’s nothing authentic about that.

      On your point about the Avengers : one movie (aside from Iron Man who got 2 before Avengers) does not an established actor make. Mark Ruffalo wasn’t established as Hulk. Hawkeye was basically teased in Thor but not established. There is no reason a new actor for Batman can’t work except for people who only watch the movies. You can’t call yourself a fan of the character if you’ve only watched 3 movies from one director. No more Bale stuff. It’s done. There will be a new actor who is unrelated to the Nolan version of Batman.

      • Bale was established and Nolan’s defined the new Batman universe–you can’t just sweep it under the rug.

        My advice to WB is to stay far away from Batman and use some of the other amazing DC characters; Martian Manhunter, Spectre, Flash, Demon, Lobo, etc.

        • There is no way to not use Batman in a JL movie. They aren’t using Bale because he doesn’t want to do it. And I’m not sweeping it under the rug. I’m sweeping it aside. The Nolan-verse is its own thing. It stands but it isn’t part of this universe.

          Also, if it’s the character I think you’re talking about, his name is Etrigan, not Demon and he was originally a BATMAN CHARACTER. You cannot “stay far away from Batman.” He is essential the Justice League and he does not need to be played by Christian Bale to have a place in these movies.

    • True, either use Bale or don’t use Batman. But ask yourself, what can Bale do for Superman? Tech support? Espionage? The dynamics would be weak, better off with another DC character…

    • This is really in response to all the people posting “how can Batman work in a world that has Superman?” They are very important, and often opposing, sides to the same coin. This thread has some really good material and some of the best batman/Superman moments. Take a look.

    • The high five in the sky is hilarious

      • Yes it is :)

  12. And que the bitching of comic book nerds … in 3 .. 2 .. wow you guys don’t mess around? Like there is no pleasing yall its exhausting thinking that I’d come here for information and actual good critique of what went right and what went wrong but all I see is director bashing this or actor was abomination with out saying way or these RIDICULOUS assumptions that everything can be crafted from a comic book. Its not just here but all he little comic nerd sites , who cares as long as the movie entertains and is good , you should be happy if its a piece of s*** then explain why and keep it moving no one has the time to sit up here and read your bichfiest all day.
    Oh , and Your Welcome.

  13. I don’t think they should introduce a new Batman. The Fact that the Audience likes the Dark Knight Trilogy, and made money, should convince Warner Bros. of keeping Bale. I know that there will be a new Batman and stuff. But it doesn’t seem logical to me (from the Warner Bros. Perspective) that they ditch the “Money Making” Batman and create another that maybe will fail.

  14. Hi

  15. Christian bale should return. It kills it automatically when batman is recast. TDK trilogy is too recent to ignore they should share that universe.

  16. Going to be awful

  17. Because they just named Ben afflek as batman…… Lmfao……who is running this show?

  18. Shouldn’t kill an actor like Christian bale he’s played the last batman films it’s not right

  19. its a joke to even think batman can even stand in the same ring as superman. batman has no chance lol

    • It’s a joke that you’re so ignorant of Batman canon…he’s defeated superman plenty of times

  20. hey